Pock claimed by Islanders


The Rangers knew it was a risk when they placed Thomas Pock on waivers, and it ended up costing them.

And yet even with Pock being claimed by the archrival Islanders, it’s probably the best outcome for everyone involved.

Whatever upside Pock displayed as a puck-moving defensemen, it was apparent in his tenure with the team that the Rangers’ brass was never too enamored with him. Whether it was an inability to process the game at an NHL speed or whispered doubts about his grit, Pock was never going to get the chance with the Rangers he’ll probably get at Nassau Coliseum.

In other news, Marc Staal skated with the team in Bern today. Whether he plays tomorrow is undetermined, although seeing how the team still has decisions to make on Brian Fahey and Corey Potter, I’d be surprised.

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  1. Good for Pock. Maybe he’ll get some pt out there. I was getting tired of the constant “will he make it”. I was also never very impressed with his play. He would have been better off as a winger I think.

    I hope staal is ok…must be just a bruise or he probably woulda stayed in NY.

  2. true – where does the animosity towards joe come from? Not sure really. I just see a guy that usually tries to be so PC it makes me ill. And when he does criticize its pathetic. At least for my sake, I can tolerate his speaking voice an infinite amount more than Emerick.

  3. “You try things out, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. There’s no set plan, which is why you try to go for it every single year no matter what”

    Brandon, are you Glen Sather or Dolan? Why do you think the rangers were so bad for so long, or why are the knicks such a mess?

    Answer b/c Dolan/Sather/Thomas had no plan so they just signed big names to long term deals without thinking about anything but the current year or whether that player was any good anymore.

    It is obvious Sather doesn’t really have a plan and that is a big concern, or it should be to any rationale fan. He just targets the biggest names regardless of whether that person can play up to his reputation/contract demand or whether the contract makes sense for the team going forward.

    A six-year contract for Wade Redden isn’t “trying things out,” that would be a one year deal. I can’t see anyone wanting to take this contract off our hands now let alone in a few years when Redden is gonna be even slower than he currently is. Also Sather is probably the worst negotiator in the world as he gave Roszival the exact contract he wanted coming off a terrible year and offseason surgery

    No one is calling for the team to intentionally tank the season but that doesn’t mean you should only be concerned about the current year and in doing so hurt your future

  4. Not a big loss here… he was a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type.

    If we’re gonna carry a 7th D-man… better to have him be a D-Man only… especially with the dozens of replacement forwards we now have.

  5. I kinda liked Pock, if only because I went to his 1st NHL game, and remember that he scored a goal that night too… I wouldn’t have minded him getting a shot with another team, but the Isles??

    See to me, I thought Joe was kinda a bit of a homer. Lots of penalties/hits, he’ll instantly take the Rangers side, before seeing a real clear shot of it. That’s kinda anti-PC but I’ve been known to be wrong before…

  6. 1cup – a LOT depends on the row/seat#. Some seats in those limited view sections aren’t bad at all. Some (last row, corner seat types), you can lose 1/3 of the ice surface.

  7. Pock is going to be like Poti. He’s going to leave us and light stuff up on the Island.

    Pete, we have a direction. Our team last year was not built for the new NHL. We were too slow, not physical at all, and patched together based on the 05-06 team that had bits of success. We were built around Jagr and Shanny and that just wasn’t going to work in the long run.

    Right now our team is built around our young guys in Dubi, Dawes, Staal, Callahan, and some of the other guys. Redden was brought in to at least have a vet presence out there and he can teach Del Zotto, Staal, Girardi, and a few others how to be a PP QB. Naslund is here somewhat for the same reason. These signings were just to keep us competitive now since we already had a base to work around and also these guys can play an 82 game season without dogging it for 75% of the year.

    The NHL has greatly evolved since the lockout. At first it was the players had no idea what to expect because they were calling a lot more penalties, so the players were softer and afraid of taking penalties. Now they know what the refs are going to call and the game is much faster and physical. Last years team wasn’t built like that. Sather has given our franchise a complete overhaul and built our team to be a powerhouse every year in the future. He knew he needed us to be competitive short term as well so he brought in Nazzy and some of the others.

