Graves Night Feb. 3; Howell and Bathgate to be honored as well


The Rangers just announced they will retire Adam Graves’ No. 9 before their Feb. 3 game against Atlanta.

Another new development today — perhaps in response to some criticism about neglecting the franchise’s rich history — is that they will also retire Andy Bathgate’s No. 9 AND Harry Howell’s No. 3in a ceremony before the Feb. 22 game against Toronto.

As we speak, Michal Rozsival is standing in front of a mirror, trying out different numbers (“Does 12 make me look fat?”).

Curiously (or at least to me, since I didn’t know this) Bathgate and Howell were called up to the Rangers on the same day in October of 1952.

Bathgate was also my father’s favorite hockey player of all time (excluding his two sons, of course).

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  1. Its about time. From everything that I have ever read about those two, they are very deserving. I felt horrible for Harry Howell at Leetch’s ceremony, hearing that they were retiring #9 as he stood next to Graves, he was probably wondering, “…what about me?” Maybe next season #4 will finally go up since they are in such a generous mood!

  2. i like it, for so long there were only two numbers in the rafters, and now it’s starting to look more worthy of a team with an 80 year legacy

    of course, if they retire gresch’s #4, they could probably close out all the single digits by hanging up #5 for norman rochefort, #6 for joe cirella, and # 8 for darren turcotte

    wow, i haven’t even started drinking yet…

  3. JOE

    Wow, what aboot Nyr retiring #8 for Malik. We gotta honor him somehow. Speaking of which, i wonder what he’s doing right now.

    I hope they retire number 4 for Gresch, i never seen him play live since i was only a tike at that time so i only watch clips of him, but he’s the man.

    To bad there versing the Thrashers though, i was hoping for a different team since they versed them last year for Leetch night.

    Also is there gonna be two separate #9’s ??? On some other team there is one number that has two players on it, so eh.

    As for Rozi, eh who knows, maybe he wont need a new number, mwahaha beware of Slats !!

  4. Great to see about #’s 3 and 9. Can we also see some respect for #’s 19, 5, 6 and 7 again?

  5. ORR !!! I Can't Wait till High School Starts Again on

    You’re all a bunch of losers. Who gives a shit about numbers, and all of that garbage. Forget it why don’t we honor these players by forgetting about them, since they did nothing for the team. No cups, pathetic.

  6. Graves did nothing for the team? Whatever.

    Bathgate and Howell way before my time but both played with honor and it’s not their fault they had the biased regional draft back in those days or they could’ve done so much more.

  7. I’m going on the record here about these Sundin/Rozival rumors.

    I think it would be a totally classless act by an organization to tell a player (Rozival), merely one month after singing that player to a long-term, $20 million Unrestricted Free Agent contact, that he is being traded.

    You trade players at the end of their contract, you don’t sign a player, give that player the impression he is staying in one place and will be playing for that team for at least 75% of the length of the deal, at least not a UFA deal, and then trade him.

    The guy was just unrestricted, he could have went anywhere, and you trade him? That is a totally classless, low-blow move.

    Now, there are special circumstances. For instance if a team becomes financial unstable, or a new GM is hired, or change in ownership OR the trade includes receiving a player in return that represents someone of significant importance for years to come, like a Messier, Gretzky, Crosby, Iginla.

    Choosing the later as the example, Sundin is not that player and Rozival would not even traded for Sundin, he would be traded for players who don’t make any money to clear up space for Sundin and then most likely Shanahan.

    I think this is a horrible way to manage players and totally unfair to Rozival, a player who has played hard for us and deserves to be treated better.

    If anyone is to be traded it will be players like Prucha, Callahan or Girardi. I know Girardi just got an extension, but he is young and that happens to young players.

    I believe Sather sees Rozival as someone who is an important part of a Stanley Cup run, so although I disagree with this potential decision, I don’t think Sather will do it.

  8. Michabenjamin on

    Sam, I doubt Rozy’s looking for a new number. He’s probably looking up his agent’s number to find out how likely he’ll be traded to make room for Sundin.

