Calm before the storm


The Rangers veterans are getting their last respite before the start of training camp, staying off the ice today while the rookies and prospects intensify their preparation for Traverse City.

Of course, there’s rarely such thing as a complete day off in New York. Henrik Lundqvist, Markus Naslund, Scott Gomez, Wade Redden, and Chris Drury will be on hand at the Garden today to unveil plans for the team’s new fitness and locker room at the Garden. This will mark the first time that Naslund and Redden will be at the mercy of the Rangers’ formidable publicity machine. The team on whole deserves more credit than criticism given the genuine work the organization does for charities. But it’s also never been shy about gratuitous photo opportunities, and this would certainly be one of them.

In other news, Zipay chimes in with “some thoughts on Brendan Shanahan and Mats Sundin”: thanks to some insight from an agent. On the same front, I was told by an executive on another team that he still thought the Rangers were the front-runners for Sundin given Sundin’s stated interest in New York along with the added bonus of adding his countryman Naslund. But the same source also noted the difficulty the Rangers would have in making that move given their salary cap constraints.

I, too, suspect that the team will officially move on from Sundin and lock in Shanahan for another year.

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  1. I hope Redden and Naslund aren’t overwhelmed with the media and spotlight they now have to be in.
    In that one interview on the Rangers site, Redden was about as interesting an interview as a piece of wood.
    YEah foir Shanny, please sign him already.

    Sam,not sure if you’ve seen any of it, but do you think all the coverage on MSG about Nedved is coincidental? Or are they preparing us for old timers day when they sign him after camp?

  2. I noticed that too on MSG…I honestly can’t believe they would sign this guy again. I mean if we have to take one…I’d go Shanny but not both…PLEASE NO!!!!

  3. Sundin was never in the picture for New York. The Hockey News has been polling all summer about this and they never mentioned New York. Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton. I say Stockholm. At least the 09 trade deadline.

  4. Mikey – Both of those guys come from Canadian teams. I’d have to say they’re used to the spotlight. Canadians are fanatical about hockey.

    Matt – Nedved and his wife (her name slips me, but I still remember the SI cover with her in that red swimsuit) divorced. There is NO reason to want him back now.

  5. EXACTLY… and I’m sure at least 1 of her friends has low standards and looks for PERSONALITY in a guy…

  6. Nedved is divorced, unless he has a new hot wife. His ex was on the cover of SI swimsuit issue a few years back. So being that she is now single, go get her boys.

  7. Good job Sam. You and Spector are the only sites I really need to read. Its hard to believe, given the history of the NYR, that Sundin is not in their plans. But, why didn’t they just get this done on JULY 1st!!!! Markus Naslund gets signed? That came out of nowhere. There is a Sundin connection there, but signing a big ticket like Redden would fiscally nix Sundin at that point. Remember Capt Quint in Jaws,”……either he is a really dumb fish, or a really smart one”…..that describes Sather right now. Let’s see what happens…….

  8. Hockeymanrangers on

    Any one know when the first game for the Rangers prospects is at the Traverse tourny??? Sam are you going to Michigin to give us the rundown on that tourny??? I am really liking the couple of post a day thing. Keep up the great work Sam. thank you

  9. One of the reasons I slap my forehead for is that the overwhelming mood here is ‘ Renney gets cut slack because he deals with Sather’s mess’……Really? While I wont award Sather any GM of the year trophies soon why do we feel “sorry’ for Renney having to “deal with” Jagr for and then he got Gomez and Drury and Shanahan onto his team…while I’m actually glad Jagr is gone I cant see why this Renney guy doesn’t get as much crap as Sather….

  10. Mikey – yes they are preparing us for old timers day with nedved AND your boy Shanny. what a huge mistake Sather and junior dolan are doing there

  11. Leaving for Traverse City this afternoon. Should be up there and settled in before the Rangers first game tomorrow night against the Redwings at 7.

  12. If signing a fading Shanahan means no or little PP playing time for Nigel Dawes, then I’m against it; ND should get much more playing time with the extra man since this has been the part of his game at every level where he has excelled. His passing and on-ice vision are among the best on the current Rangers roster. So no to Shanny if it means Dawes is stifled.

  13. Hockeymanrangers on

    It sounds like Shanny is going to be signed even though I (and a few others) don’t want them to. ( come on they should start reading this blog, we would have won the cup years ago, LOL) But I hope they put something in the contract, if Shanny still skates turtle speed (which he will) they can get rid of him and put a young buck in his place. I really really do not want Shanny, I am going to start a “GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE” petition.

