Live video chat with Sam Weinman and Rick Carpiniello


Here’s the “link to our first live video chat”: Thanks to everyone for participating. I enjoyed it.

Our plan is to certainly do it again, so if you have comments or suggestions, feel free to post them below, or e-mail me at

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  1. REPOST:

    I disagree with virtually everyone on power play coaching. This isn’t the NFL—there is no exact science to puck moving on the PP or configuring a proper set up for your players.

    A great deal of puck movement on the PP is indeed instinct. We haven’t scored much on the power play b/c we have been a team that is reluctant to shoot in scoring chance situations.

    You’re not going to bring some PP genius in and have him completely restructure the way the Rangers set-up and move the puck on the PP.

    What you can do is bring in guys that make smarter first passes (Redden) and have the confidence to shoot more and pass less.

    If you watched Detroit’s pp last year, they just fired the puck from everywhere. Bill Bellicheck doesn’t need to come in to set up that scheme.

    Basically Nicky Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski fired low hard shots on net, Franzen stuck his big ass in front of the goalie and guys like Zetterberg and Datsyuk picked up rebound goalies with one less man covered on the ice.

    It’s more on the players than it is coaching to have a successful powerplay. The same way you can have the most intricate breakouts in the league, but if the player makes the wrong “choice” in the a given situation, it can result in a turnover.

    Where coaching comes into major play in hockey is the day-to-day mindset, defensive configuration, forecheck and line combinations.

    These guys don’t spend hours setting up the power play, b/c like i said, there is no exact science.

    If there was, everyone would be doing the same thing.

  2. I only caught the last few minutes, but I think it’s great. (And, Sam, you need a better photo of yourself on this site, one that reflects your good looks.)

  3. An effective PP? hmm… The Pens last year.. they would tire out the PKers and score… what were they like 22% effective?!

  4. “how many viwers did we hit?” lol i loved that
    thank goodness he didnt throw out anything racey while the cam was still on

    great job sam/carp

  5. I hope the chat went well! I will be watching it when I get a chance, possibly over the weekend.

    On last night’s game, I saw a few times that the Rangers were in drastically bad positions, and this was with roster players, too. I’m hoping these were just instances where they were trying something new, out of their realm of comfortability or something.

    I still like Pöck and hope he makes the team. Unfortunately, it looks like he has too much offense for his own good, so it’s seen as a deficiency on defense. I can’t remember enough of his games to comment on that, though. I would throw away Kalinin in an instant, or make him #7. I also think the Rangers would be making a mistake to not keep Betts. He’s obviously not flashy, but there have been many times where I have been thankful to still have him. If anything, get rid of Fritsche and Rissmiller, since we don’t know how consistent they can be over the course of a season, and they are defensive dynamos (note the sarcasm), as well. Nedved could be kept around as a spare injury replacement and possible winger. Again, from the looks of the lines on which Sjostrom is playing, I would guess that the staff is not too keen on keeping him. It would be great, in my opinion, to be able to trade Sjostrom and Rissmiller for something valuable, maybe a draft pick and a proper player for Hartford, be it veteran or rookie.

    I can’t argue too much with Doodie’s prediction of the final standings. I have no idea where our team will stand, partly because I don’t think they have all of the horses to make the playoffs, but I’m still optimistic and think there could be high risk/high reward like Salty says, so anywhere from 3rd to 12th is possible, haha. I am saving these predictions on my computer to look back at the end of the season.

    We really have some dumb guys around here, too. I won’t be naming names, mostly because I haven’t kept track of them, but I like to laugh at the comments about possibly sending Del Zotto to Hartford (impossible/illegal) and just being able to “send down” guys like Rissmiller and Kalinin (have to pass through waivers, and, if they do, that’s not desirable for the Rangers to be paying their salary; likely will be a trade instead, maybe let Kalinin stay down there for being a veteran).

    At least there’s still hockey to look forward to as the Mets try to gag their way to the finish line. It’s times like these when I’m happy to be a fan of three different sports.

  6. Repost:

    When are we going to see a team that might actually play during the season? What is Renney doing?

    We play like crap the last two games and he once again plays guys who aren’t going to play together during the season?

    After watching Staal and Rozival play last night, those two guys need lots o work.

    I like Redden, I like how he can keep the puck in at the point and how he rushes it up the ice.

    I thought Bobby Sanguetti did not look good, but he’s a big kid who might need time to adjust.

    Either way, I’m not real happy with our lack of physical play, nor with out perimeter play or our penalty kill.

    I like Fahey, he’s been solid and has some speed.

  7. Ah, forgot to mention my one positive sign for the Blues: a stellar alternate jersey in the mold of the Minesota Wild, as it could end up becoming their primary jersey logo.

  8. While I’m on a roll, how about some line combinations! Yay! (note *some* sarcasm)

    I think the first two lines (Gomez and Drury) are set in stone, at least to start:
    Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev & Dawes-Drury-Prucha

    I think it will be key to have Voros *not* on the fourth line, so he can show his scoring ability along with getting time on the ice to bang bodies. Maybe Dubinsky’s line will actually be #2 at even strength: Voros-Dubinsky-Callahan

    I think it’s likely that Prucha and Callahan will be swapped in their positions, since Callhan and Voros are each capable of being the hitter on a line, so it’s better to spread them out.