  9. felt bad for Brad Park at Brian Leetch night, wearing #2 as they retire the number for someone else, and now, after some re-consideration they add some older players; but not him…

  10. VOGS

    I highly, hiiighly doubt Danny boy will get traded. In my opinion, and others may thank differently but i think Dany having such a good season, and Staal as well, and all the prospects down in Hartford and in the system made it easier to trade Tyutin. Like i said, i doubt he’ll dump Danny, but thats just my opinion. And i agree with you on the Rozi situation, it would be fugged up, and if i was GM i wouldn’t do it, but depending on how much he wants, and how much were willing to unload to bring him in are the things to think aboot. Do you wanna trade Rozi, and a small player, or trade a couple of players to bring him in, if he actually signs.

    Its just my opinion, but i would hate to turn this whole team around more so then it already has. Im confident in this team with or without Mats, or Rozi, or who ever. But Slats is unpredictable, he could pull off anything, you just never see it coming. It would be more fugged up if he did this to Naslund, since he just signed here, and he’s moving his family here, then boom, he’s outta here. That would be to fugged up.


    Those two posts obviously weren’t me. It looks like Surge / Bonfire got bored again. Ahh typical losers with no lives, its a damn shame.

  11. Leetchhalloffame on

    Let’s not forget #88 for 2 great Rangers – Ken Hodge and Eric Lindros. Did they ever contribute nothing or what?

  12. Funny you brought up Hodge, I was kinda hoping that Zherdev turns out to be the yang to Middleton’s ying and for once the Rangers got the better of the deal…..hey, honoring Bathgate and Howell is good karma.

  13. If the Rangers sign Sundin, I’m sure they will unload a bunch of their 3rd and 4th line players to do so. I dont see trading Rozsival, and weakening our D to bring in Sundin for 1 year. But i do see unloading Prucha (1.6), Rissmiller (1.0), Betts (.615), and Fritche (.875), while keeping Voros and his 1 million dollar salary in Hartford for this year (since he signed a 3 year deal anyways).

    Combined, those five players would take 5.09 million off the books for Sundin, and would free up space for Moore, Byers, Anisimov, and dare i say Nedved to compete for spots this year

  14. onecupin67years on

    Bathgate and Howell were partners in a golf course in B.C.during their playing days. Bathgate was the fans favorite as well as being a top NHL player.
    Howell was a consistent reliable defenseman,he was more finesse than power,he didn’t go out of his way to hit and I never saw him fight. He was a pretty big guy in those days and when he hit someone the fans cheered.But you could always hear the fans yell “hit someone Hesshy ,hit “

  15. please Glen, do not blow up this team in order to sign a 37 year old center. Haven’t we been down this road before? Is it 2008 or 1998?

  16. doodie machetto on

    Howell and Bathgate are long overdue. Truth is, Gravey should never have been allowed to wear #9 in the first place.

    And with them, that should end all number retiring ceremonies unless one of our current young players (Hank, Staal, Dubinsky, Dawes) deserves it at the end of their careers.

  17. Derf (The Real One) on

    I think we invited nedved to camp to surprise him with peter nedved night where we retire #93… And i dont think trading rozy would be a horrible disrespectful thing to do… It would be different if it was someone like naslund or zherdev who just got here.. Even if rozy gets traded he still gets his $5 mill per season i think that makes up for the “disrespect”… Personally id rather see us take a chance on sundin clicking great with naslund then rozy NOT shooting wenever he has a chance… Oh an Orr – players that did nothing for the organization? U gotta be kidding me man… Gilbert and eddie never won a cup either u think that should be a judge of jersey retirement? Please… Both those guys deserve it congrats to them

  18. (besides the early Ranger teams of the 20’s and 30’s) Bathgate, Howell, Ratelle, Gilbert,Tkaczuk, Park, Greshner, Graves, Leetch, Richter, Giacomin, Messier, Kaspar…Thats it..those are your rafter people.

