Hockey season is coming. No, seriously…


It’s 90 degrees and I’m at a Jet game, not exactly an indication that hockey training camp is now just 48 hours away (Reason 1,964 I like covering hockey more than football: people who should keep their shirts on aren’t tempted otherwise at hockey games).

But here we are. The Rangers have their golf outing tomorrow, followed by physicals and interviews on Tuesday, and then they take the ice for their first formal workouts of the 2008-09 season. Even stranger, we’re now inside of three weeks before the puck drops in Prague. That may seem like a lot of time seeing how players have already been skating together for a couple of weeks. But there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered before then.

Among them…

<li>Shanny or Sundin? It is now reasonable to expect that the Rangers will sign one of the graying forwards. Who knows, maybe even both remain on Glen Sather’s radar. I would still put Sundin as only a remote possibility, and again, it’s important to emphasize that the Rangers would have to work some salary cap magic to make it happen. But until I see him either a) slipping on another team’s jersey, or b) crying at a podium announcing his retirement, the issue won’t go away.

<li>Who’s with who? Let’s be clear that all of us — myself included — put WAY too much stock in line combinations. That said, the inability to get Jaromir Jagr on the same page with either Scott Gomez or Chris Drury was a problem that dogged the team through most of the early part of last season (and may have even contributed to Jagr’s departure). It’s by no means essential to lock into anything right away (although I do think Gomez with Markus Naslund and Nikolai Zherdev is a formidable line), but it is important to at least see signs of chemistry between different players. Otherwise the tinkering will continue through the early part of the schedule, and a team’s confidence can suffer as a result.

<li>Which prospect has a chance of making this season’s roster? So much of this depends on what the Rangers do on the Shanahan and Sundin front. And unlike last year, when Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, and Nigel Dawes were obvious candidates to make the jump, there doesn’t seem to be the same urgency with the likes of Lauri Korpikoski, Greg Moore, or Corey Potter. But I do expect someone from Hartford to nail down an NHL job (heck, even Hugh Jessiman’s name has been tossed about). And it may be even an issue that the Rangers paint themselves into such a tight salary cap corner that they have no choice but to go young and cheap in a couple of spots.  Some might say that’s one of the cap’s blessings.

Anyway, a couple of things to chew on before players lace them up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a football game to cover…


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  1. The question is will the trade be before or after the team have taken the ice for a few practice sessions – and what will we get back in return?

  2. I think by tuesday, Sundin or Shanny will be signed. Especially if there will is some sort of a trade between now and then. That will be the tell-tale sign

    I have all the confidence in the world in this roster, but my gut tells me Sather isnt finished.

  3. Sam, why doesn’t anyone seem to have anything substantial on Zherdev..? I realize he’s kinda an introvert and his English is allegedly still kinda crappy, but all we’ve heard so far is that he looks bigger in person than on film.

    Can you PLEASE expound a bit on what you’ve seen of this kid so far on the ice? Has he been quiet and reserved with the other players, or is he interacting normally? Does he seem like an outcast, or does he seem to be a part of a team? How is he looking physically – is he in shape? (There were rumors going around that he showed up with a “pot belly” and not at all well-conditioned)

    PLEASE, give me something here, I’ve been dying for this stuff since the beginning of July!

    Much appreciated.

  4. Also, Sam, we’ve heard so much about Naslund to see how focused and driven he is to do well here, and enough of Redden to see that he has the personality of a log and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about being here, and yet nothing on how Zherdev feels about being a Ranger…

    PLEASE man, give us something!!

  5. Deja,
    Yes I own the game and love it. The be a pro mode is awesome if you haven’t checked it out. I’m online as well.

  6. I, too, think something has to give on the Sundin/Shanny saga by Tuesday when the team reports.

    I would be in favor of keeping Shanny – he obviously really wants to be here (which is nice, remember the days we signed players who just wanted to come here to collect the $) and I think he can be worthwhile in a diminished role – PP specialist/shootout specialist, limited ice time on their 3rd line maybe.

    I am really not too hot on getting Sundin, he is older, would probably want a longer tearm committment than Shanny and would lead Sather to move some money around. Plus they are loaded with natural centers in their system/roster with Gomer, Drury, Dubi, Betts, Fritsche is originally a center who will probably play wing here, plus Anisimov is at the door ready to come up to the big club.

