But where does he fit in?


So let’s assign our first penalty of the year to me — a five minute major for “too quick to dismiss.”

All summer long I’ve pretty much scoffed at the notion of Brendan Shanahan coming back because I didn’t see where he fit in. That’s referring to ice time and roster space, but mostly the salary cap, where the Rangers have a mere $715,357 remaining and still have bonus money owed to both Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr.

Of course, nothing is official here, and there is a chance that discussions between the Rangers and Shanahan never come to fruition. But his mere presence suggests it’s obviously more of a possibility than I ever allowed.

“Nothing’s a certainty in sports, but one of the reasons why I really felt that I didn’t want to pursue other teams or accept any other offers is because I really think my greatest value is in helping this team,” Shanahan said.

“I’m pretty good at having perspective. If I reacted like a lot of people told me on July 3 or July 15 or August 1, I would have moved on a long time ago. But I do have perspective. I think I see things pretty clearly. These guys both veteran and young are guys that I care about and want to help in all facets of their career so when I see guys like Dubinsky or Callahan or Girardi or Staal, I see them as my teammates, I don’t think I’ve spent a day this summer where I didn’t feel that way.”

What was interesting about today is the fact that Tom Renney spent a good 45 minutes watching the workout. The coach was reluctant to say much about Shanahan, but he did say he was watching a couple of players in particular, and was taking careful notes. I asked Shanahan if at this stage in his career he felt he needed to prove to the Rangers that he could still play.

“I’m going out and getting myself prepared,” Shanahan said. “I’m not proving anything to anyone else. I don’t think anybody out there is watching me skate.”

I’m not so sure about that.

“If you watch him out there, he can still play the game,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “He can still shoot the puck and score goals and stuff. I don’t think there’s any question that he can help us. It’s just a matter of finding the right spot and finding a way to make it happen.”

Granted, as I said before, everyone looks good at this stage in the season. And a savvy veteran like Shanahan in a minimal-contact early September skate is always going to stand out. The question isn’t if he starts the season well, but if he can sustain the same level into March and beyond.

He’ll turn 40 in January, and is coming off a season in which he hit a significant wall at mid-year — in large part because of a knee injury — and never really recovered. Yes, you can make the argument that the Rangers need his leadership and scoring touch, especially now that Jaromir Jagr is in Russia. And I doubt Shanahan is going to make salary an issue. But it still may end up being more complicated than it looked today.

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  1. Shanny will certainly be captain. The teams needs him this year due to Gomer being soooo immature at everything and Dru still needs time for some reason.

  2. All well and good, but he’s not going to sign for 700k…something, someone has to give here. Who goes to make room?

  3. I don’t think that if the powers that be didn’t think they could get him under the cap, he wouldn’t be on that ice surface today.

  4. I think the obvious choice is prucha, with his GIANT (kidding) $1.5mil contract.

    That’s probably all the room they need. And we got what, a 4th round pick for Hollweg? 4th…was it really? Or am I forgetting? Or was that actually the greatest transaction of the off-season?

    Anyway…..Prucha could fetch a 2nd rounder. We don’t need a roster player back. That’s for sure.

  5. after reading the comments from Shanny how can anyone not want that guy back? It’s pretty clear he thinks this team has a chance to win it all and he wants to finish the job and see this team turn a corner.
    I could see him playing a 3rd line role with Dubinsky and Prucha. As long as he’s not overworked I’ve got to believe that he can be effective for an entire season.

  6. Shanny’s been captain the last 2 seasons. He doesn’t need the ‘C’ on his sweater to lead a team.

    dr house….get away from the pharmacies free samples!

  7. Of course, Beer. The devil is in the details.

    As Sam says, it’s easy to get excited about a recognizable veteran when he’s tanned, rested, and participating in a no-contact skate in September. That guy can’t be playing 18 minutes a night in February and March anymore.

  8. you need to remove one of the 3, (riz, voros, friste mil dollar signings along with a 2nd or 3rd year player (prucha, dawes, callie, dubbie)… get something back (draft picks?) to make room for shanny and his bonus for next year…

    and then to get sundin would take a lot more… removing a high paid player (rozs, drury, gomez) which is hard enough as it is and get picks again in return…

    it could happen… doesnt seem likely… but long term wise next seasons UFAs are awesome… but the short term would be if it was rozy we would see malik get signed by the rangers for next to nothing…

    it could be gomez who moves cause he was brought in to “work with jagr”… i would hate to see anyone go at this point… everything makes “sense” and nothing makes “sense” at the same time…

  9. also i dont want to see dubinsky callie or dawes go… it was an example… lol
    dubinsky would fetch more than a draft pick thats for sure…

  10. That’s completely true. And it will take some serious discipline to limit his time up to that point. The problem with that is that you’re then either taking time away from his linemates that can handle it. OR, you’re changing lines to accomodate the rest.

