What we think we know after the Rangers’ European adventure


Whatever doubts we may have about the quality of the Rangers’ opponent this weekend, a few things were crystallized. Among them:

<li>We know that Markus Naslund has some gas left in the tank. I will stop short of saying Naslund is definitely going to rebound from his past few disappointing seasons since very often with a 35-year-old player the question isn’t what he can do in October, but in January and February (and then of course, in April and May). But Naslund has at least arrived in New York in impressive shape, and is clicking with his new linemates. With that in mind, there is reason to be optimistic.

(It’s worth noting that Naslund is now the only member of the Rangers who is older than me (last year, with Jagr, Straka, and Shanahan, there were three). It’s not really relevant to anything, but I would find it discouraging if he was gasping for air after the first two games).

<li>We know Henrik Lundqvist and Wade Redden are not nearly bad as they were in the preseason. This isn’t saying much since both set the bar fairly low. But the goalie and the defenseman, both of whom are in the first year of lucrative contracts, were impressive in Prague.

I made reference yesterday to the fact that Redden did himself a huge favor in this department. Because rather than head into the MSG opener in front of a skeptical home crowd, he can now return with some confidence. As for Lundqvist, Rangers fans know that the goalie has started slowly each of the last two seasons, so there wasn’t much reason for panic. But his performance in the opener on Saturday was a continuation of his brilliant play last spring.

<li>We know how the Rangers are going to try to play. Again, let’s see how they do against a team that doesn’t have some glaring weaknesses — an inexperienced blue line, a star player a tad out of shape, an 18-year-old dynamo now just two games into his NHL career — but the up tempo, smothering style the Rangers employed this weekend indeed seems to be a worthwhile venture. Back in July when Glen Sather made reference to the Rangers mimicking the Detroit Red Wings, it was easy to be skeptical. But the Rangers do seem to have the personnel to at least give it a whirl.

Great quote from Scott Gomez on this: “I think the main thing is, I think we kind of showed our identity, how we’re going to be this year. In your face, four lines, the speed.”

To which Rangers fans might reply: Um, OK.

<li>We know that Dmitri Kalinin is going to drive people nuts this year. I spent two years alternately poking fun at and defending Marek Malik. This year I think Kalinin might be my guy. In fact, at the risk of a sweeping generalization, Kalinin, like Malik, is a fairly common European defenseman: someone who has the ability and desire to jump in and make a play, but who occasionally leaves himself exposed as a result.

There is no question that Kalinin has some offensive instincts, which you need out of your defensemen in today’s game. The key will be not joining the rush at the expense of an odd man rush the other way. That’s why the pairing with a relatively sensible Dan Girardi seems to make sense for now.

<li>We know the Rangers have some decisions to make. Not to keep banging the same drum, but I can’t imagine this team is going to keep the same roster of three extra forwards and no extra defensemen for long (unless Fred Sjostrom or Dan Fritsche has some experience at defense we don’t know about). I would have to think Glen Sather is still exploring ways to unload a forward or two, perhaps looking for a defenseman in return, or perhaps just as a way to clear some cap space.

It might happen by Friday, or it might take some time. But we’d be foolish to think it’s not being discussed.

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  1. Prucha 1.6
    rissmiller 1.0
    sjo 840k
    fritsche 875k


    Go get a 2nd line winger. I don’t think the D needs as much attention.

    Trade them, waive them, just get them off the cap.

  2. Beer,
    I don’t know…I think I’d keep Sjo and/or Fritsche,
    I’d rather keep Sjo. but I haven’t seen enough of Fritsche to make a call
    But with Prucha…I think I’m done with him…its over in my book.
    and Rissmiller…lets just face it…a completely boneheaded signing

  3. I’m not opposed to keeping either one. I actually like Sjo. And I think Fritsche could have an upside. But I don’t think that we’ll be as good as we could without that spot filled with a goal scorer.

    That said, I DO like Dawes. And there’s no way it was just me that thinks he didn’t look good in that spot. That’s why I wouldn’t have him on the block.

    Who knows how slats is going to fix this. But to echo Sam’s thought…you’d be foolish not to think the roster will be adjusted rather soon.

