Good news: Rangers to be featured often on national television. Bad news: uh, same thing


If you’re partial to the handiwork of Sam, Joe, and the rest of the MSG crew, you’ll be disappointed by today’s news that the Rangers will again be featured a maximum eight times on Versus this year, including the Oct. 5 game in Prague against the Lightning.

Furthermore, the Jan. 18 NBC Game of the Week debut will pit the Rangers in a re-match against the Penguins. (NBC’s first game of the year will technically be the Winter Classic Jan. 1 at Wrigley).

On whole, this is a sign that the Rangers are again a big draw nationally, although we’ll see if Markus Naslund and Co. are worthy of the attention…

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  1. Broadway Blue on

    Here’s a bit of a contradiction. The networks feel NYR is a “good draw”, but the hockey pundits remain less than impressed with the changes the team made. Outside of the Metro NY area, you’ll be hard pressed to find a positive opinion of the Blueshirts. The signing of Redden has gotten hammered “pillar to post”, despite his being recognized as a premier outlet passer, & the changes up front have been net with “we’ll see” or “why did they change something which seemed to be on the right track”. Similarly, you’ll see very little regarding the success of making the team younger. You’ll see raves (& deservedly so) for Chicago, but little to nothing about the successes of the Rangers 6 players, all under 25 years of age, who have made the team more competitive & better (Dawes, Callahan, Staal, Dubinsky, Girardi, Zherdev & Fritsche). I expect the season the exciting with many wins

  2. I don’t know why anyone is ever ‘offended’ (for lack of a better word) when the Rangers don’t receive any press, or when they do, it’s usually negative. Do ‘you’ really need some a-hole with an agenda to tell you what team your watching night in and night out? I don’t.

    No offense to you Sam. But I come here first and foremost for up to the minute news, which in comparison to other outlets, is phenominal. I respect Sam’s opinion and many of those in the press (not Brooks). But again, I don’t really give 2 sh*ts what someone that watches highlights on Sportscentre(tsn), NBC broadcasts, reads the latest issue of THN, or looks down a roster and bases opinions on declining #’s or ages to formulate their opinion.

    Long story short….who gives a sh*t? ‘YOU’ know your team and it’s a free country. Form your own opinion.

  3. You bet ya. I know there’s never much. But at least that’s from a nation-wide source.

  4. No bad news there for me. The vs/NBC games are the only ones besides games against the Bruins that I get to see here in the wilds of NH.

  5. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I can relate – when I first moved down to FLA the only games other than network was against the Panthers. I actually sat (in my jersey) at my computer and listened to the radio broadcasts online.

  6. Agreed 100% with Beer Me! on that last post.

    But, to me, and this may sound paranoid I think the contradiction mentioned by Broadway Blue has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of the “National” hockey media just does not like the New York (and I mean Manhattan, New York City, New York- no offense to Buffalo, LI, or even NJ) or the Rangers. Even despite, or because of, the fact that the league and major networks are housed in NYC.

    It’s an interesting irony when considering the popularity challenges the sport faces relative to other major sports. It’s certainly beneficial to the draw of the sport to have big market teams, like the Rangers do well. It draws more attention to the sport overall (i.e. ESPN mentions hockey maybe more than twice a week) when a major market team does well. But let’s not kid ourselves that hockey is on equal footing. For instance, I think your average sports fan could tell you that Mark Messier was the captain of the New York Rangers in 1994 when they won the Stanley Cup, as it rightfully got a lot of coverage. But I don’t think that same fan could explain what a “two-line pass” is, or the fact that such a rule no longer exists in the NHL.

    Point being, hockey’s popularity is dwindling. Even Tiger Woods, in a rare moment where I felt myself having any amount of dislike for him, stated (to paraphrase) “does anyone watch hockey anymore?”. Therefore, the games on NBC and Versus are announced with the “lowest common denominator” or casual fan in mind. The entire situation is unfortunate in my mind because hockey has the best product out there. And I think we noticed that much to our dismay some of the (to put it diplomatically) officiating inconsistencies in the playoffs served as proof that the strategy has been to market the next great player (i.e. Crosby) more than it has been to market the sport.

    But, back to New York. The fact that any of us are reading a blog about our team in the middle of August and the fact that the Rangers continually do well in attendance (even when the team wasn’t doing well) points to the fact that the Rangers organization as a whole is somewhat insulated from the success and failure of the league as a whole. (In a way, and not to take sides, isn’t that what the lawsuit about the team’s website really centers on- it generates revenue and the league wants to get it’s hands on it).

    Thus, not only are these games announced with a painful simplicity- they are also announced / covered with an eye towards attracting the casual fan from that smaller-to-mid market, not highlighting how the Rangers or Kings (ok, presuming the Kings were a playoff team) are doing.

    I’d also add that when you look at some of the guys who are pundits out there, they are either played on rivals of the Rangers, were possibly snubbed coaching or other positions with the team at some point- or even hail from somewhere on the farmlands of Canada and just don’t tend to like the “Big City”. I don’t know how many of those prior categories Barry Melrose falls into, but you could tell that having him say anything positive about the Rangers wasn’t in the cards (and when he finally did at the beginning of last season- it should probably been seen as a sign that expectations were too high).

  7. NYRNAtion_Tom on

    Games on NBC are good news for all of us faithful fans that live in other states. :)

  8. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Center Ice is a great thing. I also subscribe to the ‘out of region’ sports package so I get MSG for the pre-game and post-game shows and the other good stuff on the Rangers. Love the DVR – fast-forward past the Ranger bashing on VS and NBC.

  9. Eh, its no big deal, i like hearing Doc Emricks voice cracking during a big moment in the game.

    I just hate Verses, when Beninati (The Caps Announcer) does Nyr games.

    Plus i feel bad for Nyr fans outside of New York who cant watch the games, so its good for them. Plus Sam is good, but he’s like Shanny, you shouldn’t play him all season long or else he might get a little rusty, like when he says something like “Shanaway i mean Shanahan on a breakaway” or when he mixes up Callahan with Shanahan, or Avery with Pruchs, and even Sam to when he says something like “Jagr breaks his shit………stick”

    Point being, these guys need a break every now and then.

    I just really hope Trautwig does Nyr road and home games all year long, cause i cant stand how MSG gave his job to Gianone, i don’t know what it is aboot him but i don’t like him. I prefer Trautwig, plus he’s a lot funnier when he battles with Gomer in an interview. Gianone acts like a little baby and lets Gomer bash him.

