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To hear Tom Renney on a conference call just now, it sounds like he has his mind made up on what he wants to do with both his captain selection and his final roster cuts. He just isn’t ready to make those decisions public.

Renney reiterated that he will announce his captain selection before the first Tampa game on Saturday, but that it probably won’t be tomorrow. He was pressed on Chris Drury’s performance since pretty much everyone is now expecting Drury to be the guy to wear the “C”, but the coach didn’t tip his hand.

“Leadership doesn’t fall into the category of one game,” Renney said of Drury, who came up with two huge goals today against Metallurg. “All of us understand his ability to lead, but as I mentioned before, he’s not the only one who can lead this team.”

As for his three remaining cuts, Renney said the past two games didn’t confuse his decisions, but they didn’t clarify anything, either — whatever that means. The most glaring example of where today might have had an impact one way or the other was with Dan Fritsche, who could have been a bubble player before today but who scored a big goal to pull the Rangers back within one.

My guess is that the three remaining cuts are Miika Wiikman, Corey Potter and Brian Fahey, but that’s just one yahoo speculating.

“I know what I’d like to do and I’ll talk to Glen in the morning,” Renney said.

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    They’ll replay the game in Rangers in 60, as well as show the clips on MSGNY tonight. Also will play the highlights some time tonight on the video selection, probably tonight or tomorrow.

    Dru should be capo, i just don’t see Gomer as the Capo. Who knows, maybe Dru will take it, then when his contract is up, maybe Dubi will get it, but im getting waaay ahead of myself, but that would sure be sweet.

    I agree with the poster on the last post. This team might just SUCK, so either way you look at it, its not good that we went down 3-0, and took 38 minutes more or less to score a goal. But it was nice to see them have a great 3rd period. Hopefully this team is ready to go on Saturday, and Sunday.

  2. I think it will be 1 forward in addition to 1 dman and of course the 3rd goalie but think 3rd goalie can be around in case in Prague.

    On forward I think it will be Korpikoski since he can be sent down without waivers. but that can be very bad for his morale.

    if it’s any other they should try to deal the guy since if waived will either be claimed or will have to stay in ahl all season since can’t risk claimed and 1/2 cap hit. maybe Sather will find frequent trading partner Edm or Phoenix.

    if they send down a guy other than Korpikoski I think it will be Sjostrom who didn’t play.

  3. Actually, they are playing the full game at 8:00 first.

    Sam – You left out a *mind* up there in the first sentence.

    It must be too late over there for Renney to formulate his thoughts and put them into big words. He’d rather confuse you with simple words right now. I am fairly certain that seven defensemen will be on the roster, hoping for Potter, even if it means that he has to miss some games, because it will be more in the forefront of Renney’s mind that he can use Potter when someone else is struggling. In the same sense, it will be on the defensemen’s minds to keep playing hard. Obviously, that leaves a tough decision on the forwards, since anybody but Korpikoski would have to pass through waivers, and he should be in the opening night lineup. If Sjostrom was playing today, I didn’t notice him. Prucha showed some chemistry with the likes of Dubinsky and Callahan. Rissmiller showed that he can play defense. It’s likely going to come down to one of those three being waived, unless a trade is already in discussion.

  4. wiikman, yes

    fahey, yes

    potter…i’m not so sure about

    i really don’t see anything from rissmiller that warrants keeping him…if he has to pass through waivers, send him down and let someone else pay his salary

  5. onecupin67years on

    I think Renney has to get Glen’s permission to name a Cap’t.
    As is Glen’s method of decision making whether it draft choices or capt.Glen will put the names in a circle and spin his stogie and wherever it stops ,will be capt.

  6. they should try to trade Rissmiller and Potter deserves to make the team…

    they still have some young talent in Hartford in case…

  7. Make a trade. Rangers have too many middling youngsters. 100 3rd and 4th liners and 7th defensemen for 1 young sniper. ‘Cause I’m sure other teams will go for that. We can hope.

  8. Fahey is almost a definite cut in my mind. Potter I think showed a lot in the Bern game, looked very mobile and showed that he can step up into the play without being a liability. Package that with his physicality that everyone already knew about, and he belongs in the lineup. Carry Kalinin as a 7th D and dress Potter everyday… just because Sather’s paying Kalinin doesn’t mean he has to play.

    Hoping Rissmiller becomes the last cut on offense and the Korpikoski makes the team, which he completely deserves. I don’t see a lot of teams rushing out for a guy like Rissmiller, especially for $1M… if Parenteau cleared waivers, I don’t know why Riss wouldn’t.