  4. I agree Sather has to do something…but will Prucha, Rissmiller etc get us a decent winger? i don’t know…everyone is looking for sweeteners to a deal

  5. Beer me i like your proposal. Get rid of them what a waste rissmiller was. I do like Shoestring. Prucha is irritating i feel bad for him. Fritsche i really dont care about it so slats can do whatever with him. Dawes is a nice guy, nice shot, invisible worse than Dru sometimes.

    Get somebody else.

  6. We don’t need another winger,we still need a d-man that likes to hit.i think two of our wingers and a d-man to get get a better then decent d-man

  7. Nice to see Struds get the game winner last night for Edmonton. I feel it was definitely time to say goodbye to Struds for the betterment of our team, I wish him all the best.

  8. It’d be pretty silly of us to think the Sather can call a GM, say, “Hey, we’ve got these three forwards that we scratch every game, can we trade them to you for a second-line winger?”, and ecpect a successful result.

    In other words, if we’re going to be carrying so many forwards, they’ve at least got to be showcased to entice GMs into potentially making a deal. Therefore, my hunch is that the trigger will be pulled later, not sooner.

    All these back-to-backs could actually help in that regard, though. Start rotating a few players in there to spell guys during this busy month, and let’s see who makes an impression.

  9. I would almost put money that a trade of some sort happens before the home opener on Friday. I am so excited to be there for the game. It looks like we are going to be entertained every game this year. This team has too much speed to be contained. I expect even in games we lose, we will be in until the end.

  10. So far, some missing the point. You don’t trade 4 guys FOR a 2nd line winger. You move them to make room to bring in a guy that a team needs to move.

    Clearing up 4.3mil, or whatever you can, and bringing in picks or prospects clears the room on the roster AND the cap. Doesn’t ‘ADD’ players…it replaces players. You can get a pick for each one of those guys, and turn- around and deal all four of them for a winger if you have to.

    Too bad Havlat makes $6mil. CHI wants to move that contract, but that’s too much for us. Just like Gabs in Minny.

  11. the only way we can dump x amount of players for a 2nd line winger is if we include a 1st and 2nd rounder in the deal. Prucha + Dawes + Rissmillre + 1st for O’Sully? lol

  12. We definitely have an excess of decent forwards who can start for many teams & should have trade value, & we need to make a move to do so. I would still want to hold off on Prucha. Give him 10 or 15 games to see if he can finally regain his quick hands, confidence, and remember how to get the puck in the net. If he can’t shake off the funk & score, despite his effort, has no value to this team, as we have a whole team now full of hard workers with speed who are more versatile.

    Although the competition has not been the best, I still really like what I saw over in Europe. Always folks in front of the net, plenty of shots on net & in close scoring chances that will surely result in more goals over time. Lots of speed, effort, & unselfish play. There is huge potential for a good PP & increased scoring in general.

    Still unsure of our ability to protect Hank in front of the net, or how our D-Men will hold up under strong pressure, especially in view of how much trouble we had clearing the puck at the end of yesterdays game.

    Hank looked great in both games, although not lots of rubber, he made some huge saves against great players one on one & kept us in the game. Got beat only on a great, in close backhand by Vinnie, one of the best, & a deflection that just barely squeaked thru.

    Dubi, an all around star in the making, coming to protect Hank when he got run at, sets a great example.

    Gomez had too many turnovers, but all in all created lots of chances & his line worked well together, & in spite of the giveaways, I was very impressed with Zherdev’s 2-way effort & incredible skills. I think he may be huge for us.

    Good way to start the season.

  13. Prucha and Rissmiller should be dealt for picks, and to clear cap room. Fritsche has upside and Sjostrom is failry reliable, and serves as an ideal “Black Ace” spare forward.

    Fahey appeared pedestrian, and Potter should be with the big team, but if he’s going to be here and sit, let him get prime minutes in Hartford, instead.

