Trips to Prague now on sale


Because all of us are capable of planning trans-Atlantic vacations in a little more than a month’s time, the Rangers JUST announced packages for the games in Prague, which will start at $3,850 and include airfare, tickets to the games, hotels, and ground transportation. Also included is a private screening of the new Michal Rozsival biopic (OK, not really on that last one).

Seriously included is access to morning skates with Rangers alumni, which is actually a pretty cool idea. I just think people could use a little more advance time.

More information is at “the Rangers’ Web site”:

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  1. $3,850 is a bargain when compared to what’s it’s going to cost some Giant fans to sit in the new Giants stadium.

  2. Somehow, even with the longer travel distance and a far worse exchange rate, the Ducks managed to make a similar package available for the opening games in London last season for only $3,000……… It’s a shame that the organization feels the need to rip off its fans even for something like this.

  3. TiMm,

    i hope you were kidding, while gomez and drury may be somewhat overpaid (drury for sure) you’d give up both of them so you could have sundin and shanny? thank god you aren’t running the team. if shanny comes back he will break down once again, time to let him retire or coach. gomez and drury were brought here to lead the team, not ditch after a season to bring in an aging center and resign a spent wing

  4. thats quite alright sam, just purchased preseason vs the devs on 9/27 for 39 bucks a seat, first row in the 200’s. thats more my speed.

  5. Hi guys I have been gone all off season and I missed this site sooooooooooo much! Pre-season tix on sale. I might go to the Garden for the Sat. Game against the Devils. I won’t have tix but I want to get autographs. :-)

    Ah hockey season I can almost smell it.

    By the way I put my myspace account in the website box so if any of you have myspace pages and would like to add me as a friend I would appreciate it!

  6. “if shanny comes back he will break down once again, time to let him retire or coach”

    Some Nyr fans are a bunch of retards. Seriously, i cant stand it when idiots make comments like that. 06-07 Shanny put up 29 goals, and 30+ assists for 60+ points in 60+ games, and last year had 23 goals and 20+ assists in 70+ games, and has been key in the shootouts, specifically last season. Let me see Own Nolan, Gary Roberts, and any other 38-40+ year old player put up those numbers. This guy isn’t them, he’s not a 10 goal scoring, 25 point scoring half assed player. I said it a million times and ill say it any time Shanny’s name gets brought up. He missed games in 06-07 due to a FREAK accident. He missed games last season because of a FREAK accident, both were unavoidable, and Shanny never saw it coming, with his head collision with Knuble, and his knee on knee collision with Penner. He played through the knee injury last season, some will blame Shanny for not sitting out. Maybe he was a bit stubborn and just wanted to help out his team, but if there’s anyone who should get the blame, it should be Renney, not Shanny. This is his team, he controls the lineup, if he wanted him out then he would have been in the press box.

    Shanny shouldn’t coach, he should still play. If not with Nyr, then with the Blues, or Habs, Devils, Flyers, which ever team wants him. But he can still play, and knows he wants to play un-like some players. He blows away those old men who play cause they wanna move up on the points list, or who just wanna play to win a cup even though they know they cant contribute offensively and just say that they are “really good defensively” to play the game, which is the only reason there on a team, when the fact is there’s a lot of kids who can do the same thing, and offer a little more offense but have to suffer cause of this “veteran” and his “leadership”. Yeah Shanny has all that, but un-like them he can contribute some offense, and to be perfectly honest, in my opinion, this team is still lacking. It never hurts to have a guy you know will provide at least 20 goals. Unless Pruchs is gonna get some amazing confidence back thats been hiding.

    Zherdev will hopfully put up at least 30, but Gomer, Dubi, Dawes, Naslund, Drury will all put up at least 20+ goals, for Gomer maybe less. Cally, Pruchs, and Freddy will probably put up 10, maybe a little over, and Voros, Orr, Betts will all put up under 10.

    Yeah the Devils didn’t need a big time scorer, they only really had one in Parise. But still, it never hurts to have someone like Shanny.

    I don’t care what anyone says, Shanny is still worth having back, in fact if Mats doesn’t get signed i expect him to get re signed, and i wouldn’t be pissed aboot it. Who knows, maybe this hold out could be for the best, cause he knows how some Ranger fans are thinking, and how Slats and everyone else is thinking, he’s washed up, and cant play, but he still can play.

    I guess some of you think Joe Sakic is washed up as well. Pfff yeah right, good move by the Avs, he can still play, and as long as he’s healthy he can still be a force.

  7. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Orr, thank you. I agree – bring back Shanny. I still think he’s the focal point between the ‘new’ Rangers and the ‘old’ Rangers and will balance out the transition that the team is going through this year.

