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Fittingly, Petr Nedved was wearing a T-shirt that read, “The Outcast” while preparing to leave the MSG Training Center.

“If it was going to be this decision, there was no point in waiting any longer,” Nedved said of not making the trip to Europe.

The player said he’s done with the NHL and will instead return to the Czech League.

“This is probably it for me as far as the NHL goes. Obviously it gave me an indication that I can still play in this league. I’m happy about that, but I don’t think I’m going to be trying next year.”

In other news:

<li>A very interesting admission from Tom Renney that Jaromir Jagr has called a number of times to ask how the team — and particularly Brandon Dubinsky — is doing.

“We’ll both be climbing over each other for credit if this kid ends up as a Hall of Famer,” Renney said. “I guess Jags should get it.”

When I mentioned to Renney the story that “Jagr was instrumental in getting Calgary assistant Wayne Fleming to come to Omsk to be the head coach”:, Renney smiled sheepishly.

“I plead the fifth,” the coach said.

It’s suddenly becoming clearer where Jagr might have gotten Fleming’s number.

<li>Chris Drury on being moved to wing with Scott Gomez: “Hopefully we get some chemistry and it clicks, and it’s not a one-and-done.”

<li>Ryan Callahan was smiling after practice. “I was 71 percent on faceoffs last night,” the wing said.

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  1. “Obviously it gave me an indication that I can still play in this league.” ….

    Forgot to add this part…

    “…against guys that have never and will never play in this league either.”

    just kidding…had to do it.

  2. Ha, yeah maybe partly, but I definitely think Dubi learned a lot from Jagr and I also think Jagr liked playing with him. They definitely had great chemistry. The line of Jagr Dubi and Avery last year was a great line.

  3. I guess it is for the best that Nedved is cut. Our hopes were probably too high for him anyway. Prucha does look awful so far and deserves to be a press box man. However, it would probably do us better to trade him. I have a feeling that Fritsche and Rissmiller are going to be better assets on the sidelines because they are more defensivee-minded. If we have the need for more offense due to injury, a call-up from Hartford is the best choice.

    Sam – You have the same introduction on each of the last two posts now. Maybe delete the one from the “cuts” post?

  4. And at least Pöck is getting paid well to play in the AHL. Maybe he signed that deal a couple of seasons ago because he didn’t think he could get paid that much somewhere else, so as long as he is playing hockey, it is good, but I’m sure he hoped he could be back in the NHL by now. Maybe he should start plying his trade at forward again.

  5. Maybe they didn’t like that Petr slipped in his interview after the game and said, “When we, I me the guys go to Europe.”
    It was an awkward moment, but he did correct himself. You could tell Trautwig picked up on it and called him out and got a laugh out of it.
    I never liked Trautwig, I think he is kind of an arrogant prick. He definitely thinks he knows it all. Wouldn’t mind seeing him slapped in the face with a bag of human sh*t.

  6. thank g-d they let Nedved go. the old Rangers(the non playoff Rangers) would have kept him.. He did look good so far but so what, it is the preseason, he is 35 or so, and faded yrs ago when he was younger.

    Korpikoski looks good, he is faster, and bigger..

    I would let Rissmiller and Kalinin go, the rangers have younger and faster players whom look better…

  7. kinda weird, if Jagr’s curious about his running mate Dubs, why wouldn’t HE just have Brandon’s #? Its cool for him to still care for the team though.

    I KNOW I’m biased and all, but I’m happy Nedved got cut. He looked good in 3-4 games, fighting for a job, but how would he have been 20 games in? Best news I’ve heard in a while.

  8. I still kinda think Nedved was using this chance as a free ticket to the Czech republic… If they cut him early next week, he’d already be close to home.

  9. Nasty- don’t pull any punches what do you really think of the Wig. you’re always entertaining especially in view of that fact you post while in the room with students.

  10. As per previous discusses I don’t know why everyone has soured on Blair Betts. He’s not going to win any scoring titles but he does his job. Wins faceoffs and kills penalties, he serves a purpose at a salary that is cheap.

    Whats the use of having a guy like Nedved center the 4th line where he’s never been a great face off guy and doesn’t kill penalties.

    Having a young kid center that line would be a determinant to his development. The would be better off in Hartford getting 20-25 minutes a night.

  11. Nice to see Jags isn’t bitter aboot the whole thing, and is interested in the team, and Dubi especially. If he was like most Nyr fans, he’d hate Nyr and hope that they miss the playoffs, and take everything personally, but that’s not how Jags is. Its to bad he didn’t at least sign with Pissburgh, even though that would make them tougher, he deserved the chance to make things right there, but in my opinion, in the end, he probably felt like the fans were to against him for him to make a return. It just sucks, cause he can clearly still play the game. I don’t care how much you make these days, 25 goals, 70 points is good.

    Still miss him. Jags is the man, and this team wont be as funny as they used to be without him.

  12. spiderpig –

    “Prucha does look awful so far and deserves to be a press box man.”

    WTF are you talking about?

    Prucha has been the best player of all those who haven’t scored yet. That inside-out move last night was the best move of the preseason including all our opponents. He’s all over the ice and going to the net. He’s looked better than I remember since his rookie season.

    Are you criticizing Prucha because he hasn’t scored yet? What about all the other “big names” who haven’t scored yet, and we haven’t even really heard their names called during the games? Gomez, Naslund, Drury, Zherdev, Dawes, etc. – at least Prucha’s getting involved.

