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Update, postgame: Decisons, decisions. Tom Renney says he has plenty to make, some of which need to be by tomorrow when he reassigns players to Hartford. But the other issue is what he wants his roster to look like when the season opens in Prague. What to do with Lauri Korpikoski, who made another compelling case for himself tonight? What about Petr Nedved? And if those two stay, what do you do with Patrick Rissmiller and his $1 million contract?

“We’ve got a number of guys making strong cases for themselves,” Renney said.

One can only speculate at this point. Come back tomorrow and we should have at least some answers…

Update, 9:34 p.m.: Lightning 4, Rangers 2. By my view, Petr Prucha could have easily had a hat trick.

Update, 8:38 p.m.: Rangers 2, Lightning 1, end of two.. Meanwhile, just walked by Nikolai Zherdev buying a hot dog at the concession stand. Maybe someone should tell him he can get his food for free around here. Then again, Zherdev is set to make more than $3 million this year. I think he can handle $4 for a frank.

Update, 8:14 p.m.: Inspired move out of the corner by Lauri Korpikoski to put the Rangers ahead 2-1. Put The Korpedo at the top of the list of rookies most likely to crack the lineup on opening night.

Update, 7:40 p.m.: Rangers 1, Lightning 1. Overall, a much better pace than last night’s snorefest in Jersey, including an impressive dipsy-doodle by Petr Prucha to create a scoring chance.

One problem is the puck is jumping all over the place, which is either a reflection of choppy ice or particularly bouncy pucks.

Update, 7:36 p.m.: Fred Sjostrom goes down hard after colliding headfirst with an official, but skates off on his own, and stays on the bench instead of heading to the dressing room.
Update, 7:33 p.m.: A wraparound by Chris Gratton beats Stephen Valiquette. The Rangers have a chance to go back up after some sustained pressure from the likes of Ryan Callahan, but Wade Redden misses a one-timer just wide.

Update, 7:26 p.m.: And now it’s Aaron Voros with Zenon Konopka. But I won’t be truly impressed until I see Betts throwing down…

Update, 7:21 p.m. Dan Fritsche opens the scoring on a pass from Patrick Rissmiller.

And now Colton Orr is going at it with David Koci. There’s something for everyone here at the Garden!

Update, 7:05 p.m.: Correction on the forward lines:

Voros-Korpikoski-Weise start out. The others are Rissmiller-Callahan-Fritsche; Sjostrom-Betts-Orr; and Prucha-Nedved-Parenteau.

Blair Betts is wearing an “A”, a curious development on top of the post below.

But wait, Dmitri Kalinin is also wearing the “A”, suggesting it’s not quite as prestigious as I may have originally thought. Heck, I think Zipay is wearing an “A” next to me.

For the record, Wade Redden has the “C”.

Earlier: I find it interesting that  hours after Blair Betts said he’s had little communication with the Rangers coaching staff about his status (and that “training camp is a mind f—“) Tom Renney just came out with a subtle endorsement of his incumbent fourth line center.

“Right now he is (our guy). Somebody has to beat him out of a job and I don’t know if it’s going to happen, quite honestly,” Renney said of Betts. “With all that being said, Blair’s a good hockey player who in my mind could play for 29 other teams in this league, and I take that very seriously — as I do with Petr (Nedved) in this training camp at this point. And there are other guys who can  play center ice as well.”

This takes little away from perhaps the lone drama of tonight –  how Betts looks at center as opposed to Nedved, Lauri Korpikoski, and Ryan Callahan. With Nedved expected to make the trip to Europe, this subplot could conceivably extend straight into Prague.

New question of the day: Do the Rangers keep both centers and rotate them in and out of the lineup as needed?

In other news:

<li>The Rangers made their first four cuts of training camp. Evgeny Grachev is headed to Hartford; Michael Del Zotto and Tomas Kundratek were returned to their respective junior clubs, and defensemen David Stich was released from his try-out agreement. Surprisingly, Lyon Messier is still hanging around.

As for Del Zotto, this was still a very impressive run for the young defenseman. He won’t be back with the Rangers this season (unless they call him up after his junior season) and the odds are against him competing for an NHL job next year. But he’s still a lot closer than many people suspected.