  19. Orr,

    I don’t know how old you are but the Rangers didn’t start
    in 94. The had great players through the years that treated
    Ranger fans to great hockey, but like 9 out of 10 people on
    this board you only live in 1994. A player like Brad Park
    who was runnerup 6 or 7 years to Bobby Orr (the greatest
    player ever, I know you will say Gretzky)deserves the
    respect as much as is given to Leetch. Because they didn’t
    win a cup does no mean they don’t deserve their day.

  20. KASPAR—you def need to be up there.

    Wouldn’t you want your number retired in Nassau Coliseum as well?

  21. maybe in keeping with the honoring of old time players they’ll do another dual ceremony in 2010 retiring 2 (again) for brad park and 19 for jean ratelle?

    another idea is to emulate the leafs (ugh i hate the concept) of ‘honoring’ jerseys for other old time players, like dave kerr, bryan hextall, the cook brothers, maybe something for lester patrick?

  22. Kaspar–that’s hysterical, but isn’t it already collapsed?

    Oh, sorry…thought we were talking about the actual Islander franchise.

  23. Brad Park and Ratelle’s numbers not being retired is riduculous…

    Just renewed my half season subscription…ouch…was going to do the full but they only had section 417 left…I hate those obstructed views at the end zones of the rink…Went with 402 should get a good view of the banner raises this year…

  24. Bare – Howell was # 3 not # 9. Bathgate was # 9.

    on retirements no to Gresch yes to Park. don’t want to be like the Yankees where several were retired and should not have been

    Somerset – have to offset all those guys by their replacements on 23 man roster. only top 23 guys count everyone else would be in minors. so those making less than $ 1 million would not save much since minimum salary is near $ 600 k.

    on future Rangers to rafters Dawes was mentioned. thanks for the laugh.

  25. Lol yeah Dawes is pushing it, Dubi and Staal as well. Come one they only had one season, Pruchs would be furious if he read that.

    If were forced to choose someone, its gotta be Hank, but its so damn early, if he can put together a couple of 40 win seasons then who knows. has he even had a 40 win season yet, i think he came close this year.

    Who cares though. I like these number retirements, but i don’t wanna see to many, they take way to long, i just wanna get to the game. i don’t like how they did Leetch night, it was like a whole 1 hour segment, that dragged on. They need to do it like they did the others, have the ceremony, then go to commercial and BOOM, game on !

  26. You really can’t include Park and Ratelle because after they were traded, they had some great years in Boston. I think they fall a couple of years short. I hope Greschner gets his night but that’s it. Besides, he’s my all time favorite Ranger. If you start hanging up players like Tkackuk, nothing against him, then you start looking like the Islanders hanging up Nystrom. Any word on Greg Polis night?

  27. Tkaczuk was with rangers for over 12 years and only rangers…Polis was here like “2” years…..whatever defensive accolades lead habs fans to worship Bob Gainey….except for all the “cups” Tkaczuk was all Gainey was on dee…plus he scored 20+ 6 times….I love Graves, Tkaczuk was a much better player

  28. doodie machetto on

    “on future Rangers to rafters Dawes was mentioned. thanks for the laugh.”

    I wasn’y saying them as a lock. I was saying that they are the only current or past Rangers that I believe have the POTENTIAL to get their numbers retired. Dawes is admittedly a longshot, but it’s still possible.

    If Hank remains a Ranger and he keeps playing as well as he has, then he’s probably going to end up in the rafters. After him, I think Staal has the best chance, followed by Dubinsky.

    What flows naturally from this is that I say no to Park and Ratelle. Park’s best years were almost all in Boston, and when I think of him, I think Bruins.

    Ratelle I think is closer because he definitely is a Ranger in my mind, but I don’t think he was special enough to be retired. If we retire him, why not retire Hadfield? You can’t spell GAG without Hadfield.

  29. didn’t read everyone’s comments…hammered again. ;)

    from what I saw, looks like some peeps are ‘bashing’ the latest news. Can’t disagree, but I have no idea what these guys TRULY meant to you guys that watched these guys night in and night out. I’ve only seen them in old fuzzy highlights. I wish I coulda seen them, but I was born to late for my taste in music too.

    good for them.

