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Just to put this Brendan Shanahan situation in perspective, I look at it as there are three realistic scenarios:

1. Glen Sather has led Shanahan to believe he does want to re-sign him when he really doesn’t. Many of you have rightly said the least Shanahan deserves is a straight answer from the GM. If Sather hasn’t given the player that, I agree there’s something wrong.

2. Sather has been straightforward with Shanahan, but the player simply won’t let go. I suppose it’s a possibility that Shanahan is in denial about his declining worth to the Rangers. But I tend to think the player is too smart for that. He’s old, but it’s not like he’s senile old.

3. Sather really does want to re-sign Shanahan, has told him as much, and is still finding a way to make it happen. Possible, but not likely, especially since Rick Curran said he hasn’t spoken to Sather since the Rangers left for Europe. Regardless of the Rangers’ cap situation — they’re over right now — this weekend confirmed Shanahan doesn’t seem to fit with the style of play the Rangers now employ (of course, the Rangers are trying to be more like the Red Wings, so by that measure it wouldn’t make much sense that the Red Wings are interested in him, either).So which of these three is most likely? Actually it’s probably a fourth scenario, which is a combination of 1 and 2: Sather not being completely straightforward, Shanahan maybe hearing only what he wants to hear.

Add it up and you have a 39-year-old future Hall of Famer still unsigned, and still sitting in his Manhattan apartment waiting for a phone call that might never come.

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  1. Sam,

    Do you think that Shanny and him have spoken about just staying in shape and we will sign him later in the season, (assuming by then, players will have been released, hurt etc.)
    Saving him the wear and tear from the entire season??????

  2. Hollweg up to old tricks

    Maple Leafs left wing Ryan Hollweg received an automatic two-game suspension Monday after collecting his third boarding or checking from behind major in a 41-game span. The third penalty came in last Wednesday’s 7-3 preseason loss at St. Louis, when Hollweg was assessed a boarding major and game misconduct.
    » Rea

  3. Leetchhalloffame on

    Hollweg will never learn. As for Shanahan, I see it as a Catch-22. I have no doubt he’d get some goals off rebound chances made possible by the much faster skating team we have this year. That being said, unfortunately he would slow them down and be left in the dust.

  4. The Red Wings don’t have interest in Shanny I don’t think . They are ridiculously deep at forward. They have some young talented players that aren’t making the team because of said depth. Their third line(Cleary-Fillipula-Samuelsson) is better than most teams second line.


    Any team that has a shit load of forwards would love to have Shanny if he agrees to play on the 3rd line. That would just give that friggin team, 3 solid scoring lines, and one fantastic checking line with Maltby, Draper, and Helm or who ever plays that spot.

    If they can fit him under the cap, then that would be a great signing for them.

    I love having a young team. I love that Korpedo made the team, and Dubi, Staal, Dawes, Danny, and Cally did it last year. But im not expecting them to be anything like the young stars like Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kane, etc. But they are all smart players, that have potential. But im not expecting any of them to score more than 20, except maybe Dubi, and possibly Dawes. Signing Shanny isn’t a bad move, as long as he’s not hurting us with our current Cap situation.

    Sather clearly still has interest. Shanny should have took the offer for a try out, then maybe Slats would decide sooner.

    Im not buying this “to slow” BS. The guy isn’t the fastest skater in the world, but he CAN skate. He’s not gonna be behind the D when the other two forwards are gaining the god damn zone. Some Nyr fans are just trying to convince themselves of any friggin reason to convince everyone else that he’s not worth signing. Age, blah blah, to slow, blah blah, over the hill, washed up, point totals decreasing, injury prone, friggin on and on. This all comes down to money, nothing more nothing less. He can still play the game. He can keep up, he’s not gonna slow anyone down, he’s not gonna hold this team back. Its all aboot money, that’s it.

  6. orr – i know you watched the playoffs. what did you think of his game in April and May. and there is no way he would sit even when he hurts the team unless very hurt.

  7. Is Sather being a jerk in this siuation? I don’t really think so. It seems like the agent will talk to Glenn tomorrow, and when a decision come Shanny will be with the Rangers, and missed all of two games, or sign with a new club, and probably just miss 1 game so he can get accustomed to his new club. Also if Shanny leaves he will get a nice contract.

    I understand him not wanting to leave the Rangers since he I think loved living in the city, and probably after 2 years does not want to move his family again, so maybe he will sign with the Devils.

