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There are times when my relationship with this blog feels like the one I have with my own mother, which is to say if days go by without me touching base, I am consumed by guilt.

But what can I tell you? The combination of vacation and golf coverage has left this corner of cyberspace feeling neglected, although I can say better days are ahead.

It’s true, I won’t be back focused on hockey for a more weeks, but after that, my hope is you’ll have more than enough of me. But if you must know, I am getting enough sleep and eating plenty of vegetables.


Meanwhile, a few thoughts on the headlines over the past week. I suppose it’s too early to rule out either Mats Sundin or Brendan Shanahan being part of the Rangers roster, but I’m skeptical of both, for reasons that range from the salary cap (actually, most of this has to do with the salary cap), but also the feeling that the Rangers have settled on their personnel for the training camp ahead.

But if “Shanahan is so intent on remaining a Ranger”:http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rangers/2008/08/shanny-determined-to-stay-a-ra.html, dare I propose a potentially insulting training camp tryout not unlike the one Petr Nedved has agreed to? Would Shanahan ever take such a drastic step to prove he’s still got some jump left in his legs?

Best case scenario is he proves he does and the Rangers re-sign him. Worst case, the team takes a pass, chalks it up to cap considerations, and allow Shanahan to test the market elsewhere.

I know, the idea makes me queasy, too, because it’s no way to treat a future Hall of Famer and a guy who’s been part of the glue of your team for the past two seasons.

The only way it makes sense is if Shanahan himself proposes it. But he probably thinks that’s beneath him, and I wouldn’t blame him.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Unless the Rangers trade away some of their younger players, I would pass on Shanny. Honestly, he could not keep up during the 2nd half last year, and Renney could not bring himself to decrease his minutes. Why on earth he continued to use Shanny on the PK and for so many minutes is beyond me, but if Prucha is still with us to start the season, Shanny should not be.

  2. Gotta agree with ThisYears. Shanny can look good for a short period, but it’s the long haul that has revealed his age and fatigue. Let the man go. He’s a class act, and exactly the type of guy the NHL needs in management. Go forward, Shanny.Godspeed.

  3. onecupin67years on

    I think Sather wants to go with more youth rather than the seasoned Vets, worse case scenario: he can always trade for the Old timers.

  4. ThisYears…nice Elvis Costello ref. I love Shanny but the dude is 40. Time to move on. At even strength he couldn’t help that much at crunch time, the PK has Dubi/Dawes/Sjo and apparently Rissmiller is very good at it too, and it’s time to give Dawes and Cally more PP time (they go to the net), plus Shanny’s shot from the point will be replaced by Redden’s very good shot, and Staal will only get better on the PP.

  5. Hopefully, they’ll prove me wrong. But I frankly think Rissmiller and to a lesser extent, Kalanin are some of the worst signing this team has made in a while. That’s nearly $4 million in cap space that could have been used for SUNDIN or Shanny. Frankly, I think either player would make the team better. In Shanny’s case, if he were kept to 14 minutes a game, mostly on the PP (ala Yzerman in Detroit during his final years), I think he could still contribute.

    Sundin is Sundin. He makes any team better, IMO.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sundin is Sundin and Shanahan is Shanahan!!! hahaha.
    What you missed is that they’re both going to be 38 this year! Let them both walk. Thanks, but no thanks.

    With Rozsival signed another 4 years, there’s no way we can absorb another washed up stiff on this squad, IMHO.

  7. Sundin is an absoulte waste of time. Yes, the guy is good and would make the team better, but if you wanted an old, expensive one year guy they should have kept Jagr, otherwise just move on. I don’t even think the man has won a cup. As far as Shanny goes, I agree with tdchi that Shanny should play and get about 14 minutes on the fourth line and PP. If he signes on the cheap he would be an invaluable part of the team. And the youth will still have their chance to shine, only with a Hall of Famer showing them the way.

  8. Ibister Shot Survivor on

    Don’t feel bad, Sam. Only thing I can think about this time of year is soccer.

  9. the NYR don’t need a guy with 32 goals and 46 assists in 74 games? He’d show the rest of the team up.