    Get off Prucha’s back. He’ll be fine.

  13. “I don’t care how much you make these days, 25 goals, 70 points is good.”

    So you’d pay him $15mil/2yrs for those #’s? AND…make him the ‘princess’ he needs to be when you’re trying to develop a young team?

    The right move was letting him go.

  14. “Prucha has been the best player of all those who haven’t scored yet.”

    LOL…that may be one of the most backhanded compliments of ALL TIME!

  15. One nice move and LOTS of missed scoring opportunities. That’s how Prucha looked like yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy and I really wish him well but we should have traded him long time ago.

  16. “That inside-out move last night was the best move of the preseason including all our opponents”

    Doesn’t really mean much if he doesn’t finish, although I agree it was a nice move.

  17. Here’s hoping Jagr is as successful with Cherepanov as he was with Dubi!

    “Yes, sometimes I ask him about the NHL. Jaromir knows that I have been invited there, and once said: ‘You want to play in the NHL – train more.’ After these words I began to work even harder. By the way, after each practice Jaromir works extra with me: shows me all kinds of techniques, teaches me how to shoot, tells me how and on what I still need to work. In a way he is one of my coaches.”

  18. from dreger @ tsn…

    “The Blackhawks have sold roughly 14,000 season tickets, compared to approximately 3,500 last year.

    On Tuesday, just under 19,000 fans paid to watch the Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets in an exhibition game. A number Tallon jokingly points out may have taken four games to hit in the preseason last year.”

    Good for them.

  19. “You want to play in the NHL – train more.’ After these words I began to work even harder.”

    That’s good. Cherepanov still wants to play in the NHL. ;)

  20. Hey, at least he’s getting the opportunities. A lot of the other guys aren’t even doing that. Let’s criticize them, not someone who is obviously working his ass off.

  21. Dunno about Montoya, but Hossa hasn’t registered a point. Freddy isn’t great, but he’s better than Hossa. One of the few times the Rangers jumped ship before it went completely under.

  22. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Everybody forgets that Jagr had to hit 84 points for his contract to automatically renew. He would have made it if he really wanted to be here!

  23. The fact that Prucha is getting the opportunities speaks volumes about his talent to find open spaces.

    The fact that Prucha has yet to finish after doing so over 50 times already as an NHL player speaks volumes about his confidence.

    And that is 100% the fault of the Rangers organization who couldn’t find one good thing to do with the anemic powerplay last season, except to take Petr Prucha off of it, after it was on the powerplay that Prucha got 50+% of his goals his first two seasons. Worked out well for our PP last season, hm?

    Prucha’s got it, he just doesn’t have it here, or right now. Trade him, whatever, his time is probably done here, but it’s our coaches fault for mismanaging him in the first place. Shame, because no one tries harder, and he was such a huge part of that post-lockout team we all enjoyed so much.

  24. I think I read something on Montoya a week or so ago. Says he’s enjoying it out there working with the team. And that he hopes to earn a spot..blah blah blah. But nothing really from the team. Bryzgalov is their #1, and not going anywhere.

  25. GARDEN

    Honestly that’s a pretty moronic comment. I guess if the Pens told Crosby to score 93 goals, 200 points and didn’t do it, then that would mean he really “didn’t wanna be here”

    YOU forget that Jagr was the best player in the playoffs for the Nyr, and was the top 5 of all players in the playoffs. His “coasting” kinda worked out, but to bad it didn’t for the rest of the team. Gimme a break. You sound like Stan Fishler.

  26. Maybe Jagr is just a financial genius, and knew enough to get his money out of the New York economy before the rest of us! Bring back Jagr.

  27. In three games Prucha has no points is -4 and has 8 shots on goal. I think he was laid out 3 times as well.

    He certainly has a lot of talent and if I’m this frustrated watching him, I can only imagine how he must feel.

    Here’s to hoping he can bury a few and get rolling.

  28. Joe in DE — Hossa didn’t resign with the Coyotes and signed with a team in the KHL instead. As of a few days ago, he was leading the KHL in goals.

    Montoya is apparently competing for the starting job — with the Coyote’s AHL affiliate in San Antonio.

  29. Fifteen Forwards going to Europe: Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, Prucha, Drury, Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan, Voros, Rissmiller, Korpikoski, Fritsche, Sjostrom, Betts, Orr

    My opinion on those players thus far is that we know that: gomer, nas, Z, dru, dawes, dubi, cally are locks to be with the club this year.

    My picks from the rest would be: Voros, Orr, Korpi.

    Two more to fill the lines: Prucha and Betts.

    That leaves Rissmiller, Fritsche, Sjo left hanging.

    Since its smart to carry a 13th fwd: Sjo.

    The problem is, what do you do with the other 2?

    This is also assuming that the Rangers are going with 6dmen. Otherwise, Potter for 7th D.

    So Fahey, Rissmiller and Fritsche need to find a home. And the 2 latter, need to clear waivers if moved up or down after 10/3.

  30. “I think he was laid out 3 times as well.”

    haha…How come we can’t just say “was hit 3 times?”

