Shanahan still in flux. Does it now get complicated?


It has been very easy for Brendan Shanahan to mix in seamlessly with the rest of the Rangers during the days before training camp. Guys show up at the rink, skate and workout, then go home. It hasn’t been terribly complicated.

But now that stands to change. According to the team and Shanahan’s agent Rick Curran, the veteran right wing remains unsigned this afternoon. That obviously could change at any moment, but there’s a very good chance Shanahan will still be a free agent when training camp officially opens tomorrow. (Update: For the record, Shanahan did not take part in the team’s annual golf outing today).

So where does that leave him?

When I asked Curran if Shanahan would show up at the rink tomorrow even if he was unsigned, the agent declined to answer. So did a Rangers spokesman. Again, it could be a moot point if Shanahan and the team come to terms before tomorrow. But if not, there is the chance that A) Shanahan shows up and, like Petr Nedved, agrees to take part in camp without any commitment from the team; or B) he doesn’t show up and waits to see if a deal is struck.

Either way, given Shanahan’s repeated statements that he wants to play for the Rangers first and foremost, the leverage seems to lie with the team. But even then, the Rangers might have too many balls in the air to be able to get anything done.

Stay tuned…


In other news, I mentioned I covered the Jets-Pats game yesterday. Good times. Well, except for regurgitating the pre-game buffet midway through the second quarter. And the two hours it took to get back across the George Washington Bridge on the way home. Those were not so good times.

Anyway, my colleague and friend Jane McManus has taken over the beat this year, and for a football blog, “hers is actually pretty entertaining”: Of course, I would recommend using words like “puck,” and “cross-checking” more often. But it’s still worth a look.

Check it out “here”:

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    “Rozsival and/or Prucha traded (if needed for Sundin) to:
    LA. – O’sullivan and/or D. Armstrong
    TB. – J. Jokinin, Ouellet and/or Ranger
    Atl – C. Armstrong and/or Perrin
    Nas – Nichol, Tootoo, and/or V. Koistinen
    Phx – Z. Michalek and/or Carcillo (my favorite)”

    I love all the trades. Id prefer Ranger in that TBL deal, since he’s a D-man. Then with the Thrashers, i would LOVE to have Colby Armstrong. I always liked the kid, he has heart, and put him Dubi, and Callahan on one line, and that would be exciting. Also i love the Preds deal, ive always been a fan of Tootoo, yeah maybe he throws cheap shots, but sometimes you gotta throw them so nobody throws them at your team. With Tootoo here, Pruchs would get less elbows in the face. But my favorite is yours as well, Michalek. and Carcillo for sure, it seems like a fair trade, and like you said a few weeks ago, it seems like there winning in the deal.

    Hopefully these tuesday deadline rumors are true, but i doubt it. But when i buy NHL 09, i don’t feel like waiting to start a franchise, so Shanny, and Mats need to get signed.

  2. Shanahan showed so much leadership last season and was in the top 5 in scoring on the team even with injuries. He clearly wants to play here and the team clearly needs some veteran leadership….so what the issue here

    ‘Just talked to a source in NY who confirmed with me that, “Something appears to be up with the Rangers.”

    I just checked with Ecklund and he confirmed to me that his source is ……

    ORR !!! What Is It Good FOR !!!

    Havent seen him around today….have you?

  4. I love the article on Voros at I was excited when Nyr signed him, and now im even more excited. That guys out of his mind, carrying a home made Stanley Cup around Vancouver back in 94, with all the Ranger names on it. I had no idea he was a Ranger fan. Thats awesome. I cant wait to see him play, im not expecting him to turn into a pure goal scorer, but who knows, maybe he can replace Avery’s 15 goals, you never know.

    Cant wait till Saturday !!

  5. orr – i think eklunds was kidding. poking fun at eklund not you.

    i’m keeping fingers crossed no shanny and no sundin

  6. This Shanny situation is pretty disgraceful and a distraction for the team. It’s also becoming boring as hell as a fan. Finish him! Or not! Whatever. Let’s move on.

  7. Chris

    i trhink they’re waiting on players ratifying which not sure when that would be. then they can give shanny what he wants. in my guess $ 3mm with at least 1/2 deferred to next yr. so i’m hoping no ratification happens to protect the Rangers from a big mistake impacting the 09-10 cap.

  8. I see Shanny showing up signed or not…

    Wouldn’t that be in keeping with his attitude thus far?

    He’s not showing his cards or anything by showing up… he’s already done that.

  9. I think Sam is just stirring ip controversey but at least he didn’t say “and oh yeah….two guys named Wang and Snow keep hanging around Shanny’s agent!!”

  10. If Shanny stays it will be for the minimum. He OWES the Rangers. There should be no sympathy for Shanny. He should consider last years $$$$ an advance on this season. I hated watching him last year, but he had a knack on special teams and shootouts. For $500K that would be a FAIR deal. BYE-BYE Prucha and Mara+ prospects for minor leaguers and cap space. Hello Mats. . . . . .

  11. cwgatti – shanny will sign for a lot more than the minimum. are you kidding me with minimum salary talk. last yr he went from $ 4 mm to $ 5.2 mm approx. figure he’ll take a bit of a paycut. still will get $ 3 mm. that’s why it’s taking so long. don’t worry the fans will get their shanny. interesting to see how his performance will compare to his salary.

  12. The league salaries are so out of whack its not even funny.

    We’ll start with the Penner offer sheet. Continued elsewhere, and one of the most recent editions is Avery.

