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Yes, I think the previous poll asking what the Rangers should do in the offseason was just a tad outdated (next week’s poll: Should Phil Esposito get more or less time on the power play?).

But the new poll is what I consider a fairly ambitious journalistic enterprise. Although I have my own ideas about what I want to explore this training camp, I’m also very curious to hear what you think are the most worthwhile storylines. So cast your vote and tell me what interests you, and I’ll try to go from there.

And if I end up ignoring you, you’ll join a long list of list of readers, editors, and family members who claim I just do whatever I want.

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  1. Wow, Sundin is such a vagina muscle. What a piece of crap. The NHL needs to step up with this BS, its not fair. He’s gonna sign with what ever team is better at the time, what a pathetic sh*t head.
    It was annoying when Selanne, and Nediermeyer did it, and i was against it, but even so at least they knew what team they were returning too. Sundin is a fake pillow biting ugly baldy moron, he talks how much of a team player he is, and how he doesn’t believe in a “rental player”, well thats basically what he’s gonna do. The NHL needs to put a stop to this BS, especially cause guys like Shanny know they wanna play, and are waiting to sign, but are being forced to wait because of this tool. I can imagine Shanny planting flowers in his garden with that Tom Petty song “the waiting” stuck in his head. Poor guy. Just sign him, forget Mats if he wants to play this stupid game.

    BTW – Im not a huge tenniss fan, i just like Roddick, and LOVE womens tennis, but not if Ivanovic, and Sharapova are not playing. Those two are hooot !!

  2. joe – I get what you’re saying. I also don’t think the losses of JJ and Avery are as great as people want to make them. JJ was great in the playoffs, but looked like a f’n j-off for the first 60 games crying like a beeeotch. Avery…don’t care about the record with/without. Rather pay someone to break the 20-goal mark. And we play the NJD 2 less times this year, thus less of a factor there too. I’m done with both of those guys. I think we’ll finish with the same 97 pts, if not more.

    The team is built more like a team now. Don’t need 1 or 2 guys to be the center of attention anymore. Tough to get used to in NY, I understand. But the sooner everyone gets on board with the philosophy of the team, the better.

  3. I think this team has a lot of potential… It could finish in the top 2 or 3 in the conference (up there with Pittsburgh/Montreal/Boston). But we could also finish a lot lower. We’re in a difficult division, Flyers are young and good, Pittsburgh’s one of the best, and the Devils just find ways to win… Only the Isles are a weak team…

    Of course I’m gonna hope for the best and believe we could pull the President’s trophy.

  4. Orr, man, if you’re this wound up before the season starts, you’re gonna die come 2009.

    Sam, I’d like to hear what the Rangers plan on doing to help the PP strategy-wise, now that JJ is gone. It’s probably way too early to assess this, but I’d like some reassurance that they aren’t going to go another season waiting for it to magically “click.”

  5. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Beer Me!
    I couldn’t agree with you more. We have a core of potential stars. We don’t need anyone with the ‘all about me’ attitude – it just doesn’t work. My biggest gripe was the team having to adapt to the play of one person. It should be the other way around – I don’t care who you are. And guess what folks, if Jagr really wanted to stay, he wouldn’t have ‘coasted’ through the season and made his 84 points and then some.

  6. beerme – I’m fully on board with both Avery and JJ not being here for the yrs and money they wanted. I just think its a small step back this yr and then in 2 or 3 yrs a couple of steps forward as the young uns get better.

    my point is in addition to players like JJ and Straka (who I liked) gone I don’t want either Sundin or Shanny. especialy if somehow that deferred bonus comes back into play.

  7. New poll
    Handsomest Ranger:

    Andy Bathgate
    Ron Duguay ( defeinetley the prettiest)
    James Patrick
    Brian Leetch

  8. Kaspar – sorry but your namesake might be in the other poll ugliest Rasnger with guys like Eddie Johnstone

  9. Kasper,

    I know your english isn’t the best but it’s most handsome not handsomest.

    By the way, do you remember at a private Islanders Christmas party for the victims of the Long Island railroad shooting in ’93, a young boy about 12 coming up and telling you in front of your then-fiance’ how much better you’ve been playing since you stopped drinking?

    Sorry about that, I was a young kid who didn’t know better. I meant it as a compliment.

  10. joe – Initially I thought the same thing. As far as taking a step back. But after digesting everything, I’m not sure I feel the same now.

    I guess we’ll just have to see how Gomer and Zherdev work together. Both speedsters with the puck, one is a playmaker, the other a (should be) goal scorer. Maybe it’s the right combo. Who knows?

    Our D got better. No question. If you look at it…we swapped Malik for Kalinen (ugh). And toots for Redden. Our top 4 dmen are pretty solid. I’d add Mara to the list speaking in terms of value. Under $2mil for him I think will end up as a steal. I expect him to play his ass off knowing he’s on a 1yr deal, and has been a healthy scratch. We’ll see how that motivates him. It didn’t for Prucha.

    MY biggest question is wingers. Down the middle (looking this year and beyond) with Gomer, Dru, Dubi, Anisimov, Fritsche, Betts…we’re pretty much set. Making one of them expendable to go get a winger. Z & Nas are question marks, and obviously we won’t get too much milage out of Naslund. So then what? I’d like Dawes to succeed as a scoring winger. He’s not much good if he can’t. Cally…I don’t see much more than 18-20goals out of him either. Prucha…??

    If Chery’s not coming next season (I bet he doesn’t), we need to get that winger…still. Hossa? Gaborik? Gaborik will be available from now until the trade deadline. Gotta give something up to get something though (a center). Hossa’s price tag will be too high if he produces this season, and since Det will be playing until late spring, they won’t look to deal him at the deadline…but I’ve been wrong before.

