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While I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to happen with Brendan Shanahan, Petr Prucha, the stock market, or the presidential election, I can tell you the Rangers will be playing their home opener Friday at 7, and I’ll be hosting my second video chat at 1 that day as a warm-up.

If you missed the first one, or you just want to see what it’ll be like, you can “see it here”:

Possible discussion topics: how Shanahan’s possible return alters the dynamic of the team; how the team can expect to play the rest of the season with just 13 forwards and four defensemen as a result (easy, sarcasm there); how the fantasy team Zipay and I co-own can expect to triumph over clueless enterprises overseen by the likes of Dave Maloney, Kenny Albert, and John Giannone.

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  1. Ah so sad… I missed the first one (I think I had to work) and now I’m going to miss this one because I will be in the city, probably at the NHL store still. Have fun with the chat guys

    The live blogs were so much fun!!

  2. haha Beer, you think a lot like me. as soon as I read that post, the 1st thought was “We need to see your team Sam”.

  3. Shanahan is an absolute garbage, no pride, no clue, just a big name that plays small. I despise him, for begging his way onto a team. Nedved outplayed him and many others and yet was rejected, seems like there is a huge double standard.

  4. Kasper, we’re all pissed because there’s a shortage of D-men on the rangers, and we ALL want to see your triumphant return to the Garden. Can you blame us???? (We need a Pole or 2 on the team)

  5. Nedved couldn’t outplat Shanny, not only because Shanny wasnt there but because Nedved isnt fit to carry one of Shanny’s ringzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Jeever!
    I could be there by friday Man!!

    I swear, room me with that gorky Staal kid and within one month that kid would be the new Pronger!!

  7. lol Kaspar, I was going to post htat (about Shanny not being there) but you beat me to it.

    ANgry I think because of the tension waiting for Friday to come…

  8. “But, whatever. If it’s Prucha and Dawes who suffer, get demoted, waived, traded for a box of Cubans, maybe not such a loss, is it? And, if Shanny can’t make it through the reason, maybe we can bring up Artie”

    That was two reasons, my mistake. I wasn’t using that second one as a reason but i guess i said it wrong. That is one thing i don’t understand though, Nyr fans hate signing old guys, or injury prone guys. If Shanny cant make it through the season, then who knows maybe Weise, Anisimov, Moore, Byers, Parenteau, Jessiman (not bloody likely), Grachev, or some other kid can fill his skates, but who knows, maybe do some good, and we’ll find another kid like we’ve been doing the last 3 seasons. Also if Kalinin gets injured like he always does, then Potter, or Fahey can step in. So it would all work out in the end.

    BTW- As for the hockey talk, i did play ice hockey for two years, i play street every now and then, here and there. But not so much anymore, due to health BS. But i don’t agree with anyone who thinks you need to PLAY hockey to understand the game completely. That’s a pretty dumb thing to say.

    Another thing i wanna add before i take an hour long shower. The NHL SUCKS, Soupy is a brainless piece of sh*t he should get a beat down deluxe. Eager gets 3 games, even though he didn’t conncect he should still get AT LEAST 15, for the attempt. Simon gets 30 games for stomping on someone’s foot, Pronger gets, what ? 5 games ? BS. Bertuzzi, Hollweg, Rutuu, etc. None of this is gonna stop until the moronic league actually starts putting there foot down and handing out bigger suspensions. One of these days, someone is gonna probably die on the ice, from a cheap shot, and that will change the game for the worst. That will all be the NHL’s fault. Its pathetic how they do things. It really is.

  9. Not to mention with Jagr (and possibly?? Shanny) gone this team severely lacks in the looks department… they could really use you to fill that handsome role Kaspar!

  10. everybody is an expert.

    Good one whoever decided Dr. House best friend Shanny, so intelligent of you, you might want to run for governer one day.

