Renney staying pat


It sounds like Tom Renney “is staying pat for now”: with the line combinations he experimented with on Saturday, which is notable on at least two levels.

Among the knocks against the coach is that he is a) too defensive-minded and b) too trigger happy jumbling his lines. So when the two areas overlap — i.e. line combinations that have been defensive liabilities — it’s remarkable that he’s actually giving it a shot.

As expected, look for Steve Valiquette to get the start against Bern and Henrik Lundqvist to play in the Victoria Cup game on Wednesday.

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  1. I know its preseason, but i would love for Jagr to get out of Russia and come to us but thats not happening. In a fantasy world obviously.

  2. Can somebody suggest to Renney that with so many penalty killing forwards we no longer need Betts who is easily replaced by either Rissmiller or Fritsche or Korpikoski.

    “September 28th, 2008 at 6:28 pm
    I wonder how Zherdev-Dubinsky-Jagr would look. Problem is they all love to control the puck, so who knows if that would work out.”

    I rather have little bulldozer Dawes out there than Jagr.

  3. SAM you got Renney down pat. He’s not being held accountable, nor is his boss so it’s a free ride to whatever happens while Dolan just pays the bill and makes it back along with a BIG profit. Let’s see tom tom go further than last season. He says he will.

  4. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Conspiracy theory = isn’t Russia’s season shorter than ours and aren’t they done around deadline time or sooner? Maybe there’s a plan to bring Jagr back for the stretch. Just a thought!

  5. I think we all know that the Rangers arent winning the Cup this year or even in the next couple of years. But the fans should take some solace in the fact that Management took the GIANT STEP forward towards building its team from within, and finally putting faith in their youth and giving them chance to prove themselves.

    Yes, we have some overpaid players, but in a time when teams are throwing 10 million dollars at Sundin, or 5 million dollars at Jeff Finger, i have full confidence that we are not “stuck” with these guys if we need to move them down the road. I feel plenty of teams would jump at the opportunity to have anyone of our overpaid players (Gomez, Drury, Rozi, Redden, Lundqvist).

    So RELAX !!!!

  6. Sorry folks, I give Renney 30-40 games. He’s soft, his team is soft, we’re a creampuff to play against.

    Naslund, Gomez, Drury, Rozival, Prucha, Zherdev, Dubinsky, Callahan, Sjostrom, Betts, Fritche, Mara, Kalinin? This team is so soft and with Renney’s defenseive system we’re not going to score goals, so shouldn’t we have some pysical play to fall back on?

    We lose Avery, Strudwick, Hollweg, Shanahan and you see how soft we have become.

    This team needs some size and grit, Sather will need to trade for it on defense and offense if this team expects to be any good.

    We’ll need JovoCop or Gauthier or some crusher on defense and a power forward up front. I think Jessiman deserves at least a look.

  7. vogs, I wouldn’t exactly call Dubinsky and Callahan soft players but I get your point.
    I also think everybody is jumping the gun here. Preseason games mean absolutely nothing. Half the games were played with guys who will be playing junior hockey or in the AHL this year.
    I still have faith that Renney and company will get this team rolling in the right direction.

  8. Somerset:

    “I think we all know that the Rangers arent winning the Cup this year or even in the next couple of years. But the fans should take some solace in the fact that Management took the GIANT STEP forward towards building its team from within, and finally putting faith in their youth and giving them chance to prove themselves.”

    I agree here on this:

    Dubinksy, Callahan, Korpikoski, Lundqvist, Staal, Del Zotto and to a lesser extent, Dawes, who didn’t do much in preseason, defines the Rangers youth.

    I hope Potter, Jessiman and Byers get looks this year as well. I thought all three earned a look this year with their play in preseason.

    The problem, I see, is the coach. I gave Renney a chance, but frankly, now I am getting tired of his rhetoric and his philosophy. This is about winning hockey games, and being tough, Renney is losing me quickly.

    I think we’ll see just how valuable Jagr, Shanny and Avery were this team.

  9. Voros, Dubinsky, Callahan, Mara, and Kalinin have played physical and have had very good camps. I think Fritsche has a mean streak that hasnt been unleashed yet and Orr has been incredible with his added speed and toughness so far.

