At least to start, Shanahan won’t be in camp


So there’s your answer. Brendan Shanahan does not have a contract with the Rangers, and won’t be in camp when it opens tomorrow.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to go,” Rick Curran, Shanahan’s agent, said just now.

A week ago Curran said there was “mutual interest” in having the player back for a third season in New York. Today he said that hasn’t necessarily changed, but you have to wonder what it means that the two sides haven’t reached an agreement in time for the start of camp.

Here’s one educated guess: the Rangers don’t have any cap space. And until they figure out what they’re going to do with their NHL roster or make a trade, that’s not going to change.

“I would have hoped that we could have got something done since it’s opening tomorrow, but nothing’s been done yet,” Curran said. “At this point we’ve been asked to be patient, which is what we’ve been doing. As long as Brendan’s intent is to come back and play with the Rangers, we have no choice but to sit back and be patient.”

Curran emphasized that Shanahan has other options at his disposal. Anaheim, Montreal, Philadelphia, and New Jersey have all been mentioned in media reports as possibilities.

“All I got to do is pick up the phone and call someone back if I’m told it’s not possible for him to be a Ranger,” Curran said.

For what it’s worth, Curran and Glen Sather never spoke today.  I guess Sather’s a stickler for that “no cell phone on the golf course” rule…

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  1. Does anyone think Shanny would be “blindly” patient with this process….as if he hasn’t been told something that he cannot tell Sam or anyone else…which is keeping him patient until that something is disclosed and he can sign???

    Or..are we to believe that he’s just a real good-loyal-naive guy who’s being kept in the dark??

  2. Well, Sather blew it when it came to Leetch. Sather blew it when it came to Avery [dumbest move]. Don’t you worry, Sather will surely blow it when it comes to having Captain Shanny.

  3. Does anyone dislike Dubi as much as i do ? I cant stand his posts at He is such an unprofessional S.O.B. I cant stand it. Read this.

    “Elsewhere, Aaron Voros tells that he was a Ranger fan growing up in Vancouver, even in 1994 when the Rangers beat the Canucks in the Cup final. Forgive us if we wonder why Voros never mentioned this before, even when we asked him for our September issue why he chose to come to New York as a free agent”

    This guy is so pathetic, just like when Cherepanov supposedly “bashed” Blueshirtbulletin, and Dubi posted a whole article bashing the kid, when he doesn’t even know if he was actually bashing his mag, or blog. He goes on about saying how Cherepanov is weak, and afraid of the Nhl. I cant stand this guy, just cause Voros doesn’t tell him a story, he takes it personally. Im so glad i didn’t go through with paying for his blog, that would have been very dumb on my part. Im sorry if im bringing up something that was brought up before , if at all, but i just had to get that off my mind, cause it annoyed me.

    Good work with the blog Sam, it is a great blog.

  4. Bob nob
    Biggest problem with BB is that they will only put up with negative comments about Rangers when they are personally affronted by the Rangers…..They love correcting how we “amateur bloggers” think as if they are in the know… Try going on there and taking a swipe at the coach and you have 1 or 2 administrators interrogating you as if they are correcting “spin” on a political campaign…they try and make you think that your negative vibe somehow is responsible for not winning the cup!….that is of course until the Ranger gets traded or disses them….

  5. I’d take Antropov if Tor really wants to move him. But they’re gonna want back some combo of Dubi, Staal, Bobby Sags, and Anisimov so just say no. Prucha and a 2nd rounder for him.

  6. Jeez, so don’t READ a blog you don’t like! It’s easy. I never read Ecklund.

    Sam, did any of you beat writers play today? Or is it an alumni-and-wealthy-sponsors-type of event?

  7. Hey guys, I got a call from my buddy around 9pm tonight. He told me he played in the golf tournament today with the Rangers. He was paired with Lundqvist, says he is absolutely a great guy.

    Since my buddy is from Plattsburgh, NY, and a huge Habs fan, he says he and Hank were going back and forth all day about the Habs and who they pickd up this summer.