    Also with the team over I can see Glenn shipping a forward or 2 out for draft picks to get under the cap.

  8. Orr that was a great post! totally agree with u. I still think that if this was the case Shanny would have left along time ago. Something is there he is not stupid. Shanny is really smart. He knows what he is doing.

  9. I hope they take him back. And didn’t he skate with the team in optional practices before training camp? I thought he only stopped because his agent said don’t do it before you get a contract or else you risk injury and no guarantee of anything to come of it.

  10. he did skate during those optional practices. I hope they take him back tooo. I will totally take a surprise opening night!

  11. By any chance did Prucha miss the plane and stay in Prague? Get rid of Prucha….SIGN SHANNY!!!!!

  12. I can’t believe it – normally I skip the Orr posts. But after reading a couple of supporting comments I was begrudgingly forced to read it.

    I’m astonished that I agree with Orr, good post. I’m sure that a lot of teams that could afford him and stick him on the 3rd line would be happy to have Shanahan.

    The speed argument that Shanny would slow you down is silly. Anyone who has played hockey knows you don’t come into the zone three across the blue line straight into the zone. You come in as a triangle and Shanny (albeit slower) would be the perfect guy coming high into the slot with that shot of his.

    In my mind there are only two reasons not to add him, salary cap and role. While I like the guy, I think he was overused last year. I’d love to see him on the team playing 12 to 14 minutes.

  13. yes Sign Shanny bold letters may i add. For those of us that want Shanny to be on the team lets hope we get our wish.

  14. yeah JJP is right. The speedier two come in first that way they can pass back to Shanny and be at the net to shield the goalies view and get rebounds.

  15. Well if he is at the top face off circle he has less distance to cover. Seriously, I think his skating was more effected by the knee injury then by his age. Now that he has had the off season to rest and recuperate hopefully he will return to the shape he was in the first half.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Speed’s not important guys! Yea yea yea! Sign shanny….sheesh. Let’s get Leukemia Lemiuex, Messier, Leetch and Gretzky back too! Speed doesn’t matter, woohoo! Now let’s do another line of coke!!!

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  18. I’d like to see Shanny back with the team. He may be bit slower, but he is a team player and can still shoot. I really enjoyed watching him the past few years, and what does Prucha bring to the table that Shanny can’t replace? (Getting crushed once a game is not a valid answer…too obvious)

  19. Speed is important in hockey but not everything. I think Shanahan has positives that out weigh the fact that he is not as fast as the young guys

  20. At this point, my feeling is that Sather was either noncommittal or told Shanny he’d try to find a way, and now the season has started and clearly Shanny should take the hint. This team just spent 10 days bonding in Europe and is off to a great start and Shannys style of play really doesn’t fit in with the team. At this point it also seems late for him to sign anywhere. Detroit has nowhere to play him, nor does Philly for that matter. I also am not sure how he fits in with NJ. Basically I think his only realshot is here and the Rangers have moved on. Perhaps he’s been told to hang out and if they still can’t score in 2-3 weeks they’ll dump some youngins and bring him in.

  21. dont give me that bonding crap. Things change. You really dont know what goes on behind the scenes do you? just on the ice thats where we all make our assumptions up. I am gonna with ORR again on his post.

    peter where were you when Selanne came back? How did the Ducks fan feel minus they won the cup who doesnt want every player back from that year. Who really cares if its 3 games in, 4 weeks in. If Shanny does any helping out which i know he would then i will take whenever he will show up at MSG.

    Like i said Shanny is a smart guy he is coming back he is not dumb.

  22. well all those who want shanny have to figure out how to fit him cap wise. figure $ 3mm. and if get rid of 2 or more from 23 man roster some have to be replaced by someone else with at least min salary of approx $ 600k. seems many of you want him a lot more than i thought. so either many are quiet or i am in the minority on what is best for the team this yr and beyoind

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Old, SLOOOOOOW, Fading production, Bad knee, Worse noggin, Cant handle the wear of the regular season (look at late production last 2 years), reduced to 3rd/4th line and PK minutes last year, has a good fight every once in awhile, good “leader.”

    Are we going to over-pay another guy to “lead?” I thought you’d all be happy we did that with Drury already…?!

  24. Shanahan would be fine on the third line. He would get less minutes and you can use him on the pp. That means less wear and tear. I don’t think anyone expects him to play first line minutes and score forty goals. But to have him on your third line really enhances its scoring chances and makes teams have to plan defense against all three of those lines. Lots of people are complaining about a lack of a second line wing. Well . . . could this be a solution.