<li>I’m working on a story about the challenges and complications that come with taking an NHL team to Europe for nine days. A short synopsis: a lot more goes into it than you’d think (a handful of members of the organization are flying out tomorrow ahead of the team to make sure everything is in order). On a related note, Renney just went into detail about his ideas about ways to fend off jet lag.

More in a bit…

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  1. Good for Betts! I tend to answer *yes* to Sam’s question at this point (about rotating). This trip to Europe is like a mini-Olympics, in terms of time and people.


    On this alternate jersey business, maybe the Rangers could unveil something with the standard shield in front of the Statue of Liberty (maybe like it was on the old NY license plate, not the old alternate jersey, since people seem not to like that, even though I do) with a circle around it a la the Blues and Wild. I think that would be very agreeable. If I could do some sort of photoshop action, I might work on that.

    How dumb is the front page for the Lightning on tampabay.com right now: “Mike Smith, making a save against the Rangers on Tuesday, was okay last season after coming from Dallas in the Brad Richards trade. But he showed enough to earn the Lightning’s faith.” with a picture that shows about four pucks in it, since it is obviously from practice.

  2. I don;t post much but I read this site at least 2-3 times a day and I must say nobody keeps psychotic Ranger fans up to date like Sam Weinman, it is much appreciated and alot of fun thanks…

    I’ll tell you what, if we’re up by a goal with 4 secs left in game 7 of the Stanley cup final and we have a defensive draw…I don’t mind in the least Betts taking that faceoff…with that, I keep him as 4th line center…but it would be interesting to plug nedved in per diem as the matchup dictates…but it’s the idea of taking a 36 year old past his prime player is a little nauseating

  3. Nedved might center the 3rd line, if Korpedo doesn’t make the team. Dubi could be moved to the wing on the 2nd line, but i doubt it.

    Im still hoping Korpedo can crack the lineup, him with Dubi, and Cally would be nice.

    I don’t know why Renney is going with Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev in these pre season games. Try Zherdev with Drury, and Pruchs, and Dawes with Gomer, and Naslund, just for the hell of it.

    I get the fact that he wants to take a look at a lot of prospects, but lets be realistic, who’s the obvious choice to play with Nyr, Korpikoski, Moore, or Byers ? Its Korpedo, for sure. Renney needs to play him with Dubi, and Cally. Clearly the lines he’s been playing haven’t been doing much, even though its just pre season.

    Hopefully we see more than 2 friggin goals tonight, and a win.

  4. Betts is solid and reliable. Anisimov is still very green and let him get 20 minutes a night in Hartford.

    It’s good for Cally and Korpo playing center, you never know when they may be called upon later in the year. If they have the fundys down, it only makes the organization stronger.

  5. From last thread:


    I’m not interested in seeing jaw dropping plays, but what I do want to see is consistency in players being in the right place at the right time, crisp passing, sound defensive positioning and some physical play. Honestly, I have not seen any of that in the last two games. Maybe some flashes of it.

    What I HAVE seen is odd man rushes, rebounds not cleared, no penetration to the front of the net, very little physical play and limited cohesiveness on the PP. We still have good speed through the neutral zone, but we do not know what to do with it once we get there.

    Bubble players who have stood out to me are: Jessiman, Wikman, Byers, Fahey, Pock, Anisimov and Del Zotto (sent down today).

    Invisible: Moore, Fritche, Rissmiller, Sanguetti and Jamtin.

    I just still see the Rangers as slow to the puck in their end, out of position alot and not getting chances to score from in front of the net, everything is off to the side. And when we are in front, we can’t put it in.

  6. it makes my heart smile how everyday this week i can turn on my tv and the rangers are on.

    Ps. hey Ag- were you as annoyed as i was when you missed out on the last 15 minutes of criminal minds because of the president?

  7. GOAL 1-0 rangers nice feed from rismiller to fritsche
    that was probably the most exciting exchange all pre-season

  8. On one of the things I overlooked, Grachev is headed to Hartford and not Brampton? I guess they really think this kid is the real deal.

  9. Thats why Orr the player is great, and Orr the blogger ain’t bad himself haha.

    I love the smile from Colton.

