A misleading gauge?


I hate to be the glass half-empty guy here because it’s still riveting stuff seeing the Rangers in this electric European atmosphere. But given the time and space afforded them against a clearly inferior Bern team, you have to wonder if this is counterproductive preparation for when the NHL really starts on Saturday.

Yes, there’s something to be said for players building up their confidence, and that might be the case with the likes of Wade Redden and Petr Prucha, both of whom have looked better today than they have all preseason. But what you have to be leery of is players falling into habits in these two games that they simply won’t get away with against Lecavaier and Co. this weekend.

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  1. “I’m pretty sure Joe just called the Bern head coach John Vanbiesbrouck rather than Jon Van Boxmeer”

    Lol, Pig i caught that too. Joe always messes up names.

    As for Al, im just cracking up everytime something good happens, his voice isn’t fit for announcing, he sounds like he’s in pain.

  2. Of course pruchs looks comfortable ,he playing where he REALLY belongs. Lets see how well he plays Saturday when its crunch time. The rangers should lose his passport, let him stay behind.

  3. You worry too much Sam. haha. Its a good point, but I’m not concerned about what they are all doing as individuals. I think they are professional enough to know that this team is much weaker than the NHL teams they will face.

    I’m looking at the chemistry of these guys. They should look really good against this team, but something people were concerned about was chemistry. They seem to be moving the puck around like they know where everyone is without looking. Also they are able to drop back in transition much better as well. Its those things I look for, not necessarily individual standouts.

  4. Sam,

    I’m kind of worried about the same thing, reseason was one thing when we were a plist squad playing against almost complete teams, but now we have our regulars in against a non nHL caliber team (don’t mean to be insulting…) we should be clearly dominating right, so haave we been dominating, like I said, just put it on in the second half of our ast pp so I’ve missed the rest, but form all of y’all reactions it seems we haven’t?

  5. The PP is fine. They are moving the puck around much faster and Redden is definately a great PP QB. he makes some great passes and isn’t afraid to shoot. This game is kind of a joke, but it does def get the confidence up.

  6. Prucha did a great job screening the goalie on Kalinin’s goal. Korpikoski continues to impressive as does Potter.

  7. I think it’s important to remember that the Lightning are also playing exhibition against European teams [Berlin and Slovakia minus NHLers].

    Taking that into perspective, it’s likely that both the Rangers and Tampa Bay will be at around the same playing level for the weekend.

    The important thing is for the Rangers to get some continuity will the lines – these two games give the players an extra chance to build and improve chemistry.

  8. lol graves I was thinking the same thing about Potter and Kalinin, why are these kids fighting for the seventh slot when they could be fighting for the sixth…

  9. Sam,

    When do the Rangers make their final cuts? I assume they would be made on Thursday, maybe Friday.

    Who do you think will stay with the big club and who do you think will be sent to the Pack? Up front, I hope they keep Korpikosi (he’s been awesome) and Voros. On the backend I have been really impressed with Corey Potter. I hope he wins out in his battle with Fahey – who looks servicable. I really wish Potter would be given a regular slot on D instead of Kalinin, who sucks.

    Also, when will the Rangers announce who their captain is? I don’t want Renney to go with co-captains or with 3 alternates this season. My vote is for Drury.

  10. Mike I guess the danger is if they are sluggish when they get back… if both Tampa and the Rangers are lolled into a comfort zone thats one thing for the opener, but when they get back they need to face teams that aren’t that way

  11. ok whoever wrote zherdev is lazy and those other things should lose their job. that last shift against a team that isnt that good up 7 to 1 showed me a lot.

  12. Kalinin is a lot better than you think graves9. The guy can move the puck and has a really good shot. Hes got a lot of upside. Right now I’d rather have him out there over Potter, who still needs some work.

    Nice to see them blow the team out. Everything looked good in regards to how the lines played together. Lets hope for the same tomorrow.

  13. Uhh Matt he has spent most of his career being rather lazy and unmotivated. That is why he is no longer with the Blue Jackets. One energetic shift against a beer league team doesn’t erase all of Zherdev’s warts.

  14. it was a good game against a horrible team… this should have been the outcome… im glad certain people scred… dubbie and zherdev looked awesome together…
    missed most of the 3rd period cause i was working… cant wait for the replay later…

  15. Pouring it on at the end, 8-1 final. Dubi and Zherdev with nice moves in the game. Same old story for Prucha, finding good chances but not goals. Potter played well defensively.