    Im looking forward to another year of Stan Fishler changing his opinions on a player, or coach every few minutes. That guy cant stick to one opinion, it just keeps changing, and changing.

    Oh well, still dying to see the ol’ gang screw up. Makes the broadcasts fantastic.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Heck, the NHL does not like the Rangers. Why would anyone expect writers or fans to like them? Does anyone really think that anyone but Ranger fans were outraged at the absurd officiating during the Pittsburgh series last season? The NHL were not the only ones that wanted to see Sidney in the finals…… did Vs., NBC, CBC, TSN and the NHL Network. How else can you explain the All Crosby-All The Time programming? It’s the Rangers and us against the NHL world, and it will always be that way.

  11. 1. Fishler is like that Grandparent who gets to tell stories at Thanksgiving that make no sense…but no one seems to mention / interject out of respect. That’s fine for inter-family meals etc., but why subject us to him on a routine basis?

    2. Back to Crosby – why bend over backwards for him at the expense of angering existing fans, especially in larger markets?

  12. Yeah don’t get me wrong Sam and Joe are great, id prefer hearing them every game, and i do miss JD but Sam is hilarious.

    It was great when Pamela Anderson was at the game against the Nucks, and Joe was pretty much saying that Sam was in love with her at one point, and Sam could barely go on with the game cause he couldn’t stop laughing. Funny moment.

    And i meant Joe who said that “Shit” thing, its on youtube.

  13. Sam, what about the game against SC Bern and the Victoria Cup game? Will those games be televised in the U.S.?

    No one seems to have any information on these games and whether they’ll be broadcast here.

    And what about the other game in Prague, against the Lightning, the Oct. 4 game..? Will that game be on MSG or something???

  14. I can understand why people are poo-pooing the Rangers. There are no stars on the team. In a city that craves the big star, there is nothing but the mute Drury, and affable Gomez to lead the most important U.S. based team in the NHL. And this will be the downfall of the NHL. How Jaromir Jagr is not in the NHL blows my mind. What legit league lets its best players go overseas? Jaromir Jagr is STILL one of the 10 best players in the NHL, and he is GONE!!! Gary Bettman (as if I have to tell people he is a buffoon running the NHL) has done more to set hockey back than global warming ever will. His agenda for expansion has not only introduced lousy players who have no business in the NHL, it has actually expelled its best players. And for what? We lost an entire season to institute a salary cap that is gonna do nothing but dilute the talent in what has become a fledgling league anyway. Embarrassing. . . . . and to Jaromir Jagr fans tragic. So, let’s not cry about writers dissing the signing of Wade Redden. Let’s wait for the writers to scribe the comical farce that is known as the NHL. THEN you will have something to piss and moan about.

  15. HockeymanRangers on

    This is for some of you out of state Rangers Fans, I seen post above here. Can’t any of you get Center Ice???? I live in PA and get the CI and love it. Can’t imagine what I would do with out it. I think it is worth every penny. I like b/c you can watch several different games a night. Well of coarse, unless the Rangers are on and it stays on Rangers. But you can find the better game of the night, or you can watch the last minutes of close games. I don’t think I missed but only 4 or 5 Rangers games last year. Wow I just realized I just posted a pretty good commercial, “Hey Center Ice I’ll take a free season”. But any way check it out fans.

  16. JEFF L

    MSG will definitely cover that game, its a regular season game. I wouldn’t worry aboot it.

    As for the Victoria Cup, i think it might get televised, i mean MSG aired the Panthers vs Rangers pre seaso ngame in Puerto Rico in 06-07, so this might get aired.

    Unless that team doesn’t wanna get televised in the US, which would be kinda weird.

    Who knows.

  17. I don’t agree – What do sports fan even have to watch during the fall and winter, other than football on the weekends?

    Forget Tiger Woods sitting in his ivory tower.

    Hockey is the greatest sport bar none. Face-to-face, no corners to hide, full-contact, hard ice with a heavy rubber puck which I can barely hang on to when on the ice. This and maybe football are the roughest, toughest sports to play, but hockey players do it 82 games a season! Not 16. And they play their rivals 8 games a season and in the playoffs.

    Who cares if viewership or ratings are down. Hockey has always been a nitch sport and personally I like it that way, makes the games live that much better, because the ones who are there understand and have passion for the sport.

  18. I hate listening to Emrick and the VS guys. I miss back in the days (late 80s/early 90s) when all the playoff games were on MSG.

    My friends and i felt during the Pitt series like we were watching PITTs network, it was so biased it was ridiculous, and Emrick is a native of Pitt. It feels dirty having him call Rangers games.

    The NHL and good ole’ boys definitely do not like NY, it’s always been that way dating back to the days of the regional draft (why Montreal won so many Cups) and when the Rangers had to play games in Tor in the finals do to the circus. Renney and Dubi have spoke about this attitude very diplomatically in interviews. It’s a jealousy thing too cause the Rangers really have the best fans in all of NY.

    No stars? We don’t need no stars…..look what the 79 and 86 Rangers did with no stars (I’m not counting an old Esposito who was a very good and no longer elite player). Play as a team and shoot the damn puck on the PP and everything will be fine.

  19. as long as the games are broadcast in HD I don’t care who the announcers are. I’d listen to just about anybody.

  20. I’m pumped for the season…who cares what most people are saying…most are clueless!

  21. What is Jagr wearing for his jersey? He, being the historian that he is, maybe should wear 08 now to signify the new Russian invasion. If you recall, he wore 68 to commemorate (commiserate) the invasion of Prague by the Russians in 1968.

  22. Believe it or not, average attendance at NHL games was higher than the average attendance at NBA gameslast season. It’s lack of national media coverage that’s hurting.

  23. Excerpt from Dellapina over at Daily news RE; Shanny:

    “I haven’t spoken directly with any other teams,” Shanahan said. “But the ones that have contacted my agent have all been told the same thing: ‘My focus remains on working something out with New York and we’re still talking with Glen Sather.’”

    It remains difficult to see how Shanahan will fit back into a Rangers roster that has been significantly retooled this summer with the obvious goal of devoting the offensive ice time on the wings to newcomers Markus Naslund and Nikolai Zherdev and returning youngsters Ryan Callahan, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes.

    But Rangers GM Glen Sather has refused to close the door on a Shanahan return. And Shanahan remains determined to play a third season with the Rangers — even if it means taking a dramatic paycut from the $5 million he made last season to approximately $1 million.

