Week-long trip took months to organize


Here’s my story in today’s paper about “the exhaustive preparations for the swing through Bern and Prague”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080930/SPORTS01/809300410/-1/SPORTS, covering everything from finding the right jet for the trip (the Rangers’ normal jet isn’t big enough and doesn’t have sleeper seats) to bringing over converters for European outlets.

I traded e-mails yesterday with a number of people from the organization who said things were going as well as possible. Of course, they acknowledged the most important part is still to come, and that would even include the exhibition today with SC Bern.

Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin, in Bern to cover the games, says the “Rangers will stick with the same lines”:http://ordinaryleastsquare.typepad.com/blueshirtbulletin/, and that Marc Staal and Paul Mara will sit while Corey Potter and Brian Fahey get perhaps their last chance to make the opening day roster.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Great. Slats gave Sundin an ultimatum and so he can sign Shanny instead.

    I don’t want either player, but I’d prefer Sundin because it would require Sather to trade away one his terrible contracts, hopefully Rozsival.

  2. Hey Sam!

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ;-)

    “Off the ice, Omsk GM Anatoli Bardin, never one to miss an opportunity to name-drop, confirmed speculation by Rangers beat writer Sam Weinman last week that Rangers head coach Tom Renney played a role in Fleming’s recruitment. “As for the appearance of Fleming, the recommendation of New York Rangers head coach Tom Renney played a decisive role in his invitation,” Bardin confirmed. Hopefully the new coach will return the favor by providing Cherepanov with a similarly positive recommendation of Renney and the Rangers organization once the KHL season ends.”


  3. The Rangers may have to sign Sundin just to have some action in the Garden. This team is BORING!!!!!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz

  4. SAM – Any reason that Naslund and Dawes sit today other than the chance to see the ‘bubble players’ get some more ice time?

    Hopefully Korpi doesn’t get tossed in the first 5 minutes again!

  5. hey I got an interesting topic/theory/possiblt thought process…

    Most of our big contracts are front-loaded, right? Like Drury makes closer to 10M in the 1st couple of years in his contract, then down to like 3-4 the last couple. The cap hit is the Average, so its like 7M. Could that be so they can be trade bait the 2nd half of the contracts?

    For instance, LA is a team with little money but needs to hit the cap floor. So, with a contract like Drury’s or (hopefully) Rozie’s, they would only pay like 3M, but get the benefits of a 5-7M contract…

    Not sure if this is REALLY what the Rangars are thinking with these contracts, but that could make a couple of them easier to swallow for now. Well that and I HATE the idea of having Rozie around that long.

  6. Finally someone who is thinking. haha. A lot of people don’t know shit about the CBA around here and how the contracts work, but your thoughts make a lot of sense.

  7. jeeves – Its a big part of the reason that the contracts are front-loaded. Daly was on NHL live yesterday talking about the NHL, NHLPA, CBA.

    Rob – Thanks for reminding me about Dube. I saw that this a.m. and wanted to comment on that.

    Christian Dube came through at a time (late 90’s) that the NYR were a mess in that dept. There’s a list a mile long of players that were drafted between ’95 and ’00 that may have never even played for Binghamton. Malholtra, york, labarbera were the best picks over a 5 year period.

    I’m not saying Dube coulda been a superstar, but it reminds me of a time that we let talent slip by without ever knowing it. Thank god the ENTIRE player development system was retooled early this century.

  8. Anyone heard anything about being able to watch this game online? I’m at work all day and would love to not have to wait till I get home and watch the DVR… too tempting to check the scores and spoil it before then

  9. dang… here I thought I was all insightful and forward thinking and Beer pops my bubble. Thanks buddy. :-)

  10. haha..nah, not at all Jeeves…enjoy your moment! LOl

    Johnny’s right, that a lot of people think that the NHL works like a video game or a fantasy league. Far from it.

