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Greetings from Flushing Meadows, where I’m waiting out a rain delay at the U.S. Open, and where I’ve spent the past few days scanning the crowd here for members of your favorite hockey team (I saw Henrik Lundqvist briefly here during the men’s final last year, so my suspicion is some of the Rangers will be in attendance. In other news, a spy reported seeing Chris Drury yesterday at the Yankees game).

Anyway, by way of the “Slap Shot blog at the New York Times”:http://slapshot.blogs.nytimes.com/, here are some fairly revealing comments from new Ranger Markus Naslund about the season ahead. The basic gist is Naslund says he’s motivated, which I presume is better news than “I don’t really care about hockey anymore and am instead preparing for a career in competitive eating.”

“I want to show that I can play better,” Naslund told the Swedish newspaper Expressen. “I really want to have a good year and have trained harder than ever this summer.

“I feel better prepared than perhaps ever before an NHL season and I’m aware that it is important that I get a good start in New York.”

Speaking of Tom Renney, Naslund said, “He was our coach in 1997-98 and I have only good to say about him. It’s obvious that he has been coaching for a while now. My situation is also different, I was young then and was just trying to earn a spot on the team. I think that we will have a different relationship now.”

And then there’s the Garden crowd, as well as that pesky New York media.

“There will be real push there. You felt it even as the visiting team. The fans and the media are demanding, and we must be prepared for that. It might help to have played in Canada and in the press that exists in Vancouver.”

OK, play’s starting up again. More later…

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  1. I think Naslund will fit in nicely with the Blueshirts this year. He was burried in that heap of trash in VAN and now i think he is out to prove that he has a couple years left in those legs.

    ORR- who cares about the sens or your stupid outdated TV references. This is RANGER country baby.

  2. I’ve always liked Naslund. Solid player. I hope he does well this year and surprises a lot of people.

    Tampa is going to have salary cap issues in a few years, so they better have a good season. OTT is rebuilding.

  3. The NHL Network is a big joke… is it me or there is no other “moment on ice” beside Gretzkys 50 goals in 39 games? How annoying is that? And don’t get me started on the half screen bottom ticker and best goals of 90-91 season… who cares?!?! This is almost 2009 now… who ever manages that channel should be smacked in the face with a dirty shoe… SIGH
    My tickets price went up as well by 10 bucks… from $50 to 60 this season… I guess ill bring my own beer this season

  4. Well at least Naslund WANTS to be better and give it his all. Only time will tell, but its a nice change.

    Glad to hear Ottawa is “rebuilding”…gonna be at 2 Ranger games this season when I fly up to NY to see family! One of the games will be against Sens. First time back at the Garden in a LONG time. SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I hope StubHub doesn’t screw people over.

    Counting down til the season starts.

    BTW: What was with the comment “Rumor: Sundin to Sens. Gomez to NYR” The Gomez to NYR didn’t make sense since he is obviously still here. Unless I’m having a severe blonde moment and missed something.

  5. Speaking of Drury at the Yanks game, me and a friend went to the home run derby in July. Afterwards we were taking the D train back downtown. We walked towards the end of the platform because it was so crowded, picked a random place to stop, and then noticed Drury was right next to us. He went to the derby with 2 friends, and was going to the all-star game the next night as well.

    We ended up riding the train with him the whole way from 161st to 59th, where he was getting off. Really cool guy, really down to earth. Knows his baseball, big Yanks fan, and needless to say we talked a little hockey too.


    Kiss my white irish ass Suckaaaaa !! You don’t like it then take a walk Mr. Cottage Cheese Vagina. Why don’t you talk aboot something Ranger related “baby”, oh wait there’s nothing to talk aboot cause nothings going on.

    Ranger country SUCKS right now, cause the only Ranger related thing to talk aboot is BS Gomer trades, and ticket prices. Not fun.


    Why even report that ?? The guy believes Eklund, and im guessing is a fan of hockeybuzz.

    Although, Gomer is the friggin fuggin man, but i think id trade him and Pruchs, for Kopitar, and O’Sully, but there’s no way that happens. Kings would at least want a 1st rounder, or maybe a prospect, like Korpedo, or Artie. But that trade would be pretty f’n sweet.

    I just cant believe this garbage, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Im so sick of hearing aboot it, and id rather hear nothing hockey related.


    Are you the same guy that met Shanny at a party ?? If not then i believe you. Dru always says how much he loves the Yankees, U2, and New York Pizza. Sounds like fun, minus the baseball.

  7. I just don’t understand how these so called “sources” have this “info” but Sammy, Zipper, Del-P, and even Brooks wouldn’t. I mean come on, if there was anyone who believed Eklund, this would be the perfect time to realize how fake he is. I love how he posted his convo with this “swedish source” such BS. He was talking to himself probably.