    Shanahan has enrolled his three young children in a Manhattan private school. And he and his wife Catherine have determined that, no matter what, the family will live in the city this year.

    Shanahan has no interest in playing so far from New York that he will only see his family occasionally. And he is believed to have been offered a contract by the Devils and drawn interest from the Flyers — two options that would enable him to spend the time with his family he deems imperative.

    But how long can the Devils and Flyers — two of the Rangers’ most bitter rivals — patiently wait while Shanahan continues to profess his affection for the Rangers? Similarly, how many teams can continue to delay the final construction of their 2008-09 rosters while Shanahan waits until the very last minute to make sure that he gives a return to the Rangers every possible chance

  24. MikeyNJ….I think the story started by saying that JD in St Louis was interested. Please Shanny, anywhere but on Broadway. You da man and you are a 1st ballot HoFer, but please, your time has come.

    Also, heard McCabe going to FL.

    Any new light on Sundin? And let me throw this out there, is the difference between Sundin and Shanny THAT much? I mean my gut says yes, but they both old guys for the NHL.

  25. newman – I think the difference IS huge. Sundin’s body has held up better over the years. Shanny HAD a better scoring touch, and undoubtedly played with more skilled players.

    You know….if it weren’t for just one extra guy on the roster, I’d say, just sign him. I still don’t know why Rissmiller was brought in. And I don’t know why you would need 3 softies like prucha, dawes, and zherdev.

    To tell you the truth….I bet shanny could be as productive as prucha give the same opporunities (ice time, pp, etc) this season. And shanny is better defensively, and can be used in all situations.

    Just thinkin out loud here…any of it make sense?

  26. Oh no! I think I’m talking myself into wanting Shanny back. Could I really change my mind like that?

    I have a REAL GOOD feeling we’d regret it when March rolls around and he’s got his 20 goals on the board, but hasn’t registered a point in 16 games, and is a minus 7 over that span. It’s probably the biggest gamble slats could make at this point.

  27. I tried this before, and I don’t se eit so REPOST:

    Hey guys I know y’all hate advertising, so I’m doing this once. and not again. I hope it will be fun like the live chat we had here, and I want as many good posters to come as possible (and since I know several of you here have quality ideas and insights… Oh and it stinks that not only are the Rangers opening on my birthday in another country (so I can’t go, as is the yearly tradition, but now I am going ot have to watch it on VS!?!?!!?!?!)

    This is a reminder that we are having our first ever official live blog on “The Nation” @

    August 15th, this Friday at 7pm EST you can ask questions and throw comments at Sr. Editor Jonathan Ragus and such writers as Patrick Hoffman, Daniel Akeson and Scott Motin, etc.

  28. Newman: yeah it did. I got from the article that Shanny is really not interested anywhere else anyway. And If Sather doesnt Sign him, do you think he’ll have a problem finding ANY team that late in the summer? I know he’s Shanny, but if NY blows him off, not alot of time and space for other teams to come in and try to do something.

    Beer Me: I know I go back and forth on the Shanny issue almost every other day.
    I still wouldnt mind him on the team for one more year, and if Rissmiller was moved to give Shanny a spot on the roster, is the only real way I see him fitting now.

    Crazy Glen! You always keep us guessing what you’ll do next!

  29. VOGS

    Yup, i love walking down the street with my Rangers Lundqvist t-shirt, and people walk up to me saying “Why do you have a Texas Rangers shirt when your in New York, and who is Lundqvist ?” Barely anybody in my high school seen a hockey game. The funny thing is, kids today, they love fighting, and that is the only reason they would watch it, and thats for all the wrong reasons. I love fighting, and i don’t want it to go, but i hate when people say hockey’s just good for the fights. Its a fast game, and an awesome game. i don’t care aboot ratings, and people not caring aboot the sport like ESPN. I love this friggin fuggin sport, and always will !! I love walking down the street with a Rangers jersey, and nobody knowing what it is i have on.

    I don’t want things to change, i don’t care if we have ESPN or don’t/ I just wanna watch all 82 Nyr games, and hopefully a crap load up playoff games involving them, along with Center Ice, being able to watch other teams. Without hockey, im depressed !!!!! I may need to be on that show “Intervention” cause im so addicted to hockey, its scary.

  30. “im so addicted to hockey, its scary.”

    Comrade Orr

    I understand man….I just sit there staring out windows and birds and bugs flying around..sun goes up….sun goes down….no hockey…I hold the remote in my hand (I’M READY MAN!!)….but still no hockey….oh wait who’s that big ugly guy? Is it a hockey player?? no, its only neighbor lady….still no hockey

  31. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Amen to that!!!! Definitely going through hockey withdrawals for sure. I remember during the lockout I was watching college hockey just to get a fix. Well at least tonite at 8 we’ve got Fans Most Wanted All Time Team on MSG.

  32. I hear what you all are saying… but man, when the Rangers have a HUGE win and a picture of A-Rod clipping his toenails duirng the offseason is on the back of the Post the next morning, I want to kill myself.

  33. Broadway

    When the Rangers are in first place and dominant, like 1994, winning the Presidents Cup and just being amazing game in and game out, they will be back on the cover of The Post Sports section, but not until that happens again.

    I agree with you 100%, can’t stand it when the crappy Knicks get better coverage.

  34. Orr:

    When I was in high school, my sophomore year, 1988, my father got season tix. We took the transit from trenton every home game, it was a thrill back then.

    It was still the old Garden, before it became Dolanized and exploited to the point where every single dime was sucked out of every seat until the regular fan couldn’t go.

    The days of Chris Nilam, Kelly Kisio, Norm Maciver, John VBK, John Ogodnick, Brian Mullen, Willie Huber, Don Maloney, Ron Greshner – Carol Alt would come down the stands to her seats behind the Rangers net and the entire crowd would chant “Caaaarrrollll , Caaaarrrollll” Classic stuff.

  35. Norm Maciver and Willie Huber. Wow! Seeing those names just gave me the douche chills.

    Here’s a couple of more. Brian MaClennan, Larry Melnyk, Bill Goldsworthy, Gilles Gtratton, Gilles Marotte and sweat pants coach Jean-Guy Talbot.