    I would love to put a deal together to get O’sully and Gauthier out of LA. I said that back in late July.

    ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? knows i’ve been harping on that all summer. But when you take a physical D-man like Gauthier then you risk having a d-man with bad positioning.

  10. Rob L.

    Honestly, pre-seasonn or not, there is an ebb and flow with teams and organizations, and I see the same “game” we have seen the last three seasons.

    I love my Rangers, but each of the past few seasons I have cringed at how poorly we play sometimes and how out of position we are on defense and how utterly anemic our power play has become.

    In don’t want to just make the playoffs, I want to have a team that can contend for the Cup.

  11. Give Renney 30-40 games..hahahaha. Renney has the most secure job on the planet. After Isiah Thomas, there is nothing Renney could do to the Rangers to screw them up bad enough to get canned. Thomas practically raped someone and didn’t get the boot. He must be an angel to the Dolans

  12. Somerset:

    Dubinsky and Callahan are not striking fear in anyone from a physical standpoint. They should not be concentrating on the physical aspect of the game, it might be one aspect of their games, but to me they are talened, goal scorers who need to be ON the ice, not in the penalty box.

    Mara and Kalinin are ot physical and scare nobody.

    Although I agree they can be tough, I do not think any of the players just mention make us a “physical or gritty” team.


    Jessiwoman deserves a look ?!??! The guy got knocked out by Steve “Looney” Downie. That’s all the look he can get. Slats listened to the whiny Nyr fans who wanted to draft a tough kid, and draft some size, and he drafted Jessiwoman. He’s a bust, there’s a reason why he is the only player in that draft to not play an NHL game. Boyle just played his first 4 last season, and scored in 3 of the 4 games, socring on Broduer, Lundqvist who are two tough SOB’s in net. He was a waste, and we have to be reminded of that everytime we verse the Flyers, Kings, Devils, Bruins, etc.

    Nyr has as much fans as Devil fans. Real fans that is. The majority are always saying “this team sucks, there going nowhere”, then when the team actually misses the playoffs, or gets eliminated, they feel like they just won a million bucks, and are so proud they called it, and try to make it sound like they know what the fugg there talking aboot. Bunch of idiots. If your so against them, and not even trying to stay positive, then don’t watch them. The team could lose all of the fake fans anyway.

    Everyone looked at the 05-06 team, and never gave them a chance, we had a player that nobody was taking as serious anymore, like Jagr, and his gang of Czechs, and players that barely scored more than 25 goals, with a shit load of 4th liners playing on the 3rd and 4th lines.

    Our forward – Jagr, Rucchin, Nylander, Straka, Prucha, Moore, Ruchinsky, Betts, Hollweg, Orr, Ward, Hossa, Sykora, Neimenen, Ortmeyer, Giroux, Immonen.
    Our Defense – Rozsival, Malik, Ozolinsch, Kasparitus, Tyutin, Pock, Strudwick, Poti

    With that lineup in 05-06 we made the playoffs, and nearly won the Atlantic, losing by a point or two.

    This years forwards – Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Zherdev, Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky, Betts, Orr, Voros, Prucha, Sjostrom, Korpikoski, Rismiller, Fritsche
    This years Defense – Rozsival, Redden, Girardi, Staal, Kalinin, Mara, Potter, Fahey

    Nobody gave that team a shot, and look what happened. So before you start throwing in your towel, be a little patient. If not, go s some d’s, and watch the devils. You’ll love Rolston, and how Chico talks aboot him, and his stupid Chico eats BS.

  14. “Give Renney 30-40 games..hahahaha. Renney has the most secure job on the planet. ”

    That’s my point, Joe. His job shouldn’t be that safe.

    Hey Orr, your 05-06 team, your 06-07 team and your 07-08 team didn’t go the the conference finals.

    They got swept by NJ, beaten by Buffalo, and handled by Pittsburgh, 4-1.

    If that’s what you’re happy with then fine. Not me.

  15. I admire your passion, Orr. God bless you and all young Ranger fans.

    But when you’ve been watching them for 20 years, every game, every year, twice a night, I’m entitled to my opinions.