  30. doodie machetto on

    Actually Beer, we’re all cool with the selections. Some people were tossing out some others.

  31. Kasp, nothing against Tkaczuk there. He was a solid Ranger. Towards the end, definitely a top defensive specialist. I just think a retired # should be a player who was a spark plug for the team for many years. When you think of the Rangers top players of the 70’s & early 80’s, Walt’s name isn’t in the first few that come out.

    The Polis stuff was a joke. When is Eddie Johnstone night?

  32. Not everyone has to win a championship to have their jersey retired; Ray Borque with Boston (don’t get me started on his jersey retirement in Colo), Dale Hunter with Washington, and Don Matingly with the Yanks come as an example. But if you don’t, you better be a damn good player or play a very long time for a team, in between eras. The Rangers have had many players who played a long time with them or were very influential but don’t warrant jersey retirements; examples include James Patrick, Reijo Ruotsolainen, Jan Erixon, Walt Tkaczuk, Beezer, and Tik.

    And don’t laugh about Dawes, he may not be in the top 5, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he becomes the next Martin St. Louis. Give him time. He’s very smart, knows how to score, and has solid core strength.

  33. not from what I saw. Never saw comments like that anywhere when names like leetch, richter, mess, were raised. graves is a stretch, and to back that, they’re raising the other 2.

    I wish none of them were going up. But again, never saw them play. It used to mean something. Under current ownership (which includes an entire side conversation), that doesn’t exist.

  34. You gotta retire certain numbers, it’s just how it goes. I think it’s great the Rangers are finally starting to honor these guys and have done a pretty good job of developing youth over the last few years. You gotta admit, it’s what we all wanted, and so far, so good :)

  35. After Bathgate and Howell, I think Ratelle is by far the most deserving to have the honor as would Brad Park.

  36. I think a lot more jerseys are gonna get retired, they wanna fill the rafters up. I mean for an original 6 team there’s only what 5 numbers, soon to be 7, or 8.

    I just don’t wanna see jersey numbers retired that are being used. It costs a lot of money to customize a jersey and replace numbers, its like $50 bucks for that little thing.

  37. MikeA – do you really think Dawes will come close to having numbers worthy of having his number raised. you sound like the guy who posts on blueshirt bulletin who worships the ground this guy walks on. I just don’t see it I really don’t.

  38. they should move the liberty and music banners (Joel and the other one I forgot the name) to the knick side of the arena.

  39. LI JOE

    Yeah that and i think Elton John. I like that idea.

    Even if Dawes becomes like St Louis which i doubt, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna get raised to the rafters, neither will Staal or Dubi, or anyone else. They haven’t proven a friggin thing, at least Hank proved he’s one of the best goalies in the league. The Bolts are not gonna raise St Louis’s number to the roof, no way that happens, who the hell is he, he’s a good player but in my opinion he isn’t much without Vinny, kinda like how Gionta is nothing without Gomer. Useless midgets. Kane might be a different story, who knows.

  40. BTW

    If Nyr signs Sundin, id love to see the look on that devils loser, Ken Daneyko ‘s face. I love how he was saying during the trade deadline “Ohhhhh uuuugh oooooh ahh ohh id love it if ooooh ahh ohh the devils traded to get Mats Sundin ohhh ahhha huuuuu uuuuhhh ohhhh that would boost this devil team, and make them the best in the east.

  41. From mt favorite source and yours:

    Just a Quick Hit for your Friday Night because this news is big and its from someone who VERY much is in the know in this situation….While it is still uncertain as to whether or not Sundin is going to play, I am told by my source the following…

    “We are hearing that the Rangers will sign Mats and deal Gomez.”


    Give me a frick’n frack’n break and a half. If Slats dumps Gomer, for a guy who wants to play for a year or two, he’ll be the dumbest GM in the world. Come on. Eklund must be drunk, and high on glue.

    Remember this guy is a Flyers fan, he thinks Biron is better than Lundqvist.