    He goes down like (insert whomever you want)…

  31. funny point kc! i agree with ORR, jagr was the best nyr player in the playoffs. i remember after they had gotten kicked out, midway during both conference finals, he was still top 5 in points , with out even playing! alot of people are sour about the guy only cause hes a marquee name, but id love to have him on board, regardless of his speed. im going to the game tomorrow, looking foward to see what the more definitive line up looks like. right now, my stance is neutral with prucha, as id like to see his production during the first couple of weeks into the regular season, before i judge. i think we should only judge these young prospects first in the pre season, cause they are the ones really fighting for a roster spot. no need to rain hate on these guys now, patience people.

  32. Pruchs had an easy tap in when Korpedo fed him that beauty pass, but he didn’t get it. Pruchs is doing alright, but he’s not doing what we want.

    Im really pulling for him, he’s getting a shot this season, if he doesn’t get his sh*t together, then he gets traded. It sucks though, there was a time where we could have gotten Svatos straight up for him, and i think Cam Barker as well, but his value is just dropping. Damn shame.

  33. orr – No different than NOT shopping Jags at the deadline last year. Only now we have the chance not to watch a guy walk for nothing.

    If you think a guy isn’t part of your future plans, and he’s in the last year of his contract…you deal him.

  34. I don’t know why I’m talking about Jags anyway. I got nothin really against the guy. Glad he’s gone though.

    Time for the ’08-’09 TEAM!

  35. “If I saved all my energy to work hard for 10 days out of my work-year, I’d be the best for that span too.”

    lol, good point!

  36. Enough with the Jagr bashing, he’s gone. While he was here, the team went to the playoffs and he was almost always the best player on the ice. I can think of a ton of shots Jagr had last year both even strength and powerplay that went off the post – he gets lucky and half those go in we’re all whistling a different tune.

    Betts is a safe choice for Renney and Sather, a known commodity. This isn’t a big, physical team. Betts is more physical than Nedved and can definitely weather an 82 game schedule. Detroit is probably the only team in the league that rolls 4 lines that can do everything.

    Good luck to Nedved, I give him credit for trying and proving most people wrong (myself included)who thought he was completely wash up.

  37. Meg, no surprise Phoenix didn’t resign Hossa. He didn’t register a point in games. Good for him for leading the KHL in scoring. Wade Dublielewicz is the second coming of Ken Dryden in that league too.

  38. You know….If I saved all my energy to work hard for 10 days out of my work-year, I’d be the best for that span too.

    You probably wouldn’t be able to post 50X a day during those 10 days of hard work:>

  39. “Nice to see Jags isn’t bitter aboot the whole thing, and is interested in the team, and Dubi especially. If he was like most Nyr fans, he’d hate Nyr and hope that they miss the playoffs, and take everything personally, but that’s not how Jags is.”

    BRILLIANT point.

  40. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    With regards to Jagy as a fan of the game of hockey I do have a lot of respect for his accomplishments as a player through the course of his career and thank him for what he did for this team after the lockout but IMO – he was great FOR the Rangers but I would not consider him a great Ranger.

  41. i have posted a few times before about that pens website and just want to weigh in at this roster. i am a season tix holder who loves this team more then life. however if all of u can ask yourself two questions. where and who are we getting GOALS from and 2 do u honesyly think this team could even get us back to 2nd round of playoffs. the answer is NO. cally and dawes arent top 6 forwards. prucha is a waste and his 1.6 mill needs to go. redden at 6 years 39.5 will be the next poti and malik and gomez and drury contracts are killing our cap. we needed one not 2 and now when we need a SNIPER we have no money. thoughts?

  42. “You probably wouldn’t be able to post 50X a day during those 10 days of hard work:>”

    haha…which I why I give 5% each day. It adds up. lol

  43. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Can we wait until we see the entire team together before we draw conclusions? All we’ve seen are snapshots here and there over the past week.

  44. eric, sounds like you have some tickets up for grabs. I will gladly take them off your hands and watch my team surprise everyone.

    Where are the goals coming from? Where did they come from last year?

    Unfortunately all anyone can do is speculate at this point. That’s why they play the games. With more established roles for the top 3 centers, and lines that appear that will stick longer than a few weeks, and without a prima donna RW crying about who he wants to play with, and how he wants the pp to run, this will truly be a team effort this year.

    We’ve also added scoring to the defense, and are intent on getting more than 5 goals from our 4th line this year.

    We rested VERY heavily on Jagr scoring Jagr #’s. I don’t think anyone is ‘expecting’ Nas to have more than the 25 goals he did last year, I know I don’t. But that matches #68’s output. Zherdev is a big big big question mark. I don’t think 25 out of him is too far fetched either. That 25 will be more than any other player that played the opposite wing on the top line last year.

    And again, all we can do is speculate, but the scoring depth is more widespread than it was last season. No one needs to contend for the Art Ross to have a great team.

  45. can cally dawes prucha score enough to give us secondary scoring. i think know. i like them as 3rd liners not a top 6 forward.

  46. Does Jagr have an out clause in his contract with Omsk? I could see him getting pretty bored over there once he realizes the talent level throughout the league isn’t up to NHL standards.

