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Update, 3:56 p.m.: Don’t get used to those line combinations just yet. Tom Renney acknowledged just now that he’s contemplating going back to the combinations he had for the most of the preseason.

“There might be more continuity based on that,” Renney said.

The coach sounds like he’s confused. At least he has company.

Earlier: Devils 4, Rangers 2. The Rangers continue their streak of scoring two goals in every  preseason game. But if you’re looking for positives out of an otherwise discouraging afternoon, both Markus Naslund and Nikolai Zherdev come up with vintage goal scorer goals. Between the two, Naslund has been steadier this preseason. But both at least offered a glimpse of what they can provide.

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  1. Every team is playing us tough, we need guys that can play other teams tough, and Betts sure doesn’t fit that role.

    Time to cut the umbilical cord between Renney and Betts.

    Bottom 2 line players need to be mean and physican, not some PK Wizard pansy.

  2. I disagree, Sam. I think Zherdev has had better preseason games, and especially today. He was involved all over the place, in the corners, sticking up for his teammates, and potting a beautiful goal.

    Naslund, on the other hand, hasn’t been shotting enough. He had a prime opportunity from the slot, opted to pass instead of shoot. That needs to change.

    Overall, if not for the brutal play of Lundqvist, they might have actually won this game.

  3. i liked the dru-gomez-naslund line there at the end
    dubbie is gonna have a breakout year… he seems to plug in well with anyone…
    i think if dru does move to the wing it could help the team a bit with who stays and goes…

  4. Even Zherdev can effectively kill penalties and play well defensively, no more need to have offensive impotents(Betts, Hollweg) offsetting defensive impotents(Jagr).

  5. I hope Korpedo’s “penalty” doesn’t make Renney second guess adding him to the season opening lineup.

    I think Betts should get dumped. Id feel a lot better for Pruchs playing on the 4th line if it was with Freddy, and Fritsche, or something like that.



    I wanna see Staal, and Girardi switch spots, just out of curiosity.

    I agree with bob, even if he’s Bonfire. Im sick of Renney, and Nyr fans acting like Betts is the god of defense and PK. Im not expecting to have a 4th line scoring line, but it would be nice to have a hard working 4th line, that will be doing something every time there on the ice, if there not scoring goals, there hitting, fighting, making things exciting, pumping up there team, etc. Those are the lines i wanna see.

    Who knows, maybe Slats would trade Betts, and Freddy, and try to fit in Shanny, but i highly doubt it. Either way, im hoping Betts gets traded, nothing personal but that’s just how i feel, i know the majority of fans in here don’t like the idea.

    As far as PK goes, you have Dru, Gomer, Cally, Dawes, Dubi, Nazzy, Fritsche, Freddy, and even maybe Zherdev who can play the PK. So that’s something im not to worried aboot.

  6. RICHE

    The Zherdev goal was nice, he did a little toe drag into the slot and popped it in shorthanded. I think that’s how it went. Both goals by Nazzy, and Nicky were nice, and Redden had an open net for a goal, but the puck was all goofy, and bouncing.

  7. I am worried that Rosival is going to get major minutes based upon his salary….he may not be ready from the surgery…

    Betts; great heart, but a fourth line has to score once in awhile…

    Grateful that Nedvd is gone. His wiley veteran ways look good against AHLers and slower paced NHL games, but would have been DOA by December. We don’t need any more old guys.

    I have to say that losing still kinda stinks, even in preseason.

  8. Yeah it does. Rozi is not skating well at all, he’s not good from the surgery yet. The ice was very bouncy today.

    I’m VERY worried about Lundqvuist now. He doesn’t look healthy.

  9. Redden or Rozival the Garden whipping boy? Was there today they both played awful. We all saw they plays.

    What is up with three soft goals by Henry? He has not played enough this preseason imo.

  10. Hopefully with this lack of scoring the Rangers will get Shanny under contract for 1 more season. This team is TOO YOUNG !! I was on the fence with Nedved, but i think having Shanny (and his 20-25 goals) on the 4th line and PP is better then having “youthful guys” that dont produce results.

    Im done with Prucha and Sjostrom, i feel we could trade them or demote them and the team would be the same if not better. I’m also fine with subbing Betts in and out of the lineup. I mean, he doesnt make that much money to argue that he wouldnt be a decent guy to have as a healthy scratch player in case of injury.