  11. wow, that was longer than I expected to write….the season must be upon us! And BeerMe!’s gettin excited!

  12. Michabenjamin

    “I know your english isn’t the best but it’s most handsome not handsomest.”

    Thanks for the English correctionisms ( Ha!)

    No harm done kid…You can play better drink-free for sure….sometimes however, sadly, you can’t live better….

    It comes and goes….like a great Jagr shift

  13. kaspar – I think some of your other competition re ugliest includes

    A Carter (the way the afro stuck out of the herlmet)

  14. Sam,who is going to win the US OPEN ???
    What is your take ??? Roddick??? Djokovic ??? Federer ???

    or again Nadal ??? From what I have seen I think it will be Nadal because of his huge confidence after winning the French, Wimbledon and Olympics !!!!

    And for the ladies, it is one of the Williams`against JJ !!!

  15. In reference to the poll, I voted for choice #1 – “Forward Markus Naslund on coming to New York.” I wasn’t really expecting much from Naslund, especially when compared to the prime of his career. If anything, I was expecting to be dissapointed by him, but after reading this…


    …my opinion of the whole Naslund signing has changed. I don’t know why, but when I read that article, in particular the section where Naslund talks about how he has something to prove and that he’s been training harder in preperation for this season, harder than he has before any other season, for some reason I not only believed him, I also began really rooting for him for the first time. I remembered how amazing he used to be, and I remembered how classy he always was. I don’t know, he just seems like a team player, good guy, I think he has some game left in him, especially if he enters the season after training so hard.

  16. jeff – ditto on that.

    In addition, there’s a guy that’ll play in the top RW spot and actually LIKE & understand his coach! Get outta here! I think with the reduced friction of ‘Side-Show Sean’, and the removal of the ever-tempermental Jarda, we’ll see a team gel a WHOLE lot quicker than last years team. If they ever really gelled at all.

    There’s no egg-shells to be stepped upon lightly anymore.

  17. I am rooting for Dementieva after her win at the Olympics but she is not consistent enough to do it and her serve is not the best, but we will see….

  18. Dementieva has been dating Afinogenov. he was at one ogf her matches earler in the tourny. something about those Russian tennis babes and hockey playoffs. like Anna K with Federov and Bure

  19. BEER ME

    Voros is basically like Avery, just minus the BS. I think he’ll win over the Nyr fans really quick, he’s a spark plug, and when he scores goals, he goes crazy, bangs his head against the glass, etc. I was excited about the signing when i heard of it, i thought that the Wild were gonna re sign him for sure. I figured they were close to signing Avery, and thats why they let him go, but eh.

  20. I’m very familiar with Voros. He’s a great addition. It’s Rissmiller that I’m not too familiar with.

  21. LI Joe, are you really sure about Dementieva and Afinogenow…???? I always see her mother sitting in the box and she is very dominant…Whenever you listened to her in the press conferences, she is very shy…!!

  22. Couple years ago I see all my comrades dating tennis stars like Anna K etc… so I ask my idiot agent to set me up with one….I wind up having dinner with Martina Navratilova who not only drinks me under table but gives me playfull hip check into garbage pails beside restaurant before getting into car that came to pick her up….driven by a hot little blond girlfriend…..

    I fire stupid agent next day

  23. Beer Me/everyone who’s happy with the offseason moves:

    First of all, it’s great to see everyone again. Gladly the summer went quick. Anyway, down to business.

    I’m curious to know why you’re all so excited with these moves, especially now that we’ve all had time to digest them.

    I understand the goal was to get younger and faster, and I think the Rangers accomplished that goal. I do believe they are strong up the middle, above average on defense, and of course they have world-class goaltending. But still, my question remains. For a team that had trouble scoring last year with proven scorers in the lineup, where are the goals coming from in 08-09? It’s a legitimate concern…I don’t think that can be argued.

    But my other question is this. Why are some people automatically assuming that this team will have great chemistry? The Rangers gutted a good portion of the roster and brought in parts young and old from all over the NHL. What makes everyone think things will be clicking when the season gets underway? Just because they unloaded some personalities doesn’t mean that will equate to automatic chemistry.

    I remain optimistic. I think this has the potential to be a good hockey team, and will reserve judgment until at least halfway through the season. I’m a believer in Tom Renney and I think he’ll get the most out of these players. But there are plenty of questions to be answered, that’s for sure.

  24. Peter – Doesn’t Jordan Staal have blonde hair?

    Beer Me! – I actually think Philly is the favorite in the East right now. They did it last season without Gagne, who is no guarantee to play all of the time, of course, and Pittsburgh lost a lot of key pieces. Biron has gone back to his old self a bit, being better last season.

    Also, isn’t Naslund a LW? I know he qualified at both wings on Yahoo last year, but LW with Gomez and Naslund would be the line, I would think.

    Still need more for the Rangers blog league,

  25. pig – IMO, they’re one of the question marks b/c of the Biron. As always, goaltending is a question mark for PHI. I think Biron is the most steady goalie they’ve had in a long long time. And they have young talented players up front. Their D sucks though. Puttin A LOT of strain on Biron. While I think he’s a good ‘tender, I don’t know if he’s good enough to make up for the lackluster D. They should sign Malik! haha

    RobC – what up?! I didn’t mean to state that I thought there would automatically be chemistry. However, I DO think that it will come a little easier than last season.

    No doubt we needed to add scoring. I don’t think we did. But I also don’t think we lost anything either. I could expand upon it, but I think we can all run the #’s.

  26. RobC – I know that you’re a ‘believer’ in Renney also. And I think the addition/subtraction of key players adds that intangible that we lacked. Hard to know where it shows up on the scoresheet. Its usually seen in the standings though.