    And reduced role means reduced pay. I don’t know the dollar amount I haven’t heard anything about what would be asked Everyone says 3 well Shanny has certainly shown a desire to stay in NY so maybe 1 or 1.5 will do.

  25. dont get me wrong I love Dru one of my favorite players ( i have alot just to let you know), but just out of respect for Shanny. He just has had bad luck these last 2 years who knows what its gonna be likes this year. Maybe he did stuff different. I heard he camp to the training facility in amazing shape.

    LI Joe- I totally agree with that cap stuff, but what the heck why do WE have to figure out that cap stuff we dont even work for the team, we just want them and root. why are you making us do all this work. I straight up am fine giving up Prucha,and Crappymiller, and someone else. They basically skate around pretending they have the puck. I know not every play is a gomez, but i think we can sacrifice a couple of 3rd and 4th liners for the sake of Shanny.

  26. Speed is important and so what if these young guys can only score 20+ goals each and get around 50 points.. That’s fine and hopefully when the Russians arrive (Anisimov, Grachev, Cherepanov) and guys like Weisse and Hagelin are ready, that’ll be some more first liners after Naslund is gone and a guy like Drury is winding down.

  27. Yes speed is important but just because Shanahan is not as fast as them it does not mean he is useless there are other kills he has. And I heard the same thing that he was in great shape t the optional practices. So maybe not having a concussion and knee injury he would return to some of his past glory. Not that long past wasn’t last year the first time in his career (except for his rookie year) when he didn’t score 30 goals?

  28. easy there, house. Selanne and niedermayer weren’t brought on immediately because they couldn’t commit. Once they did the ducks signed them and made room. Totally different from shanny

  29. Other than Dubinsky I don’t know if the young guys have shown that they are going to score 20+ goals.

    Success in other leagues does not mean success in the NHL.
    And success in one year does not guarantee success the next year. It wasn’t very long ago when people thought Prucha was on his way to scoring 30 goals in his sophomore year. (not saying anyone here said or thought that)

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let go people…Shanny’s had a prolific career. He’s made a lot of money. He’s helped alot of teams. I just hope he won’t be making any more money off of the Rangers because he certainly won’t be able to help them the ways you all expect he will. 25 goals, tops. And that’s if he chews up a spot on the top-2 lines. Drury *SHOULD* have more goals than that and he’s far from a sniping goal-scorer.

    The Rangers will be a low-scoring, defensive, but FAST team this year. If you can’t see that, you’re blind. Shanny’s lack of speed no longer aids this style. He no longer is fast enough to get back to the neutral zone for either defensive or offensive reasons. Sorry. Have a hot chocolate and a Ginkoba pill to relax you and so you remember this better for tomorrow.

  31. I think an injury free Shanahan will be helpful to the team and right now he is certainly injury free. With no freak injuries he will remain that way. And right now some people are cool with saying low scoring defensive team but half way through the season when the Rangers are one of the bottom teams in goals scored some of those same people are going to be calling for Sather to acquire a power forward who will score.

  32. I don’t care about the Isles. I grew up on LI until 92 and being a Rangers fan in the late 80s/early 90s even though the Rangers had better teams by that point…. those fans were obnoxious and rude to a young kid so I just ignore them.

    I guess the analogy that works best for Shanny is “sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing” or you can’t always please everyone.” How many times in the history of the Rangers have they brought in stars past their prime and everyone trashes them for doing it and the results are not there. I’m glad that this franchise has evolved.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jorek, if they can get another 30-35 goals from somewhere (Prucha, Dawes…and an aquisition) awesome! But last year they were 2nd or 3rd lowest in scoring. They have to do the same thing this year, allow fewer than they score and they’ll make the playoffs again. That’s just how they’re built.

  34. nobody is gonna give up a good scorer for Prucha and Dawes HA what a joke. HMMM? stars past their prime. Every team does it deal with it.

