Roster heavy for at least one more day


The Rangers haven’t made any cuts yet. They skated as a unit of 26 this morning in Prague, which means Tom Renney is either still contemplating his roster, or more likely, he simply hasn’t made anything official.

It doesn’t matter much at this point. Should the coach tell his final cuts that they’re headed to Hartford, it’s not like he’s going to hand them an economy class plane ticket and lock them out of the Rangers locker room.

So barring the unexpected, that leaves tomorrow as a fairly important news days — with Renney paring down his roster and announcing his captain perhaps in one full swoop. If anything changes before then, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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  1. ‘Fairly important news day’ you say?

    I guess I should let my boss know my phone will be forwarded to voicemail, and no emails will be returned. And…I’ll be taking a 2 1/2 hour lunch! haha

    Fahey, cut
    Wiikman, cut

    Those are the easy ones. Not to take anything away from them. But there are better players available to fill out the roster.

    The last cut is going to be a very very difficult decision. I’m still not completely sold on Fritsche.

    Does anyone have concrete evidence of who needs to pass through waivers and who does not? Did I miss that somewhere? A link would be great.

  2. For all of you Hutchinson lovers, he couldn’t even make it on the Tampa Bay Lightning (link in name).

    Beer Me! – I don’t have a link, but I’m fairly certain that the only players who *don’t* have to pass through waivers are Wiikman, Potter, and Korpikoski.

  3. I was afraid of that pig.

    Maybe there IS a deal in the works. But from everything I’ve read, NOONE is really looking for anything. Remember, 26 teams are almost 2 weeks behind in there evaluations due to this euro-trip for nyr, pit, tb, ott.

    It would be interesting to send someone to one of those teams before Saturday eh?

  4. This might sound like a dumb question, but I’m not totally sure about the waivers now….If say they try to send down Fritsche and he gets claimed by some team, can the Rangers then pull him back (like baseball) and keep him on their NHL roster or then try to trade him to that team (who tried to claim him)?

  5. Dawes has been horrible. What the hey is going on with him? Prucha for all his angst around the net has played hard and looks good with Korpi and Callahan.

  6. I think rissmiller is expendable sicne we have voros and orr. Like you guys said, I’d much rather have Fritsche and Rissmiller is gone after this year anyways. Fritsche is young and I think someone would claim him if they decide to claim him. That’s why I think he’ll make the team.

  7. This how I would play it for Opening Night:




    Scratches: Rissmiller, Dawes, Fahey

    Cuts: Prucha, Potter, Wiikman

    We all know Potter has to play so he’ll have to start the year in Hartfod. Wiikman is a no brainer and although I had a hard time choosing I chose Dawes and Rissmiller over Prucha. Prucha has shown no ability to rediscover his scoring touch. He had ample opportunity this preseason to play big time minutes and he couldn’t finish. I’d put him on waivers for the purposes of sending him to Hartford. His $1.6m salary is too much to carry for a guy who is not carrying his weight. Rissmiller has size and the ability to kill penalties and Dawes has proven that he can score. So I keep those guys because we all know the top 12 forwards will not make it through the whole season without injuries or slumps. So they will have a chance to play and soon.

    I kept Fahey over Potter because we risk losing Fahey because he’d have to be put on waivers to be sent down I believe. I could be wrong about that but if Potter isn’t starting here he shouldn’t be here. Not to worry Corey will be starting for us at some point this season. The kid has talent and will not be denied.

  8. Dawes and Prucha are both going to be in the starting lineup. Prucha definitely not going to get cut. If they decide he’s not going to start, they are going to trade him, not put him through waivers. And Voros is not going to start out on the 2nd line. Hasn’t had the ice time up there. It could change during the season, but the lines will look similar to that of the last 2 games. renney is going to change them up yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. I think Fahey has to go through waviers. I would trade Prucha for a draft pick and keep Fahey and send Potter to the minors. Potter doesnt have to go through waviers. Trade Sjostrom also!!

    My Lines:


    Potter,Fahey and Orr

  10. Cut Prucha and Fahey. Bench Betts for 30 games and make sure he practices shooting and use Rissmiller in the meantime.

  11. VOROS ON THE SECOND LINE !!!!!!!!!?!?!?!????????

    No way in hell !