  14. Next time you see Nedved interviewed count how many times he says the word “”obviously.” Saw him last night on MSG and he used the work at least twice in every sentence.
    Oh, by the way, obviously I hope he doesn’t make the team.

  15. “GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE”? What’s the average age of the team again? Hey why don’t we sign Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be-born grandson. He’ll be REAL young, so he should make our team better, right? He ONLY has upside.


    If you have a PS3 then you should just buy NHL 09 on ebay, from a seller in america. PS3 is region free, you can play games from any country. But if you have an X-Box you cant do that. So if you cant wait till the end of October you should do that.

    As for the Traverse City Tourney, the NHL Network is supposed to play some of the games, only one Nyr game though. I hope they dominate again this year.

  17. Hockeymanrangers on

    I am not so sure I am interested in the AVERAGE AGE. I just think it would be good to play at least SOME of these younger players, instead signing these older players with big pay contracts. I am OK with a bringing in some experiance but in my book we done enough with Naslund and Redden, we don’t need Sundin OR SHANNY. I see it as, we have a lot of young prospect give them some time in the NHL. “GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE”

  18. Im all for giving youth a chance, but if Moore, Byers, Korpedo, Artie, or anyone are not doing to well, or score like 5 goals, in 82 games or there getting abused Pruchs style, then i don’t wanna see Shanny putting up 25-30 goals with the Blues, or the Isles, Devs, Flowers, or any team that wants him, and i certainly do NOT wanna see Sundin go to a team like the Bolts, and put up 30 goals, 80-90 points, with a team that everyone says will suck, and take them to the playoffs.

    That’s my only concern here. But its not like Byers, Moore, Korpedo, or Artie will make the team, so eh. Unless they do something amazing that is. Same with Nedved, i like the guy, i like the fact that he wants to play for this team more than any other. Imagine he scores 35 goals with some other team ?? Honestly, just out of curiosity, what would any of you think ? Would you regret saying he’s worthless, and would you wish he signed with Nyr instead of that team ?

  19. steve trac (SeasonTix!) on

    I know it’s off topic but after waiting 3 years, I FINALLY GOT SEASON TICKETS!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! For anyone else on the waitlist, I was #175 and got the call today, so good luck to the rest of you.

    DON’T sign Sundin.
    DO sign Shanny.
    Fvck Brodeour.

  20. I’m ALL for giving the young guys a shot… there was nothing more exciting than 3 years ago when Henrik and PRucha came out of nowhere and were great solid guys…

    BUT, assume a “young guy” is anybody 25 or younger, we have 7. Somebody on the younger side, 26-30, we have 11. That’s 18 out of 22 people (listed on the roster page of

    Would have 4 or 5 guys over 10 REALLY mean that we’re not giving the young guys a shot? Or does it mean we have an over-abundance of young guys, and some of THEM are taking roster spots from others?

  21. Hockeymanrangers on

    DR House
    Wait you mean management won’t read this or listen to what we say. OH Crap! You mean I have been waisting my time blogging 8 hours a day. That really sucks.

  22. nobody else in the league wants nedved we are doing him a courtesy, of course sather could still be stupid enough to sign him. if it was between sundin or shanny clearly u get sundin not even a debate. but if shanny is the only one in play id pass, only way shanny can get 20+ goals is to play on the top two lines and on the pp, but then we will see the same slow down towards the middle of the year and definitely by the end of the season/playoffs.

    and there are plenty of people on other teams who can get 30 goals, doesnt mean i want them on the rangers or im mad the rangers didnt sign them.

    give prucha the ice time shanny got the past two years and you will get your production right there

  23. “Wait you mean management won’t read this or listen to what we say”

    I’m not sure how much it counts but I listen…and one day when I elbow Professor Renney out of the way and assume my command I WILL BE looking for assistant coaches ( What you think I keep Perry and Perrini or whatever their shlock lawfirm sounding names are?)

    Then we will hit….

    but for now ( as the professor says) your team can just play responsible in your own end and make appropriate decisions in the nuetral zone and be aggresive without taking unnecessary risks in the offensive end…..

  24. I was just looking at our roster and the only two people on the team older than me are Drury by a year and Naslund by a few years and I am not including Shanny yet. I am 31. I feel that most players are in the prime of their career around this age. If we sign Shanny and give him a lesser role, I don’t really have that much of a problem with it. I think we will have a good mix of players on this team. Shanny or not, I think we are going to be right in the upper middle of the East this year. I think we finish 3 or 4 in the East.