    But one thing that separates this years team from last, is that there’s more skill on the 4th line than the last few squads. It’s not out of the question to double shift wingers to fill that spot.

    goddammmm….the next few weeks are TORTURE!

  11. Dubi’s quote hit the nail on the head…

    “…it’s just a matter of finding the right spot and making it happen.”

    That’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Can he help? Sure. Will Renney and Co. find a way to optimize him while keeping him rested and not impeeding the progress of others?

    That’s the real issue.

  12. I would be very, VERY, disappointed if they did anything like what you described, Paul.

    Sundin is a great player who has shown he can still produce, but this Ranger team is built for something much different, and getting rid of Gomez or Drury (the only guys who would leave to create big salary space) would be a HUGE mistake.

    Shanahan (and the Rangers it seems) knows what his value is now, and I think the team is treating him well. In my mind, this team is set up nicely. Shanahan can find himself on the 3rd line and some PP duty without really taking a spot from a young guy (methinks Callahan and Dawes will get a REAL long look at 2nd line duty with Drury)

    Of course, if Zherdev is a dud, they’re in trouble, but I think with Gomer as your #1 play-maker, Drury you’re capable #2 center, and Dubie your spark plug #3 center, this team is good to go.

    SAY NO TO SUNDIN, YES TO SHANAHAN (at less than 1 mil per)!!!!!

  13. your boy Malik on

    Great to have a couple of posts,Sam….I’m for Shanny coming back and playing fewer minutes….also, thanks for the plug for Andrew Gross, Sam…..he’s a good guy! Can’t wait for hockey to start!

  14. Question for you CBA gurus: Is there a limit to the number of times you can give player a 1 yr incentive laden contract whose excess cap amount can be carried over to the next season (i.e. like Shanny’s last year)? I thought I read last year that you could only do it once. Just wondering.
    BTW those comments about youth & quickness going hand in hand…..is there anything quicker than Shanny’s release?!? Can you say POWER PLAY SPECIALIST!

  15. im totally not for sundin unless stuff didnt work out… hes not making his mind up any time soon…

    moving gomez would be a huge mistake cause of how he brings the puck up the ice…

    also i am dying to see gomez center zherdev and sjostrom for some odd reason…

    i dont like any of the moves i suggested except getting rid of prucha and some of the 1 miul contracts we got during the off season as well as the 4th rd pic (hollweg)…

    anything else like you said would be horrible… and the team is built for speed and crashing the net… being good in the corners, etc… adding sundin would make it a little more finess-ish… and imho weve had enough of that…

  16. As far as I know, there is no limit to the amount of times an eligble player can receive those types of contracts.

    There are of course limititations on types of players that qualify for them.

    There’s also the issue that the NHLPA has the right to terminate the current CBA at seasons end. I’m not sure when they need to declare that. But…as was rumored, or brought to everyone’s attention some months ago, that without the certainty of an active CBA past this season, these types of bonuses were not available.

    I haven’t heard anything on that since the initial report. That could mean that its cut and dry…that’s the way it is. I also haven’t heard of ANYONE getting this type of deal since 7/1.

  17. bringing him back is a mistake

    in Oct he may look ok
    in Jan – mediocre at best
    in April nothing left

    and somehow I think it may have a deferrrable bonus which impacts the following season as well. If players ratify agreement by not cancelling early.

    rather have Shanny in org but not as a player.his total compensation will be at least $ 2.5 mm including deferrable bonuses

    so our chances for the 2009 – 2010 season just took a hit as well.

  18. I thought thee were some rumors that players may ratify by mid sept

    I am not at all happy that 40 yr old Shanny is coming back

  19. joe – I’m not sure…I never really saw anything either way.

    Although the players would have to be complete morons to want to terminate this CBA. Their pockets get bigger and bigger each year of it.

  20. I saw a blurb last week that said they would most likely continue thru the remainder of the full term but Kelley might want “a little something” as a concession. Didn’t sound like a big deal.

