Islanders go with Scott Gordon


The Islanders tabbed Scott Gordon, the AHL coach of the year with the Providence Bruins, as their new head coach tonight — bypassing well-traveled finalists Bob Hartley and Paul Maurice.

The move can be considered a bit of a gamble, but maybe not when you consider it is consistent with the team’s stated goal of developing from within. Whether the franchise has players worth developing is a topic for another day….


In other news, congratulations to Brian Leetch and Mike Richter, both of whom will be inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in October.

Are these the two best American-born players at their respective positions? No contest, right?

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  1. I’m a Ranger fan because of Mike Richter. Congratulations to both Richter and Brian Leetch.

  2. I remember when Leetch and Richter first came up….another great achievement for two guys who have made both NY and the US proud.

  3. that guy who loves the rangers on

    Tony from AZ you are my official hero for that Gordons Fisherman line lol

  4. I believe you are correct Sam. Both players ARE the best American born in their respective positions. For now anyway.

    Tony…brilliant man. Brilliant.

  5. Hockeymanrangers on

    We must all bow down before Tony, Gordon’s fish stick’s that is classic.I can hear the crowd now at the first Islander game. Awesome!!! Leacher and Richter inducties that is so cool, proud moments for us Rangers fans.

    Who can tell me the date when training camp starts?????

  6. LOL Tony that was Great!!!!! Congrats to Leetch and Richter very well deserved. Two of my favorite rangers players

  7. The fishsticks are even more of a joke than they were last year, and the year before that, and the year before that… ahahahaha!

  8. I THINK that camp starts on 9/11 for prospects, and the rest of the team arrives 9/13. It was from Zipay that I saw that info. Just depends on how good my memory is.

    Crazy as it may seem, that only gives the team SEVEN days to gather ANY chemistry before the 1st preseason game vs Ott on the 20th. And just over 2 weeks before heading to Europe.

    Seems like a tall order coming from The Brass to make this happen in a short amount of time. Lets not forget that when Ott is beating our asses.

  9. Don’t want to start trouble but Chelios definitely gives Leetch a run for his money, and there are plenty of people who’d give the nod to Barrasso. Both are pretty much tossups i suspect.

  10. russ – A valid point with Chelios. But he never had the offensive production that Leetch had. Chelios surprisingly (to me anyway) ‘only’ has 2 cups. Playing with MTL and DET for so long, I thought it’d be more. But he does have 3 Norris trophies. And was/is a better leader than Brian. I’d still give it to Leetchy. With Chelios VERy close behind, and Housley pulling up the rear.

    On Barasso…I disagree. I guess as a member of the American HOF he’s good enough. But if we were talking IHOF, it would take a VERY weak class for him to get in.

  11. Hockeymanrangers on

    Thanks Beer Me.
    Wow! Basically one month away, looking forward to Sam’s insights on the practices and hopefully some locker room jiberish as well. I think I might be able to make that long, maybe.

    Yea I hear what your saying, Beer me, that doesn’t give all these new players anytime to gel with each other at all. Oh well! I guess that’s why they have the preseason.

  12. hahahaha
    One good line a year & I’m a hero – LOL

  13. Beer me,
    It’s understandable, I mean, who the hell would expect a player who won a Stanley Cup in 86 win another one 22 years later.

  14. haha…yeah. I mean that really is incredible the longevity that this guy has. His home life must friggin suck. lol

  15. Ok
    I admit, I pose one time for the fisherman logo; next to getting butt kicked by Malik in vancouver this was my worst moment.

  16. Its gonna suck not seeing Torts’ blow outs for a whole year, but at least he’s not with the Isles. Even if he ruins them, he’s one of my fav coaches, i don’t wanna see him with the Isles.

    Nice to see has an article on Rangers prospects. I really hope Artie, or Korpedo can make the team.

  17. Beer me,
    With regard to the larger HHOF, both Chelios and Leetch are going to be in someday. Neither Richter or Barrasso will ever be.

  18. Russ –

    Are you serous? Richter never to be in the HHOF?

    I know the guy didn’t have the best stats but IMHO I think he is defitily eventually getting the nod.

    Barasso, I don’t think so…


  19. Kaspar & Tony-

    I just peed my pants a little when picturing Kasparaitis on a box of frozen fish sticks. How long before that corporate sponsorship takes with his goofy mugshot?


  20. I think Leetch is definitely the best US Born D man, for sure. Im not saying that cause he’s a Ranger, or maybe i am. But eh, Chelios is good, but i think people are giving him that title just cause the guy cant retire. He’s good though, both of them are.

    As for Richter, i think he’ll squeeze in eventually.


    Does anyone know if MSGNY got cancelled or something ?? I haven’t seen it on MSG in aboot a week.

  21. LMFAO!!! I REALLY needed that laugh. At the end of the day, at least we can still abuse the fishsticks lol.

    So proud of Richter & Leetch. My fave player growing up was Richter. Such a wonderful moment in our history!

    How many days til Oct 4th??? Can’t wait.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike D, Richter will never get the nod. He never won any NHL hardware besides the one cup. His only NHL “award” was the All-star MVP for that year. Never. Look how long it took Glenn Anderson to get in. Richter is never getting there. The one thing he has going for him is his international play, and since it is the HOCKEY hall of fame, and not the NHL hall of fame, he might stand a chance because of his 1996 World Cup MVP, and 2002 Olympic Silver. However, two tournaments does not a Hall of Famer make.

