Favre to Jets is like Lafleur to Rangers


You can see the similarities, right? A legendary, certain Hall of Famer, long associated with one team, comes out of retirement to play in  New York.

Of course, I’m pretty sure “Brett Favre will have to wear a helmet”:http://jets.lohudblogs.com/.

Meanwhile, I can’t really call myself a long-suffering Jets fan, since I haven’t paid attention enough the past few years to really suffer. But this latest twist certainly has my attention.

OK, this concludes what will probably be our lone football-related post of the year.

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  1. I agree but I think Favre has a little more left in the tank than people give him credit for… however, being a Giants fan, I cannot wait to see how many picks he throws as a NY Jet… in addition to touchdowns, ill-timed interceptions are his specialty… just look at the NFC Championship game from last year. Either way, he’s definitely an upgrade over Pennington/Clemmens… for one season, at least.

  2. I feel the same way Sam.

    I’ve dogged #4 for a few years now. It just looks like he’s continuing to play to pad his stats. I’m a casual Jets fan, and I wasn’t a big fan of Favre’s. BUT….now he’s on my team, and you know how that works. The picks will be there for sure, as always.

    pig – I saw your last comment on the other thread. I was waiting for someone else to bring it up…and since Sam did, it’s fair game now!

  3. I think (hope) Favre will have more of an impact on the Jets than LaFleur had on the Rangers.

    He will make the Jets more entertaining so as a Jet fan, there is not much downside to this

  4. Interesting comments from Avery during that press conference. One of the most telling things he said, other than his initial comment about going to a better team, was that he was “moving to a team that wants me”.

    Its a shame that the Rangers really vilified him in the press and during that arbitration, it obviously generated so much animosity that he was unwilling to budge/negotiate on his salary demands.

  5. onecupin67years on

    Sam, you forgot to add Shannihan, Jagr and countless other ranger signings to the list,they all come to NY for the $$$$

  6. JJP

    Don’t blame the Rangers for Avery’s unrealistic demands. He sounded like a jolted lover who was putting the best possible spin on an affair that went wrong fast.

    Have fun in Dallas, Seanie, with all the fashionable BIG HAIR.

    Maybe we liked your play on ice when you weren’t injured half the time, but for all your histrionics, you can go to that big city in Texas known for its fashion. Hope you like women who weigh as much as Malik.

  7. Timay,
    Apparently Avery’s demands weren’t unrealistic because someone met them. I’m not a believer of an employer badmouthing their employees, whether its the donut shop manager or the president of a sports team. It shows a lack of respect in my book and I personally don’t work for people like that.

  8. JJP

    Just because someone met those demands doesn’t mean that they’re out of hand. I think we’ve all come to realize that in professional sports, if you have any sort of upside to your play, teams will pay you what you want. Just look at Terrell Owens, Manny Ramirez, etc.

    Also, the respect thing I believe has to be mutual and no one sided. Avery saying that the Rangers weren’t respectful to him brings the whole pot calling the ketal black point.

  9. I said I wasn’t going to post again for a while, but this place is like a bad addiction: J-E-T-S will still SUCK SUCK SUCK.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    JJP:Don’t blame the Rangers for Avery’s unrealistic demands. He sounded like a jolted lover who was putting the best possible spin on an affair that went wrong fast.

    And, jason: Also, the respect thing I believe has to be mutual and no one sided. Avery saying that the Rangers weren’t respectful to him brings the whole pot calling the ketal black point.

    First and foremost, nobody knows what Sather offered Avery. It was never made public, but it was almost certainly 2 years at $3million or less. Avery got $15.75million from Dallas, perhaps the second best team in the NHL.

    Why are all you offended? On the previous thread at least 4 guys complain about Avery’s comments. How many players come to NY and say “i’m playing for the best team in the best city in the world now” and you’re going to B. & Moan about Avery?! Not only is that what Avery does (flap his gums), but he’s telling the truth!! Dallas is better, much better.

    Geez people, don’t hate the truth. Avery’s a scrawny, maniulative, runt but his mental warfare is why we loved him. Don’t let him get the better of you now that he’s left.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    PS: I also agree with previous poster. If Avery insisted on $4million for 4 years, it’s because he knew someone valued him at that. Many times players take a load of money and end up playing on crappy teams…but Avery got offered the money from what I believe is the second best team in the NHL. How is that not a no-brainer?

    The fact that he didn’t sign at noon, UFA day, is pretty amazing. I think he wanted to stay in NY if they could get remotely close to the money. But they didn’t. It’s business, you know how it works, especially for a small physical player who may not play another 6 or 7 years in the NHL.

  12. J-E-T-S !!!! … i consider if Shanny comes back, its just like Favre, old but still that leadership that everyone wants to see. Except Favre never played for the Gang..