    Unless they can dish some of their lesser d-men(Mara/Kalinin/Pock) and a lower prospect (see Hugh Jessiman) or 2 to make the roster room, I would not do it. They should under no circumstance trade Drury, Gomer, Staal or others to free room for Sundin.

    Here is one interesting tidbit or way of making room, moneywise and rosterwise. If we go under the impression that the Rangers were going to sign Sundin, they would need to shed some significant salary. Let’s say the return from, say, Vancouver, was young defenseman Kevin Bieska, maybe another player and a draft pick thrown in towards the Rangers.

    Instead of sacrificing Drury or Gomer, the Rangers would flip back to Vancouver Michal Roszival and an added plyer/pick. It makes sense from the Rangers perspective – they unload $20 million over the next four years that was due to Rosie under his new contract, use it on maybe a 2yr deal for Sundin and/or towards Shanny. In return, the Rangers get an offensive defenseman in Kevin Bieksa who is still young at age 27 and can slide ride into Roszival’s previous place this season as part of the second D pair, both at even strength and on the PP.

    Defense would shape up like this:

    Mara or Potter-Kalinin

    I know this is a wild idea, I am just throwing it out there. What re your thoughts – Sam, other readers?


  7. Sundin will be here. I thought they may have to move someone big, but I bet Prucha/ Dubi/ Mara as a package gets just enough $$$$ to sign Sundin, who will be offered a newer deal after Jan 1

  8. i pray this team would not trade dubi, that would be a HUGE mistake. (cwgatti, would you really wanna give up dubi for sundin???)

  9. orts shanny is older than sundin. i don’t want either here though. i don’t see vancouver doing the deal you suggest

  10. Dude, their not gonna trade Dubi. He’s a cornerstone of the future plus he makes like no $ so it’s not gonna help with the Sundin thing.

  11. I don’t think the Rangers SHOULD get Sundin, I think they WILL go for him. And the only way I see it happening, is by getting another team to take some of our salary. Prucha and maybe Mara would be the most obvious candidates, but the NYR would have to make the deal really sweet to entice another team. With a glut of centers, and Dubinsky’s value as high as it will ever be, he will probably be part of any deal. I like the kid, but remember he played with Jagr last year. I think his success had a lot more to do with JJ than the other way around. In fact, one could say that the Rangers lost a sweetheart deal on Jagr, because of the weakness in his linemates play. . . . .

  12. cwgatti – Dubinsky will not be part of any salary dump or enticer. I don’t think he’s the future hall of famer some seem to think but come on. for next couple of years he’ll do fine as 3rd center. no need to dump the guy. really think you’re just pushing buttons though. you can’t seriously think they should or will trade him.

  13. You know with the Rangers getting shutout in the first two games of the Tourny, it really makes alot of sense that Sather went out and attained all these 3rd and 4th line forwards. I guess this was his best insurance policy in case none of these prospects were ready to jump up to the NHL this year?

    … I think Sather was right.

    There’s alot of talk again of Gomez being traded to Vancouver. Well the deals im hearing are: 1. Gomez and Sanguenetti for Kevin Bieksa or 2. Gomez and Prucha for the Sedin twins.

    What does everyone think? I think IF WE HAVE TO TRADE ANYONE TO BRING IN SUNDIN, it should be Rozsival because he has more trade value(being an offensive D-man) then Gomez does.


    I don’t know what you’ve been shmogging lately but your out of your tree house, if you honestly believe what your saying.

    But ill tell you one thing, and ill say this a million fuggin times over and over, i rather have Sundin for a year or two than Rozi for four years, and if that means having to trade a young guy like Pruchs, then hey, thats how it works. Rozi is a good guy, but we tied up to much money on Gomer, Dru, Redden, and Hank, and this team shouldn’t have to deal with his big contract. Hopefully Redden can replace his goals, or maybe even Girardi might. But Rozi just cant be on this team, and if he is, then i wish him the best and ill be behind him, but trading him would be smart, even if some of you think its messed up.

