Only a little rest for the weary (Updated, 2:50 p.m.)


The Rangers are easing their way back into a routine after their triumphant trip to Europe, getting a full day off yesterday before participating in off-ice workouts today.

It’s safe to say players and coaches are experiencing varying degrees of jet lag (the team arrived home around 3:30 a.m. Monday, so most players said yesterday was a struggle). Wade Redden looked chipper and said he felt fine. Paul Mara said he was still dragging, while Tom Renney admitted that he was bordering on incoherent.

“Oh really?” the coach said when the subject of jet lag came up. “Am I making any sense at all?”

He’ll need to soon enough. The big question surrounding the Rangers is whether their uneven roster of 15 forwards and six defensemen is addressed soon, and Renney admitted there are some decisions to be made. When I asked him what he thought the odds were of the roster remaining completely intact for Friday’s opener, Renney said it was possible, and also noted that with the team set to play six games in nine days beginning Friday, he may need extra bodies (of course, by that measure, don’t you think an extra defenseman could come in handy, too?)

Renney said Glen Sather is working on it, and I have to think a move is coming soon. Whether that means exposing a player to waivers, or trading someone outright remains to be seen, but you can imagine who the likely suspects are: Patrick Rissmiller, Fred Sjostrom, Dan Fritsche, and maybe even Petr Prucha. I don’t think any of those players are untouchable, but at least in a couple of instances, a move out of New York would be an admission of a mistake by the GM.

Update, 2:15 p.m.: Something to keep in mind on the seventh defenseman front: While Brian Fahey didn’t have to clear waivers on the way down to Hartford, he would have to clear on the way up. And should he be snagged by another team, the Rangers would be hit for half the cap charge.

In other words, count on seeing Corey Potter well before you see Fahey

<li>Good quote by Chris Drury on the success of the Europe trip:

“I think collectively these four points are just as important as four points in February and March. That’s why we went over there. But the added bonus was coming together as we did. Yeah, everyone says it’s a chance to come together and be a team and so on. I’ve been on trips where it’s been said and it hasn’t happend. It seemed like this like this time it was said and it happened. It just seemed all very natural. Nothing was forced. Glen or Tom didn’t have to step in and say, ‘This is what you guys are doing now. This is what you’re doing later.’ We just got on the plane and it kind of happened.”

Update, 2:50 p.m.: More evidence that the Rangers might be trying to resolve their roster situation by Friday:

Brendan Shanahan’s agent Rick Curran indicated just now that the player might have a place to play by the end of the week — or at least a stronger sense of where he could end up.

Whether that means Curran has talked to Glen Sather, the agent wouldn’t say. But think about it for a second. If Curran thinks he’ll have an answer soon, that means that Sather by Friday should be able to tell Shanahan that he definitely is coming back, or more likely, that he definitely isn’t.

 I know. It’s confusing to me, too, and I’m not even jet-lagged…


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  1. maybe I’m slow… but why do we need an extra d-man? If somebody gets hurt in game, we can’t replace them. then at the end of the game, we can call up somebody from Hartford, its not all that far away… It would be nice to have a guy right there and handy, but if we don’t, is it a BIG deal?

  2. Who gives a shit about making a mistake. He didn’t know how this team was going to respond not having Jagr, Shanny, and Avery on it this year. If making a mistake means in the long wrong having a good team this year that competes EVERY night, suck it up and just deal with it.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong here Jeevs, and I know that we only travel to DET and CLB this month (nyi & phi too), but I think you want a guy to skate with the team everyday, and get into the ‘routine’ with the big club. Just to keep up with the speed, breakouts, etc. It’d just be a way to avoid having a ‘hole’ on the blueline if someone is gametime scratch. Never know what could happen.

    I wouldn’t be dissapointed to see any of those players moved (above). Perhaps there’s a 7th dman out there that we could fetch for one of those guys.

  4. There could be worse things than signing a couple of fringe players to $1m or less contracts; and who’s presence alone drives the other players to perform…..They do it at football camps all the time( of course w/o guaranteed contracts)

    There is much more reason to expect either the Rozy or redden contracts to “embarrass” him within the next two years

  5. I say we hang on to Fritsche. The guy can play win and center and just looked pretty good in the pre season. Would like more of a look. And Sjostrom, although his hands could be better, never quits on a play. Rissmiller I didn’t see enough from to really make an opinion, and Prucha is on watch. I said I would give him 15 games. He has 13 more to go. Not that he looked awful, but he hasn’t looked great either. Time will tell.