    You should try and listen more to other people’s perspectives.

    I’ll cheer em all season, doesn’t mean I have to like TOm Renney and his BS.

  16. vogs are you kidding me – losing Hollweg was a VERY GOOD THING, Shanny was no longer physical after concussion. Strudwick very nuch a sub. you sure you’ve been watching hockey 20 yrs. or is it 20 months.

  17. vogs,

    Did you see who we got in the offseason? Rissmiller is 6-4, Voros is 6-3, zherdev throws the body, as does all of our young guys. We weren’t tough last year. Shanny never hit, avery was a defensive liability and a locker room cancer (both of which people ignore), and the other guys were too slow.

    Getting gauthier or jovo would be an awful idea. Sure they hit, but damn are they slow. There is a reason nobody is going after him at the trade deadline. I still don’t see everyones obsession with grabbing a huge hitting d-man. All the ones we could get are huge positioning liabilities and the ones that are actually good are locked up for sometime.

    Its not worth it to sign a guy like gauthier of commodore juat because they can hit. If you’ve ever watched them play, they will go out of the way to step up and hit and are too slow to get back into position. Positioning is more important than hitting on defense.

  18. that’s actually one thing that bothers me about a lot of fans. All they want to see is hitting and fighting and don’t realize that just because someone hits, doesn’t mean he’s a good defenseman. Now I agree we could use more physical guys on the back end, but don’t just pickup a guy because all he can do is hit.

  19. I liked the line combo of Gomez with Naslund and Drury. I thought they clicked well and could only get better. The thing I am most worried about is the sloppy defensive play of Redden. Yikes!

  20. Also he is on the hatcher level of being unable to adjust to the new game. No more hooking and holding = taking too many penalties or getting burnt a lot.

  21. JONNY D

    Good point. Just like Vishnovski for the Devils. That guy can hit, but he likes to hit to much, and it takes him way out of position.


    We weren’t a playoff team in 05-06, plain and simple, we didn’t have the guys to carry the team past a team like the Devils with Broduer in net. We didn’t have Jagr, so we had and injured Ruchin, Ruchinsky, a ghost of a Nylander, Prucha, and Sykora, so we had to hope Betts, Ortmeyer, Hossa, Ward etc could score, and that wasn’t gonna happen. So we go out and sign Shanny, and hope to have more scoring, along with Cullen, and Hank had a year behind him. We destroy the Thrashers, and battle back after being down two games to none to the Sabs, aboot to go up 3-2 in the series until Tyutin (i think) rapes us with a dumb clear for an icing, and Dru, and Max kill us, and that’s all she wrote. Last year was equally painful, because we destroyed the Devils for the most part, and after 1 period, it seemed like we were ready to kill the Pens, until we blow that huge fuggin lead, and that was that.

    Ill give you 05-06, but 06-07, and 07-08 were heart breakers, and could have went either way. Its not like we just didn’t have a chance in hell.

  22. Wasn’t toots, it was Nylander with the stupid icing play. He had so much time to flip the puck out softly. I remember I was at MSG for the skating/viewing party and everyone but myself and my bro were going nuts. As soon as he iced it I was like “NOOOOOOOOOO” because I knew what was going to happen next. And we played our asses off that year. That was a team to be proud of. They worked hard every night and even though the Sabres just played a really bad series and were a much better team, we still could’ve won.

    Last year we had 0 chance. The team maybe tried hard in 5 games all season and we were just too slow and old. We had no chemistry because we were restrained by always feeding to Jagr and Shanny and Avery didn’t really do much and then he got hurt. The thing with Avery is that he was great to piss off Marty, but outside of that, he wasn’t really all that special. He scored some nice goals and made some plays with the puck, but away from the puck he didn’t do anything worth 4 mil per year. He took some bad penalties and there were many times where he didn’t back check hard and it cost us a goal. People overlook that because he was entertaining though. I mean I’d love to have him just to watch the show that he puts on, but that didn’t necessarily help us win games.