    The funny thing is, one day its Sundin to Nyr for sure, then to the Habs for sure, then leaning towards retirement for sure, its so stupid. I feel bad for the people that believe him. You must have some serious serious problems at home.

    Nice article though. At first i was having a laugh with this whole situation, but now its just getting annoying cause Nucks fans are already setting up there stupid lines. The Nucks SUCK !! Luongo, and i know all of you are gonna give me sh*t aboot this, but in my opinion, Luongo is just a bit overrated, just a tiny bit. If he was this “god like’ goalie who can steal games like Hank can, then why wasn’t he able to dig the Cats out of the dirt when he was there. He’s a good goalie, but the comparisons to Broduer, make him overrated, but not overrated like Cam Ward. Its more like Miller from the Sabs. Like i said, he’s good, and if im a team like the Kings id love to have him, but he’s just not the great goalie everyone makes him out to be. He’s good, but far from great.

    Jeez !

  8. ORR – Parros is the guy that met Shanny at the same charity event two years in a row. I would believe him more, though, not saying this Drury story is necessarily a lie; it sounds pretty cool.

    Rachel – I think he was just making a little joke.

  9. ORR …

    I know its ridiculous, thats why i posted it. If an offer of Prucha and Gomez for Kopitar and O’sully were on the table, it wouldnt even have time to be a rumor — it would be done that quick !! Such a no-brainer trade.

    Then, i hear The Sedin twins could be swapped for Gomez and Prucha also !! Again, a no-brainer that wouldnt even have time to develop, the deal would be made that quick.

    The ONLY truthful scenario i’ve heard is that Rangers are waiting for the CBA to re-new in order to sign Shanny or Sundin (to include bonuses).

  10. GOMEZ Rumor – Having worked in the media, I’ll tell you how this situation probably got legs. When you have five or six “off the record” conversations, with two or three sources, all dealing with the same subject matter; by the third interview, you have one guy commenting on what another did in a private conversation, if that makes any sense.

    Applied to this situation: reporter goes to source 1, and asks if the Rangers are interested in Sundin. Source 1 says $hit yeah they are, but that’s off the record. Reporter goes to source 2, says I hear the Rangers are really interested in Sundin, source 2 says, maybe, they could use him, but they have cap problems with any deal like that. Reporter goes to source 3 and says the Rangers are definitely signing Sundin, but a seeming like they have cap troubles, who would you trade? Source 3 says the only way they’d clear that cap space is if they traded Gomez, because who would want Drury’s contract? Reporter goes home with:

    -Sundin is soon to be a Ranger.
    -Gomez trade is imminent.

    Now in the REAL world of journalism, a good reporter would take this info and beat the bricks with it. Ultimately, nothing would go to press unless there was either an interview with Gomez, an interview with the two GMs or an interview with Sundin or his agent AS A BARE MINIMUM. After all, source 1 and source 3 never knew the nature of the other questions asked, so their comments are largely taken out of context when applied to the big picture, which is the whole Gomez for Sundin rumor.

    But in the world of sports blogging, you simple take the aforementioned conversation(which probably took place with a real sports reporter and the relayed to a jerk-off like Eklund).

    Incidentally, if the Kings were offering up Kopitar and O’Sullivan, there aren’t too many players on this roster I wouldn’t give up. Lundqvist. That’s about it.

  11. Not to be political or anything on a hockey blog.

    But why is it that when I visit the blueshirtbulletin website I have to see pictures of John Kerry and Tim Robbins? Two of the biggest clowns in America today.

  12. Dude, there is no way the Kings are giving up Kopitar. That guy is their franchise #1 center for yeeeaaaars. He reminds me so much of Jagr with his creativity and puck strength and the fact that he’s considered a playmaker yet can still pot a very quiet 34-35 goals. Lombardi was a very good GM with the Sharks, he’s not just gonna lose his marbles.

  13. Exactly. Kopitar in my opinion is so underrated in a way. The west coast stars are so underrated, like Kane, Toews, Perron, Gagne, O’Sullivan, Kopitar, Brown, Zherdev (when with the Jackets), Stastny, Wolski, Filpula, Hudler, Mueller, etc. I mean, people hear about them, and know there good, but they don’t know how good they are, if they don’t have Center Ice, or don’t have any access to see these players play. The NHL really shows off the East, but i think the West might have some of the more better young talent.

    Kopitar is just as good as Malkin in my opinion. But the way things are, you wouldn’t even know it.

    Like i said, i love Gomer, but forget aboot it, id take that trade in a flash. Pruchs is good, but i think id even take O’Sully 07-08, over Pruchs 05-06.

    Who ever came up with that trade must really be amazing at NHL 08, or 2k8.

  14. bklynblue
    August 31st, 2008 at 12:14 pm
    vogs because we now have a hockeymom to be the next vp, not the lefty losers.