  10. Voros fights like Hollweg. You gotta give the guy credit for trying but it’s just embarrassing watching him get his butt kicked all the time

  11. MARK

    Thanks buddy.

    Orr’s smile is priceless. I want him in all 82 games, you just never know what can happen. As for the goal, that was a nice feed by Rismiller, but he’s is still a pointless signing. Nice shot by Fritsche, and another weak goal let in by Vally, in my opinion. Korpedo looked really good that period.

    Is Grachev really playing in Hartford next season ??? I thought he was playing in the OHL or some other league. Eh, hopefully he, and Weise do good for them, and hopefully they can replace Korpedo’s scoring, since he’ll be with Nyr…….hopefully.

  12. Voros needs to work on his balance, he’s tougher than Dubi, but Dubi has better balance than him, so all in all its the same end result. I prefer Voros doing the fighting over him though.

    Orr needs to drop them with the Konopa guy or what ever his name is. Koci got beat up, you could tell Orrzie was getting excited.

  13. Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, Callahan, Dawes, Prucha, Drury and Dubinsky.

    What’s that spell? No size up front. NO umph, no toughness..

    We will miss the physical play of Avery and Shanny, big time.

    Sam – “The Rangers had the last 18 of 20 shots!”

    And we have one goal.

    I mean, this is what the Ranger announcers talk about. “Hey at least we beat em in shots!”

    I’m sorry for being such a downer guys and gals, but when a coach has been here for four years and a GM for almost 8 now, I want to see results. I want to see the Red Wings, Anaheim, Dallas, Montreal, Calgary and San Jose. I want my team to be better, I just see the same ol product as I have the last four years game in and game out, and a network like MSG that shines it up each and every year and sells it to us.

    Right now, I see no way Petr Nedved does not get a job. He is one of the best players in camp right now. I thought he was a PR stunt for the trip to Prague, but right now he looks like one of the best players on the ice.

  14. NakedJoe,

    I’m sitting in class in Wilmington right now at Widener Law. Technically I live in West Chester, PA, and my permanent address in north Jersey.

  15. what is Sam and Michaletti are talking about? “great move by Stamkos… ohhh wow uuhhh” what? i have two left hands and two right feet and even i can make a move like this…

  16. If the ice is choppy now, I wonder how it will be after taking it away for the Liberty game tomorrow night, then re-icing the surface for Saturday afternoon.

  17. vogs,
    we will miss the play of Avery and Shanny? Are you kidding me? Maybe Avery but Shanny? Physical? He stood in the same spot and grew roots on every shift the 2nd half of last season…
    Cally is gritty and tough, Dubi is also gritty and tough and not lacking in size.
    Voros is a big guy.
    we haven’t put one line up out this PRE SEASON that will resemble the team on opening night…and your bitchin and moaning…geez…stop watching if its that bad!

  18. That was a sweet move by Korp, put this kid on the team, trade Freddy if you have to. That move was against two solid NHL d-men, not amazing, but solid. I really think he is ready for the step up, and should be with the team.

    Damn, this team is becoming the Hartford Wolfpack before out eyes, Dubi, Cally, Vally, Dawes, Prucha, Girardi, potentially Korpedo, and Potter. I like it.


    Yeah, your totally right, i wish we went back to the days where we would only put up 17-18 shots, and pray Hank saves the day. Take it easy man, seriously.

    This game should be 3-1, Pruchs had an EASY bank in off a great feed from Korpikoski. He should play the remaining 3 pre season games. But i WANT him on the team !!

  19. What the hell is going on with redden? he couldn’t play any worse. let’s hope he’s saving himself for the season, because there could be no other excuse. he makes malik look good.

  20. Sam- I dont know if Zherdev can handle paying for hotdogs. You see how much they cost? I think it was 5.75 for a footlong the other night.

  21. Staal:

    Shanny might not have been hammering people into the boards, but he was someone the other team had to worry about, same with Avery. Either guy could and would drop em if the other team took liberties with our players. Now, that variable has been removed. Now, those players are on our 3rd and 4th line, not our top two.