    I still stand by my prediction that Shanny will score more GOALS than Avery will in 08-09. They both bring intangibles that are not available in 80% of the players in the league.

    Eveyone was so fast to want to throw $ at avery because of ‘all the other stuff’ he does outside of (not) scoring goals. Well, ‘all that other stuff’ can mean a lot of things.

    I CERTAINLY do NOT think paying Shanny anything high enough that we have to defer to next year is a good idea though.

    I also think the new Metallica song, All Nightmare Long, is one of their best ever.

  13. There is no way Shanny is getting that much money. I think Sather is having a hard time offering $1 mil to a guy who is washed up. I am thinking that Sather told him he would be paying the team back. Shanny will get no more than $1 mil ANYWHERE in the NHL. . . . .and he ain’t getting from Sather that much is obvious.

  14. He’ll get it from JD. But you have to consider where teams stand under the cap.

    CHI has $12mil worth of goaltending. They, and TBL are still over the cap, and LAK still haven’t reached the cap floor. VAN has plenty of room too.

    It’s more about the % of cap space someone is taking up, opposed to the actual $ amount…IN SOME CASES.


    Rangers prospect Artem Anisimov barely speaks English, but the Russian-born center has one stock answer down cold.

    “My dream is to play in the NHL,” Anisimov said.

    That’s why Anisimov decided to come to North America last season to play with the Rangers AHL affiliate in Hartford instead of playing one more season with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv in Russia. He wound up with 43 points on 17 goals and 26 assists, and he’s now considered a candidate to make the Rangers roster out of training camp.

    “Training camp is a big chance for me,” said Anisimov, who was drafted 54th in 2006. “It’s very close now. I have to keep going with hard work.”

    Anisimov said he learned last season how fast the pro game is in North America. He said a full season in Hartford made him a better player. In particular, he commented on his hands, skill and playmaking ability.

    “I learned that the play is faster and they hit a lot,” he said. “The game is better.”

  16. cwgatti – 1 correction to your stmt. there is no way shanny deserves that kind of money. will he get it yes. will it be from sather and jr dolan yes.

    and re the cap- i see it going down down next yr. all the stuff going on in the stock mkt and other financial mkts will affect salaries and revenues in sports.

  17. joe – a lot of the increase was driven by the canadian dollar. if that remains unchanged, I could see it staying flat.

  18. LI Joe

    and re the cap- i see it going down down next yr. all the stuff going on in the stock mkt and other financial mkts will affect salaries and revenues in sports.

    Haha…I bet you that ticket prices will continue to rise though.

  19. “Haha…I bet you that ticket prices will continue to rise though.”

    Staal…this is no laughing matter here pal!

  20. First off
    I just want to personally thank Sam for being one of two (Zipay) of the best and only NYR insiders to report on actual news this entire long summer. We all appreciate it!

    Shanny, shanny, shanny.
    What will happen between now and tomorrow?
    Let’s hope he gets 800k for 1 year, just like his buddy Chelios did. He’s made his case, he wants to be a Ranger. He can’t expect to get paid $1M plus for it with a reduced role. Here’s to hoping tomorrows blog headline will be Shanahan = 1 year = $800K

    I’m just praying the Sundin crap has passed and he’s FINALLY off of Sathers and Renny’s radar.

    Too much money, too long of a deal, too much to give up.
    No thanks.

  21. Beer I rarely make it to a game already…I just couldn’t afford it plus I live pretty far.
    However this season I met a season ticket holder who can’t afford to keep his tickets so he’s selling individual games to his friends. So I can go to at least a few games this season.
    generally I’d rather watch from my couch…I can eat what I want, drink from a glass beer bottle, my couch is large and spacious, I don’t have to wait in line to pee, and when the game is over I can comment immediately on the blog or head straight to bed. It’s wonderful actually!

  22. The US economy is on the verge of collapse. I have a question: What are they gonna name that unfinished stadium in Queens when CitiBank goes broke? That said, we should still scrape enough together to sign Sundin.

  23. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I thought I saw on a article or post (not Ecklund) somewhere that the vote was supposed to take place today. I don’t want to spread rumors and if I’m wrong I apologize in advance.

  24. I have to agree about watching the games at home. I live in Southold, NY (used to live in Montauk) and the commute/drinking/eating/time/young kids made it increasingly unaffordable. I did buy a new HD tv that kicks ass!!! So, maybe the couch will be the best place to watch. I will still go to games I get comped (I get 4 seats right behind Henke 1st row right next to the goal judge once or twice a year) but I won’t be making many other trips

  25. Gardenfaithful

    No apologies…I read for a month that today was the day the NHLPA votes on the part of the CBA involving the veteran bonuses…of course today comes and every hockey sight across the earth ignores it…..

  26. Beer – not sure if you noticed, but Sam did an update, and he mentioned that Sahnny did NOT participate in the golf outing today…

  27. I agree with everyone who thinks Shanny is NOT worth 3-5 Million…I do want him back for $1M (plus maybe a wink wink post career agreed position) but the one thing I sincerely hope is that he has been confided in as to what the Rangers plans are or were this summer and that he has not been “yanked” by Sather….You dont do that to classy H.O.F. and get away with it….

  28. Kasper,

    I’d agree wholeheartedly, but this is SATHER we’re talking about. He would EXACTLY yank Shanny, just to be a d**k about it (that’s right, I called him a dork). Look at what he did to you? COMPLETELY uncalled for.

  29. guys,

    I noticed that NHL Network Channel 458 in NYC on Time Warner is broadcasting the Traverse City Tourny. The games are taped but still same day, I think.

    When do the NYR prospects play?

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