  9. Why is every Rangers writer so scared to question publically why Blair Betts is on the team and why his spot is so secure when there are so many penalty killer who are more talented and more physical?

  10. Trade Prucha and Betts for a 2nd rounder. Potter outplayed Mara for 6th spot, so Mara is 7th IMO.

    Keep the rest of the forwards for now and see how they do in the first 10 games or so.

    Betts is absolutely redundant and not needed. Great faceoffs my ass he was only 50.3% last season.

  11. BTW the facts were really weak, Magnitogorsk has a population of about 400,000 not 250,000, and it is much closer to Europe than Omsk is, so why were they all gushing about it?

    Nobody likes switching Dawes and Naslund?

  12. Naslund Gomez Drury
    Dawes Dubinsky Zherdev
    Prucha Korpedo Callahan

    Voros Fritche Sjostrom
    Orr, Betts, Rissmiller

    I like the looks of those first 3 lines for speed purposes. And we have more people that will go to the front of the net besides Voros. We have Drury living there, and Callahan and Prucha have been there a lot too.

    The two fourth lines could be switched depending on who we are playing. The first when we are playing a more speed team and the other when we are playing a more physical team. I don’t like having to decide. We should just trade some people. I don’t dislike Blair Betts, but I feel like we can replace him with others that we already have here.

    And also, that third line of Prucha Korpedo Callahan looked great today. They were all over the place. I would like to see it together to start the season.

  13. BOB

    Jeez, shut up already. You hate Betts, i don’t hate him, but i don’t want him on the team, your not the only one, but you keep bringing it up non friggin stop. I think after the 17th post aboot it, we all get it. Enough already. Don’t you have anything else Ranger related to talk aboot, besides trading that guy ?

  14. Maybe you get it, but Weinman, Renney, and Sather don’t seem to get it.

    Why weren’t Rissmiller and Fritsche tried at center during any of the preseason games?

  15. I think Korpikoski definitely makes this team. I agree that there will probably be a trade of 1 offensemen (probably Prucha or Sjostrom)to a team like Vancouver or LA or something for a prospect or draft pick.

    Fahey wins out over Potter for the 7th D-man purely because of the “waivers issue”. I do think Mara has played good for us so far this year though.

    With Kalinin and Mara only on 1 year contracts, i will guarantee that Sanguenetti and Potter make the starting roster next year!!!

  16. We are keeping 3 forwards. Potter should stay in Hartford because he needs to keep developing. Rissmiller provides more than anyone here thinks and he should make the team and play a decent amount this year. I mean the guy had 22 points two years ago and 17 last year playing 4th line minutes. I know people say they haven’t seen him on the ice much, but thats his game. He’s a quiet role guy who will throw a big hit and is defensively responsible. He has decent hands and can make some solid passes, plus he gets garbage goals.

    Think about it, would you rather not see him or see him keep screwing up? Exactly.

  17. Eh I think we can pretty much call Sjostrom a draft bust. The guy is fast and can score some pretty awesome goals, but his lack of consistency kills him.

    BTW, I forgot to mention this in my last post, but Potter will probably stay in HFD just because its not worth having him rot away behind Mara and Kalinin since they will play over him. He’d be eased into the team but if hes sitting for most of the time, its awful for his development. I’d say showcase Prucha and Sjostrom now, then deal them in December or something so you have room to bring up a D-man like Fahey or Potter as a 7th man. Also Kalinin has a history of being hurt all the time so Potter can take his spot if that happens, although he is nowhere near as good of a puck mover as Dmitri.

  18. I just watched the game on msg and i gotta say I officially love this 08-09 team im sure on saturday they will test that love but right now im happy as a happy kitten.

    The passion i saw from dru in this game making 100% deserving of the captaincy. I always thought last year that dru should be playing the wing. thats why he wasnt as much of a goal scorer last year because he was playing center and he was working to set his wingers up. when he was a big time scorer in buffalo and colorado it was because he was playing the wing.

  19. I dont know why we signed all these 3rd and 4th liners anyway in the beginning. I hate to day it but I think sjo needs to go. I think Voros should be playing everyday. He has been pretty good in the preseason and we need some size. Against the European small teams we did fine but against the bigger teams we are going to get pushed around. Trade prucha and sjo somewhere and it will give you voros on the third line where he should be and put frische betts orr and rissmiller on the 4th line and have room to keep the 7th defensemen.

