Training camp notebook, Sept. 18 edition


Update, 1:23 p.m.: Tom Renney said he’s planning on playing first round draft pick Michael Del Zotto in some exhibition games, perhaps as early as Saturday night in Ottawa.

“I’d like to do some research on what their roster’s going to look like so he can survive a game,” Renney said with a laugh. “But he’ll play. He’ll play some games.”

Update, 12:56 p.m.: Petr Prucha on the trade rumors swirling around him the last few seasons: “If you read some of the articles in the newspapers, they said I was actually gone already. That’s not good for your confidence, but I was trying not to think about. That’s not always 100 percent possible, but I don’t think it hurt my game.”

Update, 12:48 p.m.: You’re right. The last couple of targets for disgruntled Rangers fans have been defensemen, and heaven knows if Wade Redden starts giving the puck away like Marek Malik did on occasion, you’ll hear the boos all the way to Staten Island.

My point is that Redden is too solid a defenseman to allow that to happen. I still have a hard time with the salary, mostly because “solid defensemen” don’t normally get paid more than $6 million a season. But I don’t see him drawing enough attention to himself to solicit boos.

Update, 11: 43 a.m.: I think everyone, myself included, thought the Rangers overpaid for Wade Redden when they locked him into a six-year, $39 million deal. But now what’s done is done, and Redden — playing alongside Dan Girardi — indeed appears to be an upgrade. I like Redden’s puck-handling and his ability to make the simple but effective first pass. And I like the fact that he’s willing to absorb a hit — and there have been plenty the first two days — to make a play.

The question has been raised how Redden will fare in New York given the pressure of his new contract. My expectation is he’ll be fine, because defensemen are different. When Chris Drury came here last year, the problem early on is you didn’t notice him enough. With defensemen, other than on the power play, being noticed isn’t necessarily a good thing. So even if Redden needs time to find his footing, he can still do so without being crucified.

Update, 11:01 a.m.: Scrimmage is over. Blue wins 3-1, with Scott Gomez sealing the win with a goal in the second period.

Curiously, a handful of players, including Lauri Korpikoski and Dan Fritsche, were tested out with Gomez and Zherdev while Naslund dropped down to play with Blair Betts and Colton Orr. I don’t  think either of those players are serious candidates to play on that line. But it is an opportunity to see what they could with upper echelon players.

While hardly dominant, both acquitted themselves well.

I’m not the only one impressed by the speed of the workouts so far. “It does seem faster, doesn’t it?” Tom Renney said while watching from behind the glass.

Update, 10:26 a.m.: If it’s possible to be playing at an even quicker pace than yesterday, today’s scrimmage has ramped up the RPMs. Perhaps it’s the infusion of prospects, including forwards Artem Anisimov, Andreas Jamtin, And Dale Weise, as well as first round draft pick defensemen Bobby Sanguinetti and Michael Del Zotto.

Weise, a fourth round draft pick, scored the first goal for Blue, and almost added another later in the opening period.

The line of Nikolai Zherdev-Scott Gomez-Markus Naslund continued to fly, although not without incident. After trying to make a move heading into the offensive zone, Zherdev coughed up the puck to Chris Drury headed the other way. A pass found Nigel Dawes, who rifled a shot high stick side on Henrik Lundqvist.

Blue regained the lead after Dan Fritsche toasted Michal Rozsival on the outside, and then beat Stephen Valiquette. This is all the more noteworthy seeing how I had just remarked to someone that Fritsche hadn’t really shown me much so far. I have vowed to not talk the rest of the day.

Earlier: We’re off to a late start thanks to traffic, some wireless issues, and the fact that the Rangers rookies, fresh from Traverse City, have booted us from the media room.

Blue and White are about to scrimmage, but in the meantime, here’s a “link to my newspaper story on Nikolai Zherdev”:

And here’s Larry Brooks’ story in which he touches on a “potential battle for spots on the fourth line”:

A quick thought on this: It’s true, Tom Renney said he wanted more production out of his fourth line. And it’s also true that the words “Blair Betts” and “offense” are rarely used in the same sentence, unless that sentence also includes the phrase “doesn’t provide much”.