  36. There’s an episode of FANS’ MOST WANTED: NY Rangers on MSG tonight at 8. They let fans vote on who they think are the Rangers all-time starting 6 and its got videos of this dream team’s best plays, fights, and a bunch of other stuff. Should be pretty good. All info here:

  37. How about names like Brian Lawton, Michele Petit, Miro Horova, Norman Rochefort, Dennis Vial, Jeff Bloemborg, Boris Rouson, Mark LaForest, and everyone’s favorite #44 pre-Hollweg…Per Djoos.

    I remember the first full season I watched, the Rangers had a good blue collar team (89-90) and were playing the Devils who were dominating them, then the Rangers came back and tied the game on a goal by Miro Horova out of all people and that was the turning point in the season when they took that division. If Leetch doesn’t hurt his ankle in Toronto, I think they could’ve beat the Caps with super John Druce and given the Bs a run for their money.

  38. Someone explain to me….FLA dumps Jokinen, at 29 he’s unwanted and too expensive but….they will trade for McCabe??? Logic police! Please help me

  39. There’s an episode of FANS’ MOST WANTED: NY Rangers on MSG tonight at 8. They let fans vote on who they think are the Rangers all-time starting 6 and its got videos of this dream team’s best plays, fights, and a bunch of other stuff. Should be pretty good. All info here:

    This makes me chuckle… If there was any real voting, I’m pretty sure someone around here would have heard about it… obviously picks by MSG brass.

  40. cwgatti – You’ve GOT to be kidding. Naslund not a star? Redden not a star? Gomez not a star? Then of course there’s Lundqvist who is definitely in the top five goaltenders in the league. Maybe even the top three. Zherdev, a former top-5 draft pick, is all but certain to net at least 30 goals now that he’s on a team more offensively motivated. In my book, he’s on the brink of stardom. Are they superstars like Jagr? No. But they’re certainly not the players to frown about.

    Actually, I think this is a fairly exciting team because there is A LOT of young potential on the team and in Hartford. If guys like Rissmiller, Voros and Kalanin don’t achieve, they’ll be on a one-way trip out of here. Guys like Korpokoski, Moore and Sanguinetti are just one injury away from making the team. And we get to start the year with Dubinsky, Staal, Callahan and Dawes already penciled in the lineup.

    Look, I was among the leading proponent for keeping Jagr in NY. I frankly wanted to see Jagr-Sundin skating top line. But just because they’re not there doesn’t mean this team is lacking in talent. In fact, I’d hedge a guess they’ll be one of the most competitive teams in the east; possibly even in the top three. The only teams I think have more talent are Montreal and Washington, with a small footnote for Philly. I’d say the only way the Rangers fall LOWER than the sixth seed they’ve been billed at is if LUNDQVIST goes down(knock on wood).

  41. cwgatti – You’ve GOT to be kidding. Naslund not a star? Redden not a star? Gomez not a star? Then of course there’s Lundqvist who is definitely in the top five goaltenders in the league. Maybe even the top three. Zherdev, a former top-5 draft pick, is all but certain to net at least 30 goals now that he’s on a team more offensively motivated. In my book, he’s on the brink of stardom. Are they superstars like Jagr? No. But they’re certainly not the players to frown about.

    I both agree and disagree. With your overall point, I think the Rangers ARE going to be a very exciting team. There’s nothing better than watching a team full of young guys work hard and *over* achieve (that’s what I expect). As far as Redden and Naslund being “stars,” i guess the meaning of star is subjective. Devils fans would call Parise and Elias “stars,” obviously us Rangers fans (having enjoyed Jagr 3 years) don’t have the same meaning and certainly a Capitals fan wouldn’t think Elias or Parise are TRUE stars. I, for one, don’t believe Redden or Gomez are stars but they are VERY GOOD players and I’m sure Gomez will do well. How will Redden be? Ouch, tough one…

    Concerning the Rangers “offensively motivated” team…ummm. Did you watch 06-07 or 07-08? The Rangers have become a defense first team, before our own eyes. Perhaps by “motivated” you meant young guys skating harder/faster or you meant a team focused on scoring more goals than last year?? Even so, I’d expect similar offensive production. There’s no way you can remove the 65 or so goals scored by Shanahan, Straka, and Jagr and say the team will definitely be a place zherdev will flourish. NZ may do really well…but he may also suffer similar fates as Prucha, Jagr, and Straka who all really took hits on their offensive games in order to play in a defense-first system.

    Just my perspective.

  42. I think every team has stars, but not every team has superstars, thats the difference. Oh yeah, and that stupid Fans Most Wanted BS last night was dumb, it was basically the same clips of players they showed over the last couple of episodes of the show. MSG is wasting our time this summer, give us interviews with new players instead of little league baseball BS, or at least give us the top ten best games of the year.

    Its almost over, training camp isn’t far away, pre season is nearly a month and change away, im trying to be patient here but im losing my friggin mind.


    TSN just reported that Pens D man Ryan Whitney is gonna have some foot surgery, and he’s gonna be out until at least January, ouch !

  43. Pre-NHL Center Ice, Vs. was the only way I could watch Ranger games…somehow ended up in Houston. Anyway, THaNK GOD FOR THAT PACKAGE!!!! I love it. Set my DVR, skip thru commercials and watch comfortably. I, post-center ice, HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE VS! Their commentary is sooooo bad and they always seem to bash the Rangers. I wasn’t sure what was worse, the announcers or the refs?

    The wait is making me crazy. BTW, no one thinks Drury is a star??

  44. Young Nikolai has the ability to be a star, he has the tools, and he has the talents as Winston Zeddemore would say. It’s up to him to use his gifts. Dawes is no longer a padwan anymore either, the force is strong with him, he must concentrate and use his powers wisely.

  45. RACHEL

    Did you ever notice on Verses, every time Nyr gets called for a penalty they usually never show the highlights, so you don’t even know if the penalty was a good call or a bad call. I don’t know that makes me awfully friggin paranoid at times, but eh. I always notice it.

    The worst was our final game against the Sabs which we won in the shootout thanks to Gomer. We took so many penalties in that game, we had two 5 on 3’s against, and we barely got anything, while the Sabs were getting away with a lot. That game pissed me off beyond belief, i still cant believe Nyr managed to win that game. Afinagenov had the chance to win it on a breakaway but Hank denied that ugly SOB, and then Dawes hit the post with 5 secs left. Damn what a game.

    All this talk is getting me more and more excited, i cant take it anymore, im ten seconds away from getting naked and streaking in the streets of Queens screaming “Hockey is almost here” of course everyone will think im talking aboot some escaped mental patient since they don’t know what hockey is, but eh.

