Nedved among the cuts


Update, 11:48 a.m.:  Artem Anisimov, Greg Moore, Dale Weise, and Thomas Pock are among those players reassigned.In fact, let’s go with the 26 players who are still here, including the new lines they’re practicing in (note Chris Drury at wing):Naslund-Gomez-Drury





At defense, Mara, Kalinin, Fahey, Staal, Girardi, Redden, Potter, and Rozsival are still here.

The three goalies are Lundqvist, Valiquette, and Wiikman,

So that leaves the Rangers with 15 forwards, eight defense, and three goalies. They need to get to 24 for Prague, and then down to 23 when they return to the States (presumably, Wiikman will go down after the Prague trip). Count on them cutting one more forward, and at least one but possibly two defensemen.

I’m not sure what to read into the Prucha, Sjostrom and Fritsche line, but all of those players could be the ones on the bubble. But that’s just speculation at this point.

Earlier: So much for Petr Nedved at least making the trip to Europe. The 36-year-old center was among those given the pink slip before today’s practice.

It looks like Greg Moore, Artem Anisimov were also reassigned.

“I told him this summer we had a lot of young guys and we have only so many spots,” Glen Sather told me just now. “Plus, there’s a cap issue to deal with. I thought he played well. I just knew what we’d be up against. But I didn’t want to not give him the opportunity.”

I asked Sather how much the play of Lauri Korpikoski impacted the decision.

“It had a lot to do with it,” Sather said. “And Callahan can play center, too. So we have a surplus of center icemen.”

Sather also said there was nothing new to report on Brendan Shanahan.

The complete list of cuts later…

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  1. I was surprised with how invisable that Anisimov was in the couple of Pre-Season games he played in. I am not sure how much of a future Moore has here. Gotta figure Parenteau along with Sanguenetti along with Jessiman and Byers are getting sent down too. Kondritiev hasn’t been dumped yet has he? Gotta figure that’s coming too.

  2. Considering how impressive Nedved was this Pre-season I wouldn’t be shocked in a couple Nhl teams reach out to him.

  3. this is a big mistake!! Nedved should have made this team!! This was about Sathers ego not what is best for the team! You mean to tell me that Sjorstrom,rissimiller and Prucha who have all been horrible should be on this team!! I want to win a cup and u don’t win unless can score and you don’t do it with all young players!! I hate Sather he’s a loser!

  4. I like Potter’s game a lot. Pock doesn’t impress me…never really did.

    This list is relatively easy to make without nedved in the picture.

    Most of the guys made the decision for the team. Some just aren’t ready. Some probably will never make it.

  5. I much rather see Potter as the 6th dman than Kalinin. To me Kalinin’s signing just made no sense after re-signing Mara. Why couldn’t they let the young guys compete for a spot on the third pairing? I suspect Fahey wins the 7th spot. The Rangers don’t want a young player like Potter not playing. I suspect when Kalinin gets hurt Potter will be re-called and take his spot in the lineup.

  6. Regarding Anisimov, let’s not forget, he was on the ice a lot for the Rangers at the Traverse City tourny (where he was the Rangers best player), and went straight to camp from there. I’m sure the kid is worn out.

  7. dr house – keep wearing your shanny jersey to the games. i hope that is the only one in the building though or at least none on the ice.

  8. I thought the same things graves9. But I’m not going to be too quick to criticize Kalinin. I just haven’t seen him play enough yet. I will say that he’s starting off in ‘a hole’ though.

  9. Cool, another year of Betts on the 4th line: another year of anemic 4th line production. This defensive first system is all well and good assuming you can score 3 goals a game. Detroit last year was a superb example. They were stingy defensively, but could explode offensively with all 4 lines chipping in. Detroit was a joy to watch last year. I introduced a bunch of my football fan friends from school to hockey last year, and all I could say was to watch Detroit closely, because that’s how hockey is supposed to be played. The Rangers this year are like a ghetto version of that. They have the stellar netminding and strong defensive corps, but they lack the scoring punch. Drury and Gomez, as good as they are, have never been top scorers and it would be unreasonable to expect it out of them. Zherdev has hope. Naslund could have a rebound year. Dawes, Cally and Dubi could break out. Prucha can’t seem to find the net with a flashlight and GPS. But now without Jagr, or a true goal scorer like Kovalchuk, Zetterberg, Crosby or Ovechkin, already frustrated players could be further frustrated by a system that further stifles their offense. I’m really confused by cutting Nedved. I don’t understand why Ranger’s brass puts Betts up on a pedestal. The guy is a great penalty killer, and can take faceoffs. But that’s it. No scoring, no real grit. If the Rangers stop taking so many dumb penalties his role would dry up. Why not replace him with someone who can score more than twice a year?