  6. haha…maybe.

    I’m not so sure that’s even the issue here. Maybe its the fact that NO ONE WANTS THEM! Doesn’t necessarily mean he WON’T move them to save face, but that the signings were dumb to begin with, and the GM’s out there are letting him know that.

  7. I don’t know how he is with the beat writers, but Slats has always come off as snide, too smart for the room, know it all. I doubt he will come out and admit a wrong. He fits in perfectly with Dolan’s “I’m better than you” attitude. At least Slats earned his resume, not inheriting it from daddy.

  8. move betts and orr. call up toronto i heard they need another forward i bet we could get at least a 3rd round pick for either of them.

  9. I feel they made a traveling mistake ! They should have stayed back at Prague to have a good gulash dinner a good night sleep in a big hotel bed before boarding the plane back to NYC. I think nobody slept the whole night when you arrive at 3.30 am in the morning…..

    jet lag guys will drag on, guys..let me tell ya.:):):)

  10. Move Betts and Orr huh? I say we keep Orr. Betts, I am on the fence about. He showed some grit and some offensive ability in the two games against Tampa. In fact, both Orr and Betts took the puck hard to the net on different occasions. My point on Orr is, who else do we have that is going to strike fear in other teams. Voros can fight, but he is nowhere near a heavyweight.

  11. Move Prucha for picks and alternate Orr/Betts/Rissmiller/Sjostrom

    Or move Prucha and Dawes who did absolutely nothing in preseason and you’ll have fewer scratches. There’s no reason Betts/Orr/Rissmiller/Sjostrom should play more than 40 games each.

  12. i figured they were dumb enough to take one of them why not try another. it doesnt hurt to try. we can only keep orr if hes scratched when not needed.

  13. I am definitely all for hanging on to Orr. He has gotten better and tried to get better as a player each year. And he is still a heavyweight in this league. If we are playing a run and gun kind of a game we can scratch him, but I want him on this team.

  14. actually….SJ was the only western team we beat last season. Wilson was coaching out there then, so he saw our 4th line. hmmm…

    Yeah, I don’t buy it either. But there’s only a small degree of separation there. THAT’S how you start a good rumor! LOL

  15. Orr is a pimp. The guys want him in the lineup cause they feel protected. I can’t blame them.

    He’s done everything the staff has asked him to every offseason, and it shows.

    Betts looks like the motivation of the glut of 4th liners is helping him tremendously. So far.

  16. Sam, I have checked out the order of play from Friday and it is not as bad as you saying…They play always at the same time at 7pm, they will have their morning skate always at the same time, they will have their diet as well as regulary as pregame nap..So there is nothing to complain about it…..

  17. Prucha, Rissmiller, Sjostrom for someone whose more consistent.


    Even if Dawes keeps the 2nd line winger spot, I think this team needs one more guy who can score on the wing whether hes on the 2nd/3rd line.

  18. Guys…Betts is staying and Orr is too. Enough already. I feel like a friekin broken record defending Betts. Nedved gone. Fritsche riding the pine. The brass feels strongly about Betts. So too do I (not that that means bupkes.) Orr has improved dramatically in skating (coming from a super low level mind you) but he is ABSOLUTELY our best fighter. Voros has had a few scraps and not shown me crap in terms of fighting.

    Betts and Orr not going anywhere.

  19. If this organization squanders a great prospect in Fritsche I’m going to be livid. Just because Ranger fans don’t know about him doesn’t mean he’s a nobody. He’s fast, young, has a great shot (which you have seen in pre-season!) and solid at both ends of the ice. He’s between Dubinsky and Korpikoski in terms of potential — not as high as Dubinsky, but far more potential than Korps. DON’T WASTE HIM RANGERS!!

  20. Anyone who watches these games and understands hockey cannot possibly want Betts out of this lineup.

  21. Lol yeah pavel let’s move Dawes and Prucha. That way we can have two 4th lines. Why keep guys with offensive talent when you can rotate a bunch of 4th liners in and out of the lineup.

