First Jagr, now Dellapina. The Rangers beat will never be the same.


I promised Dellapina I wouldn’t go overboard in bidding him a proper adieu from the Rangers beat. In fact, when earlier this week I mentioned writing something on the blog about “his departure from the Daily News”:, he waved me off.

“Nobody cares,” he said.

Count this is as one of the few times I know John to be wrong. For instance, I know there are thousands of readers who care because he has long been one of the premier writers in hockey. I know there are players, coaches, and executives throughout the league who care because they respect him as a tough but fair reporter, and an astute hockey mind.

And I know I care because  few people have been more influential — both directly and indirectly — in my own education writing about this game.

Never mind that Dellapina is a defenseman, a shameless Brian Leetch apologist, and someone who loves to make fun of my incessant need to update this blog. He’s still become a good friend who I could consult on everything from the intricacies of the collective bargaining agreement to raising two kids.

We’re fortunate in that his new gig working for the NHL John will be even more involved in hockey than ever before.  As a writer, I won’t miss having to compete with him on a regular basis — a challenge that remains with the other people on this beat who set the bar high. But as a reader and a hockey fan, I will miss the voice of someone who cherishes this game as much as the rest of us.

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  1. Its amazing that 18 year old Del Zotto is outplaying Rozsival.

    Ladies and gents, here’ is what were stuck with for 4 years. Its just one give away, but still, it bugs me that Rozi is picking up right were he left off in game 5.

    Just know that we could have had an aging Mats for 1 year, but now were stuck with HIM for 4 !!

    Maybe im being dramatic, but eh.

    Del Zotto looked pretty good, i hope he scores a goal.

  2. Orr- I agree Rosival was bad, but its 1 peroid in preseason, but it is cause for a little concern. Del Zotto looked solid, and I was a fan of Voros in front of the net. He is a big guy.

  3. Wow, the boy from Astoria makes it to the NHL front office. That’s like Nicky Fotiou from Staten Island making it to the Rangers.

    I will miss John and his insightful and even handed reporting about the Rangers and NHL Hockey. Maybe John can now get the NHL to give the Rangers a fair shake when they play north of the border. ;)

    Hey, now I have to exclude John when I call the “suits” on Sixth Avenue “empty”.:)

  4. Didn’t people say Rozsival won’t overpass and defer to teammates on the pp with Jags being a goner? Good lord it looks like he’s doing even more now. It is just the first Pre-Season game(with alot of regulars sitting)but boy have they looked sluggish(outside of Dubi and Del Zotto)

  5. Hey Sam,

    Any word why Tom Renney is in Vancouver on personal business and not in Ottawa? I hope his family is okay. His parents are elderly.

  6. mhurley-“Hey Sam,
    Any word why Tom Renney is in Vancouver on personal business and not in Ottawa? I hope his family is okay. His parents are elderly.”

    i coulda swore i heard the broadcasters say something about renney putting colton orr out for the powerplay…(no msg just listening)is he not there? i really thought he was. whats up?

  7. LOL

    Orr has a fire in his eyes that he usually only has during games against the Lightning, where he usually scores his goals. I love his commitment to the team, that’s why he’s one of my fav’s.


    Im saying it over and over in my head, that this is just a pre season game as well.

    Rozi is doing EXACTLY what he did all of last season, passing up shots. All these Nyr fans blamed the innocent Jagr, but i kept saying and will always say, its all Rozi. Yeah, Rozi, the guy who doesn’t like to play the point on a 5 on 3 PP. Its one game, its no big deal, but i get worried easily when it comes to him.

    Pruchs is looking good, i hope someone goes after Rutuu, i thought his “hip check” was more towards a clip, but maybe im wrong. Dubi is looking fantastic, i hope he really has an amazing season, and makes me believe that he really is a star, and not a Ranger version of Zajac. Who seems like he has a lot of potential, but always has one hot streak in the season.