    Once I heard “hockeymom” my vote was sealed…I’ve pulled the lever already!!! She hunts, fishes…thats sweet!!!

    These rumors are histerical…Gomez hasn’t even taken the reigns yet, last year this was Jagr’s team, this season its Gomer/Drury. Once I say Hockey buzz…I stopped reading.
    And as far as Sundin…I hope not!

  15. I remember when that league first formed back in 02 when I was living in DC. The secret service where really cool with it and had a good time. I almost joined. Some kid who looked like Chad Pennington ran it.

    Anyone see ESPNs fantasy preview for the Rangers players this year. It was interesting, not 100% accurate, but interesting.

  16. MikeA

    If you played in 2002, then we’ve met. I’ve been playing pickup hockey there since 1997.

    I usd to go through a set of wheels every month during the summer.

    We still play on the weekends and the Secret Service is still real cool with it.

  17. Great, a hockey mom who wants to push Creationism in all the science curriculums. Are you people that freakin stupid??? Not to push politics in this blog-give me a break. I LOVE hockey, but not more than reason.

  18. Cool Vogs, I didn’t get to play, I did a story on it for school when I was down there. I was moving back to NY and they didn’t want a goalie for only two months so i was only able to write about it and promote it.

  19. Not sure how good Palin’s chances are as of today…her 17yr old daughter is knocked up. Personally, I don’t care, but it will piss off lots of people.

    Back to hockey. Not sure I would give up Gomez. Any word on when they usually announce the captain? Only a few more weeks…this felt like the longest summer ever!

    I’m proud to say I will start implementing NY Rangers hockey into my children from birth lol My husband found a NYR Mobile for the crib and its the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. LOL Yes, I’m a dork!

  20. Timay- Go kill yourself you psycho lib!!!!

    Am I the onyl one who completely passes by Orr’s posts withour even looking at them anymore?? When is this kid going back to school??

    Gomez will never be traded under any circumstance, period!!

  21. Enough with the politics.

    Orr’s posts are too long for me to bother with, I skip them too.

    And we can’t trade Gomez, I just made him my wallpaper. It was Avery before that — I fear becoming Bad Luck Schleprock

  22. didn’t start the political discussion, Rmant, Bush-lover.

    I am not worrying about playing bullshit roller hockey by the white house. I have a nephew in Iraq and want him to come home. If that is liberal, then so be it. Get use to that word again.

    End of discussion.

  23. Rachel, I think Biden’s many anti-Obama comments from 2007 are more detrimental than the VP’s daughter getting knocked up.

  24. Timay- You no ball p*ssy, if your nephew can’t handle his job he shouldn’t have signed up for the benefits. Damn right I’m a Bush lover, you communist America hater!!

  25. Rmant = Attention Who-or.

    Id say ill see you in school, but i graduated, mwahaha, suckaaa, Go suck on a can of dust cleaner, i hear its very very very bad for you. I seen the episode of Intervention. That stuff can kill you, they say your lungs can explode out of nowhere. Sounds messy, you might like it.


    I was talking to a couple of Isles fans today, apparently they “roll” in packs, as they said. But they also seem to think that there gonna sign Sundin. Oh boy, wouldn’t that be something. The guy doesn’t wanna sign with his own sucky team, so he’s gonna sign with another sucky team. Jeez.

  26. Rmant
    I hope you live in NY, CT, or NJ where you will, probably for the first time it sounds like judging from your peevish statements, caste a useless vote for the Publicans.

    Bt the way I love America more and for much longer than you.

    Can’t wait till Oct 4th

  27. Hockey comment:

    I’d love to have a hockey mom for Veep!

    Political comment:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

    “The omly thing we have to fear is fear itself”

  28. Oh and as a Republican Rmant that was some of the stupidest shit I seen. I got a friend in the army in Afghanistan (He already toured in Iraq) and I want him to be safe and come home. He joined knowing what he was doing but I still want him to be safe. So what was your stupid ass point because someone wants his nephew to be safe? It doesn’t mean his nephew can’t handle anything. I have family in several military branches. God bless em they are doing something I never could. Doesn’t say anything bad to say I want them home and safe.

    I’m excited about Palin too.

  29. Man hocley season can not come fast enough!!!
    I am gonna go to the GArden for all the weekend games and as soon as tix go on sale I gotta get 3-opening
    and 3-Howell and Bathgate night
    Graves I am gonna do the viewing party again it was fun and I cant afford to buy 400 dollar tickets

  30. Rmant is another loser just like Surge. Oh wait, he is Surge. Rmant is probably all excited that school starts tomorrow, now he can go back to what he usually does, which is hanging around kindergarden like the creepy SOB he is. Ugh sickos today.