  8. Preach on brother Orr!
    Imagine if the hi priced superstar begged out of games…..what would people say?…everyone gets mad because the de-facto captain wants “the ball???? damn….hall of famer, three rings, millionaire and you read that people think he’s selfish……some people dont deserve the cup

  9. Orr!!!

    I love Shanny and even I acknowledge it’s time for him to retire before he taints his legacy. Joe Sakic hasn’t got the legacy to lose that Shanny has.

  10. Orr thanks for clarifying though I think Colton Orr is a rock star and doesn’t need Hollywood to make him a pop sensation!

    (Actually I have a kind of funny story about Colton Orr but maybe I will tell it later)

  11. Orr

    I was on the wall about a month ago with shanny but recently climbed over… I want him back. Getting rid of Gomez and Prucha can make that happen. As long as shanny shoots the way he does he will always be a force in this league!

  12. Pets

    Gomez has only had one 30 goal season and it was a fluke the year after the lockout. While he is not a bad player by any means if we can cut his 7.3 million dollar contract before he turns into a bad player, I will be happy.

  13. Back to the topic at hand, read the fine print – the trips to Prague don’t even get you good seats at the games, just “upper level” ones with the option to upgrade – for a lot more money. And the Rangers aren’t even leaving the option open to just get tickets so you can do the trip on the cheap yourself …

    It is just amazing how much we love this franchise when year after year they prove how little they care for us …

  14. Amazing how some people only gauge the value in a player by the points he puts up. Gomez is one of, if not THE fastest puck carrying center in the league. He is an extremely important part of a complete offense. What good is having a sniper if you can’t get the puck up the ice? We don’t have any defensemen who have shown they can do this. Gomez is also very capable of setting up alot of goals – He was juggled around last year and really did’nt settle with any one line for that long. I think Gomez will be the Captain of this team at some point and 2-3 yrs from now you will forget about his contract because it will be a value. You will see. JMHO

  15. Gomez is another player who’s intangibles help the team in many ways other than pure stats (like Shanny). He knows how to pay in a defensively responsible system, he’s a winner, his speed should create more room for whoever he plays with. All these things aren’t mentioned in his 16g 54a stats from last year. Most importantly he’s just coming into what should be his prime years (28-31) so i can only expect him to flourish in the next couple of seasons. I think moving him would be a huge mistake, but i also think this talk of him being traded is just rumour-mongering at its best in order to create interest in certain blogs at what is a very quiet time in the NHL.
    The quicker the “Sundin Sweepstakes” are over with, the better things will be all around. I bet even the guys at EA Sports are sitting there cursing him while they try and set their rosters for NHL 09..!!!

  16. Scotty Hockey
    It is just amazing how much we love this franchise when year after year they prove how little they care for us …

    Amen brother! And look what the Giants did for their loyal fans. Just wait till MSG is updated. I can see $75 blue seats and $15.00 beers.

  17. Hockeymanrangers on

    My thoughts about Shanny, WE DO NOT NEED HIM. We have so many young players in our system that can do just as well. Shanny is definetly a inducty but it is time for him to retire. I really like Shanny and everything he has done in his hockey career. BUT we all know where this league is going FASTER paced faster SKATING and Shanny is definetly NOT THAT. Let’s use our farm system they we should be and get these young players some experiance. Just thought I would put my vote out there. No to Shanny even though I know he might have a little left, it’s not enough.

  18. 3850? LOL! Go on priceline and get hotel/flight to Prague for 6n/7d for $1400…. so it’s $2400 for tix to two games? geeez I bet they bought up all the tickets so no one can get them traveling independently.

  19. Fruity Cupcake on

    When the games in Prague were first announced, I thought it might be a fun way to see the city. But even before the packages were announced, I figured, I get to see the Rangers all the time, why take a seat away from a Czech fan? Plus, I’m thisclose to giving the Dolans my PIN number, for all the cash I’ve spent in their building, so I’ll sit this one out….

  20. Only three and a half more days until September…uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

    If only we could watch KHL games, which start on the 2nd.

    I need to find more people for our fantasy hockey blog league this season, since last season sucked with at least half of the competitors being inactive. Email me at and include your Yahoo username so I can see your fantasy profile. Optional: convince me that you are serious about competing for first place throughout the whole season. League should be opening in the next few days, based on Yahoo’s crappy timing.

  21. UKRanger,

    Im very excited for NHL 09. Unfortunately ill be away from sept 6th through the 9th. So i may not be able to play on the 10th. Im a little mad about that.

  22. according to spectorshockey (and most people who have a brain) gomez isn’t being traded and that the thought of even moving him is a joke. i guess brooks was the one who made the initial statement though.

    spectorshockey is usually right on the money.

    as for nhl09, my 360 died the day i got madden. bum out.

  23. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH SHANNY?!?! Things are starting to heat up a little bit with teams signing some players in the last 2 days…

    I want him back, but also do not want him to Captain the team. He would only be back for a year and it is important to let Dru take over that role and go with it with the new era (the second one since the post-lockout season).