  8. Adam and his apple on

    so doobie might have only played one season with jagr but you can see that he has retained a lot of what he learned playing with jags, the way he protects the puck and plays along the wall, doobie dawes and callahan are going to be cornerstones of this team for a really long time, damn its exciting to be a rangers fan, the only thing i think were lacking is that monster on the first line, i hope zherdev is that guy

  9. The refs have been horrid(what else is new?) They didn’t call a penalty where Dubi was tripped right in front of the ref and then called a weak holding penalty.

  10. I remember 2 posters a few days ago saying Dubi was going to be thrown in, in a trade…haha NOT!!!
    This guy is solid…the best player on offense so far tonight

  11. I hope Callahan and Dubi get plenty of pk time together. Hell of a finish by Dubi but don’t forget Callahan’s wonderful play setting up the goal.

  12. Dubi was awesome, i really hope he kicks some serious ass this year.

    Im looking forward to the next game, hopefully Redden doesn’t make any Rozi type mistakes.

    Wiikman looked pretty good in his short time in net. Better than Vally, but its only pre season.

  13. Yeah, let’s throw Dubi in to a trade that would free up space for Sundin. That is a great idea. Whoever said that the other day should be dragged out back and shot like Old Yeller. That kids has the poise and confidence of someone who has been playing in the league for years. He is going to have a great year. He just has all of the tools to do it and I really think he will. He could have had 4 or 5 tonight. I don’t mind the score at the end of the game. For the most part, I liked what I saw.

  14. i think that 3rd line (Dubinsky, Voros, Callahan) will be really good and would provide good depth behind the Gomez and Drury lines.

    also, anybody know what song MSG is using for their Rangers preview commercials?


  15. Great read Sam, I will miss John and his passion for our Rangers. Any updated news on Renney’s absence? Hope all is well with his family.

  16. I liked Dubi and Cally together, but I don’t think Voros has the hands to play with those two. A Fritsche a Korpo would be better.

    Good effort, they hung in there with the OTT regulars.

    Del Zotto looked really good for an 18-year-old who is not suppossed to be able to play defense. He’s only gonna get stronger.

    I liked Byers in his limited role tonight. Rissmiller was competent too.

  17. I must have missed some loon suggesting trading Dubi but no need to go over the top in bashing the misguided fellow.

  18. Sam – Dellapina has a lot of passion and class with regard to his hockey and humnanity. It goes without saying that you do as well. Now if only you’d update your bio.

  19. Rozsival imo was the worst dman last night but Fahey was pretty close(he looked like a pylon) Potter didn’t look all that great either. Byers and Voros looked pretty solid. Did Sjostrom play? He was invisable. I am very impressed by Del Zotto along with Dubi and Cally.

  20. Yeah that’s right, people have been saying that Del Zotto lacks D in his game. Well he looked pretty friggin good tonight. Even though this was a loss, the fact that our D, that had a pathetic Rozi, and Fahey, with a semi lost Potter, a decent Mara, and a pretty fantastic young pair of Staal, and Del Zotto, and they held the Ottawa Senators, who really only were without there Captain Alfy, to only 19 shots, i think it was. I mean, Spezza, Heatley, Foligno, Neil, Rutuu, the majority of there season openeing roster was playing, and they held them to 19 shots, that is somethign to be proud of.

    Dubi, and Cally were really good, but Voros should skate on the 4th line, with Betts, and Orr. Freddy didn’t look like a guy who deserved to play on the 3rd line. I think Freddy, should be moved in my opinion. But then again we have to wait and see what Korpedo does, as well as Fritsche, and Anisimov. Im hoping that 3rd line spot goes to one of them.

    Cant wait to see them play, along with Jamtin. I thought he was gonna play tonight, it would have been rgeat with him and Rutuu. We’ll probably see pretty much the same roster i guess from the Sens.

    Wiikman was a lot better than Vally. Who knows, it might be pre season, but if Vally lets in a couple of softies, you never know, Wiikman might steal the spot from Vally. But i like the guy, and everyone on the team likes him as well.

  21. orr – Valley did fine as back up last yr especially vs philly. and Wikkman can get a lot of time to stay sharp in AHL

  22. JOE

    I know, but i really didn’t like his game tonight, it wasn’t where it should have been, but its his first game since god knows when. I guess that shootout loss against Philly way back when, so he was probably a little rusty.

