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Here’s my story in “today’s paper about Wade Redden”:, who made his Rangers debut last night against his old team.

Like I said earlier, other than seeing Brad Isbister of all people wheel right past him — a huge exception, I know — I thought Redden still offered a glimpse of his upside. In our conversation yesterday, Perry Pearn said the Rangers targeted the defenseman in large part because they consider him one of the best first-passers in the game, a needed asset in starting a rush up ice. I saw that, and I saw a player willing to move quickly on the power play and get shots on goal.

All of that, of course, is what the Rangers  are hoping for. What they don’t want is a player who struggled along with everyone else on the Senators down the stretch last season. According to Pearn, though, Redden should have been able to put that behind him the moment he signed with New York.

“I was fairly in tune to the situation as it unfolded in Ottawa, and I think it had a lot more to do with factors that weren’t in players’ control. And my sense was when good players like Wade were struggling, it wasn’t because they had all of a sudden become bad players,” Pearn said. “But what happens in those situations is the guys who take the brunt of the criticism were the best players. And it didn’t help that Wade was heading into free agency. When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to pick targets.”

In other news:

<li>I’m on a golf assignment today, but I’ll obviously be watching tonight’s game in Tampa, and will be sure to check in.

<li>Don’t forget, we’ll be doing our first live video chat Thursday at 1, so feel free to check it out (you can see Peter Abraham’s Yankees “live chat here”: for a sense of what it will be like). I have mixed feelings about sitting and blabbing front of a camera, but I do think this might be a way for me to provide more expansive answers to some of your questions instead of trying to type so fast I barely make sense. At least that’s what we’re hoping for.

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  1. Re post

    If you had to choose one of the three “veteran” players to be on the Rangers this year, which would it be.

    Shanahan playing a much reduced third or fourth line role.
    Sundin centering a first line.
    Nedved centering a fourth line.

    Just something to think about. I still have the feeling that one of these players will be on the Rangers this year.

    I go on record saying this; If Nedved had it in him to play a complete season like he played last night, I would have no problem with him on this team. I know he had a good year when he played in Edmonton and I believe they even had him playing in the penalty kill there.

  2. Hockey is back! Great.
    I really think Rangers should sign Nedved, he was stellar last night. He should play in favor of Betts. Petr is still a good 2-way player. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like the whole idea of inviting him to training camp but he looks better now than couple years ago, perfect center for 4th line. They wanted some scoring from 4th? I’d say – sign him.

  3. I knew it!
    You never just “win” as a Ranger fan, there alwyas has to be something…

    Good news; Rangers win

    Bad news; The Nedved tom-tom starts thumping

  4. By no means am I saying that Nedved is a stud or the answer to us winning the cup, but what I am saying is that, if this team is going to play and attacking and up tempo style of hockey, he could fit in well. The guy still has speed, a hell of a wrist shot, and can read plays well. I like Betts a lot, but the goals we didn’t get from our fourth line the last few years, definitely make a big difference in where we are in the standings. So if Nedved on our team for a year makes sense for that reason alone, I have no problem with it. I know there are people who HATE him, and associate him with losing, because when he was here, we were a losing team, but it was not all Petr Nedved’s fault. The guy is a role player and not a first line center, that he was expected to be.

  5. Sam,
    I don’t think the Isbister blow-by was completely Redden’s fault. He was coming over from the other side after Girardi got caught on a pinch. I did like his, and everyone else’s, willingness to shoot more.
    As for Nedved, he did have a great game last night, and I have always liked him, but the reality is, at his age, I don’t think he can make it through a full season. It’s the same issue as Shanny essentially.
    Zherdev showed a few nice flashes, but he also got stripped numerous times trying to be too cute with his stick handling. At least that’s how I saw it from 410.
    Hope to see you Thursday.

  6. glad you reposted that nasty…

    I have a surprise answer. Well, it was a surprise to me when I actually considered it.