  47. Jagr resurrected a moribund franchise. He missed his “84 points” because he played with a raw young center. Gomez and Drury didn’t adapt to Jagr, not the other way around. Dubinsky was the last resort. Nylander can be blamed as well. Jagr carried Nylander’s ass to a fat contract in WASH. that Slats knew was too much. Nylander is crap without JJ. 84 points only sucks when you consider it was Jagr. The opponents focused on JJ because the rest of the NYR were very average. Opponents fouled Jagr repeatedly, and I blame that on poor officiating. . . or officiating with an agenda. Jagr was a GREAT Ranger. Single season goals leader. I hope he keeps calling. Because if we have learned anything in the past 2-3 years, there is a phone call in January that is gonna change a team’s fortunes. . . . . .

    . . . . .remember # 16?

  48. cw,
    JJ didn’ t miss 84 points because of a raw young center…the fact that he costed thru much of the season is why he missed 84 points…

  49. I think you’re missing the point eric.

    If you get 25 goals from each player on your top line, 15-20 from each on the 2nd, 10-15 from each on the 3rd, and 20 total from your 4th, you’re far better off than getting 60 from one guy, and having it fall off the table from there.

    I also think that we’ll allow less than 195 goals against this year. Allowing the differential to increase without providing much more than the 215GF we scored last year.

    I garuntee this teams goal differential is better than last seasons.

  50. I think we will have more goals than last. I truly believe that. As Beer said, the defense will score more with Redden there. If what Beer said goes as planned (which isnt far fetched) and Zherdev and Naslund both put up 25 a piece, that makes up for the 48 that Jagr and Shanny had. Then Avery and Straka had 29 combined, which can easily be tallied by Cally/Dawes/Prucha/Dubi who are all going to have a full season. There totals from last year were 8/14/7/14, respectively. Cally can definitely go from 8 to say 15 with 30 more games. Dawes can go up from 14 to 20, playing 20 more games and on the second line. Prucha should get more than 7 goals, say 15 as well in 20 more games, and Dubinsky can put up 20-25 goals (an increase of 6-10 goals). Add those increases up (27-31 goals), plus a much better PP, and a few guys that can score on the 4th line, is going to add up to filling in the scoring from last year…

    I made that more complicated than it had to be but basically, they are most likely going to get the same amount of goals as last year, if not much, much more.

  51. i never thought id say this but im kind of sad to see him go. even though im sure its probably better for the team, i never really disliked nedved and it was interesting watching him work for a spot on this team again. Im sure it will end up having been much more exciting then watching Allen Houston trying to make a comeback on the knicks again.

  52. Beer, you beat me to it lol…but I agree with you on defense too. Lundqvist isnt gunna go through that slump he went through last year so he’ll be better along with a defense that is better than last years and they will be in the tops of the league in GA once again

  53. kevo gets it. You’ll enjoy the season like me.

    I don’t mean to insult Jagr fans. If someone was doggin’ Mike Gartner, I’d stick up for my favorite player too. He never even won a cup. But then again, he played a decade in Washington throughout the 80’s. ouch.

    There’s no disputing that Jagr helped get the Rangers back to a respectible franchise. But also kept them from acheiving all they could. And coming back this season would’ve been a bigger step back than letting him go.

  54. Don’t worry guys. Prucha will have 40+!


  55. lets hope. i want the best but this team on paper scares the hell out of me. i just think we will be 4th in our div and we challenge for a 7th or 8th spot.

  56. onecupin67years on

    So Prucha gets a free pass doing what he does best -Zilch. Forget about his “move ” last night it was a flop.Even Malik had a better move in the famous shoot out 2 years ago.
    He constantly gets pounded , he seldom sets up any body despite what we saw last night.Check ?I mean cezch? he never does either.Compare him to dubi, calhan or dawes , weise,you can’t , prucha is dead last.

  57. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I remember watching one game (I’m not sure which, but towards the end of the season) where Jagr scored a goal – there was no joy or celebration, he didn’t even crack a smile. That spoke volumes to me.

  58. eric, everyone’s entitled to their opinion so I can’t knock you for it. Being an optimist myself, I don’t think Philly is by far an away better than the Rangers and thus aren’t a lock to finish above them. Will they? Maybe, but not definitely. But also looknig at it realistically, you can’t say that the Devils are going to finish above the Rangers. Yes they have Brodeur, but we have Hank, who is just as good, and our skaters are much better than theirs so I disagree with you there

  59. onecupin67years on

    All the opposition has to do this is pound the rangers,pound and tire the D, pound the forwards . I don’t see any threat beside Orr or Dubi (I give the kid credit for fighting ) but he isn’t the enforcer to stand up like Graves did.
    Maybe prucha will .he is the team’s Pinada.

  60. I see the div that way too. A three way tie after Pitt. Without checking, I believe that the devs, rangers, phi, all finsished within 5 pts of each other.

    An extra win vs one of the western teams we got beat by, an extra shootout win here or there, hanks dad staying healthy, 19 guys playing their hearts out every night…not to mention those that fall into the ‘addition by subtraction’ field; malik & hollweg….

    I don’t see how we could do worse than last season come April 12th.

  61. Couldn’t agree more….granted we beat the Devils 7 out of 8 times so they will do better than that (hopefully not), but it can go either way. You just never know…

  62. cally throws the body as well.

    korpi’s big, but I don’t know if he uses his size in that way.

    I wanted to beef up in the size dept too. We actually did if you look closely..and get technical. But we weren’t built to keep up with hitting. We were built to keep up with PITT!!!

  63. now that Drury is playing wing does that open up a spot for Sundin….sorry I just couldn’t resist. His name hasn’t been around enough so I figured I would throw it out there.