  13. Dawes.

    I’ll say they win 4 games but the real question is, how many games does Favre play in before someone goes threw the swiss cheese offensive line of the Jets and puts him out for the rest of the year? He was better off taking the money and staying retired.

  14. newman – Its no use trying to stay away. It never works!

    Screw Avery. He can buy all the short-short suits he wants with his $15mil. I hope Voros takes his F’n head off on 10/20.

    dawes – 3 games? even Clemmens won 3 games for a weaker Jets team last year. I’d say over .500 is a fair guess. All about how healthy #4 stays. The Jets spent $140mil this offseason. They’ll win more than the 4 games they won last year. But then again…they are the Jets. haha

  15. I think this is the 1st time I agreed with True Fans. Everybody loved Avery’s offensive comments before, whether they were founded on truth or not. it was funny, and a breath of fresh air in a sport of cookie-cutter PC comments. Don’t flip-flop just cause he’s doing the exact same thing with a different team now.

  16. jason…the Jets added a some o-linemen. Not the same cheese as last season.

    A lot of similarities to the NYR this year.

    I love the summer….But I’m hoping the rest of it goes fast!

  17. True

    …and we also don’t know what went on in the locker room with Avery. I have feeling his show went on too long for players like Drury and Hank.
    I am not offended about his departure, and I understand the business decision, but the bottom line is on this team his whole act wasn’t worth the price of admission if it distracted more valuable players on the team.

    I was a big fan and I can’t wait to see him up against Anaheim and San Jose this year. He got an upgrade with Dallas fo sure-let’s see what he does for them now.

  18. Jason – your comment made me think of something… how sad would it be if he played EVERY game as a packer, didn’t miss one, and then goes to the Jets, gets injured, and ruins that perfect streak? his deciding to come back will ruin his legacy.

  19. “his deciding to come back will ruin his legacy.”

    I’d say there’s a 90% chance that happens healthy or not.

  20. i bleed rangers blue on

    please sam we get enough football on every single sports channel we dont need it on a hockey blog
    last yr after the giants won the boring bowl they had one of there 75 players drop the puck…i booed and chanted lets go rangers.i dont know why they give footballany respect do you think they would ever have a ranger on the field after they won a stanley cup? no!
    So do us a favor sam stick to hockey thanks

  21. Orr – she’s banging Phenuef. Maybe we can trade for him and kill 2 birds with 1 stone! haha

  22. ORR

    Sharapova is thoroughbred. Womens’ beach volleyball is another great sport to watch.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Timay, you’re right. We don’t know what happened in the locker room with Avery and maybe his welcome was worn and so Sather would only sign him on his own terms. Certainly possible, if not likely. I’m not saying the Dallas signing was a good move. That will be determined if Avery starts a history of injuries and if he can start cracking a couple 20-30-50pts seasons. What I am saying is that I’m not offended this guy IS STILL THE SAME PLAYER in Dallas as he was in NY.

    If you (general) expected him to go to Dallas and say “Yea, I really miss playing for the Rangers” then you (general) are insane and need to see a shrink.

  24. It just shows the class of the guy. Think Shanny would talk sh-t if he signs even within the division? Jags didn’t talk sh-t when he signed in Russia.

    Avery is the same scumbag he was in LA as he is now in Dallas.

  25. True

    Like everyone who moves out of the greatest city in the world, you have to rationalize the acceptance of the situation (more money in Texas but out of NYC). Avery spun his press conference with the skill of someone who has been in NYC.

    Love the website-thanx for that!

  26. Favre has already ruined his legacy. He’s not some tough, “i’m just a little boy playing the game,” Joe-American, good guy. He’s a greedy, manipulative, me-first, ex-vicodin junkie who throws a ton of picks, who, for some reason, simply won’t stay at home. Don’t get me wrong. He was a great football player but, alas, is just another schmuck like you or me. And Jets fans, he all but said “Jets? No way.” Then he realized he couldn’t force the world’s hand simply because he’s Favre and now he’s in your uniform. Congrats.

  27. haha…awesome Chris. I love to see hate like that towards athletes. honestly. But don’t buy eveything you heard in that mess. Don’t forget about the cell phone b.s. report that GB leaked. The Vikings being cleared of tampering accusations that GB made. I’m not saying that he was ‘all about’ coming to the jets. But don’t base it on those reports. that’s all.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery is the same scumbag he was in LA as he is now in Dallas.

    And as he was in NY (a la brodeur, stick-waving, Blake run-ins, other pre-game antics, media frenzies, media strikes, run-ins with fans, blah, blah, blah). Avery’s not changing, and who blames him?! He made $15.75mil off of his mental game.