    I bet Rmant plays Call Of Duty 4 all day, pretending he’s so cool, and acting like he can be the ultimate soldier cause he’s so good at a friggin video game. I used to have a friend like that, he always said how great he’d be in a war, but deep down inside, he’d be piss scared, and turn into a little flower. Everyone should ignore the loser, maybe he’s a little crabby cause mommy didn’t make him his favorite salami, turkey, and chesse sub. Poor baby.

  31. Vogs

    Nice Democratic quotes, my man. We cool, bro.

    “The only thing we have to fear is a myopic creationist hockey mom from Alaska.”

    I wish we had a hockey mom for VP, also, but not this one at the expense of a 3AM call that she formerly handled when her son needed to make it to the rink 9 towns away.

    I can’t wait for SNL in 2 weeks. They don’t even need a writer for this stuff.

  32. Timay:

    Those quotes were from true Americans. Men I admire, men who stood behind thir country, even when the going was tough.

    I’m sorry, I don’t think today’s Dem’s have the same moxy.

    Just my opinion.

    I think we need to end the nastyness in here and in our country and get back to hockey. Let’s agree to disagree.

  33. Honestly, I don’t think any of the politcians today have the same moxy- Dems or Repubs.

    I hope we can get there again.

    Let’s get back to the important things on this site: like what are we going to do with the glut of wingers?

    The ancient Chinese proverb is proven to be true for all of us: may you live in interesting times.

    Then, of course, the recent Chinese proverb, if you don’t have the right age on your passport…change the dates.

  34. Jiang Yuyuan, one of the Chinese gymnastic Olympians, who is 16, but really 14, actaully has held a passport 5 years longer than VP wannabe Palin,

    couldn’t resist-I am not being nasty at all.

    I actually think the nastiness has been little so far.


  35. Wow…politics…I absolutely love politics…Go McCain/Palin…
    My brother is in Iraq…Army RANGER 101st Airborne baby!!!
    I trust what I here from him anyday over what I hear in the news…its either there or here…
    Timay…“The only thing we have to fear is a myopic creationist hockey mom from Alaska.”
    Hehe you sound scared!!! Does Creationism bother you? are you offended? I’m offended that both theories aren’t presented…let kids make up there own minds!!! I can’t look around this world and accept that it all just evolved.
    Anyway this summer is too long we aren’t even talking hockey anymore!

  36. Why is everyone talking politics ?? Its pisses some people off, it makes people who might like each other go against each other. It brings people like Rmant out of there cocoon, so they can grab some good ol’ attention. Ugh enough already.

    On the bright side, as far as hockey goes, tomorrow, we’ll be able to find out what the Cats are giving up to land McCabe. Lets see if the Cats manage to get bamboozled once again.

  37. Wow-
    I don’t think you are really prepared to give a lecture on Creationism vs. Science, but perhpas the red-state of Kansas might be a better place for that-not this STATE of NEW YORK.

    I do commend your bro’s courage as well as my nephew’s courage to do the things they do.

    Scared of Palin-you are kidding? She is a godsend for the Dems. Or, for both sides of the science issue, if you prefer, evolution at work. Hopefully, the weak now ex-governor will fall in my opinion.

    Does Creationism bother me-YES it does when it is presented as an alternative to science. It belongs in the philosopy/theology discussion, not a science discussion-Didn’t we resolve this at the Scopes Trial in 1930?

    This will be a very fun and interesting election-hopefully, we’ll be distracted by a GREAT NEW YORK RANGER TEAM allong the way.

  38. Tickets are gonna most likely go onsale on Saturday the 13th or Saturday the 20th. I’m banking on the 13th cause I got a wedding on the 20th.

  39. Jeeze…all you turning this into a politics discussion should piss off. I come here to read thoughts about the Rangers and related topics thereof. It’s a shame I just read through the past 20 posts or so actually thinking this mindless banter would stop. How wrong I was. Some people simply lack the self control to stop this shit.

    Sam, time for a new thread buddy.

    ORR – I can’t say this for certain, but I think you’re a bit misguided in saying the guys you listed(Kane, Kopitar, Toews, Mueller) haven’t received much press…I’m sure in the Mid-West, all the kid Blackhawks are getting a lot of ink. Here in the east, we’ve got Crosby, Malkin AND Ovechkin(not to mention Kovalchuk). They’re among the top-10 players in the world, so it’s not surprising that they’re hogging the spotlight from guys on another coast who haven’t been in the league for more than a year or so.

    I can say Chicago papers are going crazy over this new-look Hawks team, which, IMO will make last year’s Penguins look like an AHL team in the very near future. One of the best story lines for the NHL next season and the season after will be the rivalry between the Hawks and Wings. There are going to be some crazy games between those teams.

  40. Mike A —

    re: tx: Go with the 13th. Last year MSG box office (BOX OFFICE!!) told me it would be the 22nd, and it turned out to be the 15th.