  10. I think Sundin would significantly improve the team but shedding payroll (Rozisval) to sign Sundin is a huge mistake. Defense is what we have been lacking and to take Rosie away and substitute an uproven d-man is ridiculous.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob, I don’t know how much you watched last year but i’m assuming it was alot (like me) and I believe Rozsival IS an unproven defensman. What did he do the last 50 games? He didn’t score! He didn’t QB the PP. And God knows he’s AWFUL at defense. for $2.5 million he’s Ok. For whatever ridiculous money he got – he’s a waste of space (both physically and in Cap terms).

  12. I agree that Rozi is over-paid… but in his defense he was injured for the last part of the season.

    *IF* he can play the way he did for the first half of last season I have no problem with him… though I’d still like to see him tighten up his defensive game.

    Sundin is another matter entirely. I’m sure he could help this squad… the question has to be at what cost and I’m not talking about financial.

    I’ll leave it at this… if Dubi plays on the 4th line this year I’ll be SUPER PISSED.

  13. Ya all gotta remember rosi was paired with malikinstine all year,Give him a better partner and he’ll be better.
    Did he get to much money? Yeah he did. is he better then he played last year deffenitly.
    Give him a chance he’ll be fine.

  14. True Fans-
    I’m not sure how could say Rosival is an unproven defensmen. I know it is your style to bash everyone and everything NYR but I can’t agree with that assessment. True, Rosival is soft and at times gets beat, but with the exception of a very chosen few, show me a defensmen in the NHL that doesn’t get beat from time to time. What you need to do is watch the very small very, fine plays he makes to see how valuable he is. You have to watch the angles he plays and the position he takes, not just goals and assists.Breaking up plays is also a big part of being a defensmen you know.

    Alot of so called “hockey know it alls” seem to think you only judge players by goals and assists and that’s simply not true. Look at the “fine print” true, you may see what the real hockey experts, the guys in the league, see.

  15. I have season tickets and I have this short fat guy who always wears a Ranger jersey who sits next to me and all he does all game is scream who sucks and who is terrible and yada yada yada. He is the most annoying guy in history and makes watching the games so annoying. Just by looking at him I know he never played and never could. Just another typical arm chair expert. I think he may be on these boards typing that same nasty rhetoric.

  16. Greetings from the 1k Islands, NY!

    Sam – I think its actually a great idea. But to echo some of the thoughts above, Shanny can show brilliant flashes of success, and after a summer to rest ‘old’ legs, I’d have to believe he would look pretty decent in camp. Not really a good way to assess a vet (like nedved too). What he looks like in March could be very much different.

    Mikey – thanks again for the link to the pups. We’ll be purchasing a newfie pup from north of the border on saturday…named….SHANNY. Figured it was very appropriate since he was born just about an hour from the real Shanny’s hometown!

    I hope everything I’m typing is making sense. I AM on vacation and I HAVE had 1/2 a dozen buds….and I just realized its only 1pm. sweet!

    I saw on tsn.ca that the isles promoted their pres of marketing to the TEAM pres! wang is f’n retarded man. no offense to retarded people. you don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as charles wang. He’s like the crazy chinese dude in 16 candles! LOL

  17. acdavid…..EXCELLENT point. and add the subtraction (yeah, I said it) of jagr telling him when and how to move the puck on the PP, and …well, we’ve gone down this road b4. I’m willing to give rozy 35 or so games to see if he’s reached his potential already or not.

  18. Shanny would be good if Renney would use him in a proper role. Meaning 3rd line minutes, powerplay time and NO PK time. We all know Tom would not be able to resist using him on the PK though. He will be burnt out by January and we will have a slow, old waste of a spot in the lineup.

  19. I have tickets for the two games in Bern and will go to Prague as well..

    Nice to see them over here for the first time after always going overseas ;););)

  20. Thanks Sam, i totally forgot aboot Nedved, how nice to bring him up again !!!!

    I agree with True Fans, Rozi is in a small way, a poor mans Souray. He can put up goals like Souray, he plays D like Souray, which isn’t good D at all, and takes lazy penalties to bail from his mistakes, whether its Staal, or Harry he’s playing with. But the biggest difference between the two is Souray can QB the PP, and Rozi doesn’t, and doesn’t wanna.