    …and I can bitch and moan all I want about Renney and Sather… give me a break. I remember the days of Messier, Graves, Beuk, Wells, Kocur, Tikanen, Churla, King, Domi, Alex, nothing wrong with longing for the days when we scored goals and matched up physically with the other team night in and night out.

    But with our top forwards, I am skeptical.

  22. onecupin67years on

    Prucha on the power play? Thats like jumbo shrimp.

    He can’t even finish against a pre season line up.

  23. Alan I agree, except for the Malik part but yeah, he’s coughing up the puck alot. Kalinen also continues to stink it up.
    I think Potter has been very impressive. I wish he’d make the team.

  24. Hey. I’m thinking as follows:



    Prucha-Drury- Cally


    Like what Nedved brings but don’t want to lose Betsy either

    Frishe and Pock as extras (pock played forward years ago)

    Did I leave anyone out? Rismiller goes to Hartford. Sjostrom is traded.

  25. “Eh the Lightening just hung in there the last two games”

    “If you get good goaltending anything can happen”

    And usually does aginst the Rangers. Aren’t you tired of hearing these excuses year in and year out from Ranger broadcasters?

    …and the beat goes on… the beat goes on… ladi dadi dah, a ladi dadi deh

  26. “By my view, Petr Prucha could have easily had a hat trick.”

    So why didn’t he? Same old story about great saves, or did he just miss the puck or net?

    It’s a bit disappointing to lose at home during the preseason, but neither team put much of a star line-up out there. I’ll be watching the replay at 1 a.m. probably.

  27. Man, this team sucks! Prucha can’t finish. Vally needs to go down to EHL and play for Checkers! I don;t like it at all. Yeah, you can make case that this was Ranger rookie team but damn! Zherdev, Gomez and Naslund doing great passing but can’t finish either. This reminds me of last season tha only thing is we don;t have JJ and Avery to push Rangers into playoffs. Rangers can;t score more then 2 goals a game – THIS IS BSSSSSS!!!!

  28. HockeymanRangers on

    Hang in there Ranger crew, it is only preseason. You can’t bitch until at least week 3 or 4 of the season. Give them a break already

  29. i dont think anything is wrong with redden, this is the player he has been since the lockout. He will still put up some points on the powerplay but he is not a great defender. I am a big Prucha supporter so its discouraging he’s not finishing (not that anyone else on the team is either), but I hope he at least gets a solid chance once the season start. for the record i think prucha would be better with gomez and put either naslund or zherdev with drury to balance things out. korpedo would be nice with dubi,

  30. The best facet of the Rangers team game thus far this preseason, as well as last season: making marginal opposition goaltenders look like All-Stars.

  31. Please give Prucha’s spot to Korpedo; at least to start the season. The kid just can’t score anymore; I’m tired of seeing the same great chances game in and game out with no finish. Sure, there’s some admiration deserved in the fact that he still gets those great chances and gets open, but what’s the point of a great scoring chance if you NEVER finish it.

    Korpedo looks good and deserves a shot on third line with Dubi.

  32. Not to mention he (Prucha) gets DESTROYED at least once a game with an open ice hit. I love the kids heart and desire to play, and have always been one to defend him and his game in the past. But at this point, it’s time to do the right thing and give him the opportunity to have a fresh chance at success with another club. He was great for us his rookie season, but that was 3 years ago. How long have we been saying he’ll come around again? Trade him for a pick and wish him the best of luck at renewed success elsewhere.

    And please Petr…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, for your own sake.

  33. Zherdev-Gomez-Naslund

    all 4 lines have a puck carrier, 1st line has 2. After Nedved is gone, put Anisimov in that spot.

  34. Anyone want to take a stab at the final 23 guys.

    Here is mine as of now:

    1.Lundqvist, 2.Valiquette,
    3.Girardi, 4.Kalinin, 5.Staal, 6.Rosival, 7.Redden, 8.Mara
    9.Dubinsky, 10.Gomez, 11.Drury, 12.Naslund, 13.Zherdev, 14.Dawes, 15.Callahan, 16.Prucha, 17.Orr, 18.Voros, 19.Fritsche, 20.Korpokoski

    Last 3 spots:
    Fahey, Sjostrom, Betts

  35. If Nedved doesn’t make it then


  36. We had, at best, a third line and three fourth lines out there tonight and they created a fair bit of chances, so let’s not freak out just yet. Once the whole team plays together, then we can start looking at goals for.