  10. I haven’t seen any preseason games yet, but tne news can’t be good for Prucha if Drury is playing wing and #25 is centering the 5th line…

    Understand these lines won’t stay together, but the there is a big dropoff in production after their top 6/7 forwards.

  11. If Prucha makes the next cut I’ll be amazed. He has shown speed, stone hands and the ability to get crushed at least once a game. He couldn’t hit a buffalo on the fanny with a bag of rice.

  12. Incident on 33rd St. on

    Sam, your math is wrong.
    “Count on them cutting one more forward, and at least one but possibly two defensemen.”

    when you cut wikman, you only need to cut 2 more people — one F, one D.
    you cut two Defensemen, –you have no reserve defensemen on your active roster. Unless Thomas Pöck/Jason Strudwick is lurking aroung Greenburgh…

  13. I think Nedved should have at least made the trip to Prague. I think they should have played him in each game we had left and see what he did. He looked better to me than many others on the team. He has one of the quickest, hardest, sneakiest wrist shots still in the game. Best wishes to him, wherever he ends up.

  14. incident – It depends on the players as their salaries will determine how many players they can carry. The salary cap has to be a factor in every decision to start the season.

  15. Prucha is a streaky scorer. I recall back in the start of the 05-06 Season Prucha botching scoring chance after chance and all of a sudden in late November he started burying chance after chance. He went on to score 30 goals. In 06-07 he started off slow due to a lack of pp time mostly. He ended up getting more pp time in the second half and he found chemistry on a line will Callahan and Cullen and he scored 22 goals. Last year he was shoved even further down the depth chart and lost some confidence as well.

  16. Right Nasty, at lease we’re going to remember Nedved’s assets after all. He’d fit that 4th line perfectly.
    In what department Betts is an improvement to this team? PK next to nothing. Guy can’t really score. Good luck Petr again.

  17. Another thing. Renney mentioned that he wants more scoring from the 4th. So, who suppose to score on that line? Rissmiller, Betts or Orr… makes no sense to me.

  18. That is my point. If they want scoring on the 4th line, you can put an aging vet that still has skills there. It makes no sense burying a younger player on the fourth line. Oh well. Petr was coming to train with us for a shot at a 3rd or 4th line spot, that was it.

  19. Beer,
    As long as Shanny will take on that roll, as he has indicated that he would be willing to take a lesser role.

  20. Yes, the salary cap is really an issue when we went out this summer and dropped coin on a bunch of guys that are buried in the depth chart with little hope of cracking an NHL roster, or at minimum, players with NHL-sized salaries that are no better than our AHL prospects with rookie contracts.

    Kalinin is Malik, no better than Potter or Pock, and makes almost double their combined salaries.

    We let go of Avery for a difference of 625K, while Rissmiller, Voros and Fritsche all make more than that, and not all will make the roster.

    BTW, Avery scored the other night

  21. LOOOL, NYR really is the ghetto version of the Red Wings. Good one.

    Im disappointed that Arty didn’t really stand out during the pre season. I didn’t expect him to make the team, but i expected a little more. He played decent though, but not what i expected.

    Good luck to Petr Ned, he’s a good guy, and im damn surprised he didn’t stick around and wait for the Kings to offer him a contract, but eh. Cant have the guy unless he’s replacing Betts on the 4th, and if its up to me, id perfer Fritsche replacing Betts on the 4th.

    Finally Renney is switching up the lines. I wanna see Dru on Gomer’s wing, that should be interesting, along with Naslund. Im still a little more interested in Zherdev-Drury-Prucha / Callahan, but i wanna see this too. Dawes-Dubinsky-Zherdev sounds interesting too. I just hope there’s no chemistry BS that we all have to deal with this season.

  22. Although I am saddened by the cutting of Nedved I do appreciate what he’s done for this team throughout his tenure in the NHL. Farewell to a solid player and best of luck overseas.

    Here’s to hoping the chips fall in the right place this season!

  23. Joe in DE – Avery was also about term of contract meaning 4 years not just the $ in 1st or even 2nd yr. Rissmiller was signed for 1 yr. so a bit of apples and oranges. I know Voros was 3yrs not sure about Fritsche. Also Mara and Kalanin were signed for only 1 yr.

  24. Fritsche and Kalinin are 1 year deals, while Voros has a 3 year deal. The major difference between the 1 year deal of Mara and Kalinin is that Mara is good and Kalinin sucks.

    What I’m really trying to get at is that I would much rather the Rangers go to war with a shorter roster of well paid, consistent, solid performers than a long roster of maybes and 1 dimensional players.

  25. Yet again the Rangers organization flips the bird to Thomas Pock…a man who withered in Hartford while such esteemed defensemen as Marek Malik and Jason Strudwick got regular ice time in the NHL. Shame.

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