  41. I think Shanny will be a Ranger the day after Sundin retires. In my mind Sather is still holding out hope that Sundin will play for whatever money we have left under the cap.

  42. Orr is simply dismissed as a pesky child… One who can not spell and has no clue about grammar (you meant their, not there)…..

    Timay is yet another spineless lib who jumped on the first chance to bring up is psycho politics on a hockey blog…

    And for the record Jorek, if you reread the context of my comments you will see that you didn’t read them correctly. Mr. Timay was bashing Bush for the war and wanted to bring his nephew home. But as a former soldier of the first gulf war myself, which I sense you are not, we know we don’t come home until the job is done… Not when some sissy liberal waves his anti war poster into a camera. And any soldier (or family member) who wants anything else is misguided. We don’t fight wars to quit mid way. All our soldiers come home AFTER we win the war. Liberals don’t get that. Reread the comments again before you criticize, especially if you really are a republican.

  43. Now, back to hockey, where this blog belongs…

    I think it’s time to give up on Sundin, he clearly isn’t concerned about the team and has no allegiance. Shanny on the other hand is very committed to the team and can be signed for alot cheaper. I think he will give more bang for the buck and will keep the team pointed in the right direction as far as youth and speed go in the future since it will be a one year deal. His role will be greatly diminished yet we all know he will still be productive, I figure 15-18 goals in a reduced 3rd/4th line role.

  44. agreed RobL.

    The problem with that article is that it’s written by an a-hole.

    But I’ll tell you what…I don’t know if there’s a better example of a team guy than #14. That’s part of the problem with signing him. If you’re going to sign players based on their DESIRE, you won’t go very far. You have to have guys with the ABILITY to play 82+. I don’t know if Shanny can do that. I don’t know if HE even knows it. Him WANTING it to be true doesn’t make it true.

  45. Actually, if you can read, Rmant

    It wasn’t me who brought up the politics, but I think it is refreshing to talk politics with people who, on the website, are usually talking hockey.

    I am sure Sam would never reveal his stance, but I doubt you’d be happy if he did.

    Get out of the 60’s , man!! with your “psycho lib” I guess anyone who is against any war is a liberal. MY God, grow up and stop playing soldiers.

    I apologize to all for having brought up anything as BORING as politics in such a time when we should all be talking about the 3rd or 4th lines of the pre-season.

  46. please stop with the politics here. if you insist on talking about this stuff there are other places to do so. no one is going to change anyones mind. converting parties is like converting from Rangers to Isles its not happening. or get each others emails and have at it but not here.

  47. Timay-
    There are plenty of political blogs, go discuss politics there. This is a hockey blog and people want to discuss hockey, not your idiotic opinion on “creationism.” This is your chance to run your pie hole and rant anti America garbage. The problem is nobody is interested because we want to discuss hockey. Go hate America on Air America, not the NYR blogs.

    And for the record, do I really give a rats a$$ about Sam’s political ideology??? Such a typical statement from a wimpy liberal.

    And sorry, but war is sometiems necessary and inevitable… Learn that fact and be a man. If it has to be done then do it fast and get it over with…But don’t run like a sissy. Now can we get back to hockey….

  48. LI Joe

    I totally agree with you and want to discuss NYR, unfortunately certain people don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss 3rd/4th line combinations for the upcoming season on a hockey blog and instead wish to push their misguided political opinions…

    That being said…Beer me, I agree that Shanny’s performance ability is questionable but I look at him like an old school cagey prize fighter. Though he will not be half of what he once was, I still think he can give us 15-18 goals, which to be honest is more than some of our “better” players will do.

  49. Hey spider

    I think Jo is thinking about joining your league… I will check with her later


    Timay never said anything about his nephew wanting to come home, he merely said he wants his son home. That doesn’t at all mean that the boy is trying to welch out of his commitmen. but thats the way you responded.

    Jo was replying to the fact your post questioned the boy’s courage which Timay never mentioned. And then she stated that she wants our friends and family home safe… but she wanting them to be safe doesn’t mean they want out early or wihtout having completed their time. It just means she hopes that when they finish serving they come back in one piece.

    And no Jo didn’t serve in the first Gulf, she was too young. And yes she is a registerd Republican

    But yea politics aside now… I can’t wait for hockey to come back.

    Let’s Go RANGERS!!

  50. It’s really weird to have Sather be seen as rejecting a future Hall-of-Famer, especially because of his past when he signed old players who he thought were good, but also because it’s odd to reject any great player at any age if he desires to come back to your team and your team only. It could obviously bite the Rangers hard if he performs somehwere else, regardless of what his potential replacement does for us, but I think at this point it’s better for us to let Shanahan go. Now that Sather has spent all his time finding potential replacements for Avery and Jagr and overstocking the team with them, there is no place for Shanny. I think Sather should have signed him as soon as he could get the contract under $2 million, but there is no reason to do so now, in my opinion.

