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Just another quick plug for tomorrow’s live video chat at 1 p.m.

We even have our own fancy schmancy page ready for it, which “you can see here”: Although the blog page you’re on will only provide a link to the chat, the chat will be available here on a replay afterward.

It’s all very exciting and high tech. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done to make my wrinkled shirt look ironed.

More from the Rock in a bit….

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  1. Sam,

    at the end of your chat, please tug your ear as a way to say hello to marek malik. it would cheer up his day.

  2. I hope this team gets there sh*t together, even if its only pre season, i wanna see some scoring.

    This is perfect the way things are on D, we have Mara, and Kalinin for a year each, and by next season if Sanguinetti has a good ennough camp, then he can make the team, or maybe even Del Zotto. A lot of teams are playing there 1st round pick D man this year, Leafs are thinking aboot it, Trashers are doing it, Kings might be doing it. Del Z has looked pretty friggin good, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the team replacing one of those two next year, you never know.

    Anybody watch the Stars vs Blues game ?? Avery had a goal, and about 4 or 5 penalties, along with a little mess at the end of the game, along with Ott. Those two are new bff’s. Janssen (former devil goon / Orr’s b*tch) did what he usually does, and boarded someone, and got into a fight. Nice game.

    I wonder if Orr’s playing again tonight. That guy played all 3 games. Is he that bored that he has to play every pre season game ?

  3. Repost from last thread – –

    IMO – Pearn was not the goat of the powerplay…. Jagr was.

    It has been observed that Redden is not the fastest Dman. I aggree and my GUESS is that he was brought in to help on the PP and it doesn’t hurt that he has some solid skill moving the puck and making first passes.

  4. Re Kids

    I like Redwings philosophy of making sure there is..a completion of juniors (or college) then a full year of AHL before a prospect is even allowed to make club…I heard that from talking heads last year….of course it helps when you finish with 120 points every season

  5. Orr, I think Mara has looked very good in the game he played…Kalinen not good at all. Potter also looked pretty good, he plays the body…I like that.
    I also think Del Zotto, like Staal is going to be a rock star

  6. I want to make Chico’s rant in game 5 of the playoffs last year my phone’s ring tone. I will save it as a voice note and set it as a ring tone. Gotta love the BackBerry.

  7. If this team lacks the necessary scoring punch, I’m gonna have to do something I hate to do, which is say “I told you so.” I saw this happening on July 1st and I’m hoping that it doesn’t actually come to fruition….but I really just don’t see where the goals are coming from.

  8. Nice, I will be there as well. I made sure to get tix for opening night and I think I have some tix for Graves night.

  9. September 24th, 2008 at 1:49 pm
    I want to make Chico’s rant in game 5 of the playoffs last year my phone’s ring tone. I will save it as a voice note and set it as a ring tone. Gotta love the BackBerry.

    Where can I hear that???? I dont remember it or didnt hear it…I love to hear that toupe-wearing-helium sucker cry

  10. I’m breaking my streak of 8 consecutive(of course no lockout) opening nights. Just don’t have the extra cash right now. Could change that day though. Never know what you can find the day of a game.

  11. I think we will score more goals than we did last year. I think our up tempo style, once we have all four “real” lines rolling, will wear teams down. I think we will have 3 legit lines that can score this year, and a fourth that I am hoping can light the lamp as well. Teams will have trouble matching lines with us. I think our team D is stronger this year as well. I don’t think we are going to lead the league in goals for or anything, but I do think we will score enough to win. Our PP will be better than it was last year. Partly because of who we lost, partly because of who we gained, and partly because it can’t be worse than it was last year :)

  12. Chico says, “Doc, this is making me sick, oh im sorry, i know im being a homer, but it hurts when fans come into your building and take over”.

    Chico can’t take it that the pebble is really MSG 2.

  13. Orr, the only thing with them playing their rookie d-men is that those teams suck and have nothing to lose haha…Rangers are expected to compete and some would say they don’t have the time to go through some growing pains, but I’m with you though…

    I’m still going to stick to my thoughts from the offseason…this team will score more than last year (not that it is too hard lol)…PP will be better so they will add some there, and the defense is going to contribute even more now that we have Redden. Zherdev and Naslund combined will put up more than Jagr and Straka combined. I think Gomez and Drury will score more bc they didn’t get that much last year. We just have to hope that the young guns can put up some more (esp. ubi who many think can score 30)…

    There will be a lot of low scoring games but I’m not worried, especially when you have one of the best in the biz between the pipes (hopefully having a consistent season)

  14. Nasty,

    Jo and I will be there on opening night!