  23. “Nyr has as much fans as Devil fans. Real fans that is. The majority are always saying “this team sucks, there going nowhere”, then when the team actually misses the playoffs, or gets eliminated, they feel like they just won a million bucks, and are so proud they called it, and try to make it sound like they know what the fugg there talking aboot. Bunch of idiots. If your so against them, and not even trying to stay positive, then don’t watch them. The team could lose all of the fake fans anyway.”

    ORR! said this. Right on.

  24. anybody worried about the game tomm?? Tampa Bay beat their Euro team and i think it would be devastating to lose with the whole Euro/KHL thing going on.

    I dont think/care if we lose but i think it will strengthen moral over in Europe if we do.

  25. Finishing the checks…hard is part of the job of almost every player in NHL. If the guy doesn’t do it, then in my eyes he isn’t a complete player.

  26. Oh it was Nylander, my mistake. Maybe Slats took that to heart and that’s why he got rid of him. Probably not, but Slats is a weird guy so you never know.


    I actually am. if they lose it would be embarrassing. Its only pre seaosn but this team has NO stars on it, at least none that i know of.

  27. There are days when i wish i hadn’t read the blog and its comments. You guys are so negative, but i guess thats the New York way, at least you can all say i told you so if/when it goes pear-shaped.
    Until that puck drops for the regular season coaches can try whatever line combinations they want, i’d rather they did in pre-season than screw around 10 games in. Renney’s only had the players for 12 days and due to the schedule he’s forced to try things out during games instead of giving something a couple of days in practice.

    As for Renney himself, he’s finally got the sort of team he wished for so if he can’t put it together this year then his days will be numbered.

    As for toughness i think Orr, Dubi, Cally, Voros and Mara is enough. Korpi, Riss and Z add a bit of size in there too. I’ll miss Hollywood for his dancing but i’m glad Toronto will be receiving all his stupid penalties and ass-whuppings in fights (as well as his pi$$ poor goal-scoring record).

    Bring on Saturday..!!

  28. What a f…! I have a two day tickets for both games in Bern but I can´t go because my doctor told me to rest because of high blood pressure.. I am probably the poorest guy right now in the world..I have seen them number of times at the Garden and now they would come over very close to my home I can´t go….

  29. The absolute worst thing in sports is when a fellow fan throws the “we all know we’re not winning the cup this year” yada yada yada “but at least we’re going in the right direction” line.

    Plllllease do not group “us” in your “we”. “We” are not you and while you may think we have no shot, there are some of us tradiontionalist who believe you still have to play 82 regular season games and win 16 playoff games to find out.

    You haven’t even seen us play ONE regular season game to make that kind of assessment.

    All I have to say is Stranger Things Have Happened! In both sports and life.

    The mindset of the fan should be the same as the player and coach. The goal is to win the cup THIS YEAR. What happens next year or 5 years from now is an after thought.

    You’re not a scout, you’re not a prognosticator, and unless you’re some kind of wizard or genie that can see into the future, please do not group us in your “we” comments about “knowing we’re not going to win the cup”.

    Just takes the fun out of being a fan for everyone.

    If that’s your thought — do us a favor and stay out of the building, we don’t need that kind of bad karma — we have enough.

  30. Re: the Beer article. The wife and I flew to Switzerland for our honeymoon. We also left at 7pm from Newark. I got about 1 hr of sleep on the plane. The problem is when it is 2am eastern time, you look out the window and the sun is out making it hard to sleep. When you get there they tell you to keep going and don’t sleep. It’s pretty easy to adjust once you’re there. The problem is when you get back home and you’re dead tired at 7pm. I could see the Rangers being very flat in their first game back here.

  31. Brandon…I think that was a good response to a downer of a fan.
    One just needs to look at the 3 Debbies teams that won those cups…nothing flashy, no real superstar scorers…thats for sure…they did it with a first class goaltender in Marty and good team defense…we don’t have Scott Stevens but as a whole WE’VE been in the top with team defense for a few years…and we also have Hank who like Marty is a first class goaltender.
    If we already know that we are going to have a terrible year I think I’ll return the DVR box and watch the baseball playoffs…and maybe even the Jets…Nah…Jets aren’t going to win the Superbowl.