    Its a massive long shot, but like i said, if O’Sullivan isn’t able to come to terms with the Kings, then who knows. The Kings could take on Rozi’s contract, and throw in Pruchs, and a pick, or prospect, and they’d definitely do it. Only problem there, is the Kings would want Anisimov, Sanguinetti, or as CW says, Dubi. O’Sully has potential but so does Dubi, Artie, and Sags. But then there’s Korpedo, he scored a goal in his first ever NHL game, with it being a playoff game, maybe Slats feels like he can dangle him in front of a GM and get a good deal. What ever happens, happens, i just want Shanny, or Mats here by the start of camp.

  15. ORR …

    We agree on something again. The following teams all have weak defenses and IMO would be more then willing to take on Rozy’s contract. Just off the top of my head …

    Rozsival and/or Prucha traded (if needed for Sundin) to:

    LA. – O’sullivan and/or D. Armstrong
    TB. – J. Jokinin, Ouellet and/or Ranger
    Atl – C. Armstrong and/or Perrin
    Nas – Nichol, Tootoo, and/or V. Koistinen
    Phx – Z. Michalek and/or Carcillo (my favorite)

    These trades make way more sense then moving Gomez to Vancouver. Dont get me wrong, if we could land Burrows and Edler for Gomez i might take the trade. Anything short of that trade and i’d say No Deal.

    Depending on how well Naslund does this year, I can see getting the Sedins to sign with us on the open market next year anyways(if the Salary cap allows it)

  16. I can see why everyone is assuming VAN will be interested in acquiring a forward from us, they are a little short of quality after the Sedin’s and Demitra. I just can’t see us giving up on someone after they’ve signed a contract like Gomez, Drury, Roszi etc. I also can’t see us giving up on Dubi. However, Dubi will have to prove he can produce the goods without a HoF winger to play with (unless we sign Shanny and play him there?).
    I can’t see any of those teams giving up top prospects when (if we go for Sundin) we will be the ones who need to dump salary, other GM’s will know this and use it for leverage. The same as if we don’t go for Sundin and need to trim the roster, i think we will only get draft picks or marginal prospects in return.

    I expect Shanny will sign Monday or Tuesday.

  17. Gomez has become a fan favorite, I doubt he gets traded. Dubi is fine, no one said he’s a hall of famer, but he’s gonna be as valuable as Tik was to the Rangers; heart and soul and will pop in 25 goals every year and used in all situations.

    Also, Sundin’s gonna want more than $5 million so it’s gonna take more than Prucha and Mara to get him here.

  18. I dont think Mara is going anywhere. Rozy definitely will be traded if necessary. But still, even if we decide to keep Rozy, the Rangers could still trade a couple of guys for picks and put whoever else down in Hartford for the year to make space for Shanny or Sundin.

    1. Trade Rozy and Prucha = 6.6 million off the cap

    2. Trade Prucha, Sjostrom and Fritsche ($3.31 off the cap) Keep Orr in the lineup all year and drop Rissmiller and Voros down to Hartford (additional $2.0) = $ 5.31 in total

    *Scenario two will allow us to play maybe Byers and Moore next year which would put about $1.1 back on the Cap.

    But we dont have to trade Gomez to make space!!! thats the benefit of having sooo many 3rd and 4th line players

  19. Hockey talk is in the air! Trade rumors should be dying out in the next week or so as I’m sure the small moves will be made by teams suring up their rosters soon. I don’t see anything major coming for us. Major = players making over $2mil being moved.

    I think Shanny will be signed tomorrow. And Sundin making a decision before the end of the month…just my predictions.

    Dubi’s not going anywhere. You don’t move a guy with a game like he has while he’s making under $1mil. Makes ZERO sense. On Dubi…we should kind of hope that he has a ‘mediocre’ season. I say that b/c he’s due a new contract this summer. Of course I want to see guys succeed, but at the same time, I want to see guys RETURN!

  20. “Depending on how well Naslund does this year, I can see getting the Sedins to sign with us on the open market next year anyways(if the Salary cap allows it)”

    Yeah, great idea, sign a couple of almost over-the-hill second tier players, that way we can try to become as unsuccessful as Vancouver for the past decade. Hell, we already have Naslund. Maybe we should trade Lundqvist while we’re at it.