  16. Weak opponent or not the Rangers made some plays tonight that showed you that they can be a decent offensive team, especially on the power play. I think these games might help our confidence on the PP. Also can we start the lobby to have the NHL adapt the international ice size. I love the game on the open ice. I enjoy the hitting and boardwork of the NHL but the passing, skating and speed on the international sheet is incredible.

  17. btw… I am so glad Dubi is helping keep the stick salute alive… I hear in the preseason he was one of the ones urging everyone to center ice!

  18. Think about how bad it would have been if Bern beat the Rangers 8-1.

    It was a fun game to watch, and I think the Rangers really liked the extra space. Lets hope they don’t get used to it.

  19. The bigger ice surface would be the cure for all the ails of the NHL.

    Problem is they don’t wanna lose all those valuable seats.

    More room, more open hockey, faster etc. The players with real talent would thrive… those with less would be exposed.

    I’ve been saying this for years… why won’t Bettman listen lol.

  20. ORTS

    For the love of god give the guy a fuggin chance. The season hasn’t started yet. Has he done anything wrong yet ??

    As for Potter, he looked good this pre season, but Fahey will get the job hands down. Renney doesn’t want Potter rotting in the press box night in night out, waiting for an injury. He’s young, and its the same deal with Pock. They didn’t want him to be rusty, and wanted him playing, so he played in Hartford.

    Although !! If Slats signs Mats, and trades Rozi, that would open up a spot for Potter to fill that space, so who knows.

    Dubi was awesome tonight, and his first goal was friggin great, and his second, Orr, and Prucha could have scored on that, it was all Zherdev, that was an awesome play, and a great pass. Korpedo made a beauty deflection goal, im telling you, if this kid doesn’t make the team, that would be so disappointing. Potter, and Kalinin had to sweet rips on net. And am i the only one who thinks Drury scored that 5 on 3 goal ?? I could have swore i seen him get his stick on it, im pretty positive it was him, and they gave it to Gomer.

    This is how it should have been, when it was 2-1 i was getting nervous, we just cant lose these two games. But they did what they should have, and that was blow them the hell out !!

  21. If anyone even knows what Zherdev had to deal with while he was over in Columbus, then maybe you would understand why he wasn’t motivated. First off, they are the Columbus Blue Jackets and haven’t made the playoffs ever. They always suck. Second, he was 19 when he came here and after the Russian media ripped him for leaving his Russian team early, he was made to feel like he betrayed his old team, and even Ukraine. Add to that the fact that he missed his family and his girlfriend and also that he wasn’t even given a chance the day he set foot in Columbus, and I’m pretty sure most players wouldn’t be motivated to work hard or would have their mind somewhere else.

    MacLean and the old coaches used to flip out at him because Zherdev tried to do too much. Instead of just being patient with him when he was 19 or 20, they would just bench him and pretty much ignore him in the locker room.

    We’ve got great leaders in our locker room and Renney is a players coach. Plus Zherdev was made to felt better while he was under Hitchcock and Howson since they had a better approach and were more fair with him. They encouraged him to do more things with the team and showed that they wanted him there. We have that here on the Rangers, plus he already talks about how much he likes NY already. He’s going to be the real deal.

  22. are you kidding. Prucha looks awful. he still can’t finish while playing with 2 top players, and he was to blame for the goal against because he dived at the guy and let him just walk around him for a point blank shot from in close. inexcusably bad defensive work by him.

    and didn’t you notice that immediately after that blunder, Renney demoted him to the 4th line. he spent the rest of the game playing with Orr and betts.

    Prucha will be traded, you can bank on that.

  23. Zherdev is still a kid, and kids all grow up. And even as an immature “enigma” he still managed to score 20 plus goals in every season but one. So far with the Rangers he is working hard and having fun and smiling all the time. He loves NYC and his new team and he loves that Renney has allowed him to be creative and occasionally make mistakes without ripping him a new one in the lockers later. Zherdev will be just fine and that trade will look like one of the best in Sather’s history when all is said and done.

  24. tr…Agree 100% with your post. We saw vintage Prucha today, he was fast, couldn’t score, and let’s not forget his signature move…he got crushed.

  25. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? – Good call on the Drury (NOT Gomez) 5-on-3 goal. It never reached Gomer far side, it was Dru’s goal.