  20. We signed these 4th liners because they are quality players that fit under the cap. I was pretty happy when I saw we signed Voros and Rissmiller just because I always watched the Sharks last year and got into watching the Wild. Rissmiller was just a quality player and Voros looked really good and is just a funny guy who can get under peoples skin. Also he sits in front all day long. Watching him play on the 1st line and be able to keep up with Gabby was pretty cool to see.

  21. Sjostrom didn’t play against Metallurg, against Bern he looked good.

    Potter will not rot for long as a 7th defenseman, injuries will happen, he is almost guaranteed at least 50 games as a 7th defenseman.

  22. I don’t like the idea of Voros on any line other than the 4th because he didn’t show me great scoring touch, but he will get some garbage goals on the 4th energy line.

  23. Dawes had chemistry with Drury and Gomez. Naslund had chemistry with Zherdev. Dawes does not have chemistry with Zherdev. Naslund, Gomez, and Drury all wore “A” and are all on the same line? Can Renney do the simple math and logic or do I have to spell out for him to try Dawes with Gomez and Drury and try Naslund with Dubinsky and Zherdev?

  24. ORR: “Potter isn’t making the team. I bet my right nut. It just wont happen.”

    what if Potter makes it? then what? What we’ll do with your right nut? Trade it for cash? Or give it to Puha so he’ll have more balls for his confidence to score… lol (i kid i kid…)

    on more serious note… i feel bad for my countrymen… they saw those 100 g’s disappear on the Callys stick… good game though… I thought Metallurg will take Rangers back to school… but… we live to fight another day… October 4th … don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  25. “Call my wife. Tell her no buy BMW yet.”

    This line was classic. It made me spit out my Dr Pepper! Classic!

  26. I bets ORR’s left nut that Betts is not getting an “A” or a “C”. Redden definitely might get the “A”. There isn’t much point giving Gomez the “A” if he will mostly play with Drury.

    Betts is the only player left that I despise. The rest I am ok with.

  27. Bob – I was just saying the A with humor. I definitely agree that the guy gets too much of a pass. And if they carry 14 or even 15 forwards he should not be playing all 82. Should be in the rotation to take a breather.

  28. I still say they should rotate 4th lines.

    Sjostrom-Fritsche-Voros for fast teams
    Rissmiller-Betts-Orr when we need a fighter

  29. jonny are you advocating 15 forwards and 6 dmen. if and that’s a big if they start out with 15 forwards they will not stay that way for long.

  30. no it won’t, but my plan would be to showcase off prucha and/or sjostrom and try to deal them for a pick or prospect. Then bring up fahey as a 7th d-man since he’s pretty much hit his peak and Potter is still growing. We have 15 NHL caliber forwards so we can’t send them down. We might as well try to get something for one of them.

  31. Probably the most exciting finish to a preseason game I’ve ever seen. (didn’t read posts in last thread, just above)

    Hank doesn’t look like Hank yet. Surprisingly, that’s the only position I’m worried about not being ‘regular season ready’.

    Don’t know what to do with Potter. The kid can definitely play. Could just be a victim of numbers…for now.

    I really hope Korpi makes the team, but again…victim of numbers is a possibility.

    Drury for Captain. Gomer gets an ‘A’. Other ‘A’ to Dubi! Well, he may have to wait a few years…so possibly Rozy? I don’t really give a sh*t who gets the other one really.

    I still don’t ‘get’ Rissmiller. Johnny, you’ve watched him, and endorse his play. Those games are on too late for me! If I’m basing a decision on the preseason games that I’ve personally watched…he doesn’t make the team, and I don’t care if he plays in the AHL, gets claimed on waivers, or gets hit by a bus. Of course I haven’t seen him play in ‘real’ competition, haven’t see what he’s done in camp, in the lockerroom (hopefully no dancing like the player that shall not be named). So I can’t really make an honest judgement on the fella with such limited exposure to his play.

    At the same time, as I said a week or so ago…It’s possible to just have a good camp. The same goes for every single player. And it works in the reverse also.

    Excited to see a game played that counts in a few days.

  32. If there is gonna be any trade scenario, i think it will be before the season starts. Not carrying 7 D-men will hurt the Rangers (with Kalinin being injury prone), we should just part with one of our depth guys now and keep Fahey or Potter on the roster.