  43. “We are hearing that the Rangers will sign Mats and deal Gomez.”

    I just got home and saw the same article and if it were on any other site, I might have actually been concerned. Sather would be booed out of NY if he were to pull that. Eklund is such a joke. It’s articles like these that make me realize why he calls himself the “anonymous hockey blogger”. The fact that he even rates the info E4 on his moron-o-meter is hilarious. I would like to see Sundin in NY, but not at the cost of taking the team apart.

  44. I have a lot of faith in Dawes. I’m not saying he WILL have his number raised, but I think he can be a very solid top-6 winger for years to come. He has the tools and the talent. MAYBE he turns into the main dude on the Rangers, who knows. I’m not concerned with ‘who on the current roster could have their numbers retired” and I’m not gonna go play chess on Coney Island either. It’s a thought.

    No one is picking up Gomez’s salary. He’s fine here anyway. Relax folks.

  45. I’m scared…please no Sundin. Some people actually believe that Gomez to Vancouver could actually happen, f’n Exlund apologists.

    ORR – The Yankees have two #8s retired.

    Maybe Rozsival will take 8 for the Rangers because it looks the closest to 3, and I don’t think he will take 33, and he can honor his buddy Malik! I would think he would want to stay with a single digit, and 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 are taken. Maybe 4?

  46. ORR !!! I Love to Blabber on

    The Orr show is so boring, can’t high school or the season start already.

  47. im done with this team is gomer is sent to vancouver in order for us to sign sundin.

    im going to lose my shit if this happens. absolutely lose it.

  48. Larry Brooks is reporting that Sudin wants to come to the rangers and that Sather will trade rosival to clear cap room in order to sign Sudin.

    I hope this isn’t true!!!
    Obviously sather hasn’t learned signing over the hill, once upon a time stars isn’t the direction to go.

  49. Is Eklund on crack or something??!!!

    How can he even print that BS? That might be the most incorrect statement in human history.

    What a schmo.

  50. If Slats trades Rozi to sign Mats, just remember who was the first person to say Rozi would get traded !!! Not that it matters.

    Brooks can report that Lindsey Lohan is actually a lesbian, and i still wouldn’t believe him. I think by now its a little obvious that Mats wants to be a Ranger, but all these Eklund rumors, and Brooks rumors, there all BS. Even though Brooks got the Gomer, and Dru thing right last year, im not willing to put money on anything he reports.

  51. Fruity Cupcake on

    Hello? Will BURE show for the retirement of his number ??? Bure. A Ranger. It’s like a fever dream…. Did it REALLY happen….?

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m way behind replying to comments from Rmant and JJP.

    First, foremost, when I called Rozsival “an unproven defensman” I didn’t mean in terms of games played or experience. That he has. What he doesn’t have (AND WHAT I HAVEN’T SEEN IN 2 YEARS), is a guy who should be playing time as anything first pair defense, and a guy who (if paired with the wrong player) would also ruin a second pair of defensman.

    Rozsival is such a waste – you’ll see it in the future. And i’m not saying it just to bash him. God knows I go to every game and I cheer!! Everyone!!!! I want to win, damn it, but Rozsival doesn’t help that cause. I also don’t see him being better offensively (sans-Jagr) and I don’t think he’s got the discipline to improve defensively. For you “know it alls” saying Rozsival constantly positions himself in the right place to breakup plays, I say HAHA! He can’t play D, and to end last year he couldn’t play an offensive role either.

