Final dress rehearsal before the curtain rises for real


We’ll be chiming in with live updates on the Victoria Cup, so those of you who are unable to get in front of a TV at 1:30, feel free to check back here often. It’s simply part of my job to limit America’s productivity.

Meanwhile, a quick plug for those of you who won’t be in Prague: The new Last Licks Ice Cream store in Rye Brook will be commemorating its grand opening with an appearance by former Rangers goaltender (and future U.S. senator?) Mike Richter. Richter will be there to cut the ribbon, sign autographs, and introduce the new ice cream flavor named in his honor, “Ricky Road” (described as “a delightful blend of Oreo cookies, chocolate chunks, caramel and almonds in a vanilla-based ice cream”).

Proceeds go to Riverkeeper, an environmental advocacy group for the Hudson River.

One small problem: the ribbon-cutting is schedule for 1, which is right in the middle of the season-opener against the Lightning. So what’s it going to be — the Rangers of the past or the present?

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  1. If Nyr wins this, do they get to skate around the ice with some sort of trophy. That would make me feel a whole lot better aboot myself.

    Either way, im looking forward to this game, i wanna see a good, fun game. I don’t think we’ll dominate like yesterday, but i just wanna see a win. Hopefully Korpedo scores a hat trick in one last attempt to prove he can make the team.

  2. Poor planning.

    Ag – That’s part of the reason why I don’t see a space for Prucha. I would like to have Voros on the third line, and with Callahan and Korpikoski, there would be no space. Maybe Korpikoski will still be sent down yet (would be a mistake), and Callhan could play center there, with Prucha on the right.

  3. I think the flying Korpedo has already gotten himself into the lineup for the opener and hopefully for the full year. This guy looks like he ha a huge upside and they should give him a chance of showing everyone his talents. I think he is one guy Ranger fans are excited about.

  4. Both Dru and Gomez have A’s… Redden has the third, wathcing the replay form yesterday

    beer, got ya


    if lauri is only going to get third line minutes it might be better for him to go to Hartford and continue developing with top six minutes though… same with Potter and Sanguinetti etc… with Pru the damage is unfortunately done, but if there can’t be enough minutes for him then Lauri should be allowed to develop, and maybe come up whenever a space opens.

    I don’t think Pru should be put into the top six based on anythign but performance. If he earns the spot hegoes there. I don’t want anything set… I don’t think the kids should have been fighting for the seventh sd spot, I tought thye should be fighting for the sixth (becuase I say leave Rozi with Staal I think Rozsival is a fine d man and he will do better when he doesn’t have to be the number one offensive and defensive d man… just one and he can handle it… thats just my opinion, we’ll see.) It looks like Girardi is with Redden, and for what he’s being paid he wi end up with major mintues and he better be solid…

    I like Mara (if his shooting accuracy gets better then 1%), but I don’t know Kalinin, as far as I’m concerned he should be fighting for his slot, maybe Fahey or Potter could get it, then they ould stay.

    If Lauri earns a top six spot by al means keep him up, but if not let him play in Hartford and ge tthe minutes, that means Pru joins the energy line… not built around him, thats just how I see it fitting…

  5. btw… where is this icecream shop… does anyone know? I have some stuff I want Richter to sign… and it would be easier to go there then carry it with me to the garden all the time…

  6. the guys im pulling for to make it are korpikoski, potter, voros, and fritsche. the 2 out of those that i really realy wanna see make it are korpi(hes def earned it!) and potter. it was cool yesterday to see them talk about how potter can not only make it but can be pushing for the 6th spot let alone the 7th.

  7. I really think they need to give Prucha a shot on the top 2 lines to see if he can do anything. I like him and he has skill, but they need to give him a chance to see if he can get back to his 20-30 goal self. I like these combinations:



    See how it works with Drury on the wing and i think that 3rd line can be a real energy line. All guys are fast and can move the puck well.

  8. Agr – I don’t think that “3rd line minutes” are as limited as you may believe. Let’s not forget how important it is for Renney to roll FOUR lines, let alone 3.

    It seemed like everyday last year people were crying that Jags only got 18min, and the 3rd line got 15. It’s pretty balanced in NY, and I don’t think it would hurt Korpi at all. Guys don’t stay healthy all year (VERY lucky in NY last year). And he can play the wing or center. And would probably see 2nd unit pp time.

  9. Prucha looked very good on 1 or 2 powerplays, but that is because it wasn’t NHL competition and NHL teams know how to easily neutralize Prucha and on top of that he failed to score yet again.

    Blair Betts continues to play like useless garbage.

    Sjostrom looked pretty good. I think Sjostrom and Fritsche are very similar players, I don’t think we need both. Not yet sure which is worth keeping.

    I would have prefered if Staal was rested today and Betts was scratched.

    Why do we need Betts when we got plenty of centers that can win faceoffs and at least 10 penalty killing forwards, all of whom are a lot more skilled and many are a lot more physical than Betts.