    Lol, and scratching Dawes and putting in Fritsche. Dawes has more goals in his rookie year than Fritshce ever put up in a single season. No friggin way. I like Fritsche, but over Dawes, hell friggin no.

    That is the kind of team that would get embarrassed in my opinion. Voros wuold hold Dubi, and Nicky waaay back.

  12. All of a sudden everyone is down on Dawes? Because he didn’t have a good pre season. If people gave up on players by their play in pre season, some of the super stars of the league would be serving happy ending ice cream sundaes at Friendlys. Give it a break. Prucha and Dawes will both start the season in the line up.

  13. Drury Gomez Naslund
    Zherdev Dubi Dawes
    Prucha Korpi Callahan

    Fourth line? Your guess is as good as mine.

  14. Maybe you could flip Dawes and Naslund.

    Drury Gomez Dawes
    Zherdev Dubi Naslund
    Prucha Korpi Callahan

  15. Nasty, couldn’t have said it better myself. If Dawes can click with Dubi and Nik, then we’ll be set. The first line is obvious and played well together. Dubi and Zherdev played well together, and I really liked the way the 3rd line played yesterday. Now Dawes, hopefully, fit in nicely when he plays to form.

  16. I love how Dubi can just play with anyone and still produce. The kid will be a captain one day. And I really really think we are going to see the REAL Chris Drury this year. He is not going to bite his tongue now that Jagr and Shanny are gone. And that is EXACTLY what I want to see from him. Full of Piss and Vinegar and yelling at his team. The guy is a sore loser, he hates to lose. And EVERYONE on a team that wants to win the cup should HATE to lose. Plain and Simple.

  17. orr – You’re selling voros short. And in a relatively ‘soft’ lineup, he needs more ice. I’m not saying he needs to be on the 2nd line, but he’s not just a 4th line ‘goat’.

    I’m not worried about Dawes. He DID dissapear some nights last season, and it was always addressed when he did. I think he’ll be fine. Even the same scoring pace as last year isn’t bad. He should play more than the 61 games he did last year.

  18. Personally I like a strong fourth line of Voros Betts Fritche that gets a regular shift. Damn, I don’t even know if I like that. I want Orr in the lineup. The guy wants to be a player and he is one of the toughest guys in the league. Year after year he has done something to better himself as a player.

  19. Why are poeple so enamored with Dawes – everytime Prucha is on the ice something seems to happen. He had more shots on goal in one shift than Nigel did all of preseason – his scoring will come around.

  20. Hmm funny all this mention of Dawes now and during all the pre-season game reviews he was either not dressed (more than most, aside from Shanny) or was rarely (if ever) mentioned. So if memory serves you guys, how has he looked? I’m guessing he hasn’t been on the scoresheets but the blogs haven’t said much either.

  21. Am I missing something I thought Sjo played well this preseason (esp against the NHLers) – shld be room for him on the roster .. I would say even over Betts (who I like) def over Rissmiller (waste) heck, I know Cally is on the team, but he needs to put the puck in the net (against NHL goalies).. there is only one “cup”.. I really Like Dubi, but we are suddenly depending on him to be a top grade power forward in his econd yr two, i hope he is…

  22. I thought Sjo played ok. He’s a fast skater, not afraid to throw a hit, decent size, will work in the corners, but has no hands to speak of.

    No matter what lineup takes the ice on saturday there will be fans dissapointed. And some that will question the decisions. And if they were the other way around…there would be the whole OTHER side questioning the decsions.

    Just prepare yourselves to not see everything you want. It’ll make it less painful. And REMEMBER…these decisions are coming from a ‘committee’ of decision makers. Not just 1 person.

  23. Prucha needs to stay and Dawes needs to produce. Get rid of Rissmiller because Lauri is doing his job and should be on the team

  24. You are right Beer. Definitely right. I am sure who has to pass through waivers will have some impact on the decisions though.

  25. Here is the problem based on what I am reading above, what we have talked about (in the very few entries I’ve commented on in the past 2 mos), and based on what I am seeing:

    We have too many 3rd and 4th liners! Period.

    I like Voros. But he is NO WAY a 2nd liner.

    Rissmiller…he looks like a good position hockey player and he is a big mofo. But he is not a 2nd liner by any stretch and barely a 3rd liner.

    Fritsche…showed some grit and had a nice goal but he is maybe a 3rd liner. He does look good on PK.

