Could Shanahan again end up a Red Wing? (Updated)


All along we’ve been told that Brendan Shanahan’s top priority has been to return to the Rangers for a third season. But with the Rangers already 2-0, and with Tom Renney already choosing his captain and alternates for the season, the team may now be poised to officially turn the page on the future Hall of Famer.

And should that happen, don’t be shocked to see the 39-year-old right wing back in the city where he won three Stanley Cups.


While Shanahan’s agent, Rick Curran, told me just now that the door with the Rangers hasn’t been closed, he also said there remains considerable interest from  teams around the league, including “a couple of general managers that would raise a few eyebrows.”

One of those teams could be the reigning Cup champion Red Wings, where Shanahan spent nine seasons before signing with New York.

“Let’s just say one of his former general managers who knows him well and knows what he’s capable of contributing has been interested,” Curran said.

When I asked Curran if he was talking about Ken Holland in Detroit, the agent was tellingly evasive.

(Update, 1:56 p.m.: Yes, Lou Lamoriello is another one of those GMs. But the Devils have already been widely reported as a possibility for Shanahan, and Curran’s remark came only after I asked if there were any new options beyond the group of teams — i.e. Devils, Flyers, Blues, and Ducks — that had previously been floated.

Jim Rutherford in Carolina is a possibility, too — he was in Hartford when Shanahan was there — but at least to me, that wouldn’t qualify as an eyebrow raiser).

As for the Rangers, Curran said he hadn’t talked to Glen Sather since the team left for Europe, but that he expected to talk to him within the next 24 hours.

“I’m not aware that it’s closed,” Curran said. “It’s not like they went over to Europe and dominated. But let’s put it this way: if everyone’s satisfied with the club, then God bless them.”

A couple of quick notes: While the Red Wings are listed as only having $226,667 in cap space, that’s still more room than the Rangers have.

And oh yeah, the Rangers play at Detroit a week from Saturday night.

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  1. He should go back there. He’s my fav player ever, but he belongs with Detroit. I hope if they don’t win the cup, then Detroit wins it. Shanny deserves to go out like a Champ.

    I see Strudsy scored the game winner in last nights pre season game, and Hollweg got into yet another fight. Good stuff.

    Cant wait till the home opener.

  2. Glen Sather has ZERO class….shanny is a hall of famer who has done nothing but good things for the blue shirts..he deserves respect…karma is a bitch, hopefully the rangers arent affected by sathers stubbornness.

  3. never happen in a million years. i’m a wings and shanny fan, this will NEVER happen. even if he plays for free, the wings already have too many players to dress. guys on that team earned their spots (even McCarty) and they aren’t going to give one to shanny just because. this writer is stirring the pot and publishing crap.

  4. Lou Lamoriello is a GM Shanny used to play for, whose interest would also raise some eyebrows.

  5. From the last post

    BTW: I think I saw your x-wife hooking up with Jarko Ruutu after the Sens-Pens game last night…sexy time =-)”

    Truefans…was Ruutu a completely broken man? did he drool and whimper and twitch? Did he lose bladder control and show signs of dimensia??


    Then that was not my x-wife….

  6. Shanny whould play for th Rangers. Nigel Dawes is useless and invisible. Surely the Rangers could use the secondary scoring. They haven’t scored more than 2 goals against an NHL team yet.

  7. Shanny will play somewhere this year if he wants to play..I’m sure this blog isnt the only group of people discussing their favorite 7 goal scorers!!!(Fritche-Pruchs-Betts-etc etc)and who should make a team and who shouldn’t

    Shanny scored 52 goals in arond 140 games the last two years
    he’ll be playing

  8. The “former general manager” could also easily be Jim Rutherford in Carolina (who was GM when Shanny played for the Hartford Whalers) or Lou Lamoriello. I’d be the happiest little Wings fan if he did sign again with Detroit, but my instincts tell me that’s very unlikely.

  9. Sam, do the Rangers practice today in the afternoon ??? I hope they are not sleeping right now because that would be very bad to overcome the jetlag !!!!