  46. ORR

    “All this talk is getting me more and more excited, i cant take it anymore, im ten seconds away from getting naked and streaking in the streets of Queens screaming “Hockey is almost here” of course everyone will think im talking aboot some escaped mental patient since they don’t know what hockey is, but eh.”

    LMFAO!!!!!! Wow, that would be an event for all Ranger fans! Just don’t do it on Queens Blvd or you might get run over lol. GRRRRR I agree, the summer is wayyy too long.

    I hope the refs got bitch-slapped for their sloppy work.

  47. TSN is saying that Sundin wants to be a Ranger like i wanna date Maria Sharapova !! I gotta give that guy “Roc” from a lot of credit, he kept saying non stop that Nyr was gonna sign him, and everyone said he was dumb, but now it seems more and more like it will happen. Who knows. I just hope it happens now !! Enough waiting !!!


    I don’t wanna streak anymore, if i do it during the day, ill get hit by a car, and if i do it by night, i could get shot by some crazies. Ill just do some handstands in the shower, it’ll make me feel like a daredevil.

  48. I know i got this from Eklund but, i heard Sundin could be signed for as little a 2 million by the Rangers. I think that figure is a little too low but i really dont think it will be more then 4 million (the price of his buddy Naslund).

    If the Rangers land Sundin for 2-4 million it would be the “steal” of this off-season. Imagine landing Sundin for the price of trading Petr Prucha, Dan Fritsche, and Patrick Rismiller. Plus we would still receive draft picks for these guys as well as making room for Sundin

    If the Rangers could shed some of their forwards and leave their defense intact, we would be a very tough team to play against this year.

    Bringing in Sundin (while shedding some of their 3rd and 4th line forwards) opens up some reserve slots for the young guys to make a run at the roster as well. MAN, I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS !!!

  49. TSN is NOW saying that Mats’ agent is denying this, but says that he is talking to Nyr, and Philly, along with the Leafs, Nucks, and Habs, but i don’t know who the other team is.

    Round and round we goooo, weeeeeeeeeeee. When does it end !!!!!!!

    Im telling you, i was all for signing him, then out of nowhere i just didn’t care, now this morning i said it would be cool, now im back to not giving a flying fook. He’s getting on my nerves. I bet guys that had to retire cause of injuries are pissed off at Mats. He’s healthy, he can still put up goals, and points, and make players around him better. Just play the fuggin game !!! Who cares what team you go to, just pick one. Enough already !! I wanna start a dynasty in NHL 08, im tired of playing as the Wolf Pack !!!!

  50. CHRIS F

    I don’t agree with that, if anything we trade Rozi, and someone in Hartford fills in, and Kalinin will probably get injured, and maybe someone will steal his spot. No need to go out and get another. Unless we can get a nice return from trading Pruchs or who ever. Either way, i think Slats is done with D unless he does decide to trade Rozi and get a D man in return.

    Who knows what Slats will do. Maybe he wont do anything at all. I wonder what Shanny is doing. He’s probably getting ready for 7 P.M to watch “Hurl” on G4, like i am.

  51. why not Shanny at a Million?

    Leadership, and a sniper still.

    He is determined to play for the Rangers why not 1 more year on a limited basis..

  52. I love Shanny, but get over it – he’s done. Anyone who saw him play last year (sadly) knows that he finished the season a shell of his former self. Time to move on.

  53. Rachel

    I am offended by your use of the phrase “bitch-slapped.”

    ORR-I was at the BEER GARDEN yesterday and saw someone streak. Don’t ask me how you can get kicked out of the Bohemian garden, but it happened.

    Please no Mats Sundin

  54. i love how fans know when the players done. They know when they are done not us. I think he still has a little left.

  55. I think Shanny just needs to take it easier for the first half of the season – reduce the PK time, play him on 3rd or 4th line and save him for the PP where his shot can be of major use with Redden, Naslund and Gomez to feed him pucks.
    I think Renney let him dictate how much he could handle last year, this year (if he plays for us) Renney needs to give him a night off every now and then and play him a few less minutes a game to preserve him for when we would need his leadership the most.
    However, i think if Slats is lining up Sundin i can’t see him adding Shanny too – unless trading away 3rd liners is how he’s going to free up cap room. Are we going to end up having a few players who never make it into a uniform before they are traded away? (Rissmiller, Fritsche, Voros)?

  56. I’m pretty sure what’s holding up slats resigning Shanny, is the Sundin situation. I don’t like the idea of signing Sundin from a long-term perspective, obviously. I think him and Naslund and Zherdev could be something special though. I just don’t know if I want to find out the hard way. We’d have to move youth to bring in a guy for one year, possibly 2.

    If the reports are true that he honestly doesn’t know if he wants to play, then I say NAY. If it’s B.S., and he’s just trying to drive up the price (from the eastern teams), then it a different story. The indecision that was hanging over Jags was the main reason I did not want him back in NY. That same thought process applies with Mats.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see anything really though. Sundin in, Shanny out. Shanny in, Sundin out to Philly or MTL. Who knows? We’ll find out soon enough. We’re only 3.5 weeks away from camp.

    I’d hope to hear something this week. But I hope its before wednesday…I’m on vacation with no ‘net access the rest of the week!

  57. I’ll take Sundin but not if it means we have to dump Rozisval. Weakening our defense to add Sundin is a mistake.

  58. yup.

    We have such a solid front 4 dmen it’d be a shame to never see them hit the ice.

    Brooks is an a-hole. NO other paper on the continent is backing this artcile. Most offering the opinion that it doesn’t make sense.

  59. I really don’t have a problem with the announcers, I can tolerate them. The only thing I hate about Versus is the fact that their HD display is awful. The picture looks like shit compared to MSG. Versus really needs to step their HD game up.

  60. Let me rephrase that, I can tolerate the announcers, but I hate the fact that they’re so biased against the Rangers. Every national broadcast there is that NYR is apart of, the broadcasters talk about the other team endlessly, for example during the NYR/Penguins playoff matchup. It was horrible.

    But their play-by-play is decent. I’m still partial to Sam & Joe though, Joe’s gotten better.. but man do I miss good ol’ JD =[

  61. Play shanny 12 minutes a game instead of 20..

    he was coming off a injury, he is the ultimate pro. If he wants to play for peanuts they should sign him..