  25. What I meant above is that, we have some players in their prime, i.e. Drury and Gomez, and a lot of younger players, and to have a few older vets is not an awful thing.

  26. nothing at all wrong with having older players if they are used based on their skill level now, not what it was a few years ago. thats why sundin would make sense in that i still believe he could perform at a high level. with shanny its not that he can’t play at all, but he seems to be a 3rd/4th line guy and we already have so many of those types of players from last year or new signings that it just doesn’t make sense to add him now

  27. all i can say is thank god for this blog starting to get the NYR news flowing … dying for the season to start!!! great job, Sam.

    i’m usually in favor of a youth movement over vets, but i think Shanny brings the most out of kids on the team, want to see him back.

  28. hey gys sorry but I’ve been out of it…. when are tickets going on sale or did I miss it?? I am on an email list but isn’t it getting late now…

  29. PETE

    Shanny can score 30 plus playing on the 3rd line with Dubi, and Freddy, or who ever, hell, Jags did it, so why cant Shanny ?

    Shanny has enough left in the tank to play, i said it 5 times and ill say it again, take him off the PK, and don’t over play him. He can play 2nd line, 3rd line, but no to 4th line, he isn’t fuggin Gary Roberts. If Korpedo doesn’t make the team, good, it worked well for Dawes, lets see what it does for him, hopefully it lights the fire of all fires under his ass, and gets him all fired up, and annihalates the AHL with his best season, only to make the team the following year, then BOOM, he’s a Ranger. Or he can take it personal, like Malik, and eventually get traded, or he’ll rot down there. But Dawes didn’t, and now he’s a part of this team, unless he pulls a Cally on us, but then again Cally served his time in jail, and came back, and is back with the team. I like Korpedo, and i don’t want another waste of a 1st round pick, like Jessiwoman, and Montoya. That would SUCK !

  30. No Sundin!
    No Shanahan

    That song about leadership got real old like Shanahan; Rangers already have enough leadership.

    Give the young guys a chance!!!!!

  31. Just to chime in real quick on a day full of flat tires, and a bunch of other B.S…..Murphy’s Law if you will.

    Yes to Sundin … wait … IF he comes under the terms that we’ve seen Selane, Kariya, and whomever else at one point signed contracts for $1mil JUST to have a legit shot at a cup. I think if you add Sundin to this squad, you just entered a race with Pitt to see who can dominate the East.

    That’s a huge IF. And we’ll see just how important a cup, and/or the HOF is to Mats Sundin.

    Skimmed through posts above. I second Nasty’s thought of ‘not a bad thing’. We have more youth than at least 60% of the NHL, AND have a pretty well balanced roster from an age perspective.

    Zipay’s blog entry today has the little details that I love. .. Paul Mara’s new hairdo, for instance! haha

  32. no one answers what they would go to for Shanny. all i see is i want shanny bring him back sign him. do you for $ 3 mm with 1/2 getting deferred if allowed. in my opinion hell no. Shanny signed for 25 % increase last yr coming off a bad injury. now he had another significant injury. didn’t anyone see him play 2nd half of last yr including playoffs. he was terrible. and old guys tend to get hurt it’s not a matter of if but when the injury will happen.

    again shanny will not come cheap. and i don’t want the 09-10 seasons cap impacted by the old man from this yr.

  33. doodie machetto on

    No to Shanahan. Yes to Kaspar.

    They’re gonna be bad this year. I see them finishing third in the division behind Pennsylvania. 6th or 7th in the conference. Out in the 2nd round if we get the winner of the southeast, out in the first if we get the winner of the atlantic or northeast.

    See you guys in a couple of weeks.

  34. doodie, this is the time for BLIND OPTIMISM. If the rangers suck this year, we’ll have from October – April to live that torture. let us have our hope now.

    I just checked real quick. If Shanny does not come back, that means we lost our 4 of our top 6 goal scorers. We lose Jagr, Shanny, Straka and Avery, and only keep Gomez and Drury.

    How many guys do we have that are actual pure goal scorers? Gomez is more of a set-up guy. Naslund’s a scorer, but hasn’t scored more than 35 goals in 4 years. Zherdev is erratic at best (scored 13 goals in his 1st year, then 27, 10, and 26 his next years)… we could be hurting in that department.

  35. I actually like Sundin. Unlike Jagr, he operates in the center of the ice and involves his teammates more. Jagr made defending our offense easy last year, camped out on the right side like he was. Sundin is also a better pure scorer. However, tell me who is going to make room for him before I say go ahead and sign him.