  26. Dr. House –
    Interesting idea by your father – annouce and bring out Shanny as the captain. However, he has not played in any preseason games and is not signed yet so I really doubt this. However, it is possible that they wheel out Shanny in his wheelchair and have him drop the puck in the ceremonial drop of the puck.

    “Prucha will be traded, you can bank on that.” I completely agree.
    The numbers up front will lead to the trade. Naslund-Gomer-Dru are pretty much determined to be our first line. Voros-Dubi-Zherdev look like a good second line (if anything Dawes may be flipped up into Voros’ spot and Voros put on the third line), Dawes-Korpi-Cally look like a fast, aggressive line who can pop some goals in. Finally, the fourth line is still a mystery to me. Personally, I would like to see Fritsche-Betts-Sjostrom, but I feel it will end up Fritsche-Betts-Orr.

    That leaves Rissmiller(was Sather smoking dope when he signed this guy for $1 million??-he is a crappy 4th line player and he is old – Voros fills his role much better). Rissmiller should be sent to Hartford or sent packing or dropped on the waiver wire. I really like Sjostrom, while he could probably score more and be a bit more consistent – he brings a ton of speed, offers another option as a penalty killer and can score here and there.

    Finally, that leaves Prucha. I believe he does have some trade value in this league and that the Rangers will either trade him prior to the start of the season or shortly thereafter. And if you can trade Prucha, what would you want in return? WOuld he be traded for a draft pick or could you package him with another prospect or two to try to get a scorer on the second line – left wing, where Voros currently resides.


  27. Dr. House Re:Introducing Shanny opening night

    I would love your dad to be right!! but…

    I beleive you need to set your roster before that…announce it to the league ( and with that the media)
    I’d take it w/o the suprise factor

  28. MATT

    The website http://www.myp2p.eu broadcasts pretty much any sporting event, including all Ranger games. Just click on IceHockey and then select the Ranger game to see all available links. Justin.TV doesn’t require any downloading so I recommend that one. Enjoy!

  29. they did it with Messier for his 2nd time with the team. Who knows they can put him on the roster and make sure we dont find out. I have no idea, but Shanny is not dumb and he would be gone if he knew he wasnt coming back to us.

  30. dr house – and how are they going to afford the salary Shanny and his agent will want. figure $ 3 mm and currently bonuses are not deferrable and if they were it would be an even worse idea. so we should sign this soon to be 40 yr old just so those who bought his uniform will have something to wear opening night.

    old expression be careful what you ask for you just might get it. and if so enjoy your hero the 2nd 1/2 of the season.

  31. LI Joe, your just a shanny hater, and when did you become Slats? Whatever happens with Shanny i will go along with, but since he is still unsigned i would want him back.

  32. I wouldn’t mind having Shanny back. But if he comes back, then how do we fit Korpedo in the lineup ?

    At least with Sundin, you know he’ll fit in cause Rozi, Pruchs, and maybe Betts get traded.


    No way in hell Voros plays with Dubi, and Zherdev, no way in hell !!! Dawes obviously gets the spot.

  33. dr house – 1st yr I liked Shanny a lot as well as before he was here. became against Shanny with the 25 % increase in pay coming off a concussion while allegedly helping the team.

    in addition the knee injury cooked him for 2nd half of season. he should have sat at least a month and kept playing and doing more damage to himself and the team.

    this hero worship of Shanny is what i hate. the hero worship seems to be fantasy hockey stats based. so if he scores 16 goals that would mean the $ 3 mm hit to cap will make it worth it, but when were those goals scored – most likely 1st half of season. and by spring we’ll be entertained seeing this future hall of famer again being the worst player on the ice.

    I would love him as future coach or gm think he’s very smart. that would be the only up side to him coming back if it kept him in organization. but wearing the Ranger blue on the ice that time has come and gone.

    I don’t hate Shanny just don’t want him back. If I hated anyone it was Hollweg.

  34. “Zherdev will be just fine and that trade will look like one of the best in Sather’s history when all is said and done”

    Even if Zherdev went boom! We got rid of Backgammon and it would be tyutin for Fritche….If all these dee-men the Rangers drafted are for real then thats a good trade in itself

  35. any one know any good bars to catch ranger games in White Plains? anything would be very appreciated thanks.

  36. Shanny defeats the purpose of everything we did this offseason. He’s slow, can’t stickhandle, and completely ineffective. We are playing fast paced, physical north-south hockey now. Shanny can’t keep up.