  35. he isn’t finished as a player, but the last two years he has been a lot slower by january and the two injuries only made things worse later in the season. He seems like a good dude, but its not like he is the second coming here and we really haven’t gotten great value out of him as a player in terms of what we paid him. i know people say who cares what the player gets paid, but he got 3 mill under last years cap and we are already paying him two million under this year’s cap all to score what 20 goals and shoot the puck regardless of where he is in the offensive zone. If he really wanted to be a ranger he should have offered to sign for a million or less over the summer. and its not him getting into the offensive zone that worries me its him backchecking and the fact that he looked good in noncontact preseason practice doesn’t mean anything. now if he wants to take orr’s place on the 4th line im all for it, but thats it at this point and better just to move on

  36. Since when are concussions a problem for Shanahan? Yeah, he had the one with the collision with Knuble, but other than that he has stayed pretty healthy in that department. He had the leg injury last year, but I don’t understand how the “He’s been hurt in the past” arguement because it gets applied selectively. Avery was fragile with his wrists, and Shanahan is fragile with his leg, but Rozsival is A-OK coming off of hip surgery after he was terrible all down the stretch last season. Shanny can certainly play 3rd line minutes, and in all honestly, unless he heats up, I wouldn’t play him on the PP either. Give him straight up 3rd line minutes, and some time on the PK and he’ll hold up just fine throughout the season. If he stayed healthy all last year, you nay-sayers would be quiet because he was on par to put up 30+ until he got hurt, and his speed was a non-factor. After he got hurt he wasn’t back to form, but after the summer and preseason to recuperate, there is no reason why he couldn’t return to form. His upside is huge, whereas guys like Rissmiller are just taking up space under the cap. He couldn’t hurt the team, only help

  37. Right and last year everyone complained about it. This year will be different?

    I think Shanahan on the third line wouldn’t be horrible. I also had to work all weekend so I didn’t see either of the games. I think there is a place for him though/ I think that last year he rushed back from the knee inury and never recovered. Now he should be rested and healthy. Last year in the first half he was on a good pace. The knee injury messed it up.

  38. Sign him, if he sucks, scratch him and put in someone else. Sad part is Shanahan having the worst year of his career still puts up more than Rissmiller and Voros combined.

  39. i agree with the two posts above! We should take a chance and sign him. I think it is gonna be way different this year because we have more young players to do the dirty work. plus its freakin Brendan Shanahan i could careless if he couldnt skate if he was 25 he still has a great shot. We need him for the shootouts remember that all of you!

  40. dr – say shanny gets $ 3 mm
    we give up Prucha & rissmiller total of aboot $ 2.6 mm
    we are then at 22 players and get an injury. so now we add a dman at say $ 600 k from hartford close to minimum. so we are in the hole by $ 1 mm (3.6 mm vs 2.6 mm).

    we are already too close to max maybe even above (seemingly allowed while we were in europe).

    so prob another $ 2 mm player has to go as well replaced by low salary. most likely kalanin or mara. yes the numbers now work with Prucha Rissmiller and kalinin gone replaced ny 2 minimum salaries and Shanny. problem is how do we get other players to sign as free agents in the future especially if we get rid of player by waiving them and possibly sending to AHL>

  41. HAHAHA, Voros is lucky if he gets 6 goals, nd Rissmiller doesnt even belong in a conversation with Shanahan. Rissmiller is pretty bad.

  42. some the players should go to the AHL. I dont calculate i am a fan i root, i love the players, the whole team. I done do salary cap stuff at all. Not every player in Hartford is gonna be on the Rangers who cares if we give them up. Nobody jumps out down in Hartford except for Bobby S. Del Zotto in juniors of course does. Lets do it ride it out try it. Slats is a sneaky SOB he takes chances lets do this one.

  43. Isn’t there speculation that some of the forwards currently on the roster are leaving anyway? How many extra forwards are there?

  44. i dont know exactly how many, but i do hear that there are gonna be trades. As far as i know its not about the money with Shanny i think he has enough money why jack up the price even more. If he came back for anything less than 3 i would sign him. Surprise me friday night.

  45. if i comes back i’ll root for him. rather he do well than me be right.

    when i watched pre game especially 1st yr but even 2nd i watched him as much as anyone. the guy was a legend after all. totally diff than a guy like Hollweg who i could not stand. Shanny is a great spokesmen for the game. would love him to be coach or gm someday.

    the less $ he gets the less it would bother me to sign him. just hope if they do he gets periodic rest to keep something in the tank. and i mean sitting entire games.