  21. Beer Me! – I agree. Mark my words: NO WAY DUBINSKY GETS TRADED. At least not anytime in the near future. If he does, I’ll gladly pack up my handle and stop posting on this board. The only deal he WOULD get traded in would involve a top-10 forward, say Kovalchuk(mind you, I’m not saying this is a posibility).

    cwgatti/somerset – You guys are MASSIVELY underestimating Dubinsky, to the extent I’m wondering what team you were watching last year. Skill wise, Dubinsky’s hands were second only to GOMEZ for the softest. I routinely watched that kid weave through two and three forecheckers like they were pilons. He’s got good speed for a big kid and he’s got a hell of a mean streak. There is no other forward in the ENTIRE SYSTEM like him. Not on the team and certainly not among the prospects. Thus, he’s going nowhere.

    If you want the names of the players most likely to be traded, look for redundancy in the system. Obviously, Prucha’s name comes up. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Girardi or Betts moved either. Moving all three would probably open up enough cap space for either Sundin or Shanny..and while I think Rozsival’s value is only going to diminish from here and Redden in some respects makes him movable, I’d be bowled over if he’s dealt. The only situation I could see Roszy getting moved is if Sanguinetti comes to NY looking like an NHLer. Given what’s going on in Traverse City, I think it’s pretty clear that’s not happening.

    My gut feeling is that the opening night lineup is several weeks away from being set in stone. And I guess you can look at the glut of forwards this way: There’s going to be some serious competition for spots.

  22. Jeff L …

    I only said it would be dumb to trade Gomez for the Sedin twins as per the Rumor floating around. And IF we really wanted them (since they are UFA’s next year) we could get them on the open market. The Rangers have no problem attracting the best UFA’s.

    Tdchi …

    I NEVER SAID we should trade Dubinsky. That would be absolutely crazy. HE IS DEFINITELY THE BEST PROSPECT WE HAVE.

    I have full faith in the current line-up, and only make trade predictions based on “if the rumor were true, this is what i’d be expecting in return”

    I DONT think we need Sundin, I WOULD Like Shanny back (at a reduced rate/reduced role) And would absolutely not trade Gomez or Dubinsky this year to get any deal done.

    I Would trade Prucha to make room for Shanny’s contract before the start of the season, but thats the only move (rumors aside) i would make.

  23. I’d also like to add that Jagrs moderate success on this team last season was due to Dubi and not the other way around…at least as I saw it. He seemed useless with Gomez and Drury. But when paired with Dubi, Jagr woke up…hence my reasoning that JJ success was due to Dubi. To me Dubi played the same way on the third line as he did on the first…hard, with grit and heart. did he make rookie mistakes, yes but with out Dubi last season, JJ was sunk.

  24. My question about Shanny/Prucha is this…Why would the team move Prucha, a possible 2nd line winger, making less than what Shanny would cost us, to get Shanny a 3rd/4th liner into the lineup when we have a bakers dozen of 3rd/4th line players already? Makes no sense….unless Prucha a Prucha trade will bring us a 2 line winger, which aint happening

  25. IMO whether Shanny or Prucha are here this season, their job gets replaced by Korpikoski next season, so why not try to at least get a draft pick for Prucha while we still can. I think trading Prucha gets us a Draft pick, then we sign Shanny. So actually we would be getting a D.P. and Shanny. I think this is a good short-term idea because Shanny this season offers more intangibles and a better chance of putting up more points then Prucha.

  26. staal – Interesting take on Dubi/Jagr last season. I don’t believe I’ve heard that angle before.

    The competition in camp is going to be great. I expect to see some serious battles for spots. I only wish that they had more time to practice together before saturday’s start of the preseason…can you believe that?

    Ok…right off the bat here, EVERYONE should be able to agree with this… If the PP sux in the preseason, and first few weeks of the reg season, it is NOT Pearns fault (for the record, I think there’s plenty of asst coaches that are as good/better than he).

    From what I’ve read, there hasn’t been much focus on the PP yet in the early stages of camp. Not much evaluation done either. Getting guys out there in different situations, and with different linemates is very important right now. But with the golf outing today, and FOUR, yes FOUR days after that, don’t expect miracles on the PP.