  11. Someone even said ‘wait for Gaborik to be a FA on July 1st’. Are you insane? You don’t really think they’d let a guy like that walk. Sure, not everyone has the time to read up on contract talks in the other conference. But come on.

    Minn is trying to get him locked up before next week. And is not opposed to dealing him now, during the season, or at the deadline. But if there EVER was a garuntee in this world, its that he will not be playing in Minn without an extension past the deadline. I’d bet my life on it.

    I’m pretty sure NYR is out of the running for him anyway, and its for the better. He’s looking for 6+ years @ $7mil+/per

  12. Beer – In regards to Gaborik, I think the person was saying if Minn can’t re-sign him, they’d terade him at/before the deadline. That new team might not be able to re-sign him, so next year July, he’d be out there. Like what happened with Hossa this year.

  13. ahhh…a possibility. And an enormus risk.

    Wanna hear something scary if you were a Sens fan?

    “There are three option years attached to the deal with this kicker: as revealed in the Sun, if Alfredsson plays 70 games and gets at least 70 points this season, he has the option to accept $3.8 million (all terms US) for next season or declare himself an unrestricted free agent.

    If he doesn’t hit the 70-70 combo, the Senators have him for $3.8 million, a bargain. But the Senators certainly don’t want to run the risk of having their captain become a free agent.”

  14. WOW, that’s weird. I wonder if they make sure they bench him for 13 games throughout the year, just to make sure he doesn’t hit that trigger?

  15. I don’t watch other teams, but is everybody in love with Gaborik after 1 game vs the Rangers last year? I was more impressed with the defenseman who plastered Prucha, not that that is a rare occurence.

  16. Sam, Dubi says same lines as yesterday that he reported on BB+, which are different than the lines that were used in the last game. One such change is Prucha with Drury & Gomez.

  17. 22 – Gaborik’s a REAL talent in the game… He just is ALWAYS injured so he’s either missing games or he’s not playing at 100%.

    That 5-goal game against the Rangers was just 1 game, but it showed the skill he has, when healthy.

  18. Gaborik IS a talent. Over the past 3 seasons, he’s been BETTER than a point a game. Unfortunately, he can’t stay healthy.

    83 pts in 77 games last season
    57 in 48 the year before
    66 in 65 the year before that.

    too bad for him and his groin.

  19. Not starting anything Beer, but where do you find all of these hockey tidbits? And do you do anything at work? lol

    Good article on Struds….loved that guy last year

  20. This is going to be the worst Ranger team since Kamensky and company. How do they even think that Nasland is going to replace Jagr. Also, Zerdev might score some fancy pants goals but he is no way making up for the way Jagr could control a game. Maybe we can get Kevin Stevens back after his crack rehab. Henrik’s knees worry me too.

    Season didn’t even start and I am getting a stomach ache.

    At the very least, I can DVR the games if I can’t sleep and they will lull me to sleep.

    God help us this season.

  21. kevo – No. I don’t do much at work. And the internet has become an extension of my fingertips. There’s nothing you can’t find, and if you can’t find something to back up what you saw somewhere else…then it’s probably not true in the 1st place.

  22. At least Naslund will play every game, unlike Jagr who decided to try his hardest towards the end. I know Naslund/Zherdev can’t control a game like Jagr but they will both put up at least 25 goals a piece, which Jagr did.

  23. Beer, I agree. I’m usually browsing the internet a lot during work, myself, but you seem to find a lot of hockey info from all over….i think it’s great, keep it coming lol

  24. haha…that’s probably your best bet…i’m addicted too, but mainly focused around the Rangers (and anything affecting them), but usually to pass time during work, and then during the season. This is basically my first time following preseason hardcore….1. bc im not in school anymore, so im working and 2. bc i gave up on one of my other teams (not going to bring it up) a little while ago. Now it’s basically the Rangers and football (G-Men), but I like the Rangers a heck of a lot more

  25. So now Sundin has s shit or get off the pot ulitmatum from Sather?
    And in effect, if he says no, then were ARE re-signing Shanny?
    And if he says yes, Shanny is gone, we ARE signing Sundin, and moving some players to make him fit for his primadonna 1 year deal of 5-7 Million?