    Between Prucha’s 1.6 million dollars and Sjostrom’s 850k salary i think we could bring Shanny in as a stop-gap for 1 year, and if he starts fading during the middle of the season we could just call up a Wolfpacker at that point.

  11. Is it too late to try and trade either Rozi or Kalinin to LA for O’sully??

    I hear he still isnt under contract and hasnt played/practiced a single minute with the team yet. Plus LA, still looks really shallow on the back end. I hear rumors they’re even looking into signing Malik cause their D is so weak.

  12. Hello All One comment WADE REDDEN SUCKS I have been a Ranger fan since Eddie came back and played for Detroit. All I have to say is this organization has about as much class NOW as a pig with a diamond tiara. Just with the shot Shanny has left THE SAVIOR shouldve signed him BUTTTTTTT NOOOOOOO lets get another weak defensemen, need I say Malik. Hey with all the talk about Renny and the system they dont get ya gotta hit and SCORE. DOLAN SUCKS SATHER SUCKS and Wade Redden is a big puss that sucks. More Rolaids PLEEZE

  13. Somerset-

    Kings D is quite thin.
    Kings need to get over the cap floor by the start of the season.
    They are almost $9M shy of the $40.7 M cap floor.
    They have to acquire salary by trades or signing in a hurry- hence the Malik interest.
    They didn’t take on Schneider, but even signing Malik and O’ Sullivan wouldn’t close the gap.
    Khabibulin rumours won’t die out west, and his salary could help the Kings get kosher.

  14. KURT You are an idiot . Your post makes you look like a 4th grade student. Who cares what you think … go cry in your soup , we don’t need you as a Ranger Fan .. so F..K off!!

  15. GREG L

    Damn, you beat me to that comment !! But your right. Here we have a vintage Ranger fan, the kind i speak of often, but i figured these old idiots would show a little more class since they probably have great grandkids, but i guess not.


    Act your age. Your so pissed aboot this team, then go watch the Devils, you moron. Friggin Ranger fans like you need to disappear, you have the Isles, Devils, and Sabres, go watch one of them if your such a whiny loser who cant handle the way this team is now.


    Of course there has to be a “whipping boy”. Im telling you, i know i sound like a broken record, but this is why i HATE Ranger fans. The only ones i get along with is the ones in my family, like my dad, bro, and grandma. Every Nyr fan needs an excuse why the team isn’t doing good. Poti, Malik, Redden, Rozsival. Yeah they make mistakes, but quit being such whiny d-heads, and shut up already. Another pre season loss, i guess this team will be fighting for Tavares, huh ???? Wait for the season until you start judging all these players, whether there having a bad pre season or not, just friggin wait.

    I bet my right nut, any time Rozi, or Redden or anyone has a giveaway, the “fan” that called it, is feeling all proud that they got something right for once in there life. Friggin pathetic !!


    There gonna want Dubi, Staal, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Sanguinetti, Cherepanov, or Del Zotto, along with Rozsival for O’Sully. So i doubt Nyr is considering that for a second. Would be cool to have him, but we have to many centers, and wingers who can play center, and to many forwards who deserve to be playing in the NHL, so Slats probably isn’t thinking aboot O’Sully.

  16. Mookie …

    I know, thats what im saying. If you add together the Kings unableness to sign O’sully, coupled with their Defensive problems, and their salary cap floor issues, i dont see how we couldnt get something done??

    Did you guys hear Sam and Joe talking (during the last TB game), that Voros and Gaborik played on the top line together and became great friends, and now work out together in the off-season?? Can you see where i’m going with this?? Voros makes a couple of phone calls during the off-season, and next thing you know Gaborik is a Ranger.

  17. Orr …

    I disagree (one of the few times). I think the fact that LA cant sign him will help in the the Rangers favor (in this fantasy trade scenario). The longer it goes on i see this playing out like the McCabe deal. The Leafs wanted to get rid of him so bad they actually gave Florida a 1st round pick as well as McCabe.

    Now, im not saying that it will get that crazy, but Im sure LA will want to end this locker room disturbance as soon as possible, and maybe even try and make an “example out of O’sully”

  18. o;’sullivan if traded will be for other youth or draft picks not for a steal that our fans dream up.

    orr – bob is not bonfire. he is yenner mot and vinny pooh among other names he;s used.

  19. Say no to Gaborik; he has a pulled groin every 10 games. if they can dump a big contract next year, go after Kovalchuk and start a Russian renaissance in NY.

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