  10. I heard they had left Prague by charter right after the game which is very unsual because most flights leaving Europe for the US are departing in the morning and arriving early afternoon. I hope they have slept during the flight and NOT RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. class-less

    shanny was paid close to $ 10 mm by the Rangers the last 2 yrs some of which hit this yrs cap. how much do we have to pay him and for how long. he will be 40 in jan and is exceptionally slow. his time is past. definite HOF as player and person. just can’t do it anymore time catches up to us all.

  12. even if the Rangers want to move past, they can TELL HIM that. Don’t just leave him hanging, just in case we might have an injury 3 months from now, and use him as a plug-in. I hate Sather and wish he’d choke on his cigar.

  13. jeever – fair point. i am no fan of sather or dolan. they can both just go away and fast.

    I like Shanny as a very good hockey mind. his body just can’t do what the mind wants anymore.

  14. Do you really think Shanny fits the Rangers as we saw them in Europe? In your face, four lines, the speed??? I love Shanahan but honestly, I don’t think so.

  15. REPOST

    Whoever raised the Shanahan discussion again: First of all, just stop already. Quit it. The guy is/was great. Leave it be. 2nd, if you really think there is a spot for him on this team after what we saw this weekend like the quick, speedy forechecking and beating Tampa to the puck 4 out of 5x, you are kidding!

  16. REPOST

    Whoever raised the Shanahan discussion again: First of all, just stop already. Quit it. The guy is/was great. Leave it be. 2nd, if you really think there is a spot for him on this team after what we saw this weekend like the quick, speedy forechecking and beating Tampa to the puck 4 out of 5x, you are kidding!

    Adding this: Please let’s not turn this whole Shanny thing into a redux of the Dellapina Leetch lovefest that had him coming to the Rangers like 12x in his retirement year.

    (Sorry if this whole message gets duped….Having some server issues.)

  17. Newman – I think it was SAM himself that re-raised the discussion… If Sam just talked to Shanny’s agent and got an update, whether or not YOU want to hear it, its news. Nothing earthshattering, but still Sam’s job to spread the word.

  18. Bembel – If I were on that flight last night I would be getting waaaaaaaasted. It had to be party-time on that aircraft.

    The best thing would be to skate hard at a ‘mandatory’ today. Just like when they arrived over there.

    Is it friday yet? Anyone want to GIVE me 2 tix? And a ride? haha

  19. Sather’s decisions are certainly perplexing at times. Is it out of the ordinary to suspect that Shanny could pull a Selane/Niedermayer and just wait and see? That way the Rangers can see how the first couple of weeks evolve, and Shanny can have more time, and if and when he does return, he can play a shorter, less-taxing season on his body.

    I’m all about the youth movement with the Rangers, but I can’t help but think that Shanny would be burying goals skating with Duby and Zherdev. I think his play during his NYR tenure has earned him that spot.

  20. not so much about youth movement. but big difference between 40 and 32 or even 35. not everyone is a Lidstrom who at 38 hasn’t skipped a beat.

    re shanny could be concussion coupled with a knee injury. plus he played a fairly hard game his whole career.

  21. hard to believe that Shanny couldn’t help an 12th place team but somehow the defending champs-who add Hossa!- could have a need for him….

    Bottom line, happy with Rangers play-ok its only two games

    but they still cant seem to score on more than 5% of there shots-ok its only two games

  22. I really like Shanny as well but his time with the Rangers is definitly over..I would really like to see him playing with a really strong team to have a final shot at the Cup…I do not have the overwiew, which team is able to pay him a decent salary to fit it under the cap ????

  23. UVM Cats – Shanny wouldn’t be burying goals playing with Zherdev and Dubinsky, because he would still be in the defensive zone catching his breath as those two fly into the offensive zone.