    We got opening, closing and the Howell/Bathgate Night. Tried for Graves but they were sold out of course (we will do the viewing party)

    here’s hoping we all get treated to great games!

  15. btw: how did you get tix to Graves? Do you get them from a season ticket holder?

    We just went to the box office. Ticket Master was saying there were no tix available, we went ot the box office and thy had them, together to… the kid from ticket master said they can’t sell the cheaper tickets until the most expensive are sold out so they just say not available…

  16. I was at the game last night and Stamkos is going to be a stud. Del Zotto looked good to me, obviously not NHL ready but when he is, I’ll be excited. Sanguinetti looked good also.
    I felt like I was seeing a lot of work being done by P.A. Parenteau, but the most pleasant surprise for me was seeing Zherdev get in St. Louis’ face and show some grit. Wasn’t expecting it but glad to see it!

  17. Wouldnt you think after last year with Pearn on the PP that he would have lost the job already? He aint going anywhere unfortunately, Renny loves him.

    And Shanny, as you all know im a huge fan, Im over with at this point.
    I agree his not coming to training camp was a bit of a bad call on his part, especialyl with the likes of Nedved trying to prove himself and busting his balls to play hard but what’s done is done. He’ll probably sign elsewhere anyway.

    And as Beer hates Joe M, I HATE Sam Rosen.

    One pre-season game in and the guy is already making me cringe. I know he’s not a play by play guy, and its only a preseason game, but every year his stupid ass stories continue during some crazy plays, passes and goals all the time with him not shutting up.

    As with last year, this will be my one and only bitch-post about Sam “WATCH THE FREAKING GAME” Rosen

    Thank you

  18. IMO, the future looks very good for us in the D department. A lot of talented young kids.

    Del Zotto is very smooth, does not force things out there, makes great crisp passes and should be on this team as the 7th man. At least the 1st to be called up if a D goes down. However, did I here Sam Rosen, last night, mention they might send him back to JRs?

    Sanginetti(sp?) could use a year in Hartford to work on minor things like catching passes in the offensive zone. He has some good D skills but could use some fine tuning. Does not see the play or anticipate well, imo.

    Fahey has looked good in the games. Couple of time he gets caught running around and making careless turnover, but he was headed to Hartford anyway.

    What is going to happen to Pock???

    Newman’s post on the previous thread was dead on target.

    Brandon, re: Doodie. Wise move.

  19. My brother-in-law is not able to go and he is giving me the tickets.

    And did you all catch Sam and Espo rubbing noses last night like two little kids in the playground giving each other an Eskimo kiss? Jesus, I thought they were going to kiss each other. Man, I got that dropping feeling in my stomach when it happened.

  20. MikeyNJ,

    How can you “hate” Sam Rosen? How un-American, ha.

    He’s regarded as one of the best announcers in all of sports. His synapses aren’t firing as well as they used to now that he’s older, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s still one of the best hockey announcers out there… plus, he’s a huge Rangers fan and has been here forever. What’s not to love about him?

  21. richard – it is juniors or Rangers for Del Zotto. we could keep for 9 games but if plays 10th has to stay on Rangers all yr. and he certainly won’t be 7th dman as that does nothing for his development. and as beer mentions it helps the cap down the road to send him to jrs.

  22. an Del Zotto skip juniors and play wth Hartford…. he and Sanguineti can play together and develop along with each other… or am I stuppid and they play on the same side. I just think it could be a hot line in the future…

    Yea neither will make the club as a 7 d man, I really think we are going with six and be ready for callups… now if someone were to get the sixth slot away from Kalinin who would it be?

    I am totally up for meeting for beers… I think we are in the 400s somewhere but we might be in the 300’s… not sure yet (Howell and Bathgate were def 400’s)

  23. MikeyNJ,

    Would you prefer Doc Emerick or Howie Rose as your Play by Play guy? I would puncture my own ear drums.

