Training camp notebook: Sept. 19 edition


Update, 3:02 p.m.: I told you I was on to something with this Dale Weise character, because the Rangers just announced they had signed the fourth round draft pick to a contract. This doesn’t mean the forward is in contention for an NHL job out of camp. But it does mean the team thinks he’s worth investing in. I agree.

Update, 1:23 p.m.: Regarding Nikolai Zherdev and “reports of his lackluster performance thus far”:, I, too, noted the giveaway yesterday that led to an opposing team goal. For the most part, though, I think Zherdev comes as advertised: an immensely talented forward prone to occasionally trying to do too much (see Kovalev, Alex for more). When Tom Renney was asked about Zherdev’s play, he acknowledged there have been some miscues, but he also said a player like that needs latitude to make plays.

“The creative mind is a tough to defend,” Renney said.

Of course, the creative mind can also drive a coach completely crazy. I think Zherdev can be reeled in a bit — and my bet is he will be — but I don’t think there’s reason for much concern yet.
Update, 12:46 p.m.: Tom Renney stopped short of saying the lineup below was a sure thing for tomorrow, but it is at least the group that will travel to Ottawa.

It’s worth noting that the team hasn’t done too much on special teams work so far in camp, but I did ask the coach if he expected the power play to have a completely different look now that Jaromir Jagr is gone.

“Simply because of the manpower, but I think most power plays are pretty similar nowadays,” Renney said. “So I don’t know if we’re going to change a whole lot in the way we teach it or what we look for in terms of what to exploit.”

Then Renney cracked: “It’s probably going to look different anyways if it has any measure of success at all.”

As for Petr Nedved, I was more impressed by the center’s play yesterday than I was today, when he was knocked off the puck a few times by defensemen. I’d put Nedved’s chances of making the team at slim, especially given that Renney admitted outright just now that all things otherwise being equal, he’s more likely to give a job to a younger player.

And should he not crack the lineup here, Nedved admitted his NHL days would then be over. He already has a deal in place with his hometown team back in Czech Republic to return there if he doesn’t make the Rangers, and he says he has no interest of playing for any other team in the league.

More on that in a bit….

Update, 10:59 a.m.: While on the topic of prospects, the morning scrimmage marked another impressive performance by 18-year-old defenseman Michael Del Zotto. This year’s first round pick, in what has essentially been his first exposure to the NHL level, was poised with the puck all morning, even while under pressure.

At one point, he even threaded a pass behind the defense to set up Chris Drury on a breakaway. Drury missed on a save by Antoine Lafleur (another prospect who has looked decent so far).

No word yet if Del Zotto was chewing Drury out for blowing the assist….

For the record, the defenseman is definitely headed back to Oshawa of the OHL, so don’t order his Rangers jersey just yet. But it does look like he’s secured a spot in the lineup tomorrow night in Ottawa. Barring some 11th hour changes, the lineup is as follows:

G: Valiquette, Wiikman

D: Staal-Rozsival, Mara-Potter, Del Zotto, Fahey

F: Dawes-Drury-Prucha, Byers-Dubinsky-Callahan, Voros-Betts-Orr, Rissmiller-Moore-Sjostrom.

Correction on the White goal from the scrimmage: it was Nigel Dawes and not Drury.

Update, 10:27 a.m.: One of the revelations of camp so far has been the play of Dale Weise, the 20-year-old right wing who was a fourth round draft pick in this year’s draft. Weise had a goal yesterday, and added another just now for Blue in the first period of the morning scrimmage, when he stripped a puck from Greg Moore and beat Stephen Valiquette on a breakaway.

At 6-foot-2, 206 pounds, Weise already has good size, and can still fill out even more over time. Zipay says he looks like the actor Owen Wilson, but I say only vaguely.

Chris Drury scored the lone goal for White, while Thomas Pock gave Blue a 2-1 lead on a penalty shot.

It’s early yet, but I haven’t been overly impressed with the goaltending in this camp.

Earlier: My story in The Journal News this morning “looks at the long odds for prospects this training camp.”: The Rangers already have 14 NHL forwards under contract, and that doesn’t include Petr Nedved, who may have more of a shot at this camp than I originally thought.

