Shanahan confident he’ll be a Ranger


Some quick updates on the Shanahan front, and then I’ll circle back later.

Shanahan was invited to skate with the Rangers by Tom Renney and Glen Sather. He doesn’t yet have a contract but he said that his agent Rick Curran was talking to Sather this week.

More and more it sounds like a deal is imminent. That’s not coming from Sather, who wasn’t available for comment. And Renney, who was watching the workout from our spot in the media section, said it wasn’t his place to say anything, either.

“I’m not going to speak out of turn. It’s the business side of the game,” Renney said, before adding, “It was a conscious decision by Glen and myself to invite him here.”

After practice, Shanahan sounded very much like he was preparing for a third season in New York. And seeing how his locker still featured his nameplate, it wasn’t hard to picture him back.

“My agent is presently talking with Glen. I’ve made it clear to him that this is obviously the team I want to play on this season, and he’s talking to Glen right now,” Shanahan said. “I’ve been optimistic throughout the summer that I was going to be part of the Rangers. I’ve kept in touch with Glen. He’s kept that door open and I’ve kept that door open….And here we are now, coming down to it. It’s not like we had a whole lot of decisions to make.”

More comments and thoughts in a bit…

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  1. I second that Beth…good call.

    I am hereby removing myself from the proverbial ‘fence’. I will welcome Shanny back with open arms and an open mind. Doesn’t hurt that we (the mrs and I) just named our Newfie puppy ‘Shanny’. And the dog is actually FROM Ontario. haha

  2. Oh boy. Will he give us yet another “discount” where we actually pay him more than we paid him the previous season? For another season where he abruptly scores 17 points and 9 goals in his last 32 games of the regular season, followed by another stellar one goal performance in the playoffs?

  3. Thanks for ruining my day, Sam. lol

    I just am not confident the Rangers could use Shanahan in the type of role (limited even-strength minutes, lots of time on the power play) that would help him succeed and stay healthy over the course of an entire season.

  4. As long as the price is right I’m all for bringing him back.

    Like someone mentioned earlier… the guy can still put the puck in the net. He may have lost a step but if he chips in 20 or so goals for us… so be it.
    I have a feeling we’ll need them.

    Also, I love watching him punch Hank in the face after every win!!!

  5. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Whooo Hooo! That brought a ray of sunshine to a rather gloomy day (we’ve got the outer bands of Ike rolling through).

  6. Here’s a humorous little note: I was going through some of my ranger tshirts, and picked up one from ’07-’08 and it had all the flags of the nations represented on the rangers with a ‘motto’ that read: BE A RANGER.

    Then, the next shirt, I bought this past season. And as everyone remembers in the commercials, the tshirt reads: I AM A RANGER

    What’s in store for this season? Other than a new marketing staff…

  7. Well, no more questions on who should captain this team.

    I think it’s a great decision to bring Shanny back. If he doesn’t work out, which is unlikely, he can easily be phased out of the line up.

    Let’s get out of the Sundin stakes, which have become ridiculous, and focus on building our team now. Not waiting to fill in a hole later.

    We’re good without Shanny, we’re better or the same with him… we’re definitely not worse.

  8. Hockeymanrangers on

    I guess all these young prospects will be playing in Hartford forever. We really need to open up some spots for these young guys, instead of acquiring these old farts from other teams and paying them killer contracts. I still say if we should bring them up together and then they will learn to gel togehter we would be far better off.

  9. stick him on the 3rd/4th line and PK/PP/shootouts. Also, he is a healthy scratch once every 5 or so games and can only play half the season.

  10. anyone see shanny’s legs in the playoffs? he could barely move them. and now he’s a year older…

  11. Can people give Nedved a break. He was on some bad Ranger teams. He was the best player on team. Since Gretzky left. He probably wont make the team but I hope he has a good training camp anyway. Also big mistake bringing Shanny back. Enough said.

  12. Cort
    Not a big mistake at all, if they brought back fleury or lindros that is a mistake. Nedved was on a good team back in’95 and Messier hated him soo they got rid of him.

  13. Shanny, cally, dawes, nas, orr, prucha, rissmiller, voros, zherdev, sjostrom. When shanny signs, these will be the wingers under nhl contracts. (you may add Fritsche into that group unless one of last years centers moves to wing)

    Then theres… Moore, Korpi, Byers are all on the cusp of breaking in.

    Thats 14 wingers in all (incl Fritsche) that either HAVE a spot, or have a CHANCE.

    With only 8 wingers to dress, and another 1 or 2 in the stands (depending on cap situation, and injuries) and theres just not enough room for all of them.

  14. Brandon,

    Were you implying that Shanny will captain this squad? I really don’t see that happening. I could be wrong but the fact that Drury and Gomer were brought here to take over, that Shanny, while leading this team as the great veteran he is, won’t be on the ice enough and let’s not forget is still officially not on this team.

    I just can’t see him wearing the “C” after having been an afterthough addition to this squad.

  15. Question for you CBA gurus: Is there a limit to the number of times you can give player a 1 yr incentive laden contract whose excess cap amount can be carried over to the next season (i.e. like Shanny’s last year)? I thought I read last year that you could only do it once. Just wondering.
    BTW those comments about youth & quickness going hand in hand… there anything quicker thatn Shanny’s release?!? Cna you say POWER PLAY SPECIALIST!

  16. Bring Shanny back for one last hurrah!!! I think his leadership is priceless (even though we should only give him a $1 million dollar contract, don’t trade anyone in the event he gets hurt, and you need someone to fill in. You can never have too much character.

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