    Can Renney possibly keep Korpikoski off the team?

    Here’s my rare attempt at line combos:

    Naslund – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Prucha
    Korpikoski – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Voros – Betts – Orr/Fritsche

    Tough luck for Nedved and Rissmiller… Sather simply signed too many guys. Unless we only carry 6 defensemen, in which case I keep Rissmiller and prolong the tryout.

  37. Totally forgot about Sjostrom, but he hasn’t earned his shot. He could have some trade value though. What was Sather thinking signing all these guys?

  38. Betts is garbage and serves no purpose. He doesn’t hit hard and his offense is laughable 40 points in 280 games.

    And we got a ton of players that can kill penalties: Gomez, Naslund, Dawes, Dubinsky, Drury, Callahan, Korpikoski, Fritsche

  39. I really wanna see that 3rd line of Korpo-Cally-Fritsche and have Dubi move up to the second line so Drury can play wing with him and Dawes.

    Prucha? I don’t know, i lvoe the guy and all but if he isn;t scoring, he isn’t helping.

  40. Drury is an average playmaker at best, he is a goalscorer, he has no business at center. He is a winger, not a center.

  41. Not looking for the bad tonight..How can you, when there wasn’t one line playing together that will be playing in the regular season.

    What I am concerned about is team toughness…The Devils shoved the boys around a bit.

    With that in mind: The only way Prucha can be on this roster is if he scores. Period. Fritsche’s size and speed would fit quite nicely on the right side of Drury and Dawes.

    As for Korpedo: If he doesn’t make the top 3 lines lines, let him play in Hartford. Why not give him a look on the left side of Dubinsky and Callahan? That would be one fast, tenacious line.

    Seemingly Sather is going to have to find a trading partner for Sjostrom, or simply expose him and Pock in the Waiver draft. Even without those two, here’s what’s left:

    Naslund, Gomez Zherdev
    Dawes, Drury, Prucha, Fritsche
    Korpikowski, Voros, Dubinsky, Callahan
    Rissmiller, Betts, Orr

    Redden, Girardi
    Staal, Roszival
    Kalinen, Mara, Potter


    Since Potter and Korpikowski still have options (and would not have to pass through waivers), they’re most likely to start the Season In Hartford… Unless there’s a trade to be had….

  42. i hope during the regular season they can score more than two goals.

    Obviously they need a scorer cause this two goal stuff dont cut it anymore when u play a team like the Penguins.

  43. Screw it, I like Petr Nedved the player and the person. Got a problem with that, then you can s my d. Ha, Whoever said, “Let’s not start s”ing each others d’s.” the other day, that was great!

  44. Zherdev-Gomez-Naslund

    this lineup makes the most sense. Rissmiller produced about as many points as Nedved, is bigger, but slower, but he sure can throw some monster hits like he did tonight on Meszaros.

    This gives us a monster hard hitting agitating 4th line that can score some goals. We get a quick hard hitting 3rd line. And we get 2 very potent offensive lines.

  45. scratch the waiver draft…no longer exists…

    Korpikowski and Potter will be in Hartford.. Sjostrom and Pock will be sent down. While in the AHL their salary will not count against the Cap. If the Rangers want to call them up, they have to pass through re- entry waivers. If claimed, the Rangers would be responsible to pay half their Salary..

    So it is not likely if someone (other than Rookies with options)is sent down, they’ll be recalled.

  46. i agree with you bob that drury is not a great playmaker, thats why id rather see zherdev on a line with him, he could rush it up and then dish or shoot. whereas prucha would be better off with gomez dishing him the puck. if after a fair amount of games prucha isn’t scoring fine, but way too early to say time to move on in my opinion.

  47. Lol, some Nyr fans are complete idiots. But eh, i already know that, but i still get surprised wheni see dumb comments, i just cant wrap my head around it. Mine as well be Flyers, and Isles fans.