  36. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Couldn’t stand it anymore – had to put up my Ranger Wallpaper on my desk at work. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  37. jdon September 12th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    I actually like Sundin. Unlike Jagr, he operates in the center of the ice and involves his teammates more. Jagr made defending our offense easy last year, camped out on the right side like he was. Sundin is also a better pure scorer. However, tell me who is going to make room for him before I say go ahead and sign him.

    How much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.$$ does Mr. Sundin want? Too much I bet…who is going to get traded? We can’t trade the Rissmillers of our world Sundin

  38. 1million tops no bonuses, lets see how much he really wants to be on the team and orr i really couldn’t disagree more, he cannot handle 2nd line minutes for a full season, his lgs will be shot by january. and if shanny is on the third line with dubi and sjostrom, where is everyone else playing. do you really believe dawes and cally are 2nd line players. cally is a third liner nothing wrong with that but he just isnt that gifted offensively. and dawes has not shown yet that he belongs above the third line

  39. hey Pete, you’re saying we shouldn’t sign Shanny, and Dawes and Cally shouldn’t be on the 2nd line. Who SHOULD be then? I’m guessing Gomez, Drury, Naslund, and Zherdev, but who really Belongs beyond them?

    You mentioned Dubi and Sjostrom on the 3rd line. If Dawes hasn’t proven himself, I don’t see any of the other acquisitions proving themselves, or PRucha proving himself either…?

  40. top six forwards:
    gomez, drury, naslund, zherdev and id have to say prucha as well. The kid scored 52 goals his first two seasons and was a beast on the pp but in his 2nd and 3rd years (same years shanny has been on the team) he has been switched from line to line and benched. maybe there is something behind the scenes we dont know about. you put prucha with a playmaking center on this team or any other team and he is gonna get goals, will he still get knocked around sure, but he gets right back up and always gets back on d

    i think dawes may have a shot to be a 2nd line guy but scoring 14 goals last year and being a ghost in the playoffs hardly screams offensive dynamo.

    i would love to have dubinsky on the top two lines but i think it makes more sense for him to play center and i dont see them converting drury to wing unless we get sundin.

    cally should be on the third line with dubi and i didnt say sjostrom should be on the 3rd line, thats what orr said. s far as the other guys we signed,i know very little about them so i cant really comment there tho on first glance they seem to be more of the same 3rd/4th line players we seem to love to acquire.

  41. I think Sundin can put up another year of 70 points. Especially if you put him on a line with Naslund and Zherdev. The guy is the epitome of consistency. CAN WE AFFORD HIM? No!! Are we willing to trade the Over-paid contracts of Drury, Gomez, Redden, or Rozsival?? Maybe, but i still say no!!

    The way i see it, most of our young guys are not quite ready to make the leap into the big leagues. This is why i think Shanny is a good idea to bring back for 1 more year. For one, it will help the team’s chemistry to not add anymore “new blood” to the line-up. Secondly, i think Anisimov, Korpikoski, Byers, Moore, Potter, and Sanguenetti could benefit more from seeing “Top minutes” in Hartford for 1 more season, then being 4th line players or healthy scratches all season in the NHL.

    I truly think this is the Rangers plan. If you look at the length of contracts to the players (not including home-grown prospects) that are signed its either “Long-term”: Lundqvist, Gomez, Drury, Rozsival and Redden OR “1 Year Deals” (stop-gaps for most): Mara, Kalinin, Rissmiller, Fritsche, Zherdev, Sjostrom, Betts, Orr, and possibly Shanny.

    Most of the these 1 Year Players will be gone next year to make room for the Younger Hartford guys … Guaranteed !!

  42. You wait, if Shanahan makes it through this season, some will be calling for his return NEXT year – for more of that puffed-up intangible called “leadership.” Right, he can no longer skate, score or defend, so he’s a “leader.” If he does play here this year, I say plug him into the crater left by Hollweg and hope he’s just 50% as bad.

  43. I never said Freddy should be on the 3rd line, but who else is gonna play there, if we don’t bring up Korpedo or Artie, or anyone else ?? And if Cally, Dawes or who ever else are not top 2 line guys, then who the hell besides Pruchs is gonna play on that line if you don’t think Dawes, and Cally, and who ever cant be up there.

    Another thing. How do you know Shanny cant handle the 2nd line minutes, i mean i really cant stand all these people acting like they know everything aboot this guy. Do him a favor, if Mrs. Shanny forgets to buy his favorite cerial when she goes shopping, let her know so Shanny can have a good breakfast.

