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I’m not quite sure I understand the Rangers’ lineup over the next few days. It’s complicated. For instance, some of the players who are playing tonight — including the Markus Naslund, Scott Gomez, and Nikolai Zherdev line — are also playing tomorrow in Tampa. Others are playing tomorrow and Wednesday in New Jersey, but not tonight. And of course there’s the guys who played Saturday night, are not playing tonight, but are playing tomorrow.

And this is on top of Nigel Dawes stopping me every five minutes trying to convince me he’s playing defense tonight.

“The coaches say I need work on my backwards skating,” he said.

I’m  pretty sure he’s kidding.

The lineup for tonight:

Goalie: Lundqvist, Zaba

Defense: Redden-Girardi; Kalinin-Sanguinetti, Pock-Fahey.

F: Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev

This will be the first NHL preseason game for Weise and Bobby Sanguinetti.

Some other notes:

<li>Tom Renney is back with the team after tending to a family matter Saturday. He’ll be behind the bench tonight. “I need practice, too,” the coach said.

<li>I’m working on a story for tomorrow’s paper about Wade Redden, who makes his debut at the Garden against his old team. Some great insight about the defenseman came from Perry Pearn, his old coach in Ottawa who is again his coach here. It’s apparent Pearn is a strong believer that Redden’s struggles at the end of last year were a result of matters outside his control, and he’s poised to flourish here. I suppose tonight counts as a sneak preview.

<li>Speaking of Redden, I’d be remiss in not passing along “these photos from his wedding this summer”: I mentioned to Wade I had stumbled across them, and he was well aware they’ve been circulating online. “I’ve been getting some comments,” he said.

See for yourself. I think it’s safe to say Redden isn’t needing much in the way of sympathy these days.

<li>Mark your calendars: We’ll be bringing back the live chat Thursday at 1 p.m., although with a new twist. For an idea of what I’m talking about, “check this out”:

More later…

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  1. hmm, is there any word on Ottawa’s line-up? since they seem to just want to play their regular season guys, will it be the same?

    I like that Renney’s mixing up the line-ups, so they can see different guys playing together, instead of the same 2 part-teams playing…

  2. I agree Jeever, but to a point. There are some players that make their linemates better. And there’s only one way to find that out.

    But they need to be careful not to fall into the same trap as last year. Keeping guys that won’t make the team anyway up too long. By the time the weekend rolls around there shouldn’t be more than 2-3 guys left that MAY not make it.

    There comes a time in the preseason that you need to stop evaluations, and start finding chemistry in your NHL’ers.

  3. I agree Beer- Though getting a look at the young guys and giving them a feel for the league is great, at the end of the day camp needs to prepare the NHL team to compete right out of the gate. The early floundering last year plaqued NYR the whole season. A good start is vital.

  4. By the by, Anisimov played a couple of games last pre season. He looked pretty good, from what I remember..

  5. exactly rmant.

    Although home ice last year in the 1st rnd didn’t matter too much, we can’t expect that presence in other rinks. The Atlantic should be just as tight this April as it was last. EVERY point is important.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, you know I’m a fan of your posts but I’m not sure I understand first, your ‘its just one preseason game! Cut them some slack’ post.

    And now you’re talking about home ice advantage? This is still preseason, no? This team is going to be so different, I agree with your point about coming out of the gate strong, but idk that anyone knows if they’ll be an 11th place or 1st place team.

  7. Bure – I thought Del Zotto looked as comfortable as a 3 year veteran. I was, quite frankly, amazed at how good he looked. He, no doubt, has a bright future.

  8. ok…the home ice advantage piece is determined by every single point you earn throughout the season(we know this). You’ll also notice I said “in april” not in september. Nothing to do with preseason…you may have misinterpreted.

    The previous one about ‘one preseason game’ has nothing to do with the more recent post. Taken out of context, they would be cofusing. In the context they were written in, they’re appropriate.

    again…this is preseason for US too!

  9. I was impressed on that hit Del Zotto threw when he was a good 2 strides behind the Senator coming down the near side boards, made up the strides and shouldered him to the ice.

  10. Maybe I can elaborate why I’m talking about home ice already….

    NEXT SATURDAY, when game #1 is played, those 2 points are just as valuable as the 2 points available on April 12th, when we play game #82. I don’t think that that consideration was stressed enough a year ago. And it cost us.

    Only 5 points separated us from a division championship. Those points can be won in October, which by my calculations, starts in about 9 days.

  11. #1 I was REALLY impressed with Del Zotto. I was expecting him to be a lot more tentative and rookie-looking than he was. but that hit he had, KINDA looked a little like an elbow. I like the feistiness, but he could still refine it some. Hence, a couple of years before he’s really ready.

  12. Its not easy for a first year player to stand out, and it sure ain’t easy for a defensemen to stand out… being that said Del Zotto was very noticeable (in a good way). Confident. Looked like its his 5 season.

    Dubinsky was dominant as expected and i like him playing with Callahan. You could see the chemistry they have and the communication.

  13. Well, I have seen the pictures of the wedding..well it is still tough on me because I am still feeling even after two or three weeks a little bit of…

    beer, I know you are a big psychologist ! Do you know if watching a Rangers preseason game help to overcome some bout of loves..??????:):):)

    On the matter..I hope they make a cut by Saturday and not bringing over thirty or forty players to Bern because I want to get a feeling how the Rangers look like when I watch them at the Post Finance Arena in Bern !!!!

