Chris Drury is the 25th Rangers captain (Updated)


Update, 3:18 p.m.: A couple of other quick notes:

<li>Drury was typically subdued, but made clear he was excited. I thought his most telling answer was to a question about his leadership style.

“I think as a leader you have to be the hardest working guy on the team,” he said. “A lot of times it means being the first guy there, and to sometimes be an extension of the coaching staff — things they want, systems they want. We have to ready to implement that — not just me, but Markus and Scott as well.”

<li>When asked what it will be like not having a co-captain as he did in Buffalo with Daniel Briere, Drury said, “I think I’ve got two of them.”

<li>Finally, Drury acknowledged the need to be more accessible to the media, which is obviously welcome news. He’s never not been accessible, if that makes sense. I personally have always had a very good rapport with Chris, and whenever I’ve asked him for time, he’s been happy to give it.

But there were times last season when Drury would slip out of the room without anyone from the media noticing. He knows now that can’t be an option.

Update, 3:05 p.m.: It’s official. Drury gets the “C” with Naslund and Gomez wearing the “A”s.

Drury is on the line now. Says he’s so pumped he’s going to go out tonight and tie one on, season opener tomorrow or no season opener tomorrow.

OK, I made that last part up….

“I was just thrilled. I was just excited, very honored,” Drury said. “There’s a lot of good guys on this team, but I was just happy it was me….To be a captain anywhere in the NHL is a thrill. To do it with the Rangers, I team grew up cheering for, going to games at the Garden, it’s hard to put into words.”

Earlier: Larry Brooks is already reporting that “Chris Drury is the new Rangers captain”:

Markus Naslund and Scott Gomez will get the “A”s.

Logical choices all around, and not unexpected.

No truth to the rumor that Lauri Korpikoski stormed out of the room when told he wasn’t one of the picks.

A couple of thoughts:

This is the obvious choice, and the right one. While I’m a strong believer that the captaincy is largely overrated, it is an opportunity to encapsulate what you want your team to be about. And the Rangers want to be like Chris Drury, an industrious, passionate, classy player. He’s an average quote at best, but above average at pretty much everything else.

I know what’s coming next: Did the Rangers really want to be like Jaromir Jagr? It’s a fair question. Readers of the blog will know I was a Jagr supporter, and I maintain that he was a much more passionate and dedicated leader than given credit for. But I also know he was a handful, and maybe not the ideal model for 22 other guys to follow.

This makes much more sense.

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  1. Congratulations Chris. You are a leader, and a player that the other 20+ guys on this team SHOULD follow. Good luck with the “C”.

    On another note: Can you name the *only* CURRENT Eastern Conference coach to coach his team to the playoffs every year since the lockout? (yes, hes the ONLY one)

  2. You mean Korpedo didn’t get an A?

    He should be pissed and demand a trade

    also of note – apparently someone else posts under the name Mike – I’m differentiating myself.

  3. onecupin67years on

    “Prucha storms out after learning he’s scratched from the Saturdays lineup”? Wow , he is a fat cat. How about scoring not a few but some goals and getting some assists.

    But thats another reason why he doesn’t fit in this teams concept.Maybe he’ll get the message , start scoring and then trade him for something more than pucks.
    I think Drury’s performance in the Silvia cup ? or whatever gave him the edge over Gomez.

  4. onecupin67years on

    Naslund with the A was probably part of his F/A signing package.Let him first prove he’s a leader.

  5. Congrats to Drury

    For once wikipedia was right before anything was announced
    It said on the Rangers page he was the new captain about two weeks ago.

  6. In a 30 team league, finishing 12th or 13th place ( 3 years running) should be greeted with a an upbeat “ok, good job now go higher” but in New York ,where we cry about ’89 win” baseball teams just missing the playoffs, Renney is lauded as a “top 4 or 5 coach”

  7. wikipedia had the scoop on CHRIS Drury and CHRIS Benoit? There’s some weird coincidence there, I just don’t know it.

  8. doodie machetto on

    Beer, the answer to your question is Bryan Murray.

    But New York and Ottawa aren’t the only teams to make the playoffs from the east all three years. NJD did also, but Lou fired the coach (Claude Julien?) really late in the season.

  9. doodie machetto on

    ah, current. As in, still currently coaching. OK, then it’s Renney. But Murray did coach 3 teams to the playoffs.