    Orr…the guy is maybe the most improved skater on the team, our resident heavyweight champ, and only a 4th liner.

    Betts…a role player. A great PKer, shot blocker, defensive minded guy, but a 4th liner.

    Sjostrom…shows decent flashes. Hardly anything worthy of 2nd line, maybe a bit of 3rd line skill….maybe!

    Prucha…the guy gets blown over in a windstorm. He cannot finish. Even in Europe he got pushed around and did he even register an assist? This guy can be on YOUR 2nd line if you don’t want that line to score a lot of goals.

    Dubi…Our best player in the preseason. The kid is probably 2nd line material.

    Dawes….nice hands, getting better defensively, but a 2nd liner? Hardly….maybe…in a pinch.

    Korpikoski…size and hands, but green in the NHL. He is a 2nd liner? Not yet. Like the potential, but needs more seasoning. He should make the team though, for sure.

    Callahan is straddling the 2nd and 3rd line. But you want this kid in there a lot mucking it up, hitting people, providing energy. Props to Micheletti saying their line deserved a goal and they scored the winner. I don’t like Joe, but he did call that one.

    Big 4 players: Zherdev, Gomer, Drury, Naslund (guy has looked old and slow at times…did he even score in preseason? I am nervous about him.)

    Do you see my point? We have 10 guys who are 3rd and 4th liners. Too bad there only 6 slots for them. Forcing them to be 2nd liners will kill us. I mean Dubi-Zherdev-SOMEONE is respectable (Dawes maybe) but forcing Voros or Prucha in there seems like we are pissing into the wind trying to make someone into something they are not.

    Would love to see a trade, but do we really think Rissmiller or Fritsche will be gone and Sather will say, “I was wrong.” Doubtful.

    Even Trautwig was like, “Rissmiller will live in NYC.” So from the sound of that, he ain’t going anywhere.

    One other thing, does anyone else think Trautwig was screaming and yelling like we won the Stanley Cup after Cally netted that goal? A little over the top in my book…

  26. Didnt Shoey have a combined goals of 15 or 16 last season (Coyotes & Rangers)? If so I’d keep him over Rissmiller, the guy is quick as hell and has SOME scoring ability

    Anyone hear anything on Shanny? Where he’s going to play?

    I still say something is fishy with this situation.
    Maybe Sather is waiting for after we dump some players today or tomorrow to give him a contract. Like it or not, (and Im past the point of being in favor of him returning, the TEAM has already semi come together)I think he will be on the roster at some point in October.

  27. shanny is a waste he will SLOW down the team. let prucha be on the second line or if anything lauri. Lauri has more goals than anybody on the team. he can def produce on the 2nd and prucha is getting chances eventually those will turn into goals

  28. this is totally off topic, but has anybody noticed Rozie’s eyebrows lately? They’re off the charts! It looks like he’s got 2 stick blades over his eyes. I bet if he shaved those, he’d skate a little faster.

  29. mikey unbelievable. the team is less than 2 days from opening day and you still bring uo shanny. doesn’t matter that we have no room on roster especially cap wise.

    there is 1 in every crowd

  30. I said “Im past the point of wanting him on the team”

    BUT, and I will say this again, Shanny is not one to sit and wait and prob would have already jopined anohter team if Sather didn’t tell him something already.

    IT all seems too fishy for him jsut to be sitting there at home waiting for glenny to call him. They had to have worked somthing out already

    I dont want him back now, but mark my words, by end of the month, he’ll be at MSG.

  31. LI Joe

    I guess you cant read either

    read my last post
    I dont want him back either, like the way the TEAM is coming together, BUT Sather is sure to be up to something since Shanny isnt on another team already.

    Are you blind or illiterate?

  32. well we’ll see but your boy does not work for peanuts with $ 4 mm 2 yrs ago and more than $ 5 mm last yr so it will be in vicinity of $ 3 mm. and we have nowhere near that room in our cap. and he is much slower than almost anyone on the team,. it is not his fault age catches up with everyone.

    meanwhile we don’t have to keep bringing him up. let’s deal with who is on the team and the last couple of cuts. and opening weekend of games.

  33. I say it again – Fritsche is bigger, younger and has more NHL goals than Dawes or Callahan.He’s a keeper. Prucha has outplayed Dawes by a mile.