    I hope Sanguinetti has as good a pre season game as Del Z did. I still cant get over how solid he looked. This team has seen its fair share of busts, with a lot of players we could have had but didn’t draft. We need a couple of 1st round stars to make up for the busts. Del Z, Sags, and hopefully Cherry all become stars for us, more sooner than later, as well as Korpedo.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey guys, I’m back in school now so it’s been awhile since i’ve posted (and I struggle to get Rangers tv feeds…ugh).

    So, who wanted Rozsival back? Haha…
    “Rozsival imo was the worst dman last night but Fahey was pretty close(he looked like a pylon)”
    ROZSIVAL was the Worst defensmen probably all of last year! He WAS the most obvious screw-up in the playoffs, and many people keep defending him. He avoids contact, he’s scared to make plays close to the boards. He doesn’t think through the game as well as he did when he started here. And, based on just 1 game (so I’ll cut him some slack), he plays EVEN WORSE sans-Jagr! Yea…4 years, here we go. Ughhh…OMFG.

    Dubinsky will be good – I just hope when (YES, WHEN!) he goes through a slump Renney doesn’t bench him or play him on the 3rd or 4th line (like he did with PP). Give the guy some skating time and decent wingers (haha, there’s a joke in there somewhere) and he’ll blossom into a 65-80 point player in the near future (2-3 years).

    I wonder who MDZ might replace if he keeps up this play…or nobody, will they put him in the minors, regardless of great play at the NHL level, for about 14 years as they did with Staal?

  24. Sam,
    I agree with you a thousand percent about Dellapina. He will be missed, but he obviously got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Good luck to him. You still have Zip, and now your predecesor, Andrew Gross, is back on the beat. (Is Lynn still around this year?) See you soon at MSG.

  25. Damn! That boy looks good!!
    I know its only pre-season but they were 2 very good goals.
    Shame to hear the PP didn’t click, but its the other squad’s PP that will likely be the #1 unit – the one with Redden, Naslund, Gomer, Zherdev etc….plus its still early days.

  26. I WAS THE GUY THAT BELIEVES THAT DUBI could BE TRADED. I never said he should be traded. I am glad that everyone is so excited that he netted 2 goals in the first preseason game. I think he is the NHL MVP for sure. He looked SO much better than Heatley, and Spezza out there didn’t he? I can’t believe how excited guys are about the first preseason game. It amazes me. The same goes for the guys bashing Rozy. First game back from hip surgery, and he doesn’t look like Larry Robinson?!?!?! del Zotto looks alright. I think that may have been a great pick. Staal was all over the place. . . .and not in a good way. But again, it is the first 1/2 squad preseason game. I don’t think you can really asses the talent on this team until Game 10 of the regular season. Dawes and Callahan look ready though. I would like to see a third line of Cally-Dubinsky-Dawes.

  27. just stunning that Rosi has this contract and was as bad as he ended the season…

    It bothers me how much he eats into the CAP….it is almost like Sather has to keep a really stupid signing each year….

    Did Malik make Rosi look good last year?

    Del Zotta DID actually outplay Rosi. No question. But, there is NOTHING he could do to win a spot over Rosi due to Rosi’s contract. Even though it appeared that Malik was truly sabotaging the team, given the contract that Sather bestowed upon him, there was no way he was going to sit for long periods of time.

    Sather’s ego is not always in the best interest of the Rangers.

  28. Del Zotto is 18 years old, I can’t believe for a minute that anyone in their right mind would even entertain the idea of him competing with a bona fide NHL defensemen. Say what you want about Rosival, his contract and his play, he is still a veteran proven NHL defensemen. Anyone that knows anything about hockey knows defense takes the longest to crack into the NHL because there really is no room for error, yet there are people entertaining the idea of having an 18 year old draft pick compete for a roster spot against a veteran defensemen BASED ON ONE SINGLE PRE SEASON GAME!!!!