But Tom Renney said he’s keeping an open mind, even hinting at the team could move some players to accomodate the likes of Lauri Korpikoski.


“The bottom line is what happens here in the next week could force us to do some things,” Renney said. “I don’t mind that competition. There’s some young guys pushing those guys, so there is an opportunity for this team to look different today than it does a week from now when we drop the puck (for the season opener) in Prague. That’s an honest answer. I’m excited by this and I’m not quite sure where it’s going to end up myself.”

By the way, venerable Journal News photographer Stuart Bayer, who also took the photo of Korpikoski above, caught some video of yesterday’s workouts, which you can catch here:

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More later….

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  1. They should just trade Prucha now. The NYR will probably not give this guy the proper chance. He will excel on a team that does. All of a sudden Renney’s worried about size. This guy Rissmiller is a big waste like Adam Hall. When a team is run by a CYA guy like Sather , what’s best is not always done. He went out & signed guys he didn’t need & don’t belong ahead of guys that are or were here, or were in Hartford last season.

  2. That’s a “massive” quote from ‘Honest Tom’. Many of us have said that this squad could look very different than the proposed line combos (that I can’t stand when posted, but I digress).

    Its great to have the drive of some of these guys. They push others to perform the way they should as well. The problem with the youngsters that look great for a week in September is just that. They may just look great for a week in September.

    Not a huge problem since there are guys in htfd that could be swapped in. BUT…if you go trading guys that may just be having an off week, or maybe some that should have shown up in camp in a little better shape, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

    All I know is that we’re ONLY about 35 or so hours away from some (NHL) Rangers hockey.

  3. Brooks ripped Zherdev apart in his article this morning. Lets hope Uncle Larry’s eyes were failing him…. or he was just short on material because this is not a good sign.

  4. I think Zherdev will be ok. Any time you join a new team it takes a little bit of time to click. You need to get used to new teammates, line mates, and other people’s tendencies. I don’t think many players could pick all of that up in 2 days.

  5. Beer, I agree with your point saying that guys in Hartford could be swapped in…I like that more than the idea of moving say Prucha or Fritsche (just throwing names out there) who have NHL experience and can play in the NHL and bringing up Korpikoski or Parenteau or whoever that (like you said) could be having a good week.

    Just let them get even better in Hartford and then when they come up, they are already ready. We don’t need to go through the growing pains. Basically, when guys like Prucha, Dawes, Dubi, and Cally came up, they were all ready. Then when they didn’t perform, they were swapped with others that could step in.

    While I am all for a youth movement, which almost anyone would agree, the organization is always in a win-now mode so they will put the players that are going to help them win, not the ones they need to develop….that’s what Hartford is for. An example was last year with Prucha and Callahan.

  6. its very simple RE: offseason moves & question marks redden/zherdev/naslund.

    *High Risk = High Reward*

    you simply cannot assume these guys “will be fine” after seeing the team eat brown last year. these are question marks. I didnt read brooks’ article, but hes not insane to question Zherdev. Anyone in the “Rangers community” has the absolute right and reason to be very skeptical of the moves made.

  7. Sam Thanks for doing such a great job covering this team. Maybe you can teach that guy from the Daily News a thing or two. Go Rangers.

  8. The Zherdev story is a bit scary. I’ll never understand guys like this who get to NY after being delivered from playing in West Bumblef*ck, who are in a contract year and then come to camp unprepared/unmotivated.

    I have to imagine, if you’re Russian, that New York has got to be in the top three most desirable places to play. Its cosmopolitan, has a Russian community, and the travel schedule is reasonable. Compared to Columbus or Edmonton its a god send.

    Early days but if this dude doesn’t score (and expectations are for more than last year’s 26 goals), I am at a loss at where the goals are going to come from.

  9. Obviously there is a chance that he doesn’t work out, that can be said for any player. But I am just saying that you can’t judge a player on 2 scrimmages. Unless his last name is Malik :)

  10. That is why they are going to play with the lines a lot. As they should. They need to be prepared going in to the season, and not let what happened last year happen again.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  11. I agree with the “lot’s of question marks” comment. Naslund and Redden are both coming off “bad seasons”…At least by their standards. Maybe it was the system they were in, now it’s up to Renney and company to get the juices flowing again, and get them playing to the best of their ability.