  32. staal – you’re not alone on that one! haha

    22 – switzerland eh? cool. The trip really sux. At least we’re not the only team there, so we can gauge just how detrimental it is for a team to start the season that way. And I’m glad Pitt is one of the other teams there as well. Kinda knocks them down a level. Hopefully.

    Brandon – While I completely and totally agree with every word of that post, there’s no point in trying to refute the opinion of the nay-sayers. You’ll never really escape it in sports, and I think its even worse when it comes to NY sports. Just a friendly suggestion, ignore the posts. I was close to posting something to oppose those that never have a positive thing to say, but with time you’ll see there’s no point.

  33. DEAD ON with the “stop with the negativity comments”. The season hasn’t even started yet and people are ready to jump ship. I guess in their minds, preseason really DOES count somehow, even though we iced 2 completely different teams.

    I’d rather think we got a chance, and who knows what we can accomplish once the season starts and the playoffs start. The sky’s the limit, even if there’s better teams on paper out there.

  34. Thanks Staal and Beer — appreciate it.

    I suppose I should just ignore the negativity, but it really irks me to read those matter of fact comments.

    There are just hundreds of really great examples of teams that everyone thought had “no chance” and ended up winning it all. Funny thing about most of those squads was they all ended up buying into a system and winning as a team, not as individuals.

    I think the Rangers system is one that can not fail. I know alot of people question his moves, but I really think Tom Renney is one of the elite coaches in the game. He can deal with any personality (Jagr, Avery) and he has guys commit to a system which will never lose.

    Defense wins.

  35. Brandon, last year’s NY Giants are a prime example of a team who had no chance of winning the championship when the season started. Some people just bitch all the time, there’s nothing you can do. If the Rangers get hot down the stretch, anything is possible.

  36. 22,
    Couldn’t agree more — that would’ve been example #1 had someone been bold enough to ask for a list of teams that had been to the finals and/or won it all when no one even gave them a look, let a lone a chance.

  37. “I think we all know that the Rangers arent winning the Cup this year or even in the next couple of years. But the fans should take some solace in the fact that Management took the GIANT STEP forward towards building its team from within, and finally putting faith in their youth and giving them chance to prove themselves.” Somerset

    Next time your gonna quote me, finish the complete quote. How is that negative?? IMO This is how championships are won. Building from within, Landing Free agents with a purpose for them, not just to “gobble up all the big names on the market”. Im Sorry if i dont feel that this current Rangers team has the caliber players that Detroit and San Jose have. Sure, anything can happen, but not “holding my breathe for our team” this year, isnt exactly a negative comment

    I dont like the people that come on here with negative comments either, and i dont feel this was negative at all. I think its refreshing to know, that Rangers management has “turned the page” on free spending

  38. It was more a consecutive string of negativity then your post in general. However, the comment of “we all know…” seemed like a pretty negative assumption.

    Don’t take it personal… I’m always ultra positive about the team before they drop the puck on opening night.

    Even during our decade of playoff-less years i always came into the season with the mindset of “this is our year”.

  39. Hey, just for shits and giggles, why don’t we just say, “We can throw some shit to the wall and see what sticks.”? Why not? We are going to win a cup, we are not going to win a cup, we are going to be last in the league, we are going to be top 3 in the league. How about letting the frigin team finish the pre season, play two games in Prague and come home. How about letting them play some regular season games and gelling as a team. Hmmm, some new faces? I guess we should just assume that with a pre season game every day of the fuggin week that this team is automatically supposed to be a cohesive unit. Yeah, it makes perfect sense. I guess we suck, this organization is just belly up and worthless. JESUS CHRIST, some fans are just as bad as non fans.
    Folks, give it a little time. Let the team play some games and get used to each other. We haven’t even played two consecutive games as a full team and people are already up in arms with these unreal ASSumptions. Give it a rest, take something to settle yourself down a bit, and let’s see how the story of the 08-09 new york rangers unfolds. Yes, I am being a bit sarcastic if you couldn’t tell, and I am not directing this at any one person, but I really think some people are blue in the face from pushing so damn hard on the panic button that it is cutting off the air to the brain and impairing judgment.