    I think I’d take Sundin. BUT…he would have had to have signed on 7/1 and FA’s signed accordingly.

    So, that may be changing the question, but the only way I could answer.

    To a small degree, I would say Shanny. Because I think he very well could score 20goals getting 12min a night. Plus unit #2 on the pp.

    I’m not getting hyped about one game for Nedved. HE got more minutes last night than he would if he made the team. I don’t know if he’s as effective in such a reduced role.

    But who knows…..

  7. And another great point nasty…HE was not responsible for the losing.

    Wanna take a look at the goaltenders and defense-corp during those seasons? He was hardly the reason. But I’m still not lining up to pat him on the back for a good GAME.

  8. i wish i could watch the games like everyone else. even some other teams websites are streaming the games live! damn you! anyway i think theres too much crazyness already with how a player plays in one preseason game. it is just preseason and i think some people forget that and get caught up in the hype of just having hockey back. which is cool cause im just as happy and have thoughts on guys too but. people have off games and have great games. i guess what im saying is that i think people should wait to see nedved or delzotto or whoever atleast a few more times before we jump on them and think theyre gonna play like that everygame ya know? i dunno just a thought maybe i should just be quiet eh? lemme know what u think

  9. I just don’t want to see this team gel and then have Sundin come in a month or two in to the season and disrupt the flow. I think Naslund Gomez Zherdev are going to score some nice goals this year. I really liked the up tempo attack and not having Jagr there to put things in to slow motion.

  10. If you re read my posts, I never said Nedved is the answer to our prayers, but I did say, “IF” and it is a big “IF” he could play like he played last night for the whole season, it would be a good, cheap sign.

  11. REPOST

    Let me start by saying that I’m a Nedved hater, through and through. He DID look good last night.

    BUT during the PP in the middle of the 2nd, he doubleshifted himself, and stuck Gomez on the bench because of that. If he takes a 3rd or 4th line center position, he can’t elect to give himself extra ice time, just because the puck’s going back into the offensive zone.

    I’ve seen him double up TOO much and then be flat-footed when play goes back the other way.

    Somebody said Voros could be the next Hollweg. I hope not, I’d rather he be the next Avery.

  12. At least from what I’ve seen last night Nedved is a lot better fit for 4th line than Betts. He can still score.
    And what’s wrong with Kalinin? He looked terrible. I hope he’s not making the team.

  13. Nedved looked awesome he is going to force the Rangers hands. I would still want Sundin but I would take Nedved over Shanny. At least Nedved can still skate and he still has the hands. In My opinion the guys that are fighting to make the team: Orr,Sjorstrom,Betts,Rissmillar,Nedved,and Voros. Also Anismov,Korpy,Parteanau and Saggy. Will be in Hartford.

  14. nasty…I didn’t mean to imply that you thought Peter The Great was the answer to our prayers. I don’t know if it came across that way.

    And I 100% agree on the sundin, naslund, Z, gomer comment. If it coulda happened from the get-go, it wouldn’t be so bad. But to bring such an impact player in that will no doubt effect whatever chemistry you DO have, may not be such a great idea.

    Flippin awesome that we get to go at it again tonight…and tomorrow night too!

  15. I know it’s just one game but what else to talk about?
    Jeever – exacly what I thought – Voros HAS to be the next Avery, he’s got the size and grid, seems like smart player as well.

    So far I’m most impressed of the likes of (no order):

    I didn’t like what I’ve seen from:
    ROZSIVAL (surprise!?)
    PARENTEAU (spelling?)

  16. I like these 3 lines, and I feel like it is pretty much the fourth line that is up for grabs. It can either be a puck possession goal preventing line, or a pucking possession line that can score goals also, but will let in the odd goal because it takes chances. Any thoughts on the best fourth line for either scenario?

    Zherdev Gomez Naslund
    Dawes Drury Prucha
    Callahan Dubinsky Voros

  17. cort…I think you can take Voros off that list. It could very well just be my interest in seeing him play a full season here. But if you exclude him from the lineup, we’re losing lots of size. And for ONCE, we actually have someone WITH size that will USE it! I think he’s a 4th line lock. And if the necessity presents itself, adding that size to drury’s line.