  11. i certainly dont hate shanny. I actually think he’s a good dude and its cool that he wants to play here (as should every player in the league), albeit if we pay him enough, but thats every player for the most part

    I just don’t see what he brings to the team as a player on the ice as opposed to in the locker room. he could only score 20 goals last year while playing top minutes even strength and pp and now if you put him on the 3rd line he won’t be in a position to score a lot and if he isn’t scoring what is he doing?

    I’d much rather see a player in our system or even someone like fritsche get a chance to develop as a player as opposed to having another stop gap player.

    Can’t do much about it either way and I’ll still be there rooting for them on friday

  12. people keep talking about how Shanny will sign for a decent amount (I see 3M posted daily)… But Sather, as much as I DESPISE him, can be smart at times. He knows he’s got ALL the bargaining power, and Shanny, by saying he wants to come here and nowhere else until this is resolved, gave up all his bargaining power. I could honestly see him signing for 1M or less. maybe I’m blind and hopeful, but I think there’s a real possibility of that.

  13. Ecklund must be monitoring this blog!!!
    he just posted Kaspar to NYR (e3)

    oh no…wait
    that was Kaspar to NYOmsk sorry

  14. Shanny actually scored 23 goals, PLUS 5 shootout goals. Although the shootouts don’t count towards official total, that’s 28 goals last year. His 23 goals is only 2 goals less then both Drury and Jagr the team leaders had. (and they played 10-11 more games).

  15. aww, 1 Eklund rumor I’d want. The Rangers need a player with a name like a disease. “I grew long blonde hair and hit people REALLY hard. The doc says I have Kasparaitis.”

  16. bob loves Betts.

    Pete- i agree, still gonna be there and root for the team no matter what!

  17. Shanny fan – yes he looked really good in playoffs. can’t imagine why they haven’t rushed to bring him back.

    the guy was the worst player on the ice in the spring other than hollweg

  18. Much more relaxed now that I’m home and had a ‘me’.

    Kaspar, I would have to call Mr. Nasty1 for a fleece to wrap around my waste if you laced them up Friday night. (see prev post for the ‘nasty1 of the day’)

    jeevs…I’d like to know if any Rangers made the (fantasy) team.

    4th line this year is Shanny, Betts, & bob the troll.

  19. paul – The game was not televised. However, “the NHL has the video footage”. (per tsn)

  20. supposedly Sarah Palin is dropping the puck in Philly on saturday for their Home Opener. Luckily she isnt gonna be at the garden i am hoping cause she will get a boo from me.

  21. Great day at work today, I work in an audio post production facility in Times Square, and today I got to work on the all new for 08-09 Rangers history video package that airs at the garden before every home game…

  22. beer


    dr house
    it is true… she will drop the puck in philly… should be interesting… im sure shell get a nice philly welcome… come out all bloody and bruised, lol… (dreaming of the 70s)

  23. “Much more relaxed now that I’m home and had a ‘me’.”
    “4th line this year is Shanny, Betts, & bob the troll.”

    CLASSIC. Beer’s funnier when he’s had 1 or 6.

    I think if Sam doesn’t have ANY Rangers, he needs to be DQ’ed from the league immediately. you can ALWAYS find room for at least 1 Ranger on your team.

  24. hmm… I know if you’re a Presidential candidate, you automatically get Secret Service protection, does that extend to VP candidates too? If so, I wouldn’t mind seeing a match-up of the top bodyguards in the nation vs. drunk Philly sports fans.

  25. ORR mentioned earlier that Grachev could be a possibility later on this year, but he’s been returned to Brampton. I thought that once you return a player to his junior club, he’s no longer eligible to be called up for the year, i.e. Filatov with Columbus. Am I right here?

  26. Colorado Mark on

    ORR- He was assigned to Brampton as soon as his paperwork came through to transfer him to Brampton. He won’t be eligible to even go to Hartford (let alone the Rangers) until his season is over.