    Good day!
    hugs and kisses,
    Your favorite neighborhood Nasty 1

  40. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Saturday was the first game that the team played as a whole unit as opposed to two squads coming off the schedule from hell. Seems to me it might be a little difficult getting it together when part of the team is one place and the other another place and some of the guys barely saw each other never mind play together. There’s no question we are going to go through growing pains but just remember how good it feels when it comes together and I feel it will (hopefully sooner than last season). Obviously it’s way too early to determine what’s going to happen with the team, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I’m optimistic about this season and am supporting this team no matter what! Let’s Go Rangers!

  41. I knew I could get some positive posts from my Nasty pep rally. Keep it going. Let’s be negative IF there is a reason to in the regular season.

  42. Brandon – re your quote “The mindset of the fan should be the same as the player and coach. The goal is to win the cup THIS YEAR. What happens next year or 5 years from now is an after thought.”

    not sure I totally agree with this. Look at Pitt and Wash and the players they got by being bad for a couple of yrs. So while my expectations are extremely tempered this yr I don’t view 2-3 yrs down the road as an afterthought. So even if the organization took a step back this yr (in my opinion at least) the goal is to build a team to win the cup (within a reasonable period of time not necessarily the current year). So it appeared the previous group of Jagr Shanny etc had gone as far as they were going to go.

    I think we have some good pieces in place and in the near future some others should come on as well. In a cap league in particular an organization has to look at the future as well as the current year. and at trading deadline figure whether there is enough there to really go for it as Pitt did last yr and we did in 94′. but look at Atl when they gave up a good part of future a couple of years ago only to get embarrassed by the Rangers.

    so I take issue with the next yr or 5 yrs from now is an afterthought. especially in keeping draft picks, developing young players and not screwing up the future cap situation with bad contracts. especially when deferrable bonuses were allowed. at some point those bills come due.

    I do know where you are coming from with excessive negativity. the comments of vogs had me getting p*ssed off as well last night.

  43. I don’t know about anyone else, but I won’t be around the blog/ranger news tomorrow until I get home @ 5 and can watch the game (dvr’ing it). We all know how attached I am to the internet…you can see how difficult it will be!

  44. Add me to the list of Brian Burke, teemu, and his family that are happy that his deal is finally done. I selected him in the 15th round of my fantasy draft. bad ass.

    The thing that we can all take from that is that of Teemu being a team player. 2yrs $5.25mil. $2.6 per is a very reasonable deal for him to accept.

    And I know it was most certainly discussed in a prior thread, but I am still disgusted by the Game Misconduct call against Korpi. Absolute F’n b.s. and the official should have been thrown a dose of ‘soccer-style’ justice and beaten and bloodied after, if not during the game. The worst part is that it forced me to agree with Joe Mich. It causes me great anguish to have to admit that.

  45. this team could perform well this year, but the organization did not take overly positive steps for the future at al as they greatly limited our future cap flexibility with the redden and rosi signings. Any positives that were accomplished by not resigning jagr/avery/shanny were mostly negated by the redden/rosi. the jagr crew was holding us back and i think these two signings will as well in the long term.

    again we could have a couple good years (or they could be bad), but sather is still in that win now mode even tho he would argue he isn’t. if he truly wanted to rebuild the team no way he signs a fading star in redden to a deal for that length or amount of money

  46. True joe. So I have to get all my blogging done early! Maybe I should let my boss know in advance. He’ll be pretty curious why so much work will get done tomorrow afternoon! lol

  47. I think I could speak for Brandon with the “The mindset of the fan should be the same as the player and coach. The goal is to win the cup THIS YEAR. What happens next year or 5 years from now is an after thought.” comment.

    Its more, you want to hope and wish the best for this year, no matter what. Even though it looks like it could be a crummy year, your job as a coach/GM/fan is to hope the BEST for the team, each year, each game. You woudln’t coach to lose, so you can get a better draft pick for next year, or a couple of years down the road.

    Hell, until the 1st loss, you have a chance for an undefeated season. I don’t THINK that would happen, but there’s a SLIGHT chance.