But my guess is that as much as he wants more goals out of his fourth unit, Tom Renney isn’t willing to sacrifice responsible two-way play. And for all of Betts’ shortcomings, he is still the Ranger’s best defensive forward (and a top penalty killer, another important area now that Martin Straka, and very likely, Brendan Shanahan are gone).

As well as he supposedly played in Traverse City, Artem Anisimov is still probably physically a year away from being an NHL player. And I still think Petr Nedved was brought in more as a courtesy to the veteran than to actually compete for a job.

I  wouldn’t call Betts a lock for a job, but I do think it’s more likely Renney tries to surround Betts with wings who have more scoring touch, which will be interesting seeing how the coach obviously also values Colton Orr.

More in a bit…

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  1. “another important area now that Martin Straka, and very likely, Brendan Shanahan are gone”

    very likely? I thought the feeling was that he was probably going to be resigned?

  2. Sam, just out of curiosity, How does NEdved look?

    Does he look like he’s competeing and trying to impress Renney and Sather, or just playing like he knows he won’t have a shot at a job?

    Also no word on Shanny Im assuming?

  3. Thanks again sam, this is a great fix after the summer of Sundin.

    How do the kids from last season look? Dawes, Dubi, Cally and Staal?


    I know their situations are vastly different but still; its an embarrassment to have Nedved there and Shanny walking the streets.

  4. Just got finished watching the Rangers prospect game against Tampa, they looked really good. Sanguenetti can really carry the puck over the line and so can DelZotto. I love what they do also, they just go for homerun passes, and with like Zheredev added to the lineup with speed it should be pretty sweet to watch if they both got a chance to shine one day in MSG

  5. repost

    beer – they could always do an Anaheim with a vet salary or even better pull a kaspar on someone next yr.

    somerset – LA has several recent top end draft picks who are dmen. they could have picked up Schneider off waivers but didn’t. If they trade O’Sullivan it will be for other young assets not Rozy.

  6. i was really hoping AA would be ready to make the team outta maybe that wasnt a real expectation…i dont know… but do you guys think that if AA doesnt make it hell atleast be called up during the year? but then again who knows what theyd be looking to fill for a call up…i dont know …sorry for rambling

  7. also do you think Sanguenetti has a shot at all or would it be dumb to have him as a 7th and stunt his growth

  8. cmb, I’m guessing he will stay down for regular playing time, rahter then come up and be stuck with few minutes (kind of how bobby S will be treated) They will log serious minutes in Hartford and be ready next year… but then again who knows what could happen…

    btw, over at there is going to be a live blog… Daniel Akeson of the Hockey News along with writers from Ranger Naiton will be there, and Dancing Larry. Its tonight at 8 eastern time, for any of you who will want a hockey fix later tonight. They were inspired becuase they came to the one here and had a good time…

    hint hint Sam… please have another live blog… we really appreciate your keeping us so informed!!

  9. joe – They’ll figure it out somehow I guess. I know its too early to discuss. But it worries me.

    I think overall, the TEAM will have more grit this year than last. Not necessarily on an individual basis, but there’s some spread around. I love Orr-zy, but he adds very little against teams outside of the Atlantic Div. Voros isn’t the best fighter. But he certainly adds more offense in Orr’s place.

    What a tough job it’ll be to narrow this group of players down to 23 or so.

  10. SAM – Can you ask Renney if he has an idea of how many spots are really being battled for?

    I’m assuming there’s got to be about 15-17 players already penciled into the roster.

  11. Beer Me!-“What a tough job it’ll be to narrow this group of players down to 23 or so.”

    i know who even knows whatll happen. we have so many filler guys the line combos are anyones guess at this point. i guess all in all im just thankful hockey season is starting again. Thank God!