  27. He’s in juniors. I can’t remember, but if its like the college guys, we can get him once his season is over.

    And Orr, just to respond to your response to me, I’m not trying to make excuses for why we shouldn’t bring him back. I saw him live so many times last year and it was despressing to see him struggling out there to keep up. I mean in the Pittsburgh series especially, it was like as soon as he had the puck, he’d either dump it in or turn it over because he couldn’t stick handle it quick enough to go past or near anyone without it being taken away.

    I’ve watched him play and decline a lot in the last 2 years. He was great and playing both physical and offensive before he was hit by Knuble two years ago. Then after that he kind of started to shy away from hitting guys unless he had a good shot at it. Everyone thinks he’s physical because they remember him for what he was, not what he is at the present time.

    And say what you want about the young guys and our new acquisitions, but you can’t that they don’t hit because they do. It may not be monster hits all over the ice, but they finish all of their checks, which is good enough for me because they get back in position quickly.

    and btw, Shanny only had 8 goals post all-star break, only 1 goal in 10 playoff games on 30 shots (for a whopping 3.3 shooting %). and after the knuble hit he didn’t score much either. Just looking at shooting % alone, Shanny was worse than Dubi, Dawes, and Sjostrom and was tied with Callahan. Most of Shanny’s shots were in the 1st half too when he had 193 pre-all star break.

    Like I said, I loved seeing Shanny as a blueshirt, but the fact remains that hes just a shadow of what he used to be. I don’t want to see him wasting himself here for another year when he isn’t the same player he was. I’m not saying he give it up, but he should follow what guys like Roenick did and take the cheap to play 4th line minutes and help contribute in other ways because thats the only way he can be effective.

  28. Palin for President on

    Who’s bob?

    dr house October 8th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    supposedly Sarah Palin is dropping the puck in Philly on saturday for their Home Opener. Luckily she isnt gonna be at the garden i am hoping cause she will get a boo from me.

    Oh no you’d boo her…big F$*&ing deal.
    Don’t worry…Obama is the Messiah…the one we’ve all been waiting for…lol

    what do bin laden and obama have in common…?
    thats right they are both friends with guys who’ve tried to bomb the pentagon.

  29. onecupin67years on

    What puzzles me is Sather’s handling of the salary Cap.
    Its true that high quality players are usually at a higher price ,but at what point do you (Sather) simply over pay?
    Then to spend so much money that you are below the league salary minimum is simply-mismanagement.
    Who are his and Dolan’s advisor’s?
    The team has a history of overpaying and they are still at.

  30. Palin believes men and dinosaurs coexisted on Earth 6,000 years ago. We should be worrying less about Shanny signing with the Rangers, and more about Palin being Vice President

  31. Palin for President on

    Tom, Nobama believes he’s the next coming of the messiah…personally i think he’s the antichrist.

  32. Palin is an F’EN MORON. Talk about zero experience, she is like mildly retarded.

    Grow up

  33. onecup…i don’t think Sather knows how to handle the salary cap. He signed more players than we needed and other teams know we have to unload them…so they will get them for next to nothing.

  34. lets stop this political stuff i didnt mean to start it up, didnt think somebody wanted to start a controversy.

  35. Palin for President on

    I’d rather have Palin who has at least governed a state than the messiah who has done literally nothing…and Mr. Biden who never ceases to stuff his foot in his mouth.

  36. We did overpay, but its not Sathers fault this year. Last year yes because we paid too much for Gomez and Drury and signed them right away.

    This year no because once we couldn’t get Campbell and he was massively overpaid for, Wade Redden was next on the list so we couldn’t be like “hey we’re paying you 5 million” because he looks at Campbell’s contract and hes in control. Same thing with Rozsival. Once we got Redden, he saw how many years Redden got and his agent said “Rozy’s been your best D-man for the last 3 years, maybe he’s worth a bit less but he derserves more than one or two years”.

    The market sets the price 99% of the time, not just one GM. So if other GMs were trying to give Redden a lot of money since Campbell left, we had to give a bit more. And once that happened we had to give Rozisval more time.