  48. LI Joe,

    Draft picks, development, cap space and personel are all very important; however, those are the kinds of things I usually think about in the off-season or at the trade deadline. Every team is building towards “something”, regardless of the philosophy. However, you’d be hardpressed to find a coach in the league that wasn’t trying to “win now”, save for maybe teams like the Islanders, Thrashers and so on. Personally, I don’t like the mindset of conceeding a season b/c you think you have a good shot in 2-3 years.

    There are no guarantees. Who knows what this team will look like in 3 years. Maybe Brandon Dubinsky will decide he wants to run for office or Scott Gomez decides he wants to play poker for a living. I can guarantee you whatever you think it will look like won’t even be close.

    I highly doubt you could have predicted the lineup to look like what it does today 3 years ago.

    This was not a “plan”. Bringing in Wade Redden and Markus Naslund wasn’t thought about 3 years ago. You try things out, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. There’s no set plan, which is why you try to go for it every single year no matter what… b/c you never know who will click and who won’t. Maybe we’ll be in first place at the deadline and make a monster deal — who knows? Maybe we’ll roll the dice and trade Mike Gartner before the trade deadline for Glenn Anderson. Maybe Nigel Dawes will be shipped to Atlanta in a package deal for Ilya Kovalchuck.

    Sorry, but this team IS good enough to win it all. Reason being, there is no one else in the East that looks to be a powerhouse. And don’t tell me Pitt b/c they’re not as strong as last year and i think MAF is the most overrated tender in the game. And, I don’t worry about the WEST b/c anything can happen in a 7 game series — that’s hand I’ll gladly play.

    We have a world class goalie, a better than average defensive core and 3 lines that may be the fastest in the league right now.

    On top of that, I think Tom Renney is a top 5 coach in the league and he’ll prove that statement even more this year.

    Not scared of Pitt.
    Not scared of Mtl.
    Not scored of NJ, for sure.

  49. pete – i agree about those signings both in $ and term. somewhere down the road one or both will be jettisoned.

    the league may very well have a testy negotiation with the union when current cba ends (3 yrs?). have a feeling cap will be adjusted both top end and bottom end and some loopholes done away with. especially putting a guy in AHL ala Kasper the edmonton’s of the world will want to close that loophole. at that time players will probably be able to be bought out with no impact on the cap like Holik was. fully expect Redden to be bought out if that is the case.

  50. Brandon – no doubt that anything can happen and that’s why they play the game. in the nhl especially as a cap league free agents should really just be a supplement to home grown talent. look at Detroit and over last decade or so the Devils and Colorado. and now Wash and Pitt look headed in the right direction.

    so we have a nice nucleus with henrik (if is and stays healthy), Staal and Dubinsky. and even a guy like Gomez will be in his prime for a few more years.

    don’t really like some of the contracts. actually liked Rozy but not for this contract. Redden seems way overpriced. and again even though I like him I don’t like Drury’s contract either.

    for this year forgetting salary cap for a second I am ok with the team. but that doesn’t mean I want the instant gratification of the soon to be 40 yr old that many are still pining for. especially in 2nd half of season.

    and if it was just about this yr the team would probably have brought back Avery and Jagr. but there the cap does come into play since I think Avery in particular is another too pricy contract. so in his case I’m glad he wasn’t signed since the 3rd and 4th yrs would have been a burden to our cap.

  51. FYI, Nick Kypreos of Rogers Sportsnet in Canada went over to Stockholm to interview Mats Sundin.
    He now predicts that Sundin will come back in around December to play for the Rangers. Take it for what it’s worth.

  52. I could only take Sundin being with the Rangers if it meant trading away Rozie. As sad as that is, I would take that to ditch him.

  53. I had the strongest Margerita I even had in my life at some outdoor bar on 49th street ( between 8th and 9th)on Friday night!

    I wound up chasing a Pidgeon that refused to fly all the way to Broadway on my way to see Norm Macdonald at Carolines comedy club

    This has nothing to do with Rangers but I thought you’d like to know

  54. hahaha….awesome kaspar.

    Pierre…I thought I read that right. Who knows what December may bring. I’m not opposed to it, it just depends on who goes to make cap room.