  34. about Shanny, I LOVE the guy. I admit, I think he’s just awesome… I’ve been ALL for getting him back, for leadership, for shooting, for the fact he’s a 600-goal scorer.

    But the more I see the team, how we play together, and the glut of forwards we have, as much as I HATE to say this, I just really don’t know if we have room for him. With the guys we have, and all the different things they all bring to the team, I can’t see giving up a roster spot that’s already been fought over by like 4 guys already…

    That being said, I hope he re-signs with Detroit, wins 1 last cup with them (if we’re not there), and retires a CHAMP.

  35. mikey – you can’t bs me. you clearly want the guy back no matter how you phrase the last few comments.

    i am trying not to insult you with my comments and would appreciate the same.

  36. That’s the only reason I bring Shanny up.

    I love the guy too, and I wanted him back, but I think its past the point of signing him here.

    I was asking if anyone has even heard anything since last time his agent said he was waiting for Sather? BECASUE Im sick of specualting and jsut want a final answer on the subject.

    And let me say this again, with the team the way its forming together now, I dont want Shanny back, BUT Sather had to have told him SOMETHING to make him wait. And if he’s so desperate to play here, 750K , like chelios jsut signed for, for 1 year is very possible after trades becasue anything over that and Sather is saying no, period.

    Something smells fishy, and like I said, I am against it, Shanny jsut might be signed by the end of the month

  37. Im not trying to inslut you either but if you read my previous post you’d know my current stance, and Before the pre-season I was a DIE HARD supporter of getting Shanny back on the team.

    But after seeing the way the team has come together, I DO NOT WANT HIM RESIGNED.

    My problem and questions stem from this:

    Sather told Shanny and Curran something to make him wait.
    Season starts in less than a week
    Shanny would not wait this long and not join another team unless Sather & Co told him something to make him wait.
    He’ so dead set on staying a NYR a low ball 1 year deal @ $750-900K might be acceptable, especially after they make cuts.

    So No I DO NOT WANT HIM BACK, but this issue is not dead, and until it is it will piss me off becasue I jsut want to know if he’s going somewhere else, or if they’ll put him on our team and screw things up.

  38. shanny will not sign for that low a number. it would be $ 3 mm maybe very slightly less. if he was a life long Ranger i would care more about his waiting and how Sather might have treated him. Sather is definitely no angel. believe me I want this resolved too. by him signing elsewhere.

  39. Prucha did not outplay Dawes, he was more noticeable, but more in a bad way–penalties, getting hit. When they spent 2 games on the same line Dawes definitely looked better, was making great passes.

  40. Beer Me! – I thought about it a little longer, and figured out that Staal would also not be subject to waivers since he has played in less than 160 games, but he’s clearly not being sent down. Dawes I thought might not be subject to them, but the threshold for him is 60 games, based on when I believe signed his contract, so he would be subject to waivers. Voros and Rissmiller are older, so they would have to pass through waivers, as well.

    I think the more likely scenario for Shanny coming back to this team is being signed for $2 million in January when we have our usual swoon after somebody like Naslund, Zherdev, or Drury gets injured. I don’t necessarily want it to happen, but it could!

    Looking at the salary cap numbers on Hockey Buzz (this is a good part of their site, after paying NHLSCAP for the info), we only have $1.4M of space, which seems fairly accurate. This means that we *won’t* be able to carry 15 forwards based on the salary numbers of the guys we have. We can carry 23 players as long as one of them is a defenseman and a forward with a contract of at least $1M is gone, like Korpikoski, Rissmiller, or Prucha. The fact that the roster decision is taking this long is telling me that Korpikoski has played his way onto the team, so Renney is telling Sather and the capologists to make it work.

  41. spider – is that $ 2 mm for balance of season or prorated which means annually he would earn $ 4 mm.

  42. Spider thats good info!
    I was just wondering this morning at how in the world, with Redden and Rozi’s contracts would the Rangers ever be able to pay Staal big bucks and then have Sangy and DZ begin playing..if they are as good as advertised there will be a point when all of their contracts would come together and it would suck if they were reay but they buried them in AHl to delay them getting big bux

  43. pig – cally has a 2-way deal also, which I believe makes him immune to waivers. But another guy that’s not going anywhere.

    slats screwed the pooch so far in this young cap-world.

  44. kaspar – Don’t forget about dubi. he’s due this summer I believe.

    we better hope this scoring is severely balanced and every guy scores like 17 goals.