  27. Kaspar,

    Martina was Checkoslovakian-but I guess was under the Curtain and IT really didn’t matter since IT also likes Sharapova etc.

  28. hahahahaha…as usual, I forgot Sjostrom speaking ALL day today about the wingers! Ok, so add him into the mix and we have more question marks than before. Only this time ONE MORE player can become expendable.

    I don’t think this roster is even close to being set.

  29. # ORR !! What Is It Good FOR !! September 3rd, 2008 at 1:13 pm


    Voros is basically like Avery, just minus the BS. I think he’ll win over the Nyr fans really quick, he’s a spark plug, and when he scores goals, he goes crazy, bangs his head against the glass, etc. I was excited about the signing when i heard of it, i thought that the Wild were gonna re sign him for sure. I figured they were close to signing Avery, and thats why they let him go, but eh.

    How can you say Voros is like Avery? He had 8 goals last year…and all he does is fight.

  30. staal – orr said he was like avery. not me. I know all about voros. I actually told my brother in the a.m. on 7/1 that I had hoped we’d grab him. voros is a late-bloomer. I have faith that he’ll perform just fine in the right role.

    That said, he played quite a few games with Gaborik on the top line in Minn last season. (Not unlike Avery, but I still didn’t make the comparison before)

  31. “kaspar – I think some of your other competition re ugliest includes
    A Carter (the way the afro stuck out of the herlmet)

    Good list LI Joe!! Remember Gilles Marrotte ( spelling maybe off) he was no Brad Pitt either!! looked like Pete Rose after his head was squashed down 3 inches by angry bookie

  32. Spider – He might I was more focused on figuring out who was who. Marc was the easist because I know what he looks like and he was wearing a hat. Even though Eric is the most well-known, he was least recognizable to me. Jordan is very familiar because of that hated team he plays for.

    They all look like kids. Honestly. Big kids. Marc definitely looked pretty ripped.

  33. Here’s some of my training camp questions/things to look for in order of importance to me:

    1. Anisimov, Anisomov, Anisimov-Did he gain the 12 lbs Renney et all asked him to? How will he do being the main guy in Traverse City? Is he ready to bust his butt and force them to give him a spot on the team?

    2.Arm the Korpedoes-Ditto for Korpo..the kid looked good in the one game he played. Will this drive him to want more and be a standout guy in training camp?

    3.Zherdev-He’s been in the Batcave all summer. We’ve heard Naslund, we’ve heard Redden, heck, we’ve even heard from Cherepanov, but zilch from Mr. Zherdev. How will he fair? Is he happy to be in NY? Will him and Gomez click?

    4.Renney’s whacky line combos-I really like Tom Renney, but he does have his strange quirks. I’m looking forward to texting my friends that Sam reported that Rissmiller is skating with Gomez and Fritsche/Drury/Dubinsky are forming the 3Cs line…ok, well actually not, but I know at some point they’ll be forming a weird line.

    5.Rangers cajones….not the players, I’m talking Slats/Clarke/etc. Last year they were pretty good about cuts, but will they show the cajones this year and make sure Nedved isn’t on the roster if he looks good? Would they put Rissmiller on waivers to go to HFD if a kid like Korpo or Dane Byers outperforms them? Will Corey Potter get a shot at the 6th or even 7th dman job? Would they consider starting P.A. Parenteau as a top-6 winger if he shows something?

    These are my questions.

  34. JEEVER

    Good point with Voros. It would be sweet to turn Voros into a 20 goals scorer at least.


    I said Voros is like Avery, i didn’t say he is another Avery. “like” means he can hit, fight, agitate, but as far as scoring goes, who knows, last year was his rookie year, and he’s 27 so he’s a very late bloomer, so you never know, and just like Jeevs said, Gravey scored 9 goals before he came here, and look how that turned out.

  35. pghas – That must have bene hard, since, according to Wikipedia, they are all 6’4″! Maybe Jared was off to junior camp already, though maybe he is starting with the Coyotes. If only Hollweg and Strudwick were there, they could probably make a horrible band together!

  36. I think we will definitely compete for the conference this year. I think Henrik could be the best goalie in the East this season. Our Defense was 4th best in the NHL last year, and we improved on it. The defense this year has more “responsible” d-men, and at the same time a better “puck-moving” squad as well. If you couple our defenses puck-moving ability with the speed we added in Zherdev and Naslund, i think the Rangers could be explosive.

    Everyone doubts the Rangers this year because of the gamble of Naslund and Redden and their declining offensive numbers, but Naslund still had 25 goals last year (which would have made him tied for the lead in goals last year on the team) and Redden was a +11 player (which would have made him the best defensive-player on our team last year).

    Plus, Rozsival will have better numbers this year because he wont have to be our best offensive AND defensive D-man. I think Redden can be our best defensive player while opening up Rozsival to become our best offensive player or vice-versa.

    I think the scoring will be spread out throughout the lineup. I really dont think we will have any league-leaders this year, but we should still have 60 or more points from Gomez, Drury, Zherdev, Naslund, and Dawes and Dubinsky should clock in at 45-50 points. Just like Renney uses the team as a “five man defensive core”, I think the same will be said for the offensive attack this year.

  37. I’m fine with Gomez/Drury/Naslund/Zherdev/Dawes around 60 points and Dubinsky with around 45-50. I’m a huge Cally fan and I think he can hit 20-25 goals if given the right opportunity (such as use him to screen the goalie and create havoc on the PP).

    I also don’t see why Sjostrom and Fritsche won’t hit around 15 each, and who knows if Anisimov, Korpo, or Parenteau make the team what they can chip in.

  38. I honestly think Anisimov can potentially be a star, i don’t know what it is aboot that kid, but i think he’s gonna be real good. Hopefully Korpedo as well, even though he scored a semi flukey goal if you wanna call it that, he still played awesome in that game against Pissburgh, and at some point was probably the best player on the ice, working hard, earning more ice time. Its such a friggin damn shame he cant make the team this year, but hopefully that does to him what it did for Dawesy.

