Fourteen days and counting


The Rangers are now inside of two weeks away from their first formal practice of 2008-09, although you can expect guys to start trickling in for informal skates fairly soon. After I’m done with U.S. Open duty, I’ll be sure to pop in by the Training Center (I love the pop in!) to see who’s around.

Needless to say, there is still time for some more roster moves before then. Heck, there’s time for roster moves even after that, and as Brendan Shanahan “suggested to Larry Brooks”:, a decision by Mats Sundin on his plans for this year is likely to have an impact on a number of teams — the Rangers included.

Needless to say, if that decision involves Sundin signing with the Rangers, it’s going to take plenty of maneuvering by Glen Sather to shed some salaries. And that’s a lot easier said than done these days, which leads me to believe that even if the team decides it wants to add the big center, it simply might not be able to.

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  1. RMANT,

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  2. Enough, lets talk hockey, its a new post !

    But on a side note, is anyone watching Womens tennis like i am ?? It makes time fly, but no Sharapova, and Ivanovic so all the major babes are out. I saw Hank at the last US Open, i wonder if any Rangers went there.

  3. can some admin please edit out all these political comments on this a Rangers hockey blog. THANKS

  4. Rmant since everyone wants politics out of the board. I responded to your post to me in the old thread. If you care check back.

    Geez will Sundin just make up his mind already? If you wait this long I think retirement is the true desire.

  5. I don’t like tennis that much so I haven’t watched much. It used to be (before athletes were so strong) a cool display of volleying but now it seems so many athletes are so strong they only return volley two of three times. I don’t know if they call it volleying in tennis but I hope you know what I mean.

  6. will you call before the pop in? or will it be a no call pop in? im not sure how i feel about the no call pop in.

  7. I just had the funniest experience.

    I have a friend who hooks me and my Dad up with great seats for the US Open every year. So we’re walking around and I see Al Trautwig and think, wow, I wonder if any of the Rangers would show up at something like this. We go inside and proceed to watch the Roddick match.

    Between sets, we leave to go get water, and while waiting for the changeover to be let back into our gate, I turn around and see these three tall, big, red-headed kids that look almost like triplets. Anyone figure out where this is going yet?

    Unable to resist, I turn around and approach them.

    Me: “Uh, hey, are you guys the Staal brothers?”

    Marc: “We are.”

    Me(re-looking at each of them to make sure I know who’s who, and then to Marc): And so you’re Marc Staal.

    Marc (smiling): I am.

    Me: I’m a Ranger season ticket holder (smiles all around). It’s really nice to meet you.

    Marc: Great. Really nice to meet you, too.

    Me: Uh, so you guys are ALL really fantastic hockey players.

    The Staals (all smiles, very cool): Hey, thanks, man. Thanks alot.(etc)

    Me (pointing at Marc): But I hope HE has the best year. (laughter all around).

    So yeah, I met all three Staal brothers at the US Open tonight. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

  8. Peter,

    Awesome encounter. I went the night before and met someone who looked liked Phil Simms:

    Me: Are you Phil Simms?

    Phil Simms Lookalike: No

    I go every year. Only the US Open rivals the Garden in babe-iliciousness

  9. Dick Cheney Rocks!! on

    RMANTS DADDY…Pathetic!

    I say screw Sundin…why are we waiting around for this guy to make up his mind? its a complete waste…
    My question is…do any of you think the Rangers have a legit chance of winning the cup this season, with the current lineup?
    And if not do you think adding Sundin will give us that much better of a chance at winning it this season?

    I think signing Shanny would be a much better move…he has told Renney he’d play what ever role the Rangers have for him and he’ll provide leadership and heart, and he’ll chip in…I’d rather have Shanny in Hollweggs spot than Sundin taking Gomez spot on the top line.

  10. So Chelios is coming back for 1 more go-around. Per TSN, he’s going to be signing a contract for less than the $850k he made last season.

    Sure, he won’t play everyday, but good for him.

    Darren McCarty is also looking to be back on a 2-way deal.

    We criticize the NYR brass for looking to bring back an aging vet that can’t do on the ice what he used to. But here’s the Stanley Cup champs doing it. 2-fold. Is it as bad as we make it out to be?

  11. “I’d rather have Shanny in Hollweggs spot than Sundin taking Gomez spot on the top line.”

    I agree with that, but it’s not that simple.


    I know people like to believe that the officials are only against the NYR, but I don’t think they’d allow us to ice a 4th line with 6 guys on it.

    Not to mention NEDVED!

    It’s going to be extremely tough to find the right balance of players to FIRST; construct a 23-man roster, and SECOND; find 4 lines that can form some chemistry in a hurry.

  12. Dick Cheney Rocks!! on

    Beer do you think Nedved is actually going to make the team or is this just a formality.
    I’m looking forward to see how the lines shake down…
    Sundin is just going to make the line’s even harder to form.
    I also thought Rissmiller was a 3rd liner. Thats fine if Shanny isn’t here…I was just making the point that I think Sundin would be a stupid move, and I’d rather have Shanny back than Sundin or Nedved for that matter. Shanny knows how the Rangers role…the team already looks different this season…throw Sundin in the mix and it’s like starting over.
    Just throwing some random thoughts out there…I’m getting antsy!!!