  22. Fritshe is a great prospect? Since when? That is news to everyone really. Fritshe is a slightly more talented version of Sjostrom.

  23. you are not gonna get a good player for that package rich, prucha is the only one with value and even his stock is down b/c of how he was handled by the rangers. that package will get you another third line player at best. and sather is stubborn as w know so he will do his best not to admit he was wrong or he will have some snide remark on why x player was traded. Only reason Sather still has a job is b/c Jimmy Dolan is as dumb if not more so than Sather

  24. I went to college with Rissmiller, so it pains me to say that he’s not that good, at least not good enough for this Ranger team. At first I was happy because he was the fourth line replacement for that miserable excuse for a human being Ryan Hollwegg. I hope that guy falls out of the Leafs team plane in mid air.

    Still, the Rangers are blessed with several types of players, mainly two way forwards who are competent at both ends. Rissmiller is pretty useless, considering the fact that Fritsche, Sjostrom, Voros, and just about everyone else can do what he does at a faster clip.

    Sorry, fellow Crusader, it’s time to go..

    I say move Rissmiller and Prucha (separately) and get whatever you can for them. Then maybe bring up Potter/Fahey and give them a shot at spot duty.

  25. I never got the Betts bashing. He was stuck with 2 offensive duds the last 2 years. He does have some skills with the puck but ends up doing it himself. Orr looks like a different player from 3 years aqo. He doesn’t have to pop the net but if he can handle the puck and skate, that 4th line might put a few more in.

  26. I have no problem with Betts either. We just need a winger on that 4th line who can put a goal in the net. Maybe we have that with Voros?

  27. Always liked Betts, problem was Orr and Hollweg play with upside down sticks for two years…blox shots, checks, good on draws, 10-12 goal scorer if he plays without Ape-wingers

  28. Honestly the only guy i would keep is Shoestring everybody else Peace out. Renney needs to get the head out of his rear end and should reconsider somethings.

  29. Voros would be a nice fit on eitrher the 2nd or 3rd line. He skates well for a big man and goes to the net hard. They’ll need him espicially against the Flyers(who are as rough and tumble as it gets)

  30. Renney hinted is his chat with Gross that he’d prefer to go with 7 dmen. The 15 forwards being carried is on Sather and on his stubborness over not admitting that he went a bit overboard with signing 4th liners.

  31. Rich is right: this team is missing one 2nd-3rd line forward. I would add that to complement current Rangers’ roster, it would be ideal for this forward to be of a power/greet type. If only Shanny was 5 years younger…

  32. If used correctly, Voros could be huge for us. But you can’t bury him on a 4th line with no shooters. Standing infront of the net is pointless then. You’d actually be OUT of the play.

    So with kopri and cally on the 3rd, or with dubi and Z on the 2nd, he could be a big factor.

  33. when Hollweg played with moore and ortmeyer he was pretty popular here. i criticized him back then and many rushed to his defense. very glad he’s no longer a Ranger.

  34. If we got a bucket full of aids for Hollweg, we won! Nice hit in game 3 vs Pittsburgh. That killed the momentum worse than Ozo’s giveaway vs NJ in the first 2 minutes of game 3 in 2006.

  35. everybody is confused even Sam. Why doesnt slats just give an answer already this is really annoying.

  36. dr house – it boils down to… nothing’s changed in the past 3 months since Free Agency started. you’re officially caught up.

  37. Add that to the fact that they dominated the first two games (albeit against the Lightning) because of their uptempo game….which Shanny isn’t going to be able to play at.

  38. I didn’t get to watch both games entirely. They obviously dominated, had 80 shots, and only scored 4 times. One question I have though and maybe you guys can answer…didn’t Mike Smith and Kolzig have phenomenal games, or did the Rangers make them look that good? Just curious

  39. hopefully their uptemp game always results in victory because based on the shots/goals scored ratio it seems they are all having a hard time finishing…its one thing to skate fast its another to bury it…….