  37. Only player we overpaid for was Rissmiller, but he had a decent playoff run. I mean hes not worth a million, but hes probably more like an 825k or 800k type of player. 200k isn’t going to make or break us.

    Also lets not forget why we’re in this cap situation to begin with. Shanny didn’t want just 2.3 million and waited until Sather added a bonus clause so he could make an additional 2.8 mil this year. So Shanny had a huge part in handcuffing us. Without his bonus, we’d have 3 mil of cap space right now.

  38. actually I’m sorry, I misunderstood the cap. We had a cushion last year that made only 700k of Shanny’s bonus carry over to this year. Without that bonus we’d only have 1 mil of cap space this year.

  39. Keep politics out of hockey! shut the f up house! take your loser dribble to one of those partisan political hack sites. Anybody that brings up politics on here should be thrown off. effen losers!

  40. dr house best friend shanny on

    still no word on Shanny. I’m getting myself sick over this. Does anyone have any info. Where does Sather live so I can ask him. The next game is Friday. i want him to play i really do. and i want him to be wearing an a or even better a c. do you think Drury will hand over the c. my father and I think so.

  41. SO ok guys who wants beer before or during the game? I need to finalize this tomorrow cause I have no internet on Friday. By the way on Saturday the Syracuse Crunch will be retiring number 7 for Paul Newman since they are the team taht inspired Slapshot. I am calling the box office for tickets and driving up there for Saturdays game after Fridays Ranger game!!!!

  42. Its bad enough we have to read houses idiotic rantings on the Rangers. Nobody cares about you and your Dads opinions on politics. Stick to hockey little boy.

  43. I would meet for a rum and coke (beer doesn’t agree with me) before the game as long as still see pregame skate. during game I would stop by and say hello. going out after game for some more rum and cokes.

  44. Evening everyone just wanted to repost this. I have 2 tix available for the following October games. If anyone is interested just drop their email address, and I will shoot you an email with all the details.

    Oct 13 vs NJ (Watch the Rangers continue their domination of their cross river rivals)

    Oct 15 vs Buffalo (Can Ryan Miller lead this team back to the playoffs?)

    Oct 20 vs Dallas (The return of Sean Avery on Broadway.)

    Oct 30 vs Atlanta (Are they the worst team in the league, find out in person?)

  45. Palin and McCain were at my college in Pennsylvania today for some rally. I didn’t go, but I’ll be sure to read about it.

    Just say no…to Shanahan!

  46. aye please no politics here. it makes my head hurt to read it where i usually read about hockey.
    k since im a little new to reading the comments section here is kaspar really kasparitis or whats up with that lol

  47. Drury better not give up the C to Shanny…Drury is the Captain…and it better stay that way…talk about throwing your whole locker room into chaos.

  48. Hey CMB!
    My Jersey says “Kaspar” so, you know, I just assumed.

    Beer me, Jorek, LIJoe, Spiderpig, Staal Wart are all really named those names too aren’t they?

    Never mind this stuff; did you read Buccigross or whatever his name is article today at…pretty much makes Rangers look miserable BUT HE HAS US IN 4TH PLACE IN THE EAST!!

  49. Kaspar,

    Thats because he is basing our team on the potential we have to be good. He thinks we’ll be fine in the regular season, but come playoff time is when hes not sure. it is kinda funny and I was thinking that when I read it too.

  50. That Buccigross article just highlights how so many teams have flaws. Just look at the Brewers in baseball, with a semi-awful bullpen, a depleted rotation and usually below-average defense, but they were better than enough teams to make it into the playoffs. If hte Mets would have made it in, they had a totally awful bullpen.

    Just look at the teams that Bucci has below us in the playoffs: Flyers have suspect defense (injuries) and goaltending, Devils score less than us, Bruins gave up more goals than they scored, Senators have average players behind their big three along with more suspect D & G. I think the Hurricanes have a better chance of making it than the Sens. It is obvious that the Isles, Thrashers, and Leafs are missing out, the Sabres lack experience, the Lightning are a hodgepodge, and the Panthers are as average as ever. It shouldn’t be too hard to make the playoffs. :)

  51. ok can we please add the mets to the list we dont talk about on this blog. i dont want to hear it any more its october they rnt playing i get it.