  39. Orr, don’t worry, we’ll see some of these kids, no team goes 82 games a year without callups or various points without injuries or flu bugs.

    Anisimov has really impressed me since he’s been here. He looked great last preseason, played very well in Hartford (I saw a few Pack games last year) and has worked hard from what I’ve read whether it’s learning English, gaining weight, or playing more physical.. I’m really rooting for him, Korpo, Potter, and Byers to have really strong training camps.

  40. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok Ladies and Gents I think it was Beer Me that has said more than once that the Ranger staff catered to Jags, I agree with that. (Beer Me forgive me if I’m wrong) Not exactly sure why but I could see that happening, that they needed to keep him happy. And if Renny can get this years team to gel sooner than the last couple, I think that might just confirm that. I always have blamed it on Renny but maybe I was wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). But we’ll see. I am very excited about the changes they have made, much more excited than if we would have kept Jags and crew. WE NEEDED CHANGE, not sure if the changes are going to work but I have a hunch WE WILL HAVE A BETTER RECORD THAN LAST YEAR. And hopefully the new team will have some fun this year, and I hope i will have fun watching them ALL SEASON LONG.

  41. HockeymanRangers on

    Wait one more thing,NO NO NO TO SHANNY. We don’t need him, we have enough young talent that needs playing time. Yes Shanny can score goals but if we let some of these young bucks play for awhile maybe we can find a young Shanny. And as far as the Poll, my choice is not up there I want to know how all those players are gelling together. Wait that was two more things ROCK ON RANGERS.

  42. I’ve echoed the idea that has followed #68 through most of his career, yes. Did you know…the 3 seasons that Renney coached Jagr was the longest he’s been coached by the same person? Make of it what you wish.

    One day closer here…come one already!

  43. Jeff, re: Naslund – When your his age, you really need to work year-round to stay in the same shape as some of these youngsters can maintain with their high metabolism and ceaseless energy. I know in my 20s, I could go several months without playing and it seemed like it was only a game or two before I was back in top shape. Now, I can’t miss a week without losing my legs…so in short, I agree that Mats’ attitude is in the right place and I hope the off-season work does elevate his game. I’m figuring he’ll be worth 20 goals and 40 assists. If he exceeds that, I’ll be surprised.

    Spiderpig – Philly will definitely be tough, but I think the east goes to Montreal, hands down. They lost Streit, yet they added Tanguay, which is a MAJOR addition. Like Philly, their Achilles heal will be in net. Both teams hopes edge on good or bad seasons by either Price or Biron. I just think Montreal has more chemistry up front than Philly. The dark horse in the race will be the Bruins, who will have a healthy Fernandez in net, plus Wheeler and Ryder, not to mention the return of Bergeron. I think Boston could raise some eyebrows next year. And then there’s always the Pens. Minus the mass exodus of players, they still have Malkin, Crosby and Fleury, plus a full season of Hal Gill. And the Capitals, but I don’t have much faith in having Theodore as their number one.

    And of course the Rangers, who’s season depends largely on what ZHERDEV does, IMO. If he meshes with Gomez and becomes the 40-plus goal scorer many think he can become, I think the Rangers have a definitive edge in the east. If he becomes the second-coming of Alexei Kovalov on Broadway, it’s going to be a LONG, Jagr-less season for the team.

  44. I don’t know if this was previously posted but..

    Individual tickets will go on-sale on Saturday, September 20 at 12:00 noon. Tickets will be available for purchase at, Ticketmaster charge-by-phone at 212-307-7171 and Ticketmaster outlets. Your purchase will be limited to four (4) tickets per game. Please be aware, inventory for 2008-09 individual games is extremely limited.

    If you can’t get tiks, let me know.

  45. Hockeymanrangers on

    I really think we have enough good players on our roster that even if Mr. Zherdev does not click with someone on the team we will still have a good season. Come on now, with all these young prospects coming through a few of them have to kick butt some where along the way. I have a lot of faith in our farm system.

  46. to piggy-back on 22figure8, I’m always looking to sell off a few tickets, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested… probably closer to the individual games though. (

    also, I love the talk and chat and all that, but I’m starting to hit the point when I’m tired of WONDERING how guys will do and I just want to SEE it already… this off-season has been brutal.

  47. I’m usually willing to grab some last minute tix. So if you guys ever get stuck the day of a game or the day before or whatever..let me know. A post here should work…I can always be found here. How sad.

    Anyway…TDCHI…To me, Price is THE biggest question mark in the East. I believe he will make or break MTL’s chances. (Halak as his competition will motivate both of them though). Last year was a ‘lighting in a bottle’ type year for Kovy. I doubt he’ll repeat (which is why I’m not keeping an 83pt guy on my fantasy team). Boston will no doubt be better than last year, and they were a playoff team. I see those 2 teams flip-floping in the Northeast, but neither winning the conference. I think Pitt is going to be a serious force to be reckond with in the regular season. And with the team being relatively young, they’re legs hold up through the post season too.

    I think there’s going to be a serious power shift in the East this season. Could be some shockers out there. Washington hit a nice stride to pull the carpet out from under CAR and won the SE div. TB added 1/2 the available free agents, so they’ll have a decent pool of players to work with. Though the D is suspect. Smith in net is the best ‘tender they’ve had since ‘bulin.

    92pts missed the playoffs last year. Could be 95 this year.

  48. Beer – I think you’re pretty much dead-on with your assessments. Boston and Montreal will probably lead the NE, and 1 will be fighting for the conference top. SE has Caps and Lightning, but they ARE the SouthLeast. Our division will be Rangers and Penns, with the Flyers not real far behind.

    my seats are section 304, row D. on the corner where Henrik is 2 periods.