  14. Here’s a random thought (I know I have a lot of these)… Do you think Sather has some weird OCD thing with doing things in pairs? He needs a middle-upper level D-man. He signs BOTH Redden and Rozie to long-term contracts. He needs a grinder. he signs both Voroz and Rissmiller. Now both pairs of contracts handcuffed the team…

  15. I’m so anxious to see what Slats does here. I wanna try not to think about it though. It kinda scares me!

    If I were slats, I woulda handed Prucha a parachute when they boarded the plane to come back to the states! LOL

  16. I don’t think we will be able to give away our spare parts and obtain a genuine top 6 forward. If you were the GM of another team, you know the Rangers need to get rid of a forward or two, if you’re giving away a 1st/2nd line winger you’re at least going to ask for a 1st/2nd round draft pick with Prucha and Rissmiller.

    I could see NYR trading Riss and Pru separately in exchange for picks, Sjo and Frites have more acceptable salaries and will probably stay (IMO). The question is, if we clear the cap space, does Glen go out and sign Shanny or Sundin? and how long does he wait to make the cap hit a little easier? If he waits 20 games $5m becomes $3.75m against the cap.

  17. who would trade for a guy like Voroz/Rissmiller/Sjostrom, etc? most teams have their 3rd and 4th line guys set, its not like there’s a shortage of guys like that, and we have a rare surplus… The only way a team would trade for them is Injury (too early for that), or because they’ve had their eye on them (2 of the 3 we got from free agency, so that interest would have been shown over the summer).

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Slats do nothing right now. The only time the Rangers get on a plane is vs Columbus and Detroit this month. An extra D is just a couple of hours drive away. I can see some of the scratches playing and then we’ll see who is worth keeping.

  19. Perhaps I’m overestimating Slats’ ability then.

    I don’t see any reason you can’t unload 2/3 guys for a few picks, then send a package somewhere for a 2nd line winger.

    I’m not as concerened with the D as I am that one spot up there next to Dubi.

  20. And I think I’M jumping the gun on Dawes remaining the ghost that he was over the weekend.

    SO glad to have some REAL hockey back though.

  21. I’m with you Beer – its nice to have real games, goals and performances to talk about instead of hypothetical lines and trades.

    Interesting to see if anything happens with Shanny (if at all) this week. As for Sundin i reckon he’ll take another month off and wait and see who looks good. I get the feeling he wants to piggy-back someones Stanley Cup run and is waiting to see which team pans out the best.

  22. wow starting the Shanny stuff up again. Its obvious the staff doesnt care about the 4 players we mentioned so what ever they say i am gonna go with it for once. Slats should do w/e he feels like doing as long as he doesnt pull and Ozolinsh.

  23. Rozi didn’t change his number yet, I think he’s waiting till the last minute.

    So glad hockey is back!!!

    Thanks Jeever for texting me the other day, you were a lifesaver, I was on the LIRR and subway adn got no reception on my radio…

  24. rozsival was still wearing his number 3…. and i hope the rangers keep sjo… he, like zherdev, needed a change of scenery…

    cant wait till friday… havent been to a home opener since the rangers played the bruins a while back and won in OT…

    hopefully they figured out that no one wanted to hear pussy music during a hockey game (leading team out onto ice, opening credits during game, etc)… play some fuckin death metal… ahahaha….

    and no goal on first shot this year… lol…

  25. Talk about clearing cap space, man, would I love to see Rozsival get traded. Yes, he’s a very servicable d man, but he get’s beat and then takes a penalty. So far it happened in both TB games. It happened all last year, and it happened 3 times in one game against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Get rid of his salary and get a D man who is at least more responsible. We have Redden, we don’t need both of them. I don’t see us getting rid of all of the extra forwards, Fritsche has looked good, and the new look Rangers could utilize Sjo’s speed. Prucha has been all heart lately but no reward. Let’s see how it pans out.