    The time to be really concerned is next year if he doesn’t re-sign our young guys because then that really shows a lack of direction. Right now I wouldn’t say that because of the reasons I gave. We are much better in the long term for the moves that were made and the drafting that we have done in the last 3-4 years.

  8. but it is all interconnected with a salary cap, b/c of these signings they may not be able to sign all of our youth going forward. and i agree the league is getting faster and tougher, but those are two great reasons to sign neither Redden or Roszival as they aren’t fast now and they are only going to get slower.

    the naslund signing i dont mind b/c it is only 2 years.

    The team isnt built around the young guys rather it is built around gomez/drury/henrik and now redden based on his salary alone. You don’t pay someone top dollar for six years to be a good rolemodel. Sather paid him to be our number one defenseman which shows how clueless he or our talent evaluators are, ditto for the roszival signing.

  9. I agree with that. The Rozsival signing is still don’t get because he really hasn’t proven much other than he sucks pretty bad here. Redden I could see giving him like a one or two year deal as a test run, but I guess once Campbell went, Sather panicked and went after Redden for awhile. I don’t agree with those deals, but if the cap is going up another 6 million, we have room opening up since Prucha will be gone and Mara is probably gone after this year too.

  10. Pete,

    I am Glen Sather of the past 4 years, but not of the first 5 years.

    (This is Glen typing)

    I have a plan, Pete. I am not Mr. Thomas, nor do I appreciate the comparison. While the Rangers have indeed shared some bad years under my watch, they have not been a complete and total dysfunctional mess a la the Knicks. My plan is quite clear, albeit you might not be able to see it.

    I have drafted defenseman in the first round of 3 of the 4 last years. I have stocked the farm system with young forwards in trades.

    The new NHL is quite deep with forwards and shallow with defenseman — above average D-men are at a premium. Guys like Boyle and Campbell are being paid well above their talent. Slightly above average in the new NHL means All-star. There are only 3-5 D-men who can be considered the elite. I signed Redden and Rossival to long deals b/c it will be at least 3-5 years before any of the 2008 draft class, of which was primarily defenseman, will be ready to make an impact in this league.

    When these guys are indeed ready, they will fill in where Rossival and Redden have left off.

    We have enough young forwards that I don’t need to spend a great deal over the next 3-5 years to keep us contenders. We have something other teams don’t have in a salary cap era — NY. Players line up to play here. Engaging interest from the league’s elite will never be a problem.

    This is a defensive minded team so i’m going to spend my money right now on defense and goaltending.

    I’m creating, what looks to be, a grittier and faster version of the mid-90’s New Jersey Devils. Speed up front, superb goaltending, responsible defenseman and a coaching strategy and mindset that is second to none.

    If you don’t like it, I encourage you to get a 2 for 1 seat in LI. I think they’re $29.95 for the whole season, with free hot dogs on wednesdays.

  11. would be no need to panic if he had a plan and stuck to, not resigning jagr/shanny made me think he was finally learning but then those two longterm contracts convinced me he is clueless as ever. now if his plan all along was to get Redden no matter the cost then he is hopeless

  12. jonny – did you like the Redden and Rozy signings in terms of $ and term. I sure did not

    4 yrs and less per yr for Redden and that would have been pushing it. and certainly less $ for Rozy in particular due to his coming off hip surgery.

  13. Pock was the odd man out every year. he just didnt seem to have what the team wanted. They would have never gotten any D-Men in Free Agency if they thought a guy like him could step in. i wish him luck, but the Isles? It is bound to happen once in a while. Just hope it doesnt bite us….

  14. What’s so bad about Rossival? He’s our #1 defenseman. Some forget, he played like an absolute beast 2 years ago against Buffalo and was one of the main reasons we were competitive in that series.

    This league doesn’t have many GREAT d-men. Look at every other team. Some of you guys were salivating over Hal Gil in the off-season. Hal frickin’ Gil… cement on skates.

    I think Rossival was asked to do too much last year and fell short b/c of it. Now, with an additional puck moving D-man in Redden, Rossival can play his game… he doesn’t need to be Brian Leetch.