  37. R I C H I E

    I haven’t been there in some time, but try Sports Page, 1205 Mamaroneck Ave. Lots of tv’s and all the games are on. (When I was there last)

  38. RICHIE – I am not sure which of the bars in WHite Plains on Mamaroneck Ave show Rangers games consistently. However, there is a bar that is northern westchester – maybe 10-15 mins from White Plains that is called Finnegans. It is located in a shooping center in Thornwood/Hawthorne. It has a gazillion large flat screens and every time I have been there they have Rangers games playing on a bunch of screens. If you let me know I can try to grab the exact address of it. I know its not in WP, but its one of the only places I know that has a good vibe, the food is good and you can always catch a Rangers game.

  39. I keep hearing the “knee” injury thing from everyone but NY reporters..its been all over the Montreol news and of course go see idiot Ecklund latest post..

    Like JOHN27 asked, “is it real or not??”

    If it is I’m watching CBC curling this season

  40. Prucha has at least been visible, despite being snakebit regarding goals. Dawes is the one who is totally invisible; has he even been playing?

  41. Barring any unforeseen trades, I think Sjostrom gets sent down to Hartford. Rissmiller, Voros, Korpikoski, and Fritsche have all looked good. Sjostrom has not impressed me as much as the rest of these guys … and that says a lot because i hated the Rissmiller signing before the preseason started.

    I think Fahey gets the job as 7th d-man, He’s older and there is no vested interest in having sit in the pressbox all season as the 7th D-man. Potter would be a waste to sit all year, when he could be getting top minutes in Hartford. Plus, i think Fahey would have to clear Waivers being 27 years old.

    This same logic applies to Vally getting the backup job this season over Wiikman too

    Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Dawes – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Voros – Korpikoski – Callahan
    Prucha – Rissmiller – Orr

    Betts – Fritsche

    Redden – Girardi
    Kalinin – Rozsival
    Staal – Mara


  42. Eklund must be really busy working those phones, dude can’t even spell:
    First a little *lessen*…
    Khabi can now *b* sent down…
    …a possible *Ludqvist* injury

    You’ve got to read it for some fresh afternoon funnies!

  43. The real question is ….. WHO WEARS THE “C” and “A”‘s???
    My vote is:

    Drury – C
    Gomez – A
    Redden – A

  44. DanTheRangerFan on

    I would love to see this- Naslund Gomez Drury
    Dawes Sundin Zherdev
    Kopredo Dubi Cally
    Sjostrom Fritsche Voros/Orr

    Girardi,staal,redden,kalinin,mara,potter, Fahey 7th man in

    Good bye Prucha, rissmiller,betts,rozi frome lineup

  45. I am starting to have a man crush on Dubi, but it just feels wrong because he looks so young, ha. And I feel like Zherdev is going to have a breakout year. I never realized that he has some decent size to him. I am glad he gets a chance to restart his career with us.

  46. deja – i would doubt it re Henrik being captain. could not wear c anyway so really is ceremonial and another could not then wear it. earlier today linked article in this thread that states a goalie can’t wear c even if captain.

  47. HA redden shouldnt get an A he hasnt been here long enough and he SUCKS STRAIGHT UP. I still want shanny for some reason cause i am not a fan of some of the players.

  48. Joe In DE

    “Wow, Hollweg fights like old people screw. We’ll miss him here in NY like a genital wart”

    Okay…THAT was funny! Prediction – the Dubinsky/Zherdev combo will be the top line by season’s end.

  49. Leave Pruchs alone, he scored a goal today. So there ya go. Hold off your bashing until at least 10 games into the season.

    But it is the same old Pruchs, he’s getting the chances but not finishing. Friggin depressing, its up and down, some days i feel like he can be dominant, then other days i feel like he needs to get traded.

  50. with the video quality and the look of the berns uniforms this sorta reminds me of 94 against the canucks. not the game play just asthetics

  51. somerset
    September 30th, 2008 at 3:43 pm
    Barring any unforeseen trades, I think Sjostrom gets sent down to Hartford. Rissmiller, Voros, Korpikoski, and Fritsche have all looked good. Sjostrom has not impressed me as much as the rest of these guys … and that says a lot because i hated the Rissmiller signing before the preseason started.

    Somerset…are you for real…Sjostrom better than Rissmiller? Until you just mentioned his name I forgot he was on the team…Other than the occational hit I haven’t even noticed Rissmiller.
    And today and all preseason for that matter Potter was very noticeable…Not to take anything from Fahey because they have both been very good…but I think Potter has been better…today his play was great!