  13. I think it’s a favor to nedved. But if he impresses, and outplays guys in camp, then what do you do?

    Posting a link in the next comment with news on sundin.

    Don’t know much about Rissmiller. Big guy, career high 8 goals last season, had sports hernia surgery in June.

    I’m getting antsy myself.

  14. hey guys. i was wondering if anyone could help me out with a season ticket question. i’m thinking about getting tix for the 2009-2010 season. i’d really like to get some good seats, like in the 100s or 200s. correct me if i’m wrong, but i saw that for the current season, the team only sold tix in the 300s and 400s. how does one get tix in the 100s or 200s? or do they never become available? thanks.

  15. the media and many others are making Sundin out to be Gretzky, Howe, Orr all rolled into one and all in their prime.

    Even if somehow we added him and Shanny we still would not be cup contenders this yr. I wish both would sign elsewhere to protect the Rangers against a foolish decision.

  16. zz – waiting list, and waiting for upgrade availablity.

    OR…you can look on craigslist/ebay. I saw some SWEET season tix in section 58. Not bad if you have $30k to spare.

  17. zz – they’ll probably become avail when the Garden gets renovated or a new one built. the Dolans will undoubtably have a seat license fee like the football teams are doing.

  18. I don’t know Joe. I think you may be overestimating the strength of the East. I DO NOT want us to sign Sundin, but if we did, we would be right up there in the top 3 in the East without question. We’re not far from it now.

    The East’s best team is obviously Pitt. MTL played over their heads last season riding a season that I don’t think AK27 can repeat. They also traded their starting ‘tender in favor of going with a 20y.o. rookie.

    After that, there’s a pool of question marks. Including all the teams that made the playoffs last season and adding TB into the mix also as the biggest question mark.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see OTT miss the playoffs next season.

    I don’t know…just one guy’s opinion. And I’m getting VERY anxious now that ‘previews’ are coming out.

  19. Posted on this morning:

    Gaborik headed to Rangers?

    Posted: Wednesday September 03, 2008 07:35AM ET

    It’s premature, but some people think that if the Wild are unable to sign star Marian Gaborik soon, he could be traded to the New York Rangers.

    St. Paul Pioneer Press

  20. PHI is adding Gange back to the lineup. And BOS will have (a healthy?) Patrice Bergeron back. Both should be better.

    I’d have to believe that Farty Brodeur will decline a little, at least I hope so. Possibly making Hank the #1 goalie in the East. That stands for A LOT. We saw it carry the team across the river for over a decade. Coupled with a defensive-style, WITH DEFENSIVE PLAYERS THIS TIME, we could be more of a threat than shown in individual stats.

  21. Beer me – i think we could very well make the playoffs. By not being a Cup contender I meant just that not that we were not a viable lower seed playoff team. Remember no Avery and JJ (who was a beast in the playoffs). I think pitt and a few teams in the west are much better than we are.

  22. Timay,

    I was there last night. Dipetro was there i booed so much u can see the reaction on his face saying why am i being booed.

    I forgot how great the women r there. Do you get the honey deuces. That drink is amazing.

  23. Wow, Sundin is such a vagina muscle. What a piece of crap. The NHL needs to step up with this BS, its not fair. He’s gonna sign with what ever team is better at the time, what a pathetic sh*t head.

    It was annoying when Selanne, and Nediermeyer did it, and i was against it, but even so at least they knew what team they were returning too. Sundin is a fake pillow biting ugly baldy moron, he talks how much of a team player he is, and how he doesn’t believe in a “rental player”, well thats basically what he’s gonna do. The NHL needs to put a stop to this BS, especially cause guys like Shanny know they wanna play, and are waiting to sign, but are being forced to wait because of this tool.

    BTW – Im not a huge tenniss fan, i just like Roddick, and LOVE womens tennis, but not if Ivanovic, and Sharapova are not playing. Those two are hooot !!

  24. BEER ME ! …

    i agree. I think Henrik could be the best goalie in the East this season. Our Defense was 4th best in the NHL last year, and we improved on it. The defense this year has more “responsible” d-men, and at the same time a better “puck-moving” squad as well. If you couple our defenses puck-moving ability with the speed we added in Zherdev and Naslund, i think the Rangers could be explosive.

    Everyone doubts the Rangers this year because of the gamble of Naslund and Redden and their declining offensive numbers, but Naslund still had 25 goals last year (which would have made him tied for the lead in goals last year on the team) and Redden was a +11 player (which would have made him the best defensive-player on our team last year).

    Plus Rozsival will have better numbers this year because he wont have to be our best offensive AND defensive D-man. I think Redden can be our best defensive player while opening up Rozsival to become our best offensive player or vice-versa.

  25. The more I hear about this Sundin drama, the more it truly pisses me off! I agree, sign Shanny. He is even willing to take on a much smaller role.

    Hmmm what I wouldn’t do to meet Drury lol

    BTW, Orr, your comment “Wow Sundin is a vagina muscle” had my rolling on the floor in laughter. That is a good one. The more he pisses off people, the sooner they will start to call him a nasty chocolate starfish =o)

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