  15. stop worrying about salary cap in 2010,11,12….current CBA will be blown up by then by Bettman and owners…they all say the right things today but economy will be their excuse, some of it real some of it “spin”…they’ll be givebacks and non-cap buyouts again..none of its real

  16. Brandon – I liked Rozy at $ 2.5 mm. but $ 5 mm per for 4 yrs coming off hip surgery and knee problems from end of the Buffalo series is asking for trouble. Contract is way too pricy. Det and Pitt players seem to be giving hometown discount. ours don’t.

  17. clever brandon but couple problems with that plan:

    we don’t have a lot of offensive talent in the minors: anisimov is the best bet right now as who knows when/if cheraponov is coming and the other russian is a few years away. the rest are players like callahan who are fine for the 3rd/4th line but arent going to be scorers in the nhl. scoring is going to be an issue this year and in the future w/out trades or offensive free agent

    and your right players line up to play here b/c WE PAY THEM THE MOST, they ask for and get top dollar, then they say how they have always wanted to play in NYC. the only players who have signed at a discount the past few years are Prucha and Mara (tho hardly deserved more). Even our own guys Sather overpays, Henrik wouldn’t take a hometown deal like all the star players on detroit do (and Im betting zetterberg will be the next to sign for less then he could get on open market) and even the hated brodeur did.

  18. Kaspar is right on his late post as he is more often than not. that has to be Sather’s rationale for the latest signing especially Reddens contract. the league will definitely not allow the Kaspar treatment of sendng to AHL in next cba. and the cap will most likely decline anyway next yr. the financial mkts are screwed up and that will affect main street as well.

  19. Brandon,

    true true.

    Orr… what exactly do you do that your day started at one? j/k

    Hey guys want to come to Jo and I’s birthday party… just checking…

    When: Saturday Oct 04, 2008
    at 9:00 PM
    Where Vol De Nuit
    148 West 4th street
    New York, New York|33 10012
    United States
    Hey this bar is awesome, right around the corner from Washingtone Square Park. It has the best Belgian beers and fries in the world!!! (all right they probably have better in Belgium… but not by much..)

    We can hang, talk hockey, talk other stuff… whatever Let’s have a good time. There is an outdoor courtyard… (as opposed to anindoor courtyard… wherever are my brains today) SO for a night of fun and leaving behind troubles (hopefully) come on down.

    However, I do notthink there is a television, I am planning on cathcing up on what happens afterwards… its my way of showing how annoyed I am that they had to make the tickets so expensive such that although my birthday aligns with the Ranger season I can’t go to the opener as I have become accustomed to doing… >8*(

  20. Eklunds “sources” say Nyr is looking to move some players to get some offense. Some think Havlat. Some people think Nyr is gonna trade Rozsival, and Prucha to LA for Preissing and a 2nd round pick. I want O’Sully !!! But it wont happen.

    I really don’t care aboot the money, and length of contracts at this point. This is how the NHL is, get the hell over it, there’s no point in whining aboot it, its done, things wont change. You can only hope that the kids like Dubi, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, Danny, and all the home grown kids take a discount for the team when there contracts are up. Gomer, Dru, Redden, im over it. But its Rozi’s contract i cant get over, because if Slats wanted to sign Redden, it didn’t make any sense at all to re sign Rozi, unless he got nervous Wade didn’t wanna sign, so he signed Rozi just to be safe. Which im totally cool with, cause if we Sign Mats, then boom, Rozi is gone, and instead of letting him go like the Sabs would do, we get something in return.

  21. AG

    Eh, late night. I was doing the whole go to sleep really late, and wake up before the pre season games thing, now im having trouble getting off the squedule, which is something to worry aboot since the next pre season games are day games, along with the two prague games.

  22. I just hope Slats will trade Rozsival. His contract is UNNACEPTABLE. He looks bad this preseason, I mean BAD.

  23. Sam

    your post re four players, defensemen Maxim Kondratiev and Thomas Pock, and forwards Hugh Jessiman and P.A. Parenteau, have to go through waivers before they’re officially assigned to Hartford (they’re already training with the Pack). Since the cuts were made on Friday, they won’t clear until noon on Monday.”

    did the others pass through waivers

  24. NorthCountryRanger on

    guaranteed ranger killer on pisles… scored a goal in his first game with the Rangers…always liked his upside but he really was nothing special on the back end…

  25. onecupin67years on

    Jeever row b in sect 415, seat 11.
    I have watching this blog for about 2 1/32 years and this is the worst anticipated start to the season.
    It seems whatever building blocks sather erected(Lunqvuist,Callahan, Dawes Staal, Dubi, Geradi) aren’t enough for the sound foundation to carry a team. Sather always seems to use his subtraction by addition formula. Add Redden naslund and others and the team becomes weaker instead stronger and the rangers just stagnate, draft choices don’t turn out as planned (Jessiman etc)and the team doesn’t get stronger year by year , it turns into a crap shoot, add these players ,play the season and lets see what we get attitude just doesn’t cut it.