    Is this what this means?
    Beer, any help?

  26. Beer Me! – I’m guessing that crazy option on Alfredsson’s deal was on a contract signed before the lockout because I don’t think they allow options at all anymore, which is a big mistake, in my opinion. I have never heard of one like this in any sport though, where you have a contract unless you want to opt out, but given point/game totals. There are opt-outs in basketball and player options in baseball, but nothing like this!

  27. haha Joe…every minute counts!

    mikey, it’s really all rumors. Unless you see an ‘official release’, there’s a good chance its someone trying to sell a paper. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    But I will say that it’s very suspicious that Shanny would wait this long to sign with another team.

  28. Oh noes! Al Trautwig and Joe are calling the game! The only worse nightmare would be Doc and Chico! Sam Rosen must be too important to the NFL on FOX even during this time of bye weeks. :(

  29. Beer Me! – Maybe you could follow along the blog as you watch the game on DVR!

    This is actually the first whole game I am watching this preseason after watching the first five “in 60” and stopped watching the sixth game at 4-0. I’m excited!

    The benches are in a really weird place, in the defensive zone as it stands now. I wonder what happens in the second period, if they change sides and benches or don’t change anything.

    Wow, Voros’s first time in Europe, ever.

  30. Great pinch by Girardi to lift the puck over the glove for the power play goal. They started to play the Rangers goal song, but stopped it after a few seconds!

  31. According to the broadcast, Renney said the captain will be decided by him in the next couple of days.

    Some soft penalty calls against Bern, but the Rangers are clearly the better team anyway, as they should be. 2-0 after 1, and only one commercial break! No TV timeouts.

  32. forwards sitting are Naslund Dawes and Rissmiller. they have 15 forwards and play tomorrow as well after which team will go down to 24 players with extra from 23 being a 3rd goalie. I think they currently have 26 so 1 forward and 1 dman will be sent down waived or traded.

  33. Nice shot by Redden. Hopefully we see more of that. Also, im loving Dru on Gomer’s wing, i think its great, and if Mats does come over, then he can play on the 2nd line, and Dubi can go back to the 3rd with Korpedo, and Cally, and hopefully it means the end of Rozi.

    He had a nice chance but couldn’t get the puck to stop bouncing. He’s passed up a few shots, and finally connected on his first shot of the pre season.

    I actually feel bad with these soft goals. I wanna see this game played fairly, but the refs just plain suck these days.

  34. Team looks good, which they should. But I’m more impressed with the chemistry. This trip is definately helping that out, but everyone seems to know where the other guys are and they move the puck exceptionally well. Our speed is being shown too. Now hopefully some of you guys see that we are fast and physical instead of thinking we are a soft team with no talent.

    I’m not even worried about the score or whatever, just the fact that these guys are looking good playing together.

  35. Baldwig is an incompetant boob in every way. No wonder Dolan loves him so much. Ahh a Dube sighting. Is Daniel Goneau far behind? Gomez no surprise is flying on this big ice. Drury looks way better on the wing than he looked at Center. The Swiss team sucks and blows at the same time. As do the refs.

  36. I wouldn’t put much stock in the Sundin rumors coming out of Canada. They ran out of real rumors so now they are making stuff up. Al Strahacan built his career on bullspit rumors.

  37. Bad news: Drury hurt his left arm on a penalty kill shot block.
    Good news: Korpikoski looks like he is good enough to make the team, whether it is straight out of preseason or being the first call-up.

  38. prucha does look good but he needs to start finishing… hes on a line with dru and gomer… i think if he doesnt start to finish then hes finished…
    no excuse not to put something on the board playing with those 2…

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