    Smith and Kolzig are latest two goalies to look like marty against rangers…in fact the only goalie that doesnt look like Marty against Rangers lately is….Marty

  40. Matteauonov
    October 7th, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    “not a man on this force will rest until we find out who did this to Nordberg…now…

    Lets get some lunch”

  41. Kaspar, that’s usually the case. I was just trying to give the Rangers the benefit, but I knew it wasn’t gonna fly

  42. Sam, do you ever mention Betts as a possible trade or are you also in love with this useless waste of a roster spot?

    Stop with the Shanahan crap already. Did you not see Rangers outskate and dominate? What good will that fossil do?

  43. kevo – A combination really. Moreso the rangers making them look good. But Smith and Kolzig are both very good goaltenders. And they better be with that defense in front of them.

    Maybe the best 1-2 punch in the East in the crease?

    Thomas and Fernandez aren’t bad. But both (imo) a step below TB.

  44. I’m convinced that Blair Betts probably spit on bob, or something to that effect to produce that kind of hatred (a la Keith Hernandez in Seinfeld….although it was in fact Roger McDowell)…

  45. Larry Brooks says: “Sather has postponed a decision on roster cuts just as he has postponed a decision on Brendan Shanahan, who continued to skate at the club’s practice rink throughout the Rangers’ successful European tour.”

    SAM – Were you, or anyone else that you may be aware of, at the training facility while the team was in Euroland to prove this?

  46. I was goign to say Bob needs to lighten up a bit, but then I saw Beer’s post and realized I may be wasting my time.

    The Shanny stuff is coming up becuase we have a week ebtween games and that is the news that is available. When we get in the daily grind it will lessen (unless of course we don’t get resolution)

    Makes me wonder how serious football afficionados do it. Do any of you know? I mean I bleed Giant blue as well, but I can’t keep into a sport that plays only once a week. I’d go mad… like right now…

  47. I know that was a joke…but there’s a handful of teams looking to scoop up shanny.

    Malik may have sold all his gear. I don’t even know of the KHL wants him.

  48. Albeit he could skate, but if word is true that Hossa is up there in scoring in the KHL, then Malik could look like Phaneuf over there

  49. I stumbled upon a devils blog today looking for anything to backup Brooks’ claim on Shanny skating at the msg practice fac. while the team was in europe. They seemed to be as split as we are on the issue. Didn’t look for anything from the other rumored cities, but I’d imagine its about the same.

  50. Gordon Bombay on

    Shanny is done in NY……As much as I’d like to see him back for one more go around, there is no room and I dont think Sather wants to sacrafice a young guy for a guy pushing 40, no matter how much he can contribute.

  51. You know…the only positive (at least for us fans) in this delay in informing Shanny of his future with the Rangers by Slats, is that at least he didn’t just jump the gun on the decision. Be it either way. He waited to see how the team looked as a whole unit in some real action.

    If he woulda let Shanny walk 2 weeks ago, and give him time to gel with a new team…possibly in our OWN DIVISION, it would only be a disadvantage to the NYR.

    If he would have just signed him, we would be (as gordon states) “sacraficing” a young guy’s spot. Without ever knowing what you really have in your youthful depth.

    I’m not happy about having to wait from a fans perspective. And it may not be the ‘right’ thing to do to a future HOF’er that has meant a lot to NYR in a short amount of time. But its Slats actually THINKING about what he can do. Instead of just making a decision for the sake of making one. (see: Rissmiller + $1mil).

    that’s it! I’m out!

  52. “Malik could look like Phaneuf over there”

    I never think I say this but….there is someone Malik is better looking then…and thats Phaneuf…that kid would scare mrs. Phaneuf

  53. Maybe if we trade Pruchs to the Leafs, they’ll give a nice return for him. They would probably look at Pruchs and think he’s the next Jagr. That team needs anything.

    I cant wait till the Shanny stuff is over with. I don’t care whether he’s here, or not. I just wanna win. Hopefully we continue the winning streak on friday, and saturday. Gotta win the home opener, and gotta beat the Philly Flowers.

    As for the Orr talk. If he gets dumped that would suck. Id have to figure out a new Ranger to put in my name, with a semi nice rhyme. I don’t wanna do that though. Orr stays !!!

    Bucket of Aids for Hollweg did seem pretty fair, i just hope none of the players play around in it.