  52. This day had such high hopes of being a big day in Rangerland what happened? I expected Shanny signing a trade a release, and all I got was an Eklund e4, well at least tomorrow is another day haha.

  53. If they sign shanny it would be a big mistake and destroy the team chemistry. it will also be be a big step back from all the moves that were made over the summer.

  54. Matt.. pregame last suggestion was Rose’s Pizza… inside during the first intermission… no suggestions yet… someone who knows where a beer stand (wiht real beer not Bud light) in the 300’s please give us all a gate!

  55. I wanna be in for the pregame skate is that 20 minute’s before game time. . . . and are they handing out anything at this game??

  56. johnny D,

    the market may have set reddens contract at 6mill for 6yrs, but thats when a sane gm laughs at the agent and tells him to cut off at least three years on the deal or good riddance. And the roszival signing makes even less sense bc thats the number roszi was asking for all along and sather had all the bargaining power b/c roszi had a bad year and just had surgery. real issue is that he isn’t accountable to anyone and nor is dolan, wish kohlberg and kravis( or buffet for that matter) were ranger fans, would be great to make a hostile takeover of msg and kick dolan to the curb

  57. I didn’t think it was true when I first heard. But the njd 4th line will be Holik, zubrus, rupp. That’s a decent 4th line. But paying them $6.4mil combined is not the best idea.

  58. a 4th line of Shanahan, Betts, and Prucha/Fristche is better than that devils 4th. Problem is I think Renney is too afraid to leave Orr out of the lineup when he’s really only needed for division games.

  59. I don’t know what they are going to do with a trade or a signing but I wish they would just do something already or just leave the team as it was in Prague. I don’t know. I would rather just know already what this team is going to look like rather than wait around. Know what I’m saying?

  60. Shanahan Betts Fritsche sounds nice, but we can still have Orr for the nights in which he is needed. I would be ok with this if Voros was a more proven fighter and had better balance. Guy goes down usually quicker than a crystal meth addict looking to score.

  61. Is there a big difference between:



    Byers-Ansimov-Moore-Jessiman-Parenteau et al….

    If Sather is to be criticized maybe its for clogging the way of young players with “mediocrity”

    Not that the players listed first are all that old but they are signed and the loss of their salaries would perhaps net us that banging deeman we need or you could just call St. Pete (They’s trade me for new Goalie pads)

  62. Yea man, I wish I just knew already so I could go on with my life. Sux that I’m actually have SOME work to do today, and I got all pissed off when I saw that I actually had to work. The nerve of some people man…

    I think that us as fans make issues that aren’t really there. It goes back to my theory on us being deprived of youthful talent for so long that now we think everyone is the next coming of crosby, malkin, stamkos, etc…

    Maybe those latter guys (kaspar) aren’t as good as we want to believe they are.

    Just because there’s an extremely small portion of nhl’ers that are under 22 and filling prominent roles on other teams, doesn’t mean that EVERY young guy has to be in the lineup. It would spell disaster to be honest.

    You have to slowly infuse them into the lineup at the right time, in the right place. And it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is a virtue, and near non-exsistant in the metropolitan area…in all aspects of life.

  63. “Patience is a virtue, and near non-exsistant in the metropolitan area…in all aspects of life.’


    Just kidding, Ha!

  64. I must say I was a proponent of bringing Shanny back as a 3rd line sniper, but after watching this team in Europe I now have reservations. This team was fast, aggressive and even overwhelming at times. Unfortunately for Shanny he is a great sniper but his lack of speed will not fit in on this team.

    What scares me will be that the Rangers strength will be in puck possession caused by speed. the Rangers will be beating teams into the corners for loose pucks which will generate many chances and keep the opponents from scoring, hence the 40plus to 20plus shots advantages in the first 2 games.