    On Zherdev, I think Glen Sather pretty much stole this guy from Columbus, and to toss Fritsche in the mix too made this deal way too appealing to pass up.

    Here’s the negative that I see with this one. Eveyone seems to think Nik Zherdev is a perfect fit with Gomez. To add Naslund to the Left wall is the icing on the cake for a powerhouse top line. I don’t see it that way. Here’s why. All three players like to carry the puck throught the neutral zone. I seriously question the chemistry that these players are going to have together.

    To me, I see Gomez as the better puck carrier of the three. Rather than Marcus playing the left wall here, I think they are better off with Dawes on that line. Dawes to me is a little scrappier than Naslund, and rather than having another puck mover on the team, you now have a guy that likes to find open ice, and has a very accurate shot. Plus, you also have a guy that is willing to go into high traffic, despite the lack of size. I’m thinking the same chemistry that Gomez and Gionta had in Jersey. Finding a RW might be a challenge here.

    For Naslund and Zherdev, I think Chris Drury is the better fit here. Naslund loves that give-and-go style, and so does Drury. Similar to how he played in Buffalo. Zherdev’s speed on this line opens up the ice a bit. I think they would find better chemistry together, than Gomez is going to find with these two.

    But that’s just my two cents!

  12. piggybacking off Sam’s comments from yesterday… Maybe Redden doesn’t become the scapegoat this season, maybe its Zherdev. I hope not, I hope the guy taps his potential, but there’s NOTHING the fans hate more than a guy with skills that just doesn’t try. **ahem Nedved ahem**

  13. How can Brooks be down on Zherdev after only 2 practices? That is insane. He needs to lighten up and realize that a scrimmage is just a scrimmage.
    I also think Renney is crazy for already switching Zherdev off his line.

  14. if you read the post regularly, you can see that Brooks and Mark Everson secretly switch positions. Brooks is a huge Devils fan and writes Rangers, and Everson loves the rangers and writes devils. its all part of the post’s diabolical plan to increase negativity throughout the tri-state area.

  15. “I also think Renney is crazy for already switching Zherdev off his line.”

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

    Question…and answer.

    You have to know what your assets are. And you can’t do that one-dimensionally. You HAVE to experiement. And NOW is the time. Not in Oct when Jagr decided he couldn’t play with Dru or Gomer.

    The tinkering HAS to continue over the next week or so. Sux that there’s so many games, and you can’t have 40 guys on the bench (though it would look hilarious).

    Part of the reason you see ‘odd’ combos is b/c you want to see a guy like korpi(example) play with someone as good as Gomer. What can you really tell about an OFFENSIVE player if his center is Blair Betts? (not a knock on betts, the writing is on the wall there)

    salty…you know I’m just messin wit ya.

    Havin trouble getting this entire page to load all the time. Guess its cause of the vid/pic. Anyone else have trouble? probably just me.

  16. I really hope the Rangers have guys like Prucha and Callahan on a short leash. The minute they start goofing off a kid like Korpikoski should be called up and inserted into the lineup. Speed like his cannot be taught and he would be a terrific third line player to start. I cannot wait to see this kid every game. And as far as trading guys like Prucha and Dawes right now I think you wait and see how they perform in an attempt to boost their trade value. Right now we wouldn’t get more than a 6th defenseman for Prucha. It doesn’t pay to sell low just to create roster space. Take a wait and see approach for just a little longer (end of October).

  17. Beer – I got the page to load ok, but I can’t get the video… its just a big black box on my screen.

  18. Oh my goodness it’s the third day of training camp, calm down! Do I need to write this every day?

    Anyone who thinks the line combinations that Renney puts out there now are going to be the same at the end of the year is crazy. You’re supposed to tinker throughout camp and the early part of the season to find your best combinations for when the games get really important down the stretch.