  54. Actually Beer; Slats just forgot all about Shanny he kept saying “now…there is something I gotta do…what could it be?? ah…oh well lets go play golf!”

  55. Im surprised Shanny wants to come back though. Talk aboot bad luck. He’s never had a concussion until he came here, and it wasn’t just a concussion, he was knocked out cold in a head on head collision, carried off the ice on a stretcher, ten the next season he has a bad knee on knee collision, which i don’t know if he had at some point in his career. If he comes back i hope he proves all the negative Nyr fans who think he’s passed his prime wrong. Him winning the cup here before he retires would be friggin AWESOME !! It would have been even better if Jags was here too. Also Straks since he never won a cup, but that’s the way it goes, i guess.

  56. Guys on waivers

    Jason Krog!!
    Peter Schaffer
    Aron Downey
    Kyle Mcclaren
    and….drum roll please…….Boyd Deveroux

  57. I hated OJ as a “color” commentator on MNF. He always criticized teams that “don’t have that great runnng back” as if a football team couldn’t be successful ever without a great running back like him. I cheered in naked Gun when he went over the balcony at Dodger Stadium. Now Fred Goldman has his wish.

    Been out of town-thanks to the blog-kept up with the Rangers news. I saw Ranger Rewind when I came back Sunday night just in time to see Prucha get side-swiped in front of the net. What a fast team-can’t wait for Friday!

  58. like someone said the leafs need a lot. id trade 4 of prucha(im a fan of his cause he never takes a shift off) rissmiller, betts, dawes and shojstrom for ponikorovsky and antropov. not sure the salaries of any of the these players though.

  59. Toronto might do something to improve their standing – ie getting a better draft pick. re Tavares and other top end players

  60. talk about this year, not next years free agency players. Prucha and Dawes dont really jump out at anyone unless they get put with an even better player them them.

  61. DR HOUSE

    I gotta say, i think Shanny will be back. Slats is probably already not liking the fact that we scored 2 goals, in all the pre season, and regular season games so far except for the two games against Bern, and Metallurg. The team needs time to gel, and bringing back Shanny isn’t like bringing in a new forward who has to get to know everyone. He knows the system, he’s played in it for two seasons, he’s scored 20+ in both seasons, and everyones already saying Nyr could be a low scoring team again. So i have a feeling Shanny is definitely coming back. Slats probably doesn’t wanna jump the gun with Pruchs.

    I really hope this saga ends by the weekend. I cant go on like this for much longer.

    BTW – Does anyone have NHL 09 for the PS3 ? In my game Sundin, and Selanne aren’t in the game, is that the same for all of you with the game ?

  62. Shanny has been trying to get off the Rangers practice rink for weeks but he’s too damn slow footed. I suspect he’ll sucessfully get off the ice in a month and sign somewhere by then.

  63. And just maybe Sather knew that by delaying the Shanny signing, that he could hand over the C and the A’s to players that are going to serve more of a role on the team than he is needed to serve. Maybe if we sign him now, that is the kind of message Glen was trying to send him. Like, “Look Shanny, we all know you said you would take a lesser role, and play on the 3rd or 4th line, and that is exactly what we want from you, nothing more, nothing less.” “This is Drury’s team now, and he along with Scotty and Marcus are going to be the leaders on the team. Your voice will be heard, but you won’t be calling the shots. (Shitty Sather Shit eating grin smile) “So Shanny, are you still interested in signing with us?”
    Think about it. Shanny can still have a voice in the locker room, but I don’t think for a second, now that the team has come together, that Drury or Gomez are going to feel as if they have to defer to Shanny for a damn thing. Any thoughts on this other than, HE IS TO SLOW, WE DON’T NEED SHANNY COMING IN HERE AND MESSING UP CHEMISTRY, and all that CRAP!!!!
    The guy is not that slow and he was playing hurt when he was at his most unproductive. When he is healthy, the guy still has a 20-25 goal season in him.

  64. I have NHL 09 for X Box 360. Gotta say I played both, for the playstation III and for x box and I think the x box one is a little better. Not just being biased. And also, when playing against friends, NHL 2K9 is fun on the Wii. Anyway, my username on xbox live is Mr G Money. If anyone wants some good competition.