    He’s played the last half of the last two seasons injured, he played last years playoffs injured, Renney should have benched him a lot more than he did, but he didn’t, i think he knows that now, and wants to protect him for that. Its not like Shanny has nagging groin injuries going into the playoffs. You should all be thankful he’s not fuggin Havlat, or Afinagenov, with the young age, and old man injuries. If we can get him cheap, and get him where we point be hurting in the cap next season, then its a go, for sure. But thats my opinion.

    Im such a positive Ranger fan, it scares me sometimes, if Nyr would sign Nedved, Gionta, who ever, i always give them a chance, and root for them cause i love this team, and i don’t bitch and moan like the majority of Nyr fans that can basically be Isles fans by the way they act. Point being, i have confidence in this team, and im hoping Dawesy can pull 25 out of his ass, Cally with 15, Dubi with 20, Pruchs with 20, but something’s missing, and that something is something we cant get right now unless we trade, but its a little to late for that, so Mats, and Shanny are out there, Mats doesn’t know if he even wants to have Hamburger Helper for Lunch or for Dinner, let alone playing hockey, so Shanny is here, he wants to be here, like i want to make out with Megan Fox, and Maria Sharapova, on the same day. Sign him, let him help out in what ever way he can, and the thing is he can. The kids love him, they want him back, and they need to learn from him. I mean if Jessiman didn’t have that mini bond session with Shanny, he’d probably pull a Legion and retire.

  44. Thats right Hollywood is hanging in Avery’s favorite city of Toronto. What are we going to do without Guitar Hero, Heck who is going to dance in the locker room?

  45. I love how people think the team would instantly be better if it was just younger… why not just bring up a high-school team and let them be the rangers? we could win the cup like 4 years in a row, then get all new kids who can’t even drive yet.

  46. Jeever …
    I completely agree. The Red Wings were the oldest team last year. They had 8-9 guys that were over 35 years old and they won the cup. You wanna know how well youth works out for a team. The 5 youngest teams last year didnt even make the playoffs. In order of youngest to 5th youngest: Phoenix, Edmonton, Columbus, Chicago and Buffalo.

    Right now we are the 2nd youngest team in the league. “The oldest team this year you might ask”? … Detroit … again and averaging a year older this year compared to last year

  47. Point i was making is … We have completed the youth movement successfully. There is nothing wrong with bringing in one 39-40 year old player to round out our mostly dominated young team.

    Not to mention, this “dinosaur” can still pot at least 20 goals next season and single-handily win a handful of shootouts for us next year.

    Is that worth 1.0 – 1.5 million for a 1 year contract?? I definitely think so !!!

  48. czechthemout!!!!! on


  49. orr and others, i dont think there are too many internal options you are right there, so while i dont really think dawes is a 2nd line player id be ok with giving him a shot as long as prucha go at shot as well b/c he has proven he can score in the nhl.

    and i agree that we won’t be better just by being younger, but in this one instance i dont think we really improve by getting older either. i would rather see koriposki or someone else get some 3rd line minutes and develop then have a near 40yr old out there. and orr, shanny showed signs of fatigue before his injurys both years, is it his fault he was overused, no but i just dont think renney will truly limit his playing time that much. i have said it before, but the moment we are losing a game shanny will be bumped up and a kid will sit, b/c renney wants that experience out there.

    the rangers have serious issues not only this year but in the next few years b/c we dont have any great young offensive players in our system, maybe cheraponov but who knows if he will ever come over. all those years of being bad but not bad enough are biting us in the ass now. only way we will ever move to the next level i believe is to make a trade for an elite player (which would cost us a lot) or get high draft picks.

    and detroit may be the oldest team, but besides lidstrom their best players are under or right around 30, like zetterberg and datysuk, 2 of the best centers in the game.

    we have had to rely on free agency/trades to get offensive talent but that is a hard way to success b/c the truly elite rarely ever make it to free agency or are traded unless for monetary reasons. so we end up overpaying for good but not elite players. Take Gomez, he is a good player who i love to watch but he isn’t zetterberg or vinny

    and of those young teams, some of them have really bright futures, i mean who wouldn’t want chicago’s stars

    so of course ill root for shanny if he is singed, but it is not in the teams best long-term interest to sign him, and someday sather/dolan need to think more than a year ahead.

    Note: Nedved would be too much, i mean the guy doesn’t know how to take a slapshot and i have never seen him take the body

  50. Robert Lang just traded to the Habs for the 2nd round pick they received from Toronto for Grabovski.

    I guess that eliminates 1 possible Sundin destination??

  51. Hockeymanrangers needs to get a life. Blogging for (8) hours a day is giving him brain rot. What’s this give youth a chance crap. Right now we have a perfect blend of veterans, youth & players in their early thirties. Such ignorance.