  12. Good experience for Zherdev, he needs to learn (as Renney stated yesterday) when and how to distribute the puck better. He’ll get there, and when he does, he’ll be a superstar for this team.

  13. I like that Zherdrev is lining up against Drury, becuase he is defensive and will exploit when Zherdev misses the puck, thus making sure it is brought to attention.

  14. Li Joe …

    Agreed, i just dont think Schneider is a good defensive D-man (plus he’s 39). Rozy is way better defensively and just turned 30.

    I’ll stop proposing trades !!

    Im new to this site this summer and dont want to piss-off the regulars with my off-the-cuff hair-brain trade proposals!!

    * I just know Sather stalled that same offer for Rozy for a couple of months before finally giving it to him and there’s rumors that Sather has a hard-on for O’Sully. *

  15. beer – i agree that they’ve boxed themselves in salary cap wise. I don’t think Sather and co really look long term with regard to the cap. Which is a big reason I don’t want Shanny coming back with bonus deferred contract if players ever ratify. Once they do ratify, bonus deferrals are back in play even if it is for the 09-10 season.

    I don’t think it’s too early to discuss either especally since you usually have good thoughts on things.

  16. Well, as far as next years cap is concerned, we can only speculate so much. Who knows if there’s anything in store for roster changes over the next week or so. And after that…changes BY or ON deadline-day.

    I don’t remember where I read it, but a columnist the other day mentioned something along the lines of: “if they don’t make it past the second round, is sather done in NY?”

    It SHOULD be a possibility, but knowing this organization…it’s not.

  17. somerset – sorry for the edge in some (maybe most) of my comments to you. guess I have a pet peeve that people in NY in general just look at things totally from the ny point of view and usually propose things strongly in favor of ny teams. sort of like every top end free agent in baseball should sign with the ny teams.

    so don’t stop with the passion including trade rumors. i’ll try to be better in my rebuttals.

  18. AWESOME to hear that Renney is pleased with the speed (and assumed work ethic) thats seen in camp so far. Too early to tell, but so far, the ‘younger and faster’ mantra is off and running.

  19. Looking at our roster we have a lot of guys who are RFA’s:
    at the end of this season;
    Zherdev, Prucha, Fritsche, Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Sjostrom
    UFA’s: Orr, Betts, Rissmiller, Kalinin, Mara and Pock.

    Season after that we have Girardi and Staal as RFA’s, Naslund as a UFA.

    Slats is going to need his negotiating hat on to keep that lot under the cap and we could be subject to a few offer sheets if someone has a good year….

  20. Its a sneek attack MATT! Relax. It looks like it was either that, or don’t skate him at all.

    It was just to make room to evaluate the other guys skating with Gomer. So there’s ONE reason. ONE.

  21. ugh… I hope the Rangers don’t do what they did 2 years ago… Have a guy on the team that’s either on the 1st line or scratched each night. I hope Fritchse (HOWEVER its spelled) doesn’t become the next Marcel Hossa or Brad Isbister.

  22. Beer Me,

    Why not put naslund with guys he could potentially play with. I have no problem moving guys around. But dont put guys together that should NEVER be together.

  23. There’s guys in camp that will never even play in the NHL. There’s Nedved bewteen 2 guys that will probably both be regulars. It was the end of a scrimmage in preseason. Don’t read too much into it, that’s all.

  24. Sam made the point of how Redden might not get judged as bad (base don his contract, as opposed to a guy like Drury), because he’s on defense…

    But the last few guys to get singled out by the crowd have been Poti, Malik, and Backman. Us Rangers fans notice bad D. Hopefully that won’t be the case with Red-ster though.

  25. haha…speaking of that Jeever. Did anyone catch the remark from the announer of the TC game last night? Saying that ‘ranger fans love to single out a guy each year…’. He was totally right. Right or wrong, its true.

  26. haha I missed that comment, but its true… I REALLY wonder what would happen if we had a team where everybody performed well, and nobody could get booed… I predict a mass exodus in the Garden. we LIVE for that.