  10. sorry doodie – bryan murray is not a CURRENT nhl coach.

    and you’re right, they aren’t the only teams. but they’re the only ones that stuck with a coach for those 3 seasons.

  11. Murray also took his team to a final. Something that NJD and NYR can’t say. HOWEVER…. They just decided to pin it on Murray and gave him the boot. Let’s not forget about the fiasco with Emery. He even admitted to having a hand in Murray getting tossed.

  12. doodie machetto on

    Murray didn’t get tossed, he got promoted! He became the GM and Paddock replaced him as coach. Then they fired Paddock as their season went down the tubes, but Murray managed to right the ship just enough so that they didn’t fall out of the playoffs. He’s still the GM.

  13. WOOOOOOOOO CAPTAIN CLUTCH!!!!!!, i dont agree with Markus Naslund as an A but i will let it go.

  14. doodie machetto on

    Also, 6th, 6th, and 5th isn’t that impressive. At least win a division title for a change.

  15. I’m glad the captaincy has been settled. Really feels like this season is ready to start. I would have liked to see Hank play better in the preseason, but its the preseason. Woulda liked to see more goals, but …preseason.

    It’s really B.S. that after they get back from Euroland they play 7 games in 11 nights.

  16. Would have preferred Gomez. We need someone who will yap it up with the refs. Leetch, Jagr, Drury… oh no not another quiet leader.

  17. Kasper… “but in New York ,where we cry”

    where WE cry? Aren’t you in Russia, you wacky Ukrainian???

  18. 2 things about Renney… for 1, we went nearly a decade without a single playoff game. he took probably the least “skilled”/big-name roster and got us there 3 times in a row. At the very least, appreciate that… We’re ranger fans not because we’re used to winning, but because we LOVE our team.

    2ndly, he’s a (fairly) young coach, getting experience. give him a chance to improve, just like we want to give all our young guys a chance to get better and be future stars…

  19. doodie – Do we have a preseason count on “What can you say”‘s from Gomer? haha

    I think he’s taken some linguistic lessons from coach.

  20. I’m hoping the possibility of Prucha being scratched tomorrow is a Herb Brooks-esque attempt at pissing Prucha off and getting him motivated to play…

    (and that he’s actually in the line-up tomorrow)

  21. I think I would have given Dubinski the A they gave to Naslund which would “groom” him to be the eventual C

  22. Isn’t it unwise to have all your C’s and A’s on one line? isn’t the whole point of an A that you can act as captain (arguing with refs etc) when he is not on the ice? having all three on the ice at once basically defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

  23. “Kasper… “but in New York ,where we cry”

    where WE cry? Aren’t you in Russia, you wacky Ukrainian???”

    I meant where YOU cry…and I keep telling you people I’m Estonian!!!

  24. I agree Staal, and not that Dubi would change this, but none of our captains have been Rangers more than one season so far, or in the case of Naslund 10 or so games, at least Dubi would put one of “our” players into a position of importance on the team

  25. Jeever October 3rd, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    2 things about Renney… for 1, we went nearly a decade without a single playoff game. he took probably the least “skilled”/big-name roster and got us there 3 times in a row. At the very least, appreciate that… We’re ranger fans not because we’re used to winning, but because we LOVE our team.

    2ndly, he’s a (fairly) young coach, getting experience. give him a chance to improve, just like we want to give all our young guys a chance to get better and be future stars…

    Jeever…Agreed…but your post raised a question in my mind.
    We lost talent with the loss of Jagr, Straka, etc.
    And we brought talent back…Do you guys think the team as a whole is more talented this year than last? I’m not saying “star” power players…I’m talking an upgrade as a whole of the team…ie bringing in the likes of Fritsche, Zherdev, Naslund etc

  26. think Dubinsky is too young to have an A. might have thought of a dman Rozy or Redden depending on which lines up with top line. or even Betts

  27. I’m really happy that Dru understands and respects the role of the Captain of the NYR. I think his taking it as serious as he does will have a HUGE impact on the rest of the team. Finally being the Captain of the NYR means something again to the bearer of the ‘C’.

    It sure as hell means more to me know.

  28. Dubinsky is older than Toews or Cindy, both of whom wear C’s, not to say they should at their age, but point still stands

  29. I agree with Naslund for the fact that he was captain for Vancouver for like 8 years. I don’t know if Redden ever wore the C. Regardless, Renney coached Naslund in Vancouver as well, so it doesn’t surprise me. Obviously people want to see someone that was here, but I don’t mind Naslund

  30. staal – Hard to say. If we’re just talking about guys that came in and left, then I’d say it’s a toss up. That’s based on talent. Regardless of how many goals you scored last year, or 10 years ago.