  26. BTW, Strudwick scored the game winning goal for Edmonton against Dallas. Good for him, I always liked that guy

  27. Sam, Nice way to sum up the weekend. I think all Ranger fans are happy with taking 4 points and getting a nice head start on the season (we’re in first!!). I have to say that of the six periods played, I thought the Rangers absolutely dominated 4 and a half of them. BUT, my greatest fear remains, which I said back on July 1: where are the goals going to come from? Yes, we have a speedy, attacking first line, a real solid second line, and 2 other energetic lines that can put constant pressure on the other team. But….80 shots, 4 goals. Yeah, they hit a couple of posts, and Mike Smith usually gives the Rangers problems (I thought they’d score more against Kolzig), but if you take 80 shots over the course of two games and dominate like the Rangers did, you’re looking for 7-9 goals. They should have won these games 4-1 or 5-1. I’m definitely nervous about that.

    As for the extra forwards, it definitely is a problem. I’m sure they’ll figure something out…not that we’ll all like it, but they’ll do something. haha.

  28. there’s 1 BIG difference between Rozie doing the removing the jersey thing, and Borque. Borque had talent. Him doing something like that was cool. With Rozie, it would just be weird and awkward.

    Maybe he’ll get traded before then, so he can keep the #?

  29. The coolest thing that can happen, in regard to Rozie and removing the jersey…

    Rozie skates to center ice and pulls his jersey over his head and suddendly he morphs into Jay Bouwmeester and the MSG crowd erupts into a “We want the cup” chant that could be heard all the way in the upper decks in Bern

  30. Credit where its due – both Tampax goaltenders played well and could easily have been more convincing on the scoresheet if not for them (and a big chunk of luck).

    Hopefully the goals will come with time as the chemistry and confidence develops. 4 wins, $1m, 4 points, 1st place, no injuries to key players – a successful trip i’d say.

  31. Then Jay fires a laser slap shot up to the broadcasting booth which turns Joe Micheletti into a pile of dust

  32. “The coolest thing that can happen, in regard to Rozie and removing the jersey”

    Oh man Liquid; you almost had me going there..thought for sure he’s pull the jersey off and I’d be there!!

    JayBo is good too I guess…

  33. Prucha is a big gamble either way… if you leet him play and he stays snake bitten, his trade value drops even further.

    If you trade him now an interested team thinks “He just needs a fresh start/change of scenery”.

    Sound familiar?

  34. How about Rozy pulls off the jersey and does a John Giannone and hits his head on the ice?

    Beer, are you saying Rozy goes to Colorado and hoists the cup?

  35. oh wow, I just came up with another example of the “Sather does things in pairs” theory. Gomez and Drury. I’m really starting to think there’s something there.

  36. 22 – I don’t care what he does when he gets there! There may be better odds on TB winning the cup than COL.

    Riche’ – exactly…tuff spot to be in. There’s sure to be a negative along with the positive on this one.

    Kaspar wouldn’t be a bad idea for a 6th/7th man. Don’t even need to pay him. Just let him keep his jersey. And a few rolls of tape or something…even if its the clear kind.

  37. Joe in DE,

    Couldn’t disagree more about Rossival. The league is really sparse with quality defenseman. All of the “great” teams have two great puck moving, two-way, intelligent defenseman. To replace Rossival with a steady guy, a la a Girardi type wouldn’t necessarily make us any stronger defensively and would definitely weaken us offensively.

    We play a collective defensive style — our defense is encouraged to take chances and jump into the play more than other teams b/c our forwards are always back.

    This is the first year Rossival doesn’t have to carry the load as the lone 2-way defenseman. Over the last three years he’s been expected to QB our offense and be the veteran defensive player. Now, finally, he has a partner to let him roam a bit more free in Redden.

    Rossival has a lethal shot and now that Jagr is gone, I think you’ll see more of it.

    For all of his miscues, which are few and far, he controls the puck and makes smart decisions just as good as the elite defenseman in the league.

    I always like to sum up with this. If you want him “replaced”, name someone viable. Simply put, I’ll take Rossival over Fedor Tyutin any day of the week. His ceiling is much higher.

  38. In regards to Potter, Fahey, Rismiller, Sjostrom and Fritsche, perhaps Sather and co. sent down Potter and Fahey because they didn’t have to clear waivers while they stayed in Prague with the rest of the team and will call one of them up and send down either Rismiller, Sjostrom or Fritsche (whom all would have to pass through waivers) this week when they send down Wiikman when the other 26 teams in this league that didn’t travel to Europe have to be at the 23 man limit so that other players are also having to pass through waivers at the same time, therefore possibly allowing some other teams players being picked up on waivers instead of the 3 previously stated… or maybe not.