    And has anyone ever thought that Sather is trying to politely say Thanks but no thanks, without actually saying it, but Shanahan and his people just aren’t getting the message? The guy only played 2 seasons for us, and his production declined in each season from the previous one. Why is Shanahan not viewed as a past his prime star, like all the others Sather brought in? That’s exactly what Shanahan is, a over-the-hill star with rapidly declining performance. Check out his past 3 seasons:
    His point totals go from 81, to 62, to 46…that is around a 25% decrease in production each year. And some of you still think this guy will provide secondary scoring? Especially after not being in training camp or working out with any team?

    It’s not like he played for us for the last decade. He gave us a pretty good, not even close to great, two seasons. We don’t owe this guy a thing. Sather should be recognized for doing what is right for the team, and not just handing out a roster spot because of what he has done over his career for teams not named the New York Rangers.

  24. If you buy into the NHL vs NYR you should want shanny to return.

    Everyone seems to believe that Shanny will hold an office job with the NHL in the future. So do we want to piss him off the way we pissed off Soupy?

    I for one, don’t buy into the paranoya that the NHL ‘has it out for the NYR’. But…I’m just sayin…

  25. Beer if you would make party on the plane, you would definitely not be ready for friday night:) snoring..snoring..snoring..

  26. Shane O’Brien was supposed to be one of the 6 TB dmen this season. He was scratched from yesterday’s game. I don’t know if I imagined it or not, but I think Joe may have made mention to it. Something to be said for a ‘regular’ to miss a game like that…

    Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that the Canucks have acquired defenceman Shane O’Brien and right wing Michel Ouellet in exchange for defenceman Lukas Krajicek and right wing Juraj Simek from the Tampa Bay Lightning. O’Brien will report to Vancouver and Ouellet will report to Manitoba.

  27. Krajicek is another one of those Canuck dee-men that hit
    dont know about speed, offense or anything else….

    Ohlund, Salo, Bieksa, Mitchell..these guys turn out bangers

    Tells you why they let Malik go

  28. I just try to imagine if i would be traded from Florida to British Columbia —– well live and climate is different there :):):)

  29. Jeever, in a vacuum you are right. Sam raised it in THIS post. I REPOSTED from the previous link… I was referrring to anyone who posted about Shanny in the previous link.

    Meanwhile, I have known Sam for quite a while. He and my younger bro played hockey at RHS and club hockey at RCDS growing up. So I can bust his b*lls. Plus, just the other day he was saying Prucha was going to ride the pine in Prague and he played the opening shift on the 1st line.

    So while everyone reveres Sam as a young Stan Fischler (much younger Sammy!) we reserve the right as loyal readers to bust his b*lls (and some of us even moreso as we grew up in the same town.) Similarly, I was in Dellapina’s grill for months on end when he was going off about Leetch coming back to the Blueshirts.

  30. Vancouver is more like upper northwest of US, not really cold weather climate….certainly not comparable to edmonton or Calgary

  31. I ve been to both places, and there is something special about both of them but as hockey idiot, I would prefer YVR!!!:)

  32. First, Sam said it earlier about Naz. It’s not how you play in October, but how you play in January or April when you’re that old. Not having him make the Europe trip could only help the concussion-riddled head and bum knee he has. Plus they won both games. If Shanny really wanted to go play that bad…. go! The Rangers already have too many forwards under contract. Maybe they are waiting to get back from Europe to do their final evals on these guys, maybe move a few and try to make some cap/roster room for him. Maybe not.

    Jagr was the same. A good scorer who loved to slow down the play. Yeah they only scored 4 goals in those two games, but Smith and Olie made some tremendous saves. It easily could have been 5-1. Last year when they weren’t scoring, they were getting outshot. Not anymore. The play is too hast. Loved Shanny while he was here, and I think he’ll understand if they don’t bring him back. He’s a smart guy.

  33. Kalinin has 1 hit in 2 games. Matt Cooke has 15. We should’ve made a pitch at him instead.

  34. We did dominate play in Europe. It may not have shown up on the board but we dominated Tampa.

  35. Tough for Shanny if he tries to sell his Manhattan apartment now. That’s why New Jersey makes more sense, if he’s thinking what makes sense financially for his family, and why wouldn’t he be?