  18. stf – TOTALLY! I told my wife when it happens…”I hope they show Renney on the bench!” LOL

    Here’s what was inside Renney’s head when it happend “oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh Sh*t”

  19. i didnt mean it like that. i guess im just referring to all the different posts all over the different sites and stuff. people just sometimes get too caught up with it. and im not saying ive never done that before either. i just think people need to step back a sec and think that its only preseason thats all.

  20. Beer, that wasn’t directed at you my brother. It’s all good. I completely agree with your thoughts as well. I was just throwing my “Ifs” and “Buts” around.

  21. What has Sanguinetti done so great the last two games? He’s made some boneheaded decisions in our own end and hasn’t looked nearly as confident with the puck as some of our other younger defenseman, say a Del Zotto.

    I’m impressed with his size. I didn’t realize he was that big. He needs a season in the AHL IMO.

  22. Yeah, but they would have to catch them first, ha. And how about some ideas on fourth line combos.

    Orr Betts Rissimillar -puck possession and probably no goals
    Orr Nedved Shanny/Korpi-puck possession and goals, and probably some goals against as well.

  23. How has rissmillar looked? did he play in either games? do you think he’ll even make the team? also do you think Korp will b the guy from hartford that will make the team? oh yea one more ? how did AA do last night?

    sorry for all the ?’s i dont have msg here in Charlotte

  24. I have loved the fact that our fourth line for the last few years has been very good at holding on to the puck and not allowing goals, but the hi light of that line has also probably been a Betts breakways goal against the Ducks and Hollwegs 2 goals against the flyers. That is it. I would like to see some scoring from our fourth line.

  25. “I would like to see some scoring from our fourth line.”

    You, me, slats, renney, and the rest of Ranger-nation want to see that.

    And I think rolling 4 lines is a focal point of selecting players right now.

    We did that last year, and got nothing to speak of from the 4th line in terms of goal scoring. Hey…the new 4th line only has to score 10 goals COMBINED to double last years output.

  26. Greg Moore needs to hand over his NYR EZ-Pass to Korpi. Korpi will be the frequent call-up this year if he doesn’t make the team outright.

    SAM – Any idea when we may see the roster cut down?

  27. Read a few of the posts above. Agree with some, disagree with others, as per usual.

    Here goes:

    Dubi again the best player on the ice for the Blueshirts. It’s like he got faster and stronger over the offseason. Would have liked to see him fight Ruutu though! (I hate that guy with a passion.)

    Gomer-Naz-Zherdev is super quick and I like what I see.

    Nedved….Like what I have seen so far. Is it between he and Betts for the 4th line? I mean Gomer, Dubi, Drury is a very formidable 1-2-3 punch up the middle. Nedved is fast. But let’s not S each other’s Ds just yet. I remember all too well that he used to be lazy, take bad penalties, and shy away from contact (in effect, returned to Euro-hockey). This has me hesitant. Betts is a defensive forward, great PKer, shot blocker, and face off guy. He won’t score 1/3rd the goals Nedved will though. Tough call.

    Like this kid Voros. Big body, decent hands, likes to bang, and hangs in front of the net. We did not have this body last year.

    Kalinin looked rusty.

    Jury still out on Fritsche. Not sure where he fits really.

    Sanguinetti still a while away from the NHL.

    Like this kid Wiese, but he is still young.

    Korpikoski had a great goal, but I think he is going to be the victim of #s. Anisimov not ready yet either.

    Redden showed some good things (hit the net a few times from point on PP, nice elevated shot over guy trying to block it) but he also looked a bit slow.

    Remember we didn’t have Drury, Callahan, Dawes, and Prucha last night. (Prucha had a nice game the previous night, I will say. I was harsh on him and am still not sure, but apparently he is in fantastic shape.)