  39. I didn’t mean to be ‘bashing’ rozy up there. Just pokin some fun.

    I’m happier with this defense (all 6) than I have been in over a decade.

  40. Yeah, just a little fun with Rozy after a great weekend. Joe, you have to admit Rozy was horrible last year. However, he was one of our top defenseman the year before. I don’t know if the Jagr influence or contract year had something to do with his horrible decisions. If he plays like 2 years ago, nobody will be poking fun of him.

  41. Brandon,

    …some people here seem to think that there are teams out there that have 6 star defensemen and there team gets shutouts every night and never give up odd man rushes…
    I for one like Rozi, I like Mara, I think Mara has done a steady job at an affordable price. Do they make mistakes…yup…they all do and that is exactly why we watch every game, to see which team makes the most mistakes. The whole argument is stupid.
    does Pronger make mistakes…

    and on and on…

  42. Rozi openly admitted that when Jagr calls for the puck, he felt he had to give it to him. Jarg is not hear anymore, I think he will have a much better year. He was a pleasant surprise after the lockout, and I think he will be back to form as this season progresses. I am very interested to see how we match up against a pretty fast Chicago team on Friday night. They have two great young players in Toews and Kane.

  43. Sorry Matteauonov…
    KASPER-ITIS…That great, short, blond, hipcheck throwing, blabber mouthian, future HOF Defenseman.

  44. they won 2 in a row and avg. 40 shots on goal a game.

    Prucha looked good, played his usual hard and had chances..

    I understand all you expert always have to have something to bitch about looking for the perfection that wil never come..

    Why did they sign rissmiller in the 1st place that is my question???

    This team is deep and talented and should be very competitive, sorry whiners…..

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can one person tell me why Drury has his nutz sucked while Prucha should get the hell out of town?!

    Prucha makes $1.6million. He got 10 minutes of ice time, almost no PP time. Drury got 21minutes of ice time and PLENTY of PP. Drury makes 7million+.
    Here’s their lines…ready?!
    0-0-0-(zero +/-)-2 shots

    The first is drury, the second is Prucha…and Prucha should be out of town?! You’re all on crack. Prucha hasn’t gotten a fair chance since his knee injury early last year. You take PP time away from a 30 goal scorer who scored more than half of those on the PP, and expect him not to suffer. I believe that’s insanity, text book.

  46. i can’t believe we win 2 games showing a good amt of speed and I still see Shanny being pined for by a few.

    i can’t see 4 players going and being replaced by 1. that would put us at roster of 20. and we will have to add at least 2 or maybe 3 from AHL which negates a good amt of cap savings. injuries are going to happen they do every yr.

    we do need to move 1 forward just so we have room for a dman and also for a little cap relief. sjostrom and fritsche do not save a lot cap wise. have a feeling we’ll waive someone. if guy is picked well so be it. if not he’ll be in ahl until end of season as we simply can’t afford the 1/2 cap penalty.

    doubt we need to or should move more than 1 forward.

  47. “KASPER-ITIS…That great, short, blond, hipcheck throwing, blabber mouthian, future HOF Defenseman.”
    Staal Wart

    Hey Staal!
    Whens the last time you saw a real hip check?
    Not from the bunch we got now

    speaking of checks…anyone see Sid the Kid getting roughed up by Ruutu, Jason Smith and the Sens yesterday??

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    We need another defensman because Redden and Rozsival can’t play, ummm…, defense?! It’s a novel concept. Rozsival will “hurt” his knee in about 25 games and that will be the excuse for why he sucks the next 4 years; as it was the reason he sucked that last 60 games of the past 2 seasons.

