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Admittedly, the Brendan Shanahan appearance sort of took priority today — to the extent that I failed to mention that Marek Malik was also back and looking quite svelte.

Easy. I’m kidding. Put. Down. The. Knife.

But seriously, a couple of other things worth noting:

<li>Camp doesn’t open for another week, but pretty much the entire roster was there. The only players I didn’t see were Michal Rozsival, who hasn’t arrived from overseas; Blair Betts, who I’m told has nonetheless recovered from orbital surgery; and Lauri Korpikoski, who might well have been there but I just didn’t notice.

<li>I am really going to make a concerted effort to not get too caught up in what players do in meaningless scrimmages, but….I was impressed by what I saw of Markus Naslund, whose proclamations of intense offseason training might have been more than bluster. The 35-year-old Swede clearly had some jump.

<li>I didn’t get a chance to talk to Scott Gomez, but of course I had to ask another Alaskan Brandon Dubinsky what he thought of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. Turns out Dubinsky’s father coached Palin’s son in hockey. Which I believe would qualify Dubinsky for a position in the cabinet.

<li>If the always good-natured Stephen Valiquette seemed in even better spirits today, it might be the relative quiet he’ll be afforded this season.  His locker room neighbor had been Sean Avery, but now Valiquette has Patrick Rissmiller, who must seem like a monk by comparison…

<li>Has anyone ever milked more out of an internship than “Sean Avery has milked out of his at Vogue?”:http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/film/news/e3i1af1ebdbd6481f8a7bb9e957c26016fb. Of course, I’m not the person to ask. The last internship I had was at a magazine that folded two months into the gig. Other than that, it was fun…

More later…

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  1. your boy Malik on

    guess I have to change my name…..don’t want to scare anyone! 3 posts in one day – Hockey Heaven! Thanks Sam.

  2. Sam…

    The first preseason game is Sep 20 and the last one is Sep 27. Opening night is October 4th. Can you tell us first, how many players (preferably categorized as F, D, and G) are officially “in camp.” (If you can actually list them all, that would be even cooler!) Then can you tell us if there is any sort of set timetable on first cuts, second cuts, and final roster.

    I know in football there are set “roster trimming” dates. I never knew there to be an exact schedule like that for the NHL.

    I am just looking for some real news/excitement to start whetting my appetite with.


  3. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Speaking of Avery: From NY Times Slap Shot –
    “Tired of Mats Sundin, the KHL, Alexander Radulov, the new Lightning owners, transfer controversies, and signing wars? Then this — which was inevitable — is for you:
    Hollywood could not resist the story of a rough tough hockey player who decides to become a summer intern for MensVogue.com so, as Reuters reports, Sean Avery’s experiences are being turned into a (sigh) romantic comedy.”

  4. To answer Sam’s question “Has anyone ever milked more out of an internship than Sean Avery milked out of his at Vogue?”, I would have to say Monica Lewinsky.

  5. If Aves goes on to score 30 goals and 50-60 points, how will anyone feel aboot that ??

    And where the hell is Malik anyway ?? That guy is lost, i haven’t heard anything involving the guy. He should just play with Straks, or Jags’ team.

    Cant wait to see some video of the guys at camp, MSGNY is only showing them shoot the puck on Vally.

  6. Sam,
    all these posts…my goodness! It really feels like hockey is just around the corner.
    As far as Shanny goes…
    I can look at it two ways. His veteran presence and scoring ability are very valuable to a team who’s average age is under 23 years old. That being said he has to realize that he’s not 1st,2nd or possibly even 3rd line capable, this team is build around speed…and frankly he doesn’t have any. With 3rd or 4th line minutes and PP time I see him as a valuable asset.

    The other view is he is old and Sather and Co have obviously committed to youth so he is taking a roster spot from a younger player.
    But the lessons and locker room presence and composure he can teach the young guys on the team can go a long way to making this team very good for a long time…
    Lets Go Rangers!!!

  7. rucchin why did you have to post a 2nd time just to show the link to your blog. it is imbedded in your name already. no need to post your blog on every post you make.

  8. RUCCHIN – Agreed – if Sundin can’t even make a commitment to get “emotionally” involved now, how will he be in February? Everybody is talking about how Shanny won’t last the season – at least you know his heart and his drive will. Discounting injuries I think Shanny can go the season if used properly. I would think that the power play and alllll that penalty kill time (think Malik, Avery, Backman, ugh!) had to take a lot out of him. It will be up to the coaching staff to make proper use of him so he can still be an asset. He should never have been played without fully recovering. Same thing with Roszival. No wonder they both looked awful by playoff time! HELL YEAH for Shanny! A team player on and off the ice. He’ll make a difference.