    If we’re talking about all 23 or so guys, then I think the team is more talented due to the fact that the younger players are included in that mesh as well.

  31. By talent do you mean abilities or actual prospective ability….. because I don’t think the sum of every player brought in combined touches Jagr’s raw talent in the second case

  32. Is Drury the first American born to be our Captain ??
    Oh never mind, I forgot about #2

  33. I actually should have been more clear…
    I’m talking about the team as a whole…all 23 guys as a unit is this team better than last season.
    I think it is…when you factor in the youth being another year older…the talent brought in as far as 3rd and 4th liners is better…
    I mean if you replace Hollwegg with Fritsche or Rissmiller its an instant upgrade.

  34. I’m tired of Renney getting credit for 2005-06,….it was all me!!!

    I was the one telling glue-sniffing Prucha to stop trying to hit people and shoot the puck..I said “you are not tie domi kid”

    I was the one clearing up the messes left in front of Hank!!

    In fact I was the one who had to go and injur Weeks so that Knot-head Renney chose Hank to be #1 in the first place!!

  35. Congratulations to Dru!!!

    Beer Me, Johnny D- I understand what your saying about Tampa’s tough guys, but Atryukin is not goona drop the gloves and neither is Malone…..I’ve paid attention also….I’ve also paid attention to the fact that not one of the Rangers in ANY of the games did not hit. Voros can drop the gloves. There is no need to have both Voros and Orr and not play Fritsche….Thats my point.

  36. Would have preferred Gomez too.

    nehoo congrats capt clutch

    whats with all the C and As on one line???

  37. I don’t know what the fascination is with fritsche. But he didn’t impress me really. Actually, it looks like he needs some grooming.

    There was hitting on the smaller ice in N.A. Its hard to hit on the bigger surfaces without taking yourself out of position. Hence the lack of hitting in euro-leagues.

    If Fritsche is the difference in the lineup this weekend, then we have BIG f’n problems. It won’t hurt him to sit in the press box for a game or two.

    Unfortunately, due to scheduling, these 1st 2 games are still evaluations for who will take the ice at MSG next week.

  38. “If Fritsche is the difference in the lineup this weekend, then we have BIG f’n problems”
    Beer Me!

    THAT!! should settle that

  39. It is not a huge deal that the captain and assistants are on the same line. If something happens that warrants a discussion with the refs, Renney can send Drury over the boars – just like any coach would do if a captain or alternate captain were not on the ice.

    Besides, is it any worse than naming your goalie a captain even though he really can’t be the captain because he can’t wear the “C” on his uniform? :-)

  40. I was hoping that somebody on the defense would wear an A, but it doesn’t really matter. It is a bit odd to have all three letters on one line, though.

    That must have been an expensive phone call from Prague! I’m sure they kept it short.

    When’s the next news conference for the player(s) being traded? :P

  41. “No truth to the rumor that Lauri Korpikoski stormed out of the room when told he wasn’t one of the picks.”


  42. “No truth to the rumor that Lauri Korpikoski stormed out of the room when told he wasn’t one of the picks.”


  43. …..Melrose heaped praise on Meszaros, 22, the former Senator who dismissed on Friday speculation that the Senators’ party animal tag was valid.

    “He competes really, really well, and that’s number 1,” Melrose said when asked about media and fan speculation regarding excessive Senator partying. “I’d much rather have a guy like that, that had a couple of beers, than a guy who doesn’t compete that’s home at five o’clock every night watching the Brady Bunch. So that’s how I am with players. Give me guys who compete, and same thing with guys who live in the weight room and never hit anybody. Give me a fat guy who goes out there and hits everything that moves. I’d take him any day of the week.”

  44. noonan it was a joke about korpokoski being upset that he was not capt or alt capt. totally humor

  45. I must be thrilled about what? Drury being named captain?

    noonan – It’s sarcasm. Read about it sometime.

    Beer Me! – That is a weird-ass quotation. Meszaros is one of their A’s, btw.

    To answer my own question from earlier, from the Lightning blog: “as far as I know, Lundqvist will play both games. You know, all things can change but that’s the last I heard at the arena today.”