  49. Nice to see some real chatter coming along…. Some of you will be happy to know that I’ve taken on a different job and will no longer be in front of a keyboard for hours on end… Mesaning I won’t be around as much to spew my thoughts upon you all….. Will be checkin in and reading though…

    Toodles my loverz

  50. Comrade Salty…good luck
    on a reverse note….I’ll be quitting soon job JUST to sit at keyboard all season and chat about all these important issues…..

  51. kaspar – you mean you’ve given up on the dream of playing in the NHL again?!


  52. Beer me…
    its a new league man!
    lots of fast midgets…..the day of the stay at home defensemen is gone…..5 man offense ( which I admit was not my strong point…be nice!!) and 5 man defensive schemes ( like Renney’s appropriate, responsible and disciplined snooze-machine)I’m done….I’m going into broadcasting like Mike Dingleberry

  53. speaking of broadcasting….

    I saw that TSN is adding Tortellini and a side of Chicken Parm to the studio.

  54. little minor side story… a few years back (when Ray Ferraro was with the Rangers), I had a high-school computer teacher, and I told a Ranger fan friend of mine he looks like Chicken Parm. He agreed, and we both said at the same time “its ALL the mustache”.

    If there was ANYTHING going on right now, I’d never bore you with that story.

  55. First post in a while….hope some of the hooligans are gone….the site got a bit stale and lame a while back.

    I just read the Sundin article. F him! If the Rangers sign him with his horrendous attitude I will be very annoyed. We don’t need that old man. And he talks like an old man too, “It takes me 20-30 mins to get prepared to practice where it didn’t take me anything when I was 25.” No S you dumbass. It’s called getting old. I used to be able to go to sleep at 2am drunk as a skunk and get up at 630am for work when I was 25 too. Deal with it and quit your whining. No thanks. (The funniest thing is that he is 37 or whatever…the same age as me and I am calling him an ‘old man’. Wait, I am not sure if that is funny or sad?)

    Re: Sam’s request and the most intersting storyline… Please find out what the master plan is for the PP. To me that is priority #1. Other than that, find out how these coaches feel about having like 10 guys who are 3rd and 4th liners.

  56. Damn, just as I suspected tickets go onsale on the 20th. I’ll be at a wedding…aaarrgh. Has anyone hear done it via phone? I’m assuming it sucks. Please lemme know.

  57. It’s weird that suddenly the country is talking more about some “hockey mom” than it ever has about hockey.

  58. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The fact that the roster is up in the air (so to speak) will make for a very competitive camp and pre-season. It is really going to raise the bar as far as work ethic, performance and desire. It’s going to be quite interesting to see who steps on the ice in October. I’m optimistic that whoever it may be, this team will not have the issues of coming together as they did last year and once it does (yes, I’m not saying if) good things are going to happen!

    Beer Me! – loved the video – never saw it.

  59. tdchi – Kovalev was a great Ranger and contributed a lot to our cup during his 1st stint here. not talking about his return but there is a distiction.

  60. Did anyone see Redden on MSGNY last night. He was training with some Rangers, and Prospects. He was talking aboot helping on the PP, and the D they have, along with Hank. Funny thing is when they started talking aboot Hank, they showed Vally. After 3 seasons MSG doesn’t recognize Hank with his gear on. But either way its good to see some Ranger stuff. Now if we can just get Nazzy, and Nicky here….

  61. LI Joe, I wouldn’t call Kovalev a great Ranger. He was a major contributor to the cup. That 1st goal in game 6 vs NJ got the momentem to change, but I look at him as a great talent that never fully shined here. He drove me crazy by dekeing out the same guy 2 times before giving up the puck. Good Ranger, not great.

  62. Speaking of some older games… NHL Networks ‘classic series’ last night was ’92 NJD vs NYR. The only thing I’ll note is that Joey mf’n Kocur deked scott stevens so bad and dished out in front for ?? to bury one behind terreri…it was awesome.

  63. 22 – the Rangers would not have won the cup without kovalev. and not just because of game 6 vs the devils.

  64. Beer me – LOVED that article… I’m surprised to see attendance like that outside The Rock.

    I saw the classic series last night too, and it was AWESOME… Seeing Graves drop the gloves with Claude Lemieux and Domi coming in, with Stevens being restrained by a 150 pound ref was BEAUTIFUL. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

  65. THAT was it…it was Domi’s goal FROM Kocur. Crazy.

    Someone at work said that down the jersey shore this past weekend there was a banner flying ‘announcing’ that there is no PSL for tix at the Rock for the NJD.

  66. It made me a little sad. I started watching hockey Spring of 94, and I missed seeing all those players as rangers. I wish I got into hockey a few years earlier…

  67. Don’t feel too sad Jeever. I didn’t start watching until after the lockout thanks to my boyfriend (whom happens to be a lifer). I really missed out on a lot of awesome history with this club, but I’m quickly catching up! For as much as the NHL network shows Gretzky’s 50 in 39, I still love it and it serves as an excellent tool for me to see what pre-lockout hockey was like.

  68. Beer
    I said this last season, you always beat me to the punch posting any sort of news. Jsut saw that shanny article, then POOF its posted

    your damn quick on those searches.
    And maybe I need a new computer!

    zipay’s blog
    dellapina’s (in-season)

    There’s some others, but that’s pretty much my browsing history. 365 days a year. If you wanna beat me to one, try it after 4:30pm on non-game nights. I’m usually not near my pc. Good luck! lol

  70. thanks Beth. I guess I should be happy I caught THAT season… I got my g/f (at the time, now officially ball and chain) into hockey after the lockout as well, and am teaching her about the Rangers of the mid-90s.