  46. Jorek- The 3 extra forwards, or the 3 scratches this weekend were Rissmiller, Sjostrom, and Fritsche who I felt had a great camp, preseason, and a goal in that comeback of Metalonurg. Fritsche should be playing, but just so many forwards right now. Still not sure why Glenn signed Rissmiller.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “stars past their prime. Every team does it deal with it.”
    “Just sign him and give him a chance…”

    Do you all not understand the damn cap! We can’t “just sign him,” are you nutz! What if the Rangers make a legitimate cup run and then they pay Shanny $1.5million (after he clears waivers twice and gets picked up half-price by another team) and they want to make a deadline deal! Hello! This is not the Rangers of old and I am so proud you’re all *probably* not going to get your way. You’re the people who buried this organization for 8 years.

    And here’s the Shanny injury tidbit.
    Last year “if he didn’t hurt his knee, he’d have 30 goals.”
    And the year before that, if “he didn’t have a concussion, he would have had 30 goals.” Ok…and?! That’s a history of injuries people! Wake up! When you can’t string two consecutive full seasons together, you’re injury prone (a la Havlat, Gaborik…SHANNY!)

  48. jorek – we have 15 forwards which is 3 extra. only 6 dmen which is less than we should carry. that plus 2 goalies is the max a team can carry of 23 with 20 dressing in any 1 game.

    I see 1 forward going no matter what. Prucha with his salry is prime candidate. Still could see Korpikoski since he does not need to go through waivers.

    If we bring in Shanahan prob be 2 forwards and 1 dman who go replaced by 2 min salary guys or at least a dman min salary. maybe they would try a roster of 22 for a while.

  49. what the heck are we gonna do about it. freakin sulk over the damn cap, we are giving our opinions. I know people who have been at the garden for 45 years and they even say the rangers need to sign shanny. The older generation has been through a heck of a lot more than some of us on here. Nobody gets caught up in the cap stuff that is for people who dont have any hockey knowledge and they sit with a calculator in there bed.

  50. True fan disagreeing with you doesn’t make us the people who buried this organization for 8 years or any less of Ranger fan than you.

    Shanahan came in great shape (thats what I heard) he was working out he was rested with a reduced role- as in not first line- he can be an asset to the team. He had 23 goals and 23 assists last year. Thats not bad at all. I would take that.

  51. Cap is important in todays game no doubt but if Sather wanted to he could make room. Plus the fixation with 3. Maybe since he is already being paid 2 this yar just for doing nothing he will take less than three. Since he wants to come back to the RAnegrs maybe he will prove it and play for less.

  52. he game in AMAZING shape, better some other people i shall say.

    sorry LI JOE i am sure you understand the game pretty good, i am just not a cap person. I do agree if Shanny takes less than i wouldnt hesitate to sign him.

    Jorek- i love that you say so many positive things about shanny its great, what is your honest opinion though? Do you really think Slats is gonna sign him?

  53. Oh Dr I have no idea. I wish he would but I’m just an average fan so wishing is all I can do. I want Shanahan back I think that he can help this team I think he is an ambassador for the game and a good leader and he doesn’t need an A or a C to be a leader. He is also hockey brilliant (not just smart) so when he decides to coach or join an organization I want the Rangers to atleast be in the running.

  54. me tooooo i am just a wishing fan. This past offseason did not go well for me with signings. But i agree that i think he can still help the team and i am not ready to just chuck him out the window.

  55. jorek i think Shanny got approx $ 5.2 mm last yr after $ 4 mm the yr before. at least 1/2 the $ 5.2 mm was bonus which was very easily attained. some of which was deferred for cap purposes basically whatever could not fit into last yrs cap. I presume he got the money by the springtime. so even if cap hit was partially this season he still prob received the cash at end of last season.

    so the $ 3 mm is my est based on him getting $ 5.2 mm last yr and Selanne getting in the high $ 2 mm range (maybe $ 2.8) but he is on 2 yr contract. so i figure Shany would want $ 3 mm here. maybe more if he signs with a team like Stl for them I could see him getting $ 4 mm.

  56. See because I have been working I missed the pre-season games nd these first two. My schedule is calming down now just in time and I will be at the Garden on Friday. I want the Rangers to win obviously and I think a blend of veteran leadership and young talent gets that done. Rangers have a lot of young guys I think Shanny could have a lot to teach them.

  57. I think he would need to except a role as a third line player and except a salary according to that. DOn’t know if he would or not but isn’t that the beauty about a one year deal? I’m sure he realizes his last two years weren’t stellar. SO take a lower contract maybe 2 mill this year and prove you deserve more. Thats what I am thinking.

