Rangers risk losing four


Update, 1:49 p.m.: The good news is I’m pretty sure — no, make that positive — that Wade Redden isn’t as bad as he’s been playing so far this preseason. The problem is that when you get off to a rocky start in a city where you’re only trying to make a positive impression, these things have a way of taking on a life of their own.

Not counting today, Redden has four more games to find his footing before the Rangers return to MSG for their home opener at Blackhawks. Here’s hoping he does. Otherwise he risks making Marek Malik look like a crowd favorite.

Earlier: One thing that escaped me yesterday when reporting the Rangers’ cuts is that four players, defensemen Maxim Kondratiev and Thomas Pock, and forwards Hugh Jessiman and P.A. Parenteau, have to go through waivers before they’re officially assigned to Hartford (they’re already training with the Pack). Since the cuts were made on Friday, they won’t clear until noon on Monday.

Of that group, I could see Parenteau, who led Hartford last year with 81, being snagged by another team. Another possibility is Pock, although the defenseman wasn’t picked up when exposed last year.

Obviously the fact that the Rangers risk losing these players says something about the team’s opinion of them.

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  1. Even though he doesn’t really have NHL experience, Jessiman and Parenteau can be nabbed? And can players be taken after being sent down from training camp, or is it only during the season?

    Obviously, losing Kondratiev isn’t a big deal, Jessiman won’t ever amount to much, and Pock has cleared waivers before, but Parenteau has big upside.


  2. That check by Korespedo was a clean check. That has to be the worse call I have ever seen by a official and he gets a game misconduct, are you kidding. I love this kid, he has size, can score and hit, another dubi. The rangers need these types of player. The rangers defense looks really soft to me. This could be a long season.

  3. can we please not use betts. orr can be the extra. this team has the ability to role 4 lines with speed and put constant pressure on. renney that is the way to go.

  4. Naslund and Redden are such great signings. Sign shanny to give Zherdev a good kick in the Ace once and awhile.

  5. why can’t we trade some of the Hartford bound guys and at least get a draft pick or two instead of just losing them to waivers?

  6. Let me guess EJ, because nobody wants them? Teams could pick them up for free on waivers and nobody’s biting…why would they trade away picks for them?

  7. I have a sinus infection and a hangover. I want to see Orr just break someone’s fuggin face next period. I know he wants to play, but he also needs to not forget where he came from. He is a top 5 fighter in the league, and he needs to make a point.

  8. Drury looks a whole lot better as a winger

    Betts is not a PK God after all, he is just a random loser for whom the coach has a fetish.

  9. Rangers defense as soft as Tom Carvel’s ice cream. Did not address the need for a physical d-man at all during the off-season.

  10. Rangers can’t seem to score goals, yet Blair “2.5 Assists” Betts is parading around as if he is the best 4th line center in NHL. Which I am sure is what Renney and many other clueless people believe.

  11. BTW Rissmiller can kill penalties and is a center. Last season he averaged 2 minutes on PK and was 50.9% on the faceoffs

  12. Clarkson running wild hitting every NYR in sight without fear of retribution. Wait til they play the Philthy Phlyers. So glad we got rid of Avery.

  13. Can’t imagine anyone dumb enough will grab Jessiman. Pock wasn’t picked up on waivers last year because he had a 2 year deal maybe with one year left a team like TB may pick him up. I could see Parenteau get a chance somewhere.

  14. Betts wearing an “A” is Renney’s way of saying “F–k you!” to all intelligent fans who want a 4th line center who throws big hits and can put up some points. That center right now is Rissmiller as well as Korpikoski who is even more talented.

    We got 11 or 12 forwards besides Betts that can kill penalties. What will it take to get this guy off the team? Can’t pass, can’t shoot, can’t hit, can’t agitate, but wow he can win faceoffs a whopping 52%.

  15. OK, first time I’m actually watching the rangers. Let me get this out of the way. I posted on this blog last year that I wouldn’t resign Rosival. Watching today’s game hasn’t changed my mind, he is awful, 5 mil for this clown is ridiculous. Redden is not worth 6-7 mil, he is awful defensively and I haven’t seen the power play any better than last year. The rangers defensemen are still soft, nothing has changed. I would like to know who will take Avery’s spot to fight guys like clarkson on the devils because I haven’t seen one ranger yet who will take this clown on. I know it is preseason but I don’t like what I see, this could be a long season fellow ranger fans.

  16. Well Bob, that’s a better percentage than Rissmiller, isn’t it? Sure, many players can kill penalties, but why get our top forwards tired when a fourth line guy, who has more experience at killing penalties, can do it instead.

    I’m not even a fan of Betts, but man do you annoy me…

  17. Hopefully next season Rozsival, Mara, and Kalinin are replaced by Potter, Sauer and Sanguinetti.

    Girardi since his start with the Rangers and still is by far our best defenseman.

    Staal doesn’t look like he got stronger at all. He needs to put on 20 pounds of muscle on his frame to really be great.

  18. how much difference does 1% on faceoffs make? Does Betts hit like Rissmiller? Does he score like Rissmiller? Does he pass like Rissmiller? Does he have Rissmiller’s size?

    Why get top line forwards play on PK? Because they can also score shorthanded. Because it means we don’t have to carry stiffs like Betts on the team.

  19. Kalinin takes another penalty this game – go figure! I will take Corey Potter any day of the week over Dmitri Kalinin. Potter may not have as much offensive upside as Kalinin, but Potter seems to be sound defensively and out of our whole defense right now, he is probably the most physical dman we have. Here is hoping Potter makes the big club in lieu of Kalinin.

  20. Anybody see Rissmiller carrying the puck end to end and then throwing a big hit? Ever see Betts do that? No!

  21. Terrible argument…what’s the point of scoring 5 more shorthanded goals or so with skilled penalty killers if you’re gonna let in 15 more power play goals or so because they’re not as good at killing penalties…

  22. Pierre, what is the point of allowing 5 fewer goals if your 4th line can’t score at all and your 4th line center can’t pass or throw a big hit at all?

  23. Bob, like I said, I’m not that crazy about Betts. I’d rather have Fritsche or Rittsmiller centering the fourth line, but I still prefer having 3rd or 4th line guys killing penalties. Hopefully Korpedo’s up to the task. If Sather trades Betts for a 5th or 6th round pick, I’ll be glad to see him go…

  24. Fritsche, Korpikoski, Callahan, Rissmiller, and Sjostrom are 3rd and 4th liners and are all penalty killers, or is that not enough for you, Pierre?

  25. I think Sather thinks the NHL is a no contact, fight league.

    The ranger stars, gomez, drury, nikky and dubi will get killed this year and then maybe and only maybe then will Sather take his head out of his arse and sign rugged players.

    Two years ago the Ducks won the Cup and we went with “North American” style players…this past year the Wings won the Cup and now we are a “Euro” style team.

    The Devils, Flyers and even the Islanders will be beating up the Rangers all year long.

    Dont forget we have to play the Sens, Tampa and Boston 4 times as well.

    I would like to start the Fire Sather campaign.

    Anyone with me?

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