  51. hey I’ll throw a topic out there that might be more interesting/relevant/hockey-related without (hopefully) leading to more controversy & name-calling… Anybody have any clue what’s up with Chrepanov?

    I THINK he’s signed with Russia for this next season coming up, right? any ideas if he would come over after that’s done, and he could come and be a pure goal-scorer that we really need?

  52. Ag – Jo was the *one* that responded so far, despite misspelling Spider as “Sider.” hehe
    I will give her a chance, even though she has admitted to being a beginner (and that you said she is a Republican ;P). Just make sure to be active throughout the season as much as possible!

    I think that leaves seven spots still open with four people returning from last season (including me, of course).

  53. Thanks, Agravaine

    I need some hockey to get my mind off politics, and I apologize for going on and on about the faults of Creationism and such-didn’t mean to offend anyone- just want to see my nephew in one piece.

  54. rmant – completely agree with that. It’s very sad, but true.

    Jeever – I think the chery discussion is beating a dead horse. He’s signed thru this season, practicing (and loving it) with Jags. Past this season, is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him re-up 1/2 way thru the season over there. There was a reason he fell so far in the draft. We’re going to find that out the hard way.

  55. Agravaine-

    September 1st, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    didn’t start the political discussion, Rmant, Bush-lover.

    I am not worrying about playing bullshit roller hockey by the white house. I have a nephew in Iraq and want him to come home. If that is liberal, then so be it. Get use to that word again.

    End of discussion

    That was Timays comment, no where in there does it say “after” their duty is done, and if you look at liberal history it is NEVER after their duty is done. He was discussing it in the context of republican politics. I gave four years of my life to this country in the hot desert fields, my prime..I will be damned if I have to sit and listen to some spineless liberal chanting to get the troops home. They come home when the job is done, with pride. Not when we turn tail and run. Ask anyone one of them and they will tell you the same damn thing!!

    Now can we please get back to NYR, this crap doesn’t belong here.

  56. Rmant – you can’t talk politics for a paragraph and a half, then say “why can’t we just talk hockey?”. it you want the political discussion to end, do your part and STOP trying to get the last word.

  57. Caps are retiring Gartner’s #11 before a game vs Toronto.

    Tix are already selling for $115 in washington! oh my god! That’s a record! $25 for the upperdeck! WHAT’S NEXT?!

    Seriously…I’d love to go. Strangely enough I own a TOR #11 Gartner jersey.

  58. Jeever, how could you possibly allow these people to get away with this non sense.It’s not the last word, it’s the right word. It amazes me how many spineless people are in this city. If you don’t like my posts skip them…

  59. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Aaaahhh, 18 more days to the sounds of metal cutting through ice, the rattle of the boards as bodies hit, the sound of the horn for a Ranger’s goal, the sound of the crowd cheering ‘Let’s Go Rangers’, the chant of Hen-rik, Hen-rik as once again he makes a spectacular save . . . oh it’s preseason – but hey – it’s Ranger hockey!!!!!

  60. wow… that post almost brought a tear to my eye. don’t forget the chilly feeling of walking into the arena, and feeling that nice coolness soak in…

  61. Ohhhh Rmant shut up and play in some traffic, or stick around and talk hockey. You keep bringing the subject back, enough already.

    Anyway, the McCabe deal supposedly is finished, but TSN hasn’t posted anything yet. Im curious o find out if the Cats will make a good, trade, something they haven’t done, since…i don’t know when.

  62. I dont care about “EXPECTED” performance from Shanny, I still want him back.
    For Sather to wait and hold out for the Sundin retard race is pointless. Your going to juggle and base your whole teams upcoming roster around one man? Didnt we jsut go through this with JAgr?

    Shanny 1.5/1 year with incentives and diminshed role, done deal.

    If he doesnt and Shanny signs with NJ or Philthy, it will come back to bite us in the ass.

    And I know talent and output are the main reasons behind signing a player, but Shanny has talent, has reasonable output for a player his age, and still has a hell of a shot.

    No repsect for Sather if he doesnt sign him prior to training camp.
    Not like I had alot before anyway, but he’s sinking to new lows.

  63. Mikey – why do you want Shanny back. we are not cup contenders with or without him. we surely don’t need any of his bonuses hitting next yrs cap serving as the gift that keeps on giving. that is if bonuses are allowed to carry forward which presently they are not. bonuses will not carry forward unless the players association agrees to not terminate the agreement with the league in the next few weeks. in any event I liked Shanny but his time is past. even with 15 or 18 goals his footspeed is a killer especially as the season goes on.

