No lie: Shanahan on the ice with the Rangers at MSG Training Center


Just popped by the practice rink to check out the informal skates players are conducting, and I am immediately struck by a familiar and yet shocking sight: Brendan Shanahan, in a red Rangers practice jersey, skating with the team.

No word on what Shanahan’s status is. He could just be working out with the team while remaining in flux for this season, or this could be the early stages of Glen Sather bringing No. 14 back for a third season. For what it’s worth, Shanahan looks tanned and fit, although everyone looks so at this stage.

I will check in with more when I have it.

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  1. I don’t see the harm in bringing Shanny back. He’s a positive role model and a leader. If he proves himself in camp, I don’t see the problem!

  2. cwgatti
    September 9th, 2008 at 9:57 am
    Hold that spot for MATS, Shanny.

    By Mats, do you mean Sundin? if you do, I say Hell no!!! also Shanny’s spot is wing and Sundin is a center so…no go.

  3. nedved is here too… does that mean hes coming back? i dont think so… just an early work out in case Shany is offered anything by the NYR or other teams

  4. Hockeymanrangers on

    NO NO NO to Shanny, we have such a good young roster lets give some of these young guys the experiance they need in the NHL. Yes I love Shanny and he is a hell of a role model but, I don’t care. YOUNGER AND QUICKER IS WHERE THIS LEAGUE IS. If we don’t play these younger guys they are not going to want to come to NY. Give Shanny’s spot to a younger player, let him mature the first half of the season and IT WILL PAY OFF the rest of the season.

  5. For now with jj and avery gone I don’t see any harm in bringing him back.. If healthy he can still score 20-25 goals easily which is more than any of these youngsters will get… No offense to dawes, cally, korpedo, or moore – but I’d rather have a guy who never failed to reach 20 goals in his career

  6. Out with the Old on


    You do not see a harm? Salary cap, giving ice time (and PP time) to him because he who he is and not who deserves it, the fact that last year he was the slowest skater on the ice the second half of the year. He cannot keep up.

    If he is going on the fourth line with limited ice and PP time and is VERY cheap, then maybe. If this is the plan then why did they sign Voros and Rissmiller.

  7. Oh I forgot to mention something interesting IMO… I work at NBC Studios on 49 West 49 street in the city… last week it was a fashion week … so on Friday they had closing event with a run way show at Radio City Music Hall which is right across from NBC…anyway… after the run way show all of the “rich and famous” went to the “rainbow room” restaurant which is located inside the GE building on 67th floor, which is also an NBC building… long story short… (I guess some of u know where I’m going with this) yes, as I am going through the lobby to go outside… a familiar face appears in the crowed of “rich and famous”… Sean Avery walking next to Tommy Hilfiger… yes, the “exiled one” was there… and for some strange reason I wasn’t surprised to see him at the fashion show… we know how much he likes “styling” :-0… I looked at him and smiled… but he did not smile back… and my smile quickly disappeared… I didn’t want him to charge at me… he’s the “enemy” now wink wink …. And that was it …

  8. Com’on already shanny one year 1.5 with insentives,4th line, shootouts, SOME PP TIME.But, I would have him start on the 1st line on home opener.He deserves that much at least.

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