    I can assure you ten games into the season after the repeated pounding, travel schedule, intense pace and constant pressure Del Zotto will look like the 18 year old kid that he is. Put him down below and let the kid learn the game the right way. He could have a great future as he matures.

  29. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    some thoughts on the game– Dubi is the real deal.He’ll get 25-30g this year.Anyone who thinks Jagr is the reason Dubi played well last year is on crack.Jagr’s game improved because of Dubi not the other way around.
    Del Zotto is a player! I know it’s one game but I’d like to see him continue playing in the preseason.If he ‘s one of your best 6 dmen,he should be in the lineup.At the very least,he should be given the first ten regular season games to see if he should stick. Staal was very good,he’s the best dman on the Rangers right now.I thought Potter did alot of good things too.Fahey is a minor leaguer.Rosy is the most overpaid player in the league.He will have an awfull year for us. By mid season,Sather may start thinking about eating his contract through Hartford.Cally picking up right where he left off.Riissmiller sucks!the next B. ****sbister.Freddy looked terrible.Betts is a zero again! And they put him on the powerplay!!!!! Byers needs to make this team.I just don’t understand why he can’t get a fair shot.He skates well,hits hard fights well and can score,why go out and sign crap like riissmiller.
    Prucha needs to be traded just about now.He needs a fresh start somewhere else.Voros looked involved and gritty,but he is a lesser talent than Byers and he loses every fight he’s in. And lastly,If Colton Orr is this team’s third line winger like Gianone hinted at as a possibility,we are in deep deep ****.

    Rmant- the only thing that Rozy’s proven throughout his career is that he’s vaslty overrated.And now he’s also proven that he’s overpaid based on his poor play last year.For the most part,I agree with you on D Z,but if he proves over ten games that he can play and play well,he should stick.

  30. Not important in the real scheme of things, but damn, those dishtowel jerseys are back for an encore. What is with this team that it has to look so awful. Maybe this should be the 3rd, make that the 10th jersey. Just horrid.

  31. I was so excited to watch a real hockey game and all I got to see was Power Play practice… Great way to officiate when teams are trying to figure out who to keep in a two week stretch of games where every shift can matter.

    Dubi Rules.

    Rozi sucks, as always. I’m going to chalk Staal looking awful to it being his first action in a few months; but Rozi looked the same last year, which makes his still suck. Del Zotto was impressive, poise with the puck, taking the body, I like it. He did look at times like he needs to beef up a bit, but I’m not sure the OHL will help that. I’d definitely like to see him improve in the next few games for him to get a shot at the lineup (however unlikely).

  32. CWGatti, you’re hockey mind must be an elementary one if you can’t see that Brandon Dubinsky is indeed “the truth” — a hockey talent that stands out beyond others in the game.

    I’ll go on record to say Dubi racks up more than 30 goals this year — 34 to be exact, en route to being regarded as one of the league’s elite young talents in the conversation with the likes of toewes, kane, stamkos, zopitar, etc, etc.

    He has everything you want in hockey player — size, speed, hard shot, tenacity, toughness and a great hockey IQ.

    In my opinion, he’ll be our most valuable asset in 2-3 years and he’ll be THE leader of this team in 5. He’s here to stay. The Rangers brass know that, I know that and you should recognize too.

  33. Del Zotto, as impressive as he was, was playing like it was game 7. Rozi was playing like he owned a spot on the team. When the give-away occured, my hands went up, too, but, folks, this is pre-season and the spots up for grabs were won last night by Voros and Prucha. Del Zotto, like AA last year, was playing for the future.

  34. i think its official, dubinsky is going to be a stud. i’m not saying that based on a single preseason game but this kid wants it too bad to fail. i saw it last year and i’m hoping i see more of it this year but if he pots 30+ goals i’m not going to be surprised one bit. in a lot of ways, he reminds me of a young steve yzerman. especially with his attitude and work ethic.

    here’s to hoping prucha doesn’t get traded before the season starts.

  35. It’s good to see that all of the bipolar comments are back, the angst about the game and the stroking of Dubi.

    True Fans – Yeah, because Staal really played in the minors for us. So glad to have your no-knowledge posts back.