  64. Adam and his Apple on

    i swear the more i read the comments on this blog the lower my IQ gets, listen guys, the only thing you should be gaining from the preseason is a guage on individual players and line combos, so many of you want prucha gone, are you kidding me? so youre telling me because a-rod doesnt go deep in every game he plays in spring training you want him traded too? cmon now, once the games start counting and we have our full team together we are gonna rock it, we have tons of team speed and way more skill than i remember ever having, the fact that the coaches are having such a tough time deciding who to keep is such a good problem to have and a problem that we never had in the past, i have to hand it to sather regardless of what you silly bastards are thinking, he has built this team for a long run of postseason births and hopefully a few cups thrown in as well

    in football you need to build your team from the lines out, in hockey from the goal out, we have lundquist for his career, and some awesome D-men, we have the cornerstones for a dynasty, dubinsky is a serious force out there, callahans a wrecking ball, gomez drury zherdev the KORPEDO!, i mean guys this is the brightest future(and present) the rangers have ever had and if you all cant realize this then sucks to all of you!

  65. Look, I will give Prucha 15 regular season games before I banish him. The guy obviously has talent. It is not like he is any old pube you find on the toilet. He definitely has a nice gleam to him. If he doesn’t produce in the first 15 games, then we can talk about trading him.

  66. You think? I think that is pretty fair, given what we know he can do. I want to see him play regular shifts, with regular line mates, and have a regular spot on the power play.

  67. Adam and his Apple on

    once prucha scores one goal, hes gonna go off, have some patience guys for real!

    and i dunno about you guys but i havent seen a rangers team drive the net this hard since the 94 team, and whats with our D actually shooting from the point without hesitating?

  68. to follow-up with Adam’s comment and analogy to football:

    No Tiki, no Shockey…no problem…in other words production can be found elsewhere.

    Also, Sort of like the ban on shorting stocks..can we have a moratorium on the negative Prucha comments until 7 games into the season?

    Reason being (and thinking with the glass half full here) maybe some of his chances he didn’t convert thus far in pre-season start going in when it counts…and we’re all happy campers. If not, well, I think it’s still too early to make a trade etc. (and what could we get / would we want?). But, for now, let’s lay off and let him do his job…it’s not like he’s not motivated or trying….

  69. TrueBlue, EXACTLY! He is definitely motivated. You can read it all over his face and body language. This kid wants to live up to his potential. It’s not like he is just out there skating around with his pud in his hand.

  70. Sounds like Avery is already getting into trouble over in Dallas..

    In the pre season game against the Blues, Avery was mouthing off to Murray supposedly (he’s the former LA coach). This guy on hockey buzz talks aboot it, but he doesn’t say exactly what Aves said “out of respect for the coach”. Here’s the quote.

    “The most recent instance took place Tuesday night in St. Louis when Avery crossed the line again by personally attacking Blues Head Coach Andy Murray. This was a personal attack that cut too close to the bone that I am choosing not to write in respect of the Blues Head Coach. Word is Avery showed up to the Stars plane the other night in sweatpants and a T-shirt. Players are pretty much required to wear suits on team flights. I’m also told Avery was on the cell phone prior to the game when Stars Head Coach Dave Tippett told him it was time for a team meeting. Avery’s response to his Head Coach was, just a minute.”

    I wonder how long it will take until they trade him. If he stays healthy, i have a feeling he’ll put up some decent numbers, playing with a guy like Morrow.

  71. I am encouraged by SATHER’S belated maturity and progress. It was not that long ago an old guy having a good camp would have been automatically added to the roster, and Nedved actually deserved that, given his excellent play. Happily, this team is no longer top-heavy with old, downside players, thanks to Sather exhibiting the discipline and patience to put the younger championship pieces, rather than more older stop-gap pieces, into the puzzle.

    The younger, talented nucleus is now in place to start making a really big run for the Cup, as soon as 2009-2010. Thanks Glen, you are the biggest winner coming out of this training this camp for your long-term vision and patience which is coming to fruition, rapidly and surely.

  72. Adam

    Agree with most of your points, but this team is built with lots of guys who won’t be under contract next season, isn’t it? Zherdeve and Pruchs for instance – and if they do well, will we have enough cap space to sign them again? We may have whole different team again next year, no?

  73. Orr,

    They can’t trade him, a no movement clause was included in his contract. He would have to sign off on anything that they might want to do. Hence why his contract was horrible for a team standpoint.

  74. Well, next year, we could potentially have Cherepanov and Anisimov on the roster, not to mention Grachev whom we don’t know much about at this point. Our team could look somewhat different with these new Russians, but we should still have Gomez, Drury, Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan and Korpedo among others. At worst, that could be our top 6. Now throw in Zherdev and Cherepanov and we could be in really good shape.

  75. onecupin67years on

    Betts Vs Nedved for the 4th center spot.
    Betts gives you more hustle ,blocked shots,how many goals?
    Nedved has a soft reputation,will definitely outscore Betts ,could play up 1st line ,2nd ,better offensive skills, so what did it come down to $$$$?

  76. everyday someone underestimates Fritsche, thinks he’s just some throw-in. he ain’t. he’s a good player, who will play regularly. he’s younger, bigger, and more productive than callahan or dawes. you can look it up.