    I think what we SHOULD be concerned about is the power play. Even if you’re tinkering with your even-strength lines, the power play is where you can still do damage and win games. A big part of the Rangers’ failure last year was the pathetic power play. The best teams in the NHL have very good power plays throughout the entire season and playoffs, which mitigates even-strength struggles. Montreal, Detroit, and Pittsburgh immediately come to mind. Those teams have power plays that strike fear into their opponents. Every time they go out there, they look like they’re going to score. And in the “New NHL” you can win games scoring nothing but power play goals.

    That said, Sam: have they worked on the power play nad how does it look?

  19. Zherdev wasn’t switched off that line, Naslund was, and only briefly.

    Zherdev & Gomez were together the whole time.

  20. related side note – would anybody be interested in any pre-season tickets? section 304, where the Ranger goalie is 2 periods. face value. any and all games are available if there’s interest.

  21. haha…RobC – It will serve no purpose telling everyone to calm down. Everyone’s just itchin to talk hockey. But great point bringing up the PP.

    I haven’t read ANYTHING about it so far. And I’m ok with that. Last year they practiced it, and look how ‘great’ it was. Maybe the plan this year is to completely ignore it, and see how it goes! lol

    Actually… I think it will be FAR better this year. (as per Gomer) Naslund likes to let’em rip from anywhere. Similar to Shanny who had like 15ppg’s or something like that. Redden is a PP guy. Calm under pressure, can move the puck. Rozy will be FAR more effective on the PP without being able to defer to #68.

    The PP can’t be much worse than it was last year. I’m VERY cautiously optomistic.

  22. Anyone know tomorrow night’s lineup? I’ll be traveling to the west coast for work mon-fri so I won’t be able to catch anything :( :( :( :(

  23. According to Sam “Dale Weise, the 20-year-old right wing who was a fourth round draft pick in this year’s draft”. I haven’t heard anything about him before today, so I’m in no position to argue the point…

    but either way, 2 goals in 2 days ain’t bad for any position.

  24. Jeever – what is face value anyway? I kinda want to go to tomorrow’s game if I can but I don’t know if my other half wants to go.

  25. Beer – Haha, I know. And I’m purposely staying in on Saturday night to watch pre-season hockey, as I’m sure a lot of people on here are. I just can’t wait.

    I’m just cautioning everyone not to read too much into what goes on in camp. It’s great to analyze, but I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

  26. “Listen…kaspar. If you don’t cut the sh*t, we may have to ask the KGB to cut it for you”

    Listen man, I’m serious, our PP scored real pretty goal 5 games ago; we haven’t scored since but;it was very pretty..puck hit a loose bolt on boards, bounced out in the middle I whacked at it 4 times ( bouncing, chippy Russian ice) before defender kicked it into his own net!!

  27. Rob C, I’m with you bro…people get all worked up for no reason when the coaching staff, which btw is far more familiar with the players than we are, decides to try different things. Then come the regular season we get people questioning the coaching staff for changing line combos. If they don’t try things now…when do they experiment?

  28. Beth – they’re $52 each. keep in mind tomorrow’s game is in Ottawa, the earliest Rangers home game is Monday night. if you’re still interested you can shoot me an e-mail at

    Kasper – I KNOW I just posted my e-mail address, but that’s not an invite to send me naked pics of yourself… AGAIN.

    Rob – I TOTALLY agree. Some years you can’t even look at the beginning of the season and judge what’ll happen, let alone camp or preseason… Look at Ottawa last year.

  29. “Kasper – I KNOW I just posted my e-mail address, but that’s not an invite to send me naked pics of yourself… AGAIN.”

    Now you going to treat me just like Renney and Sather do??!!

    Its OK, Jags has emails too and maybe cute little Chrepanov can be enticed to stay in russia as well…

  30. jeevs…I see the RW note now. This site is all screwed up for me today. damn video. (nice one on the ‘pics’.

    kaspar – this is what I see when you type: blah blah blah, nose, blah blah, golden locks, blah blah, $3mil, blah blah…. And I still want my $300 back for the auto’d gloves of yours I won in a silent auction a few years back!

  31. You forget blah blah blah OT winning goal on Hacek blah blah blah in game 7

    when was last game 7 for Rangers???