  10. beer, it seemed that way but it wasn’t… the third line was where Pru was last season… they averaged 8-7 minutes a game and that was generous… the fourth line players… Betts and Hollweg got more minutes becuase he used them so often. that is what I am afraid of. I was checking toI stats almost every game (yes I am that sad) becuase I was annoyed Prucha wasn’t getting the minutes to try and return to form (which I really think he can do) I like Korp, and I don’t wan thim buried like Pru was . I liek Gordon’s lines above, excpet keep Staal with Rozsival and Girardi with Redden (imo)

    And if Potter doesn’t get the sixth spot put him in Hartford where he can play…

  11. Yeah, Korpkoski should get 12-15 minutes on the third line if he can play on the PK. He probably won’t make the power play out of the gate since we use two defensemen on each unit now. Third line minutes for the Rangers will be much better for everyone involved than first line minutes with Hartford, except for maybe his potential linemates in Hartford not benefitting from his skill. :)

  12. Wish you could have made it to europe Sam, having to rely on Dubi, only for him to tell me there’s news but only if I want to pay for it, is infuriating beyond belief

  13. I’ll back off my third line fears though, maybe they will be better balanced now, I dunno, but there were plenty of times I checked and the third liners (when Pru and Dawes were stuck on the third line) got 8 maybe 9 minutes… but yea, if he pk’s that will get him more time atleast.. if he is goign to get 12-15 minutes then its fine, but not if he only would get 8 or 9…

  14. Agr – You are obviously ‘attached’ to Prucha. There’s not a chance that Drury playing on the 3rd line saw 7-8 minutes. Maybe prucha did because he’s not defensive minded enough to kill penalties, and (I agree may have been a mistake) was not on the pp.

    So PRUCHA may have only gotten 7-8 minutes, but not the ‘3rd line’.

  15. beer,

    I was checking him and Dawes, and your right, it was affected by them not pking when on the third line. I wasn’t worried about Dru becuase I saw him getting minutes, I noticed Dawes and Pru were not getting minutes.

    There was also a stretch where the line was Dawes Dubi and Pruch, then they got about 10 minutes a game, and I relaly liekd the energy of the line, but it soon was changed and both Pru and Dawes mintues went down, and Dawes was shuffled all over the place etc…

  16. And with a much deeper team this year, counting on scoring from 4 lines, it will look much different in the post-jagr era. A speedy team is only speedy when they’re not tired.

  17. “There was also a stretch where the line was Dawes Dubi and Pruch, then they got about 10 minutes a game, and I relaly liekd the energy of the line, but it soon was changed and both Pru and Dawes mintues went down, and Dawes was shuffled all over the place etc…”

    Changed because ‘captain primadonna’ wanted a different center. This team will be so much more balanced with no #68

  18. I don’t mean to turn in into a Jagr-Prucha bashing. But it’s hard to talk about the latter, when the former had so much influence on line combo’s.

  19. yes beer, now I like dJagr, but that is furhter proof that a line can’t be built around one player… Renney needed to put his foot down and set some lines


    I hope they let some consistency build here with lines and don’t shuffle all the time… and yea I would liek to see the lines get even (or more even) time, especially if we are so deep with skill…

  20. What is with this obsession with getting Prucha in the lineup? The fact is, Prucha isn’t all that good. Sure he had a great first season right after the lockout, but everyone forgets that at the end of the year in both his first two seasons, he faded. What was he a 6th round pick? Look the fact of the matter is Prucha benefitted from the league changing the rules and making it tougher on guys that hooked and held. It opened up the ice so much more for him and guys weren’t throwing the body like in previous years.

    Now that the NHL has evolved (and will continue to), guys are much more physical and are closing down the ice a bit. For a guy that skates with his head down and is a one dimensional player, hes going to be destroyed. I love Prucha, but hes not that good. You won’t see 30 goals out of him ever again, probably not even 20.

    Korpedo on the other hand was a 1st round pick that had raw talent that he needed to work on. He’s bigger, a much better all-around player, and hes a great passer. Thats one thing thats overlooked with him is his ability to create his own play by moving around and finding open men. If he can’t find someone open, he can take the puck to the net and put it in. Prucha is purely a shooter. His passing is average at best and because he never has his head up, he doesn’t know where people are.

    If Korpedo plays 3rd line minutes with Voros and Callahan, you can bet he’ll play. I don’t think Renney will be playing the 4th line for like 15 minutes or anything like last year. Although, our 4th line is so much more offensively talented by losing Hollweg since Sjostrom, Rissmiller, and Fritsche are all pretty solid with the puck.

  21. Prucha SUCKS. He went from 30g (all thanks to an actually-I’m-trying-this-year Jagr) to SEVEN. Dump him for a 2057 9th round conditional pick for all I care.

    Slats should’ve jumped on Ouellet.