  27. lol jeever thank God with Sather we won’t have to worry there will always be someone, no matter how well, not living up to his contract…

    but yea I don’t think many would know what to do with themsleves…

  28. There was recent discussion of terminating the current CBA by the NHLPA, and the ‘deadline’ to decide.

    This is an excerpt from Jim Kelly artcile a few weeks back.

    “Should the players decide to opt out, they would have to notify ownership by May 18, 2009. Kelly is on record as saying they would inform the league of their decision before that date, but the big unknown is what would happen should they opt to kill the deal. Theoretically, the players could play to the end of this upcoming season, but prepare to strike the playoffs (they’ve done that once before) or owners could opt to take the non-contract vote as a reason to start plans for another lockout, likely for the start of 2009-10.”

  29. “ranger fans love to single out a guy each year”

    While this is true; it is also AS true that Ranger hans single guys out for being BAD and GOOD…..

    Where else could Sean Avery become a rock-star? Messier become a “Messiah” and Graves get hi number retired….we are hard on them and we celebrate them as well

    Touching aren’t I?

  30. wow the santimentality is coming out of the Lituanian today… I’m touched.

    You’re looking for an invite to training camp, aren’t you?

  31. Beer-I’m touching a little stanley cup ( from an old Bobby Hull” hockey game I had as a kid

    Jeev-I tried that already….Sather keeps changing his cell# on me

  32. Im kinda hoping Pruchs gets one last shot with the team this season. If they wanna re sign Shanny, hopefully they can figure some way to clear the space without Pruchs getting traded, but that’s not likely. Or Slats can be thinking, don’t sign Shanny, and just let Pruchs play, and sign Mats at some point later in the season, which it seems like this bald headed a-hole is gonna do, unless he decides in two or three days that he wants to play hockey again.

    I just have a bad feeling that Pruchs will put up 30 goals again, with another team. To me he’ll never score more than 30, but id take a 30 goal scorer on this team any day. Even if he scores 20-25, i don’t care.

  33. And I have a baaad feeling Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev wont work to well together. I still think Zherdev should play with Dru, and maybe Pruchs, with Dawes on the top line.

    Hopefully they do work well together, but id rather have Dru playing with a known dangerous winger, like Nazzy, or Nicky.

  34. “not another lockout…not a strike… :’(”

    Agr- I bought into the owner’s sad song last time and hoped that these poor-broke men would re-introduce an NHL with less teams…(24 is a good number.) I was hopefull because they spoke of their dire financial conditions and low revenue teams losing tens of miliions every year and about to go belly up!!…

    However we were all lied to.

    They were never broke, never about to go under and when they returned it was all 30 teams ( with more soon to come)
    so the Rangers play 20 games a year against “Lightning” and “Hurricanes” and “Panthers” …oh my!

    if they close it down again, I dont think they can get us all back again….

  35. Kaspar that what I’m afraid of… no I don’ buy that the owners were going broke, well acutally I know that Nashville was but those southeners on Broadway loved their team so much they banded together and all the bars along the way chipped in and are partial owners, the ones that did have signs in their windows (or did last year) saying to support the Preds…

    but I’m afraid if they closed down again the fas would be turned off and the player would just go elswhere…

  36. kaspar – totally agree about 24 teams being good. and sounds like you said 2 more on the way in next few yrs. every other business other than sports is seeing contraction in number of entities. as usual another good post by you

  37. who referees the scrimmages they have in camp? Do they use local refs? I wonder how they do after refereeing mostly knock hockey games around here? anybody know?

  38. Read on Blueshirts Bulletin that Sjostrom has had a terrible first two days of camp. I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t make the team. Does he have options left? If not I could see a team like the Panthers picking him up. Anismov is better off playing 20 minutes than playing on the 4th line and playing 8-10 minutes. Uhh Sam Betts back in 05-06 he played alot with Prucha and Ward guess what he still got nothing doing on the offensive end. In 06-07 Renney insanely gave him a chance to play with Shanny and that threw Shanny’s play in the toilet. If the 4th line spot is Nedved vs Betts I’d lean toward Nedved(if he has anything left) Nedved was a good pker and faceoff guy plus he might add some offense. Hell I’d take Rissmiller over Betts as the 4th line center. Nice to here Fritshe is having a good camp.