  32. well gee Kasper… When you were on the team, we didn’t really have a chance for a Game 7.

    and I have issues with the pics, because you need a TAN man… scrape together that 3M and invest in a tanning salon.

    by the way, Sam posted a tentative line-up for tomorrow night.

  33. Salty – I just to clarify: you said a couple months ago that the team would be making it to the third round, right? I just want everyone to remember how optimistic you are this season.

    Jeever – I might be interested if I was in New York. :(

    Good one, Staal Wart, but he doesn’t care.

    One more spot in the fantasy league! ID 13439, password rangers. The draft is on Tuesday, coincidentally during the game at TB. I made sure it wasn’t a home game!

  34. Potential lineup for Sat against the Sens is posted. Orr, Voros, and Byers all in.

    The Sens have Yablonsky and Carkner who are probably going to see icetime in that game. If so, Yabo is going to look to have a go with Colton Orr. Could be a barn-burner!

  35. To respond to yesterday (I forget who), we should hope that Zherdev will be expensive to sign since that means he will have done well this season. And if he is inexpensive, we probably won’t want to sign him anyway, based on expectations. There’s no scenario where I can see Zherdev on the Rangers next season unless one of the big contracts is traded, which it might have to be anyway to fill out a roster.

    Beer Me! – Maybe your work computer is actually doing its job somewhat in trying to block the video here! What a pity.

  36. Spider the more Mr. pushes his blog in our face the less likely I am to visit as are others here I’m sure.

  37. While I think Korpikoski is going to be a player (key phrase is going to be), Prucha and Cally should by no means have a short leash, just to make room for him…the guy played one game. If he comes up and does nothing, then you have to turn back to Prucha and Cally anyway and I’m big on just letting them play, pressure free. Granted when Cally got hurt and Prucha stepped in, their battle for a spot made Cally step his game up. In that instance, competition is good (guess that’s a contradiction). But you can’t have the two worrying that one mistake might land them on the bench, or in Hartford again. We need them to produce but they’ve earned a lot more than Korpi, just because they’ve been up here

  38. Sam, did you see what Larry Brooks saw? It’s great to get the opinion of a bunch of guys who weren’t there and who don’t like Larry (or do), but I’d rather read your thoughts on Z’s early performance.

  39. wow I REALLY hope Renney sticks to his guns and refuses Nedved for a younger guy. I’m all about 2nd chances and all, but he’s not worthy.

  40. “well gee Kasper… When you were on the team, we didn’t really have a chance for a Game 7”

    Jeev-when I joined the team you actually played in playoffs for first time in the millennium…..while I was playing in playoffs almost every year you guys were blogging about Yankees and Mets…

    So whats new with the new rock-star Zherdev today??

  41. Sam – why when i tried to post a couple of links in prior thread re the cap from globeandmail and espn the comments are awaiting moderation and still since last night. especially when Rucchin annoyingly posts his blog in every comment he posts.

  42. Not reason for concern “YET” ?

    That doesn’t sound too encouraging, Sam. Give us more on Zherdev, please..

  43. At least if the Rangers don´t win Stanley next season they will probably win the Victoria Cup in Bern because I saw a game of their oppenent of KHL Metallurg Magnitogorsk today against Ak Bars Kazan losing 5-3 at home via Internet..
    They shouldn´t be able to make the Rangers any trouble when the Rangers play a decent lineup!!!!
    I was dissapointed about the level of play in the KHL, that is no competion to the NHL!!!!

  44. its only the 2nd day of training camp… maybe Zherdev’s trying out new moves, or trying to show off too much right now, just to see what works… its not like he’s fighting for a roster spot, there’s really nothing to get too worked up about yet. I’ll worry more if/when he makes dumb moves in a game that counts, and it costs the rangers.

    LI Joe – I hate that story… I hope its not true. If Henrik’s knees are hurting ALREADY, we’re done.

  45. Eklund thinks Drury is gonna get the C today. Lol Renney said last night he’s thinking about going into the season with three A’s. This guy is a moron.