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    from slapshot blog I clould not post link it is 9/8 12:41 pm

  22. Let’s just trade 7 of our forwards for O’Sullivan. LA needs to spend 11m just to reach the cap floor! XD

  23. Sam, any chance we can get a run-down of who the other early arrivals at the training center are? Thanks!

  24. How aboot Rozi, Pruchs, and a Pick for O’Sully, and a Dman from there team, like Gauthier, or something. I just love the idea of having O’Sully, but it wont happen.

    Its good to see Shanny with the team, hopefully he signs and plays on the 3RD LINE not the 4th line. I mean gimme a fuggin break, let him play with Dubi, and Freddy, or who ever.

    Either way its good to see him there, and i want him back, get it done. Just give the guy some time off, take him off the PK, at 40 he doens’t need to do that.

    And if Mats signs with the Bolts, thats gonna suck beyond belief. Bolts are already good as it is to win the division, especially if Stamkos turns out to be a star. I have no idea why anyone thinks that team will suck, maybe they wont make 8th place, but they sure as sh*t can make 3rd.

  25. I’d love to have Shanny back… At the very least, I’m thrilled to have hockey posts back. :-)

  26. Out with the Old on

    Why don’t we brink Malik back also so Shanny does not look like the slowest player on the ice.

    I love Shanny, but the game has past him by. He cannot keep up at the end of the season and in the playoffs when the intensity level and speed of the games increase.

  27. why would you want to ditch prucha who has potential and is young for one (although likely 2/3 or 1/2) a season of shanny. also if our 2nd line is drury, cally and dawes we are in trouble, drury needs real talent to have a chance to put up similar number as in buffalo, dawes could be a decent offensive player but much better to have zherdev with drury and cally is a grinder who should be on the third line

  28. Here it is! The BOLDEST prediction you will fine this side of the universe.

    Brenden Shanahan will record more GOALS during the 2008-2009 season than Sean Avery. And do it for a 4th of the cap hit.

  29. the reason Shanny couldn’t keep up at the end of the season was a scary knee-on-knee hit he took and didn’t rest it… some guys can’t WALK after those. he’s got desire that’s downright scary, give him a chance.

  30. I think Shanny could potentially have his best season as a Ranger. He now knows that a sh*t load of people doubt him, and he’s got something to prove.

    The game didn’t pass him by, the game passed Gary Roberts, and all those useless fogies who cant help out there team. Shanny can still play, and should still play. I want him back. If you don’t want Shanny back just say it, but don’t say stupid sh*t like he’s “over the hill” “cant play the game” he can still fuggin play. Renney just needs to be smart, and play him where he needs to play, like i said, off the PK.

    Im sorry, i don’t care if anyone thinks the guys slow, but i just cant see the 2nd line having Dru, centering Dawes, and Cally. Dawes has the potential to put up 20+ this season, but i just cant see them being as much of a threat. I don’t wanna go back to the 05-06 days where we only have 1 scoring line. Shanny can still provide goals, and we sure as sh*t need that.

    Get it done ! Worst comes to worse, if he gets injured then we a prospect can fill in for him.

  31. JEEVER

    Your right. Shanny has to much pride to sit out when he’s hurt which is his problem, but when Renney cant man it up and sit him out, then thats more of a problem. PA Parenteau was supposed to play that game. I think Shanny did good in that game, but even so, he’s still doing damage.

  32. I don’t know the extent of Shanny’s injury but did he need surgery and not get it during off season.

    Beer – a players contributions are more than just goals he scores (and i know you know that more for others reading my response to you). also includes what part of season he really contributes and speed both offensively or defensively. I don’t think either the devs or pens were too concerned about Shanny in the playoffs and now he’ll be another yr older.

  33. Orr, the ’05-’06 Rangers squad also featured a 30-goal season from Petr Prucha…who did not play on the ‘one line’ to which you refer. He instead got a bucket of goals on the PP, where he’ll be primed for more time again if he has a spot not taken by Shanny.

    Look, I have only good things to say about Shanny. It’s impossible to not really like and respect the guy. But there’s no reason to believe that the usual pattern won’t hold: he looks great early, fades late, and has a lot of trouble come playoff time.

    If you’re most excited for October and November, advocate for Shanny’s return. If you’re more excited for May and June, wish him well and move on.