    We need to fill that last spot for the fantasy league on Yahoo – ID 13439, password rangers

  36. Healthy and Jagr-less… what’s your excuse now Rozi? Congratulation Rozi… you just became a scapegoat with honors …

  37. I’m no Rozi supporter, and I totally agree that he is over paid, but that is irrelevant since the market determines the price. But for anyone to take anything from last nights game you have got to be nuts. I can’t believe there are people who actually think an unproven 18year old kid should get a shot at the pros. He hasn’t even played in Hartford yet. What dreamers. Rosi is better than he played last night. Not to mention that sometimes during pre season players are working on specific short comings in their game and not necessarily their overall effectiveness. This is the time of year to tinker and experiment. I really wouldn’t put a whole lot into last nights game.

    The one thing you can take from last nights game though is NYR’s total lack of size. Man did they take some hits and get laid out. They are so small up front it’s scary and good ole Prucha started right where he left off.

  38. cwgatti – as one of the folks who chimed in about your statement, I never thought you said he SHOULD be traded. I simply stated that he WOULD NEVER be traded, unless it was for an elite forward of the Ovechkin/Crosby/Kane/Malkin ilk. It’s clear to me the Ranger brass has a lot in mind for Dubinksy, and his style of play will quickly make him a very marketable commodity among NY fans. He can hit, he drops his gloves AND he’s got some of the softest hands on the team. That equals a big fat payday for both Dubinsky and MSG for many years to come. From a business standpoint, why on earth would you ever jeopardize that by moving him?

    Allow me to answer that: You don’t. Not this year. Not next year. Not until Dubinsky wears out his welcome.

    And I know it’s just pre-season, but the Ranger-farm team was playing an Ottawa franchise that is pretty much what they’ll face during the regular season. Alfredsson was pretty much the only guy not present in the Sens’ regular lineup. The fact that they pulled within a goal icing an 18-year-old blueliner, an backup goalie, and none of their top line players with exception to possibly Roszival, is nothing short of remarkable.

    On a side note: Anyone now wonder why Montoya is on the Yotes? Look no further than WIICKMAN.

  39. OK, I take it back. Nobody should be dragged out back and shot like Old Yeller. Maybe just pistol whipped ;) I kid I kid. I misunderstood the original post. Either way, I am sure any team in the league would want Dubi on their team, but I hope management realizes that this kids oozes leadership and confidence. I like Dubi’s arrogance. I think you need to have that as a young player to succeed. I mean a young player who has gifts and is not scared to use them. Some younger players are so in amazement of the vets and are scared to make mistakes that they don’t play to their potential. Dubi has full confidence in himself and is willing to take chances and I love that about him. He is still young and will get better and stronger and can be an ultimate power forward in this league.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rmant – Rozi’s lover.
    I’m not saying Del Zotto should be competing with Rozi for a spot. Rozi has a spot (unfortunately). He sucks last year, he sucked the latter half of the year before that. But he has a spot. MDZ might challenge for 6th (maybe with Kalinen?). He won’t be a 7th defensman, the Rangers aren’t that dumb.

    “Spiderman your mother, the pig” (aka, mr. not so smarty pants). Staal wasn’t drafted in ’05 nor did he play any time on the Wolfpack (playoffs) or in the OHL before making the Rangers? I don’t make fun of retards and I won’t start now so this is the end of my post.

  41. Unfortunately i can’t get to either Prague or Bern – a combination of work, Grandma’s 80th and lack of money due to impending baby #2 means i will be watching both Prague games live at home.

    To get an occasional fix of live ice hockey i go and watch Coventry Blaze from time to time – they’re not bad but its a poor substitue for MSG & the Rangers.

  42. True- Your mom is calling you for supper, it’s past your bed time.

    I specifically said I am not a Rozi supporter, yet, I am not clueless enough to compare an 18yo untested child (similar to you-True) against an experienced NHL defensemen. There is something in life you have not yet discovered, True. It’s called EXPERIENCE. And your posts show you have no respect for it because you have not gained any. Yet, it remains the single most important quality in life, since as humans we learn through repetition. The rare player who can compete without it is blessed, but the vast majority of players need it first.