  26. honestly, contracts all over are screwy… Didn’t the Devils give Salvadore almost 3M a season for 4 years? I’d have to say Redden’s twice as good as him. But I still don’t like the Redden contract…

  27. Yeah, just another example of the Rangers being a first class organization.
    I really hope Korpido make the lineup this season.

  28. We still need a sniper that can score on the power play?

    Redden has been burnt twice by speed on the outside, six years? He isn’t going to get any faster?

    It seems the Rangers are one player away from being a contender. Who will that be next year? Hossa – Gaborick?

  29. how can you NOT love Graves? “This is a privilege you have when you wear the Rangers sweater”. That dude could be one of the most amazing people EVER.

  30. im worried about the cap for next year, how could we afford gaborik or hossa (tho i dont want him for 8 mill)? have to trade more than just rosi and if zherdev has a good year he is gonna want 6-7 a year

  31. Here’s what I heard. And don’t ask me where, or how, or from whom – just know that I didn’t make it up and tell me what you think:

    Min gets – #1 pick next season, along with Dawes, Prucha, Rissmiller and two prospects believed to be Anisimov and Pyatt.

    Rangers get Gaborik.

  32. pghas – not sure Gaborik would fit under cap this yr or even down the road. you’re moving 3 guys from active roster but besides Gaborik 2 would have to come back on to our roster even from hartford.

    also since Gaborik is not signed beyond this yr there would be the chance he might go to Europe Russia to play.

    the parts that would bother me the most would be the pick and Anisimov.

  33. You may be right, Joe. Prucha, Rissmiller and Dawes would open up about $3.4 million in cap space. But I’m not sure Rissmiller was destined for the big club anyway.

  34. Hey Beer, thanks for that link about the visit to the kids. With travel and all they have to do, to take that time to visit kids says a lot. I know there are quite a number of pro players that do these kinds of things but it sure seems the Rangers as a team do an awfull lot of these things.

  35. Good for Pöck, bad for Hartford. He may have been the captain there this year, seeing as Hutchinson left. He deserves his shot in the NHL, though, so I don’t feel bad.

    So I assume Jessiman made it through waivers? LOL I still don’t understand why he and Kondratiev had to go through them. Kondratiev didn’t even have a contract, I thought.

    somerset – To your point on the last post, I don’t believe Straka wanted to come back to the Rangers after Jagr was gone. He would rather play in the homeland.

    ORR – So did you just drop out of school altogether then?

  36. Are we on the hook for anything with Pock? Do we receive anything from the fishsticks? Or is it truly a clean break.

  37. ruttster – clean break re Pock. only would have taken hit if claimed on the way back up. guess we couldn’t or didn’t even try to trade him for draft pick.

  38. Now that Pock’s gone, does that free up enough space to have Korpedo in the lineup, or am i wrong there ?

    Maybe that’s why Slats, or Renney are not crying over losing one of those guys. I really want this kid to make the team.

  39. orr – Pock was not counting vs the cap since if unclaimed he would be in AHL. only if claimed on way back up then 1/2 his salary would have counted. and since roster is limited to 23 guys then only those 23 will count vs the cap.

  40. Am i the only one who thinks that trade for Gaborik is to much ? Gabby is good, but the guy is a Slovakian Forsberg. His groin tweaks at the sound of a crying baby. If he plays 82 games he can put up sweet numbers. I don’t know. I mean, Dawes, Prucha, and a 1st round pick is more than enough for me, but throw in Pyatt, AND Anisimov. Fuggetaboot it !!

    Id rather have Hossa.