    Sam Rosen is great and always has been great. As Brandon said he is one of the bests. Maybe it is his color guy that throws him off his game, Joe M. stinks.

  24. Nasty, thanks
    I wish I could have heard Chico crying!! unfortunatley whenever they announce games I turn the sound off and listen to Nine Inch Nails or gospel music-whatever is lying around

  25. Sam and JD were the best duo…hands down. They were great. I was really sad to see JD go. I don’t like Joe M. I still think Rosen is good, but I think that Dave Maloney would be very good…

  26. KASPAR

    Its on youtube somewhere. Ill try to find it for you later.

    Im sick of EVERYONE blaming Jagr for EVERY friggin thing. Rozi didn’t shoot because of Jagr, the PP sucked because of Jagr. Give me a friggin break. Jagr was on ONE PP unit, not both. There no reason why the Drury-Gomez -Shanahan unit wasn’t dominant. The 5 on 3 PP was pathetic because it was always Shanny and jags on the point, ill ive you that, but that’s it.

    I think its time to let Peligno (how ever you spell his name) go. He really hasn’t done a thing for this team, as far as the PP goes. And if some of you think Pruchs 30 goal season was because of Jags dominance on the PP, then Peligno had a good PP season because of him too. That guy looks like he just go through a divorce, he’s a mess, with the semi mullet and goatee.

    Point being, leave Jags alone already, its not his fault.

  27. Thanks ORR!…I’ll look myself as well later

    Beer…of course I like Katedra..I cant wait to leave my daughters with them when I go out clubbing

  28. Nasty, I’ll be at opening night as well.

    I realize that I don’t post often(tough for me to do at work) and most don’t know me, but I am always reading and love the blog.

  29. do you think that Del Zotto hasnt signed a contract with us yet because theyre thinking of putting him in hartford instead of letting him go back to ohl? i think that would be a pretty sweet thing to have happen.

  30. Orr,

    I have to disagree with what you said about Jagr and the power play.

    Last night Sam and Joe said it themselves that the coaches wanted to run the power play one way, but Jagr insisted it be run his way.

    IMO, Jagr had both power plays running according to his standards. The 2nd unit was stuck in the 1st unit’s dulldrums. Jagr spent 90 seconds on the ice for the power play so the 2nd and the 1st were run the same.

  31. Orr there was a reason the Drury Gomez Shanny PP unit was dominant…it was because JJ’s PP unit would only give them the remaining 8 seconds on the PP, once the first PP unit got off

  32. We’ll be there opening night. Finally got season tickets for section 303! woohoo.

    We have some for sale if anyone needs tickets throughout the year: I don’t know if I’m allowed to advertise that here. If not, sorry, just trying to help fellow Blueshirt fans…


  33. I’m stuck here at work tonight until 10 so I’m hoping the comments here are active tonight since we are playing the Debs.

  34. Brandon/Richard

    Maybe it is Joe M throwing him off, or old age, whatever, I just cant stand that while im getting excited about something happening DURING the game, which they are being PAID to discuss they are talking about steaks, or a JD story or some other crap. Jsut one of those things, I have alwyas hated him and always will, and NO i would never want Doc “The homer” as our announcer.

    And what does happen with Pock? anyone think he can make it?

  35. FYI

    Went to wikipedia to lookup a Ranger # and saw they have Drury listed as the new captain this year

    Not that wikipedia is always right, jsut thought that was interesting.

  36. Richard – Totally agree…

    The PP this year will be twice as good as last year. They haven’t even worked on it yet and it looks way better already.

    Jagr gets the blame for that one – not Renney or any other Assistant coach. Jagr, great player, OK captain – terrible team player. He could not remove his persona from the
    on-ice needs of HIS team.

  37. a few random thoughts…

    I’d be up for between period beers Opening Night. just tell me when and where. (I’m section 304)

    I love Sam. I’m probably biased cause he’s the only Rangers play-by-play announcer I really know. But he’s familiar and knows his stuff.

    Hate the Devils and wouldn’t put it past them to take runs and try to hurt people. Cam Janssen did that for them last year, and that’s pretty much all he did for them.

    Kasper came too early for all the European/Russian tennis chicks. He just got a single blind date with Martina Navratilona.

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