    Anybody noticing that Malik is gone and Rozsival is still terrible? hmmm…

  49. Brandon, all good points which are well taken. But I still disagree with you.

    I was surprised at Sather signing both Redden and Rozsival. My assumption with the Redden signing, which I saw coming, was that Sather was unsatisfied with Rozy’s performance as PP QB and he would be replaced by Redden. Rozy is a good D man who rarely makes HUGE glaring mistakes like Malik, or even a few by Kalinin so far. Yes, Rozy will play deep and get caught, as will Redden and the forwards will have to cover. But I’ve noticed an alarming trend of Rozy where he will get beat, then commit a stick penalty and sit for 2 minutes. Then we’re short handed and any forward momentum we have is thwarted. It happened twice in the 2nd gave vs. TB. It happened all last season, and it’s a major problem. Yes, Rozsival has a great shot, but he still has an inclination to dish instead of shoot. And he’s coming off surgery and makes a mint.

    Rozsival and Prucha to FL for Bouwmeester?

  50. I don’t care WHO gets moved. I just want it to happen already.

    I’d check the PHX, EDM, STL rosters. Could be a future Ranger there!

  51. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I think it was a successful trip overall. Going up against a Western Conference team will be a good barometer considering (not to bring up bad) we had a rough time last year with teams from the West. But then again it’s a new season and a new team. The speed on this team is crazy and for the most part the passing has been quick and crisp. I like the way they just keep at it. They have been relentless. Gomez/Drury/Nasland are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Dubinsky has just played consistent – even though I still would like to see Callahan on his wing. I still say there’s something there when they skate together. There was glimpses of it during pre-season. I believe the goals will start coming as long as the play remains consistent and as we start to smooth out some of the wrinkles.

    As much as I hate to admit this (and I never thought I’d feel this way) – being adamant about bringing Shanahan back – I’m faced with the reality this team has passed him by. So, in lieu of that – IMPEACH BETTMAN – SHANAHAN FOR COMMISSIONER!!!

    Can’t wait for Friday – I know the Garden is going to be rockin’. I miss it – Sigh! But I’m there in spirit!!!! All in all, it’s still to early to make a judgment but I have to say – I’m likin’ what I’m seeing. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  52. Shanny doesn’t help at this point. He just adds to the glut of 3rd-4th liners. Unless he replaces one of them…at the same salary. Which probably won’t happen.

    I’d be very surprised to see shanny in ny this year.

  53. “Rozsival and Prucha to FL for Bouwmeester”

    and I’ll throw in my Carol Alt doll….

  54. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    GerryD, not comparing. They’re different players and Renney uses them in a different role. I’m wondering why Prucha gets slammed for lack of production and why NOBODY ever questions drury’s lack…? If Prucha got Drury’s ice time he’d have more production.

  55. Of all the “bubble” players, I think Fritsche should be the one that is kept no matter what. This kid is only 23, and has posted 12 goals and 10 goals the last 2 seasons while playing in lowly Columbus. He is a decently big guy too, at around 6’2, 200. If we are playing a less physical team without a brawler, I don’t see a reason why Fritsche shouldn’t dress instead of Orr, giving us a 4th line of Fritsche-Betts-Voros.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dawes and Callahan are no more effective than Prucha, got more ice time, but everyone still harps on about Prucha. Not to mention that Dawes is playing with Zherdev and Dubinsky and looks LOST! Those two (Dubi and Zher) need another winger because Dawes is holding them back, or Dawes needs to become the sniper and setup for them to feed him one timers.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, when you give a small player who has shown a good finish in the past 10 minutes of ice time with 3rd and 4th line players … and no PP time … what is he supposed to do? Score 40?

  58. true – I’ll give ya the dawes/prucha one. But again, cally has more to his game than the other 2. He’s a great forechecker. If prucha/dawes don’t produce points, there value is nada.

  59. when proposing trades try to be fair to the other team. or at least k*ss them before you **** them. if you were a fan of the other team you would never do the deal you proposed.

  60. Not necessarily…10 would be nice. Even to have your name mentioned during a broadcast would be an improvement.

    But it’s only 2 games, and I’m not ready yet to COMPLETELY destroy a guy. Dawes and Prucha were the ‘weak’ spots over the weekend. And I hope they both get it going Friday. I’d rather they both score 30 and leave the questions behind them. But until they do….their value is questionable.