    Is it me or is the pre-season schedule a bit weird and unfriendly to getting this team together? It’s like we have split-squads playing all these games and won’t have the team together til Switzerland or later. Weird. I gotta think this might hamper us out of the gate. Surely not going to have a consistent PP team to work on yet.

    Overall though, I love the newer look we have. And I love that there is not only one guy (JJ) to focus on everytime he is on the ice, PP especially.

    How psyched are we for 3 more games this week?

  28. I’ve been saying it since Greg Moore reared his ugly head last year. He has no upside. He’s a perennial AHL’er and future AHL lifer.

    He’s not big and tough.
    He’s not fast.
    He doesn’t have a knack for scoring at the NHL level.
    He’s no defensive genius.

    But more importantly, he’s been given a handful of chance to impress and has done nothing to even make himself noticable on a shift, let alone standing out in an entire game.

    Time to give someone else a shot.

    Side note, how do you not love Voros? He’s my new favorite player.

  29. “But let’s not S each other’s Ds just yet.”

    I love it, that is priceless. Good stuff. My class just looked up at me and wondered why I am laughing.

  30. newman – finally more of a TEAM, eh?

    MR. Nasty 1? Can I use the bathroom?

    Brandon – In my circle of Ranger fan friends I felt like Voros’ agent this summer! Now, finally he’s showing what I had hoped he would. Lemaire is a very hard person to please. He worked his way up to the top line out in Minn, and that says something about the guys work ethic, and what he brings to the table as a whole.

    I think that Sam & Joe had it right last night saying that the only knock against the guy is his ‘balance’. He can be knocked over (and/or off the puck)a little too easy for his size.

  31. Seriously, I think Voros will be a fan favorite, screen goalies, score some goals, maybe win a few fights, but it seems like he can get blown over by a light fart. You know the kind that barely make a sound, but tickles your ass cheeks. Ha.

  32. Did you read Uncle Larry’s column today? Please tell me that Henke’s knees are not hurting. If Henke goes, forget it. I am on the record now saying that the Rangers should forget Sundin, forget Shanny, and start looking for a legit backup in net. At this point, signing Ray Emery may be better than signing Sundin.

    I feel sick. . . .

  33. cq – do NOT take Brooksie seriously… his headline is something like “Henrik’s knees are shot to hell”, then the story reads about ONE cortisone shot he had over the summer, and he felt better. He’s a sensationalist.

    I felt the same about Voros. I’m really excited about him signing with us. he could be the big forward that actually stands in the SLOT. I feel like the Rangers forgot you can stand there the past 10 years.

  34. it was an article in a Swedish newspaper, which was later proved wrong. I forget if it was exaggerated or mis-translated or what, but it wasn’t correct. I think Brooks made a quick reference to it in his article too. nothing to worry about.

  35. I want to make a prediction:

    Voros gets into a few words with Avery in Dallas’ first game at MSG then gets into a fight with him outright. It will either be in defense of another player or jsut Avery’s blabbing that gets it going.
    Mark my words, they will hate each other. And all NYR fans will lvoe him for it afterwords.

    Nasty, you and Beer are two of my favorite bloggers, too funny your reading this stuff while teaching.

    Was anyone else impressed at least by Orr’s skating? He looks like he really put in some work this summer. I’m hopinh he makes the team and with whoever the new center will be (casue I have a feeling bettsy is trade bait) gets some goals and can still kick some ass.

    NEdved. Renney’s eyes were bugginh after that goal. More tough decisions to come.
    And SAther better let his Sundinwet dream die already. Agree with post above, any chemistry will be gone the minute you bring that primadonna into the fold. F him!
    I’d say if we do sign one over 35 player at this point Nedved is ahead of Shanny.
    Other than that, Korpi on the maybe list.
    Pock looked good last night too.
    TOugh calls for the coaching staff coming up

  36. Let Voros be our Holmstrom! I’m glad we got this guy. So, Martin Brodeur – let us introduce Aaron Voros!!! ;)

  37. my bad…it was andrew gross’s blog..