  39. do you guys think the website will eventually put up some videos of the scrimmages/practice? i really hope so. im sure we would all love to watch and see whats going on.

  40. Beer-thanks for the link…I like THAT league
    LIJ-thanks for the compliment

    There is a lot of talk up in Canada ( crazy talk as it is) that Canadiens will start their own league if they cant wrestle back some control of “their sport” from the American money men…you can read blogs on TSN.CA for instance…if there were ever another lockout…who knows maybe they’ll do it

  41. cmb – they had it last year, surprised not yet this year.

    kaspar – It’s been tried in the past. I doubt it would ever fly. Canadians are rightfully loyal to their country. But 75% (or more) of the NHL is Canadian. I don’t see Canadian-born players leaving their lifstyles here to go play up there. Just wouldn’t work.

    Read the same about Sjostrom. Sam, do you agree that he’s looked horrible? Hey…it makes slats and renney’s job a WHOLE LOT easier if he takes himself out of the running for a spot.

  42. I wouldn’t read to much into BB, for all you know Freddy didn’t wanna get interviewed by Dubi, and now Dubi is gonna bash him endlessly, cause that’s the kind of classles guy Dubi is.

    I might be wrong, but doesn’t have some video of camp ?? On the Rangers On Demand thing.

  43. I like Freddy, but i thought re-signing him was a minor mistake, i didn’t think he’d be tough to re-sign, but he got a little pissy with his contract from what i heard, but somehow got resigned. I don’t know, i was just hoping to see Korpedo, at least make the team, but he’s gonna have to bust his ass like you wouldn’t believe to steal a spot from one of the guys. Even so, id want him on the 3rd line, not with Betts, and Voros.

    Id love to see a line of…

    Callahan / Prucha – Dubinsky – Korpikoski

  44. I have read at other Rangers sites that Sjopstrom has struggled mightily as well. Korpikowski likely won’t make the team because he’d make over a mil if Voros and Rissmiller weren’t signed along with the trade for Fritshe he’d be a lock. I read that Fritshe has looked great on a line with Cally and Dubi. That is a very gritty line.

  45. On Freddy Sjo

    he had around 10 goals with the Coyote before coming to NYR…he only scored 2 with us but he was playing with the HBO’s of the world….might as well had rugby players on his line….

    Give’m a chance..good speed, hits a little, and hey! 12 goals…..

  46. and gives Henrik a buddy on the team. Naslund is a family man so might increase Henrik’s comfort zone with a fellow young swede in Sjo

  47. I agree with the others, I would LOVE contraction… There’s teams that don’t draw fans, don’t compete, and drag down the entire league, not to mention diluting the talent pool. Once again though, Bettman would rather pull the ENTIRE league down instead of recognizing mistakes like Phoenix, Florida, and others…

    Contraction would even solve other problems… All those guys who have jobs that are goons with no talent? They’d be out of jobs because you could replace them with actual SCORERS. I can’t wait until I get to be commissioner.

  48. Imo guys like Fritshe and maybe even Voros have more to offer. I suspect Korpikowski will claim a spot in the midseason (like Dawes did last year)I read that Jessiman has struggled(huge shocker there) the guy needs to find a new profession. Imo he has not earned a penny since the Rangers(stupidly) drafted him. Oh btw Mike Richards named Flyers captain. Think Sather would want a mulligan for the ’03 draft?

  49. haha sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to COMPLETELY contradict you. (12:48 update) I hope Redden comes out of his Ottawa funk and kicks ass for us. However, I CAN see Rozie being the next one to be booed constantly.

    Good point LI Joe… The Rangers seem to get their “Superstar”, then surround him with countrymen, so Sjostrom could stick around. That’s twice I’ve agreed with you today. I’m not used to that.

