And so the tinkering begins


Tom Renney hinted yesterday at a need to find a more prominent spot in the lineup for Aaron Voros, and he’s already delivered.

The scrappy wing is skating with Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev on the second line, while Nigel Dawes has been bumped down with Lauri Korpikoski and Ryan Callahan.

Petr Prucha is now one of 75 six players on the fourth line.

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  1. house house house…you just don’t pay attention.

    question 1 – where did voros play last season?
    question 2 – Whom did he play with, on which line?
    question 3 – Who is the coach on his former team, and what do we know about him?

    If you can’t answer those without looking them up, them maybe you should before commenting on them.

    I don’t mean to be a d*ck, but you just don’t follow close enough to make statements like that.

  2. so what he was Good with Gaborik doesnt mean he is gonna be good with Dubi. Different players.

    I dont follow close enough your talking to the wrong person seriously.

  3. Lemaire liked Voros enough to use him on the first line with Gaborik in Minnesota — that’s a resume reference you can trust.

    It all boils down to production. Prucha is not getting it done, enough ice time or not. He’s getting paid to score goals, not work hard. If we want a hardworker we’ll play someone 500k to crash the boards and drop the gloves on the 4th line.

    Putting a big physical body on the 2nd line will open up the ice for Zherdev and Dubinsky. The dude can skate, so no worries on him “keeping up”.

    Personally, I think it’s a very smart move. He’ll clean up the kind of garbage goals in front that Prucha is not big enough to handle.

  4. For all you Prucha lovers…when do you draw the line?
    How many games do you give him?
    When will you say enough is enough?
    IMO if he didn’t get his game on in Prague in front of his family and country…he’ll never get it back again.

  5. Brandon – From your keyboard to gods ears man. ABSOLUTELY DEAD ON. Glad I didn’t have to type that all out.

    Don’t like the way Sam set that up either. “Tinkering”? More like ‘Correcting’.

  6. while i dont like the prucha shaft he can watch at my place if he wants. shanny would be the last player id want on this team. i dont think theres one reason to have him on this team.

  7. I really liked Voros standing in front of the net, something that was missing last year. If Prucha is shunned to the 4th line already, it’s time to move him immediately. I doubt a 1+ million/year 4th liner is going to get anything.

  8. It would have been nice to see Prucha get pp time. I like Voros being moved up. He created some offense playing with hands of stone Betts and Orr. He drives hard to the net and has good speed for a big man. Plus if Zherdev continues to refuse to pass the puck Voros can smack him(Zherdev) around.

  9. beer,

    he probably worded it that way since Tom had a penchant for changing line combos all last year… its only a correction if he lets it stand…

  10. I’d rather see Voros on the 3rd line to throw his body around and mix things up. Prucha or Dawes should be skating with Dubinsky and Zherdev, IMO.

  11. Just saw this here (
    On Leafs Lunch at AM640, Darren Dreger commented a few moments ago that Brendan Shanahan’s re-signing in New York is “imminent”, suggesting it could happen even later today.

  12. id like to se voros on the 2nd line but im sure there will be times when he is swapped back and fourth… i dont think its that big of a deal… he is interchangeable with prucha/dawes on the 3rd line…

  13. Thanks Beer. To me, it looks like Prucha could be on his way out the door. If not now, then definitely before Jan.

    He’s a likable player, but I think he needs a change of scenery. He’ll probably be better off somewhere else — however, I don’t think he’ll ever put up another 30 goal season, let alone score 25.

    If I’m correct, I believe most of his goals in 04 came on the power play — when our pp was ranked in the top 5 in the league — teams started double teaming Jagr and Prucha benefited.

    There’s no reason to believe he’s going to “get better”. This team needs to hit the ground running. Let’s develop chemistry now and sustain it.

    Prucha had camp, the pre-season and two regular season games to impress. He didn’t. Heck, he didn’t even have an impressive shift, let alone put together an impressive game.

    The fault is his own and his own only.

    I know if you give me one shot, and just one shot, I’m going to make the best of it.

  14. I’m glad Sam corrected that post about Fahey, since I was certain that if he didn’t pass through waivers going down, he would be free to come back.

    It’s time for Sjostrom to get on the fourth line, especially with the young speed of Chicago on Friday. I would consider Fritsche there against the Flyers, however.

  15. Yeah, Matt I agree I’ve been impressed by some of Zherdev’s passes- Came as an unexpected surprise

  16. I agree pig.

    mc0912 – Thanks for the heads up. Dreger is a very reliable source. I don’t doubt it from him. BUT…I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Not too good really, to be honest. Its more of a game of ‘keep-away’ to sign him now.

  17. not necessarily 100% reliable, it just caught my eye as I’m forever trying to avoid paperwork on my desk…and I was just sharing

  18. What I’d like to see the Rangers do with the lineup if they resign Shanny, which I think is going to happen now.

    Glenn would have told him we’re going in another direction and he’s smart enough to have left by know if he didn’t think it was a possibility.

    (Trade Prucha and Rissmiller to Western Conf. teams for draft picks or just put on waiver wire)


    Nigel looks slow, uninterested and unproductive. Let him earn a spot on a higher line.

    First pp unit.

    Gomez-Naslund-Shanny (F)
    Redden-Drury (D)

  19. Right now, Dawes shouldn’t be in the lineup, especially if Prucha isn’t. Let Fritsche play with Korpi and Cally for now. It will give Dawes a kick in the butt. Remember last year when Cally went down, after the injury and what not, Prucha was playing. Cally came back up having to prove something again and he played awesome the rest of the year. Sometimes those things happen.

  20. your boy Malik on

    I love Prucha and don’t want to see him go, but I think a trade will happen – and be better for him than being benched or playing on the 4th line.