  34. orr,
    thats two years in a row where his game has slowed down, are the injuries freak or did they have more of an effect b/c as you get older your body cant recover as fast. bottom line the shanahan we saw in the last part of the regular season and playoffs could not get it done and was hurting the team with how slow he was skating and simply firing the puck regardless of where he was. and why cant any of us say he is done, thats our opinion, its your opinion that he isnt. maybe he could be a fine 4th line player but nothing beyond that and if thats the case do you want him playing over developing a young player.

  35. Adam – great point. although I think June is stretching it with or without and May is probably stretching it too.

    if he’s here I’ll root for him – would think it’s a mistake but rather be wrong and have him contribute especially in spring.

  36. Beer, i agree. Shanny will sign on 15/16th September for $1m plus another $1m deferred as soon as the NHLPA/NHL CBA is extended. I think his veteran presence will be of benefit if his ice time is managed a bit better and any injuries are given proper time to heal. If we can get 65 games and 20+ goals its a great deal.

  37. I really hope the bonus provision does not allow deferred bonuses this yr. if for no other reason but to protect the Rangers against themselves and not have Shanny hurt us cap wise in the 2009 2010 season.

    nothing about signing him brings to mind the word great unless you follow it with mistake.

  38. Pete,

    That Knuble hit he took to be injured 2 years ago was the DEFINITION of a freak injury… they collided HARD and Shanny’s head hit the ice… And knee-on-knee hits (when intentional) are considered some of the dirtiest plays in the game because of how bad you can mess somebody up with them.

    The fact that he took those 2, got up, and came back shows he’s determined and motivated as hell… If he can instill that in the young guys, he can actually help them become better players, not just take a single guy’s spot.

  39. concussion
    Knee Injury

    Those were the last two season Shanny “Faded” mid -late season due to lingering effects from both.

    Shanny wants to:
    except less money
    play a lesser role
    Finish what he came to NY to do
    Be a leader
    And be A RANGER

    What more can anyone ask of a guy
    HAs more heart than probably the entire room
    And 23 goals being a bad year he was still what 2nd on the team?
    I really hope he busts out as well and puts up 30 this season and is injury free all year.

    Sign him SATHER!

  40. Mikey – accept less money like he did last yr when he signed for a 25% increase coming off the concussion (and yes you have to include the bonuses). I’m sure he’ll accept less money this time from the more than $ 5 million he made last yr. even 50% decrease in pay down to $ 2.5 mm is too much for him. and why would we want some of his money being deferred in to 09-10 season.

  41. fine to be fair maybe the injuries were freak but he was slowing down around christmas time both of the last two years even before the injuries. so if he played 6 minutes a night he’ll last but he can’t play on the 2nd line any more and probably not 3rd line either

  42. The Shanahan mistake, as his making the roster out of camp would be, reminds me of the dip chip Phillies and Mets hanging on to Gordon and Wagner too long – all the way to the break-down in 2008 with remuneration through 2009, in the case of Wagner.

    When will organizations stop thinking they can make the jump from contender to champion by bogging down the roster with “leadership first – production second” washed-up old guys who are, truth be told, addicted to the big paychecks and not too proud to keep taking them for an embarrassingly declining contribution while they marginally pad career numbers.

    This Shanahan business is a nightmare and a sick joke on for the fans, and totally unfair to the rest of the team, which can now set its sights for this season LOWER. This sets the Rangers back at least two years if this imposter is allowed to sabotage one of the club’s top three lines and it costs at least one good young player being dumped from the roster to accomodate his selfish agenda.

  43. LI JOE
    I think you are wrong – Shanny will hang in there, if there are no injuries. If I were you though, I’d worry about the first half of the season. We need a cohesive team, some scoring talent and leadership or there won’t be anything to worry about in June. Sure he has slowed down – I’m pretty sure he can keep up with some of the others, or hang back for the slapshot from the point. Not every play from every line is going to be greased lightening. He’s a smart player and he’s a man on a mission – he’ll get it done.

  44. SIMPLE SIMON – which 20 goal scorer is he displacing? The kids are good and improving all the time, but this will most likely be a transition year. I like the optimism, but neither Cally, Dawes, etc. have had a 20 goal season and I don’t think you can just assume that they will develop that fast. Renney lets these kids earn their chances on the ice…if they are good enough they will be taking his ice time.