  36. I actually think that Shanny could still fit on the team. Yes, we are MUCH faster as a team than he is, but the game isn’t all based on speed. One of the big reasons that I think there is such a huge difference between SOG and goals is that there is no real traffic in front of the net. Drury is about the only player the Rangers have who will park in front of the net, battle in front and pick up rebounds. That was the tying goal against Magnitogorsk. Right now opposing goaltenders are getting a good long look at the puck coming in and are able to make the saves on a staggering amount of shots. Put Shanny’s big ass in front of the net and the opposing goaltender is going to have a much more difficult time.

    I also don’t think he’s as slow as everyone thinks he is. He didn’t have much trouble in the first half of last season, but only after rushing back from the leg injury. Plus he was playing top line minutes last year. If he came on now, he’d play on the 3rd or 4th line, and could be useful on the PK. And who knows, maybe he’d return to last seasons form before the injury and go nuts scoring one timer goals

  37. Either way, Shanny is about my favorite player ever and I wish him nothing but the best no matter where he goes. Would love to see him go back to the motor city and retire a champion

  38. How about Calgary? I don’t think Shanny would go there, but wasn’t it Keenan who coached Shanny for a bit in the mid-late 90s?

  39. Yeah, I’m sure the Rangers would be more “dominating” with Shanny. Now, come on, that is simply not what he would add.

    Phone home, Shanny. Phone home.

  40. BREID19

    That’s what happens when you get older. But he isn’t “over the hill”, he isn’t “useless”. What separates him from all the other declining Vets, is the fact that he can still put up at least 20-25 goals. Roenick isn’t the star he used to be, but he’s still worth signing cause he’s smart, and can still play the game, and Sakic is battling injuries, but can still provide offense, and is smart, and a leader like those two, among some others, like Sundin, etc. What your describing, isn’t Shanny, its Gary Robers, Mark Recci, Owen Nolan, those are the guys that your describing. Who are ONLY brought in for leadership, and there defensive play. They wont add more than 10 goals, maybe Recchi could but i doubt it. Those are the players who shouldn’t be signed, and should just retire. Roenick can help a team, like he did in game 7 in the 1st round in the 07-08 playoffs, against the Flames, or Sakic in OT againt the Wild in the 1st round. As long as these players are healthy they are worth having. But that’s the problem, if they cant stay healthy, then that’s the problem. If scoring is some what of an issue, then Shanny should stay patient, and maybe we should sign him before the deadline. That’s my opinion.


    That’s pretty unfair, since Cooke is a forward, and Kalinin is a D-man. If you were coach, and you told him to hit more, i think we’d be seeing a lot more odd man rushes. But then again if Kalinin keeps getting beat by players as fast as St Louis, then its all the same in the end, but at least we see a potential hit. But either way, let him stick to the D, and not get himself out of position.

  41. Im pretty sure if the Wings don’t have the room to sign Shanny, they can dump McCarty, and Lillja, to sign him. Just throw Lebda in Lillja’s spot, and Quincey in Chelios spot until he gets back. They can definitely use him.

    Like i said before. I wouldn’t mind at all if Shanny is back with Nyr, as long as he doesn’t take Korpedo’s spot. Pruchs, i don’t know, im gonna give him some more time, but if he doesn’t start scoring, or doing something, then he needs to get traded.

    Renney has to play him with Zherdev, and Dubi.

  42. Chris F.
    We will be dominating with or without shanny! Why dont u freakin suit up and show me how u are at skating and everything.

  43. I think there is a place for Shanny too. Even if he isn’t as fast there is always the possibility of the other two racing up dropping a pass back and Shanny unleashing an awesome shot from the circle. Also like Joe said he can set up in front of the net.

    The concussion and knee injury effected him maybe this year he will return to better form. And yeah on a third or fourth line and pk.

    Also Shanny once said that he intends on being the last person to know when he can’t play anymore so . . . if Sather wants to tell him no he should just say t.