  71. Beer – ever go to

    as far as actual news goes, they’re kinda behind, but they’re GREAT for rumors about teams and players…

  72. Im the same as Beth, i got into hockey during the 02-03 season. Not a great time to be a Ranger fan. But i liked Jagr back in his late Pens days, but i didn’t really like the game itself, then out of nowhere i just got into it, and watched Nyr cause my dad was a big fan, but i also liked the Wings, and was a big Shanny fan. So after 2 crap seasons, my fav player plays with Nyr, then a year later my other fav signs with them, and they make the playoffs, and are actually a good team !!! Sweetness !

    But yeah, i wish i got into it a lot sooner. Thats why i love watching all those MSG Vault Ranger episodes, and the clips of players, and games from the past. I watched my dad’s Nyr 94 Cup VHS tape aboot 40 times over the last 3 or 4 years. I bought that big dvd set that had all the games of there run in the playoffs, and other cool things. Hopefully we can get an 09 version of that when the season is over.

  73. haha ok, quick story (I feel like a school teacher today)… I got that box set, it has the complete games for the series against the Devils and Canucks in 94. 14 games in their entirety. I wanted to watch them with the girlfriend.

    She told me we should take Friday off on Valentine’s Day weekend, stay in all weekend and try to watch the entire box set. That moment was when I knew I wanted to be with her forever.

  74. jeever…I’m usually looking for news. catches up to rumors late in the day or next day. But they are what they are.

    orr – not a good time to be a fan? I had my only season tix that season. I can vouch for that. I went to about 33 games that year. It’s awesome if you have the time and money.

    What’s face value on the 400’s this season?

  75. That’s what I thought. Cause when I had my season’s, they were $22.50 (sec 402). Gen Public were like $25.

    $40 is too much man. BS really. But if Isaiah could keep his hands off the women in the offices, if Dolan would do something to prevent spending millions in legal fees…if he would just sell msg/knicks & rangers, maybe ticket prices wouldn’t have to be so high.

  76. its insane… the payroll is capped at 56M. before the lockout the rangers had a payroll in the 70Ms… we’re STILL 14M+ under what it was before, but ticket prices continually go up.

    Forget Isiah (however its spelled). Dolan rapes thousands of Ranger fans every year. WE should all sue him for 11M each.

  77. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I know what was going on during the 70’s and 80’s. I grew up 5 miles from Rye Playland and skated on the same rink. In fact, a couple of the Rangers bought a club in town and turned it into a disco in the 80’s – 21 North. I think Gresch was one and I’m not sure of the other 2. In 1990 I went to my first game. 2nd row in between the penalty boxes against Pittsburgh. I was hooked heart and soul. My blood turned blue!

  78. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    In answer to what would be interesting – how about the line combos Renney is tooling around with. What the PP and PK units look like. Where the kids are fitting in. Defensive pairings, etc. I just want to absorb it all especially after all the speculating over the summer.

  79. Hey Jeever,

    I have season tickets in 417 and they are 34$ each this year. I have had seasons for the last 3 years and they have gone up each year. I know I won’t make every game this year are you still looking for tickets?

  80. I’m in 407 and they’re $34. 1st year after lockout they were $22 then $26 and last year $30. Somebody summed it up a couple of weeks ago when he said how we spend our money and pour our souls into this team and they pay us back by raping us in the wallet.

    Anybody see the article the other day where Carol Alt is suing Greschner for more money?

  81. billy, I’m a season ticket holder too, I’m not looking to buy any tickets, unless you’re willing to give up a couple specific games in February ;-)

    I weas just looking up the ticket prices in the 400s for Beer me and cause I was really bored at work.

  82. And BeerMe thanks you. haha

    some st. louis paper…
    John Davidson said there hasn’t been much movement regarding New York Rangers free-agent winger Brendan Shanahan.

    “No, other than he wants to play in New York,” Davidson said. “It’s up to the Rangers and Brendan what goes on if he doesn’t sign with the Rangers. The book’s not closed there yet by any means.”

  83. beer – I wish we’d get him back… we could use a quiet leader like shanny. he’s respected as hell throughout the league, the rangers could use that as well…

    Gardenfaithful made me think of a discussion topic… stories of your 1st ranger game (If you can remember it).

  84. Just days away from the start of camp and I’m STILL on the fence if it’s a good idea or not. If we had signed 2 fewer FA’s, I’d say yes for sure. Or had no one looking to break into the NHL. (moore, korpi mainly).

    One thing is for sure. He’d probably play for the minimum. And knowing that he’d accept any role, doesn’t make the decision easier. Tougher actually.

  85. all I can remember about my first game was it was after the lockout and I was hooked from that moment on. Now I go to at least a quarter of the home games.

  86. that’s the thing… we’ve got such a glut for 3rd and 4th line players, and then people we’d have to fit in the 1st 2 lines… Even if Shanny took a lesser role, there’s no room for him to.

    I could see that he’s forced on the 2nd line, for lack of putting him anywhere else, not performing as a 2nd liner, and having people trash him mercilessly.

  87. ever since it was an uncertainty that Shanny would come back, my dream/hope for him was that he’d go to the Red Wings, win the Cup, and retire a winner Summer of 09. especially since I think the Rangers winning it all is a long shot. (not that I’m not hopeful)

  88. I think Shanny’s role on the 3rd or 4th line WILL CAUSE a younger player to have to step up and play 2nd line minutes. We will definitely see different line combos, but i think it will because of the glutton of 3rd and 4th line players looking to step into 2nd line minutes b/c of Shanny.

    I can see Shanny playing on the 3rd line with Dubinsky this season to mentor him like Jagr last year. Dubinsky’s crash the net/ draw attention to him on the wings style could free-up Shanny and his shot this year.