    Should the PP be successful, its all a matter of the right combos. There’s not much you can do about coaching a pp in 4 days.

  27. Staal Wart
    Excellent point about the Dubi/Jags partnership…

    How much crying can somebody do for a guy who is handed partners like Gomez ( 2 cups) and Drury…both good two-way players…..It gets to a point where its like listening to someone complain about having to chew after recieving a free NY priime rib!!

  28. If Jagr isn’t on the PP we should be ok…lets put it this way, it really couldn’t get much worse…could it?

  29. Staal – I was going to suggest something similar. Frankly, I think both Jags and Dubinsky benefited from each others’ attributes. Dubinsky added the physical edge and the driving-to-the-net style absent in Jagr’s play(hence why Avery was also a good addition to that line). Jagr, on the other hand, is almost always double teamed by guys, allowing a big kid like Dubi to drive to the net without someone trailing. Jagr’s accuracy in passing also helped Dubi net some of those drive-to-the-net goals…I will say, I think Dubi will do better without Jagr than Jagr will without Dubi.

    The kid has natural talent and -like I said -some amazing hands. Absent injuries, he’s going to be a 30-goal 70-point player in a short time, maybe even better in his prime. The only thing I’d improve about his game is his finishing skills.

    Sommerset – my mistake, man. I did want to comment on your post about Bieksa, which I think I’m misreading. You think they’d do Gomez AND Sanguinetti for Bieksa? That seems WAY high for a second-pairing defenseman.

  30. I just want to make an observation on the PP.
    The teams who seemed to have the most success last season were the teams who were constantly moving, never standing still. Our pp had Jagr for the most part standing on the right side, there was no cycle and very little movement… the goaltender and Pk’ers just held to there spots. with the speed on the team this season I believe we will be better…Plus Gomez and Drury are more familiar with the system.

  31. Staal – i have similar thoughts – if we are going to trade lets do it to provide some scoring depth. If we can trade 2 or 3 players to provide a decent 2nd line winger then Slats should do it. I think unless a trade happens you can forget Korpedo or anyone else in the forward lines from Hartford making it onto the roster – there’s just no room.

    Also unlike some others teams the salary is not the issue, but the cap hit is, so i suppose Sather could think about sending down Rissmiller, Fritsche and Prucha if he can’t get decent trade value for them.

    As for the PP i think the term “addition by subtraction” is the most accurate. It should be a shoot-on-sight PP this year instead of the “pass it to Jags” one of recent years.

  32. Surest way to slow the 2007-08 Rangers down when they were taking control of a game was to “take” a penalty!! Sound stupid? First you break Ranger’s rythym because they were flying and then, Like Staal said, they go to PP and there is absolutley no movement… you could make the penalty a statement penalty like running a star or goalie…so what? they cant score anyway and you are slowing them down and delivering a message

  33. staal – And that was EXACTLY our problem. And the same can be applied to even strength…and back to the Dubi/Jags discussion.

    Dubi is capable of playing lots of styles, which is one attribute that makes him so valuable. He will probably be best as a ‘drive the net/bang in the corners’ type guy, mostly beacuse of his size. But when you try to play the ‘gain the zone, set up, look around, then throw a blind pass in the middle’ (ahem ahem…jags). You won’t get the most out of him.

    oh man….this weekend can’t come fast enough!

  34. If you guys haven’t seen…MTL traded for Robert Lang. Taking them out of the Sundin contest all together. Gainey said “they’re done” with that.

    So you can take them off the list. Which I would have to believe that brings down his price a little.

  35. If you ever wondered why Dubinsky made it look so easy to go up the ice with the puck, look no further than #68. I think Jagr was held back by his linemates. There wasn’t a guy on he team that could play that puck control game with him. Look no further than Detroit. Was anybody gonna touch them in the playoffs? They played puck control, and dominated. Jagr is a puck control guy, and I guess the blame should ultimately rest on Sather for not recognizing that. He got 2 guys who couldn’t/ wouldn’t play that game. They didn’t compliment JJ at all. Dubinsky was JJ’s center buy default.