    The fourth line could be anything at this point, but I think Betts and Orr will be the most consitent residents there. On the left wing, it’s a *big* toss-up. At this point, you have to give an edge to Nedved, but Rissmiller would probably be the best defensive choice. I think Nedved might be best served playing 50-60 games if he makes the team, but it’s Nedved-Betts-Orr for me.

  9. Pig,

    Please enlighten my why it is “illegal/impossible” to send Del Zotto to Hartford. He is a Ranger and has a contract.

    I understand the real reason thanks to Beer and LI Joe. Why hurt us against the cap and kick in his 3 year entry contract now.

  10. We all know that the end score in these games doesn’t matter. What we are supposed to be looking at is line combinations and prospects that could potentially have a future with the rangers. That’s what scares me. I haven’t seen much decent play out of our younger players and the lines have not been clicking. The only exception I have is Dubinsky. As renney has said before, our leading preseason scorer, Nedved, is most likely not going to get a spot. And I think this is the most dissapointing play I’ve ever seen out of prucha and drury. I think this preseason will be a success if we realize that our top line needs to be split up. They have not buried any pucks yet and could have the potential of making three lines dangerous instead of just having one good line and two mediocre lines. I really hope that we sign sundin soon, and hopefully Nedved stays. If I only we lived in that world.

  11. Pig,

    Del Zotto can’t be sent to Hartford because his major junior rights are still held. The only players under 20 that can be sent to an AHL or even ECHL team are those who were released by their OHL, WHL or QMJHL team or those who played in Europe and were not signed by a CHL team. The rule states that once a player is 20, it is the NHL teams discretion to do with the player as they want (ie: send him to Hartford, let him return to his major junior team).

  12. I’d prefer not to live in your world “what the heck”. I think it’s safe to say, your outlook is pretty negative.

    Scoring goals is not exactly a priority in preseason. Nor do you start talking about “splitting up” a line that technically isn’t even a line yet.

    If you’re looking for our younger players to dazzle you with jaw dropping goals, check out the AHL all-star game this year instead. For the guys who’s spots are locked up (Dawes, Cally, Pru, etc.) they don’t really need to go at 100 percent, nor should they. Do you really want Ryan Callahan crashing to the net in a pre-season game against some Euro Elite team?

    Essentially, the pre-season is more for these types of players to get their sea legs back. They’re not playing at full throttle by any means.

    If you’ve ever played sports, you know pre-season is a different mind set when you already know you’ve “made the team”, so to speak.

    I want nothing to do with Sundin — he’s not the answer and I don’t think he really fits.

  13. “Ah, forgot to mention my one positive sign for the Blues: a stellar alternate jersey in the mold of the Minesota Wild, as it could end up becoming their primary jersey logo.”

    Spider – any link please?

  14. Don’t forget Dale Weise in the equation. He was the most impressive ranger last nite in person outside Fahey. Rismiller looked awful, as did Fritsche.

    For the love of god, no Nedved. He reminds of me the time I hate being reminded of in Rangers history.

    I am curious what will happen with Korpikoski as well.

  15. Richard – Your logic is still flawed. Sanguinetti, by playing in Hartford this season, will be starting his entry-level contract. Since he will be in the AHL, however, and it is a two-way deal, his salary will be much less than if he plays in the NHL. I don’t know the length of the contract (I think he has signed already), but let’s say it’s three years for $3 million. If he makes the Rangers next season and sticks, he will be getting paid a million bucks for 2009-2011, after which his contract will expire, so we will have to pay him more most likely after 2011 rather than 2012 since the years on the contract still count in the AHL. That’s why you already see players like Dawes needing a new contract, evne though he only played one season in the NHL.

    GardenFaithfulinFLA – Thanks for posting the link, as I seem to have been banned from doing that (along with LI Joe, it seems) for some reason. I’m gonna try a post after this with a link in it.

  16. How dumb is the front page for the Lightning on right now: “Mike Smith, making a save against the Rangers on Tuesday, was okay last season after coming from Dallas in the Brad Richards trade. But he showed enough to earn the Lightning’s faith.” with a picture that shows about four pucks in it, since it is obviously from practice.

    Here’s the link to the pic in case they catch their mistake soon:

  17. Spider/LI Joe – somebody had a good idea with links the other day, when they couldn’t post them… Put the link in the “Website” box under your Name and e-mail address… Then, there’s no link in the post, but people can click on your name and get it…

    This place is fuzzy with links…

  18. On this alternate jersey business, maybe the Rangers could unveil something with the standard shield in front of the Statue of Liberty (maybe like it was on the old NY license plate, not the old alternate jersey, since people seem not to like that, even though I do) with a circle around it a la the Blues and Wild. I think that would be very agreeable. If I could do some sort of photoshop action, I might work on that.

  19. Jeever – Yeah, I had taken to that, but still held out hope that links in the post would work, especially since they are more visible there. I like linking my name to Puck Daddy now since there is a great consortium of information there.

  20. It would be a trevesty if Korpkiski doesn’t make the team. Fritcshe has looked real good today too.

  21. spider – not sure what you were saying re contracts. I do know that by going down to juniors a guy is 1 yr further from restricted free agency and eventually total free agent. hence Del Zotto going to jrs makes perfect sense.

    richard as someone answered Del Zotto can not go to Hartford. it is either juniors or NHL this yr for him

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