    “The Naslund-Scott Gomez-Zherdev line was a late addition to tonight’s traveling party to Tampa for tomorrow night’s game against the Lightning.”

  38. Mikey, thanks man. I am glad we can entertain someone. Ha. And Beer, I am going to check it out right now.

  39. MikeyNJ…great point. I forgot to add that. Orr looks like he worked on stuff this offseason. He even got some PK time and looked well positioned.

  40. I think that’ll be tonight in TB. Since it’s a home game for the lightning, they should have a number of regulars dressed. Maybe what urged us to bring the top line down too. After tonight, the guys will sleep in their own beds until they leave for europe. The only road game is in newark…@ MSG West.

  41. I still love listening to the audio of Chico losing it when we blasted the Devils in the playoffs last year. He gets all pissed off because of all the Ranger fans chanting. Then he later apologizes for being such a “homer”. Ha. Go eat another hot dog Chico.

  42. McKenzie, TSN…

    “Another veteran player on a big ticket – Washington Capital centre Michael Nylander, who has another three years with a cap hit of $4.875 million per year – is apparently available and while there is considerable interest in him, finding a team with the right financial fit is a challenge. Nylander also has a no-trade clause. The Chicago Blackhawks, who could use a veteran presence in the second-line centre slot, are one of a number of teams that may be trying to work something with Washington on Nylander.”

  43. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    From Zip:

    The Tampa Travelling Show
    Something old, something new, somthing borrowed and something blue. One of the last good looks for a few guys before Friday cuts:
    The roster:
    F: Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, Betts, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Jamtin, Jessiman, Orr, Parenteau, Byers, Sjostrom
    D: Redden, Girardi, Kalinin, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Potter
    G: Valiquette, Wiikman

  44. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jamtin can do… he’s kind of a wildcard in the whole forward debacle that we have. No one seems really sure what he’s capable or incapable of doing.

    Also looking forward to seeing MDZ again after game 1.

  45. What’s up gang
    Am I the only one who thinks Pearn has just about zero credibility in matters such as Redden and the PP? I think my biggest (only?) disappointment of the offseason is that he is still around… That said, I hope he’s right.

    Thanks for the shoutouts, I’m posting mostly from my blackberry these days so my 9-5 rants should be kept to a minimum but the blog is so easy to read on this thing that I will be reading plenty! Nasty wasn’t it you looking for tips for your Curve last year? Have you downloaded the Opera Mini web browser…. Very cool app…. I suggest you (or any mobile web user) take a look….

  46. Salty, you old dog you. How the hell is it going? Yes, Opera Mini is amazing, until the update the OS software, it is the only mobile browser I use. It is actually the only way I can see this blog from my phone correctly anyway. The BlackBerry Curve is right up there with the greatest inventions in the world, ha.

  47. I had the Pearl. It was ok for a while but then I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I even used the Opera browser. I guess I just like that the iPhone is pretty much a pocket PC

  48. Czechthemout – you might have to keep the handle if they sign Nedved

    Beerme – price less with the something about mary hair gel


    Take it easy brospeh, Sags played ONE NHL game, that’s it. He didn’t look terrible, he looked decent. Tonight we’ll get to see both Del Z, and Sags.

    NASTY 1

    That was the highlight of my life. When he said “Doc, this is making me sick, oh im sorry, i know im being a homer, but it hurts when fans come into your building and take over”

    Lol i hate that friggin guy, so classless. Take it like a man !!

    Cant wait for tonight, i wanna see Jamtin and Jessiman. They’ll both be in Hartford, but i wanna see how they play at this level. Every pre season it seems like Jessiman is playing his first NHL game, its never good. If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t think this kids a bust, please convince me he’s not.