  61. And as far as the limited ice time…

    Last year I admit, seemed odd for him to get less time than #44.

    But this year the players that MAY get more time, are more skilled. And you have to do the most with the time you get.

  62. you know what? we totally outplayed TB over the weekend, we have 4 points in 2 games… we currently lead the NHL (its early, but who cares)… I REFUSE to be negative. GO RANGERS.

  63. True,

    Chris Drury scores big goals and makes big plays. It’s what he does, it’s who he is.

    Peter Prucha, on the best day of his life, not game but life, couldn’t outplay or outperform Chris Drury on his worst day of his life, which would be a rare day b/c the dude is a natural born winner.

    Ice time doesn’t = more production. You earn ice time with your production.

    Anyone who knows the abc’s of hockey knows that you don’t need to score a goal or an assist to have a great game. There are other non-stat related parts of the game that sometimes far surpass the obvious.

    Foolish to even compare the two, even if it was a stretch.

  64. “Last year I admit, seemed odd for him to get less time than #44.”

    Good thing you mentioned that Beer…I was going to race in to defend bug-eyed Prucha again!! (and Truefans)…that was an abomination…cant think of Renney the same way unless I get explanations….

    On another note, another guy I stick upi for, I have to admit, I am big Shanny supporter and after seeing the speed over the weekend…boy, its probably time to say goodbye..(sob sob)

  65. I swear to god…if Slats grabs ANYONE I will find him and kick him in the throat.
    The Toronto Maple Leafs placed forward Mark Bell on waivers on Monday, while the Calgary Flames have put defencemen Anders Eriksson and Rhett Warrener and forward Jamie Lundmark on the waiver wire.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Being critical is how teams like Detroit become the best, we’re not being negative Jeevs — Beer knows I love this team as I know he does.

    Beer, fair points. I would give Prucha Dawes spot as I think he would fit in better with the east-west style line 2 is going to play. Dawesy is too much north-south (similar to why Shanahan & Gomez both didn’t really work with Jagr).

    I just refuse to throw Prucha under the bus when he hasn’t been given the tools he used to score 30 and then 22! PP time, setup 10-15 feet out just off of the boards. Have someone (it was Jagr, maybe it will be Zherdev or Gomez this year) feed him passes across the slot and he would one-time and garbage goals all day. 16 goals on the PP his first season…that was because he got the ice time and played with people who set him up (i.e. SKILLED players, not the “forecheckers”).

    A player like Dubinsky will make more room for himself because he’s big and stick handles well. Prucha doesn’t have the size, but when complimented right he will score the one-timers and garbage goals. In many ways, Prucha’s offensive game is the same as Drury’s because of their sizes.

    I was very critical of Drury last year, but he looks better to me through two games. Maybe Nazzy and Gomez will really help him bag another 30 goal season…i hope.

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Peter Prucha, on the best day of his life, not game but life, couldn’t outplay or outperform Chris Drury on his worst day of his life, which would be a rare day b/c the dude is a natural born winner.”

    Brandon, I’m never reading your posts again. Thanks.

  68. “Peter Prucha, on the best day of his life, not game but life, couldn’t outplay or outperform Chris Drury on his worst day of his life, which would be a rare day b/c the dude is a natural born winner.”

    It would seem Peter Prucha has very little to live for

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kasp, my dog knows more about hockey than that guy. Prucha could have a 4 goal night but he should go kill himself. If he hadn’t noticed, Drury should have scored at least 3 by now but is part of the reason why our offense has 4 goals on 80 shots. Geez, what an idiot.

    BTW: I think I saw your x-wife hooking up with Jarko Ruutu after the Sens-Pens game last night…sexy time =-)

  70. I wish something would happen with Prucha, just so the non-stop chatter about him would stop.

    I thought the two games against Tampa were interesting, nice to see a fast team get a lot of shots off. That said it was against Tampa, who the pundits have talked about having a weak defense all summer long. I’m interested to see this style against somebody who has solid defense and doesn’t take as many penalties.