  52. Oh jeez, Eklund was saying that for like 2 or 3 weeks, now Eklunds gonna think he’s god for getting something right. Oh wait, he said Lang was gonna sign with the Habs, he didn’t know he was already under conract. So he’s half right.


    Your probably right, they were patiently waiting but now that he’s still in the state of mind that he’s been in since before August, i guess there finally moving on, and once we sign Shanny, that means were moving along as well.

    All you Shanny haters, or semi Shanny haters, or age haters, what ever, you all should wrap your head around the idea that Shanny is a Ranger, cause its most likely gonna happen.

    BTW – Somerset, thanks for that nice little post, aboot how those young teams from last season didn’t make the playoffs, that nearly made me cough of the chilli i was eating. I don’t like that, but i have confidence in this team. Shanny want hurt them, he wont hold them back. And if this was truly aboot leadership, and nothing else, then i wouldn’t want him, but i believe he can still contribute, hopefully if he signs, this will be his breakout year as a Ranger.

  53. Oh yeah, and does anyone think both Nedved, AND Shanny will get signed ?? Especially if Pruchs gets traded, and someone else, and then Korpedo, and some prospects don’t look like they can make it in the NHL. This team might be getting a whole lot older within the week or two.

  54. The more and more i think about it:

    1. Shanny OR Sundin will definitely be a Ranger this season.

    2. Prucha will be traded as a salary dump for a depth D-man (Hoping its Alex Edler from Vancouver or Ian White from Toronto. Both teams need some much needed offensive help and currently have too many d-men on their roster).

    3. There will be 1 other 3rd or 4th line player traded (Fritsche, Sjostrom, or Rissmiller depending on how well Jamtin looks)

    4. I dont think any young guy from Hartford is getting a chance to play full-time for the team this year, unless its a D-man (possibly Potter or Pock). Next Year we will have about 4 making the team, I just dont see it happening this year under the logic of 1 more year in Hartford playing 1st line minutes is better then being a “healthy scratch” in the NHL this year.

    5. Nedved WILL be Cut !!! ……. Thank God

  55. somerset if you really think Shanny is signing for $ 1 mm I have a bridge to sell you. try $ 2.5 mm to $ 3 mm with 1/2 going against the following year once players ratify contract. great idea NOT. I have to assume you’re still in high school.

    czechthemout – time to change the name bro

    i still feel dirty agreeing with bonfire or in his latest incarnation cakewalk. it’s like agreeing with an islander fan. but not the way he says it but i agree that Shanny is a huge mistake that junior dolan and sather are perpetuating on us.

  56. eklund is wrong 95% of the time and really wrong 4% of the time…

    he is only right 1% of the time because he types up all these “rumors” one of them is bound to come true out of every 1000…

  57. PAUL

    Exactly, he finally got one right, but he was kinda wrong. There’s always a little wrong in his right.


    You need to take a chill pill, hockey is officially a week away from tomorrow, there’s no need to get all pissy. Unless it was a month ago, then its okay. I keep a case of chill pills with me, for those looong summers. They sure do help.


    Id definitely go with Edler, i don’t wanna see Pruchs 4 times a year. But at this point, i honestly don’t think Sundin is going anywhere near NY, he had his chance, and now he’s being stupid. I just cant see Slats trading Rozi now, same thing with Betts being traded after Fritsche was signed, the chance was there, but now its gone. Its a shame, i would have loved to have Mats here, but its to late now.

    Sign Shanny !

  58. sundin has till tuesday (day after the 15th) to make up his mind…

    it would make my head explode if they signed him… no one knows the lines now… what would they be then? lol

  59. I don’t understand how Prucha gets traded. To me its a boneheaded organizational move…He actually had value 2 yrs ago. Now…what are we gonna get…a 4th round pick if that or some other Hartford headed player like Hutchinson? How bout letting him play this season on a steady good line, and then trade him, if he sucks.

  60. Li Joe …

    Really man … Really? Are you his agent or something? Are you offended by my low-balled offer cause that makes your 10% agents fee less profitable?

    $ 1.0 – 1.5 is an accurate figure for two reasons:

    1. He made 2.5 million last year, and he absolutely wont come anywhere close to that figure (let alone over it, like you suggest) this season.