  21. No way Shanny can play with Korpi and Cally….Even Cally said that he has trouble keeping up with Korpikoski sometimes

  22. Matt he passes to the other team. Voros played only about a half a dozen games with Gaborik. Lemaire isn’t exactly known as an offensive coach. Darren Dreger is a hack much like Al Strachan and Eklund.

  23. How can Shanny signing be “imminent”without the cap space?
    If so it sounds like Prucha for a draft pick or a package deal of some kind(which always worries me).

  24. dubinsky is going to be on nhl live… he better say something to e.j. about always talkin trash on the rangers…
    he opened up the show today by saying lundqvist had an issue about the nhl breast awareness tie…
    even if he did, shit has nothing to do with hockey… they always seem to go out of their way to say something negative about the rangers…

  25. Beer 16 pp goals in his rookie year. He scored almost all of them in front deflecting Jagr’s one timers past the goalie. Once he got pp time in the second half of ’06-07 his scoring picked up again. I think he had 7 pp goals in very limited pp time.

  26. ruttser – We can be over the cap for another day or so.

    paul – They do, don’t they? I think its cause they’re in NY, and they think that they HAVE to do that so it doesn’t look like they play favorites or anything. Or, they could just be a-holes. You decide! haha

  27. thanks graves…close on pp’s/ppg’s. But voros played a lot more than 6 games with gabs. And that was exactly my point on Lemaire(like renney).

  28. ruttster the hacks in Toronto have been claiming his signing is imminent for two months straight.

  29. Shanny can’t keep up with anyone on this team. How the hell could he be on a line with Korpedo and Cally? what are they gonna plant him on the blue line? I’m so sick of this Shanny talk…its becoming as bad as the Sundin talk…please Shanny move on!

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  31. And you know…there’s nothing wrong with 1/2 of your goals coming on the PP. Many of Kovalev’s were on the PP last year. But I guess it applies differently to different players. AK27 has the size to not be knocked off the puck so easily at even strength.

  32. I’m really late into the conversation, but I have always liked Prucha…always rooted for him, but enough is enough. It’s time to send him off and get someone else that might help the team. Brandon said it perfectly. He might work his a$$ off, and be the “most physically conditioned player in training camp” but if he’s not scoring (his job), see’ya later…

  33. Lines I would like to see friday:


    Give the kid Fritsche a shot here, scored a nice goal against Mettalurg and to be quite honest at this point anyone can replace Prucha/Sjostrom on that 4th line.

  34. October 7, Detroit News: With Brendan Shanahan still unsigned, it’s not surprising some might wonder whether a return to the Red Wings could be an option.
    General manager Ken Holland addressed that rumor Tuesday during a NHL conference call.
    “I’ve got tremendous respect for Brendan,” Holland said. “But we’re so close to the cap. Unless Brendan wants to play for the minimum salary, which I don’t anticipate.
    “We’re right against the cap. We’re not looking to add any forwards.”

  35. for prucha’s sake trade him, but to say it is totally his fault he hasn’t produced is just wrong. he is a stud on the pp and renney refused to use him there for the most part since we got shanny. If shanny was never on the team I think we’d have seen a much better Prucha last year and this year. i like shanny but he didn’t do that much for the team the past two years. people seem more hung up on his leadership/personality than his actual performance on the ice

  36. Dawes should be with Korpi and Cally anyway…nothing to fuss about from Kasperland on this one

  37. oh Lordy, give it to the NHL to figure out how to use Crosby in a commercial even after he lost the Cup, way to not use the winners… just the loser…

    and he has a clothing line at the NHL store too!

  38. “Dawes….I cannot for the life of me figure out why Renney insists on giving Dawes prime playing time on the second line and the power play. He had a horrible camp and he is a one dimensional player at best. While he is a sniper (I will give him that), he lacks in speed, size, grit, and an ability and seeming desire to do the dirty work in the corners. He is toxic to the second line and he is most certainly NOT a third or fourth line player. CUT him, trade him, get rid of him. He does not have a place on this Rangers team.”

    That’s one tough B***h!!! Right, but tough.

  39. Those new NHL commericals are awesome though. I saw them last night on NHLnetwork.

    THis is a line from an article on

    “Regardless, we will know a whole lot more come 3 p.m. EST, including some inkling about Brendan Shanahan and Mats Sundin.”

    Anyone know the significance of 3pm today?

  40. let’s keep in mind that the entire roster did nothing to impress in pre-season. So this thought process that Prucha played so horrible and everybody else was flying is B.S.

    Prucha always seems to be the guy who gets singled out.
    Is he dating Renneys daughter of something?

  41. I think its time to really consider waiving Prucha. Although he skates hard (and get hit hard), he really can’t score and hasn’t in a while. Would rather see Fritsche get a shot. I know he is a popular, but he needs to go.

  42. 3pm is the NHL deadline for setting rosters. all teams have to be down to 23 (or less) players so that is when the final cuts will be made.

  43. What on Earth did Dawes do to deserve the opportunities he gets from Shuffle-the-lines-Renney? I’m for playing ANYONE else on that second line, so sure lets give Voros a look there, but why on Earth is Renney breaking up a third line that is playing exciting quality hockey? I think the Prucha-Korpi-Callahan line should be kept together for at least four more games or so. If they can’t pot a few goals after that, fine fiddle with it. But I find it hard to believe that a line that forechecks that effectively, is skating circles around other teams and hits hard isn’t going to produce if left together.

    As for Prucha, every day I feel worse for Prucha … I wish they would trade him already. Every time he finds a way to succeed Renney changes his role in the team to something he’s ill suited for then plenty of morons run around bashing him for not performing. Prucha’s performance should not be compared to the veterans we’re paying 6 and 7 million a year, why people keep doing that I will NEVER understand.

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