    I don’t know why everyone is all over Rozcival, the guy is good. Yes, when he gets beaten, he has a propensity to take a penalty but we have a guy like Girardi on the team who rarely takes a penatly to offset that. Watch him for a whole game – his skating is solid, positioning good, he can transition the puck well and jump into the play or fire a decent shot.

    Everyone on the blog bashes players (Rozcival, Drury, etc) who make high salaries but don’t seem to understand the concept of value. Look at the salaries of some other Dmen in the East, it seems like we got fair value for Rozi given what he offers and what was/is out there:

    Chara $7.3mn
    Timonen $6.3mn
    McCabe $5.8mn
    Markov $5.8mn
    Schneider $5.6mn
    Hamrlik $5.5mn
    Green $5.3mn
    Gonchar $5.0mn
    Kubina $5.0mn
    Bouwmeister $4.9mn
    Hainsey $4.5mn
    Kaberle $4.5mn
    Whitney $4.0mn
    Poti $3.5mn
    Meszaros $4.0mn

  71. true – Absolutely (being critical). And if you’re not looking for perfection…your not going anywhere.

    “It would seem Peter Prucha has very little to live for”

    peter prucha…meet mr lyashanko.

  72. Sam – per the lohud bio of you Drury is older than your age of 31. of course that might be as accurate as lohud time here.

  73. You’re forgetting that Prucha has ABSOLUTELY NO two-way ability. Drury is out there bailing out Kalinin and Rozsival and all Prucha does is handle the puck like a hot potatoe and get leveled in the neutral zone.

  74. Not rapping on a D for making too many mistakes is like not rapping on a QB who throws too many INT’s and too few TD passes, as though there is no qualitative difference between the best and the worst. Discernment and the ability to move on from losers is the foundation for championship teams. Holding on to the likes of Malik, Strudwick, and Hollweg too long, while bringing in Backman to join them, really killed this club last year. This year there is depth and quality everywhere, with fewer stiffs to gum it up. This club is better than last year’s because most of the holes have been plugged.

  75. onecupin67years on

    after 2 games you either look great or bad, lets see how they look with 2 games left.

  76. JJP
    Great work on that list Rozy is as good or better than 1/2 the clowns on that list; Ive seen the best of Kubina and markov ( flyers ran him off the ice last year; he WOULD NOT go into the corner by game 3…just gave up the puck)

  77. “BTW: I think I saw your x-wife hooking up with Jarko Ruutu after the Sens-Pens game last night…sexy time =-)”

    Truefans…was Ruutu a completely broken man? did he drool and whimper and twitch? Did he lose bladder control and show signs of dimensia??


    Then that was not my x-wife….

  78. I don’t think anyone should dare challenge the knowledge of another hockey fan when that person claims that Peter Prucha should be given anything other than a bus ticket back to his homeland. Anyone who watches Prucha sees he is simply a nervous wreck just waiting to get pummeled. He spends most of the game sliding on the ice from being plastered or from falling avoiding hits. Teams get their confidence up by drilling him and get their crowds reved. He’s momentum for the other team. Yet, because he scored 30 goals one year playing with Jagr the know it alls are still singing his praises, yet they will criticize Chris Drury…Give me a break.

  79. So Kalinin has a great game yet Weinman criticizes him and claims he is likely the next Malik. That is sad and pathetic.

  80. Whoever raised the Shanahan discussion again: First of all, just stop already. Quit it. The guy is/was great. Leave it be. 2nd, if you really think there is a spot for him on this team after what we saw this weekend like the quick, speedy forechecking and beating Tampa to the puck 4 out of 5x, you are kidding!

  81. Sam, there is no way that Kalinin is another Malik. Kalinin threw more hits in the first game than Malik has in his entire career.

  82. Sam, there is one more telling indicator that the Rangers will unload a forward. The Hartford Wolfpack are currently carrying 9 defensemen (with Fahey and Potter). That does not include Sauer who is back in late November. In essence, the glut of forwards on the big club is causing a glut of defensemen down on the farm that need playing time to develop. A move is absolutely necessary. Ultimately, I think Sather is looking for a draft pick in the upcoming draft. The pick could either be used in what will be a stacked draft. Or could be turned around for even greater value at the deadline.

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