  50. Sam,

    I realize that it’s probably incredibly difficult to respond to individual comments, but I do know–the good guy that you are–you do read the majority of them, so maybe there’s a chance.

    You’ve given several updates on Petr Prucha, but today’s bit was obviously less focused on his play today. How does he look out there?

    Thanks for the awesome coverage regardless of whether you get the chance to respond. You’re doing some great work.


  51. agree with sjo and naslund helping keep hanks comfort zone intact. He’s a goalie…they’re all crazy.

    there’s another swede available ya know…. hehe.

  52. Please Lundqvist was greaty his first two and half years without a fellow swede he’ll be more than fine without Sjostrom.

  53. Lol, i love it when someone says Korpik”cow”ski. Im not making fun of you, but it just sounds funny, to bad that’s not how his name is pronounced. If it was, and he was fat, he would be going through hell.

    Lol, and i don’t get Nyr fans, you all bitched and moaned aboot Jagr and his “country men”, and blah blah, now you want the same thing for Hank ? The guy has done pretty well with only one other swede besides himself the last three seasons. Maybe we should be more worried aboot Zherdev, how many other Ukranian players are out there unsigned ?

  54. oh I’m not saying Henrik can’t play without countrymen… But the Rangers organization seems to do that. 1st they got Jagr who did great. Then they surrounded him with Czechs. Now Henrik’s been great, so they have to give him Swedes to hang with and listen to ABBA.

    No Beer. Just say NO to Sundin.

  55. I would personally credit the Rangers failure in the playoffs to not having enough “Lith”s in the line-up.

  56. 1st thing is ability and team chemistry on who makes team and plays where. in event its close than Sjo being swedish might come into play. obviously if he can’t play thats another thing. he is fast and in mid 20’s so lets see how it plays out.

  57. “I’ve got to try some size up there, that’s the issue I’ve got now,” Renney said when asked about the lack thereof. “Certainly (Aaron) Voros and (Patrick) Rissmiller would love that opportunity. Who knows what they might have to offer with some bigger bodies and some NHL experience. I think the next step is to get those guys into those locations through practices and games moving forward so we give ourselves a chance to assess that.”
    That’s extremely true. And another problem we had last year. The balanced attack is what we’re missing. Size, speed, ability. One more reason to possibly move Prucha, cally, or dawes. Sjo, Voros, rissmiller, orr…all 6’+

  58. “Too bad they can’t clone Dubi”


    the best things I’m reading last two days speak of ‘how much faster and up tempo” the scrimmages are…….

    Now, not having me around helps that just a little but thats what really impressing me from the reports and what I’m hoping for this season..

  59. Beer Me! – I’m glad someone else has noticed our trouble for next season. That’s why I think it was a big mistake to give Redden any contract. At this point, I would guess it’s goodbye to Zherdev (too expensive next season), Rissmiller, Fritsche, and Sjostrom (unless he takes a pay cut) after this season. I guess they’re hoping that someone out of Dawes, Prucha, Dubinsky, and Callahan will find a way to carry the load on the first two lines, along with Anisimov up and Cherepanov over. I’m guessing Dubinsky will get over $1M, Dawes around that, Callahan, Betts, Orr, and Prucha about the same, but this is just based on my guesses for these players’ achievements next season. They will likely have to pay Cherepanov at least $2M, and I don’t know about Anisimov, still below $1M, I guess. So let’s say the cap is at $57M, that leaves about $8M to sign two wings, possibly needed second-line quality, at least third, two defensemen, and a backup goaltender, and that will just be to put a full team out there, not accounting for anybody we need on the bench. The conclusion? I foresee a trade of Rozsival or Redden, if they don’t have NTCs.

    Agravaine – Yeah, DirecTV changed all of their sports channels around a couple months ago. I don’t understand why.

  60. I think we’re royally f’ed as far as the cap next year… that’s why I’m trying not to think aboot it. Maybe we’ll win the Cup this year, and everybody will take a discount to play with us, so we can repeat multiple times.

