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So here’s your first question of the season:

Regular readers of the blog will notice that when I update an existing post, I post the latest information highest (see the post below as an example). My thinking is when you refresh the page, you’ll want to see the most pertinent information on top instead of at the bottom.

But several readers have chimed in saying it makes no sense to keep having to read up; and it’s also true that “my man Peter Abraham”:http://yankees.lhblogs.com/ updates his posts so the latest information is at the bottom of the post — and he seems to know what he’s doing.

I’m honestly open to either, and seeing how it’s the readers who are driving this train, I’ll defer to the masses. So you tell me.

More before the puck drops…

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  1. I’m all for updates at the bottom, makes for easier catching up when I can’t check in for a few hours and a lot is going on in Rangerland.

    Anyone know the odds on Orr popping in a goal today? The man has 3 NHL goals and 2 of them are game winners against Tampa…

  2. repost:

    And I was looking forward to the return of PRUCHA27….HA HA

    I just hope we do not score a goal on the first shift of the season. Maybe that is the key to not finishing 6th in the conference like the last two seasons….HA HA

    Sam, I think it is easier to read down the page and follow your updates in chronological order.

    Maybe in honor of the Jewish Holidays we could read from right to left. Can you write like that???

    All jokes aside…LET’S GO RANGERS.

  3. I prefer the updates at the bottom. This way, there’s no “spoilers” if I didn’t see the original post, but you have already updated it.

  4. I think you should make the updates in the middle, just to keep readers on their toes….

    Honestly top-down, bottom-up, doesn’t matter to me…

    Gun to my head, I’d go updates at the bottom…

  5. Personally, I use the RSS feed. So when an update occurs, Google Reader does not make the post “new” again. Instead, I miss a lot of updates because I don’t know they’re there. So, I’m all for no updates, just new posts. But I do agree that bottom updates makes it easier to catch up.

  6. I would prefer the updates at the bottom in chronological order. Unless it’s just one quick note it makes much more sense this way.


    All you numbnuts with your b*tching about prucha yesterday can lick my hairy doo-dads. I told you to wait and see what team took the ice, but I don’t expect much more than that from some of you.

    Full of fire today with game #1 coming in just over an hour.

    haha..Richard…where is that dude? Hopefully he stays wherever he is.

    Can’t wait for the game today.

  8. Sam – I think there are benefits for both. For live game threads, when we know you are going to be frequently updating, I think updates should go down the page. When it’s something like yesterday when you posted new information later, I think they should be at the top so we don’t miss them. Thanks for the question!

    The Lightning have scratched David Koci, their big enforcer, after Melrose said on Friday that he would play. Also, old bum Jamie Heward is playing after going to their camp on a tryout and just signing a contract. Ryan Craig and Mike Lundin are their other healthy scratches. Good defensive defenseman Paul Ranger is on IR with a shoulder injury.

    1 1/4 hours to go, or 75 minutes, as Emrick might say!

  9. Beer Me! – Have you started your drinking early today? Cheers! I am also excited about Prucha being in the lineup, so it’s a good thing that I don’t have to deal with your doo-dads!

  10. haha…no, I told my wife I’d wait until pre-game starts … seriously.

    With Koci out, perhaps they toss fritsche in orr’s spot?

    3,600 ticks left until they drop the puck on the season!

  11. Awesome Sam, thanks for listening to my suggestion! Looking forward to following along today!

  12. I read this yesterday, and just never realized it. And unless I was in a big hurry…

    To add to Drury’s resume…he won the Hobey Baker, then the Calder also. Always a performer.

  13. i vote for updates at bottom too; whether it makes sense or not, it’s how everyone else does it and thus how we’ve all been trained to read. What often helps is to put *notice* of updates the top of the post.

  14. If it makes no difference to an RSS reader (and only a true cyberhead will no that), I vote for updates at the bottom.

  15. Definitely at the bottom, for me. Besides, when you refresh, most browsers jump down to where you were anyway. Also makes reading for non-live readers much more user-friendly. Great work Sam, keep it up.

  16. BEER ME!! How is married life BTW? I tied the knot about a month or two after you and things are great. She gives me a long leash. Whew!! Sounds like you have that same leash.

    A note about Drury. My bro and I looked it up and he has won every top award or trophy from Little League to Lord Stanley’s cup. I literally mean everything. He is a true performer and leader.

    44 Minutes. Getting pumped!!! LGR

  17. My vote is for the bottom. Reading from the top is nice if you are at your desk constantly hitting refresh, but if you are just catching up with the blog at the end of the day, down is much better.

  18. i’d prefer the updates at the bottom as well. just because sometimes you come back 6 hours later and find yourself reading what happened at 3pm before 1pm cause you’re kinda lost on the page. thanks.

  19. repost:

    is this game being shown on center ice? i’m in dc and have comcast…when i called yesterday they said they’d have it, but now the screen says that center ice games wont start until the 9th.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, it doesn’t matter to me. I read up if I’ve missed posts, so reading up within one post isn’t a trouble, and I like having my updates at the top.

    But, I definitely understand the updates at the bottom. Either way, you are the best blog on the Rangers.

    Last night Gionta and Comrie fought. Dirty cold beer to the first person who can find me a video of that!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s hoping that Rozsi and Prucha have good games in front of their families and friends.

    Sam, have there been any Martin Straka sightings? He’s in CR now, so I think it would be REALLY classy for him to go by the team and wish them luck.

    Of course, I understand entirely if he didn’t.

  22. Updates should be at the top. Like you said, it makes it easier to read. I hate reading Abraham’s blog during a Yankees game and scrolling down for 9 hours only to find some snide remark about A-Rod choking in the clutch or how Joe Girardi is a terrible manager.

  23. Sam, I vote bottom… makes sense from a reading point of view, since the info builds on the earlier info. In addition, keep updating the entry header with the number of updates and put a separator line between each. It makes it visually easier to find that point quickly.

  24. The Prucha-Korpikoski-Callahan line looks really good. Nice speed and pretty gritty line. The Redden-Rozsival and Kalinin-Girardi pairings look terrible. I’m not sure why Staal’s on the third d pairing. Lundqvist looks sharp.

  25. Thanks for the blog, it is a daily read for me. My opinion is that it simply makes sense to post like we read – first item first, latest item last, so that we can intuitively follow the posts rather than have to jump around looking for the beginning…

  26. Top, and I only say top because I’m treating this like a goal review. Top or bottom, it’s all the same, but since the original “ruling” was on the top review of this decision is not conclusive either way and therefore it should remain top. Make sense?

  27. At the bottom please. Having the best stuff at the top spoils the rest of the read.

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