R.I.P. Reg Dunlop


Paul Newman probably had a dozen more important roles than his starring role in “Slap Shot”. But to me, he will always be the wise, slightly deranged player-coach Reg Dunlop.

There’s not a fictional character I quote more (I’d rattle off a few right now, but most aren’t suitable for a family blog). For that alone, I will always be indebted to the “man who skated his last shift today”:http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Movies/09/27/paul.newman.dead/index.html.


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  1. R.I.P Paul. Cool guy.

    As for this game, its making me sick, i wish i overslept for another 2 hours, cause this is stupid. BS penalties, stupid idiot moves.

    Id prefer Fritsche as 4th line center over Betts, i still stand by that idea, and always will.

    That call on Korpedo was PATHETIC !! Not even boarding and they call it a major ?!?1 Clarkson boarded Cally, and that’s supposed to be “less dangerous” so they just call it a minor, gimee a fuggin break, i hope the ref who called that against Korp gets a stick in the eyebrow from a devil player, and cuts him open, so they give that devil player a major, for “blood”. Stupid idiot.

    Also, MSG SUCKS, Msg is the biggest piece of sh*t network of all NHL teams. Why they FUGG do they make us faithful Nyr fans, sit through this BS with Chico, it makes me sick.

    Nice shot by Nzzy, and pass by Gomer BTW.

  2. Great movie, an even better actor.

    You got it right though Sam. He’s played in some of the best movies in American history YET he will always be known amongst us as Reggie Dunlop.

    Best quote ever was when he was talking to the owner after he found out it was the women. What he said about her son was friggin’ CLASSIC.

  3. Classic Sam….Great post my friend. Hud won the Oscar, but Reg will always live on. Nice job.

  4. May he rest in peace! He has definitely lived an incredible life! Other than giving us the best hockey movie ever made, what he did for the underpriviledged was incredible. How many people do you know raised $250 million for charity???

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