  62. It doesn’t seem that Sundin really wants to play for the Rangers..let alone at all. Shanny, on the other hand, does. I say go with the player that truly wants to be here…at a reasonable price of course.

    When do you think they will announce the new capt?

  63. Rachel
    Not offended-just giving it back to you. Re-you were offended by something sexist I said-LOL

  64. Re: Shanny

    I’ve got no problem with a curtain call for Shanahan. But as it is now, there’s a glut of forwards, at least three Hartford prospects ready to make the jump(Moore, Byers, Korpikoski) and three young guys who played last season in prime space to pick up serious minutes this season(Dubinsky, Dawes and Callahan).

    The top two lines will have this combination of players: Naslund, Gomez, Drury, Zherdev.

    The bottom two will have a combination of: Orr, Betts, Voros, Sjostrom, Rissmiller and Fritsche.

    Fill out these lines with: Dawes, Prucha, Dubinsky and Callahan and figure Jamtin wasn’t brought to North America to play in Hartford.

    That’s 15 forwards without Shanny or Sundin and considering none of the aforementioned rookies make the team. Adding Sundin means subtracting at least two from that list. Adding Shanny could be done without subtracting anyone, but who do you bench? And such a move would doom Korpikoski, Moore and Byers(plus Parenteau) to another year in Hartford. I’d love either/or, but at the price of benching who?

  65. I was looking at the schedule to see some of the national schedule and noticed that the idiots who run the website have screwed up again. The first two letters of each national network broadcaster are omitted, so Versus comes out as “RSUS” and CBC reads “C.” haha

    Also, I can’t imagine why the first two games of the season aren’t being nationally broadcast. Why are they waiting for the second games?

    Why isn’t MSG doing the top games again this summer? Those were great to watch weekly last year. MSG has turned into such a crappy place. At least there is an interview with Gomez on the NHL website (link from my name, since this might not post with a link).

  66. I’m seriously bored with this whole Sundin saga – its all rumours and hearsay. The only way to resolve it is hop on over to CNN studios and sit down with Larry King and hammer it all out.

    On a perconal note though – has anyone ever used ESPN on demand?
    I usually watch NHL games through a provider call North American Sports Network (which means i also get crappy stuff like NCAA basketball, Nascar and Lacrosse etc..). However with this new ESPN 360 NHL pass i can get 1000 live and on demand NHL games for about £70($130)which is half what the cable channel charge per year. It seems to be part of the Center Ice thing…according to the ads i’ve seen.

    Any thoughts? Anyone tried this online before?

  67. Broadway Blue on

    UK Ranger- if you can get Center Ice- get it. You’ll be able see all the regualr season & playoff games, not just NYR. Depending on the carrier, in the U.S. the cost for the season is less than $150.

  68. Thanks BB – i might just do that this year. I’ll get to see more Ranger games this way and i won’t have to put up with a schedule clogged up with sports i’ve no interest in.

    Price sounds about right too.

    Has Sundin signed yet….?

  69. tdchi:

    I was thinking about the forwards we have last night and the most glaring weakness I see up front is our size and style of play. Still very much a perimter team.

    Naslund, Zherdev, Gomez, Drury, Dawes, Callahan, Prucha, Dubinsky are our top three lines. I don’t see any size there whatsoever, other than Dubinsky.

    Whereas when you look at most other teams in the league, they have much more size than we do up front. Shanny would bring some added “umph” to the front, but not much more.

    If he does sign, I think it will be after camp, after the Rangers see what they have on the ice.

    However I do like having Voros and Orr on the team and in the lineup at the same time. But we’ll miss Strudwick and Avery.

    I think the team right now is a bit soft, adding Shanahan would at least offset some of that.

  70. Derf (The Real One) on

    tdchi & vogs –

    you guys both make great arguments about shanny.

    One thing i’ll add… WITHOUT SUNDIN… you have Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, and arguably prucha, callahan, dawes, etc.

    If shanny came back – he’s not the first line winger – without question. But he’s had a great run playing with Gomez..and i can see him working well with Drury too. If sundin doesn’t sign.. i dont see anything wrong with him signing 1 more year.

    Look at it this way:


    then u have dawes & callahan who are both capable of playing with dubinsky thats a good solid 15-15-15 scoring line.

    Nothing against the Korpedo… or Byers… or anything like that. But Korpedo played 1 game…just because he scored a goal doesn’t mean he’s gunna be on pace for an 82-goal season.

    These guys are shining in Hartford and they might be 10-15 goal scorers here…but the fact is we have a brand new team and throwing shanahan into the equation could only help. He’ll sign cheap… he’s this team’s leader… he can still be effective point-shooter on the powerplay or a back-door guy down low… and he’s never failed to score 20 goals.

    I don’t see how Korpedo, Byers, Moore etc.. has any guarantee to be better than shanahan. Even if they out-score him…nobody matches shanny’s presence on the ice. Leave Fritche, Betts, Orr, Rismiller to battle for line 4.

  71. vogs – agreed on the lack of size. Something that needed attention this offseason, and we didn’t get much of it.

    Voros plays very big. He saw some time with Gaborik last season, actually the majority of his time was spent there. Coulda been a ‘lightning in a bottle’ thing. But he CAN skate.

    Like all 30 gm’s will tell you, if you want something in July, you overpay for it. Les Jackson admitted that they overpaid for Avery, and that was expected. Malone got way too much also. THAT was the size I woulda like to see added.

  72. Vogs and Derf,

    You guys really think Prucha is an automatic insert into the lineup? We lost Jags, Avery, and a few others and added Naslund, Zherdev, and about 5 other guys who are bigger and fiercer than Prucha, though clearly not the scorer Prucha USED to be.

    Now you are inserting into Prucha on the 2nd or 3rd line like it’s a no-brainer.

    I just don’t see that guys…sorry. I mean Prucha rode the pine last year while the Korpedo played in the playoffs. What’s that tell you? And if Shanny or Sundin were to put on a sweater? Sorry, Prucha just not getting it done and is probably much better trade bait than anything else right now. IMHO.

  73. I don’t think you can write 1/2 the names on the lineup card yet. There are only a few garuntee’s up front.

    gomer, dru, Z, Nas & Dubi. EVERYONE else could be beat out for a spot. I double checked, and I’m not missing anyone. Not to say I don’t like some of the other guys, but there BETTER be competition for them to perform. Or it doesn’t say much about the state of the Rangers.