  46. Glad Drury got the C. While perhaps a more vocal, outgoing, bigger personality type might seem a better fit on the surface, Drury speaks volumes with clutch, smart, disciplined play at all times, & his teamates will follow his lead. The guy has been a CLUTCH WINNER since Little League & the C will further inspire his game.

    Love him on the wing with Gomez feeding him puck after puck as he is always in the best spot to score, except would love to see Scottie not pass up so many good shots just for the sake of making an extra pass ALL the time.

    Thrilled about the play & future of the Korpedo.

    Love the effort of Prucha, but his only talent in life is finishing plays, & due to the 2 year A-Rod like mental funk he is in, he no longer can. We don’t need another smerf, who, depite his hustle, is on his back more than a hooker.
    I hate to say it, but if he can’t start putting the puck in the net on a regular basis in the first 20 or so games
    he needs to be gone, although he is just the type of player who can come back to haunt us.

    I have to think a trade of some of the all too many similiar type 3rd & 4th line forwards has to be in the works.

    Will expect to see Potter on the team once cap room & roster space is cleared. He was one of our top 6 D-men in my mind, although unproven at this level yet.

    I like the speed of this team & the obvious talent & upside of Zherdev, who seems to me to be working very hard on both ends & showing me to be an excellent playmaker as well as sniper.

    If all goes well, this team has the potential to go far.
    Looking forward to this weekend.

  47. Funny thing about Pruchs

    I thought his second season ( the 22G year) he had become a better all around player than the 30G year…he wasnt on PP as much but he was hitting more effectively and still hustling 100%

    Last year he slumped, got hurt and had to watch the humiliating scenes of the Betts-Orr-Hollyhead line playing in the final minutes of games ( I almost puked a couple of times)for some reason ( still unexplained) Renney kind of demotes him…and yea yea I know 7 goals scored isnt anything that gets you promoted but then why was hollweg playing more than Pruchs?? He cant score AT ALL and his hitting is more detrimental than effective….

    I must be missing something that Renney isnt missing in this kid…what could it be???

  48. Giving the C to a young kid like Crosby, Toews, etc. is STUPID. There’s a reason why so many players leave Pissburgh. They don’t want a whiny b*tch like Sidney Crabby giving them orders, making speeches. No Vet wants to have that, and i doubt any youngsters want it either, they would prefer getting it from a vet. Its stupid.

    Satan, and Fedetenko just wanna win a cup, im pretty sure there gonna stay far away from that whiner.

    Dubi shouldn’t get a C, or Staal, or who ever, until they had more than 5 years at least in there career. Or if the vets come together and decide its the right move.

    I hope the C doesn’t mess with Dru’s mind. I doubt it, but crazier things have happened.

    Also, i don’t know why i said Dru, and Beniot are both canadian, that was dumb, seeing as how right before that i called Dru Captain America. My mistake. But i do know Dru isn’t a murderer.

  49. onecupin67years on

    Hollewig , if he had a brain, could have been the type of guy to agitate ,sometimes create a goal and to mix it up. He seemed to be on the downside with all his awful penalties he took, he was a liability.
    Pruchs seems to lack the toughness that smaller players need. Look at Martin St.Louis and even Briere, they don’t like to get hit and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves.He gets hit and know he seems to be so gunshy about getting hit he doesn’t or can’t finish.
    And we don’t get to see what crap pruchs may have with the staff, I doubt if prucha will finish the year with the Rangers,

  50. Does anybody think maybe a D-man (Rozi or Redden) should have gotten one of the “A”‘s ?? I think with Staal and Girardi still young and the likes of Potter, Sanguenetti, DelZotto, Kundratek, looking to crack the lineup in the next year or two, could it have been better to spread out the leadership?? I kinda agree with the person who said that its kinda silly picking those 3 since they are projected to play on the same line this year.

    all in all though —- Congrats to Drury !!!!

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    Mark November 2nd on your calendar folks….could be the most important date on the Rangers schedule.

    Yes, yes I know they dont play that day, but at least after that Nov 2, 6 months of having our comments look like they were posted an hour earlier will finally be over!

    Sam, can we get that figured out for next year?

  52. right. as I posted a couple days ago, Prucha looked awful by diving at the point man, and letting him walk right around him to score from the close-in slot. he also gets knocked around by everybody, even small players, and he cannot finish any more like he did a few years ago.