    Nonetheless, I will hope he gets the job done and that Redden can find his form here too. Should be a very exciting season!!! I’m looking forward to seeing Zherdev and Naslund. Also, Dubi and Gomez should be fun to watch this year too.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  53. Let me start off by saying I’m against trading GOMEZ. He’s a franchise center this team has lacked for sometime, and I think his best years are just around the corner…BUT…for arguments sake, think about it this way: If Gomez is dealt, he most certainly will bring back a kings ransom. I’m talking either another franchise player, or at least a pair of first rounders and a bluechip prospect…the Rangers can then sign SUNDIN for two years and have Sundin-Drury-Dubinsky up the center, and for the first time, actually have all the right players in their respective roles. With ANISIMOV challenging for a roster spot this year, they also have a situation where if Sundin does wear down, they can insert the Russian into the lineup(moving Dubinsky up to second line). Absent a Gomez or Drury trade, Artem(or Dubinsky) will likely have to move to wing. The top two center positions are signed for the next four years… So it’s not really Sundin for Gomez as some have put it here. It more like Sundin, a bunch of prospects and Anisimov for Gomez, which sounds very tempting even for a skeptic like me…and if the deal for Gomez is for Gaborik as it was reported, it’s pretty difficult to say no.

  54. My opnion of Rozival is he is a good puck moving defenseman. He’s smart, he has decent size and a good, hard, accurate shot from the point.

    WHen I see players like Kim Johnnson, Mark Streit, Mike Commodore, Nick Boynton, Derek Morris, Andy Sutton all making anywhere from $3 – $4 million per season, then I say that’s why Rozival makes what he makes. He can actually shoot, skate and score, much better than all those players I just listed.

    The attribute of hitting and punishing and fighting is needed, and the Rangers need that type of player, but it’s not Rozival.

    Rozival’s weakness is that he is soft, but I don’t think he plays scared out on the ice. I see him take lots of hits and he gets right back up and keeps playing, evidence of this is his durability.

    I want to see Staal and Girardi throw the body more this season. Redden will help as well.

    I mean lets all not forget, the new rules are you can’t cross check and beat on a guy standing in front of your goaltender, to defend against a screen you have get out on the point shot quicker and block it from getting to the net.

    So the need for a punishing, Jeff Beukebom, Ulf Samuellson, slow footed defenseman is slowing going away in the league.

  55. If this really is an option I’d be shocked…

    I guess as long as Sather has a plan (hold the laughter please) then I guess we have to trust him (I said hold the laughter damn it!!!).

    But to me *IF* he trades Gomer it seems like the rebuilding plan has been *ALL* over the map and there is no way we’re moving in one solid direction.

  56. tdchi

    i agree with you. IF the Sundin and Gomez rumor is true. WE arent getting Sundin for Gomez. We’re getting Sundin for nothing and probably a combo of 2-3 draft picks/prospects for Gomez, while shedding a six year, 7 million dollar salary which we will spread over Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, and Zherdev when their contracts expire in the next 1-2 years.

    Gomez is currently my favorite player on the team, but i think he is over-payed. I prefer signing Naslund and Sundin for 2 years then, using their salaries to pay for our youth then spending 7.5 million a year for Gomez over the next 6 years.

  57. Ladies and Gentlemen, trust me; no one is gonna pick up Gomez’s salary. He’s a great player, but he just makes too much. Also, I think they got Zherdev to play with Gomez.

  58. so i just looked up Vancouver’s roster to see who i would want in return for Gomez, IF THE RUMOR TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE:

    Assuming Sundin is signed also …

    I would trade Gomez for a combination of any 3 choices:
    Alex Burrows, Taylor Pyatt, Alex Edler, Mason Raymond, 2nd round draft pick

    Purely for Sh*ts & Giggles, who would you guys trade Gomer for IF YOU HAD TO

  59. The Rangers should not entertain the idea of trading Gomer and signing Sundin. Why is Sather obsessed with the idea of signing an old Swede anyway? Do we need another old bald “leader” on our team – see Messier. Let’s follow the plan and build the team around Gomez and Drury – hey Gomez is a good scorer and more of a personality and perhaps captain material then Chris Drury. If anything, Sather can trade Anisimov for another prospect, pick, player, etc. We are set at center already.

  60. Gomez is my favorite player on the team BUT 2 major facts make this trade appealing to me:

    1. We over-paid for Gomez, and our Cap situation has to be dealt with now rather then later, to try and sign our expiring RFA contracts during this season before they expire (Zherdev, Prucha, Dubinsky, Fritsche, Dawes, and Callahan), instead on worrying about offer-sheets and what not

    2. The fact we got Gomez for nothing and can turn around and package him for draft picks and prospects is “smart business”. While signing Sundin to help bridge-the-short-term-gap until our picks and prospects are ready to compete for that spot.