  29. Hard to disagree with that. Tikkenan, hunter, avery, ott, ruutu…all those guys made/are making careers out of that style game. Just the latest in a long line. It’s always been in the game to an extent. And it won’t go anywhere, not that it should. But I will say that Avery took it to a new level. Not necessarily a ‘higher’ level. Some guys do it more with the physical play, some with their mouths.

    whatta ya gonna do?

  30. you know what? he said Dallas is a better team than NY. I will take that comment, considering he also gave us a moment that’ll last forever in my heart, when Marty shoved him, and he shoved Marty back and dropped him. For that alone, I think Rangers fans are at least SLIGHTLY indebted to him.

  31. BEER ME!

    Nice link, thats why your one of my farves in here. I had a site with every single hockey player’s gf, well not every single player, but every team, and a few of there players. I gotta find it.


    That was cool, but the highlight of that game was Pruchs jumping on White’s back, and socking him one in the face, that was hilarious, he looked like a monkey on his back.

  32. Forbes has a list of the most overpaid athletes. sorry, won’t let me post link. listed by sport. Based on last years salary/performance, the hockey players on the list were…in no order:

    Jason Blake


    …just as an older female colleague walked in while I was playing Kournakova video.

    doing research…US Open coming up soon!

    ORR-there was one female athlete from Cali that I fixated on for the whole summer who had the greatest posterior on a tall body-I agree there are only a few

  34. I said shortly after Avery left that he would do something before Dallas played in New York that would make us want to boo him. Well, there ya go.

    Isn’t there also some sort of tax break in Texas? I remember hearing about this when Clemens and Pettitte were signing with the Astros. I think they lack a state income tax, and as I look at the article on Wikipedia, that is the case. So even if Avery had the same contract offer from Sather, he would be making more in Dallas, if the income he earns there is taxed there even if he doesn’t live there (can someone confirm that?). I don’t know if he would be smart enough to figure that out, but his agent probably would do it for him.

    Apparently, today is the only day all summer that Crosby is taking a break from his offseason workout since it is his birthday. I think it would make more sense to take the day off tomorrow, but if he wants to exercise with a hangover, I can’t stop him.

  35. Spiderpig,

    Good call on Crosby and his day off. I don’t understand for the life of me why people take their birthdays off. I love to work on my birthday, people are nicer than normal to you and there is a mini party for you at work and then you go out and drink all night, needing the next day to recover. Take the day after off, not the day of. People just don’t use common sense anymore these days.

    Oh, and can we PLEASE NOT compare Sean Avery to Esa Tikannen. I mean, c’mon, really… think about it.

  36. agreed, Jason

    Esa had a great personality AND he was a great shite-disturber who played a game incomparably better then Avery.

    I’ll never forget the goal against Florida playoffs overtime. The goal that hit the camera. He was the only one celebrating on the ice-as usual no one understood him. He skated over to Richter and started celebrating and Richter shoved him away trying to see the play that was still going on for minutes after the goal. He had the biggest smile on his face.

  37. Favre should have retired in glory, instead he made a soap opera out of this. I’m pretty sure he’s going to have his worst season in career with Jets.
    GO GIANTS!!! Manning is the MAN!
    Other than that – any Rangers related news, Sam? ;)

  38. I’m still pondering how you could NOT make the comparison.

    Simple as… Both are good agitators. That’s an accurate comparison. Regardless of skill, #’s, or the fact that Esa won 5 stanley cups. Doesn’t matter. A link between the 2 exsist. Sorry.

  39. Jason – Assuming you saw Rnd 2 of the ’94 playoffs, Esa tried to kiss Dale Hunter after a scrum. Is that not ‘off the mark’?

    Sure, he wasn’t as ‘bush-league’ as Avery, but there’s plenty there to compare.

  40. Beer me,

    If you don’t put into consideration that Esa won cups, was a more skillful player and wasn’t a disturbance in his own lockerroom, plus didn’t nearly take as many penalties as Avery, sure, they were both Agitators. That is the only link I see.


    When they were reviewing it, he had his arm around Richter, just jabbing away, that topped it off for me. He had a monster playoff in 97 for us.

  41. ORR

    No Sharapova! I have nothing to look forward to in September. Ladies in bikinis and pollution masks have no appeal either.

    On the subject my niece is working for AP in Beijing and she said the athletes (who are participating in outdoor events)are all anxious about the air quality. She’s reporting for Basketball thankfully.


    You are right about Teek-it was when they were reviewing.

  42. “That is the only link I see.”

    Well, that’s 1. That’s all you need to make a comparison. That’s all I said. Glad we both agree now.

  43. “Ladies in bikinis and pollution masks have no appeal either. ”

    Well Timay, that all depends….Have ever seen it? lol!