    It nice to see Renney wants to move some pieces to bring in Korpedo, that would be awesome. The kid just deserves it with the way h played in game 5, he hit, he scored, he just just good, and i want him on the roster.

    I feel bad for Shanny though, still waiting, not able to work with any team right now.

    Cant believe its only 1 day before hockey officially starts. Its only pre season but i love pre season, getting to see all the prospects playing with the players who will play with the Rangers, its awesome to see. Anisimov, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Korpedo, etc. Im really looking forward to it.

    Not only that, last pre season was a BRAWL FEST, massive fights. Shanny fought, Drury fought, Dubi fought a couple of times, Orr knocked out Boulerice, oh man then the line brawl with the Isles. Good times.

  46. I remember the Rangers/Isles game last year, with a ton of fights…. I remember being pissed cause it wasn’t on TV. at least in my area it wasn’t. I can’t wait.

  47. I had to watch that game on the internet. I hooked my laptop up to the big screen TV though Center Ice online was doing a freebie for preseason games.

  48. beer – i hope you’re right. but henrik did have some problem injury wise at end of playoffs and especially world cup or whatever that was called.

    re all those wanting their fav player on day 1. remember injuries can and will happen as they do every yr. people will get a chance at some point

  49. I remember in that game, the opening seconds Sutton threw a cheap shot elbow at Cally. I fuggin hate that guys guts. Orr gave him a beat down in the game, along with Simon. Even Pock b*tched around Hilbert, tossing him around like a rag doll. Then Simon, playing his first game even though he was still on suspension, gives Hollweg a cheap shot, by boarding him. The piece of sh*t that he is.

    Orr gave him a minor beat down early in the season, but its a shame he couldn’t do it again, since the 30 game suspension.

  50. LI Joe, I don’t know about you, but personally I’m hoping for a perfectly healthy year for the Rangers. ZERO games with manpower lost. It could happen, right?

  51. haha kaspar…I saw that yesterday on Hilarious. scary too.

    This is interesting…I don’t remember the guys name. But remember the rangers hired a new executive a month or so ago? Well that exec was the long time agent of one Mats Sundin. Its thought if he does come back, it would be in december. To me, thats plenty of time to know if your question marks are answered. If not…its still a possibility.

    Notice…I’m not offering an opinion here…yet.

    And I bet shanny is wishing he woulda asked for a 2yr deal last go-around eh? That’ll learn ya!

  52. dang, my company blocks streaming media at my computer… Kasper, my pale, non-clothed friend, fill me in.

  53. honestly – who cares if Zherdev doesn’t want to work for his job on the ice. He to can go back to Russia. He’s not a Ranger draft pick, I have no allegiance to him.

    There are plenty of wingers on this team. Callahan, Dawes, Fritche, Naslund, Prucha, Korpikoski, Voros, Weiss and Drury can play wing, while Dubi, Gomez, Betts and Rissmiller play center.

    Honestly, I’m not going to pout if Zherdev doesn’t want to compete. If you don’t want to compete in NYC, heck at the NHL level, then we have no need for you.

  54. orr – I agree…he shoulda just waived his NTC last year and tried to win one, and retire. He did carry on about not ‘approving’ of coming back 1/2 way through the season.

    Prediction: Flyers add Schneider before Monday morning.

    This is from my Rangers desk calendar. Some of you may have the same one…

    Its a little known fact that HOF RW Bobby Hull finished his playing career in a Rangers uni. He came to NY and scored a goal and an assist in 4 games at the Dagen Nyheter Cup Challenge in Sweden from 9/17 to 9/23, 1981.


  55. Jeev
    send the link home
    its a youtube video…..people singing happy songs on some 80’s religious show

    Cant explain much…send link home or go you youtube and type in “jesus is a friend of mine”

  56. Jeez Vogs, its only three days. In George Costanza’s words “Lets calm down, lets not get crazy !!!”

    I like what im hearing with this Weise kid. Who knows maybe we got one of the steal’s of the draft with him, and Grachev, i could only hope so. We need to get more stars out of the later rounds to make up for the ones we drafted in the 1st round, like Montoya, and Jessiman, and hopefully not Korpedo. But it would be nice if those two, along with Anisimov can really become something to seriously look forward to in the future.


