Getting past the honeymoon phase


Update, 12:16 p.m.: Pretty much a full NHL lineup today, with the exception of healthy scratch Dan Girardi. That makes it an important game for Corey Potter, who will get a chance alongside Paul Mara.

Earlier: Plenty of new Ranger line combinations have followed a similar pattern: optimism, euphoria over early success, a subtle leveling off, and then separation after it fizzles out.

With that in mind, when you watch Chris Drury on the wing today with Scott Gomez, or Brandon Dubinsky centering Nikolai Zherdev, think not about what happens today, or even what happens a week from today. Try to envision it working over the long haul of a season.

That’s not easy to do, mind you. And let’s also remember that Tom Renney has traditionally been fairly trigger happy in reconfiguring his lines. But it’s also important to remember that one game isn’t the only measure.

That said, today against the Devils will be the closest the Rangers have come to producing a full NHL lineup, so I am interested to see how they look.

More from the Garden in a bit…

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  1. Shanahan should have gotten a clue by now, he is like an uninvited guest or a guest that overstayed his welcome.

  2. At 1pm today Shanahan will hit the ice for the Rangers, wearing the “c” on his sweater. It’s the best kept secret ever.

  3. I think shanny pretty much has a clue .. they let nedved go – that should give him an idea of the club’s direction

  4. pete – where did you see him scratched?

    cliff – I will litterally sh*t my britches if he takes the ice.

    Thank GOD they gave Girardi the game off. I hope Potter plays well today. He seems like he’ll turn into an “all-around” type dman. Girardi has been playing his ass off. Save some for NEXT Saturday Dan.

  5. Beer Me that would be really cool no offense if that did happen. that would basically be the coolest thing ever.

  6. I meant that in a good way House!

    Pete – I found it over on Gross’s blog. Also read there that Betts gets an “A” today. Not much has been written about his play thus far really. Just mentioned in the stories of ‘will he make it’. To me, on the ice so far he’s looked like the same Blair Betts. I know that he’d never make it through waivers. And I will also tell you what his next jersey would look like. He’d have that throw-back style of the Blues…JD loves that guy. So there’s no “sending him down”.

  7. If JD loves Betts so much then we can give him this scrub, I would even throw in 5 1st round pick so I never see this guy in Rangers jersey ever again.

  8. What will it take for Betts to be finally gone. How clueless do you need to be to see that he sucks? Renney and Sather can’t part way with this scrub just because he was following orders and didn’t have any confrontations with any teammate.

    Rissmiller looks good

    The refs that threw Korpikoski out of the game need to be either fired or punished. The refs are getting away with anything without any punishment. Can NHL hire competent refs?

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