  89. somerset, I agree 100%. BUT do you think the rangers staff would feel the same as us, or just give him 2nd line based on respect or whatever? same reason they kept Jagr, Straka, and the others on a dismal PP…?

  90. boy i had to sift through a lot of stupidity just to get to the part where i can actually leave a comment.

    I for one would like to know how the new goalie equipment changes are going to effect lundqvist this season. i don’t think he wore the largest pads allowed, but i’m pretty sure he used the squared off knee pads which are no longer allowed. do you think the rounded more contoured pads will effect his domination of the bottom half of the net?

  91. has some quotes from the folks who have already arrived at the training facility.

    apparently sam is not one of them! ahem ahem.

  92. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Somerset – I agree wholeheartedly. I will still stick to my guns that Shanny is the missing piece for the transition that this team is going through this season. The fault last year lies with management and Shanny for not allowing his injuries to fully heal. Being the competitor that Shanny is, I’m sure the frustration (and we all felt that) of what was not happening on the ice at that point in the season with the race as tight as it was the reason he came back sooner that should have been. I really believe there’s still some gas left in the tank.

  93. Now Naslund was on MSGNY last night, this is great, hockey is almost here, im starting to calm down.


    I agree, it would be nice to see Shanny with Dubi.


    You make my life a wee bit easier, always posting those links, thanks broseph.

    If we don’t sign Shanny, do we have enough room to add Korpikoski to the lineup ?? If we do sign Shanny, personally, i think Zherdev should play on Drury’s line. Gomez, Zherdev, and Naslund would be a good line, but i think Nicky likes carrying the puck, basically just like Jagr, so who knows, maybe we’ll get stuck in the same situation like last season, but hopefully not. I just cant wait for friggin pre season to watch everyone play.

  94. WOW Maloney dind’t pull any punches. good for him. Can’t imagine why a guy with morals like his didn’t get re-signed by Dolan and his bunch…

  95. Of that camp roster, only 7 players are over 27. One is Vali, another is Nedved. The other 5 over 27 are roster players. The average age overall is only 22.9.

  96. hey Rob,

    Kondratiev was 1 “prospect” we got for Leetch. then we traded him away (with a couple others) when we got Sykora.

  97. Now that some more regulars are returning, and since the league is only half-full, I need to keep requesting some good people for the fantasy league. It is finally up on Yahoo and the initial invitations are out! I want to make it a great league this season, so if you are interested, send an email over to

    The Giants last night looked like the Rangers in a way: good defense, trouble scoring big. Well, the type of physicality from Jacobs would be a new sight on MSG ice. Eh, I had to make up something to talk about the Giants and Rangers here.

  98. Where the hell is Jarkko Immonen ?? Why cant that guy get a honest shot at playing for this team? He’s got 8 points in 20 games played, he’s got a good shot, good speed. I dont get it?

    I hope Joe Barnes has a good Camp. That kid is built for the NHL. I think he will be very good in the future.

    Is it too early for line combos yet??

  99. Immonen left for Finland during last offseason. He is now persona non grata. I thought he was semi-talented, but the NHL people know more than me.

  100. Does anyone think Kondrateiv in camp means that automatically he’s above Pock in being called up? I mean he made the team over him three two years ago so I’m sure the staff believes in him.

  101. I think Naslund is going to be the new Shanny.

    All-Star, winner, leader, will be looked to for the game winning goal and for direction in the lockeroom.

    Obviously, Naslund won’t be dropping the gloves with Brashears at center ice at MSG, which is something we’ll miss, but he will be looked at as the go-to guy late in the game, in OT and in the shootout.

    I really want to see Shanny back, and if it was baseball, then would say bring em back. But his legs looked shot, and this team is going to be fast this year. The slowest guy might be Drury. Naslund, Gomez, Zherdev, Dubinksy, Callahan, Sjostrom, Fritche, Dawes… this team has lots of speed.

    I just think bringing Shanahan in slows the team down and makes us vulnerable on the ice, and we can;t afford to give up many goals.

    As far as Nedved goes, we’re at the cap limit, there is no room for him, although I have always liked Petr, but I don’t know if I can stand watching his shot get blocked for another season again.

    Anisimov looks like he is going to be a good one. He may challenge guys this pre-season for third or fourth line center.

    I don’t know. I see lots of guys who want to compete on this team and hate to lose. Drury, Gomez, Dubuninsky, Dawes, Naslund, Staal, Redden, Hank, these guys are competitors.

  102. I know its a completely crappy Eklund rumor, but the more I think about it, i think i would trade Gomez and a pick/prospect for the Sedin twins. Apparently the ownership doesnt believe they are “franchise players to build the team around”. Plus, the twins were quoted to say “they would sign for under their market value to play with one another”.

    If the Rangers could sign 2 players for a combined 7 million dollars in exchange for 1 player worth 7 million dollars, i think i would have to make that trade.

    for poops and giggles:

    Sedin – Sedin – Zherdev

    Naslund – Drury – Dawes

    Prucha – Dubinsky – Callahan

    Voros/Orr – Fritsche/Betts – Sjostrom/Rissmiller

  103. No, No, No. Forget the creepy twins. Gomez is here to stay, i don’t care what anyone offers unless its that made up Kopitar, and O’Sully deal. Forget it. This team needs him like Downie needs to get knocked out, and thats baaaad !

    As for Immonen, eh he was good, i remember he played a few times with Shanny, and showed promise, but the fact is, we are so fuggin stock piled with centermen, he’s the last thing we need. Kopredo can play center, Artie can play center, which i kinda hope he can play the wing cause if his talent level is as good as im hoping, then 4th line center isn’t good at all for him. Plus Moore is a center. It just doesn’t make sense to keep him around. Let him stay in Finland.