  64. Why do people think NYR can’t compete for the cup, or at least for a chance to get to it? If you look at the East though NYR clearly isn’t the best team they are certainly highly competitive, in fact with one of the top goaltenders in the league and what seemingly will be a quality defensive core there won’t be a team they can’t beat.

  65. Rmant
    I agree with EVERYTHING you say (in the last post of course) except the part about quality defensive core, which is the big question mark that makes most prognosticators hesitate

  66. What’s not quality about their defense? They were an excellent, stingy group (although not tough or big hitters) that allowed very few goals. They upgraded from Tyutin to Redden and from Backman to Khalinin. Otherwise they are all one year more mature and comfortable in Renney’s 5 in the picture defensive style. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t see that as quality, and with Lunquist they should again be among the best in team goals against.

  67. Unless its talking about( and sharing) pictures of Dukakis in a tank I’m against politics on a hockey blog……speaking of which; has this been the lamest six weeks of hockey news ever???

  68. rmant – agreed on the D. They should be better this season. Top 5 team GAA once again. Just gotta put the puck in the net.

  69. LI Joe – thanks for the article, it was pretty interesting. I think Chrepanov wants to come, but I wouldn’t doubt that the Russians pull something to get him to stay, regardless of what he wants.

    As far as D, I’m not sure how I feel about them. They were near the top of the league in GAA, but I think that’s more from the defensive mentality of the entire team, and PLENTY of Henrik standing on his head… Its not a unit that strikes fear in the other team, but they do a solid job, for the most part. I’d feel 10X better about the D if Rozie wasn’t re-signed long term like he is…

  70. Rmant
    I’m with you but the writers don’t agree. We know that Stahl is going to have a big year but Redden, I think is the big questions mark with his proclivity of base-lining (not at US Open). The Sabre fans were glad to get rid of Khalinin, but that is not a true sign. I have much faith, but I am way too biased, but very hopeful. By playing Team Defense with a lot of help from our un-admired centers, and of course, Hank, we were awesome last year in D, I agree.

    Dukakis in helmut-that probably made you feel proud to be an American!

  71. JEEVER

    I agree with your Rozi comment. Thats why id feel great if Nyr signed Sundin, by trading Rozi. We get something out of it, instead of letting him go to a team for nothing, and we only have Mats for a year or two, instead of Rozi’ salary for 4 years, more or less.

    But i really do want Shanny back. My friend told me that on some radio station in Toronto, Mats said he still hasn’t decided anything, and asks everyone to be patient. He’s really pissing me off, there needs to be a deadline for this BS from now on, you should get to at least mid August to sign, and if you don’t then your not playing for the season, at least not until the deadline, then you can get signed. But this is unbelievable, how hard is it to make up this decision. I don’t care what some idiot, moronic, classless Nyr fans think aboot Jags, at least he knew what he wanted to do, whether some idiots think he “Betrayed” this team.

  72. Right on, Mr Orr… I didn’t want Sundin AT ALL when I 1st heard of it. Then I heard we might trade Rozie away too make room for him, then I was ok with signing Sundin. It’d be a big contract for a guy past his prime, but at least he’s still GOOD. Rosie looked good cause he skated with #8, and MY meager skating ability would look good compared to Malik.

  73. Hey…I’m not exactly a fan of Rozy either. But as far as point production (for the buck) is concerned, he’s not the worst. And I believe he will be more productive without the ability to differ to #68 constantly. It’s amazing that he had as many goals as he did to be honest. Overpaid? yup. But so is 1/2 the league. At least your getting something from him. And with less ice time, I think it’ll help him even more.

    He probably woulda got his $5mil from Ott if slats didn’t make the offer. The market WAS there for him.

    Rangerland.net has a funny mock letter to the fans from rozy. Interesting points and a good laugh.

  74. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The Sundin waiting has gotten real old at this point. He must really be getting his jollies over all this. How full of oneself can a person be – “it’s all about me”. We need to sign Shanny and move on to getting the players we have in place ready to get camp started!!!

  75. Hockeymanrangers on

    Sam I am begining to think you have attention deficit like my kids. You keep getting side tracked and getting off the most important sport of them all. We need something, anything, well not anything something NYRanger worthy. PPPPPPPlllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeee.

  76. The main reason I want Shanny back is his 15-20 goals, even in a diminished role is probably more than we will get from some of the plethora of wingers we have right now. Top it off with him working a powerplay, and PK part time, and for the price it’s a great deal.

    I think everyone forgets he played hurt since the knee injury he had mid season and wasnt right after that.

    And to top it all of, Slats has been paying overhill stars looking to retire and jsut “get by” by being a Ranger forever.
    Shanny on the other hand, is a FHOF, has a crazy work ethic work ethic, has leadership that wont clash with Gomer and Dru (on top pf them both loving playing wiht him) and wanting to prove he’s still got it, which he does.