    2. He wants us more then we want him (obvious by his waiting this long). Im sure he realizes that he WILL be playing 3rd line minutes and will welcome that “ballpark figure” of 1.0-1.5 million

    BTW … Im 26 and married, but whats this bridge you speak of?? I just got a raise at work and im intrigued by your offer

  61. somerset – au contraire. shanny’s salary including bonuses was over $ 5 mm last yr some of which hit this yrs cap. and yes the bonuses count. that was up from $ 4 mm the prior yr.

    so figure from % 5.2 mm last yr he gets 1/2 that at least. so try $ 2.5 mm to $ 3 mm this yr some of which might be deferred against the following yr. but still needs to be counted.

    still want shanny at those prices. i sure don’t. but sather and junior dolan do because evidently the fans mostly want their shanny. especially those with his jersey. pretty sickening actually. doesn’t matter that like last yr he’ll be the invisible man in the 2nd 1/2 of the season.

  62. Signing Shanny doesn’t mean Pruchs HAS to get traded. But he seems like the only obvious choice. Pruchs might be just like Pascal Dupuis. One, or two good seasons, then BOOM, he’s a 3rd or 4th liner.

    We wouldn’t be in this situation if we didn’t resign Rozsival. Yeah, i know we tied up to much money for Redden, Gomer, and Dru, and we overpaid for them, but even so, there was no reason to resign Rozi, especially if we were gonna get Redden. It just doesn’t make sense. Now we have to whine aboot the cap.

  63. steping back and looking at the roster … where r the goals coming from? an old Naslund? an enigmatic Zherdev? drury and gomez are proven playmakers but need finishers..I feels Dawes is good for 30 if used properly (renney!) we might as well get 20-30 from shanny… would love to see Callahan fill that role..but he MAY need one more yr..

  64. dupuis never had one or two good seasons unless you think scoring 20 goals once a good season. cally will be ahrd pressed to match the offensive production that dupuis has put forth so far in the nhl, dawes may be as well.

    no comparison btwm prucha and dupuis

  65. Prucha will be waived/ traded/ or demoted. Probably packaged in a deal w/ Mara. Sundin will be a Ranger Tuesday. Don’t be suprised if Dubinsky is offered as a “sweetener” in the deal to entice a team to bite on a trade.

  66. No fuggin WAAAY Dubi gets traded. Cally is the one who woud get moved, or at least Dawes. This team has 3 good centers for the first time in a long time, and i doubt they will dump him. Even if Artie turns out to be a great draft pick, and somehow makes the team, they’ll just move either him or Dubi to the wing. But Dubi is untouchable as far as im concerned.

    And Mara wont get traded, he wanted to stay here, and almost signed for some Garden Chili, so i don’t think he’ll get moved.

    I still think if anyone will be moved to bring in Mats, its Rozi, and Pruchs together.

    Lol, it would be hilarious if Nyr signed both Mats, and Shanny, everyone in here would have the fits to end all fits, and will never recover. If they sign Nedved as well, then most likely we’ll here some suicide talk.

  67. Dubinsky’s value will never be higher, and if Sundin rolls in, you will never remember Dubinsky was even here.

  68. Gomez, Drury, and Dubinsky arent going anywhere !!

    Prucha and Rozsival are gonna be traded to clear room for Sundin if needed.

    To be honest, I really wouldnt mind losing the Rozsival contract if it brings in some defensive depth, and then obviously Sundin as well. Prucha and Rozsival will probably get us 2 depth players and a Draft Pick.

    Prucha and Rozsival to Vancouver for Alex Burrows, Alex Edler and maybe a 4th rounder or something.

  69. Id love to bring in O’Sullivan like ive been saying, if its possible, but we do have massive depth at the forward position, and we can use some Defensive depth. Im not against signing Mats at all, and definitely not against trading Rozi.

  70. This is goingto be an interesting training camp.Some guys are fighting to make the club. I am curious to see who will shine and who will play themselves out of a spot.

  71. Somerset

    Vancouver would never trade Edler for Prucha… I don’t think you realize how high they are on this kid

  72. Here’s this little post from some guy named Dan Rosen. He’s talking to Schoenfeld, aboot the prospects and stuff like that. The friggin guy fails to mention the score of the Red Wings vs Rangers game.