  41. Spiderpig-The reason that Jessiman and Kondratiev have to go through waivers is that they’re 25 or older and or have at least 3 years of professional (ECHL/AHL/NHL) experience.

    What is with people on this board and Gaborik? The guy is not that good; he pulls his groin every 10 games. Yeah he’s dynamic, but he plays in a system where he doesn’t get pounded and is defense first. If he came here, he’d be on IR half the season. Stay away from him.

    If they could dump Redden or Roszival next season, I’d go after Kovalchuk. Yeah he’s a little of a headcase, but he’s have Anisimov/Grachev and hopefully Cherepanov and still Zherdev to feel more at home than Hotlanta.

  42. staal – a few links to sites work but many don’t. ylu can imbed it by copying link in website box 2 boxes below your name. then shows up in your name. just tell people you have a new link in your name since many just keep the same link in their name

  43. I’m not keen on Gaborik either, for the same reason – he is always hurt. We’ll never be able to afford Hossa or Kovalchuk unless we do a serious purge of the roster through a trade. I have to imagine Hossa’s price tag will be well above the $7.5mn he’s making this year, particularly if he wins the Cup with Detroit. I can’t believe that Kovalchuk wouldn’t want similar dollars or more.

    As we head into the start of the season I’m really interested to see how this team shakes out. I still kind of wonder where the goals are going to come from but we’ll see. The preseason is exactly that, so I don’t necessarily expect the highly paid/veteran/guaranteed roster spot guys (Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Redden, Roczival, Lundquist) to go all out until the regular season starts.

    My biggest question mark for this team is toughness/size. I don’t really think any of the top 6 forwards have the size or reputation to make any D keep his head on swivel going into the corners, although Dubinsky is borderline. I thought Orr looked better and then there’s Rissmiller or Sjostrom (assuming they make the team) but that’s kind of it for big guys. I hope Voros is pleasant surprise and makes me forget how much I enjoyed watching Avery torment other teams.

  44. kovalchuk is two years away and if he hits free agency he could easily get 9 mill, and id stay away from hossa he is a solid player but not a 7.5-8 mill a year guy

  45. Gaborik is a free agent next year…why trade the farm when we could just sign him come july 1st? Anisimov is gonna be special and who knows what will come of that 1st rounder.

    pghas obviously just made that rumour up or else he wouldn’t be so worried about us asking where he heard it. Terrible trade, Sather hasn’t completely lost it.

  46. Pete; my bad. I thought Kovalchuk was free after this year. I was a year early on him and John Lackey for the Mets :(

    A few comments on players;
    Voros-He is a 4TH LINER! I mean look, the dude has battled through a lot to be where he is and I respect him but I really hope people don’t expect the second coming of Adam Graves.

    Orr-I like what he’s done but I’m hoping he hasn’t become Sandy McCarthy part 2 and forgets that he is here as a fighter and not as Guy LaFleur.

    Fritsche-Put him with Cally and Korpo and watch that be the biggest pain in the ass line to play against in the East.

    Hossa is a little overrated and a perfect supplemental player to a superstar but not someone to build a team around.

  47. Whether Pock will become a solid dman I haven’t got a clue. He surely wasn’t treated fairly. He played well vs Atlanta in the 06-07 playoffs and once dreck like Rachunek returned he was put on the bench. Rachunek was given chance after chance in 06-07 to contribute and the Ozolinch was brought back and given a chance over Pock,. Hell washed up Kaspar was brought back from the minors and given another chance before Pock was. Last year Pock sat the first six weeks got one game(was rusty as hell) and didn;t play again here.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, someone said that our team was a player away from being a contender. That’s a laugh.

    We have no shut down defenseman, no PP QB, no scoring. Wow. Must be a hell of a player we’re missing.

  49. Sergei Gonchar is out up to 6 months !!!

    Im sorry, call me an icehole if you want, but no Whitney, no Gonchar. Yay ! Still a tough team though, for sure. They proved they can play without Crosby, and Fluery, and still win, so i doubt there to worried aboot it. Im sure Letang will step up for them, and maybe some weirdo prospect like Lovejoy, lol, crazy hippy last name.