  77. The last timed Nedved was in the NHL he played a combined 40 games with the Oilers and Flyers, and had a combined 2 goals. If this ever wound up on the Rangers 1st 2 lines I think we would be looking forward to next year.

  78. “I remember watching one game (I’m not sure which, but towards the end of the season) where Jagr scored a goal – there was no joy or celebration, he didn’t even crack a smile. That spoke volumes to me.”

    Can’t stand it when I hear people spout this kind of logic. That is absolutely meaningless. I’ve been playing hockey for 14 years. When I score these days, I celebrate very little, even though I still love the game and love the moment. I used to celebrate my ass off, but it’s just one of those things that goes when you get older. Most players end up being more chill about it as they age.

  79. What a bunch of political nonsense this pre-season has been.

    Nedved, Jessiman and Pock have done more than Fritche, Rissmiller and Sjostrom.

    Goes to show you what window dressing all this was. I mean what was Nedved supposed to do in three pre-season games? Score 5 goals? He got two goals, a post and was by far the best player out there. Instead he’s sent packing.

    So what’s he effin doing here in the first place?

    Same with Pock, kid played well, deserved to go to Europe. Much more so than Kalinin. But alas, all the political BS bubbles to the surface. Sather can’t admit his mistakes.

    I really liked Korpikoski last night, kid has some size and some hands.

  80. Kalinin is freakin horrible. I’m going to predict him being a healthy scratch often. I honestly hope I’m wrong, so we can justify his 2.1/per against the cap.

  81. “I remember watching one game (I’m not sure which, but towards the end of the season) where Jagr scored a goal – there was no joy or celebration, he didn’t even crack a smile. That spoke volumes to me.”

    Dumbest quote i had to read since the days of Robby Bonfire. That is a TYPICAL Ranger fan quote. I think i remember that game, oh yeah, that’s right, is that the game WHERE JAGR GOT HIT IN THE MOUTH WITH THE FUGGIN PUCK !?!?!?!?!?!?! Jags is one of the most classiest guys in the league, he doesn’t do what Ovechkin does, and Malkin, and all these players cracking there head’s against the boards after a goal. He just raises his hands, sometimes gives a pump, and moves on. He’s a serious guy on ice, not so serious off the ice, which is why EVERYONE on the team loved the guy, and everyone said he was the funniest. Im not a crazy Jagr lover, he’s one of my fav players ever, 2nd to be exact, and im not crying over the fact that he’s gone, but i refuse to stoop down to these pathetic Nyr “fans” who shit all over any former Ranger. Jags was a great Ranger, to me personally, but that’s just me, and i wont argue with anyone who thinks otherwise, i respect your opinion, but i don’t respect anyone who shits on Jags with dumb comments like the guy not cracking a smile after a goal, or him saving himself for the end of the season, and all this other BS. He did what he could for this team, whether he was “coasting” or not, he showed up for the playoffs, and nearly potentially dug us out of a grave in game 3 until Hollweg raped his teammates, and he was there to help when we needed him in game 4, taking a huge hit in the face to score a goal that would end up as the game winner. Say what you want aboot the guy, but show some god damn respect, jeez.

  82. Speaking of odd reactions after scoring a goal, what about Malik’s reaction after the infamous shootout winner?

  83. Thank you, Orr. Jagr carried Renney and the entire team. He worked with Dubinsky and got him started on what will hopefully be a strong career. And enough with the idiotic Mike Milbury comments about body language and smile factor. I don’t remember Steve Yzerman giggling like a school girl when he scored goals. If we’re lucky, Jagr will turn Cherepanov into a star as well — and he’s already turned the Omsk team around.

  84. vogs –

    Jessiman and Pock are you kidding me (especially Jessiman)

    the team can’t do right no matter what they do with some people. keep Nedved and the youth faction goes bonkers. get rid of him and you complain. yes Nedved had a decent camp. i would have been fine either way keep him or let him go.

    are you going to be like this all year.

  85. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    A post I made earlier:
    With regards to Jagy as a fan of the game of hockey I do have a lot of respect for his accomplishments as a player through the course of his career and thank him for what he did for this team after the lockout but IMO – he was great FOR the Rangers but I would not consider him a great Ranger.

  86. How about these lines:






    (trade PRUCHA, send down RISSMILLER and keep SJOSTROM as an extra forward)





    (send down KALININ now as well as FAHEY – I would use FAHEY as a dman call-up if needed during the season)



  87. I don’t understand why Byers was cut. the big 22 yearold winger can play, can hit, agitate and score and is fairly cheap.

    I don’t understand why Parenteau is still here, I thought he played himself out of the job for good last night by failing to finish an easy goal and by showing cluelessness in the defensive zone by taking a really stupid holding penalty.

    I don’t understand why Betts is still here, and Nedved is not. Is Blair “offensive retard” Betts really going to stay another season? Is Renney blind? Does he not see that he does absolutely nothing?

  88. ORTS

    Let Korpedo play a couple of regular season games before you give him 2nd line minutes. Dawes is the obvious choice for the 2nd line job, he scored more goals in a half a season than Cally, so you gotta give him the spot. Fritsche, Cally, and Korpedo can be on the 3rd line.

  89. We need as much scoring as possible, which means 4th line has to be able to score.

    That means Orr is 13th forward and Betts must be gone. I also don’t really like Sjostrom much and would prefer Byers instead. Also enough is enough with Prucha–trade him and move on already.