  61. Gomez is the number one center for the next six years. Leave it at that. When Anisimov is ready, Drury can move to wing. The centers will be Gomez/Anisimov/Dubi/ and some combo of Betts or Fritsche and Korpo. AA is gonna be great, let him keep developing, he’s gonna be ready real soon and looks very good from what I’ve seen of him in Hartford.

    The thing I like about the Rangers makeup is like 8 guys can play center in the system (Gomez, Drury, Dubi, Fritsche, Betts, Anisimov, Moore, Korpo) and there are a lot of PKers (Betts, Drury, Cally, Gomez, Dubi, Rissmiller, Sjostrom, Dawes, Korpo, Fritsche, Moore, Anisimov, and even Dawes should get a crack at it).

  62. somerset – prucha is a non event. zherdev could wind up going back to russia. we’ll see on the others how much they’ll really be worth. and the Rangers trading guys after 1 yr translates to future free agents thinking long and hard about signing here. good thing you’re not gm with this fantasy league approach.

  63. At least Eklund gives people something to talk about, when there’s nothing else out there. That’s about all he’s good for. I’d like to see Eklund go toe to toe with Brooks in an all out brawl of wits. And then both jump off something really really tall.

  64. Funniest hockey line in Journalism award for 2007-08 season goes to knucklehead Buccigross from ESPN:

    Regarding a very good Penguin-Caps game:

    “The only thing that could have mede this game better was if Donald Brashear and George Larouque had gotten into a fight and each hit each other so hard that they knocked each other’s heads off; and then heads themselves would fight each other as they were rolling across the ice”

  65. Didn’t NHL send Rangers to play on the moon with Martians for the entire pre-season? :) Ridiculous schedule…

  66. Is this the longest stretch of summer or what?
    People are actually reading Elkund for info…
    Hey I have one…Elkund is a moron (e9)
    (e9)means its definitely been tested and stood the test of time no more research is needed. Its fact. Law. Written in stone…Look no further…Hell if you wiki Elkund it says moron. DNA tested. end of story

  67. I love how he’s defending himself, saying “There rumors i have to break, i agree they don’t sound right, but i have to report them”

    Loser !

    No GM in the history of the NHL would ever trade young Gomez, to sign an aging Sundin. Well except that idiot, what’s his name ?? The guy who Jagr said to kiss his ass.

  68. Just purchased my partial plan a few hours ago.. Come visit I’ll be sitting in Section 326 Row F seats 7 & 8 with the boy this year. I now have to work copious hours of overtime to pay it off. :(

  69. Whats going on here kids? I’ve weed-wacking and mowing for two weeks…Gomez getting traded so we can sign Sundin??? Even the Fluery-Lindros-Holik signing idiot can’t be that dumb can he? (Not to mention Malakov)I’m hoping this is just another Ecklund-mid-summer-nothing going on-BS-story.

    In a league where Ryder gets $4M a year and Rozival gets $5…Gomez at $7 will be a bargain by…..2009!!!

  70. It’s just another BS story from Eklund. It was a quiet week, so he invents a story to keep the hits up on his website so that he doesn’t lose sponsors.

    He’s now saying “Hearing Montreal… which means that the Rangers probably are having a hard time working the details with Gomez..we will see”

    No, what it means is you are clutching at straws to retain some sort of credibility.

    If i’m Slats i’d see what it would take to trade for a winger to play on one of the top 2 lines – otherwise one of Cally, Dawes, Korpedo, Voros, Sjostrom or Prucha is going to have to prove they can play 18+ minutes a night and contribute 25-30 goals a season (which Prucha has, but only while playing with Jagr and Nylander on the PP).
    If Sundin does go elsewhere, does that mean Shanny gets signed? or is that dependent on the new CBA?

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