  50. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this year’s team. They’re so small up front, and as usual, not tough enough to play the teams in our conference. Orr is one of our MVP’s. Remove him and we’re dead. Voros is not the next Avery. He looks like a punching bag on skates, not gonna score 15 goals. He’s a gamer, but I think Byers is better. I went to a few games at Htfd, so I’m an expert now, lol. If I see Prucha get checked into the next time zone again, I’ll puke. Will somebody tell him to keep his head up!!!!!! Kalinen is Malik II. Mara should be the 7th D. Maybe Potter is ready for a top six role. He can’t be worse than Mara, or Kalinen, right? Are you guys ok with our scorers?

  51. Have not seen much preseason..whats the deal with Fahey? a big time hitter? He’s still hanging around..is that because he cant go to AHL w/o waivers?? Help!

  52. EJ,

    Did you watch or look at what our full lineup is? I hear all this talk about us being small but it’s like people don’t know who we got in the offseason. Orr, Voros, Rissmiller, Betts, even Fritsche and Dubi are a decent size. Plus most of our team is both fast and physical so I don’t get where you are getting your info from. We have only 2 players under 6 feet and only 6 under 200 pounds, all 6 are forwards. We are built to keep up with the other teams both in the physical game and in speed. We seem to have a lot of misinformed fans.

  53. All of these fans think just cause we have only two fighters, or really only one major fighter, were “small”. Who cares, that’s the last thing im worried aboot.


    If Byers was so good he’d be in the lineup, not Voros. Id much rather have Voros there than him to be honest. I don’t see what’s so special, he’s not gonna put up points, he’s just another version of Hollweg, potentially minus the dumb penalties. Korpikoski, is the only Wolf Pack forward in my opinion that is ready for the NHL, and can possibly put up some decent rookie numbers, not Calder numbers, but good enough, like Dubi. Byers, Moore, Parenteau, all are gonna do great….for the Wolf Pack, not for Nyr. But that’s my opinion.

    Jeez, the Blue Jackets are molesting the Hawks 6-1, Tyutin, and Backman both have a goal and an assist each, and Huet gave up all 6 goals. Hmm, i wonder if the Hawks fans are gonna panic after that game, like we have been doing this whole pre season.

  54. jonny i agree with what you are saying. I think this team could be a pleasure to watch. Playing physical and fast, starting in the defensive zone and moving out. If we keep the shot counts low for the opp. like we did all preseason we should be doing well. we should use our speed to get into the offensive zone to set up. We also need to take a lot of shots and CRASH THE NET!

  55. Gaborik stands a very good chance of be a Ranger next season. Him and Voros are good friends and work out together in the off season and such. I think that is part of the reason for bringing him in and giving him a 3 year deal to boot.

    I have a weird feeling if Gaborik doesnt sign, we might have a chance at Brian Gionta this off season because of his chemistry with Gomez and he’s a Rochester, NY native.

  56. Poti was credited with more hits than Betts a few years ago. I wish the Rangers would have traded Betts instead of ,Moore a couple of years ago.

  57. What is with all the Betts hate? He does his job and he may not even be back next season as Anisimov (who had a very quiet camp unfortunately), Stefan, or even Tom Pyatt could challenge for the 4th line role. There’s a good chance he won’t be back too as that million and change is probably gonna go to resigning Dubi/Cally/Dawes/Staal.

    Huet is a weird goalie. Great during the regular season but in the playoffs not so much. He’s actually one goalie who has looked very human against the Rangers. I’m’ kinda banking on that for opening night.

    Once again; say no to Gaborik. Dude is always injured. His last four NHL seasons he has played in 65, 48, 65, and 78 games. The last one is good, but definitely an abnormality; he wouldn’t last vs. the Flyers/Devils/Sens/Bruins for 20 games a year.

  58. I say the only way we go after Gaborik next season, is if he proves he can last a whole season. His first 3 years he played in 71, 78, and 81 games and then battled 3 injury-plagued seasons before playing in 77 games this season.

    If the Rangers claimed Ouellet off of waivers right now would they only be responsible for 1/2 of his 1.25 million dollar salary?? If so … i say go for him. Last year he had 36 points in 64 games and was a +11 for a very crappy Tampa Bay team. Plus, he has 116 points in 187 games for his career, i dont think thats too shabby. He also fits the “young and fast” mold the Rangers are looking for.