  55. Beer, how do you not like Joe? Actually, I found myself agreeing with / gaining some respect for Chico during that game….Emerick on the other hand has a face for radio and a voice for the newspapers…

    2.) Anyone else see that Mystery Alaska was on last night- nice programming – Rangers scrimmage no name team (granted I didn’t see that movie and didn’t watch last night, but hopefully the Rangers didn’t lose in that movie

    3.) Why don’t more right-handed shooting forwards play on the left side? I have Prucha on the left side in my 2k9 season and he’s second in the league in scoring (yes, that’s not real life, but food for thought).

  56. Jeever …
    I agree 100%. I would ONLY take Sundin’s contract if it meant shedding Rozsival’s. I think he could help the team, especially if we have trouble scoring in the first few months. Sundin has proved he can consistently score 70+ points with a horrible Toronto team, id expect him to do the same here.

    But who knows, maybe the Rangers come out of the gate firing on all cylinders and dont look back??

    Brandon …

    I dont think its a good mentality to only think about one season at a time:”Personally, I don’t like the mindset of conceeding a season b/c you think you have a good shot in 2-3 years.” I think thats partially the reason why the Rangers were so bad for so many years. The Rangers are taking a huge risk and walking away from people that made this team better in the post-lockout era (Jagr, Straka, Avery), and it was to build (for the future) a younger, quicker, more creative team.

    Personally, i would have like to have seen Straka back for one more season. I think, like Rozsival, could have benefitted from being w/o Jagr and deferring to him all the time. Plus Straka, is still quick and creative

  57. Micheletti is a tool. Chico makes me want to beat the sh*t out of myself. And stab screwdrivers through my ear drums. Don’t even get me started on Emrick. I’d rather do 20 years in San Quentin than listen to him call a game. They make me absolutely sick. Actually, the “Doc and Chico show” makes Micheletti look like a front-runner for a FUGGIN EMMY AWARD!

    I digress (and vomit).

  58. Joe at least knows the game…I think he needs to find his footing a little bit better and, certainly, in comparison to Doc and Chico he’s an award winner- but I still don’t get the animosity towards him…actually, who do you like as an announcer?

  59. Oh God, the pain of losing Strudwick, Hollweg, and the carved-out shell of what is left of Shanahan! How will we ever manage, right Vogs? If only we could bring back Isbister, La Couture, and Ozo too, right pal? Hahahahaha you make my day with your tormented sense of “humor.” Zero-ability guys have a friend in you.

  60. “Please, the irony in mentioning Isbister as he toasted Redden to the outside”

    Wade’s just waiting for the signing to be officially announced

  61. not bad for isles. 1 yr low cost. also can play forward.

    he was in Renney’s doghouse and had no chance to make the Rangers. and once sent down would have had to clear reverse waivers so we would have been hit with 1/2 his remaining salary. we could have used him in Hartford since our d is pretty weak there and need more defense players there. but would not have been able to help Rangers due to waiver rules and being in renney’s doghouse anyway.

  62. Vogs made a comment about Renney that was pretty weak. (Giving him 30-40 games or whatever that BS was). I think 100% Vogs is wrong. Renney has done pretty well and fielded better teams each year he has been with us. Last year we lost to a better team. The year before we got beaten but not outplayed. So I think Vogs needs to find a new whipping boy.

    All the others who already have us finishing 7th, 8th, or 9th or Renney getting canned or whatever can just go suggit!

    The opening face off of the 08 season hasn’t even occurred and people are already calling for the end of the line for Renney, no playoffs for the Blueshirts, blah blah blah. Get a f-ing clue!

    If I told you this year that the Rays would win the AL East, the Yanks best pitcher would be Moose w 20 game win, and the Mets would again choke in the final month of the season you would have said I was nuts.

    Last thing, all you guys talking about Hockey Mom Sarah Palin….did you see her on Katie Couric? 90% of the hockey moms in this country are smarter than that woman and would do a better job. And they don’t think that because they live in Texas they are experts on Mexican Foreign Policy. In case you missed it:

  63. if anyone wants a good chuckle…. eklund is reporting the rangers (along with 3 other teams) are interested in khabi (passed waivers today, hasnt been sent down to minors yet)…

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