  74. Is it just me or does it seem like there’s just too many pieces to be moved IF Sundin is indeed going to be fit in… I mean no other team is going to go out of their way to help us gain the cap space to fit him in… quite the opposite.

    A big salary would have to be moved and then we’d also have to figure out some odd line combos with one center moving to a wing.

    I know Zip’s been talking about it but I just don’t see it.

  75. somewhere along the line I saw someone mention Byers. If I’m not mistaken, he had some type of surgery and won’t be ready for camp. I may be wrong, it coulda been Sauer. I don’t remember. Feel free to check on that!

    Also, sorry to bring content unrelated to hockey/sports completely. But is anyone familiar with Newfoundland Breeders in the NY, NJ, CT, DEL, PA area’s? Looking for a dog that resembles a bear, and thought I’d reach out to the Rangers community. Thanks, and sorry again.

  76. Riche’ – I agree that teams wouldn’t want to ‘help’ us. But if your team could pick up Prucha for a 6th round pick, cause the NYR are in ’emergency mode’, you HAVE to do it.

  77. Beer Me…

    Agreed about Prucha but what does that free up? 1.5? We’re still way short by my bad math.

    We would also have to move someone to wing right? (Gomer, Dubi, Drury) I wouldn’t want to see that even if Drury has played wing before. Wasn’t he our best center at winning face-offs?


    Why not ?? Pruchs can go right into the 3rd line with Dubi & Cally. He had 8 goals or so, isn’t that what Cally had ? Maybe that line will do something good, especially if Dubi really is the future star everyone is making him out to be, then he shouldn’t have a problem with those two on his wing, setting them up.

  79. How could Sundin come to us for $2M when he has the equivalent of $5M per year from the Canucks- wouldn’t the players union step in or something like that?


  80. Thanks alot Mikey!

    Riche’, apparently we have about $2mil avail right now. I don’t know where its coming from, but as far as I’ve seen, that’s the deal. So moving Prucha’s 1.5, and someone, say, sjostrom, would give us the $4mil or so to give him a shot to play with naslund (& hank). I’m not saying it makes sense! but that’s what the word is. It’s all a waste of time to discuss…I HOPE.

  81. I thought the 2m we had avail wasn’t really 2 because of bonuses for Shanny from last season no?

    I’m not sure so I definitely could be wrong.

    I hope it’s all a waste of time discussing too!!!

  82. Beer Me: no problem

    I really hope all this Sundin talk is a waste of time too.

    Give Shanny the one year deal for bargain basement prices and lets see who competes for spots in Camp and be done with this already.

    Players def on the roster: Hank, Valli, Gomer, Dru, Dubi, NAslund, Zherdev, Redden, Staal, Girardi, Rosi.

    Sign Shanny, dump one of the new signings to Hartford, let the Pack prospects fight it out in camp, and make the final decision on the lines and full roster when we are playing the exhibition games in Sweden or Switzerland (Forget where there gonna be exactly)

    cant be October soon enough

  83. Newman-

    Actually I was just throwing out names. Prucha is under contract, he’s on the roster and will be at camp I presume, so therefore he has every chance of making the team, although I think his lack of size really hurts him, without Jagr and Straka scoring goals, the Rangers will need much more a team approach to the season, and I am not sure Prucha will be in there.

    Beer – I like the Voros signing. I like his story, but he’s not going to play on the top two lines, so what we lost with Avery that we gained in Voros will be minimal because Voros won’t be out on the ice in the situations where Avery was. I think that makes us softer. And I think the days of Shanny dropping em with BRashears are over as well. We lost that element with Avery. He beat up RIchards, he beat up Tucker, he beat up Malone, that’s tough to replace.

  84. I am looking forwward to seeing if these kids Weiss, Del Zotto, Grachev and Sanguetti work out.

    Sanguetti is a big kid, he’s about 6’3″ and I think will fill-out to about 220 or 230, that is a good size for a puck moving defenseman. He doesn’t look like a Tom Poti, he might not be a big hitter, but if he learns how to use his size correctly we could have a real good defenseman on our hands.

    Grachev is a big, strong kid already at 18 and he wants to play in the NHL, I like his mental approach. After watching him skate on Rangers on Demand he has some good hands and can skate. I’m hoping he turns into a solid power forward for us. Not too many russian power forwards out there, he would be in the minority.

    Russian power forwards off the top of my head… Antropov, Kozlov, Zubrus, Frolov..that would be nice.

    Weiss – kid has a chip on his shoulder and can skate, don’t know if he has the hands.

  85. Sauer had the surgery, not Byers. Sauer hurt his ACL. It’s a shame, he has good hockey sense and fits the stay-at-home dman the Rangers needs, but his problem has been injuries. He’s already had concussion, knee, and shoulder problems. I hope he pans out.

  86. I know that you guys probably already have ranted and raved, but I have to say that I am really PO’d with Dubi…..I use to get my fix of the Rangers and loved reading the message board……he is acting like a freakin 4 year old (sorry about the outburst….I had to delete some stuff) Thanks Sam for letting us congregate here!

  87. VOGS

    You say that now, but did you expect Prucha to play on the 4th line, and Dubinsky to play with Jagr ??

    You cant say anything right now, cause with Nyr there’s always something that doesn’t work out.

    Id love to sign Sundin, but i wouldn’t want that to happen if it made Gomer feel betrayed. I would hope he would be a classy guy and be happy with it, but if he’s not, then that may cause problems, in my opinion. But id love to see the lineup like this…

    Zherdev – Sundin – Naslund
    Drury – Gomez – Dawes
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Prucha (If Still On The Team) / Prospect (Korpikoski) / Sjostrom
    Voros – Betts – Sjostrom / Orr / Rismiller / Byers / Moore

    What ever. If Shanny signs then its pretty much the same thing, exact Shanny is on 2nd line wing, and Drury is back on center, with Dawes still on the line.

    Anyway, MSGNY comes back this Monday. They’ve been gone for aboot a week or two, so they better have something Ranger related !!

  88. ERIC

    Yeah everyone talked aboot that aboot 2 weeks ago. No need to waste our time on that loser Dubi any longer. This site blows away BB and any other blog, plus Sam is funnier, and doesn’t have loser-ish cheap pops like Dubi. This blog is the way to go, and its free, the way it should be.