    I think Barrasso has the edge over Richter. Came straight out of high school, two cups, the Calder, a Vezina, 2nd most wins by an American goaltender. Richter has one cup, and not even a Vezina nomination in his entire career. Fourth place goes to the Beezer.

    Fourth? What happened to third? Richter was third. Barrasso is 2nd. #1 American born goaltender is “Mr. Zero” Francis Brimsek. Look him up.

    I think as far as American-born defenders go, I think I would probably have to give it to Chelly, but if you asked me a different day, I would say Leetch. In other words, it’s really close. A relatively close third goes to Phil Housley.

  23. First off, congrats to #2 & # 35. Well deserved, and I agree Leetch should be ahead of Chelios on the who’se better depth chart.
    Re: the fishsticks. This smells like a move by an incompatent, insecure GM, who didn’t want an experienced NHL coach telling him how bad a GM he is, how the team he assembled has cellar door material written all over it, and how his youth in the system for the most part, stink. UGLY in Uniondale.

  24. we don’t want the fish to be too bad don’t want them getting Tavares or some other hotshot. 10th from bottom would be perfect

  25. Haha, there’s a poll at of which Rangers prosepct has the best shot of cracking the lineup and Cherepanov leads by a large margin….wow, do these people know anything?

  26. LIJOE – good thinkin.

    MikeA – I saw that yesterday too. Morons I tell ya!

    Barrasso’s career was on the decline after his cups with Pitt. His hardware was won in his rookie season. After the cups, if I were to just look at stats, it looks like he ended up playing the next 8-10 seasons as a backup. Not good enough to make the HHOF.

    Richter probably isn’t a 1st ballot guy. But I think he’ll eventually get in.

    I would LOVE to see some kind of ‘news’ today. Anything. Please!

  27. we really won’t underachieve. we are borderline playoff team only because many in east are worse

  28. The Hockey News Yearbook is out & I take issue with their predicting NYR for 6th in the East. I’m puzzled in their rating Washington #3 (& not just because they’re predicted them to be a division winner) & Ottawa 5th. It appears almost to the man, the Hockey News analysts don’t think much of Wade Redden & the moves Sather made during the summer. I, on the otherhand, am cautiously optimistic about the changes. Despite all the criticism, Redden remains an outstanding outlet passer & can’t wait to see Zherdev playing with Gomez. Staal, with a year’s experience under his belt will be that much more effective. I think the team will be moving the puck more quickly & will be exerting much more pressure in the offensive zone. I may be way off base, but I see NYR & Philadelphia almost as equals, but with the Rangers having a distinct advantage in goal.
    Lundqvist is rated as the League’s 2nd best goalie, behind Luongo & rated #14 of the THN’s top 50 players.

  29. Pavel said:

    “The fishsticks are even more of a joke than they were last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…”

    Are you serious? They’ve got Bill Guerin and Doug Weight leading the charge…They got Brandon Witt laying the checks on the blueline…and now Mark Streit’s cannon at point?…And then might I remind you they have DiPietro and an AHL coach behind the…Bah…I can’t do it even sarcastically. This is one of the worst, most future-free teams I’ve seen in some time. There roster reads like the old-timers game-meets the Bridgeport Soundtigers-meets my beer league team. What a disaster.

    If the the Rangers don’t mop the ice with this team, there are problems in Gardenland.

  30. tdchi – but the problem will be if they are really bad they’ll get a great player in the draft. so root for them to win some games enough to be mediocre

  31. You know, I don’t necessarily disagree with that assessment by the THN blogger that the Rangers were close to being conference contenders last year. I never felt like the team was that far away from beating Pittburgh – the debacle of a loss in Game 1, the 2-0 Game 2(w/empty netter), and Hollweg’s bonehead penalty in Game 3.

    Its water under the bridge but I thought last years team with a strategic signing or two could have put the team in a good position for 2008-2009. Longer term, I hope Redden and Zherdev live up to expectations but as I look at the team in August, on paper (which doesn’t mean anything), I feel like the overall skill level is marginally lower with almost as many question marks.

  32. Isles have sucked for the last two seasons and nearly dominated Nyr those two seasons.

    I don’t know why, but Nyi plays there best hockey against Nyr, i never look forward to the games, cause something always goes wrong, it pisses me off.

    I just hope we can bitch around the Devils like we did last season, that would be just awesome.

    We were the best in the Atlantic against the division, hopefully Nyr can keep that up.

  33. Has anyone been contacted by the Rangers yet regarding new Season Tickets and Partial Season plans?

  34. Jason- here’s the lowdown on NYR seasons tickets: seems the U.S. Dept. of Justice made a surprise inspection & found MSG was not in compliance with all the ADA (American’s with diabilities)statues. In order to conform to the required compliance, MSG had to eliminate some 200 seats from the arena. Based on such, the partial seasons holders be suffer. Normally, those with a partial plan the previous year (like me) would be offered the seats for the full year. But, due to the elimination of the 200 seats, season’s subscriptions will be handled as follows, in this order: 1)renewals of full season subscribers plus any additional seats they may want, 2) relocation of those full seasons subscribers needing to be relocated due to the seat removal, 3)& not yet, invoices will be sent to partial season subscribers, but only for a partial plan. So if any partial subscriber was planning or hoping to get the full season (like me, again), they will have to wait for the “smoke to clear” so to speak & then find out if any seats remain for the full season. Whew, that’s the story.

  35. Amen to that, LI Joe

    …especially with John Tavares swinging into the draft…But they do have decent tender. And Okoposo should ensure they’re not in the bottom five…but it’ll be close, IMO.

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