  104. My son and his team just went off the pier in Chicago in the Red Bull FLUGTAG.
    Great stuff. His team is the Nintendudes.

  105. ORR …

    I know its not gonna happen, but im so bored, and cant wait for pre-season. I would definitely want the Kopi/O’sully trade to happen over the Sedin trade too but THERE IS NO WAY LA trades Kopitar.

    how weird would it be to have Vancouver’s entire 1st line from last year though? Sedin – Sedin – Naslund as Rangers? WEIRD

  106. Funniest line of the summer;

    “No, No, No. Forget the creepy twins”

    Comrade Orr strikes again!

  107. It would be to weird having the Nucks 3 best players, but just as weird would be going from an all Czech team to an all Swede team. Lets just keep the nice mixture we have, couple of Americans like Dru, Gomer, Dubi, Cally, couple of Swedes like Hank, Freddy, and Nazzy, a couple of Czechs like Pruchs, and Rozi, couple of canadian guys like Wade, Dawesy, Danny, and Vally, and oh yeah don’t forget aboot the token Ukrainian, Zherdev.

    Cant wait till camp, its to bad we wont get to see Avery picking on the prospects like he did last year with Staalsy. He would probably target Lyon Mess.

  108. sommerset – you’ve got to be kidding me about Immonen. the guy was terrible. he was a throw in to the leetch deal. if he was that good some other nhl team would pick him up. he’s not case closed.

  109. I met Zherdev last night at a bar in Ottawa!! He’s training up here for a reason with one of my buddies from school. He was a really nice guy, he even offered me a drink. As excited as I was to meet him, you can’t help but think it’s getting close to training camp to be going out to bars lol But he left pretty early so I’ll cut him some slack.

    Oh yeah, he was wearing a backwards Ranger hat and shorts in a really classy club, which I thought was pretty bad ass lol I don’t think they would’ve let anyone else wear that.

  110. Pierre,

    So either your Russian is great or Zherdev is learning more and more english hanging at bars.

  111. FINALLY !!! Someone with some friggin proof. Good job Pierre, MSGNY hasn’t even shown Nicky at camp, and hasn’t even mentioned him at all since the trade, its nice to see he’s alive. I would be a bit worried since he’s at a bar in Ottawa, when camp is just starting, and most of the Rangers that are making the team are there, but he has a Ranger hat on so ill forgive him.

    I cant wait to see him play, i hope he really gets his shite together and plays the way Columbus thought he would when they drafted him.

  112. LI Joe …

    Really? Immonen was not that bad. But I guess the Rangers agree with you cause the kid seems to be buried until his contract expires (just like Pock). I dont get holding onto these players and burying them?

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME if the Rangers never have plans for players like Immonen and Pock, why dont they trade them for picks or something? Im sure some desperate team out there would be into them. At least this way the Rangers get a brand-new draft pick and start over developing another prospect.

  113. somerset – Pock will be 27 in december and Immonen will be 27 in April. neither has amounted to much and other teams knew it. Immonen was a 7th round pick and Toronto held onto their so called better prospects at the time of the leetch deal. the big part of the leetch deal was the number 1 pick not immonen. when this blog 1st started many were talking about Immonen who became the poster boy for the youth mantra. He is better off in Europe.

  114. Put it this way, we got a 4th round pick for Hollweg, and i guess we couldn’t get anything for Immo. They both played in the NHL, Hollweg played more games, and has taken more stupid idiotic penalties in that time, and screwed his team a game in the playoffs, which pretty much screwed them the series in the long run. We have better centers than Immo as it is, as far as prospects go, and Gomer, Dru, and Dubi are gonna be here for a while, so eh.

  115. I know there is no room for these guys, but i cant imagine no teams willing to trade for these guys. Even in the craziest package deal?

    Pock has been okay for us offensively, but he is a horrible positional D-man. That is definitely the reason the Rangers dont like him, but he could find a home somewhere else. He did have 3 assists in the 4 playoff game sweep to the Devils.


    While were in the buisness of correcting each other, Pock had 3 assists in the sweep against the Thrashers, but point taken. Touche, my friend, were even.

    I like Pock though, he’s not terrible, i thought hr was pretty good in the playoffs of 06-07, there just wasn’t any room. I thought for sure, Pock would be the 6th Dman, but Kalinin got the spot. I gotta give Pock credit, he could have fled to another country but he’s staying put in Hartford, he’s loyal, maybe to loyal. Baranka couldn’t wait any longer so he’s gone, which is to bad, cause he finally broke into the lineup last season and had an assist in the one of two games he played, im sure he would have been the 6th or 7th Dman this season, but not anymore.

  117. Signing Shanahan would be a mini-Yankees strategy of signing every “big name” downside player under the sun. This is why dumping the Straka’s and Jagr’s, and hopefully, Shanahan’s of the world is a winning strategy.

    I mean, look at the mess the Yankees are in going into 2009 with greybeards like Posada, I-Rod, Giambi, Jeter, Damon, Abreu, Mussina, Pettitte, and Rivera all mid-to- late 30’s now. This USED to be the Rangers approach – acquiring and keeping players way past their prime.

    The Rangers have turned that corner, while the Yankees have fallen one level at a time, since 2000, from WS winners to WS losers to playoffs losers, to not even making the post-season. Case closed – stockpiling old guys blows up in your face. RIght, George?

  118. ORR …

    i wasnt correcting you to be a jerk. And your right it was the Thrashers, i just remember the series against the Devils our top points guys were people like Betts, Ortmeyer, etc. I thought at a quick glance, Pock was part of that too.

    Agreed on Pock hanging around though, I think the reason why i like these players (Pock and Shanny for that matter). They really want to be Rangers, and i take that “desire factor” for one team over ability sometimes.

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