    The bad part of Dubinsky and Zherdev playing on the same line is that they are the best puck carriers, which means other lines could use that special talent of theirs. But if Korpikoski centers 3rd line he can be a pretty good puck carrier also Naslund might be pretty good too. And of course Gomez is among the top 3 on this team.

    so for now we need to trade Prucha and Betts. And if Sjostrom and/or Rissmiller don’t play well first 10 games, then get rid of them. We got plenty of players that can fill in there.

  90. I cant believe that at the end of training camp, with all the speculation going on that some of these Hartford kids would possibly steal some jobs away, we’re left with Korpikoski, Fahey, Potter, and Wiikman??

    With 3 more cuts to go, i really only expect Korpikoski to be make the roster.

    From whats left, I like the lines of:

    Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Dawes – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Voros – Korpikoski – Callahan
    Orr – Betts – Fritsche

    Redden – Rozsival
    Girardi – Staal
    Mara – Kalinin

    Reserves: Rissmiller/Prucha – Sjostrom – Potter

    Trade either Prucha or Rissmiller for a pick or prospect

  91. Kalinin actually is a pleasant surprise to me, although I wish he played a lot more physical. Redden and Rozsival and Staal looked pretty bad this pre-season.

  92. I can’t believe so many “fans” want to see more of Blair “2.5 Assists” Betts. We’ve seen everything there is to him and he is a UFA at the end of the season, why even bother with this ECHL scrub?

  93. As for Nedved, maybe he gets signed when his season in CR is over instead of trading for some vet, we can add Nedved. He might be hungry for his first Stanley Cup.

  94. if I had a choice between 1 year of Nedved or 4 more of Drury, I would go with Nedved–bottom line is he creates offense, Drury doesn’t. Also he is faster and bigger, cheaper, and is a good puck carrier. Signing Drury was a big mistake, just like Redden, maybe even bigger.

  95. BTW I must say that Rangers management hurts the team by giving guys they have no intentions of signing (even if they outperform everyone) a tryout. Why? Simply because the precious icetime that nedved got in 3 games, could and should have been used to better evaluate and develop their players and prospects.

    And Betts is THAT bad! He does not belong in NHL, period.

  96. Drury is a finisher of course he doesnt create offense. DUH! you obviously have a man crush on Nedved.

  97. I’m just curious, why would they have Drury on wing? Isn’t he the best on the team for faceoff wins? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem natural to me to have Dru on wing. What are your thoughts?

  98. i agree Dru is one of the best faceoff guys on the team. it makes no sense for him to be playing wing. Thats the sole reason why we got him cause he is a center.

  99. From what i read, Drury’s best years in Buffalo and Colorado was when he was playing wing. Yes, he was our best faceoff guy last year but, he was also a minus 3, and the Center position is supposed to roam around the zone and help out the D. I think he will still take the faceoffs on the PK, which will obviously be important for us to win.

  100. The reason we got Drury is because they believed in the “clutch” myth.

    I feel sad for those who think Drury is a good center.

  101. Drury and faceoffs is an over-rated topic. Yes, he’s very good on faceoffs, but, so are Gomez and Dubinsky. And, he’ll still take faceoffs on the PK, probably on the PP, and in important defensive situations. You move Drury to wing to get your six best offensive players – Naslund, Gomez, Drury, Dawes, Dubinsky and Zherdev – in you top six, and add so much needed size. You also move Drury because his offensive strength is not being a playmaker, but, because he gets himself into good offensive situations on the ice when he doesn’t have the puck.

  102. Re: Jagr

    I don’t understand how anyone can say Jagr’s attitude was the Ranger undoing. The guy scored 600+ goals and some nitwit is critical because he doesn’t crack a smile afterward? C’mon. If there is any one thing that the Rangers had to be aware of, it was that Jagr was the NYR Achilles Heel. The were gonna be awful without him (which we will see this year), but they were never gonna get any further along with him. I believe the NYR had to move on, but in no way should it be perceived that Jagr was a dog, or a poor sport, or a poor player. The guy is STILL a top 15 player in the world. Tell me how many players were more dominant with the puck on his stick, or struck more fear/respect in the opponents hearts? Not many. . . . if any.

    So, go back to your praise of Dubinsky, Korpi, Dawes, and keep knocking Jagr. It won’t be long before we all realize just how great #68 is.

  103. As for Avery, you had to know that it wouldn’t be long before he pissed the people in Dallas off. . . I personally believe that he took the best offer he got this summer despite the fact his heart is in NY. I believe he is trying to get out of Dallas already. He got his money, and I bet he believes he can force a trade to another team (one of his choice) He will have his cake and eat it too. . . . or he will make everybody’s life a living hell.

  104. goals are gonna be tough to come by (is Mike Gartner available?)..problem w. Naslund is he is gonna need a ton of ice time to get to 25 and he will take shifts away from the younger guys that also need TOI to score – wasnt prucha up there is goals/TOI the yr AFTER he hit 30? on prucha, the effort is there , but he just seems to have lost the touch to put the puck by the goalie – I think a good yr obviously depends on Hank, and a lot of 2-1 victories..

  105. Avery and Jagr can be very effective players, but they come with so much baggage that it just isn’t worth it:

    Avery: small, expensive, injury prone, more interested in fashion, terrible attitude and lockerroom cancer.