    I just cant belevie Sather is THIS affected by Sundin’s indecision. He hasnt picked a team, SO F him and finish your squad for training camp, PERIOD. i.e Shanny – 1 year

  77. Once Mats makes up his friggin mind, then Shanny will as well. The only thing holding Slats back, is obviously the fact that he’s trying to land Mats, so Shanny is waiting for Mats to make up his mind, who knows how long this will drag out, but if it takes any longer, Shanny might have to start considering offers from other teams.

    As far as Rozi’s point production goes, im sure Wade will easily replace Rozi’s 40 points, but as for goals, who knows. Hopefully he can put up at least 10, but im hoping Danny can come up with another big season for goal scoring. In my opinion one of the biggest surprises of last season was Girardi scoring 10 goals, i didn’t think he had a great shot. Its crazy that this kid wasn’t drafted, Nyr definitely lucked out on signing him.

  78. Mikey – so 15 – 20 goals by Shanny with more in the 1st half of the yr is enough to want him. forget that he is slower than slow. best mos will be in the 2008 part of the schedule. I am not at all a play the youths at all costs advocate. But Shanny’s time has come and gone. I hope he signs with someone else anyone else even inside the division.

  79. I completely agree with the comments above about forgetting Sundin and just getting Shanny on board and get the team together. It’s time to move on. Sundin was a great player and still is a good player but come on…He doesn’t deserve this type of consideration. If it was Ovechkin or someone else like that then it would be worth it….

  80. I was really into the idea of bringing in Sundin. I thought signing Naslund was the pre-cursor to signing Sundin, but now i just want the team solidified. I think Sather owes signing Shanny, the way Sundin owes the entire NHL for his indecision. Sather could have cut Shanny loose in the beginning, but since he’s “strung him along” all summer (the way Sundin has to the NHL) i feel it’s only right to sign the guy to a 1 year deal.

    I think Shanny is still a productive player, much like a Chelios or a Gary Roberts. Shanny could still score 15-20 goals while winning us some shoot-outs, and mentoring Brandon Dubinsky on the 3rd line.

    IMO … that is worth the 1.0 – 1.5 million dollar contract next year

  81. Li Joe-

    Shanny will not be playing the same as he played last year. He will play a more sporadic role, more on the PP and during crunch time. That’s when he is best. His energy will not be wasted on the PK or logging alot of minutes therefore his productivity should be more meaningful. Yes, I agree, few players are as slow as him, but after rehabbing his knee, lowering his minutes and getting a new start I really think he would be a strong, cheap asset to this team.

  82. How could we pass up that shot?? Not to mention how many points he will single handedly pick us up in the shootout. Don’t overlook that. That alone is worth his price…

  83. Rmant – we disagree. his lack of foot speed will kill us as the season goes on. during the 2009 part of the season and playoffs portion he would be a liability to the team. unless he sat out major parts of the schedule. he will be 40 in January. the Wings cut bait on him a couple of years ago and we just keep bringing him back. no thanks.

  84. side note – the McCabe deal is final. He goes to the Panthers with a 4th round pick for VanRyn.

  85. Sorry I need to defend myself against Rmant.
    Tim said he wants his nephew home. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    I didn’t serve in the gulf war I was in grade school. I am not serving now because I have a damaged disk in my back so I can’t.
    I have a friend in the airborne currently in Afghanistan.
    I have a cousin who just joined the army. A cousin who recently left the air force and another cousin who was in the special forces for 10 years. I have an Uncle who was an army Ranger.

    I don’t see anything wrong in Tim saying he wants his nephew home. You implied his nephew can’t take it and is unhappy when he signed up for benefits. I appreciate everything men and women in uniform do and have done. I have more respect for his nephew then to assume he is crying and can’t handle it.
    I also don’t think every democrat or liberal is an America Hater. And not every Republican or conservative is a patriot. There are extremes on both sides. I love this country. I have two Grandfathers who came here with nothing and made something for themselves.
    I also remember fearing for family members on Sept. 11, 2001 so I understand why Bush went to war in Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein, no weapons were found I get that. But mass graves were found and proof and accounts of what he did to the people who disagreed with him. Now I think the troops should stay there until the job is done and if that means my friend stays or my cousin in the army stays that is their choice and I support them. But it doesn’t mean I don’t wish I knew they were safe.

    Sorry everyone who wanted politics was gone from the board.

  86. Whoops Rmant ignore the end I changed my mind and didn’t post in the new thread for those who wanted to talk hockey in peace.

  87. Orr- no I never met Shanny anywhere, or any other Ranger for that matter. Just a stroke of luck. Like I said he went to the home run derby and said he was going to the all star game the next night as well. Seems like he’s been going up to the Bronx a lot this summer.

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