    What a treat to be paired with The King. Probably #1 on the list if you ask me.

    ALl in all, as per usual, the hockey players are just normal, down to earth guys who just love to play a kids game. The reason why hockey is the greattest sport, bar none. You can tell how much these guys love to play their sport in how they carry themselves off the ice.

  8. LI Joe – Just to let you know, Shanahan’s total value of his contract last season ended up being $5.3 million, $2.5M/$2.8M (I forget which one was the base and which one was the bonuses). Some discount that was, right? Also, if they were give him bonuses this season, hopefully they will be something harder to attain, unlike last season’s ten games and making the playoffs, and they don’t have to be deferred to next season if we have enough cap space in this one. There’s no guarantee that a certain amount of money will be deferred. I’m not even sure if any of his cap hit from last season was deferred, probably due to the fact that the team could claim long-term injury exception for players like Straka and Avery to create a bigger cushion for portions of that bonus money. Bonuses in entry-level contracts to players like Staal can also be deferred if it pushes the team over the cap.

    Personally, I would have liked to see the Rangers sign Shanahan instead of Rissmiller, who they probably overpaid, but I feel like it is too late now and that it would be a crappy organizational move to trade players that they signed as UFAs to make room. Don’t even get me started on Sundin; I said a month or two ago that he wouldn’t be coming here. I have a feeling now that he will want to go to Vancouver (if he plays at all), but they will lower their $20 million offer due to the waiting time.

    If it’s true that Drury will be playing wing with Gomez, that still doesn’t change the fact that Drury will be taking faceoffs, since he did it last year in those situations. It would probably be Zherdev with those two rather than Naslund. I think Dubinsky proved himself last year even when he wasn’t playing with Jagr to the point that he can be the second-line center with Dawes and whoever shows up on the right side between Prucha, Callahan, Sjostrom, and Voros. Yes, I know Voros is a left wing.

    Right now, I see the benched guys as Rissmiller, the seventh defenseman, and the loser of a spot between Callahan, Prucha, Fritsche, Sjostrom, and Voros, possibly a rotation of those five. I hope we didn’t just sign these extra guys for the benefit of having a fresh team in preseason and Prague, just to cut them later. A small part of me wants Nedved to succeed, but not with us!

    To the point about having a marquee player, I think Drury is the biggest name on that front, with obviously Lundqvist there, as well, being a three-time Vezina finalist. Zherdev could become that type, while Naslund and Redden are past that point right now but could rebound, obviously.

    Come on over to the fantasy league, people! We only need five more participants from the blog. It’s on Yahoo: league ID 13439, password rangers.

  9. Finally people are starting to realize Shanny’s “discount” last year was complete BS. I was screaming from the rooftops that he was finished. If he gets paid a dime more than $500k, he is ripping the NYR off. Oh, what a leader. Oh, what a team guy. Let him twist in the wind.

  10. Sam.. I read this on my phone and for a second I thought the line about the no cell-phone on golf course rule was a quote from shanny’s agent lol… I was gunna say if curran said that about sather I think they’re further away from a deal than we think lol

  11. Shanny knows he can be patient because only NYR, OTT, PITT, TBL are making the trip to europe. The other 26 teams have a camp that runs a week longer. So he can pretty much wait until, I’d say, this weekend to make a decision.

  12. Spider can you explain this to me? Who is our 4th line if we are benching these players? Betts will center who? Orr and who? Is your thinking that Orr is better than your list of sitting players I’m just confused because to me it looks like you see our entire 3rd and 4th lines riding the bench.
    I can assure you Callahan, Voros, and Sjostrom will not be benched. Prucha has a history of riding pine so

  13. This is a few pieces of an article from…

    “The Montreal Canadiens officially dropped out of the Mats Sundin sweepstakes late last week, using their available cap space to acquire center Robert Lang and his $4 million salary from the Chicago Blackhawks and signing defenseman Patrice Brisebois to a one-year contract.