  65. why the heck did we lose Pock? I was always a fan of his play and he could have swung btw D and forward…would’ve been good to have in this current roster situation…

  66. onecupin67years on

    Rest for the weary?
    Lets see, all expense paid trip to Prague , PRO
    first class air fare, ,limo provided(bus), you won’t have to carry your luggage or equipment, maybe your carry on(i-pod, lap top), meal money, free hotel, free transportation, except when your sight seeing, get to play a game you love for big bucks, sign autographs for the pain in ass fans who just won’t leave you alone, get to meet women who throw selves on you, pose for pictures with rude fans,
    Argue with the coach because your not starting, have to buy extra tix for friends and family-dirty leeches,
    maybe worry about your investment,but not your job, worst thing you”ll relocate if your traded.
    sounds awful- yeah you have to produce ,but do we all!
    And you bitch about being tired?

  67. I would love to see the Rangers somehow get Kyle McLaren from SJ. He could be the physical defenseman that so many of us have been asking for.

    Of course, cap space is an issue, as he makes $2.5 mil. Maybe, if nobody claims him, we could trade Kalinin and…..Rissmiller (haha) to get him.

  68. i am hoping! Orr that was like pretty uplifting post may i add. I am with you on letting it end. I dont have good vibes like you do, but i am gonna see how it goes.

  69. Remember this:Shanny’s “in the room” leadership wasn’t so magically strong that it could get the last two teams deep into the playoffs.

    And did no one else hear him say all the right things and then never refuse more playing time than he could physically handle? Some leader. The Rangers need to move on and the next generation of Ranger leadership needs to be given the space to take over and discover their own “in the room” qualities.

    Shanny’s a HOFer, and a great guy, I’m sure, but he doesn’t need to keep being a Ranger.

  70. Chris F is not a credible source because he doesnt read. Dont blame the losing in the playoffs towards Shanny it aint his fault that half the team’s heads were up there behinds.

  71. Nasty1:

    Good point
    you could be on to something

    like it or not, I think shanny will be in blue by wed/Thursday

  72. dr house: i don’t read? i don’t know what that means. but i do know this: you can’t spell.

    and i’m not blaming the playoff loss on Shanny — not everything is black or white. i’m just saying that his admittedly strong leadership hasn’t won the Rangers a cup in the recent seasons and i don’t think his “in the room” factor is worth bringing him back onto the current team. he’s looked more fragile and tired every spring. it’s hard to believe he’ll be more physically capable this year.

  73. Forget Shanny, some guy just called into Somers to lament the fact that Avery is gone. Some fans just need to let go!!

    I noticed that nobody has questioned this yet: Why does Fahey have to pass through waivers on the way up if he doesn’t on the way down? I thought it was the same coming up as whatever it is when you go down during a certain season. The only explanation that I could find would be if Fahey’s minor-league salary is in excess of $100,000, but he has never played in the NHL, so I don’t know if that even applies.

  74. So anyone wanna get a beer before or during the game on friday???

    I want Shanny back- don’t care if people think I am an idiot for it.

    Also I had something else to say . . hmmm . . so the hockey game for the wii is good????

  75. how can i not spell. How bout the lockerroom was divided last year thats why we didnt win. Why dont you get in the lockerroom friday night and do some speeches smarty pants.

  76. yeah im definitely down for some before game festivities… lol… anything special goin on/ they bringin back bobby granger?

    miss that kid…

  77. hmmm I dont knwo about before, well yea… nevermind if Shanny is here he gets in at 5:30 latest that leaves plenty of time for some brew… ANyone like Molly Wee’s?

  78. CHRIS F

    Im sure, both Renney, and Shanny learned from there mistakes from the last two seasons. Don’t put the blame on the last two years, unless you’re gonna blame Hank, Jagr, Renney, Gomer, Dru, who ever. We blew that first game, and we had our chance to win game 3, and Hollweg blew that, and we would lose. Its not one person, it never is. But i do blame Hollweg, and Hollweg alone for that loss in game 3. Game 2, i hate to sound like a baby but, the refs screwed us in that one. Even if we would go on to lose, it would be a lot better. Straks tied that game up, but the ref blinked before blowing the whistle, and blew that call. But that’s the past.