  52. does Fahey have to go through waivers. could be a consideration since Hartford depth on d is very light.

    and would be foolish to keep Potter in press box if can play major minutes in AHL. besides who starts with team and who is there in March and beyond could be 2 different things with injuries trades etc.

  53. onecupin67years on

    Joe and empty head trouts ,were bubbling over prucha’s 6-9 sog, prucha reminds me of the Kinick Charles Smith who couldn’t muster a dunk, ok he was fouled , prucha has no excuse ,he is in da faderland , and he dives and puts himself out of position on the 1st goal. leave him behind!

  54. onecupin67years on

    Tr from your computer to God’s ear about Prucha , how many more more chances does he get? Play the other guys!!

  55. i love that they play our goal song. ps i wish our power play looked this great against an NHL team. I havent been this excited watching the power play in a long long time

  56. ORR – Prucha scored? In what world?

    I don’t think it would be so bad for Potter to make the team as a “seventh” defenseman. He will likely push Kalinin and Mara for playing time, possibly others, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in the line-up on Friday.

  57. spider – i would be fine either way re Potter but still don’t want him sitting too much in press box. don’t know much about Fahey but if subject to waivers don’t want to lose him since we need defensive depth in organization as a whole

  58. I think Fahey would have to pass through waivers being that he’s 27, but im not entirely sure. I think he’ll beat out Potter for the 7th spot on technicalities like those.

    DantheRangerfan …

    I totally agree. I think we are too deep on defense with Potter and Fahey playing so well and too shallow on Offense. If we could somehow trade Rozi, Prucha, and maybe even Sjostrom for a Real-Deal top 6 Forward, we would be a bonafide contender.

    I have complete faith in Redden, Kalinin, Girardi, Staal, Mara, Potter, and Fahey as our D-group this year.

  59. you will rarely notice rissmiller because that’s his game. He’ll throw some hits and make some good defensive plays but nobody will notice him until he scores his occasional goal. The guy is a solid role player and isn’t a liability on offense since he can carry the puck around and make good passes. If anybody here watched him last year in San jose then they’d know that.

  60. Rissmiller; he has a lot of hot blonde chicks who are his friends from Mass/Holy Cross. He had a whole section of them sitting with me and two friends when the Sharks played the Rangers at the Garden last year. If he makes the team maybe they can come back, and I can hit on them……

  61. DanTheRangerFan on


    Thats a good point..but i dont like the logic in Rissmiller. who on here would not like to see the following? with this lineup you could do some serious damage. You have a good mix of youth and expierence.

    Naslund Gomez Drury
    Dawes Sundin Zherdev
    Korpedo Dubi Cally
    Sjostrom Fritsche Voros/Orr

    Girardi,staal,redden,kalinin,mara,potter, Fahey 7th man in

    Good bye Prucha, rissmiller,betts,rozi frome lineup

  62. It’s hilarious how people believe we will trade Rozy, Kalainin, Rissmiller, or even Mara. Any team in the NHL could of had these guys for NOTHING as UFA’s!!! The only way you can move these guys is if you package them with something worthwhile. If you want to trade Rozy, you better expect to send Dubinsky with him. I think you better get used to seeing Rozy on Broadway because he is going nowhere. And whether you want to admit it or not, he is the NYR BEST D-man. . . . by far.

  63. pig – great link.

    JonnyD – absolutely nailed it on Z. Good work brotha.

    Prucha had every chance in the world playing with 2 of the most skilled players on the team, VERSUS a CLUB team(that barely gets enough guys to tryout each year) and a goalie that was garbage. I don’t know how long you hold onto him. I didn’t see that he got credit for a goal, I’m not sure I believe he touched it.

    Rissmiller is a ghost out there. Maybe there’s more to his game, but I haven’t seen anything at all out of him so far in blue.

    Z & Dubi look great together as well as Dru & Gomer. Throw Naslund with those 2, and “sit back and enjoy the ride!”, I say.

    Potter’s game looks great and I agree that he could really be our 6th man. But due to signed players, and Fahey’s age, he may get the spot. And I don’t have a problem with that. I just hope Potter stays healthy and steps up when an deal goes down or injuries force his call-up. Don’t know waiver status on him.

    If Korpi doesn’t make the team I will be very upset. I’m usually in agreement with personel moves, with an exception here or there. Or may be forced to understand that at the end of the day its a business, and it’s about dollars and cents. But this kid has done everything asked of him over the last few years to get into NHL-shape. His hands are soft, positioning excellent, I haven’t picked up on any flaws yet.