  22. i hope these graphics are gonna stick around for a bit… i dont like the football pp clock but its definitely a step up… lol…

    cant wait for the game today!

  23. “Renney needed to put his foot down and set some lines”

    Instead he decided to keep his job. Didn’t take Jags too long to get his new coach fired eh?

  24. Just a thought, I see Prucha playing into December then Sather dealing him plus 1 or 2 of his 1 mil off season signings (Riss/Fritsche) to make room for Sundin. If the Rangers are wallowing at .500 and not making any noise, that move would not be argued.

  25. This it to AG who thinks Korpi should go back to hartford if he doesnt earn a top 6 spot. I think your nuts. The kid busted his @#$% off he deserves it.

    Did you know Korpi has developed the past 2 seasons. He is ready 3rd line play. Third line mins will be good for the kid on the NHL level. You dont rush him to the top 2 lines so fast which is why the third line would be a perfect start for Korpi.

    Which line did Dubi start out on last season? Look how he worked his way up throughout the season.

  26. Fritsche wasn’t a 1 mil signing. Voros and Rissmiller were. I’m pretty sure Fritsche makes less than that.

  27. Another thing if waited for every ranger prospect to be second line worthy they would rot away in hartford.

    Have to use the kids at somepoint.

  28. I got no problem with Korpedo playing the 3rd line. That’s where he belongs. Lets not get to cracy aboot the kid, he might just be a 10 goal scorer for all we know. We cant just pop him on the top two lines.

    Putting him on the 3rd line wont hurt him. Monty even said he’d rather play 10 NHL games than 70 AHL games. The players don’t wanna be stuck in the AHL there whole life when they know they can play in the NHL. Look at Dawes, up, down, up, down, he should have stayed up, but there was no room. He started on the 3rd line, sometimes 4th line, and proved he can play at this level scoring big goals, against goalies like Broduer, etc.

    Point being, Korpedo BETTER make this team. I cant see how he doesn’t.

  29. Chris? If you read what I said I was afraid he would be getting no minutes thats why I would rather him go to the AHL. Same with Potter and Sanguinetti if they aren’t going to get quality minutes then I don’t want to stall his development. If Rennye is going to rotate three lines then I’m the firt to say YAY!! because we have plenty of exciting players… but if he is going to get less then ten minutes a game and be shuffled all over then I think he would do better to be developing in Hartford and be a first call up…

    I have no problem with him being on the third line if they get minutes!

  30. DanTheRangerFan on

    Haha couldnt stop laughing when I read this…I couldn’t have said it better… Good post New Newman

    New Newman
    October 1st, 2008 at 7:52 am
    Dr. House…Do you and your dad do bong hits together? You made some posts in the past week or so that I just said, “Ahh, whatever, too early in the season to challenge people.” And then you go out and say that you and your pops think Shanny is going to skate onto the ice having not skated in one preseason game (or even a practice for that matter) and is going to be wearing the “C”? Holy Cow. You actually truly believe this is even a 1 in 100 chance? Are you more than 12 years old? Do you still try to catch Santa Claus dropping presents at your house for Christmas? I expect Shanny to show up in a red and blue outfit with the letter “S” on his chest. He won’t skate in though. He’ll actually fly in and around the arena a handful of times before settling down at mid-ice and doing his best John Amirante impression by singing the national anthem. Doesn’t everyone? Clown!

  31. Orr,

    I’m sure he would rather play any NHL minutes rather then many AHL minutes, but I don’t want his decelopment to stall.. If you asked Potter he may say he wants to be the 7th d amn rather then go to the AHL, thats all fair btu thats when the coach steps up and says it may annoy you but go back down and get minutes and continue to develop rather then be wasted on the bench, again I’m ging by the fact that alst year some players got very few minutes on the third line… and we all see Prucha’s development stalled (or levelled off if you think he was never good anyway) I like what I’ve seen form Korpi, so I’d rather see him coninue developing then be wasted on the bench and get no minutes…

    again if they really will give a good amount of minutes on the third line then go for it! I said wait for him to be on the top two lines becuase I was afraid he would not get any good minutes thats it.

  32. Cherepanov and Jagr have been tearing it up for Avangard for the past 4 games, on different lines no less…nice to see the kid progressing

  33. AG korpi is developed. He must stay and dont be afraid of min’s he wont get the kid is that good and playing time wont be a problem.

    Remember the wuss Jagr is gone now. The top two lines could be 1a & 1b. The lines will be more ballanced.

    Ill also add its time for Prucha to go. The guy just cant skate with his head up. Something other teams playing us in his rookie year never caught on to. Watch Prucha on the boards next time he plays and notice 9 out of times that puck is striped from him. And he is the anti-christ of Tony Amonte. At least Amonte could get half his shots on the net to make some career for himself but its somthing that wont happen with Prucha.

    Renney should have Colton Orr knock Prucha out in some czech alley so he misses his plane back. Thats if he makes it till Saturday.

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