    Jagr: old, slow, poor defensively, doesn’t hit, doesn’t listen to the coach–stays on the ice as long as he wants runs the PP the way he wants it, refuses to shoot in the shootout, has problem with almost every coach–already Omsk coach was fired.

  106. bob go away i dont feel like reading how much you dislike everyone. Jagr is the freakin man deal with it.

  107. Dr house – Bob is Yenner from days of old. so far he hasn’t been too crazy in his postings. time will tell.

  108. Avery is a prick. Screw that classless dooshbag. Play the fuggin game Sean.

    orr – At first I thought you were just another Jagr fan. But I’m beginning to think you may have a problem. I wish I could say ‘jk’, but I don’t think I am.

    Get a pretty good look at this years team today. Mostly regulars. Last preseason game vs the competition this season. The 2 games in Swiss are hard to judge vs a different style, not to mention a bigger ice surface. THIS preseason game means a little more than the rest.

  109. ORR!! – I agree with you that Korpedo-Fritsche-Cally line may be a good combo. I know that Korpikoski and Callahan have both played center in their careers, however, I believe Fritsche is naturally a center (although he has been used as a wing in the past as well). I think Fritsche should be the center on that line because Cally and Korpedo bring the speed to the wing. In a recent interview, Renney even said he rather have Korpedo play wing because of the speed he can bring from the outside.

    Initially, my preference was to have Korpedo-Dubi-Zherdev, but many noted that Dawes has more experience and more of a history of goal scoring, so he should get the left wing spot on the 2nd line with Dubi and Zherdev. Dubi and Zherdev are big guys who like to carry the puck, so initially having Dawes, a smaller player on the line, seemed odd for me.

    However, Dawes is essentially a goal scorere and that is what his bread and butter has been to get him to this level. As a sniper, he could use someone like Dubi who has the size to dig the puck out of the corner and then set up Dawes or Zherdev for some shots.

    It would be great if Naslund, Gomer and Drury clicked and could put up some points – we really need some offense.

    I haven’t seen anything from Rissmiller that justifies a $1 million contract offer by the Rangers. Essentially, Voros is filling that role for the team, so I think it was rather redundant for the Rangers to sign Voros and Rissmiller. Plus, Rissmiller is the older of the two. I have liked what I have seen from Voros so far.

    As far as Betts is concerned, we all know that there was no chance that Betts wouldnt be our 4th line center oonce the season opened despite any competition in camp from Anisimov, Nedved, others. Renney, to a fault, is extremely, sometimes too much, loyal to his players. Betts is one of his faves, so Betts is assured a spot despite his deficiencies offensively. I think the Rangers knew they would keep Betts as their 4th line center even this summer and that bringing in Voros and Rissmiller was to bring up the scoring on the 4th line – surrounding Betts in the center.

    I don’t want to give up on or send down Sjostrom. He hasn’t been spectacular, but he is a young player still. He has speed, can pop in a goal here or there, is pretty responsible defensively and can play the PK when needed.

    I feel the Rangers will need to do something when it comes to Petr Prucha and Pat Rissmiller. Prucha, despite eveything, has not been able to put the puck in the net lately. Granted he has had less playing time than in his 1st year here, but he hasn’t scored much and the Rangers now have too many wingers on their big club who can play. Prucha is expendable and there will be a bunch of teams interested. I would trade him maybe early this season and try to get someone worthwhile back in return. Maybe they can expose Rissmiller to waivers as they try to send him down to Hartford, if he and his $1 million is picked up off the waiver wire, then that is good for us.

    FInally, on defense, I can see Kalinin already being this year’s Malik. I would rather have Potter fill out the top 6 dmen as he offers a physical presence of some sort and seems to play responsible defensively.

    Maybe if we find Prucha expendable, we can trade him either for some scoring help on the wings or for a physical dman (maybe Kyle McClaren? maybe another physical dman)


  110. I guess I gave idiot coach too much credit for thinking that he will finally part ways with Blair “PK God” Betts…

  111. “Cally and Korpedo bring the speed to the wing.”

    are you implying that Fritsche does not? Korpikoski likely is best suited of the 3 as a center because he is better at carrying the pack from his zone into the offensive zone, and centergets to handle the puck more than wingers and has more space to carry the puck in.

  112. We can’t score for sh*t. Jagr must be laughing somewhere in Russia. I don’t want to get desperate, but should we call Shanny? Maybe we can pick someone off teh waiver wire when teams need to get under the limit of players before the season starts. Something has to give. I know Gaborik is a free agent next summer and he doesnt seem to want to stay with the Wild. Let’s trade for him and sign him long term. Send the Wild Prucha, draft picks, Sanguinetti, whoever, as long as we get we get some scoring in our lineup. Are you still out there Mats Sundin?

  113. Jagr was a great Ranger… there’s no doubt about that. very well said Orr! Get off the guys back. NYR fans should just be thankful for what he was able to do for this team. PERIOD. And by the way…half way through the season, some of you “OH IM SO HAPPY JAGS IS GONE” are gunna be singing a very different tune.

    just watched the Devils beat Us. I miss jaromir.
    I mean, obviously its the team before any one individual, but they made a mistake letting him go…

  114. I miss Jags. :(
    I can’t say again what a shame it is he is not at the very least in the nhl. I have nothing but mad love and respect for Jags.

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