  59. Plus 27 of Ouellet’s 52 goals (in his short career) have come on the PP. We could definitely use that !!!

  60. poti also plays defense so depending on the official scorers, he gets credit for hitting someone going for a rebound. Betts throws the body whenever it’s smart to. He may not throw a bone jarring hit, but he never goes out of the way to take a stupid hit. He always makes the smart decisions in regards to forechecking and his defensive awareness is tops for a 4th line player.

    He’s more of a practice guy in regards to offense because he has good hands, but during the game he never shows it. I will agree I’d like to see Moore instead of Betts, but people need to realize that role players are very important and just because Betts isn’t putting up numbers offensive, his contributions definately help out team.

  61. stay away from ouellet. Honestly, let’s see what the guys we have now can do.

    Also gaboril gets hurts because his speed isn’t always utilized right in lemaires grind it out system. His playoff numbers are great and if he’s able to freelance here playing with a guy like gomez or even zherdev, he’ll be fine. Our team is being built to dominate puck possession, not trap and check the he’ll out of the other team and win 2-1 with a mostly defensive game.

  62. Interesting story at the beginning of this article (link in name) about a guy the Rangers drafted who will be playing against them on Tuesday. I assume they still hold his rights based on the conversations, but it’s odd that they would after five years.

  63. somerset – only get 1/2 price vs cap if they claim a guy coming back from the minors. not when he is 1st placed on waivers on way to minors

  64. Thanks Li Joe

    Even still at the full price (1.25 mill) he’s not too bad. especially that +11 on a defensively horrible Lightning team last year. I like his PP goal totals too.

    At least he’s cheaper then Prucha and slightly more expensive then Rissmiller. Both of whom only had 17 point a piece last year.

  65. “What is with all the Betts hate? He does his job and he may not even be back next season as Anisimov (who had a very quiet camp unfortunately), Stefan, or even Tom Pyatt could challenge for the 4th line role.”

    I’m assuming you mean Derek Stepan, who won’t be around for the next few years, since his committed to Wisconsin for four years.

  66. Yeah Stepan. Hey we got Grachev over here this season. i don’t expect Stepan to come here but stranger things have happened.

    When is Hagelin coming over? How many years of school does he have left?

  67. Blair Betts does his job – he’s not Gomez, Sundin or Sakic. He’s a 4th line player who is defensively reponsible, kills penalties and most of the time plays with a pair of pugilists or agitators. He’s not going to rack up 30 points a season, if he gets 15 thats fine with me, just check the less glamorous stats: blocked shots, face-off wins, giveaways and takeaways.

    Has Larry Brooks bought his Debbies season ticket yet?

  68. I’ve had this day circled on my calendar for quite some time. Looking forward to watching the game today.

    I understand the trade talk, its usually fun to dream. But if you want to talk seriously about it, look for a landing place for Rozy to make room for Sundin. I’m not saying its a good idea. But at this point, Mats wants NY.

    Anyone catch NHL Live yesterday? It was an often topic of discussion there. As well was the Shanny situation.

    A VERY interesting point was made by a caller. I didn’t hear the way it began, but it involved Brian Burke and Glen Sather. Bottom line is that no one can really see Slats hanging around for another ’10 years’, so eventually there needs to be a plan in place. They didn’t really address the fact that Burke would be next in NY, but never ruled out the possibility. He has a young family in B.C. and that is an issue for him.

    Just thought it was interesting enough to share.

  69. You know, for all the crap that every one of us here gives Sather for f’n up, I pulled this from an artcile about the Knicks. (only read it cause there was a pick of the….prick). I just goes to show that there’s often things that even the media isn’t privy to, let alone us fans…

    “Most of all, the new Knicks president and coach had discovered the hard truth of life with the New York Knicks: Narcissistic and irrational starts at the top with owner Jim Dolan. For all the millions of dollars he’s paid a long list of failed executives, coaches and players to go away, a league source says Dolan refuses to do it with the nearly $22 million owed to Marbury in the final year of his contract.”

  70. Good for Pock. Liked him very much and felt he should have been given more of a chance with Rangers. He was exceptional with Wolf Pack. Sorry, though, that we may see him flourish with the Icelanders.

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