    They might not be the only club to give up on waiting for Sundin to decide his future, as the New York Rangers reportedly gave him until Tuesday to make a decision or they’d consider other options, the most likely being re-signing veteran winger Brendan Shanahan.”

    The Toronto Maple Leafs, Sundin’s former team, remain open for his possible return, but are focusing on playing the season without him.

    The Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers are believed to still be interested, but the Canucks’ dire need for offensive depth and the Flyers’ lack of cap space could have those two dropping out of the bidding if the big center doesn’t make a decision by the start of the season.

    Sundin appears to have other options with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators. Both clubs have contacted his agent, J.P. Barry, to express interest, but they’re considered long shots to land Sundin.

  14. Staal Wart – Read my post again. It says the “loser” of a regular spot or a “rotation.” We obviously can’t sit all of those guys at the same time! I think Orr has progressed enough that he will be in there along with Betts, a Renney favorite. I can see Voros, Callahan, Sjostrom, Fritsche, *or* Rissmiller ending up on the fourth line with them (emphasized for clarity).

    You guys have to see what is currently the first post on the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo ( You will laugh your ass off; “Jeff Vanderbeek (pictured here with a Thanksgiving Day parade float).” It is the 8:56 a.m. entry, in case it moves down the page soon.

  15. ok…got the ‘fan on my pc now….they’re talking to Jerry Rice though. Did I miss the Sundin piece? or is that BS?

  16. On a side note… does anyone else think that Sam looks like John Vanbiesbrouck? LOL. Has this been brought up before?

  17. They better announce it soon. They go off at 10 am. Boningo & Even are big hockey guys, so if there is any news they will definitley let us know. . . .

  18. This is absolutely KILLING me… Nothing on the fan yet?

    I saw Boomer at a game once, he was sitting there with a younger woman, I’m assuming his daughter. WOW. That’s all I’ll say. He was friendly, I was walking through, recognized him, said hi, and he shook my hand as I walked by.

  19. “Well, Sather blew it when it came to Leetch. Sather blew it when it came to Avery [dumbest move]. Don’t you worry, Sather will surely blow it when it comes to having Captain Shanny.”

    and the comedy begins….

  20. I still cant beleive Sather is doing this

    If they sign Sundin, how many players do you think were losing to make room? 3? 4?

    And that absolutely closes the door on Shanny then.

    Im praying they annouce he’s signing with tampa bay, hehe

  21. and why for once, cant we have a team WITHOUT a SUPERSTAR FORWARD?
    For arguments sake, say there’s no contract for Shanny, Sundin retires, and we fill the 7th D spot from within.
    What’s really wrong with that?

    Im jsut so sick of all this specualtion already.

    As my grandfaher always said, “Sh@t, or get off the pot!”

  22. I agree mikey. I’m actually looking forward to watching a team that doesn’t rely on the ‘big name’ to carry them. I really hope rozy/redden don’t get too comfy on the front end of long term deals with hank behind them.

    As Renney said in an interview over the last day or two…we want to limit the chances even more this year. Doing that by attacking the puck when we don’t have it. Making every attempt to keep it off the sticks of the opposition. Sounds simple enough. If they don’t have the puck, they can’t score.

  23. “Sounds simple enough. If they don’t have the puck, they can’t score.”

    Now that Malik isn’t on the team, I can agree with that statement.

  24. I thought you were guilty of a brain fart like that before Darius. But I’m sure it was just a joke you were playing on … Dunham(?) at the time…right?

  25. I don’t know…sounds like the ‘note’ on Sundin is either B.S., or it was pulled possibly due to incorrect information.

  26. “I thought you were guilty of a brain fart like that before Darius”

    Brain farts are my friends….

    speaking of friends are we all waiting around here today because of that idiot carlton the doorman on the FAN??

  27. OK. Its still early but it looks like my prediction about signing Shanny today might be wrong.
    Damn it! Damn Sundin!