  43. Spiderpig – i joined your league. Hope thats cool with you.
    I’ll be pre-ranking rather than live drafting as it will be 1am here and i need my beauty sleep!

  44. I am going to the Games in Bern so it is really pity not to talk to anybody from the board in person…Is there anyone who goes to Bern as well or you guys know one of the beat writers go to Bern ???? I know most of the people going to Prague but I decided for Switzerland because I make a real holiday for a whole week at the beautiful lake of Zurich and the nice surrounding around Elsaß !!!!

  45. Roszival still sucks. Big Sather mistake there. DelZotto looks like a winner. Should be ready to step in 2009-10.

    Like the Drury line and if Dubi and Cally get a good left winger (like to see Korpokoski get a good shot there), that should be three good lines.

    Haven’t seen #1 line of Naslund, Gomez and Zherdev play. Looking forward to that.

    The battle is for the 4th line.

  46. Dubinsky really impressed me in Jagr’s absence. He stepped into the vacuum and dominated. Maybe he’ll benefit from not having JJ around to demand the puck.

    The guy he reminds me of most – and I know this is a bit premature – is a young Joe Nieuwendyk. He seems to have the same nose for the puck, good speed and moves, and a very accurate shot.

    I was also impressed by the offensive play of the Dawes/Drury/Prucha line. Their pass work was in midseason form, and the only thing they didn’t do is score. But that will come in time, if Renney sticks with that combination. I think they could be a very productive 2nd line.

    Oh yeah, Rozsival was Rozsival. Big mistake signing this chump.

  47. UKRanger – Good work. It will be great having you in there.

    True Fans – In case you didn’t realize, which I do without even needing to look it up, OHL is a *junior* hockey league, then Staal only playing in the *minor* league AHL at the end of an OHL season. He did not spend any *season* in the AHL, so quit your bitchin’. Do you really think he would have been as good as he was last season if he did not spend that time getting ready?

  48. dumbass AP recap of the other game last night: “The Lightning and Penguins will open the regular season against each other in two weeks with a two-game series in Stockholm, Sweden.”

  49. I’m with those who don’t think one pre-season game says much at all… however…

    You have to admit Rozi looked craptastic… he’s not really doing anything for his place in fans’ hearts. Not that that matters.

    He’s over-paid and if he keeps this going through ANY of the reg. season games then we should be allow to rip him a new one…

    Until then he gets a pass with me anyway… reluctantly.

  50. Obviously Del Zotto isn’t ready for the NHL, it was only a pre season game, but even so, im still impressed that he looked as good as he did, but he wont, and should not make the team. I don’t even think he’s a year away, let him play out his remaining years in the OHL, and give him a year in Hartford, unless he can pull off a Staal and show everyone he can make that jump, from Juniors to Pro. Sanguinetti’s up next, i wanna see how he will look, he definitely as a shot to make the team, but i highly doubt its gonna happen, its a long shot, but who knows, he could replace Kalinin, or Mara next season.

    And yeah it was only 1 pre season game, and Rozi came off hip surgery, and im not gonna hold this against him, but it just sucks that the last time we all seen him, he was pathetic, and we see him again after all these months, and he has a Malikish giveaway.

    None of this matters though, October 4th and after, is what matters. Hopefully he was just taking it easy, Jagr style.


    Dubi wont get traded. Dawes, and Cally would get moved before him. He had 2 goals in a pre season game, so that’s nothing. I wanna see how he plays at the start of the season. But who knows if Dubi really has a great pre season, and dominates, and shows he should play on the 2nd line at least, and Anisimov also shows he’s ready for the NHL. You never know those two can both be in the lineup on opening night.

  51. Dubinsky was surely helped (at least confidence wise) by playing with Jagr. I think he did pick up a trick (or two) of the trade by playing with Jags. Jagr pretty much right away told everyone that listened that Dubi was gonna be a star. I believ ehis exacts words were the Rangers management themselves had no idea how good Dubi was and will be. Dubi was given extra room because of all the attention Jagr got. Dubie will also be going against other third lines and 3rd dman pairings(with Gomez and Drury’s lines getting all the attention) and his line will burn those guys.