  45. blueblood I’m not worried about june we won’t be there with or without shanny. he’s a smart man yes but body can’t cash those checks anymore. and even if he scores a few goals his lack of foot speed will kill us on defensive end. he’ll get what done? and if no injuries is a BIG IF at 40.

  46. and all this talk re Shanny is exactly why Sather and Jr Dolan keep doing that – meaning the old washed up vets. they think many fans want exactly that and evidently they’re right.

  47. LI JOE – I don’t think that signing one 600 goal scorer who can still shoot, work the PK and/or PP, and win us games in shootouts because what we have (at least last season) are forwards who are good “on the defensive end” rather than the offensive end, will constitute making up a team of fading superstars again. He has said he will take a reduced role at a reduced rate, and I am sure that he will. I am not advocating building a team around the man, but he surely can still contribute — I don’t think you’re gonna get anymore bang for the buck than him. Aging or not…

  48. We want a mixture of young talent who are given a chance to develop, superstars like Henri, some middling guys, and yes – one or two guys who have been around the block and help the kids develop at the proper pace. Someone who will show class and respect on and off the ice and do his best, no matter how little or how much, every damned night.

  49. Sam,

    Great coverage on the pre-camp activity today. Coming from a fellow journalist, I really appreciate the incite you provide us Rangers fans- even with training camp a week away. Can’t say enough about how much it means to me as a fan. Sounds like Shannie may come back but, with our GM, you never know. I want it to happen. If it does, what type of role do you see him playing? 2nd PP line wing and 3rd liner wing?

  50. blueblood by the spring Shanny had less than zero left and was a detriment on ice. not personality wise but performance wise on both ends of the ice. expecting him to be healthy that time of yr is unrealistic

  51. LI JOE – I’ll concede that he may wear down or become injured, but unless you have a crystal ball I don’t know why you are so sure. He had an injury last year (from a collision) that he himself admits he should have taken more time to recover from. If Renney utilizes him correctly, and doesn’t send him out for so many minutes, every game, plus special teams I don’t believe there will be a problem. I know we are going younger and faster, but are all these guys on the training camp roster really that good? Is age always a bigger factor than experience? How many times have we heard that some AHL player was supposed to be our great hope only to find out they need more time in the minors, or just tanked when they were brought up. I respect your opinion but I don’t think you are fairly considering the whole picture. Losing some speed on one line will not break a team that is any good to begin with. What he brings more than makes up for the liabilities. I don’t care what his shot percentage was, he was still one of our top goal scorers last year. I don’t see him displacing anyone who will be any better.

  52. I think will all the surplus of fowards we have we should package away prucha and rissmiller for some draft picks. You could never get enough draft picks. Sign Shanny let hime play on the 3rd line and call it a day.

    Naslund Gomez Zherdev
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Shanny Dubi Fritshe/korpikoski
    Voros Betts/Anisimov Sjostrom

    If Anisimov impresses in training camp and makes the roster than why not move betts for another draft pick. Think about it we will have some great young talent ready for this year and the following year we shouldnt just stop there i wouldnt mind having 10 or 11 draf picks next year. Even if they are in the late rounds.

    You have Anisimov, Korpikoski, Chereanov, Del Zotto, Sags, Byers, Potter, moore. My point is that we should take more chances on draft picks because we can always attract the best Free agents.

  53. Pleading the case for a guy who has already hit the career brick wall, is pathetic. Slats should invite you nit wits to dinner, you think just like he does.

  54. And I don’t care if he is replacing a kid who scores TWO goals – young players have a career UPSIDE. Shanahan is a Pinto out of gas in a Rolls Royce world.

  55. SIMPLE – SOME young players have a career upside – some of them we can’t get rid of fast enough. Young doesn’t mean good. Shanahan can still compete, if not at his former level. Hey, why don’t we get rid of all our players and just bring everyone up from Hartford as long as they are under 21….you’re right – you are simple.

  56. Bringing Shanny back is a no brainer. He was admittedly slow for the second half of the season, yes. However, as has been mentioned, it was likely the result of his mid year leg injury. Rozsival just had hip surgery, yet there’s no talk of his health or fitness for next season, why Shanny? Rozsival sucked through the playoffs too, and no talk of his durability. Shanahan has been around this game long enough to know when to say when. If his tank was really empty, I think he’d gracefully bow out. But I trust his judgment when he says that he feels invigorated. The guy has never scored less than 20 goals, so he’ll contribute. Hockey is a business of winning, so kicking your 3rd highest scorer to the curb is a bad idea, especially when he can come inexpensively and you don’t need a long term committment

  57. I keep it simple, old, washed-up faking it vets just on board for more fat paychecks don’t sucker me like they apparently sucker you and the world’s most complex GM who can never decide whether the game plan is to win today, next year or never.