    I said then that you could bank on his being traded eventually, and I second that motion even more firmly today.

    being benched in his homeland is the biggest clue to his precarious hold on a Ranger job.

  53. Wow, Mariotti just “won” on _Around the Horn_ while asking Paige if he will be getting up at 4, 5:00 Denver time for the hockey games overseas. Uhhhh…the games start at 10:00 a.m. MT, loser! Too bad Cowlishaw didn’t correct him. Hopefully the Giants will have a rocking-chair game and I won’t have to watch them at all over the hockey on Sunday. Another reason it would have been smarter for Versus to broadcast the first day, not the second! But who ever said they were smart.

  54. I was pretty sure that Rosi was going to get one of the A’s because he has been here since the lockout. But him not getting it may be telling. I think before next Friday night, he might be wearing another sweater along with 2 other players.

    Anyway, as it stands now, our first line is the Captain’s Line. Unless Naslund drops to a second line, but I am not sure if that will happen just yet.

    Congrats Dru, I think now that the team is his, we will see exactly what this guy is all about. If this team takes on his identity, I am more than thrilled.

  55. I just realized, Prucha doesn’t have good luck when it comes to his country at all. Benched (possibly) for the Prague games.

    Then, his rookie year, he was supposed to play for the Czechs in the Olympics, but blew out his knee and missed the whole thing. Remember, they were carrying him off the ice, and he was crying cause he was gonna miss it? And I THINK they won a bronze, right? So he even missed an Olympic medal. For hockey players, they MIGHT get like 4 or 5 chances at a medal?

  56. IS TOMORROW’S GAME ON CENTER ICE? Anyone else outside NY not finding it on their TV listings?

  57. CAPTAIN CLUTCH, finally the official captain, awesome! Drury embodies all the characteristics of what it takes to be a Ranger, and even more so, what it takes to be a champion. He’s the guy that plays through the pain. He’s the guy who get’s fired up and spreads that energy to those around him. He’ll probably never be a top scorer, but it doesn’t matter. Drury is the kind of guy that when the chips are down, digs deeper within himself and finds more, and rises to the task. That’s the way Messier was, and that’s the kind of leadership we need carrying us into the future. If everyone on the team can rise like Drury, we may have one hell of a year

  58. Chris F. – Tommorrow’s (and Sunday’s for that matter) games are not on Center Ice because they are being broadcast on NHL Network in the US. If you don’t have MSG or NHL Network, then you are out of luck (link in name)

  59. Frankly, I don’t agree with a lot of comments that I read on here, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I just read on, no big deal.

    However, ANYBODY who wants Prucha benched for either one of these games has to be nuts. I know he hasn’t been scoring, but he busts his backside on EVERY shift, as he has for every single game as a Ranger. He has probably been looking forward to this game more than any game he has ever played in the NHL, and to take that away from a guy who shows up on every shift would show me that Tom Renney doesn’t care one ounce about his players. Heck, if he would be benched for a star player, I could even marginally live with it, but Fred Sjostrom, Nigel Dawes, and Aaron Voros? 1 goal all preseason between them? Come on.

    As for Drury, eh, someone mentioned that a player should have to be in the league for 5 years before being given a letter. I’m going to say that a player should have to play for a team for more than one MEDIOCRE season before he gets a letter. I’d like to see Drury score 35 goals this year, then I will accept him as my captain.

    Afterall, if we were rewarding captaincy on effort and tenure, Betts would be the captain with Prucha and Orr each wearing an ‘A’.

    I’m out.

  60. Chris F

    I get Center Ice but there are no listings yet for it on my Guide & the Center Ice Schedule is not yet posted on their website which is odd because it is supposed to be on & the game is tomorrow!

    IT is however on NHL NETWORK & I think it is being carried by MSG.
    which carried the 2 exhibition games I was able to see on the NHL Network. So if you get NHL NETWORK on your cable you’re OK.

  61. Also, it seems like the NHL is becoming more like the MLB in this greedy way, though it’s slightly different because there are no wacky blackout rules yet, like not being able to see an out-of-region FOX baseball game on Saturday.

  62. Colorado Mark on

    Chris- I found it on the NHL Network. Not sure if it will be included if you have the Center Ice Package but have not subscribed to NHL Network?

  63. Beer Me!: Happy Hour Edition

    It’s amazing how different reading these comments are when you’re not sober.

