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And speaking of middle-aged men getting back into hockey, here’s “my story in today’s paper”: about Doug Sulliman, the former Rangers first round draft choice who has taken a job as an assistant coach with Phoenix after 15 years out of the hame.

It so happens that the general manager who took a gamble on Sulliman is Don Maloney, his best friend and brother-in-law. Both men were well aware of the perception of nepotism, but Maloney was adamant that he wouldn’t have tabbed Sulliman if he wasn’t the right fit — or perhaps more important, if Wayne Gretzky didn’t sign on as well.

“I’ve been hired to win here. I don’t care if it’s my brother-in-law or the devil, I know what’s right for my team,” Maloney said. “And it wasn’t like I didn’t review other guys. I went through the whole process and was very conscious of that relationship. Because I knew there would be a perception that there’s this Irish mafia in Phoenix. And believe me, if someone else blew me out of the water, that would be it. But Doug was the right fit for the job.”

With a young impressionable team, the Coyotes were looking for an upbeat personality to spend extra time with players. Sulliman is certainly that. I played golf with him over the summer, and he was oozing excitement about the new job. And this was before the financial markets were collapsing and a business career quickly lost some of its luster.


As for your Rangers, they have off-ice workouts today at 10:30, and we’ll have a chance to catch up with them after. Be sure to check back then….

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  1. “It so happens that the general manager who took a gamble on Sulliman is Don Maloney…”

    Funny to use that word when talking in regards to an asst coach in PHX. Not intentional, huh?

  2. Sam – it will be interesting now that its back to business as usual.
    I think one of the bloggers on Eklund’s site was saying that Shanny would be given a decision 48 hours after the team’s return from Czech Rep. I wonder (if thats true) if that its because they are trying to move someone or if they wanted to take a look at the team in action to see how they come together on the ice and the locker room before deciding whether to spend a couple of million or more on Shanny?

  3. Preseason or not. If your team gets beat 6-0 by the FLA Panthers, you’re going to have a loooong season. But you’ll be in the running for the first overall pick.

  4. I was just talking about this with a couple friends… Rangers must have been one of the worst drafting teams pre-lockout. Even if they drafted average, they could have a killer line-up right about now…

    If only we could raid Detroit’s front office.

    Beer, NICE pick-up with the gamble comment.

  5. Sather has postponed a decision on roster cuts just as he has postponed a decision on Brendan Shanahan, who continued to skate at the club’s practice rink throughout the Rangers’ successful European tour. Now, every day the GM procrastinates, it costs the team cap space.

    That is what Larry Brooks wrote today…..

  6. Brooks SUCKS… He wrote this whole long article BLASTING Renney on Friday when it looked like Prucha would be a scratch. Then, Renney STARTS Prucha, and Brooks doesn’t mention it once. He’s a typical, ALWAYS negative sports-writer. I’m just happy Sam breaks the mold.

  7. Why is everyone so quick so sit Dawes and Prucha in favor or Fritsche and Sjostrom? I don’t get it. Dawes and Prucha clearly have more talent and higher ceilings.

  8. I forget who it was that dropped the idea of a “fifth line”, but I thought that was an awesome idea. (sorry for not giving credit when due). Rotate the 4th line with the forwards that were healthy scratches the game before. that way, the 4th line always has a little extra energy and can REALLY showcase what they can offer. Then, if there’s 3 players that consistently outperform the other 3, then stop the rotation and have the permanent 4th line.

    Yeah its weird to carry 3 forwards as scratches, but we have a good line-up, not over the cap, why not give it a whirl and see how it works?

  9. TORONTO — Maple Leafs left wing Ryan Hollweg received an automatic two-game suspension Monday after collecting his third boarding or checking from behind major in a 41-game span.


    The third penalty came in last Wednesday’s 7-3 preseason loss at St. Louis, when Hollweg was assessed a boarding major and game misconduct.

    Last season with the New York Rangers, Hollweg received checking from behind majors and game misconducts on Jan. 5 against Edmonton and Feb. 3 against Montreal.

    Hollweg will miss Toronto’s season opener Thursday at Detroit and Saturday’s home opener against Montreal. He also forfeits $5,510.76 in salary, which goes to the players’ emergency assistance fund.

  10. graves9 – How do you know when/if Rozsival will give up #3; did he tell you personally?

    Does anyone else find that they are making spelling errors because it goes “zs” in Rozsival and “sz” in Meszaros? I realized this the other day, and the way they are pronounced and emphasized differently can help; Rozsival on the first syllable, Meszaros on the second syllable. :)

    Brooks should not have written about Prucha being scratched before it happened (which it didn’t, obviously) because he wasn’t even in Prague to do the reporting. He was just interpreting someone else’s report, which leaves him open to more criticism, but I’m sure he doesn’t care anymore!

    Any chance we see Fritsche play on Friday? I would like to think that he is next in line. Sjostrom would be good, too. I feel like those two provide great bench players, and Rissmiller is just overkill.

  11. things changed over night Larry was sleeping, the stuff he knew he wrote during our hours.

  12. Friday night can not get here soon enough. So where are we meeting for a brew ha ha and what time?

  13. 10.30 off ice workouts seems to be very dangerous in preparations for season openers because it comes to injuries when athletes returning back from long overseas roadtrips..there is a good chance of getting a lumbago during the ride of stationary bike or leaning on journalists asking all too much questions about team bonding mechanisms during europe advantures….!!!!