    Anyway, my lines would be…


    Lol, putting Korpedo on the 1st line ?? Get outta here, that’s nonsense, the guy played one game against a real NHL team and scored a semi flukey goal, you can just put him with the top line. He proved he can make the jump to the NHL, but he hasn’t proven he can stay with the big boys.

    And for any whiny losers who are crying how “the team sucks” then go watch boring Baseball, and Football, and quit crying aboot pre season hockey losses.

  48. i see bob from newsday is over here now. pretty sure he is also yenner and vinny pooh among other names he’s used.

    also see rucchin won’t stop spamming here.

  49. ORR- I agree 100% on your lines.

    i feel it would give us 3 very solid lines and a good 4th, as long as we crash the net and get in the goalies face (see devils series last year).

  50. are people really trying to find bad with tonights game after we played our F squad? Also I wouldn’t be concerned with scoring just yet since we’ve yet to play our full lineup. The key to this team that makes us better than last year (definately not on paper though) is that we are fast and very physical. That killed us in the end last season and we addressed those needs. Since people are throwing lines out, I feel like this is what its going to look like w/o Nedved (even though I wouldn’t mind him on the 4th line):

    Naslund – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Prucha
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Fritsche/Rissmiller
    Sjostrom – Betts/Nedved – Voros/Orr

    Redden – Girardi
    Rozsival – Staal
    Mara – Kalinin

    Now if Nedved doesn’t make the team, which he probably won’t, then just bring up Korpedo and move him to that line rotating with Fritsche. Rissmiller is much better than people think and hes good for crashing the net and getting garbage goals, something you will see a lot from this Rangers team.

    Also I know most hate Nedved, but fact remains we might need scoring from our 4th line. He still has speed and with him centering Sjostrom and Voros, that line could put up numbers. I still think Sjostrom can be a 2nd line wing and Voros is great at screening and has decent hands. Orr goes in when you need a fight. We are lucky that this year we have guys who can hit and also make plays with the puck. Last year we only had guys that did one or the other. Its going to be an exciting year once we get our full squad together.

  51. How are some of you not putting Fritsche into your lineups?? As displayed tonight, he’s a far better player than Callahan, Orr, Voros, Rissmiller, Betts, Prucha, Sjostrom and any of the Hartford kids. Fritsche is fast, plays good two-way, has good offensive awareness and has a *great* shot. A legit 3rd liner on any team in the NHL, including this one.

  52. Was at the game tonight- so not sure if my perspective is different than on TV but here are my quick takeaways:

    Sam, Sjostrom was thrown into the boards…the collision with the referee being incidental after the fact.

    Orr is an excellent fighter, but there was something tragic about the applause he got as he went to the box after his fight as you can tell he’s spent so much time improving his game and wants to be known as more than a fighter (kind of like if a soap opera star wanted to start getting oscar-worthy movie roles but never got the respect)

    Kalinin has a lot more upside, played a very solid game both ways and knows how to skate well and position himself.

    Fritsche looks like a good pick-up. Rismiller, on the other hand, does not look like a fluid skater.

    Finally, Wade Redden has to be kidding with his play and I think he is actually hurting Girardi’s development…I’d rather see Girardi and Staal together (never mind logistics for the moment) and Rosi and Redden….either way, being at the game Redden looked like he was at (I hope) 70% effort and maybe considering injuries to the likes of Lidstrom etc. this isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I’m presuming he’s bringing a less than average effort- and not an indicative amount of skill (for the record- if he’s worth the $$$ for his first pass ability- then he should be refunding a portion of his salary for the times when he blatantly misses spotting an open wing, or, seeing the open passing lane, makes an errant pass).

  53. PS. Could visibly see Schoenfeld in the Ranger box pump his fist in the air after Korpedo’s goal…kind of interesting to see as I watched him and Sather pretty frequently and you didn’t see much emotion out of either one….