    Sort it out Sather..!!!

  28. I just heard Matheiu Schneider was put on waivers by the Ducks. Apparently, Burke was asking for a pick and a prospect in return and no one was offering that much. I guess you can expect the Selanne signing by the end of the week.

  29. Nasty1….Cant believe what? nothing’s happened its just big-mouth sports jock rumours…I belive ecklund over Carlton the doorman….( no I wouldn’t)

  30. wtf are you talking about you crazy lithuanian?!

    Carton didn’t even say anything. All we know is that someone posted something here saying that he said he was handed something on Mats Sundiva and never heard anything else about it.

    What is it that you’re not believing?

    just breakin your bizz-alls.

  31. Its probably BS. Remember that posting that has an article of Nyr signing Mats, with a story and all. Im not buying this.

    And thats to bad aboot Jed, i still miss him, that was tough to get over, he was my fav Ranger on that team, the fact that Slats chose Hollweg over Jed pissed me off, but i like the way the 4th line is looking now, so im a little over it. But Preds are one of my fav teams now since he’s on the team, along with Toots.


    Waddya mean ?? I cant expect anybody on the 3rd and 4th lines, because we have to wait for either Mats, or Shanny to sign, and see what gets moved. Its just impossible to make the lines now, besides the top two.

  32. “All we know is that someone posted something here saying that he said he was handed something”

    Someone or something is not right because if someone quotes someone they should make sure that something was said to somebody before they tell someone else.

    You know what I mean Beer Me!?

  33. haha…right-o

    SAM…Why don’t you make this easy on yourself and us, and just tape a webcam to your head, and stream it here? That way there’s no listening back to tapes, or translating scribble.

  34. Love seeing crybaby Burke behind the 8-ball…..throws $5.5M at Schnieder and $4M at Bertuzzi after passing on $4M for Penner…..keeps space for Selanne and last year’s Sundin Scotty Neidemeyer and winds up having to trade Andy Macdonald…has to buy out Bertuzzi and now he’s stuck with a Schnieder in his throat

  35. haha Schneider to the Coyotes… sounds familiar. almost like something about an Anaheim goalie going to the desert… Good one Paul.

    Orr, Slats let Jed go because of the whole law suit thing. he’d rather be bull-headed and hold a grudge than pay the guy a measley 150K, re-sign him and get it over with. I wish he’d get hit by a bus and they find that lousy stogey lodged in his throat.

  36. they have the money and are in need of a d-man… if they dont sign him for “half and half” then thats just dumb….

    burke wanted too much for him, teams knew he was above cap, couldnt sign selane… ball was in their court… sound familiar?

    coyotes if they sign him woulkd definitely be a HUGE improvement…

  37. Kaspar-impersonations;

    “Thats an accurate statement. We’re happy with the effort but not the results, obviously. They key will be maximizing the chances that develop out of the nuetral zone pressure our forwards apply while still being responsible for our defensive assignments in regards to their potential break-out passing game”

  38. People have referenced Prague as if we can have players play those games and then get rid of them. Those are NHL regular season games. If Nedved is going to play in those games, he needs a contract. The split squad thing is probable for the pre-season. The team going to Europe will be close to the full team and a few of the last cuts. I doubt they will take too many extra guys.

    Orr- Thank goodness your here with your “jokes!” I save a lot of money I would otherwise spend on comedy clubs! All you need to do is add the “Buh-dump-bump!” at the end of it.

  39. paul- he’s on waivers not re-entry waivers- no half and half.

    it’s the whole $5.625M

    TB has first crack,
    Then L.A.
    then atl
    then stl
    then NY isles
    then clb

  40. spider – well said as usual. i think there were no injury exemptions for Avery etc based on dubi from blueshirt bulletins answer to my question quite a while back. but not sure. I do think some of Shanny’s bloated bonus hit last yr but a good amt hit this yr as well. but nothing concrete on that.

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