    And as for Rozy, how the heck are ya gonna trade him? He was just overpaid by a team that was bidding against themselves!!! Rozy is going nowhere. I think Sundin comes, Prucha, Mara, and a kid w/ promise go elsewhere to make room. Sundin will take 3.5-4.5 mil for now, and have a new deal by Jan 1. Zherdev will wear #31. . . . .

  36. Guys,

    Can we please get off the Prucha bandwagon for a second? (You all keep repeating this ad nauseum.) Until that guy (a) makes this team and (b) scores more than a goal every 10 games, can we at least stop saying he is a 2nd liner? Without Jagr backing up his fellow countryman, I have a hard time seeing guys supporting him.

    What the heck are all of you watching that the coaches and my feeble 30 yrs of playing hockey and being a Ranger fan don’t see? I am not touting my scouting ability. But if the coaches don’t see it, that’s enough for starters. I just happen to agree with them. In the playoffs, Prucha was a tumbleweed.

    I loved the guy after the lockout. But since about 2 yrs ago, his size and strength has hamstrung him. If we traded him outright, I would be shocked to get more than a 1st rounder for the guy.

    I mean 2005-06, 1 goal per 2.26 games. 06-07, 1g per 3.6 games. 07-08, 1g per 9 games. You cannot argue those stats.

    With the stables full of talented kids with size and all the new pickups we just made, I have a hard time giving a sweater immediately to Prucha this season.

  37. Prucha is 3rd line at best. He will not return a 1st rd pick. Mid round maybe. But, he is prepared to play NHL minutes. Unlike a lot of kids in Hartford, or other AHL teams. So, he could be dealt as such. It has to be a package. Prucha and Mara are not in demand, but they would be if packaged with the right kid. Dubinsky is that guy. I think teams will bite. This is nothing more than a small salary dump to sign Sundin. I am not even for signing Mats. I just believe that it is gonna happen. Can any of you honestly think that the Rangers will start a season without a bona fide Marquee name at MSG????

  38. cwgatti – Apples and oranges. Det has a team that the core has been together for a freakin decade! Big difference to a team that was torn down pre-lockout, then had an identity change.

    You are right about one thing. Slats is to blame for not having other players on the roster with the same ‘style’. WHICH…should have led to #68’s departure last February at the dealine. We’d HAVE our scoring winger right now.

  39. Maltby, Draper, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, and. . . . . . . . . they won despite Osgood.

    And Redden is no marquee name. Neither is Gomez. Lundqvuist will be. . . . .

  40. cw your right about Jagr’s style of play but remember Jagr came to the team and turned this team around, gave us some respectability, however it was clear last summer that the team had chosen a different direction and JJ was not a part of it. We had a puck posession line with Nylander, JJ and Straka, however that changed last summer. Thankfully JJ saw the writing on the wall. It was obvious halfway thru last season that he wasn’t going to be here this season.
    Jagr was not held up by his linemates…he was held up by himself. He was the only one playing that style and unfortunitely for Renney, he had to accomodate Jagr and his rigid ways…I’m happy he’s gone. Now our team is the Rangers not Jagr and the Rangers.
    Sam, out of curiousity…any word on my man Staal?
    His rookie season was great, but has he packed on any pounds? I’m looking for a huge jump from him this season. I think all you folks calling for another defenceman will be silenced when we see Staal excel even more this season. We have a #1 D man!!!
    1. Staal
    2. Redden
    3. Rozi
    4. Kalinin
    5. Girardi
    6. Mara

    Is it an Iron Curtain? probably not…but it is a VAST IMPROVEMENT over last season.

  41. Don’t get me wrong. I think Sundin could be a mistake. I definitely don’t believe the Ranger youth is all that great, but Mats of 2008 may be a step in the wrong direction. I am just basing my opinions on history. And the thirst NY has for the STAR PLAYER.

  42. You’re right on Beer. If Slats really wanted JJ back for this year, why did he drag his ass in negotiations during the summer? He should have traded him before last years deadline or gave him his 3 years.

    At least we won’t have to see a 5 on 3 with JJ and Shanny on the points, passing back and forth before taking a one time slapper.

  43. right 22. You don’t let guys like that walk. Slats dropped the ball.

    cw – difference of opinion on what ‘Marquee’ means I guess.