  44. Orr – how are they going to fit his salary demands of say $ 3 mm. we can’t cut 3 to make room for 1. a roster of 21 won’t cut it.

    dr house – i really hope you’re 15 yrs old with this blind hero worship.

    i can’t believe we’re 2-0 4 days from opener and this Shanny nonsense won’t stop. he’s old and slow. sorry but facts are facts

  45. Jorek i agree. But do you think he would come back when tom gave the A’s away already?

  46. Joe in DE
    Shanny is as slow as we all say he is. He has never been a good skater.

    Also Voros does a good job of screening the goalie. Shanny can’t use his great shot parked in the crease. The hash marks are place for Shanny…

  47. Nothing would make me happier then to see Bren finish his career in Hockeytown. He was the final acquistion that enabled the Wings to win the Cup in 97, 98 and 02.

    I loved that he got to play for the New York Rangers but he’ll always be a Red Wing to me.

    I hope he passes Robitaille and finishes with one last Cup.

    All good things for Brendan Fredrick Shanahan!

  48. i honestly want shanny to come back. If he doesnt i wish he never came here cause i never thought he would turn into one of my favorite players.

  49. JOREK

    Him playing the PK, is the LAST thing we need him to do. Doing that is basically asking him to hurt himself, and slow him down. I want a 100% Shanny, if he is gonna get signed.


    Were you joking with that “A” quote ? Who cares aboot the A’s, its not like he wouldn’t come back, because he isn’t gonna get to wear the A.

    LI JOE

    I don’t know how he would fit in. Who knows, but all im saying is, im not against it, i just don’t want him taking the spot away from someone like Korpedo.

    Even if he takes Pruchs’ spot, i was hoping to see Fritsche. Also where will Freddy end up in the lineup ?

    I don’t get all this mumbo jumbo with Shanny being slow. He isn’t Brashear , or Malik. Put him with Cally, and Korpedo, its not like there gonna all gain the zone, and make 12 passes to one another and score a beauty goal. They usually dump and chase. Work hard along the boards, and maybe they’ll catch Shanny in the slot, or the top of the circle for a sweet rip on net.

    Like i said, i don’t care whether Shanny is on the team or not. I love the guy, ill welcome him back in open arms, or ill say goodbye and hope if Nyr wins the cup, what ever team he signs with wins it. Besides Philly Flowers, and the Devs.

  50. i know shanny doesnt care about the A, but i just want to know for sure. I hope he is back.

  51. MikeA “How about Calgary? I don’t think Shanny would go there, but wasn’t it Keenan who coached Shanny for a bit in the mid-late 90s?”

    Yes. He was the one responsible for Shanny being dealt to Hartford. I thought about it too.

  52. Listen people – nobody loves our youngsters more than i do… but you have to remember one thing: most of you have the mentality that if we let shanny go that Nigel Dawes and Lauri Korpedo are gunna turn into a Crosby, Kane, Stamkos, Malkin type player. I love all of our young guys, but there’s a reason that Crosby, Ovechkin, Kane, Stamkos, Kopitar, and Toews turned into stars in their first major seasons – they played the top lines of crappy teams. Right now, (excluding dubinsky) Dawes is the only guy getting top 6 playing time.

    Korpedo, Cally, Sjostrom, Dawes, and I’ll even go and say Prucha are not going to score 30 goals this year playing the 3rd and 4th lines. Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Zherdev, Dubie – they are the guys who are going to put up the big points… not Korpedo, Dawes, & Cally. I understand they’re still developing but you’re making it seem like if we took back Shanny (who regardless of his speed can still easily put up 20) — that we’re stopping Korpedo, Cally, Prucha, and Dawes from turning into the next Ovechkins.

    Theres a reason prucha is the only one of this group of youngsters to score 30 goals – he played top 6 ice time in his rookie season. Bring back Shanny… you’re making it seem like he skates at the pace of a tank… and whoever pointed out his point totals going down annually forgot to point out his games played also going down each season. I see nothing wrong taking back a guy who is a well-known leader of a team and can still put up points. I dont think theres ever been a better example of someone showing heart and dedication to a team than this.

    Personally, after listening to the Rangers give Sundin & Nedved a chance but not him – i’m surprised he’s still considering us.