  14. GoCaptCLutch! on

    “graves9 – How do you know when/if Rozsival will give up #3; did he tell you personally?”

    he said it in an interview–joked it would be the last 2 numbers of his social security #

  15. Damn…I really wish I wasn’t missing opening night this year. But…I’ve been to the past 7 or 8 openers and we haven’t finished all that well, so maybe my absense will help! released some tickets if anyone out there has pockets deep enough. They have a pair behind Hanks net, sec 36 (re-numbered I believe) row c. Section 38, in the corner. Section 124(primo, center ice) row c.

    The tix are around $250-$275 each.

  16. Jo and I are defintely up for meeting for a brew… it would be cool if Sam came out and met up with all of us… since we give his page about a gazilion hits a day… I can’t wait for Friday… the NHL store is havinfa grand reopening from 11-4 featuring retired players, I don’t know who yet. Hopefully that will eb a good time as well. does anyone here post at Game On? I used to like it, but their new format stinks, it only hsows five comments at a time, we used to ave threads a hundred long…

  17. The salary cap calculations do not begin until Thurdsday.Technically,the Rangers are not getting any cap hits until Thursday.The teams starting the season in Europe didn’t have to be compliance with the cap.Just cut down the roster to 23 players and were allowed to carry an extra goalie.The rosters are due at 3pm on Wednesday.The Rangers are in compliance right now but they could place a player on waivers by 12pm today and see if another team bites.

  18. Brooks article makes plenty of sense. Sather did a good job managing the cap his first three years not so much this year. The three extra forwards are making nearly a combioned 3 million …….. ridiculous.

  19. “The salary cap calculations do not begin until Thurdsday”
    Thanks Nicholas….so Brooks is all wet? I’d like to sick Tortarella on him

  20. One thing i don’t like about this Rangers roster – they are all younger than me and make me feel old..!!!

    Aha – just spotted Naslund is 5 weeks older than me..!!

  21. HAHA UK! I was sayin the same thing to my brother the other day. 30 used to be old.

    Hard to believe Staal is only 21. Shanny could be his father!

    I’d guess the biggest difference would be in Det. But Gary Roberts and Stamkos are like 23 years apart or something like that…

  22. Well think about it.The cap is based on how days a player is on the roster.It’s an 186 day NHL season starting on Thursday.The Rangers aren’t going to have a 191 day season to calculate their cap hits.

    The NHL season begins on Thursday.First day of cap hits.186 day season.1/186=0.00537 multiply that number by the cap number=daily cap hit

    Sjostrom’s daily hit is $4,516.Rissmiller is $5,376

  23. I have an excellent idea. Let’s all come up with something to bitch about if the team comes flying out of the gate and really plays well. Let’s come up with something and someone to bitch about and hate for the year. Any thoughts? :)

  24. Nasty – I vote for Brodeur. He’s probably gonna get the record for all-time wins this season, so let’s do ANYTHING we can to bring him down a notch.

  25. That is what I asked a little earlier. I will be there with Mrs. Nasty and we are always down for some beers. Well I am at least, ha. And if she gives me any lip I will just have to take out the hot coal poker from the fireplace or a wire hanger on the stove burner. One of these days she will learn.

  26. well where’s everybody sitting Friday night? I’m in the 300s, so maybe the upper concourse would be good? I think there’s a food court area (with multiple beer stands) around Gate 76 or so? How’s that work?

    Nasty – you taking the train in? if so, from where? I’ll be going Friday, from Edison train station, I know you’re nearby there as well…

  27. Beer – I don’t think Marty would be playing for the record THAT early yet… Its the Ranger’s 19th game of the season, and we have a 2 game head start… he’d have to start like 13-3 or something to aim for that…

    Could be 12/12, about 13 games after that, if the Devs have a slower start….

  28. I know, I am just playing with you. I never would burn my wife. Just poke her with two fingers between her ribs. Remember, hard enough to hurt and make a point, but never enough to bruise and leave evidence :) I kid I kid. Anyway, I will be in section 341 Row C Seats 7 and 8.

  29. Ill be there on fri as well and ill be with my friend. nasty u buying the drinks. my seats r in section 345 i believe

  30. jeevs – I hope not that soon too.

    agr – meant more of the functionality of the page. the rangers website sux compared to other teams. f’n dolan and is stupid lawsuits.

  31. Jo and I are in the 400’s, but we would come down and meet up with you guys. I’d ask if anyone else from LI is taking the train in… but we are goig in early for the NHL store thing and leaving late cause we will probably wait for autographs so it wouldn’t matter much anyway.

  32. ok beer I get it… lol so the fact I couldn’t find it was your point haha. Yea I’ve noticed our page is shafted… DOlan just cant do anything the easy way (that said I did think he should have the right to do what he wants with his team’s website… as long as it works that is) I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about the official Rangers bulletin board, that it got screwed up. A whole lot of new folks are signing up at forums. And the Game On thing they do…. I lked it last year but they’ve changed the comments so you can only see five at a time… I think I said this here already… anyway the short of it is… Sam don’t change a thing we like this blog!! THank you!

  33. yeah, agr…that was it!

    seriously though matt…I know that they used to have ‘no-alcohol’ sections. I sat there twice by mistake and there was a beer guy right outside the gate with a big stack of soda cups. So he could sell you a beer, hand you a different cup with it…make the old switch’aroo, and be back in your seat with a frosty one…in a wax cup.

  34. “has taken a job as an assistant coach with Phoenix after 15 years out of the hame.”

    “hame” – come on Sam, pre-season is over…

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