    Del Zotto is going straight to the OHL, you just cant rush him, when he is done with the OHL he needs to go to Hartford, same with Sanguinetti this year, lets not rush these kids at all, there D men, gotta start them off slowly. Injuries will happen, so Potter, Pock, Sauer, Sanguinetti, Denison, who ever, they will get there shot eventually.

  57. kasper, I’ll check it out over the weekend and report back.

    you know, I’ve always heard that you can’t rush D-men, they need time to develop. I’ve grown to accept it. But why exactly do D-men need to develop, when offensive guys can be ready to go right away?

  58. beer me
    i was at the game at the meadowlands (kinda sorta) in 81 when he played with the rangers against the flyers
    the nhl didnt approve the trade or something
    my dad got a signed copy of the program from that “pre season” game…
    pretty friggen crazy…

  59. jeevs…Theres a lot of right answers to that question.

    Size is a simple answer. Decision making comes a little tougher for a dman. Its one thing to give a puck away in the offensive zone, another to do it in front of your own goalie. Pinching is another part of the decision making process.

  60. beer me
    hahaha yeah
    didnt think of it like that… been a thiong with the rangers i guess for a long time… hahaha

    tonight when i get home ill take a pic of it…

  61. honestly though if Sather signs Sundin Im going to be really pissed. Primadonna boy waits til maybe Decemebr? to “WANT’ to play hockey again, and at the price of 5-7mil?

    All the while Shanny is in the wings, who by this point is prob willing to take anywhere from 750-900K for a 1 year deal. ( if he isnt I think he already would have got another job)

    Either way I jsut want the Shanny and Sundin issue to be resolved and over with. I cant help but think about them both when contemplating the rangers future this year.

    so were all looking at, at least, til Sept 26th before they re-hire or ditch Shanny, and tell Sundin to go f himself.

    At least the preseason games will be a welcome distraction

  62. I just got off of the phone with my buddy, who I get tickets from, who’s going to Prague. He booked the flight and hotel himself and saved a bundle over the NYR package. Next he needed tiks. He called and called MSG until they told him that “cheap seats” were $260.00/each. I told him to call Tampa Bay. He just bought his tickets from the Lightning for $180.00/each for the “cheap seats”.

    I still live and die with this team, but they really know how to F their loyal fans. Sorry for being off topic, but I had to get it out.


    That’s not the case with Mats at all. He just doesn’t wanna jump the gun with any of these teams. Its obvious that this is his last year, and he wants to win a cup, so he’s gonna wait to see who’s hot in december, and who is worth signing with. He doesn’t wanna sign with Nyr if there dead last in December, that’s exactly what he’s trying to avoid. What an a-hole, piece of sh*t, after all the BS he said aboot wanting to be a team player, he doesn’t care aboot anybody but himself.

    I want Shanny back, but im really not in love with the idea of trading Pruchs now. For the 1st time in a long time, Pruchs us gonna get a real shot at playing on the top two lines, most likely 2nd or 3rd, but he’ll be playing with good players. Id HATE to see Pruchs do good with another team, that would just flat out suck.

    At this point i can care less aboot Mats, i just wanna see some hockey, and i want his team done !

    Naslund – Gomez – Dawes
    Zherdev – Drury – Prucha
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Korpikoski
    Orr / Voros – Betts – Sjostrom

    If anything, trade Freddy to make room for Korpedo to play, along with dumping someone else.

    Those are the lines i like, Dawes and Gomer have a little chemistry, and Gomer will be setting Nazzy and Dawesy up, and Dawes is a great passer, i never realized how good of a pass the kid can make, he set of Dru two times for awesome goals, that both would end up being gamw winners, one in the Habs game when we stormed back from beign down my 3, then in game 5 verse the devils. That line might do some serious damage. Then with the 2nd line, you have Nicky being the main man on the line, he’s gonna wanna control the puck, and he can set up Pruchs, and Dru, as well as be able to let those two pick up the garbage goals. The 3rd line is gonna be a fast hard working line with Dubi, Cally, and Korpedo, id love to see them work together. The 4th will do the usual, and without Hollweg, hopefully a lot less penalties.