  58. Alright, “genius,” here’s the bet… If Shanahan makes the team I say he shoots LESS than 5 per cent for the season. After all, that’s the trend, and he was down to 8.5 per cent last season, from 14 per cent three years ago.

    You apparently are mesmerized by a guy, who, if he were a baseball player, dropped from .325 to .250 at age 39. You think a guy like this should be brought back to hit .220 because he is “popular” (which he surely is with jerks like you), and can be a mentor: “RAH RAH TEAM” – now that crap in the locker room is worth 20 goals on the ice – to your thinking. You are a gushingly sentimental woman and a crybaby. Go play with your alphabet blocks and stop pushing your domestic laundress mentality on men who follow a man’s game.

  59. Simple Simon, I understand your rational, but it’s inherently flawed. Unlike baseball, there aren’t limited trips to the plate in hockey. So merely looking at shooting percentage ignores overall production over time. As an extreme example, Lauri Korpikoski scores on his first NHL shot. He now has a 1.00 average, compared to Shanahan who shotguns the net and has scored 650 career goals. The difference, Korpikoski will possibly become a productive 2nd or 3rd liner, whereas Shanahan is a first ballot HOFer. I certainly don’t mind having someone like Shanahan on the team who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. Unlike Rozsival’s laughable PP QB skills last year where he passed up countless attempts to shoot himself in a vain effort to dish to a double teamed Jagr. Hell, even if Shanny doesn’t score himself, getting pucks to the net creates opportunities for dirty rebound goals and follow up chances…that is, if someone besides Drury or Avery has the balls to go to the front of the net.

  60. You’re a joke. What is “gushingly sentimental” about wanting 20 or more goals at a cut rate price? As I and Joe in DE have said, who gives a rat’s ass about his percentage? It’s a deceptive number. He took a shot whenever he got the chance and he got enough in to be 3rd on the team in goals. The whole Garden was screaming “shoot the puck” and he was doing it more than most others. You have actually been to the Garden? Seen a game? I’ve had my say, stay simple guy.

  61. Interesting, regarding Shanahan’s being a first ballot Hall of Famer. It’s based upon what he did YEARS AGO, not lately. Lately he is a first ballot Charlotte Checkers unhealthy scratch, at best. And shooting percentage IS important, when it has diminished dramatically over the last three years. What are you saying, we need someone who can no longer score but it’s ok because, in effect, he can still dump the puck into the offensive zone?

    Here is a guy who can no longer score, can no longer skate, and fuks up the club roster by taking a slot from someone more deserving who could better help (not hurt) the club’s overall performance. But it’s ok with you because you are steeped in your happy memories. You are not a woman, you are a retard. Both of you.

  62. Hardly a retard dude, I can read the stats. Meanwhile you’re comparing hockey shooting percentage to baseball batting average. It’s undeniable that Shanahan’s production has gone down, but what player’s hasn’t? Gretzky scored 92 in 81-82, did anyone reasonably expect him to maintain that kind of production throughout his career? Even in spite of his age, he’s still a guaranteed 20+ goal scorer, plays an important PK role, and provides intangible qualities of leadership and mentoring to our many young players. All at a bargain price and no long term commitment. Even with his lower production of the second half of the season, it’s still more goals than the entire 4th line combined. Speedy Freddy only scored 12 this season, Hollweg 2, Orr 1, and even Prucha, who only scored 7. That’s 22. Shanny scored 23. Wanna talk about shooting percentage? What about Gomez who has an even lower percentage, and scored only 16 goals in 8 more games. Granted, Gomez is a play maker and had lots of assists, but for 7 mil/per, you’d think he could bury a few more. Dump some dead weight, give Shanny 1.5 and defer 1.5 till next year. We’re the 23rd lowest scoring team in the NHL. If we combine production with our stingy defense, we’ll have a great season.

  63. simple simon – aka bonfire you really need an attitude adjustment. i happen to agree with you on shanny but hate your attitude toward others here

    again i ask you shanny boosters = you seem to want to bring him back at all costs cap wise. especially if they’re allowed to cap defer his salary. he is not worth it. and we do not need to hurt our cap for next yr to watch him deteriorate all season this season. and be less than zero come spring. happen to agree with bonfire on this just not the way he says it. i feel dirty now like i am agreeing with an islander fan by agreeing with bonfire.