  58. True Fans…,

    The difference between now and the Rangers of 8 years ago is that 8 years ago, NYR was built around guys like Shanny and obviously it didn’t work. This is a totally different team, built around a 32 year old Drury and Gomez, with Zherdev, Cally, Dubi, Dawes and Korpedo being the future. Guys like Naslund and Shanny are complimentary players. Old, but not here for the long haul and are on short term deals to contribute as much as possible and move on. Shanny wants a 1 year deal. If it doesn’t work out, there is no commitment to hurt us down the line. Purging a few players for picks might even help the team down the line, and free up cap space in the short term.

    Dr. House, good point about Shanny in the SOs. Those are big points in the long run.

    Honestly, we have a real young team. Only, 5 players over 30, and Naslund is by far the oldest. Drury is the second oldest. Shanny can provide leadership and knowledge to a young impressionable group of players. Maybe the Korpedo could be the next one-timer hero

  59. agree with true blue. Time to move on from Shanny. He is old and slow. He also retards the development of some young guys. His production has been great the first 6 weeks of each season and then his play goes down dramatically. He doesn’t hit or fight he isn’t strong along the boards anymore. Give Voros more icetime. Hell he might be our Darren McCarthy… you never know.Give Fritcshe a look. See if Dawes and or Prucha can find their footing. Save some money to make a trade for an impact forward at the deadline(who is not past his prime) Who knows maybe you can trade for a guy that can make an impact on your second or third line like a Colby Armstrong. I suggest Shanny’s production will slip even more if he plays this year. I rather give Cally pp time and pk time and see if he can be a 20 goal guy rather than just bring Shanny back. You can’t find out about the kids if you don’t play them. I wish the team would play a more offensive sysztem but Renney is another defense first coach(not a criticsm so much as a comment on how the game is played) I think you saw how the Rangers took their feet off the gas and collapsed into a defensive shell in the third.

  60. The game was so much more fun to watch in the 80’s and the early 90’s. There was lots of offense lots of hitting lots of fighting and the goalies looked like human beings instead of sofa cushions with all the equiment. Coaches let their players be creative and not fall into this ridiculous Devils like defensive shell. So many games look the same because almost every coaches preaches defense to almost a fault. Don’t take chances and players that at times do have alot of their creativity taken away. With the talent level spread so thin coaches to survive fall back into that stay back and trap type systems. Look at some of the scores of those 7 game series the Rangers and Devs played in ‘92. The finish of that 92 season sucked and blew but looked at all the offense 7 or 8 guys scoring 20+ goals. So many players today wouldn’t be playing in the league 15 years ago. Due to all the expansion well they are. I miss run and guin Hockey alot. These days the #1 goal is try to make sure your goalie faces less than 20 shots a game. The Caps are really one of the few teams that will play an up and down type of firewagon Hockey. One of the main reasons is because they have a kid that can score 70 goals. The Red Wings are a puck possesioon team that never stops attacking obviously they’ve got the best dman around and an elite forwards crop which surely helps. Just saying the game was so much more entertaining back then.

  61. Can’t read any of these Shanny posts anymore. Totally agree with LI Joe, who is helping to keep me sane. No way do we need Shanny or can we fit him.

    On Rozsival’s #3, maybe he is gradfathered in, like Rivera still wearing #42 on the Yankees. But since he told Sam he would change, I’m surprised that he did not.

    I love how when I asked on the Puck Daddy live blog for opening day why Girardi wasn’t still paired with Redden like in preseason, people responded in such ways like why would Redden be paired with an undrafted scrub. I guess people still undervalue Girardi; meanwhile, he is usually great defensively and is now playing on the power play.

    I guess Renney’s (or Pearn’s) theory on the power play is to put both “scoring” defensemen together to increase the chance that we score on the power play overall, so the most likely score will come from the first unit. They were looking good towards the end of the first game and on the goal in the second game. I don’t even know what to do with Prucha anymore, but let’s try him on the power play in place of Dawes for a little bit.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Graves, I agree. It’s not a criticism of Shanahan that we don’t need him – it’s the state of the team and the fact that the Rangers have never used a “transition” year to really give Dawes and Callahan a chance. Prucha got a chance his first 110 games and then that was thwarted. Even Dubinsky was sorta found by accident (when Jagr requested to play with him, not because Renney’s “genius” wanted to give “the Dubi” extra ice time). Give the young guys a shot. You can’t say “they won’t score 25 goals” if you don’t let them try. Hell, prucha might score 25 goals if you put him in some PP spot and swap him in for Dawes. He doesn’t need to move the puck with Zherdev and Dubinsky, just shoot and go to the net, and Dawes has looked lost in that capacity so far.