  61. Here is a little game; “Name the player and how much he is making”

    He is a center.In his first three seasons he TOTALED 40G 40A AND PLUS

    his next three seasons;
    2006 22G 22A +23
    2007 22G 26A +15

  62. Here is a little game; “Name the player”

    He is a center.In his first three seasons he TOTALED 40G 40A AND PLUS

    his next three seasons;
    2006 22G 22A +23
    2007 22G 26A +15
    2008 23G 24A -10

    He is very good defensive player and pretty good faceoff guy

    This player gets $6M a year

  63. Spider let’s see what Zherdev does before saving he’s too expensive. If he scores 30+ goals we’ll all want him locked up long term.

  64. You re right its Fischer

    I read an article saying he will be paid $6M this year…i like him, he’s tough but SIX MILLION!!!

    I’m just trying to get a handle on rangers future cap space that beer and Spider and others were going back and forth with earlier….22 g and 24 A ave and $6M….

    What if Dubi scores 25 goals this year?

  65. “What if Dubi scores 25 goals this year?”

    Which is why I want him to play well…..but not ‘great’. In comparison to the rest of the team, I don’t really care about the wingers. ANY of them. They’re all replaceable.

  66. i can’t see any of our young uns getting $ 6 mm per yr starting next yr at least. was Fischer a total free agent or when would he be? Dubi might be restricted – I think in arbitration he could get $ 3 mm maybe $ 4 mm if he has a really good yr.

    no doubt some of the contracts are too large and too many yrs. but after next yr a guy like Naslunds contract ends. it would seem at some point 1 of the large contracts will have to be moved but probably 2 years away at least unless they move Rozy in 1 yr.

    the devs moved someone a couple of yrs ago and had to throw in a number 1 pick to entice the buyer.

    worst case they can park a contract in ahl but that leads to morale and other issues.

    for sure they can’t keep expectiing the cap to go up in these economic times.

  67. beer – unless zherdev is as advertised when drafted he might be the keeper but could be rough with russian league as competition

    jeever – did you used to post under a diff name here?

  68. LI Joe – nope, always been Jeever, but I started posting semi-recently, maybe around playoffs last year, so April-ish? Do I remind you of somebody?

    and the guy the Devils had to move was none other than ex-ranger, Malakhov. that was great. “we trade you this massive contract and a 1st round pick for… a handshake?”

  69. orr, thats been my whole motivation all along in trying to show why shanny shouldnt be signed, as id rather give prucha a legit chance that trade him just to resign an older player. in my opinion if its prucha or shanny, id pick prucha every time.
    now if its shanny or sjostrom id probably take shanny. sjostrom is another marcel hossa, jason ward….not terrible players but players who did nearly live up to their hyp when drafted. and everyone bashes jessiman, but id rather he get a chance than keep giving other teams equivalent to jessiman chances over here

  70. Remember when I called up Sather to complain about something and he yelled “shut up and play with kids in Hartford or I wont pay you the $3m and I said

    “Hey! I’m just kidding slats..I’m not Kaspar I’m that guy Malokhov; Bye!”

  71. Wasn’t Freddy Sjo’s issue that he wanted a 2 year contract at $550-600k per, but his qualifying offer was $840k and for some reason they couldn’t reach agreement on the longer deal.
    Does this mean the team is not completely sold on him?

    I thought he was one player who seemed to adapt best to the line he was on (checking or scoring). I think given a chance on 2nd or 3rd lines he could pop in 15+ goals.

  72. jeever – i knew you were relatively new and also some regular names stopped posting although maybe they will when things really heat up. and with the comment you had earlier about usually disagreeing with my points i thought you might have been one of those. but did not want to be presumptuos so did not guess names. glad i didn’t since i would have been wrong.

  73. i didn’t remember butting heads with you (certainly not a lot) but i could be wrong. even thought you were very funny a couple of times.