    “Sometimes it pays to know your surroundings, or better yet, who is standing around you.
    After the first period ended in the Blues-Stars game with St. Louis up 2-0, I jumped to the other rink to catch the last 10 minutes of the first period in the Red Wings-Rangers game. So, I found myself a nice spot on the balcony probably in line with the Rangers goal. I sneak in and start watching the game and jotting down some line combos, although I could do much of this because there were so many penalties.
    Anyway, I’m standing there and I just happen to look to my right, but all I see is this body. So, of course, I look up, and wouldn’t you know it’s Rangers assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld.
    Now, before you ask, I don’t really eat doughnuts so he couldn’t yell at me to have another.
    So, of course, I struck up a conversation with Schoenfeld. I asked him if there is a specific coaching strategy to these games or do the guys on the bench just wing it. He said you want to roll lines because you have to see everybody. He wasn’t kidding. Even on the Rangers power play, they rolled four lines and three sets of defensemen.
    Schoenfeld said each team will have it’s own strategy, but they are here to see the players so you have to put them in positions that you want to see them in. He made a point of mentioning that some of the guys here are on a tryout basis, so you have to see what they can and can not do to see if you want to offer them a contract. Some of the guys here are also are potential candidates for NHL jobs so you want to see their development before training camp.
    Right as he said that, defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti was carrying the puck. I said, “There goes one of your potential NHL guys now.” Schoenfeld agreed by saying, “We hope so.” If Sanguinetti doesn’t make the Rangers this season he’ll definitely be in Hartford with the AHL club, but you get the sense the Rangers are hoping for more.
    As for this year’s No. 1 pick, defenseman Michael Del Zotto, Schoenfeld said he’s going back to junior, but he hedged his bet slightly by saying, “You never know, though.” Look for Del Zotto to return to the Oshawa Generals to play with John Tavares this year.
    I asked Schoenfeld how the Rangers are going to handle the two exhibition games in Europe, if they will be brining extra kids to play there despite the long trip. He said they would and they will pare it down from there. The final roster would be announced after the Victoria Cup game against Metallurg Magnitogorsk, but I’d expect most of the NHL guys to play in that game.
    See what kind of information you can get if you just look around once in a while instead of just standing there like a dolt.”

  73. Some of you posters have lost it…
    Dubinski a “sweetener”? dude are you Eklund?
    Dubi Traded…haha…Sundin rolls in we’ll forget Dubi…I think not…
    Who would take Rozi, I thought he is overpaid…who is gonna take him
    And why trade Prucha and Rozi for depth players and a draft pick…We have like 50 depth players already…are we starting a collection?
    I’m starting to wonder with all the trade talk…why didn’t the team just release everybody and start over? The team already looks totally different than last season.
    Some of these comments really sound like Eklund. Geez…(e8)

  74. Ranger prospects lose 4-0 to Detroit. Not many bright spots for NY. I must say they looked a ton better last year in this tourney. Way too many penalties (which must come from watching the Rangers players from last season), poor defensive play in their own zone especially on bad rebounds and overall slow pace which this being the first game is somewhat understandable. Hopefully they look better tomorrow against the Lightning. I’ll give my comments in here for that one as well.

  75. ice cold – reading these blogs 80% want the 40 yr old back. so junior dolan will do it with Sather’s assistance. just make sure to buy a couple of his jerseys one home and one away. he might even be ok in the 2008 part of the season.

    don’t worry about things like the salary cap for his $ 3 mm salary. we’ll fit it in by deferring 1/2 to next yr once the players ratify. so Shanny will affect the 2009-2010 swason as well.

    great idea NOT. unfortunately will happen.

  76. I saw the line combos from Traverse City and they looked goofy. Why was Zaborsky on the 3rd line? He should be playing on a line with Anisimov and Grachev.

    Also, the D looked incredibly thin after Bobby Sags; no disrespect to Del Zotto but this is his first pro camp and a lot of these other prospects are a little more developed physically.

  77. Hey joe thanks for your unwanted criticism! there’s a reason why i said there are still SOME people who want him back.

    in what shape or form did i say he’s gonna come back for 3million , or when did ANYONE say that to begin with? no lets go after sundin who’ll cost 3 times as shanny and probably an extra player off the team.

  78. LI Joe is totally right… “Sather and Junior Dolan” (we GET it. his daddy gave him the Rangers) read Sam’s blog, read the comments, and THAT’S how they know what to do… That’s exactly why they raise ticket prices every year the Rangers make the playoffs (after nearly a decade of not), why they traded away one of the biggest fan favorites EVER, Leetch, and why they get booed and hated by fans everywhere… Its because they listen to fans.

  79. ice cold the $ 3 mm is my estimate of what he will get coming off $ 5.2 mm. the 80% agreeing with you seems to be the case reading these comments

  80. jeever nice sarcasm. jr dolan knows the general feeling of the fans (not this blog in particular). you are right they don’t listen to fans all the time. but with regard to older players who people buy jerseys of they GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT. even if it nakes no sense in trying to win a cup eventually

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