    If we wait and trade a depth player, wouldnt the person we call up to replace him be subject to waivers once the season starts?? Its not worth the risk, Prucha was like a 6th round draft pick when we selected him. We got a lot of mileage out of him, and if we can turn around and maybe still get a “conditional” 2nd or 3rd round pick for him now, he will have more then exceeded expectations when originally drafted him

  33. Careful what you wish for Orr. Kiwi size make it tough to sit down. It’s a daily struggle for me. ;)

    Hey….think for a second of that Metallurg defenseman that gave the puck away to cally. He cost everyone on that team $100k each. He better hope to sign a fat contract soon, cause he’ll be paying out $2.4mil of his own money!

  34. I can not wait for the games this weekend. I have a feeling the Lightning are not going to be the laughing stock that many believe they will be. They will play us strong, and I hope we can take both games.

  35. I gotta hand it to the guys at on this one. This is hysterical.

    “Season Preview: New York Islanders

    Key Additions: Low Expectations, Doug Weight, Frustration, Mark Streit, Bionic Hips, A Kid From Minnesota Named “The Only Reason To Watch”.

    Key Losses: Hope, Respect, Native Canadian Indian Quota, Defensive Responsibility, Lucifer.”

  36. LMAO @ *Native Canadian Indian Quota* and *Lucifer*

    In case anybody here isn’t reading Puck Daddy, here’s a great “save” by Price last night. I put it in quotation marks because the puck was likely going wide and Holmstrom did not look like he could put it in, but it’s amazing nonetheless (link in name).

  37. wow, that was a nice save. Not so much a save, but just having the ‘whereabouts’ to not quit on the play when he couldn’t see the puck.

  38. Best part of that “save’ was how after he made it and Holmstrom ( who I believe is part Troll) was pushed down in front of him Price crushed his head into the ice…makes me feel warm all over

  39. I will go ahead and eat some crow after watching the game last night.

    A very inspiring win for this team of “strangers”, who may just be able to use yesterdays comeback as a way of bonding together and moving forward.

    I saw guys smiling and yapping with one another as they lined up on their blueline after the game. Guys who are new to New York were yuking it up with guys who just got here. Great to see them taking a team picture together with a trophy in front of them, I think this could be something to build from.

    Callahan an Drury both with big games, Prucha was involved, Redden looked more comfortable. Korpikoski looks like he is getting more and more comfortable out there.

    The power play looked real good as the game went along. Although there seems to be a lack of intensity on the power play sometimes, overall it looked better.

    Dawes looks a step slow.

  40. Good job Kaspar! I didn’t notice that. Holmstrom must be part-something-other-than-human to take such a beating in front of the net during his career.

  41. Yesterday’s game was fun to watch. Metallurg were definitely a solid team, and I think they’d give a lot of NHL teams problems. That said, you could still see that the Rangers were superior in all facets of the game, and when they had to turn it on, they did, and dominated.

    Drury, maybe for the first time as a Ranger, really stood out to me. I think he’s more suited to play the wing. He can be more active and look to finish, rather than set plays up. His “F— Yeah, let’s go boys!” after the first goal (you could read his lips) was really encouraging. I think he had trouble fitting in last year with Jagr and Avery…he never got that fired up, even after a big goal. Well, it’s now him and Gomez’s team, and they need to step up and bring that sort of energy EVERY NIGHT. If they do, I’ll be much more confident in this team going forward.

  42. beer – it could be worse than being the guy who gave up the puck. could be like the soccer player from Colombia who put in own goal vs the US. he was killed I think by drug dealers relatively soon after.

  43. Weinman, your cuts are mathematically impossible. The three of them will not cover our cap deficit – they’ll be around 500k short.

  44. ahhhh yes yes i do own that left nut of orrs ….looks a lil lumpy in my pants right now , but hey i sure got balls!!!!

    Rangers win was awsome …i can’t believe how suspensful a preseason game could be ….awsome!!

  45. Didn’t read all the posts but the assertion that we should dump prucha ie. scratch, is ridiculous. Am I frustrated with prucha? Absolutely. Is he currently a better option than any of the rookies who will make the team in place? Yes!
    As for switching Dawes to the top line with Gomez and Drury (suggested by bob), and moving Naslund down with Dubinksy and Zherdev I think that this might work! Dawes is a pure goal scorer at heart. He is not a play maker as much as he is a finisher/potential finisher. He needs to develop confidence and to play with good set-up men. Given a chance on the top line I believe he could flourish. I really think that Dawes can thrive with the responsibility of a first line winger and that he can be a sniper with gomez as the set up man, and drury in front looking for the rebound. Also putting naslund on the second line adds some more experience/depth and potential offensive dominance to the line. I like it! Thouhts?

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