  52. Del Zotto looks like a winner? On the basis of ONE PRESEASON GAME????? Some amazing people on this site. Of course I hope he works out but I am not ready to call him great, just as I am not willing to say that based on his performance last night that Rozi sucks.

    PLEASE take a chill pill

  53. Jeez people ..

    one give away and know Rozi is the New Malik ..

    give the guy a break you allways need someone to hate?

    If so… hate on the other team, dont boo your own.

  54. PJ, looking like a winner and being a winner are two different things. Come on, the way you blast Jess over at Dubi’s site tells me you watch a lot of hockey. You read too much into my words.

    I liked what I saw in one game enough to claim he looks like a winner. Why not?

  55. Chris G
    September 21st, 2008 at 7:14 pm
    Jeez people ..

    one give away and know Rozi is the New Malik ..

    give the guy a break you allways need someone to hate?

    If so… hate on the other team, dont boo your own.

    EXACTLY!!! No offense but some of the above posts are ridiculous. Rozi had hip surgery, just in case you all forgot! Maybe you should give him a few games…I mean DAMN! Its the first preseason game and already most of you think you got the answers…can we at least let them get out of training camp…unbelievable!!! What did you guys expect…?
    In the first preseason game…Dubinski, Callahan, Prucha, Del Zotto, and Mara stood out…

  56. If it looks like a Roszival, smells like a Roszival, flubs the puck like a Roszival, it’s a Roszival.

    Orr, for sure Jess, also known as Bubbapaws, is no Tonto!!

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    For everyone who’s saying “its just one preseason game,” i’m saying “and it’s still the same Rozsival!”

    Looks like how he finished the season last year! How anyone could make excuses for him, i’m not sure. I hope he proves me wrong, but Michael Rozsival will be a waste by the end of next year, if not sooner. $20million, omg.

    And dont write back and bash me for critiquing him on one game. Staal Wart – you know this has been my thing for awhile. I’ve seen Rozi as a questionable player, at best, for awhile. And now at a $5million tag?!

  58. Rozy is coming off hip surgery so cut some slack. but having said that he did sign a very pricy contract especially coming off surgery so that is on Sather.

  59. Anyone interested in tckets for tonight’s game? If so I’ll post my email. I can email you the tickets.

  60. It was just one PRESEASON game. So it doesn’t mean a hell of a lot. Especially vs a team that iced a majority of their regulars.

    Its great to see a reaction so strong to some exhibition action, but at the front end of a jam-packed preseason schedule, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. As long as everyone comes out healthy, its a success.

    I love the reaction, just because its better than no one wanting to talk hockey. And I love it because it gives me something to do other than work! It’s preseason for us too. Soon enough we’ll skip over certain posts since they never make sense anyway. And everyone will have to get their ‘hockey eyes’ back. Some will have to get some for the first time.

    It is what it is. Preseason. I had to go find something to back that up, and I think that TOR beating DET last year in a preseaon game 6-1 says at least a little about how much it means.

  61. Where the F is everybody?

    Gonchar got hurt and is going for an MRI today. He took a hit and injured his shoulder. Don’t know much else, and don’t want to speculate. But they’re already missing Whitney on D also.

    Joel Quennville was picked up on DUI.

  62. Beer…I always have hockey eyes…lol
    with “half my brain tied behind my back” hehe kidding of course.
    Now eyes to filter through the posts…thats another story.
    True Fans…why did you automatically think I’m talking about your posts…one of many is more like it…

  63. All True fans talks about is the price tag on a player, that is so irrelevant. Players get paid based on past performance and the HOPE of continued future success. The price tag is based on the current market and the supply of quality players at that specific position. Simple economics. He is signed, give it a rest already. If he doesn’t play well there are options for dumping his salary to help the cap. Lord knows the Rangers have the money to eat it if need be. Now give the guy a damn chance and give him confidence by cheering for him. You’d be surprised how effective that would be for his game.

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