  64. LI Joe – We don’t hold your shared opinion against you – you’ve made some good points and this is a debate. I would say I’d go as high as 1.5 to 2.5 max. depending upon whether you believe they’ve got another 2 in cap space (as some are reporting) or less than 1 as seems to be the more popular opinion. I wouldn’t pay him what he got last year, and agree that we can’t keep deferring until the following year. Salaries are going up faster than the cap. I’m not great at the number crunching, but I’d say he’s worth 2 to us this year, if it can be done.

  65. LI Joe, thanks for making a coherent argument and not resorting to name calling. I understand your point about deferring the salary, and I agree. However, the cap is going up about 4 million a year. We also have a glut of mediocre 4 line players, many of whom will play the majority of this year in Hartford. Dump one of them for a draft pick, and free up the car space. We have 750K left, dump another 750K from the 4th liner, give Shanny 1.5 now, and defer another 1.5 till next year. Come next season, the cap will rise about 4 mil, and our overall payroll can go up 2.5 mil. Also, next season Jagr’s salary is completely off our cap, which helps. Shanny gets 3 mil overall and we don’t really lose anything except a player who isn’t really going to amount to anything anyway (and maybe gain a good new prospect).

  66. Joe – with all the economic problems in the us i’m not so sure the cap will again go up and certainly not by $ 4 mm. re dumping players the roster is limited to 23 players and league minimum is approx $ 550 k give or take a bit. so unless we go with less than 23 players dumping a $ 750 k player saves at most $ 200 k since a league minimum player would replace. so I would really hate the idea of Shanny at $ 3 mm especially with 1/2 that impacting the following yrs cap. it’s going to happen I just didn’t want it to. and it will bother me more in 2nd 1/2 of season as his age will show even more with various ailments a 40 yr old gets.

  67. Your endorsement of Shanahan because “he shoots a lot,” is like supporting a ballplayer who strikes out too much because he “swings a lot.” The game is about PRODUCTION, not style, or form, or mentoring crap, or dumping the puck into the zone, or anything else which deflects from the central purpose of outscoring your opponent.

    That grotesque excuse for an NHL D, “Wellington” Mara shoots alot, too. Check out his shooting percentage. Hell, if he scored on 10 per cent of all those shots he takes he would be the next Bobby Orr. Because he doesn’t score with any frequency, his fan club minions rationalize that he “has a wicked shot.” as though wicked, errant shots decide the outcome of games.

    What made George Steinbrenner a truly great baseball owner over the years was his identifying and swiftly dispatching those who did not produce up to a very high standard of production, whatever the cost to his organization. We need some of that permeating the MSG hierarchy mentality, and also getting through to some fans around here who routinely settle for less than the best from players they happen to like.

    I like Shanahan a lot for many good reasons, but I don’t like him in a Ranger uniform in 2008-2009. I happen to like the Rangers more than any player who pulls their fortunes down. He is not bigger than the team. The team comes first with me, not the overbaked Public Relations player of the month human interest story.

  68. Your endorsement of Shanahan because “he shoots a lot,” is like supporting a ballplayer who strikes out too much because he “swings a lot.” The game is about PRODUCTION, not style, or form, or mentoring crap, or dumping the puck into the zone, or anything else which deflects from the central purpose of outscoring your opponent.

    That grotesque excuse for an NHL D, “Wellington” Mara shoots alot, too. Check out his shooting percentage. Hell, if he scored on 10 per cent of all those shots he takes he would be the next Bobby Orr. Because he doesn’t score with any frequency, his fan club minions rationalize that he “has a wicked shot.” as though wicked, errant shots decide the outcome of games.

    What made George Steinbrenner a truly great baseball owner over the years was his identifying and swiftly dispatching those who did not produce up to a very high standard of production, whatever the cost to his organization. We need some of that permeating the MSG hierarchy mentality, and also getting through to some fans around here who routinely settle for less than the best from players they happen to like.

    I like Shanahan a lot for many good reasons, but I don’t like him in a Ranger uniform in 2008-2009. I happen to like the Rangers more than any player who pulls their fortunes down. He is not bigger than the team. The team comes first with me, not the overbaked Public Relations player of the month human interest story.

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