  45. snipits…

    NHL will monitor deals between TOR and ANA with rumors of Burke going to TOR(GM) next season. Good idea NHL.

    Chelios out 6 weeks with broken bone in leg from blocking a shot. Chris: Bones get brittle when you turn 60.

    NY Times wrote an 800-word column on marketing players in the NHL, and never once mentioned Ovechkin. Uh…he’s the MVP ‘times.

  46. Just because you have a two-way deal doesn’t mean you’re immune to waivers. Even last year, I think, we had to send him down as a conditioning assignment rather then normally. Although, it seems he should have been immune last season, but now that he has played over 80 games, I think he would have to go through waivers, since I’m guessing he signed his first contract two years ago when he was 21, unless he signed it and then went back to junior. Thinking about it even further, Dubinsky would probably be immune from waivers, playing under 160 games. This is why you need a comprehensive listing!

  47. “NHL will monitor deals between TOR and ANA with rumors of Burke going to TOR next season. Good idea NHL.’
    Beer Me!

    Funny, everyone was wondering (on other sites) about why burke turned down Mapleleafs offer for Schnieder and i thought….its because Burke doesn’t want anyone talking later on about how he favered Leafs
    Dont know what the offer was but it was being said that it blew away Thrashers offer

  48. LI Joe – Under my hypothetical, Shanny would be paid $2 million, so prorate it to whatever. It doesn’t matter though, because only the $2 million would be charged against the cap (I think). The only problem might be if the prorated number counts against a total current roster cap that has to be under $56.3M, but if one of those players get injured, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  49. Anyone got a link for highlights? I watched part of the game online but missed a couple of goals.

  50. I mean, I know that it pays 2 different salaries between the NHL time and the AHL time. But then you would expect the player to go back and forth, no? And by going back and forth, the guy can obvisouly play in the NHL, to some extent. I don’t know…

  51. spider in your example i think $ 1 mm would be counted vs the cap as 1/2 season he was on team.

    there is a rule about guys signed for the following yr can’t exceed the cap. the Ducks got caught on that which forced them to trade McDonald who was signed for following yr and in return got Weight who was not signed for the following yr. i think that happened when Niedermeyer and Selanne came back.

  52. Hey1
    I had a 4 way contract…rangers paid me $3M for to play in Hartford, the Garden, ST. Pete and Lower east side

  53. My understanding of a two-way deal is that you get paid one salary if you’re playing in the NHL and a different (obviously lower) salary if you play in the AHL.

  54. … meant to add that a two-way deal has nothing to do with waivers, just what the player gets paid.

  55. sjo is better than rissmiller. rissmiller has not been seen when he plays. he has not shown me anythin so far this preseason and it would be sad to see anybody else leave for him. sjo is a younger version of straka he’s fast, he can pass good and sometimes score a goal he could fit well with the fourth line atleast giving them some scoring because you know betts and orr wont be puttin the puck in the net that much

  56. the whole prucha/dawes comparison is pretty comical:
    Dawes has yet to prove anything really as an NHL player, he scored 14 goals last year. It is fine to say he should get the chance to prove he is a player, but to say he is a proven scorer and deserves to be on the 2nd line is a little absurd.

    prucha has proven a lot more in the nhl in terms of offensive talent, maybe he is not as gifted defensively as dawes, but if he gets his confidence back id take him over dawes on the 2nd line any day of the week. If they give him a consistent chance to play especially on the pp, i think his scoring touch will return.

    sure he had a bad year last year but most of you are willing to give naslund, redden, zherdev a chance when they have had off years last year (naslund/redden), the year before (zherdev), or the last couple years (redden), why doesn’t prucha get that same clean slate? and plenty of our forwards aren’t scoring yet (Dawes included) so missing chances in preseason isn’t really sound reasoning

  57. I gotta say… I think we’re really starved for attention.. from Sam, from the Rangers, just ANYTHING… These next 2 days are gonna CRAWL.

  58. Beer Me! – That’s exactly it. A two-way contract provides for different salaries in the NHL and the minors. It is usually given to players who are inexperienced and therefore don’t have to pass through waivers. Don’t worry, I used to be confused by this, as well. I have included the link to the information I have been looking at all day. The table is the most important part. For example, the Rangers signed Jamtin to a two-way contract because it is going to be his first year in North America. He does not have to pass through waivers this season, but since he is 25 years old, he will have to pass through waivers next season, even if he signs another two-way contract and doesn’t play in the NHL at all this season. Alternatively, I suppose he could sign a minor-league contract, but I don’t know about what would happen to him then if an NHL team wanted him, whether it’s the parent club of the minor-league team or somebody else.