    I have been checking sites all day, every day.. something should be done one way or another very soon right?


    Nothing is gonna happen until Sundin makes his fuggin decision. Thats the only reason Shanny is still waiting. He wants to be a Ranger, and if he knows 100% that Slats doesn’t wanna re sign him, then he’s off to St Louis, or what ever other team wants him. This is all Sundin right now.

    This is BS, the guy said by August 1st, or at least the first week or two, he’d make up his mind, now its nearly september 1st, and still nothing. Enough already ! Im expecting him to sign somewhere soon, this cant possibly drag on beyond the 1st.

    Plus i do wanna get NHL 09 and not have to move players around, cause its annoying and takes to long. Along with creating Cherepanov, Hillier, Sanguinetti, and all the other prospects for the Wolf Pack.

  25. The sad thing for me about the Prague game is it will work out cheaper for me to see my favourite baseball team (Cardinals) in PHX next week than it will to fly to Prague, get a decent hotel and buy a ticket for the game (and as you might have guessed i would only be flying from London Heathrow)..!!

  26. Good for Sakic coming back. Class act. Almost a Ranger, shoulda been.

    Shanny….I’m still on the fence. The ONLY reason I say we may want to bring him back is b/c I’m still not convinced that our younger guys are the caliber we believe they are. I can’t speak with 100% certainty…I don’t watch them play everyday, and I’m not a scout. I guess I’m just skeptic about it. Unfortunately it’s like so much else starting a new season with a revamped lineup…it’s all a gamble.

  27. And let’s hope Nedved doesn’t come to camp all ripped and skating and shooting like he’s a f’n all star. I REALLY don’t have a good feeling about that. But I guess just like Scatchard last year, no need to worry about it.

    There’s probably a new Aston Martin or something he wants to buy and needs some change to afford it.

  28. Beer – The problem with Shananhan is THERE IS NO ROOM. They’ve got 15 forwards under contract without including him, OR Jamtin, Moore, Korpikoski, (insert Hartford player), etc. That’s why the Sundin rumors never added up for me without the unloading of at least two forwards. And the Nedved tryout? That one still has me scratching my head…You can’t go into the season with only six blueliners, so either a forward gets cut in camp, someone goes down to Hartford, or most likely, Shanahan suits up for another team.

  29. Well, no room under the roster the way it looks now. There’s a handful of guys that are question marks (to me). I admittingly don’t know anything about Rissmiller. Plus the guys that you named…which if they were that good, they’d have a season in the books already.

    The thing with Shanny is that, with a clean bill of health, can play every man-power situation, his shot almost always hits the net, (or at least goes towards it, creating rebounds) and he likes to shoot the puck. In a north/south offense like has been built, it fits.

    THE biggest gamble on it is ‘do his legs still work’, and ‘will they last 82+ games’? You can see how the knee problem slowed him down last year, and if not for being on the (playoff) bubble when he got hurt, he probably wouldn’t have played. But that’s all speculative. What’s not is that he played very well for a 38 year old up to that point. Now at 39, can he still contribute 20+ goals? Only Jags and Dru had 20+ in addition to Shanny.

    Hey…I’m still on the fence. But I wouldn’t write him off just because there’s guys STILL fighting for a spot in the lineup now going into their 3rd and 4th camps with the big club.

    Tough call. I go back and forth on this every day. Don’t envy Slats on this one.

  30. UKRanger

    I am a Yankee/Cardinal/Ranger (in order of least importance this year) fan. Why are you a Redbird fan? Because they will be owned by Euro company one day?

    Doesn’t RyanAir offer anything to Prague from London? If you stay in Mala Strana (where the best beer gardens are), it’s a little cheaper, but they don’t have the capacity to hold a lot of tourists yet-such an amazing city.

  31. Beer – i think Shanny’s coming back. As far as i know there is meant to be an agreement about the CBA extension that includes Over 35 bonuses being deferred to next season. Once this is agreed then they can fit Shanny under the cap (based on calculations):
    $2.005 remaining – if Potter is #7 D then $1.463m is left under this years cap, if Pock then $1.338m is left.

    I would like to see Renney take charge of Shanny and rest him once a week or fortnight, and reduce his PK time. With the team we have now i think he can put up 20 goals in season because i think we are looking like a quicker more direct team rather than the puck-posession style favoured by Jagr et al which should suit Shanny.

    Would Mr. Shanahan (sir, future HoF) take $1.25m this year plus the same in bonus money? Most of the “experts” seem to think he is worth 1 yr at $2.5m.

  32. You’re right about the CBA, which makes it that much more of a possibility, and probably the only reason the book as not been closed on the idea.