  53. I agree everyone is too enamored with the young guys.

    Granted they’ll all put in goals, and get points (not first line points like you mentioned) but what other player of the ones you named can DEFINITELY at a minimum put up 25 goals?

    N O N E

    Well know by Friday one way or the other what Shanny’s doing

  54. DERF – it’s about the cap also. Shanny does not come cheap he’ll want say $ 3 mm. and we are already against the cap max. and i assume you watched the 2nd half of the last 2 yrs. that is when he did his worst and was already heading in that direction before the concussion and knee injury. old guys get hurt more often and take longer to heal.

    I am thinking again come 2009 he will be fading again and by playoff time again be the weakest 2 way player on the ice. and he doesn’t have Hollweg on the team to be weaker than hiim.

  55. The Red Wings don’t have interest in Shanny I don’t think . They are ridiculously deep at forward. They have some young talented players that aren’t making the team because of said depth. Their third line(Cleary-Fillpula-Samuelsson) is better than most teams second line.

  56. I agree with true blue. Time to move on from Shanny. He is old and slow. He also retards the development of some young guys. His production has been great the first 6 weeks of each season and then his play goes down dramatically. He doesn’t hit or fight he isn’t strong along the boards anymore. Give Voros more icetime. Hell he might be our Darren McCarthy… you never know.Give Fritcshe a look. See if Dawes and or Prucha can find their footing. Save some money to make a trade for an impact forward at the deadline(who is not past his prime) Who knows maybe you can trade for a guy that can make an impact on your second or third line like a Colby Armstrong. I suggest Shanny’s production will slip even more if he plays this year. I rather give Cally pp time and pk time and see if he can be a 20 goal guy rather than just bring Shanny back. You can’t find out about the kids if you don’t play them. I wish the team would play a more offensive sysztem but Renney is another defense first coach(not a criticsm so much as a comment on how the game is played) I think you saw how the Rangers took their feet off the gas and collapsed into a defensive shell in the third.

  57. The game was so much more fun to watch in the 80’s and the early 90’s. There was lots of offense lots of hitting lots of fighting and the goalies looked like human beings instead of sofa cushions with all the equiment. Coaches let their players be creative and not fall into this ridiculous Devils like defensive shell. So many games look the same because almost every coaches preaches defense to almost a fault. Don’t take chances and players that at times do have alot of their creativity taken away. With the talent level spread so thin coaches to survive fall back into that stay back and trap type systems. Look at some of the scores of those 7 game series the Rangers and Devs played in ’92. The finish of that 92 season sucked and blew but looked at all the offense 7 or 8 guys scoring 20+ goals. So many players today wouldn’t be playing in the league 15 years ago. Due to all the expansion well they are. I miss run and guin Hockey alot. These days the #1 goal is try to make sure your goalie faces less than 20 shots a game. The Caps are really one of the few teams that will play an up and down type of firewagon Hockey. One of the main reasons is because they have a kid that can score 70 goals. The Red Wings are a puck possesioon team that never stops attacking obviously they’ve got the best dman around and an elite forwards crop which surely helps. Just saying the game was so much more entertaining back then.

  58. just out of curiosity…

    how long has it been since roenick/sakic/sundin won a cup? pre-lockout? thought so… 2002? its a different game now… and lets not forget the last time shanny won a cup he was 33. hes broken 80 points once in the last decade… love the guy to death, and like jagr and marty, i appreciate everything they did, making this organization better and putting them back towards the top, but it’s time to move on. If he signs somewhere else hell get a nice hearty ovation from the “Garden Faithful”, but I just don’t see him fitting this system. I don’t think that bum knee can move him fast enough

  59. I just love how some commenters know what has been said or not said between Sather and Shanahan. My assumption is that there must be some kind of communication of a good sort, seeing how Shanahan has been so patient. There may also be some kind of a trade possible which would really make things develope.

  60. Grazie per tuo posta ! Ho apprezzato veramente, come lo scenar mi ha saputo di certi cose che non conoscevo non. Proprio interressant.

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