  44. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Dubinsky scored 2 goals and 1 assist at the 56th NHL Youngstars Game this year as well as receiving the MVP. He also scored a hat trick in his first World Championships. Where was Jagr helping his game there? Yes, they worked well together and he was the only one Jagr clicked with, but I think he’ll only get better this year as long as he remains focused. The kid’s got a bright future and hopefully it will be as a Ranger!

  45. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Hey Kaspar,
    Congratulations to you and your lady on becoming parents. Twin girls – awesome. Little girls are the best. I also give you a lot of credit for being part of the birth process, not many men will do that!

  46. Beer Me!
    Thanks for the very good article on Voros ( the new Avery?)
    I know this has been said here before but; Where is the news on Zherdev? I dont think this is a case of ” no news is good nes” either

  47. Beer – that article just make me excited to see Voros play. I LOVE that he lived in Vancouver and openly rooted for the Rangers in 94. I hope he gets a spot now, and kicks ass with it.

  48. Oh, and Steve Zipay (Blue Notes) reported the other day that “Gomez, who’s flying, and Drury often are playing on the same line.”

    Could be signs of Sundin about to be signed?? maybe not.

    So all these “cap-clearing” speculations we’re all making could actually be coming true?

    Or maybe, Anisimov, Rissmiller, Betts and Fritsche could be battling to see who plays 3rd and 4th line center with Dubinsky sliding up to 2nd line Center?

    I could see the top 2 lines being:
    Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Zherdev – Dubinsky – Dawes

  49. GardenfaithfulinFLA

    Thanks! Now I guess I gotta keep playing in ST. Pete
    Cant wait till they are teeneagers so I can hear all thos interesting conversations that teen girls have…..

    (Thats a crying sound I just made)

  50. After reading that article, I would love to see who voros on a wing with dubi in the middle looks. Size, strength, hands, ‘tude, both willing to drop gloves….slap prucha on the other wing, and you have yourself a threatening THIRD line.

  51. Is it just me or are the Rangers looking to be even more of a low scoring, grind it out, bang em hard team this year? Outside of Zherdev, Naslund, and Gomer, everyone else (except Prucha and Dawes maybe) seem to be able to grind and bang and hammer.

  52. Its not just you Newman. I think the strategy is behind the roster is that NO ONE should be relying on anyone else to be putting the puck in the net. It’s scoring by committee, its defense by committee. Goaltending…yeah, not so much.

  53. Its all about Renney right now

    We give Jags grief,deservedley, for his lackluster season…
    We give Slats grief for fat contracts……

    but Renney? we all let him slide…never ever read any moaning about his coaching methods…Only “well now he doesn’t have to worry about Jagr”

    Now…I appreciate the recent Jagr/Renney teams…Playoffs three straight years is much better then where we were…and if it’s unanomous that Jagr couldn’t lead us to the promised land (round 3 that is) Then this year is make it or leave year for the “Professor”

    IMLO (in my Lithuanian Opinion)

  54. Hockeymanrangers on

    I love Dubi and everything he does, along with soft hands. Look at him on the boards, you see up on the bds with a opponent and all of sudden he is skating away with the puck looking for someone to pass it too. Yea if the Rangers ever traded him I would be devastated. I really hope to _ell they do not sign Sundin and am not thrilled at all if they sign Shanny. Call in age discrimantion if you but I don’t want either of them.

  55. ‘Just talked to a source in NY who confirmed with me that, “Something appears to be up with the Rangers.”

    I just checked with Ecklund and he confirmed to me that his source is ……

    ORR !!! What Is It Good FOR !!!

    Havent seen him around today….have you?

  56. haha “something appears to be up with the Rangers”. I LOVE the detailed reporting by Ecks…

    And the source confirmed it. I see the conversation being something like:

    Ecks: I hear something’s up with the Rangers.
    Zamboni driver: Yeah, they’re practicing and stuff.
    Ecks: So, you just confirmed that something is INDEED up. AWESOME.

  57. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    There were a lot of folks yelling for Renney’s head last year. There were also a lot of folks saying let him be. But I agree – I too think he’s going to be under the microscope this year. Oh, by the way, remember those words ‘can’t wait until they’re teenagers’ in about 13 years they’ll come back to haunt you. lol

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