    I think Shanny still might be a good addition but no longer on the 3rd line but now on the 4th with Betts and Orr. He will bring a scoring threat to a solid checking line. The only problem with that is your don’t pay millions of dollars for that role.

  65. Same old Ranger fans. Never stop complaining. They will win early, lose in mid season, make a late run and go down in the play-offs

  66. A note on Colton Orr. I truly think people on these boards over look his true need on this team. The Rangers are a small, soft team that lacks feisty, mean grit. They are finesse and weak. Without Orr in the line up (against all divisions) teams will be taking runs at the likes of Gomez, Drury and Naslund. There will be no one to fear coming out and decapitating you. Orr is very necessary in this line up. And in addition to the momentum shifts he can bring by winning a big fight or laying a good hit, he is actually a solid defensive 4th liner who has improved his skating and stick handling skills exponentially.

    I had the priviledge of speaking with Tom Renney at casino night last year for some time, and he expressed these same views. He is a big fan of Orr. Orr isn’t going anywhere, and Renney knows it.

  67. I agree about Orr and I have been saying that for a very long time. The guys keeps making strides to better himself as a player. The guys on the team love him and feel safer when he is in the lineup. Plain and simple. I don’t know if she is needed every night, but that remains to be seen. If we get sufficient scoring from out top 3 lines, then you don’t have to worry so much about the 4th line putting the puck in the net and more that they keep the puck out of the net. If our top three lines don’t produce, then you can start tinkering with making the fourth line a more offensive threat.

  68. Totally Rmant. There’s a reason the guys on the bench want him there. Doesn’t matter what joe-shmo fan wants. They’re not the ones being protected.

  69. WOW!!!! Big mistake on my part. I said, “I don’t know if SHE is needed every night.” You all know I meant “HE”. Whoops. I hope Colton didn’t read that.

  70. Absolutely Beer…The average fan only wants to see a guy like Zherdev with his fancy moves and pretty goals, which we all love, but to win hockey games you must have all components, and Colton Orr is a necessary component.

  71. As was Joey Kocur to the cup team. You have to have all roles filled to compete at the highest level.

    I see that Kondratiev and Demagin(whoever the F that is) went back to play in Russia instead of play in the AHL. Whatever.

  72. For any piece of Ranger or nhl (or many other leagues) memorabilia or paraphernalia go to

    They’re up in Winnipeg. They have everything!

  73. Rivercity sports is the best hockey website period! I have the coolest Jets hat from there. No, not the New York Jets, the Winnipeg Jets. People drool all over the thing when they see it.

  74. “…and Colton Orr is a necessary component”

    Absolutely. Someone else commented that you only need Orr for division games, I disagree. I have to imagine that other coaches would dress their tougher players if they knew you wouldn’t dress Orr because it wasn’t a division game. Therefore you need to keep Orr in the line-up, not every game but probably for a majority.

  75. last year I wasn’t a big fan of Orr (the player)… I just thought he was a goon. But this year, he’s come out faster, a better stick-handler, and more motivated. I’m all for keeping him on now. he’s worked his butt off during the off-season and it shows. I’ll take 20 guys that do ALL they can for their team.

  76. And whose everyone most impressed with this year from last years team?

    For me Dubinsky, Callahan and Orr are the three that stand out the most, and look the most improved.

  77. Mikeynj-
    I agree, but especially with Callahan. He brings an intensity to his game that few do. Unfortunately, his size hurts him. I really think this year will be a break out season for him, especially with the right line mates. I am thinking he could reach the 20 goal mark this year. A solid 3rd line showing if he does.