  9. People love Shanny even more than Bill Bratzky today!!!

    What happens? I go away for one day and Sam writes 16 new posts!!!

    Its almost here kids, almost here…….

  10. Beer –

    #1 – i don’t think Shanahan is a viable option. I love the guy, but I think his days of “dropping em” and being a physical presence are over. I think he has become much more of a perimeter player and his days of being the power forward are gone. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe he was hurt last seaosn and couldn’t play that role, but I don’t think so.

    #2 – Even if Dubinksy is the #2 center, I don’t think he strikes fear in the opposition.

    #3 – Regardless of Callahan or Prucha and their “grit”, they are both small and neither strike fear in the heart of opposing players.

    to conclude, we might be able to score goals and play defense, but in the playoffs, there are intangibles that are necessary, so hopefully we can acquire them during the season to beef up for the post-season.

  11. vogs, I think you are comparing two totally different players. Callahan and Prucha are two totally different players. Callahan is similar in style to Avery, not that Avery struck fear, but Callahan is a tough kid who isn’t afraid to hit anyone and Prucha, well Prucha gets knocked on his ass by players like Callahan.
    For all you Prucha fans, I’m not saying I don’t like the guy but he doesn’t hit and I don’t consider him a physical player. But Callahan is a physical player.

  12. STAAL

    Are you blind ?? Prucha hits, i remember in game 6 against the Sabs, he laid out Mair, who is a tough SOB, he crunched him in the boards, the whole friggin Garden heard it. Maybe he didn’t do it much last season, to be honest i don’t remember him much last season cause he barely played, but the kid does hit.

    I remember someone in here complaining, saying Pruchs hits, so why cant Malik.

  13. Orr,
    I am blind I guess, but I do know that I’ve seen Prucha get hit alot more than he dished them out. I’m not saying he doesn’t hit…but when you compare him to Callahan, Ryan is alot more physical.
    you remember one hit by Prucha and I remember like 8 hits where he got crushed!

  14. Cally does it all. Him, Dubi, Voros, and maybe Fritsche (hopefully Byers) are gonna be the guys that gotta hit and spark the crowd up and show the other team that the Rangers aren’t just speed and finesse.

  15. Sam, if everyone’s back, how is Prucha looking? The same? Bigger? Smaller?

    Could be his make or break season and how he comes into camp could be a huge part of that.

  16. Simple Simon is right.

    Hey Sam, maybe you could ask Shanahan about the Flyers game on March 21. Rangers fighting for their playoff lives and down a man. BS on the kill. Some Flyer finishes his check. BS gets po’ed, retaliates and draws a 2. It was the worst penalty of the year not assessed to Hollweg. Totally selfish.

    Simon is right. No more BS. When he starts to fade Renney won’t cut his minutes and the rest of the team will give up.

  17. i think shanny is a good move. gives us a presence on the third line.

    naslund gomez dawes
    zherdev drury callahan
    shannahan dubi prucha/sjostrom
    voros betts rissmiller/orr/^^

  18. Agree with all those who feel the team is too small and lacks some grit.. having a few small guys who hit with no one to back it up often ends up in a game that the team may not be equipped (see: Flyers, Habs etc) .. Voros will help.. Orr will be in and out of the line up since they have 73 forwards under contract (74 with shanny).. Fritche (22) and Rissmiller (30) have some size but had less combined PIMs than Jagr last year (not that you need penalties, but…) He wont make the team, but Justin Soryal was invited to camp look for him to mix it up a bit..

  19. STAAL

    I don’t remember hits from 05-06, but i do remember many hits from 06-07. I also remember all the cheap shots the kid takes, from Exelby, Neil, Burns, Lukowhich, etc. The refs seem to always miss it.


    Gimme a friggin break. Shanny isn’t the only one to do that. The best of the best have been in a situation like that, and lost games for there team. Shit happens, you cant hold that against him forever. It happens. But its not like he boarded someone after a great comeback, ON TWO FUGGIN OCCASIONS like that moron Hollweg.


    I like the lines, just put Sjostrom on the 4th line winger spot, and take Rismiller out of there.

  20. Everyone’s forgetting that with Shanny more than likely back on the team for about 1-2 million dollars, its highly possible that Prucha is gone!! To be honest, i’d take the 3rd round draft pick for him or whatever the return is.