    I agree with mostly everything from Tuscon Ken on down. Nice post by the way. Some of them were less accurate than Darius Kasparitis’sss shot. (love ya kaspar)

    Lohan…who have you been posting as? Haven’t seen that name for a month ‘a sundays.

    Nasty – Nice way to start a rumor. Seriously…makes sense.

  64. ooohhhh boy.
    Chicago Blackhawk forward Ben Eager is facing a likely suspension for attempting to swing his stick at Dallas’s Sean Avery in a pre-season game last night.

    Eager was assessed a match penalty half-way through the third period for attempting to swing his stick at the Stars pest while he was on the Blackhawk bench. Avery had skated by and apparently said something to the Hawk bench. Eager reacted by swinging his stick.

    Eager apparently did not make full contact with Avery but the match penalty was called and that means an automatic review by the NHL.

    Eager and Avery had a confrontation earlier in the period where both players were assessed roughing minors with Avery earning an extra two minute penalty.

    Although the game was not televised, the league has in-house video of the incident and will be reviewing the episode.

    A hearing for Eager is expected sometime next week before the season opens on Thursday.

  65. Who cares who’s wearing the C, or the A, as long as the leaders are leaders that’s all that matters. Who cares if Redden, Rozsival, Betts or who ever are not happy that they didn’t get an A. Do any of you honestly think they give a flying fugg aboot that letter. I highly doubt it.

    Hollweg is a moron, trying to win the fans over. He’s getting his ass kicked in every fight, as usual. Im off to youtube to watch his latest fight with Cam Janssen. Cam used to bully him back when he was on the Devs, im guessing even as a member of the Blues, things never change.

  66. Dubi…
    Talk about not agreeing with a post…
    I don’t even understand where your coming from…
    yada yada yada…Prucha busts his ass big deal…so does Drury…the only difference is Drury puts the puck in the net, especially when it matters as well as plays a well rounded game…your boy Prucha skates hard and gets hit around alot and doesn’t have a well rounded game.
    just in case you haven’t noticed Drurys “mediocre” year are basically the same numbers he usually puts up, outside of the 37 goal year in Buffalo. Whether you accept him as your captain is totally irrelevant…He is the Captain.

  67. Drury has a lot of work to do to fully deserve that C. I agree with the person who said his performance in the Victoria Cup probably pushed him over the edge of Gomez. Drury had a mediocre year here in 07-08 and thats not just counting his lowly production but also his questionable “defensive presence” with his negative plus/minus. Not to mention that he also sucked a pretty big one in the playoffs vs. PIT.

    Leetch and Drury. Both American. Both timid men. We’ll see how this goes.

  68. ask Renney about Betts already. Tell him the fans really want to know what is so special about Betts that makes him untouchable.

  69. Thanks for the TV tips, guys. Don’t seem to get NHL Net even though I get Center Ice. Screwed. Oh well. LA sucks. Entertainment capital my ass.

  70. Because Betts does everything he’s asked. The guy sacrifices himself every night for the greater good of the team. Guys like that are essential parts to an NHL roster, especially if you want to be a champion. Sure hes not the best offensive player, but hes our best defensive player by far. I don’t get why everything thinks we should have a team of all 1st and 2nd line stars.

    And for all of those comparing Drury and Leetch, it ends in the fact that Leetch didn’t want to be captain. He hated it because he was always compared to Mess and knew he could never live up to it. Plus he wasn’t vocal at all and guys could just watch him and learn from that. Drury doesn’t have to deal with that, plus he wants it. He’s more vocal than you think and hes a great leader by example. I think you can see already that he’s talking to the media and out on the ice yelling at guys and throwing hits when guys try to get at him. Last year he was quiet because he didn’t want to overshadow Jagr and Shanny, now he doesn’t have that problem.

    Last year he was beat up and didn’t come into camp in great shape. In the offseason he worked his ass off and dropped 10 pounds so he could regain his speed. He worked on his shot too and was always at the gym. He said he was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t playing like what he was worth and wasn’t living up to his contract. So he wanted to do everything to make sure that he did. Thats leadership my friends and every player should and will look up to him.

  71. Chris F. – And I don’t suppose a bar or whatever is open at 9:00 a.m. to watch the darn game. Only on Sundays! Though I suppose some places might be open for college football on Saturdays.

  72. It’s only a matter of time before Dubinsky is wearing one of those letters. I also find it interesting that all the leaders are forwards. I suppose we shouldn’t expect the defensive corps to work hard every night?