  78. Mikey – I think the deadline was actually 3pm yesterday. so everybody must be cap-compliant by now.

  79. For those of you that was giving me names for my dog thanks,but i went with another one,and the name is……….ROSEN…love it.Mostly cause like most dogs the size of his nose.But I like the name,it fits

  80. Oh OK, was confused if it was yesterday or today, thanks guys.

    And yeah Im all for Cally having a break out year. Make our 3rd line a legitimate threat every night with him and korpi

  81. With the exception of Hank, on the Rangers, only Colton Orr can claim to be among a handfull (top 5?)of players considered best at what he is hired to do….
    It wont get him into heaven…but he should be playing for us in Hell ( Nassau and Newark)

  82. Alright, who am I.

    “I consider myself a sports archaeologist.”

    I will give you a small hint….I HATE HIS FUGGIN GUTS!!!!!!!

  83. I wanted to say happy holiday to Sam and all of our Jewish posters. Hope you are enjoying your day.

  84. li joe at sundown sam and i while be eating a lot because we have to fast today. and then u eat so much u dont want to do anything. so a new post tomorrow is a better bet.

  85. My wife is Jewish and just glares at me when I am stuffing my face and she doesn’t eat. Last year I fasted with her, but I just don’t have the will power.

  86. I am watching right now live via Internet Spartak Moskva vs Avangard Omsk with Jaromir Jagr…Omsk leads 3-1 after the first period and Jagr had two assists, as he set up the opening goal on the powerplay as he was stationed at the left of the goal to see a wide open Omsk player and then the secondary asssists as he set up a defender for slapshot on the blueline for a 3-0 lead as the rebound was converted…It is in russian it is kyrilllian language so it is difficult to understand…It is strange the arena is half empty a lot of empty seats and you don´t hear anything from the crowd…Avangard is dominating the game but I can´t stand the reason if Jagr has so much fun to play in this league..You very often see him during the coverage in a big shot….!!!

  87. To those states-side with Cablevision, there was a KHL game on last night. I think it was channel 110. (central jerzy) Found it very odd that it was even on over here.

  88. Beer
    Thanks for the link to River City..gonna buy me some Nordiques socks!!

    Where are you seeing this KHL game? What site?


  89. 4-2 third is oomping up…intermissions only about ten minutes…the game started 11.30 et 7.30pm local time in Moskva…!!!!

  90. I check NHLPA.COM from time to time just for sh*ts n giggles, and shanny’s always been listed under the rangers roster as ‘unsigned’. Well, now he’s gone. Not listed as a ‘player’ on the nhlpa’s website.

    I’m guessing that its due to the ‘cap deadline’, but thought I’d share.

  91. Great package deal, no problem with channels. Customer service (key for me) blows drtv out of the water. Sure, the owner of the company makes me want to … (deep breath). It’s all good.

  92. could be worse, you could have Time Warner, I’ve gone through 6 cable boxes in 6 months, each with a DIFFERENT problem, which eliminates it being something in the actual lines, and being I live in an apt building where Verizon isnt available (and I wouldnt want to lose MSG HD) and satellite isnt an option, I am STUCK

  93. 5-2 Omsk…Kaspar I have very often problems with is kind of stop and go with their pictures…

  94. You know, Sykora is out right now for the Pens too. I haven’t seen a timeline of when he’s expected back…but I haven’t looked to hard.

    They better hope, and we’ll see, just how much 2 pure point-getters can carry a team.

    Their full roster is a threat. But the team taking the ice to open the season looks like a bubble team. At least to this fan.

  95. Yeah Bembel
    i’m kind of new to Justin TV
    it was “shaky” but watchable

    thanks for the scoop, enjoyed seeing Jags

  96. I really like livetv because I am huge soccer fan as well there is always a big choice of game as you have seen there are also the opening games tonight from the NHL !!!

    But once again the question : How can you prefer to play in this kind of league with an atmosphere of an refrigerator in contrast to playing in an arena like MSG, Woachovia Center, Air Canada Centre or Centre du Bell ! It is just ridicoulous..Jagr made so much money in the NHL that he definitely does not need to go to Russia for the money. It is really a joke, and even the level of play is not that impressive. I would have understand if he would have returned to his native country to play for Kladno or for his father ´s team who built a new arena, but to Russia???????????????????????????????????????

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