  50. I know it’s early , but I’m liking what I’m seeing. (& reading)
    I’m liking it so much that I went on line this morning & bought tickets to the Sabers & Leaf games in Oct at MSG
    Flying in to see the team – gotta love it !
    Now just gotta tell the wife we’re going to NY – LOL

  51. I wasn’t hating on Sang. Someone just said he looked “impresive” — a judgement straight from fantasy world, IMO.

    Just assessing his game for what it was — one game, yes, but one game where he did not look “nhl ready”.

    He had two turnovers in front of our own net that I haven’t seen since squirts. I’m sure he’s better than that, but he just had a shit game.

  52. yea pearn is overlooking the fact that redden hasn’t been the same player defensively post-lockout and this isn’t based on him getting beat one time last nite, he can for sure be an asset on the pp but he is not fleet of foot and in my opinion that is not a guy you sign up for 6 yrs. hopefully he proves me wrong

    and nedved scored a goal in a preseason game, lets not go crazy here. i dont really want betts on the team but i dont think nedved is the answer either


    That one give away was made by 3 other Rangers in that same exact spot. I mentioned it yesterday, but there must have been a chunk of bad ice, cause Dubi, Sags, Girardi, and someone else moved the puck on that spot to the left of Hank, and nearly gave it up.

    D is the one thing people have been saying Sags lacks. I wanna see him tonight, and see how he does in game two. Its different for him, compared to Del Z. Maybe just playing in a Rangers jersey made him even more nervous than he already is, being a Ranger fan.

    BEER ME!

    I have nothing against the kid, but im programmed to laugh at him when he plays, cause if i don’t, i just cry, thinking we could have had Bergeron (I think) who had 1 goal, and 3 assists last night, or Richards who had a goal last night, or Boyle who had a goal last night, or Perry, or Getzlaf who both won a cup, and are now stars, or Brown who is becoming a star, or Parise who is a star, and has potential to be a superstar, and on and on and on. We could have even potentially traded down to get Dion Phanuef !! We had to choose Huge Jessiwoman. Does that depress anyone as much as it does to me ?

  54. Orr, stop doing that to yourself and think of all the people who COULD HAVE picked Lundquist….think about the teams that had Raycrofts and Marc Denis and Gerbers playing goal for them….(this is called Ytzentinvil in lithuania…or escapist rationalization in English)

  55. Man… we’re not really considering Nedved for a spot are we?

    He couldn’t get a job last year in the NHL… he scores one goal against Ottawa’s 4th stringers and now he should replace Betts?!!!

    Not that Betts is any kinda superstar but what he does do… he does very well. Nedved gonna block shots like he does?

    Is it just me or does it seem like the 4th line is getting an upgrade already just by the wingers being replaced (Orr being the same when you need his fists).

    I dunno… trading Betts for Nedved seems like it could really kill us in the long run.

  56. A snapshoy of a hurrican looks beautiful…in fact it is a destructive force that leaves people broken and weeping….this is what watching one Nedved goal is like….looks great…but cant anyone remember this guy here????

  57. I think because we are working so close to the cap that some players are gonna be “grouped together” so to speak. Only one of these guys are gonna make the team per category.
    I’ve liked these lines so far, so let’s just assume they stay the way they are:

    Zherdev Gomez Naslund
    Dawes Drury Prucha
    Callahan Dubinsky Voros
    and i think Orr stays no matter what

    Now it comes down to who’d you would want as the remaining roster players from these categories:

    VETERAN 4TH LINERS: Nedved or Shanny
    MILLION DOLLAR BABIES (only 1 or maybe none can be on the team b/c of their high salary): Kopikoski or Rissmiller
    AHL or NHL MATERIAL?: Sjostrom, Fritsche, Betts, Jamtin, Byers, Moore, Parenteau

    If Nedved signs for less then a million dollars, I’d like to see a 4th line of: Orr – Nedved – Kopikoski
    with Betts and Fritsche as reserves.

