Traverse City roster set


UPDATE, 4:20 p.m.: Yes, Lyon Messier, Mark’s son, will be part of the roster, too, although it’s unclear the Rangers are seriously looking at the 20-year-old defenseman, or if this is just a courtesy to the old man. I hate to be a cynic, but…

Earlier: The Rangers have selected their 19 players for the annual prospects tournament in Traverse City that begins Sept. 13. They include players who have been part of the sytem for a few years like Bobby Sanguinetti, Tommy Pyatt, Brodie Dupont, and Artem Aninsimov; as well as 2008 draft picks Michael Del Zotto, Evgeny Grachev, recently signed defenseman Tomas Kundratek, and Dale Weise.

The Rangers cruised in this tournament last year, but I don’t think winning to the organization is as important as simply getting a solid read on certain players’ development.

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  1. Hockeymanrangers on

    THank goodeness a new post. And some actual ligit news, it will be good to hear how they all gel together and just some (well any) hockey worthy news. Kick Butt NY Rnager prospects.

  2. Like ive said a million times, MSGNY SUCKS !!! 2 weeks off the air, they come back, don’t even mention the team, not even at least mentioning Sundin, but they sure leave room at the end for the crappy Knicks.

    It would be cool to watch these Traverse City games, but showed some cool clips last year, interviews, teammates interviewing teammates, and goals. Its a shame we couldn’t get Cherepanov over here, but its not like we need him like a cure for aids, or some deadly thing. He can wait.

    Cant wait till camp, just cant friggin wait.

  3. Awesome. I can’t wait to check them out and see how well they do again this year. Could be an interesting Tournament with the likes of Columbus(although now minus Legein), Dallas, Tampa Bay in the mix. They usually have some NHLers there as well (pretty fan friendly). I know Sather and Renney ere there last year.

  4. Sam! How could you miss that Lyon Messier was invited to try-out at the tourney? That’s SORT OF news.

  5. Hockeymanrangers on

    Wow! I am surpirsed that not to many other fans are chiming in here. I figured with the new post everyone would be all over it. What’s up are people actually working, LOL. Does anyone know if there is a list available of the other prospects?? And who will be reporting from Traverse City?? Sam doesn’t attentend does he???

  6. I presume Zaborsky, Hillier, Soryal, Skokan, and probably Denisov will also play there.
    Can someone post a URL for the full roster?

  7. 22 – this rimshot’s for you! good one.

    hockeyman….probably vacation is more like it.

  8. Amusing to look to the right at the poll and see just how much Glen Sather didn’t do that people wanted.

  9. I’d love to see LYON succeed, but sadly I believe he got the foul part of Messier’s milk shake, so to speak. It is classy the Rangers are giving him a chance in Traverse City. But I don’t blame Sam for not bothering to make mention of his presence on the roster…

  10. Can anyone confirm the time ZIP has for the 9/27 DEVs Rangers game. Every website says 1pm except for stubhub when I try to buy tix.

  11. What’s up with Hillier? Is he still hurt? And what about Sauer? How far into his rehab is he?

  12. Man August 26…can this summer get longer?
    I guess this Traverse City tourny means its slowing heading into fall but this is really tough…I’m more excited this year than I was last…I can’t wait to see our team without JJ and co.

    Chris F.
    August 26th, 2008 at 2:34 pm
    Amusing to look to the right at the poll and see just how much Glen Sather didn’t do that people wanted.


  13. Zip has on his site that all of our pre season games will be televised on MSG and both games in Prague will as well. I am pretty excited about this. I can smell it. I am ready for hockey to finally start. Hope everyone is well.

  14. We’re getting closer… had 3-4 new hockey articles today!

    Predictions on Sakic returning to the NHL? Announcement due tomorrow. I say he’ll be back for 1 more year.

  15. I’ll second that Beer, he was injured for much of last season, I’m sure he wants one more go round

  16. Beer,

    me too. I wish Sather would just set a time line and stick to it, like he did with Jagr and Avery and just say no if Sundin doesn’t decided by then. Let’s get some finalization to the team, rather then discussing how pretty much anyone could be traded at this point to make room for Sundin…

  17. If Gomez or Drury are traded away to bring in Sundin it’s going to be very hard to continue to root for this team.

  18. I don’t know…But I don’t think Sundin is coming to NY. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I would rather bring Shanny back and move someone for a pick to make the room.

    I’m getting really anxious for the season to start. Working on my fantasy team keepers isn’t helping matters.

  19. Rob L

    If we could only be so lucky to trade Gomez and sign Mats Sundin. I would much rather have Sundin for the next 2 years than Gomez for the next 5. Sundin is a difference maker and Gomez is just a decent piece of the puzzle. Gomez was and is over paid. A Guy making 7.3 a year should be putting up 100 points a season. Put Mats on a line with Naslund and Zherdev and he will put up 100 points easily. If this team is going to compete with Pittsburgh, we need a player like Sundin. Gomez would be ideal to trade, because then we would be able to keep both Rozi and Redden

  20. Johnny

    I want to go on record for saying I think I would trade both Drury and Gomez to make room for Sundin. I don’t think you guys realize how good Sundin is. The good news is we only have to trade one. The bad news is no one want’s either of our centers for the price they are signed at. I would love to trade prucha and Gomez and sign Shanny and Sundin. I think this team would get a lot better that way. Plus we can move Dubinsky to center and let Drury play on his wing.

  21. TiMm,

    I want to go on the record by saying you’re delusional, my friend.

    Gee, sounds great! Lets add a 37 & 39 year old to the roster and get rid of the one puck-mover we have on the team. While we’re at it, I’d love to give up Marc Staal for Matthew Schneider. Perhaps Dubinsky for Michael Peca?

    There are other issues this team needs to address like getting a crease-clearing defenseman before it starts bringing on the aging vet, while still “decent”, to “play out” his final days in NY. Remember how rapidly Jagr declined and thats all you need to know. Hell, we have two gambles in Naslund / Zherdev already!

    I’m sorry but it’s the pre-lockout moves like this one that had me wanting to rip my hair out.

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