    LI Joe – I don’t think so. If we gave him $2M to play from January to whenever, then $2M would count against the season cap if he is on the roster for that whole time. However, I’m not sure if it would count $2M or ~$4M against the daily cap number under which the total team salary has to be.

  59. as far as signing somebody to a contract 1/2 way through the year… An example would be like a 4M contract to Shanny. The contract would be for 1 YEAR, 4M. But, he’s only playing 1/2 the year, so that contract only counts for 2M, and he’s only paid for 2M. But since there aren’t contracts for X amount of months, its a 4M contract for the entire year, but its halved in reality.

  60. “sure he had a bad year last year but most of you are willing to give naslund, redden, zherdev a chance when they have had off years last year (naslund/redden), the year before (zherdev), or the last couple years (redden), why doesn’t prucha get that same clean slate?”

    Ummm…a bad/down year for Naslund was 25 goals; Redden had what, 37 points as a D-man…the bad year for Prucha was 7 goals. And, you really aren’t comparing the talents of Zherdev and Prucha, are you?

  61. that didnt sound right… the better way to ask would be… is there a website that broadcasts Rangers games?

  62. i love now this is Renney’s team, now he can coach cause the last 3 years dont count in his mind.

  63. I think Shanny is gonna retire. Someone would’ve snatched him up by now. Look, the guy was awesome, but he’s very slow and unfortunately brittle. He’ll be remembered as a Wing, but anytime he comes to the Garden for the rest of his life, instant cheers.

  64. spider – ok i thoght you were saying his annual salary would be $ 2 mm so 1/2 season was $ 1 mm.

    him getting an annual rate of $ 4 mm even for 1/2 a yr is far too much i still maintain. although someone would do it I am saying its way overpaying.

    re the daily number i think that only counts for the next season like i mentioned happened to Anaheim. If a team at the deadline trades for 2 $ 6 mm men whose contracts are ending after that yr the provision you are talking about does not count unless the prorated amt left in the current season puts them over the top for the current season. in this example say each of the 2 $ 6 mm men prorated amt might be $ 2 mm each. as long as the total of the 2 prorated plus all salaries to date that season and expected for remaining of season for all players was lower than the current yrs cap.

    it would not matter if the annualized basis of the current group was over the cap for the current year. it would matter if they had enough guys signed for the following season including in my example the current guys traded for. if the total for the following year was higher than that yrs cap then that team is not in compliance for the current yr. again that is what tripped up Anaheim last yr. and why they were forced to trade mcDonald for Weight and since Weight was not signed for the following season they were ok under the cap for the current yr and the following yr.

  65. Adam and his apple on

    i dont get why everybody wants shanahan back, he aint comin back guys, the season starts on saturday, get over it, its better off this way, its drury and gomez’ team, and i gotta say, im happy we have 2 americans leading the way

  66. adam – you might be right. I’ll try to better control my enthusiasm for Shanny coming back.

  67. NO BETTS!!!!!

    I might bring that sign to the game on oct 10. The guy has no value and if renney says one more time gettin scoring from all 4 lines is important then betts cant play. Is renney running from office with all this double speak.

  68. Adam and his apple on

    orr and betts are staples on that 4th line, as long as we get somewhat balanced scoring on the top 3 lines its ok to have a defensive minded bruising 4th line, you can never underestimate how important it is to have one of the top heavyweights in the league and an effective penalty killer respectively.

    everybody will have their role

    if you look at tapes of our powerplay last year and this year in the preseason there is a stark difference between how quickly they move the puck, last year they were too deliberate and deferred too much to the future hall of famers (jagr shanny), with them gone we can finally play like a team

  69. Rismiller will be cut loose. He doesn’t appear to be worth the cap space he would take up.

  70. listen, Shanny aint stupid he is one the smartest guys in the NHL. There is no way something is not going on and he is just sitting on his couch. Something already has taken place or he would be gone. I for one dont care anymore i am ready to be at the garden with or without him. But i know he knows what he is doing.

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