  74. If Dubi, and Zherdev go on to have a huge year, and they want a nice payday, then Rozi’s contract will suck even more. That’s why i don’t mind all these Sundin rumors, cause it would mean no Rozi. Having Mats for a year isn’t bad at all, cause when the year is up we can put that money towards the players that we need to resign.

    Ugh, i wish i can just fall asleep and wake up on saturday, just before 7:00 PM.

  75. Orr – they can still trade Rozy next yr if need be also would mean 1 less yr on the contract for the buyer to absorb. no need for Sundin.

  76. Fisher’s contract is front-loaded. His actual cap-hit is 4.2 million, not bad for an all-around guy would will probably score 25-30 for the next 5 years. I don’t mind paying a guy during his best years rather than paying a guy for what he did in the past.

  77. thanks LI Joe.

    I agree Orr, I’d rather have Sundin for a year and no Rozie… But I’d MUCH rather have neither. I can just wake up every morning and hope we traded Rozie for… well ANYTHING.

  78. Pierre thanks for clearing that up….of course he’s never scored 25 yet :)

    He is one of my favorite players though, good all-around game like you said and backs down from nobody, saw him whip some guy from Carolina ( their resident pest, cant remember his name… maybe its Walker)the guy wouldn’t stop pushing Fish, even though Fish wears a visor and finally Fish had enough and WOMP!….and I agree 100% with what you said about paying for the prime years….unlike the Redden contract which…well, you know….

  79. SAM Redden has to earn that contract here in the present and future, not for his past . He’s being paid to be their #1 D man. The ‘new’ Malik is Kalinin who doesn’t even deserve a spot over Pock or Potter. Is that disgruntled enough?

  80. see part about marcus nilson. looks like way to get out from under the cap especially for european players who would be more inclined to go

    this is from slapshot blog

    “Marcus Goes Loko: We’ve recently been following the case of Marcus Nilson, the Flames forward who didn’t seem to fit in the team’s plans any longer but who didn’t want to skate the final year of his contract in the AHL. So delicate negotiations ensued and, as Randy Sportak in the Calgary Sun reports, the team has succeeded in coming up with a plan that would allow Nilson to leave the enchanting Bow River region for the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl Rivers so he can play in the KHL.

    Here’s the deal, according to Sportak (and some additional info we’ve researched with some remedial help from the NHL Communications Department; it’s a bit complicated): The Flames will put Nilson on waivers not once, but twice — once yesterday (and he cleared today) and once again after Sept. 27, to see if another NHL club will take him. If he clears both times, they’ll let him go to the KHL If Nilson is claimed by another NHL club, he can’t go, but the Flames are off the hook for his salary.
    The post-Sept. 27 waiver is required for any player being loaned to another club, according to the CBA.
    If he goes to the KHL, the Flames will have to pay his salary for this season, which is $1 million (and Loko will also pay him), unless they can negotiate with Loko to pick up all or part of it, but regardless, it won’t count against the cap, which is what the Flames wanted to achieve.
    In the absence of a transfer agreement, the Flames (as the Devils did with Marcus’s potential new Loko teammate Vishnevski) have figured out a way to allow a player under contract to go to the KHL without breaking any rules. Amazing. It helps if the player wants to go and the team and the team is happy to let him go.
    (We’re kinda confused as to why Vishnevski didn’t have to wait to clear waivers after Sept. 27 before he could play for Loko, and we spent a long time trying to figure it out.”

  81. I really hope to see Pock get the 6th D man spot. Kalinin scares me something terrible, something like flashes of Malik. Sags is so young, why rush him in if he’s not ready? Pock can be a steady guy, and our defensive core is sturdy. Our goaltending is second to none in the league with Hank AND Vali. I’d say things are looking up.

    I would mind losing Betts. Sure, good penalty killer and defensibly responsible. But there’s no room for players that have no offensive ability whatsoever. We still have Drury, sign Shanny, keep Orr for demolishing haters, and get them a center (or a wing who will move over)

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