  79. i dont care where we end up… lol… my girl and i are gonna be taking pt from staten island… she wants to get there to make the “nhl live” people look like fools, but i doubt we are gonna go that early…

  80. ORR- Don’t forget the high stick to drury that was never called as well in game 5. I know our pp was not good, but a 4 minute power play could of helped.

    I need to forget about last year, and just think how good this team looks, but that still annoys me.

  81. MARK

    I really wanted to turn the game off when they missed that. But they sure didn’t miss it the other way around, when it was DURY highsticking Malone. They killed off that PP, but got tired, and then Hoss scored. Ugh. Staal, and Danny definitely feel like its there fault, so im hoping they have an awesome year.

    BTW – I like how Renney is using his D-man on the PP. If Kalinin, or Mara aren’t gonna shoot, he’ll use Staal. He’s using all of his d-man on the PP, and even puts Voros, Korpedo, every couple of shifts. I like that. Id like to have a set PP, but this is good. They all wanna shoot, and crowd the crease, and that’s all that matters.

  82. graves9 – Fritsche has almost identical credentials (age, experience, draft rank; but more goals\points) as Adam Graves had when he arrived in NY. Fritsche is younger, bigger and more established than Dawes or Callahan. If he isn’t a ‘great prospect’ than neither were/are those players.

  83. Uhh Shanny should be somewhat culpable for the losses in the playoffs as he was a non factor for most of them. He was skating is quick sand by the end of last year.

  84. McClaren would be nice. But he’ll never fall to us. I’m sure there’s a bunch of claims in for him. He goes to the claimant that finished the lowest in the standings last year. Too bad we don’t suck anymore eh?

    I think shedding $2.5mil is easier said than done. But not impossible.

  85. Our seventh d man is…

    Is Colton Orr.

    That according to the Daily News article this morning by MICHAEL OBERNAUER

    But soon begins the endless grind of the normal schedule, and starting with Friday’s Garden opener against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Rangers will play six games in nine nights and seven in 11. Meanwhile, in making their final two roster cuts before Saturday’s season opener in Prague, the Rangers elected to send their seventh and eighth defensemen (Corey Potter and Brian Fahey) to Hartford, leaving them with 15 forwards and no spare blueliners – a tenuous mix, especially given their rigorous upcoming schedule.
    Asked Tuesday who would step in on the back line in an emergency, Renney said that man – ready? – would be Colton Orr.
    “But let’s be honest with ourselves,” the coach added, “that’s not exactly what we’re after.”

    Pregame drinks at Cafe 31 (is that the number they use?)??

    Shots on goal… Mara leads d men with 8 than Rozi at 5, Staal at 4, Girardi at 3 and Redden with 2… I guess KAlinin hasn’t registered any shots yet. Hopefully our blueline will find some success and keep up their attempts

  86. agr – I saw that too. Will it happen? I’d put the odds somewhere around 100 to 1.

    We can’t bring up ANYONE right now because we only have $245k in cap space. So even to bring someone up, we have to waive or trade an extra forward.

    Waiving Rissmiller would clear up enough room. And if he clears…then he’ll have a pretty crappy ride everyday from NYC to Htfd.

  87. beer,

    yea I don’t see it happening either, but I just wanted to spread it around…

    so we aren’t over the cap just yet… I thought someone said we were but thats cool. Yea well I guess Riss could always rent it out?

  88. I don’t care what he does with it. I’d rather have Jason Strudwick than Pat Rissmiller.

    I almost feel like that’s a knock on Struds. But its not.

  89. I mentioned it a few posts up staal. But it may have been disguised cause of my spelling of PHLYERS.

    pavel – Still not enough room to bring him on.

    He should be bound for ATL this afternoon if they have any brains.

  90. Sorry Beer,
    I don’t have time to catch up all the time so today I scrolled down and just posted.
    btw…how are you able to post links? ARGHHHH!

  91. I don’t know. shhhhhh … haha

    ok…after checking out the ATL blueline, McLaren would be an awesome addition, but they’re actually not too bad back there.

    Schneider, Hainsey, enstrom, exelby, bogosian, havelid. That’s not TOO BAD of a blueline. Add McLaren, and they could give Bogosian an extra year before bringing him up.