  54. What the hell is Lyon Messier still around for? The only reason he was even given a try out is because of who his dad is. Continuing to keep him around smacks of nepotism and sends a wrong message. Fritcshe actually looked really good tonight. Korpikowski deserves to make the team but because of the cap situation he won’t. It just makes the Rissmiller signing this offseason a bigger head scratcher. Valiquette hasn’t looked good but come on no need to go crazy over a guy who will only start 8-10 games. Betts played with Ward and Prucha alot in 05-06 and couldn’t create any offense. He got a chance to play with Shanny in 06-07 and he brought Shanny’s game down. He is easily one of the most replaceable players on the team(and the league)

  55. If i’m Patrick Rissmiller or Fred Sjostrom i’m on the phone to my agent looking for another NHL club in case i get cut. Nedved needs to be on the plane to Prague, but only because thats where he’ll be living this year.

    Looks like Korpedo took a jump up the depth chart and Prucha a slide down after the last couple of games.
    At the moment i’d put out these 4 lines:
    spare forward – Fritsche

  56. My lines from this summer actually:


    Extras are Rissmiller and Byers

  57. Please forget Shanny. Sather is treating him this way because he deserves it. HOF for sure, but he is not the same guy. He is not physical. He may have leadership qualities, but Dru and Gomez can handle that. Put him on the 4th line? Why? we have Nedved for next to nothing, and he has more speed, AND can play center.

    I see a glut of VERY average players on this team. Redden will prove to be a mistake. I don’t see him as any better than Rozi. I think Slats should have signed one or the other. In two years, these guys will still be here and Del Zotto will be the odd man out.

    That said, it’s just preseason, and the team has been splitt for everygame. Let’s see what happens next week.

    I predict a long boring season. . . painfull if Henke’s knees are bad.

  58. SMITTY

    I seen Fritsche play one meaningful game in my opinion. That doesn’t mean we have to throw him in the lineup, and he should be in the lineup.

    The only way the guy would make it, is just like i said in the summer when he was signed, Betts would have to be traded.

    BTW – Im not making fun of anyone, but when you say “KorpiKOWski”, are you saying that as a friendly bash, like “Huge Jessiwoman” ?

  59. No offense. I just hope they’re actually playing on 75%. Otherwise it’s going to be painfull season.
    I’m not impressed by Prucha’s play at all. He’s fast but man, he misses not even the goal but the PUCK! What is wrong with this guy? Redden doesn’t impress me as well. Very average.
    I’m curious who’s getting cut.

  60. Im saving all my opinions about this team for after the the first 7 games are played.

    And If Im sather, and choice is between NEdved and Sahnny, NEdeved on the team. Can fill the role Shanny wanted, for a fraction of the price, and the guy will kill himslef ofr you becasue he’s actually made the team.

    I was TOTALLY against even giving NEdved a tryout but he has impressed and for the price and his role and now that he’s going to Prague wit the team, only givers him more chances to make Sahter and Co. keep him

    And PS Last night was not Horrible for you F squad. Love that

  61. I think Rissmiller’s contract is nuts! Why would Sather do this? Did he ever see Rissmiller play? Holy Sh**!!

    True Blue…
    Good point on Redden and Rozi…only problem is Staal bails out Rozi and Girardi would bail out Redden…put Redden and Rozi together and who would bail each of them out? Henry?

  62. The least impressive was Drury, he did absolutely nothing in 2 games, and made a lot of terrible passes.

    Redden is also a mistake, a big mistake.

    BTW, what happened to Kondratiev that he didn’t see any action?

  63. Rissmiller is one of the slowest guys on the team, but he has been decent, threw some big hits, screened goalies, got 2 assists in 3 games

  64. I love how up and arms many are over pre-season games. I definitely find it quite comical. It is one thing to be so upset if you are a Hartford Wolf Pack fan, because basically that is what we have been seeing. I am not going to be too critical until after at least 7 regular season games. All these games are is a chance to give the staff a look at the youth of the organization. Some kids are obvious candidates to make the jump and others just are not NHL ready yet. No sense in throwing someone in who is not ready. But I forgot, many of us on this board are former NHL scouts and know what is best of the team. So I apologize, it was silly of me to say that any of your are overreacting. Carry on :)

  65. I was wondering if there was any chance of Renny and the coaching crew getting holed up with Sather in some house of ill-repute in Prague( its legal there ) maybe then someone can rescue us from THE SYSTEM and CLASSLESS GM we are lead by now.

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