    I hear what you’re saying about resting him. But I think it’d be better suited to rest him on the PP. There’s less skating to be done on the PK, as it’s primarily about your positioning.

  33. Fruity Cupcake on

    Maybe Nedved figures to get his name out there, hoping to fill a void for SOME team, not necessarily the Rangers, after the Sundin dominoes start falling into place. Also, as recent a divorcee, he just needs to get out of the house. What better place than his old place? Anyway, I expect Dubinsky to target some welcome-back hits on him….

  34. i think some free student tickets against the lightning down here in tampa during the preseason will suffice for me!

  35. Redden said that he should be back in Ottawa soon, so i guess he will play a pre season game there. I figured Renney was gonna scratch him for the two game, but eh. He said he should be in New York next week, hopefully by monday. Flames just introduced there new guys, Nyr needs to do the same already.

  36. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    It is pretty funny how there has been no formal intro to the fans yet. Last year there was a whole lot of fanfare when Gomer and Dru were signed. Kinda makes you go hmmmmmmmmmm. . . .

  37. I was antsy to see the press conf to introduce the new guys too. But maybe they’re taking caution on not over-hyping the new guys this time. Last year they built it up as if they were god’s gifts. This time, I think I get it.

  38. Timay. Been a Cardinal fan for 10 years, Ranger fan for 9, Steelers fan for 27. McGwire got me interested in the Cardinals, Gretzky the Rangers and the Steelers was down to my Great Uncle Joe who sent me a Steelers jacket for Christmas when i was 8, just as UK TV started showing games on a Sunday night. I rely on Satellite TV, Internet and occasional visit to the US to follow them.

    The reason Phoenix is cheaper than Prague – my wife is BA cabin crew and happens to be flying out there on Tues-Saturday, so cheap standby ticket for flight, free hotel room and £20 seat for game.

    Anyway – enough about me. Have we signed Shanny or Sundin yet?

  39. BEER ME!

    Even so, i think its annoying. I wanna see them all together, and in NY. I mean some players are already training with there new teammates. Naslund disappeared, Redden is with Spezza, Phillips, and some former Sens teammates, and you wouldn’t even know it if Zhedev was dead or alive, cause i haven’t heard him say a word since March i think.

    Its pissing me off, just introduce the guys already.

  40. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Beer Me!
    They can still hold a press conference to welcome the new guys and introduce them to the fans and keep it a little more subdued. The only reasoning I can come up with is that there is something going down or has gone down in the background. It’s just too quiet.

  41. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Orr – from Slapshot today in the NY Times:
    New in Blue: New Ranger Markus Naslund is looking to rebound from his final two seasons in Vancouver. He told the Swedish newspaper Expressen yesterday that he’s embarked on the most difficult off-season conditioning program of his career.
    “I want to show that I can play better,” he told Gunnar Nordström. “I really want to have a good year and have trained harder than ever this summer.
    “I feel better prepared than perhaps ever before an NHL season and I’m aware that it is important that I get a good start in New York.”
    If he’s going to replace the offense lost when Jaromir Jagr left for the KHL, Naslund will have to recapture some of the excellence he displayed prior to the NHL lockout, when he was among the best players and best leaders in the NHL. He was an NHL first team All-Star for three consecutive seasons (2002, ‘03 and ‘04) and won the NHLPA’s Lester Pearson Award in ‘03 as the league’s top player as voted by his peers.
    Two guys who will vouch for Naslund’s leadership are the Sundin twins, who told Expressen today he was “a great captain and very popular” in Vancouver.
    It’s difficult to say if Naslund’s drop in production was caused by his advancing age (he’s now 35); the fact that his linemates during the great years, Brendan Morrison and Todd Bertuzzi, were either also less productive or, in Bertuzzi’s case, gone; or that he played for a defense-first coach Alain Vigneault in Vancouver.
    But Naslund knows his new coach, Tom Renney, from when he was a younger player. “He was our coach in 1997-98 and I have only good to say about him. It’s obvious that he has been coaching for a while now. My situation is also different, I was young then and was just trying to earn a spot on the team. I think that we will have a different relationship now.”
    And he’s looking for a boost from the Garden crowd. “There will be real push there. You felt it even as the visiting team. The fans and the media are demanding, and we must be prepared for that. It might help to have played in Canada and in the press that exists in Vancouver.”
    Nice to know he’s getting ready.

  42. I posted earlier, but this thing hates links from me. In that IGN article about NHL 09, the screenshots include Sundin in a Maple Leafs jersey. I guess they have no other choice besides not including him at all!

  43. Orr good point about Ivanovic. she’s sweet looking.

    M Hurley Sakic’s career is in the same range as Shanny. great player and class act.

    UK Ranger I hate the idea of Shanny coming back with a bonus (if somehow allowed) that would impact the following yrs cap. like throwing good money after bad. I liked Shanny but his time has come and gone.

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