  63. Spider Rozsival will wear #3 until Feb 22(which is the day Howell’s # will be retired) It is like when Ray Bourque wore #7 until the day the Bruins retired Espo’s number.

  64. LI JOE

    We’ve been through this a number of times. Some think Shanny just couldn’t make it through 82 games cause of his age, i stil believe that knee injury fugged him up, and caused it. Playing on that bruised knee caused his hip problems. He made the choice to play, which was wrong on his part, and he knows. Renney shouldn’t have played him. Renney now knows that, cause that’s how he is, just like with the Orr situation, not playing him against Philly when we needed him there. Limit Shanny’s playing time, don’t put him on the PK, and if he has some sort of minor injury, you sit him to be on the safe side. If he doesn’t show up for the playoffs, then to be honest, if you can go back, who would you have played, Shanny, Rismiller, or Fritsche ? Some might say Fristche but he hasn’t played in the playoffs. Pruchs hasn’t even scored a playoff goal in 3 years. A healthy Shanny, and a cheap Shanny, is always worth having.

    BTW – It was mentioned here, that NYI lost 6-0 in there pre season game. DiPietro gave up all 6, in his first game back from hip surgery. OUCH !! Hopefully he gets it together so they don’t have a shot at Tavares.

  65. Having watched the 2 games over the weekend I have changed my opinion i don’t think the team needs Shanny any more.
    I think the leadership issue is moot – Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Redden, Hank and others seem to have that area covered. I think the PP and PK looks good (not great, just good).
    Sure, we’re more of a north/south team than we were, which would suit Shanny, but i can’t see him fitting anywhere on the top 2 lines and we already have a plethora of 3rd/4th liners so there’s no point signing him to fill a non-existant hole.

    Thanks for 2 good years Mr Shanahan.

  66. shanny was one of my favorite rangers, but it hurt watching him last year. The guy hasn’t been the same since the concussion from 2 seasons ago. It’s not even the skating so much as it is the lack of physical play and inability to possess the puck. I mean he couldn’t even stickhandle last year. When you have an uptempo fast team that thrives on puck domination, you can’t have a 39 year old shanny losing the puck because he can’t possess it. Plus who says he’s going to help us score? The guy had one of the worst shooting percentages in the league last year.

    Plus we are an extemely young team. Shanny would be almost 7 years older than our oldest player. Plus he kinda “stole” 2.8 mil extra from us last year, so how much more to we really owe him. I don’t mean that to sound negative against him but for what he did, he wasn’t worth 5.1 million. Also no way he’s going to the wings. Even if they had room, they have too many young guys like kopecky and helm so shanny would have to play no better than 4th line.

    All I know is that the goals will come. When you play as determined and upbeat as the rangers did in prague, you can’t go through a scoring drought for that long. They just got some bad breaks and both goalies played well. As long as they keep forechecking hard, crashing the net, and screening the goalie like they have been, they’ll get goals, especially garbage ones in front.

    Like I said before this season even started, we have a lot to look forward to for this year and probably many more to come.

  67. orr – right on re the isles. we need them to be mediocre bad not terrible bad. about 8 from bottom overall would work just fine. so hopefully Atl, Fla, Tor, Stl, LA, VAnc, etc keeps them company and finishes below them

  68. Ok, here’s my case for Shanahan:

    Veteran players respond in a more linear way to game situations. Shanahan himself put it very succinctly in an interview he gave last year, when he said that a younger player will follow a play from A to B to C to D. The veteran, however, will skip straight from A to D. It’s a matter of experience. I think it would be hugely beneficial for players like Dubinsky, Callahan, Fritsche, Prucha and Dawes to have some more exposure to this kind of play. Also, I can imagine Shanahan having a similar effect on Zherdev, a player noted for his overhandling of the puck. All of these guys could benefit from watching one more season of Shanny’s consistent, even play. That being said, he would have to agree to play only 8 or 9 minutes a night, which I doubt he would. I really don’t think we’ll see Shanahan in a Blueshirts jersey again, which too bad.

  69. or it could just be Sather stalling knowing that the Devils are option #2 so he waits until the Devils start their season before telling Shanny he wont come back.

    Sather is not as dumb as you all think…

    Do I think Shanny should be on the Rangers, yes but unless they move Rissmiller and Prucha it cannot be done

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