    The way i see it: Shanny replaces Prucha this year and Korpikoski replaces Shanny and Prucha next year, so im fine with it.

    Without Prucha:

    Naslund – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Callahan
    Fritsche – Dubinsky – Shanahan
    Voros/Orr – Betts/Rissmiller – Sjostrom

  21. Id prefer Freddy on the 3rd line over Fritsche. Signing Shanny doesn’t mean Pruchs has to be traded, don’t we have aboot 2 mil left or something ?? Just dump Rismiller, that signing was stupid !!, and maybe even dump Betts. Fritsche can take over on 4th line center, and Orr, and Voros can ride the wings.

    I guess we’ll find out soon. Shanny is doing the right thing by skating, instead of waiting around for a team to sign him. Gotta get in game shape.

  22. Def Orr. I don’t like the Rissmiller signing. I hear he’s good on the PP but he’s a big guy whose not really physical. I’d much rather see what skill Anisimov can bring or the two way game of Korpo. I’m also really rooting for Dane Byers to have another good camp and just continue plowing through people. Byers=Hollweg with hands.

  23. “If Aves goes on to score 30 goals and 50-60 points, how will anyone feel aboot that ??”

    Well rested. Because I will be waking up from a dream.

    vogs – not sure why you directed that post to me. It didn’t address anything I previously spoke of. It took ideas, and changed them. But I’ll forgive ya! This time.

    orr – $715k left under the cap. Sam even just posted that yesterday.

    LIJOE – you posted yesterday about “goals aren’t everything”. While that’s true, and I was merely stating a prediction, you turned it into more of a topic. So there IS more to goals on the stat sheets, yes. Which makes Shanny that much more valuable than Avery. Plus…they’ll probably end up playing the same amount of games!

  24. To go for the hat trick here…

    I see that most people that are against Shanny coming back (which I completely understand and until a few days ago was undecided) can only speculate that he will wear out and we’ll see his production decline again. HOWEVER, we must remember the INtangibles that he brings to the table. Intangibles that are not replacable from within the current organization. And many teams do not have it either.

    You also won’t find a Stanley Cup winner in the modern era without a guy like that either.

  25. Got to give Kudos to Shanny, he knows he wants to play and who for, thinks about his team-mates and admits he f***ed up with trying to play through his injury last year.
    Lets hope he re-signs, lessons learned, for a cap friendly number and plays a few less minutes a night (with the odd night off) to preserve him for April and May when his experience is twice as valuable.

    Still doesn’t solve the fact we have 3 or 4 more 3rd/4th line forwards than we need and a bunch of guys who are somewhere between NHL-ready and AHL top players. Slats should really be looking to trade a few to give us a legit top 6 forward.

  26. Sam, you scared the hell out of me with that malik post. Listen, Shanny would be a great addition if he is used correctly. Not every other shift and maybe every other night. We could use his PP skills and his leadership would be great on a relatively young squad. Does anyone else feel that this team is more even keeled not just without Avery, but Jags too. I think the mojo is better this yr and shanny knows it, which is why he wants back.

  27. rob, I think you’re 100% right. But what we really need to wait and see is if it translates into wins.

    I think its been well discussed(on the team level) that playing through the knee injury last season was a mistake. I can’t see anything like that happening again.

  28. Orr, why would you suggest dumping Betts? I don’t understand that move at all. The guy is absolutely awesome on the PK and as you know, if last season is a telling of things to come, our Rangers take in infinite amount of stupid penalties. I don’t know much about Fritsche can he do the job, can he block shots like Betts and break up plays like Betts?

  29. “If Aves goes on to score 30 goals and 50-60 points, how will anyone feel aboot that ??”

    He has to get past 18 first ;)

  30. if people think that Shanny is too old to play and he’s slowed down and will (according to 1 poster) somehow “screw up the team for the next 2 years”, what about the Chelios signing by Detroit? They won with him in the line-up at 45-46, and just re-signed him at 46 for another year… and people seem to think they have a good chance to repeat.

    Also, about Prucha. He hit a LOT last year. the reason it wasn’t incredibly memorable was because he’s too light and hits like Theo Fleury used to… take like 4 strides, FLY into somebody, fall down, get up, and skate off, while the hit person is just watching the whole thing unfold. It wasn’t really effective all the time, but the effort was there.

  31. I saw a picture of sean avery in the window of the Gap in Danbury. I couldnt believe a hockey player was modeling for Gap. I couldnt stop laughing

  32. jeever – chelios is a defenseman….the level of skating and keeping stride with linemates is not the same

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