    It was fun to see the guys score some goals, but it was a far inferior team they were playing against. Today will be a better test. And the whole team adjusted rather well to the big ice surface. Hopefully it’s more of a help than hinderence come Saturday.

  64. Rissmiller is mostly a defensive player, so when you say he has been a ghost out there, its sorta the point for him. So far he has 2 assists (not including the Bern Game), and has played some PP time putting his big-boy in front of the goalie.

    I havent seen him screw up in any way so far, but maybe because I’ve set the bar so low for him coming in, that he as at least surpassed those expectations?? I just think in a toss up between two guys that i think will have a even amount of points (Rissmiller and Sjostrom) i would take the Big Bodied player that checks, has some offensive talent, and play solid defensively……. I cant believe im sticking up for Rissmiller??

  65. Dr. House…Do you and your dad do bong hits together? You made some posts in the past week or so that I just said, “Ahh, whatever, too early in the season to challenge people.” And then you go out and say that you and your pops think Shanny is going to skate onto the ice having not skated in one preseason game (or even a practice for that matter) and is going to be wearing the “C”? Holy Cow. You actually truly believe this is even a 1 in 100 chance? Are you more than 12 years old? Do you still try to catch Santa Claus dropping presents at your house for Christmas? I expect Shanny to show up in a red and blue outfit with the letter “S” on his chest. He won’t skate in though. He’ll actually fly in and around the arena a handful of times before settling down at mid-ice and doing his best John Amirante impression by singing the national anthem. Doesn’t everyone? Clown!

    Regarding yesterday’s scrimmage against Switzerland’s finest, I am puzzled at who set up this preseason schedule. Must be Buttman at work. I mean fine, play against the Lightning in Europe to promote the NHL. I get it. But a preseason scrimmage against some pu$$ies from Switzerland on a huge ice surface 4d before the real season starts? WTF?

    Our powerplay looked ok? Sure it did because the ice surface was massive. Prucha camped out in the high slot and sat there unmolested for most of the game. Is that NHL reality? Bahahaha. What a joke! I love the fact that we were able to pump in 6 pp goals. But please don’t get false hopes that our PP is a machine now. Our guys camped out in front of the net totally unchallenged. You know that won’t happen on Saturday or for the rest of the season.

    Potter looks good. Voros and Dubi continue to play better every game. I have said this from very early this season and most of last season, Prucha does not have much future left here on this team. He just cannot get it done. He is a flash in the pan. Sorry. He skates well, passes well, and hustles. But he cannot put the puck in an ocean from the end of a pier. He cannot finish. Period.

    Valiquette played very well, essentially locking him in as the #2 keeper.

  66. Sam,


    Seriously, everything you write has sour grapes in it.

    You can look for “problems” anywhere and find them.

    what’s you’re problem these days?

  67. The points on Rissmiller may be valid, however the difference in my mind is when Sjostrom is on the ice I notice him. He has some incredible speed and really can grind it out. He scored a very nice goal in the preseason and looking at stats Sjostrom played 69 games last season and score 12 goals, 9 assists and was a -2, while Rissmiller played 79 games had 9 goals and 8 assists and was a -8. I’m not saying Sjostrom is an offensive threat, but he throws the body…has more than enough speed and throws in the occational goal. Rissmiller like I said…other than a few big hits in the preseason…I really haven’t noticed him, and his 1 million dollar contract is a joke.

  68. Two thoughts Sam. For one the Lightning are playing European teams as well as a tune up for Saturday so if the Rangers are gaining false confidence over a game like this so are the Lightning as they beat up on underskilled Euro squads. Secondly though, no matter what the competition putting pucks in the net helps an individual players confidence and these pairings gaining some chemistry in this game could help unite a spark among them going forward. You have to take the positives out of it and still respect the competition going forward knowing that of course NHL teams and the smaller rinks present a bigger challenge. But I would much rather see the Rangers drop the hammer on these European teams and blow them out and gain a little chemistry and confidence then struggle to win the game or lose it. Really when you look at this game today what you got out of it was probably the best case scenerio possible. A bunch of PP goals, good puck movement from Drury and Gomez and Dubinsky and Zherdev and continued improvement from the guys trying to make this team. Prucha even got himself a goal and got the 1,000 lb gorilla off his back. Take it for what it was and get geared up for Saturday.

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