  73. Colorado Mark on

    Chris, call your tv provider. I called and bugged them a few weeks ago and NHL Network was added last Tuesday. I’m sure it was all because of me! ;-)

    They might be able to tell you when the channel will be added. I am at a friends house all day tomorrow and they don’t subscribe to the NHL network, but I’m wondering if they will get the game if it is part of the NHL Center Ice Preview? We’ll see!

  74. I thought in NY on Time Warner that NHL Network is part of Center Ice, but I might be totally wrong and it’s actually part of a sports package that includes NBA TV and other bad stuff. :)

  75. Who Needs Lohan on

    Beer Me….I must admit I just havent posted this summer, wasnt using a new name. Came on here and there to get updated on the team but just had to get some fresh air in my spare time instead of talkin to you! HAHA!

    I am back for good….

  76. From BB+ after the game vs. SC Bern: “Petr is an important guy for us. His story suggests that he can bury the puck. What I’ve gotta do is continue to provide him the opportunity to feel comfortable with the puck, makes plays, and contribute offensively. With that said, I have other people to evaluate as well — you’ve gotta put your best team on the ice.”

    It sounds from that last sentence that Renney was down on Prucha. It also confirms in that article that Prucha actually did score on a deflection in that game.

    Only 12 1/2 hours to go!

  77. Even though most people think Drury had an off season last year (which turned out to be pretty much average for him). People forget that he did it on the 3RD LINE for most of the season, playing with rookies (for the most part) like Dawes, Callahan, and Prucha.

    Give Drury top line minutes with a premier playmaker like Gomez and he could very well have a career year. I love Drury playing the wing, getting dirty in the crease picking up on the garbage goals. Naslund’s got the shot, Gomez has the passing ability, and Drury has the grit and determination. EXCELLENT POSSIBILITIES

    I think its also good for Zherdev to not have to step into the “Top Line” and produce results. That IMO is what caused his problems in Columbus. Too much was asked of him, too soon, and i think he harbors some animosity towards the “rushed development program” Columbus put him through.

    Rozsival should also benefit from not having to be the Best Offensive D-man AND the Best Defensive D-man. A little weight has been lifted off of Rozi’s shoulders and he should respond positively to that. So, even if Redden comes in and doesnt play to expectations i think the two players will counterbalance each others efforts

    Go RANGERS!!!!!!

  78. Wow, how’s that for positive, and not a single trade proposal in the entire comment………. Thats rare for me

  79. somerset

    Drury was _demoted_ to 3rd line, for a reason. If he was so amazing/clutch/determined he would have been fine at wing last year. Eitherway…we’ll see how it goes. I don’t think it will take very long for him to be put to the real tests and we will all see how he handles certain situations re: teammates, officials, and media.

  80. “Jonny D
    October 3rd, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    Because Betts does everything he’s asked. The guy sacrifices himself every night for the greater good of the team. Guys like that are essential parts to an NHL roster, especially if you want to be a champion. Sure hes not the best offensive player, but hes our best defensive player by far. I don’t get why everything thinks we should have a team of all 1st and 2nd line stars.”

    So then Renney never asked him to throw hard hits any time he gets a chance? Renney never asked him to produce more offense and make better passes? Fire Renney then! I don’t see Betts’ defensive game as anything extraordinary or special. And I didn’t realize that you can be a center in NHL without any ability to pass. I did not realize that a 4th line player that cannot score can be in NHL when he does not generate any serious hitting, or energy, or fighting or agitating. But you are right, how can other 29 teams win let alone kill a penalty or win a faceoff or block a shot without the great talents of the one and only irreplaceable Blair Betts. Screw giving someone else more talented a shot at a risk of jepardizing 0.2% on faceoffs and 0.1% on the PK. Betts needs to play 20 minutes a game against other team’s top line, he is the best shutdown center in the history of hockey, we can practically pull a goalie when Betts is on the ice.

  81. I never said I agreed with his playing time, I’m just saying you make him out to be some bum that doesn’t do anything. What does it matter if he throws hard hits? He throws checks when he needs to but doesn’t take himself out of position. I still want Fritsche centering over him unless we play slower teams. And betts has underrated hands, the problem is in the games for some reason it’s like he gets nervous and can’t do anything…so I guess that’s not underrated then. Haha.

  82. I’m thrilled Drury got the C. He is by far one of my favorites and wish him the absolute best! Can’t wait to get my jersey hehe.

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