    He’s gotta go somewhere.

  92. Can someone explain Jason Krog to me?? The guy kills it in the AHL and for some reason cant stay with any big clubs. I have never seen him play in the AHL but the few games he’s played with the Rangers i thought he have promise. He’s fast, has a descent shot, i know he’s small, but so is Prucha and Richard Park and they seem to stay in the NHL. What is he lacking that teams cant give this guy a chance???

  93. Hey ORR…

    O’sully finally signed a contract with LA. Looks like we will have to put an end to our Prucha and Rozi to LA trade proposals

  94. Glad you got the same laugh I did out of it. I typed out that one, but always copy/paste. Sometimes they don’t work. But usually they do.

    Krog….He’s the ultimate ‘tweener’. His game just doesn’t translate to the NHL. Perhaps his decision making isn’t fast enough?

  95. It used to work fine but then all of a sudden I couldn’t post links anymore…
    I don’t think Sam likes me!

  96. no it doesn’t do anything. It just reloads with nothing posted…
    even today if I post without a link. it takes a few refresh hits to get it to take…
    BTW I’m using firefox

  97. Wow. Sounds drastic here, but I guess its very frustrating to lose key guys to injuries. Beer Me! says: Save your energy for the 3rd period vs CAR this season.
    “Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford has instituted a policy that forbids any future testing, primarily off-ice testing, that puts stress on the body.
    In season, or in future Hurricanes training camps, there will be no hard runs, or stair climbing. In fact, according to Rutherford any drill designed to increase the heart rate that also increases the risk of injury will no longer be allowed.
    “Their bodies are screaming out, this is too much,” Rutherford said.”

  98. my body is screaming out. I split wood all day yesterday…even though I instituted my own policy…that forbids stress on the body…

  99. Agr – I believe that they’re there.

    The lucky guy that Jarret Stoll is signed a deal that pays him a cap hit of $3.6mil. Just to help the kings get up there.

    Per they’re at $41.75mil right now. Floor is $41mil, right?

    McLaren could stay close to SJ if they scoop him up.

    They could pretty much go get anyone.

  100. wow beer, that is extreme there… I mean i an energetic fast paced game how do you prepare if not with hard workouts to strengthen the heart and body?

  101. Ha! Thats like training for a marathon by sitting on your ass eating pasta all day and going for a stroll with the dog..!!

    They’ll all be so tired their line changes will be every 20 seconds!!

  102. Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford has instituted a policy that forbids any future testing, primarily off-ice testing, that puts stress on the body.
    In season, or in future Hurricanes training camps, there will be no hard runs, or stair climbing. In fact, according to Rutherford any drill designed to increase the heart rate that also increases the risk of injury will no longer be allowed.
    “Their bodies are screaming out, this is too much,” Rutherford said.”

    The only think funnier than this is the fact that the Flyers lost to the Phantoms last night. And if you think that’s no big deal, imagine how we’d all react if the Rangers lost to the Pack.

  103. hey beer, where did you get that from, like a link… I want to tell the others about it on ranger nation, but I need (or ought to have a link) before I post it…

  104. I’m surprised people want to see Betts and Orr traded or released. That Voros-Betts-Orr line is going to be pretty crushing, I think. One thing that really impressed me in pre-season and in the two Prague games is Colton Orr’s improved skating and puckhandling. He had a pretty hard drive up the wing against the Lightning and protected the puck well. I think he definitely made an effort to improve his speed during the off-season, as the team got younger and faster. He also beat the daylights out of Koci and hardly broke a sweat. Seems like he came back from last season’s injury in pretty good shape.


    Oh my god!! Please tell me the Rangers aren’t as archaic as this? You spend all that money on players salaries and training facilities and charge extortionate ticket prices then pack your players off for the summer and say “see you in September, don’t eat too many burgers or do too much weightlifting boys!!”
    I can see we have a whole lot of training and medical staff (including dentists!), do we have a dietician or nutritionist? Sam – do you know?

    Each player should have an individual training and diet plan for the summer, with a target weight for their return, then in-season there should be a team dietician/nutritionist planning it for them while they are together etc….

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