  58. Hockeymanrangers on

    I see someone else asked if tonights game is going to be on the radio but didn’t see any replies. Does anyone know????? I sometimes can get it by going to and pick up the game through my computer but lasts nights game wasn’t there. Desparate for Rangers, can’t get center ice until the start of the season.

  59. I too am waiting (If you can call biting nails… pulling out own hair waiting) for center ice to start.

    Love to hear it on radio even as well.

    Anyone??? was no help last night.

  60. Beer Me! – I’m so gald that posting links still works for you because you post some informative ones. I, too, do not like the last rule mentioned in that article, nor the one before it. For those who didn’t read it, a shot that hits the crossbar without hitting a defender and goes out of play will now result in a faceoff to the side of the goalie rather than outside of the zone. What’s next, leave the faceoff inside the zone for a shot off of the glass? The other rule says that a penalized team will have a faceoff in their defensive zone to start the PK, no matter where puck is when the whistle is blown. I guess it makes sense, but it doesn’t seem right to arbitrarily move the puck down the ice. My favorite rule is the one I heard during last night’s broadcast, not having a TV timeout after any icing. The contact on icing penalty could get a little dicey, but I hope it works both ways, so that a defenseman can’t slam into a player that is trying to negate icing.

    I found a handy Wikipedia category per your discussion about Girardi on the last post. It didn’t take too long to find a better undrafted guy. While his defensive talent can be debated, the offense is surely there with Dan Boyle. Also, Dino Ciccarelli, Randy Jones, Tom Preissing, Brian Pothier, Brian Rafalski are decent to good defensmen that went undrafted (in alphabetical order).

    For those asking about Jamtin, he was move out of the lineup last night to put Dubinsky into a second game. I think that’s a pretty telling move that he will be sent to Hartford. I am not fooled by Nedved’s goal. He will probably be going back to the homeland, unless some other team that is watching sees some value. Seems like some of you still forget about Sjostrom in your line combinations, maybe for good reason, playing on a BS line during that first game.

    What golf could be going on today that Sam has an assignment to cover? :)

  61. Also, don’t forget the Yenner Mot blog league is drafting tonight at 7:30! Be there if you want good players! I know in the public league draft I did that they mis-ranked some players with the same last name, so Marcel Hossa was in the top 20, while Marian was down in la-la land. The two Matt Carles were in the wrong places, too, I believe. Be careful!

  62. 22FIGURE

    Lol, Erica.


    Very true, but still. This was the first round, and pretty much the majority of the league got a good player, and we picked the one player that hasn’t even had a decent run in Hartford to get a call up to the big league. Its tough to get over, but your right, all those teams, like the Kings for example, that needed a goalie but don’t have it, could have had Hank, so i guess that is pretty cool.

  63. I love the hustle of the team this year. I like an attack style, and our team D looks pretty damn good too. We are definitely preventing too many shots on goal so far in the pre season.

  64. Thoughts on last night, anyone?

    Here’s what stood out to me:

    – I like our first line, in terms of speed and talent. Chemistry will come. Zherdev is the real deal (though he made some stupid plays last night) and I like Naslund. He works hard and hits…definitely a leader on the ice.

    – Redden didn’t look very good. Hopefully that’s just a case of him finding his legs.

    – The power play looks 100x better than last year, which is good considering we’re in the first half of the exhibition schedule and a bunch of rookies are getting power play time.

    – Del Zotto stood out…I feel REALLY good about our defense with him, Sanguinetti and Staal on the backline for years to come.

    – Why the debate about Girardi? He’s real solid and scored a nice goal last night. Another young defenseman to be happy about.

    – Jamtin is an AHL player. Not a great skater, and definitely too small. Those rumors about “The Swedish Sean Avery” are way off base. Avery is 1000x better than this guy.

    – Colton Orr has improved his skating. I like Dane Byers too, as a guy who could get some call-ups during the year. Blair Betts should keep his job because of his defensive ability, but I think there will be times when he will be scratched in favor of a guy like Korpikoski.

    What does everyone else think? Agree/Disagree?

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