    If Rozi gets traded, big deal, we shed his overpaid salary to a guy for a year or two who will apparently get very under paid. Pock can go in there, or a youngster, or just get a D-man in return, although you might have to package Pruchs in there to get a nice return.


    Dubi isn’t playing 4th line, and he isn’t playing 2nd line. He’s gonna be our 3rd line center for a long time. Thats just how it is. Look at the Philly Flowers with Briere, Richards Carter. I think Richards actually played on the 3rd line, if not then it was Carter, and they both can put up 30 goals or more. Its good to have 3 good centers. It wasn’t long ago that we had just one friggin center, thats why i don’t understand people wanting to move him to wing. Let him prove himself for the love of Handzus.


    He had his chance, and he sucked with or without Malik. He killed us in our most important game of the year, with his 2 or 3 penalties in a friggin row. Gimme a break. If he stays then what ever, im a loyal Nyr fan and im confident in any team we have, whether it has Sundin, Shanny, or Nedved, or all friggin 3, and ill back him up. But if he gets traded, i wont shed a tear, cause i never expected him to be back.

  21. Rmant –

    Actually, that would be me. If you don’t like it, ask for an upgrade to some other section. And you’re no angel yourself.

  22. Some people will never learn that an NHL head coach does NOT call all the shots. Especially in NYC. Don’t even throw Iron Mike out there either. Don’t forget who was wearing the ‘C’.

    btw…dynamite drop-in salty. haha

  23. I’m fine with Dubi playing 3rd line center… I just don’t want him shoved into a corner to make room for a guy who’s nearly over the hill, who’s not going to be here in a year or two and who may very well put up (significant) numbers but still not get us to the promised land.

  24. Rozsival has played 480 NHL games, he’s a proven defenseman. He’s not a bone crushing, net clearing defenseman but he’s good at his role.

  25. JJP

    Could have fooled me.

    He is the kind of D man teams will take in a heartbeat, but he has his flaws, and there fuggin annoying. He’s not being asked to crush bones, or clear the net, but just play D, and sometimes he just doesn’t do that, and takes dumb penalties.


    I know what you mean, but Slats, Renney and the staff know his potential, and unless he pulls a Cally on us, and falls off the face of the planet, then you should worry. But he’s not gonna be moved. Its nice to know that instead of Nylander, Rucchin, Betts, Cullen and Moore, we have Gomez, who’s better than Nyls in my opinion, Drury who blows away Rucchin, Dubi who hasn’t proven much yet, but has potential, and probably will be better than Matty, and Fritsche is an upgrade over Moore, and of course Betts is eh, just the same old Betts. Also there’s Anisimov and Moore, and Korpikoski who can play center, or wing. Its good to have options, and this team has a crap load down the middle. Signing Sundin wouldn’t hurt that. I wouldn’t mind Mats taking Dubi under his wing and showing him a few things, but eh.


    Jay Bowmeester got traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Max Afinagenov, prospect Mike Funk, and a 1st round pick. Pretty dumb trade if you ask me.

  26. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Gravy is going to the rafters Feb. 3 before the Thrashers game according to Zip.

  27. TDCHI – it is not $ 4 mm re Kalanin and rissmiller combined. only 23 guys count vs cap so have to offeset bu minimum salary at the least. plus their salaries are not $ 4 million combined anyway

    Truefans – Shanny will be 40 not 38

    Richie – Dubie is not going to be 4th center. he is and should be 3rd center

  28. Did anybody notice that the PP sucked last year? Shanahan helps the PP? Shanahan kills the PP. Shooting % of like 6.3, one of the worst in the league. It killed — killed I tell you! — the Rangers PP. By definition if almost any other player was taking those shots the Rangers score more goals. People need to stop texting during games, maybe that way you’ll see what’s obvious to anybody paying attention.

  29. Also, look at Roszival’s goals scored in the last 3 years. Notice how they go up even though the Rangers team totals keep going down. If he can stay healthy next year he could get 20.

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