  89. TIMAY
    “Not offended-just giving it back to you. Re-you were offended by something sexist I said-LOL”

    Not sensitive to sexist comments, just the fat jokes lol.
    You r adorable =o)

  90. For anybody who does not get the Rangers Insider, here’s something in which you should be interested. MSG is having a *summer merchandise sale* at the MSG box office area on Wednesday (2:00 to 6:00), Thursday (10:00 to 3:00), and Friday (10:00 to 6:00). They say “UP TO 90% OFF all Knicks, Rangers, Liberty and MSG Merchandise including hats, t-shirts, jackets, fleece, jerseys and novelties,” but the 90% will probably be on stuff that nobody wants, haha. I think I’m gonna go check it out anyway since I have some free time this week.

    I guess that qualifies as Rangers news. :)

  91. Vogs – agreed with voros. Also looking forward to Grachev.

    mike A – thanks for the clarification…couldn’t remember, and too lazy to look it up!

    Pig – maybe they can FINALLY sell those 3 Kevin Weeks jerseys that have been layin around for 2 years!

  92. not being willing to pay $30 for a magazine & a blog is a choice. Remember Sam gets paid by his paper. How does Dubi get paid? If you’re too cheap or can’t afford it, that’s your problem. Stop crying already. It’s free here.

  93. Just received an emailed picture from a friend in Wisconsin; a chuch has a big sign out front with mass times, bingo nites etc written along the bottom….but written across the whole face is:


  94. Vogs – PRUCHA is the Rangers’ riddle wrapped in a conundrum, which I just can’t seem to solve. The guy has MEAN skills and can take an utter pounding on the ice, but still tick. He’s ideal for the PP, because he has sweet hands and great accuracy. Yet in 2006, he was divorced from Jagr’s line, where he scored many of his 30 goals. And then last year, he barely skated; when he did, it wasn’t on the PP. Some here have blamed his precipitous drop in production on the fact SHANAHAN was eating all his minutes. I’m not 100 percent sold on that concept, but it sounds vaguely like the truth. It also sounds suspiciously like the Ranger staff has lost confidence in him. Either way, I had pegged him as a goner before the trade deadline, figuring he and MONTOYA would make a nice package…I was wrong…then I figured draft day would be the Prucha parting party…I was wrong again…now I just can’t seem to find a space for this guy in the lineup. He seems like the most logical guy to move, were Sather to make an honest go at SUNDIN. Moving him and Betts would open up $2.3 million, which when added to the present $2 million of cap space might be enough to net Sundin. So I guess I’ll make my third ill-fated prediction with PP: He ain’t going to be on the opening day roster.

    Re: Sanguinetti – He’s that big? I thought he was like 6’2 200. If he has(or will) fill out 6’3 and 220, the Rangers are going to have a nasty blue line in a year. Sangs is a fluid skater and looked every bit ready to play at the NHL level last year when I saw him against the P-Bruins.

    Orr – this is GOMER’s team, plain and simple. Even if they sign Sundin to a two-year deal(which I think is highly doubtful), Gomez will outlive his contract by two years. There are only three guys signed through 2013: Redden Lundqvist and Gomer. So I doubt there would be any hard cheese. Gomez doesn’t really seem like a guy that likes the spotlight too much anyway.

  95. Prucha is surely a riddle. All we can do as fans is speculate as to what the reason for his decline in production/ice time may be. But its all a guess from our perspective.

    If anyone is so inclined, they could try to track which decreased first. The production or the ice time. The arrival of Shannahan? Who knows. Could it be that Prucha dogs it in practice IN COMPARISON to the other guys he’s battling with? Not doing everything the staff asks of him?

    To me, it seems like players in this system are rewarded not only for on ice production, but what they contribute off the ice. See: Ryan Hollweg, Strudwick, etc. That works in the reverse too.

  96. Sather always has something up his sleeve. There is always a possibility that Shanahan signs in January for 1.5 million, I think it would be less than 1 mil cap hit for the remainder of the season. He would be fresh and able to help us for the (hopefully)long playoff march. No news today so I had to add somethin different.

  97. Anyone get the NHL Network? It shows old school games and a bunch of other cool shit. I’m goona get that or the Center Ice package. Anyone have any suggestions BTW Versus sucks tell Pierre Mcgwuire and the rest of the VS crew to get off crosbys mincia

  98. Beer Me! – That is a very strange retirement. We’ll have to see what happens coming up to realize what the reason is.

    I don’t think Strudwick can walk around anonymously with that ‘stache on his face. :)

    I think Prucha’s production fell first, at the end of his rookie season, after he was injured. Obviously, he put up some decent numbers in his second season, but that’s when Shanny was brought in, so that contributed, as well. I can’t understand why he did so badly this past season, however. I hope it all works out for him, for the good of himself and the team, and he can start pumping in goals again, especially on the power play.

  99. Hey Beer me
    ever read a guys comments and feel good (rangers will be better because Jagr is gone) but then right above it is a statement that Alex tanguay us a “huge” pick-up for HABS….if he was so “huge” why is everyone running him out of town every year? Because he’s soft thats why

  100. did you ask me a question and answer it yourself? haha

    I actually think, from a habs perspective, he IS a ‘huge pickup’. When you can’t land Hossa, Sundin, or anyone else they chased, you take what you can get!

    I think Tanguay is another guy (similar to drury) that people just have too high expectations for. It’s often not the players fault. Sure, there’s times it IS. But not as often as the media creates it.

  101. Broadway Blue on

    Since everyone is craving some new Rangers news, Hockey Buzz- & yes I know we have to consider the source, notes the Sundin to NYR has moved along to the point where NYR has the moves in place needed to create the Cap space. While I realize Eklund hasn’t been correct with any of his “scoops”, assuming there his some merit to his claim, who do we think will be on the move? From my perspective it might be Roszival and/or Prucha to a team like St. Louis or Edmonton. NYR would need a defensive body in return. Other thoughts.

  102. “While I realize Eklund hasn’t been correct with any of his “scoops”, assuming there his some merit to his claim”…

    And we should be making that assumption…why?

  103. Kaspar – I used to like you. Not no more!

    See you fella’s monday. Upstate fishing trip is just 20min away!

  104. LOL

    Eklund said two days ago that a “source” AKA is delusional grandfather, told him that the Habs are very close to a deal. Theeen he said that the Nucks are very close to a deal, lol, and now it Nyr who’s close. Gimme a break, gimme a break of that kit kat bar.

    Anyway i have a feeling this will drag on longer all the way up to September. Has it been 20 days already since his “deadline” ?? Hey, at least time is flying, its about a month until pre season. Stay strong, its almost here.

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