  14. haha…well, watching the Rangers can do lots of things. Can bring loved ones together, make them hurt eachother, make them do heavy heavy drugs, make them happy or sad in the matter of seconds, they can even make you age at an alarming rate if you’re not careful.

    btw…VERY impressed with Del Zotto. Hopefully he goes and dominated the ‘O’ this season. He’ll probably be added to htfd when his season in juniors is over. hell of a dman for 18 years old.

  15. Hey guys I got 2 tickets for tonight, season ticket holder can’t make it anyone want them for free? Tried to sell them on ticket exchange, but that didn’t work, didn’t think it would haha.

    Tickets are in section 347 row A on the aisle 2 tickets

    I can email them to you.

  16. My problem is as old as the history of the world but I think going to Bern will help me to cure..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey Beer!!
    I swear, hockey season hasnt started yet and I was already getting a little burned out with last weeks practices and blogs…WHEW!!….gotta pace myself they’ll be nothing left by Graves night!!

  18. Del Zotto looked good, i only seen him make one minor mistake. I think it was him, but he tried to use his size against a rather bigger guy, and he got knocked down and it led to a 2 on 1, which they didn’t score on. It wasn’t a bad move, but he needs to know its the NHL and not the OHL, the guys are bigger. Its like going from the Olsen twins, to Kirsty Ally. To bad he’s not playing again tonight.

    They shouldn’t play Fahey again. Why not play Sauer or Kundratek, unless there still injured. But there’s Busto, Denisov, Pock. Eh, no big deal. I wanna see Weiss, Sanguinetti, Korpikoski, and Anisimov the msost, as far as prospects go that is. But also that top line im interested in, along with Redden.

    Will Lyon Messier play in pre season ?? I couldn’t tell from afar, but i thought i saw a huge lip ring on his lip, or maybe he got stung by a moth or something. Lol, Naslund didn’t even know who he was, and that he was Messier’s son until Giannone told him.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I getcha and I agree. 2 points game 1 is the same as going into game 82 and trying to strengthen your playoff bracket position with a win. Agreed.

    On that note, I think no Jagr should mean a more consistent effort from the entire team as well. Jagr was a dominant player but he didn’t set an awesome example in the effort department.

    Does anyone know if that Justin tv feed works or if there is another way to watch online tonight? Thanks.

  20. Since no one else has commented on it Sam, allow me to say that the video-live blog looks like an awesome idea for Thursday. I’m sure it’ll speed up your ability to answer questions.

  21. A few points.

    1. Fahey is probably playing again so the coaches can see if it was a one came fiasco for him. If he plays terrible tonight it was not a one game thing and he will be in Hartford tomorrow.

    2. Del Zotto looked very impressive. His passes were crisp and tape to tape. I know the guys said it on TV but his vision on the ice is steller. I saw a lot of good things to come from someone that will crack the line up next year and be a huge asset.

    Hell with Rozi getting the primary assist on Spezza’s goal Del Zotto might be here sooner than later working the PP.

  22. also have that they signed Grachev… since he played in Russia last year, that might just be getting him before they force him to sign a multi-year contract, and they’re screwed…

  23. truefans…I know some that will want to crucify me for saying so, but I think at this point of his career, and the lack of motivation, jagr leaving is addition by subtraction, IN CERTAIN RESPECTS. ‘IN CERTAIN RESPECTS’ that is jagr fans.

  24. As much as it strains the team, its friggin awesome that for the next 4 days we have a game to watch. Instead of disecting 1 game until there’s nothing left but to dispute how players tie their skates.

  25. BEER

    Cheers to that. Its gonna be sweet to have 4 straight days of Rangers hockey. Hopefully we get a couple of wins. As much as i love to see the prospects play, and take all the positive things out of losses. I wanna see some wins.


    Your right. I guess Fahey will most likely be the number 7 D man. So he needs to show he can play. Id prefer Strudsy, since he’s such a great locker room guy, but eh.

  26. This may sound mean but who cares what Perry Pearn thinks … He likes Redden … Big flip … Isn’t Perry the power play coach of the Rangers that have struggled on the power play for 2 straight years … Perry should be lucky he has a job.

  27. If anyone wants to go tonight, I have 2 tickets in 303 that I’ll give away for free so they don’t get wasted. Email me: steve at blacks4 dot com.

    I can email them to you.

    – Steve

  28. Isn’t Donnie B working with Joe Torre on the coast? And Clemens? I can MAYbe understand the brass not wanting his steroid-butt in the stadium last night, but not even a video clip of him? And oh yeah! Back to the Garden tonight!!!! woooooHOOO!

  29. Koffy, you can pick on Pearn all you want but the way I look at it is he may be the PP coach but the face of the PP was Jagr and his stand still slow the game to a crawl style. Thats gone now the team as a whole can really fly…I may eat this but soon you may say Pearn has the PP clicking

  30. is msg streaming this anywhere tonight? does anyone know of any online feeds?

    stupid center ice isn’t up yet and nhl network isnt showing the game either so i have to find a feed somewhere… totally sucks!

    if anyone knows anything, hook a brotha up!

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