    So if there’s no Mats, and no Shanny, what’s your lines ??

  64. I agree wholeheartedly, Rangers MANAGEMENT sucks. Rangers, the team, I’ll love forever.

    BUT, I can kinda understand that. If the Rangers and Lightning got the same amount of tickets, the demand for the Rangers tickets would be higher, so higher prices. For Tampa Bay, not as many fans would be interested, so they have to lower ticket prices to sell them off… I still don’t agree, but I can see their side.

  65. You all are forgetting Fritsche. I wanna see what this guy can do. Ideally I’d get rid of Rismiller to make room for Korpo but Rissmiller is a new toy. I hope Freddie Sjo doesn’t get waived but it looks like it’s going that way.

    How about a line of Dubi-Gomez-Zherdev? Dubi can do the dirty work and free up the third line center job for Anisimov who is good defensively, and showed some chemistry playing with Cally when they were together in HFD for a few weeks.

  66. “He just bought his tickets from the Lightning for $180.00/each for the “cheap seats”.”-22figure8

    Man, its like anything else…if you are loyal you get screwed if you’re a fly by night they beg you to go….

    Someone I work with made two trips last year for business and wanted watch hockey at each place… Toronto she paid $250 for a ticket to watch leafs vs Penguins (worst seat in the house)…then she went to Miami…they were selling 4 tix for $24( this included free coupons for 4 hot dogs and 4 sodas!!!)


  67. MIKEA

    That sounds good as well, but it all depends on who’s better in camp, and right now Korpedo is the one better suited for the job, cause from what i heard so far, Arty still needs to gain a little weight, or a little more muscle.

    I like Dubi, but he was pretty good on faceoffs during the season i think, and in the playoff Joe Mich said he was better than Dru, and Gomer. So if anything Arty should move to wing. Who knows, what will happen, but eventually if Arty turns out to be what we hope, then one of the two will have to move to wing. But i think Arty might be a year away still.

  68. Good points Orr. I’m headed to the game on Monday and while I’m a little disappointing I wont be seeing Cally/Dawes/Dubi/Del Zotto, i’m really excited to see Artie, Korpo, Fritsche, and Booby S.

    I’m throwing out ideas to get more size in the lineup on the top 3 lines; the Smurfs were a little before my time but this team needs a little more size at wing with speed and Dubi is an answer; he can still do faceoffs on the PK.

  69. Hey Orr:

    The rest of the boys are working their tails off and he’s dogging it? That say’s alot to me.

    Sorry bud, winners, competitors and professional’s don’t dog it on the ice. Not in the first week with their new team. This ain’t the 90’s any more where everyone hooks and holds.

    Sorry. Not a good sign.

    But like I said, I don’t care. Seems there was a reason why Hitchcock let his rear end go with such ease.

    We don’t need players who don’t want to compete each and every shift. We had one on our team the last few seasons, his name was Jagr, and I’ll tell you this, Zherdev ain’t Jagr.

  70. MikeA

    I agree with the line of Dubi – Gomez – Zherdev. Ive been thinking for a while now that 1 of our centers is gonna have to play wing.

    I really dont like Rissmiller but i see him possibly centering the 3rd line.

    Dubi – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Naslund
    Prucha – Riss – Callahan
    Voros/Orr – Betts – Sjostrom/Fritsche

  71. I like a line of Fritsche/Cally/Korpo with either Fritsche or Korpo centering. That would be the biggest pain in the you know what line to play against.

    Rissmiller. not a fan, a waste of a signing; although he does have a lot of hot blonde female friends who were at the Garden when they played the Sharks last year. Hopefully they show up and I can use the “I remember you from section 406” pickup line…..

  72. Id prefer Fritsche over Rismiller, and so far, in camp it seems like Fritsche is doing well, but it all depends on pre season. If Korp isn’t making that 3rd line, and Arty either, then id prefer Fritshce with Cally and Pruchs, with Dubi on that top line.

  73. guitar…

    yeah, but then again TPS is slow on their website.

    and i guess its just the new design on the r10s, if thats the pad hes wearing

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