  44. onecupin67years on

    Avery is gone get over it!! Time to move on.
    I’ll bet the Rangers have Farve drop a puck some time this year.

  45. At this point, I wouldn’t even mentions Shanny unless you see 2 or more depth players traded. Until that time, there’s no room on the roster or under the cap.

  46. I want Shanny back, for the sole reason that I have his jersey, Tyutin’s jersey, and Avery’s jersey, and I’d hate to have 3 jerseys go out of date in 1 lousy off-season!!

  47. Jeevs – Whatever you do man….DON’T buy a Lundqvist jersey! You’ll jinx him!

  48. Jeeves

    I’d be safe and go with a retired player who played well as a Ranger, Messier, Leetch, Greschner, Jean Ratelle, etc. Of course, I have a Corey Hirsch jersey so you may not wanna listen to me.

  49. Great link Beer!. It’s nice to see you back not doing any work. They should do a page of hockeys hottest sloppy 2nd’s with Alexi Yashin leading the way.

  50. crosby is lame. I’d like to punch him in the fat lips on his face 87 times.

    22 – good to be back! LOL!

  51. More Avery quotes regarding the Rangers:

    During the presser, he said that by signing with Dallas he was clearly signing with a better team than the one he left. Later, I asked him point-blank why the Rangers didn’t want him back. That’s when he started to warm up:

    “I don’t know,” he started. “That’s an interesting question. I guess it probably came down to money, probably. That’s a tough call. It’s an interesting situation because then they turnaround and spend it on guys they shouldn’t have spent it on. It’s going to be an interesting situation, certainly I’ll sit back and watch. New York is a tough place to play. Markus Naslund is going to have a tough time, so is Wade Redden. New York fans aren’t going to put up with those guys. I don’t think that they’re going to live up to the expectations.”


  52. Beer – don’t hate me. I got the King already (since his rookie year).

    I also have current Rangers Prucha and Drury.

    Other ex-rangers I have include Kloucek, McCarthy, Gretz (got it the year he retired), Kovalev, Barnaby.

    yes I know, I have an obsession.

  53. JEEVER

    I know how you feel. I had an Ortmeyer jersey, and i figured he wasn’t gonna re sign, so i sell it on ebay, a 6 day auction. There was 2 days left, it was up to $102.00, and THEN THAN he signed with the Preds, so the winning bidder retracted his bid, and every one else did the same, and i lost it for $40.00 or maybe less.

    Its depressing to think aboot.

  54. BTW

    That loser D man who was on the Wild in 06-07 left the NHL for a swiss club. That guy is pathetic, those idiots Howie Rose, and his stupid eyebrow tweezing side kick always said how much of an “iron man” he is, haha yeah right, turns out he was on performance enhancers !!!

  55. my bad, I too have an Ortmeyer jersey. I knew I was forgetting some jerseys…

    The Kloucek was cause I was at the game against the Devils, when he came back from that horrific knee injury. He dropped Turner Stevenson with a brutal hit, and he had to get carried out. Its respect when you come back from an injury spanning the off-season, and injure somebody with a clean hit.

  56. ORR !! Its Just Colton Douglas ORR !! on

    Im gonna get a Staal jersey but i have to wait to see if his number is changed, like they did with Danny, Cally, and Dubi.

    Either Dubi, or Staalsy. I usually never get retired players,i like to support the current team.

  57. I have 4 blanks that I need to get customized (1 tie down white, 1 tie down blue, 1 3rd blue and 1 rbk edge blue). I think I’m looking at getting Drury, Ortmeyer and LaFontaine on 3 of 4 of them. Any suggestions for the other? Leaning towards Ratelle.

  58. Staal’s a good one to get… he should be around for a while too. its sad, I’m starting to look at contract length before I think about getting a jersey now.

    that’s a GOOD call on waiting to get the right jersey#, I have a Callahan #43 as well. that killed me.

    here’s a possible discussion question. of the recently signed new rangers, who would you get?

    personally, I’m not a big fan of any of the people signed, so I might lean towards an energy guy like Voros or Rissmiller.

  59. hey Jason, you mentioned Ortmeyer, so you like the energy-type guys. if you’re looking for an older Ranger, how about Tikkanen? he was an awesome ranger in my book.

  60. Jeever,

    That could be good, but I think I want an old timer, someone from the 60’s or 70s.

  61. Speaking of jersey’s. It’s HILARIOUS that you can still find Weeks jersey’s in the msg stores.

  62. steve trac (#175) on

    Those of you with season tix: when are you contacted about buying them? In the next couple weeks? Have you been contacted already by MSG? Just curious. Thanks.

  63. I remember when the Devils wigned Weekes, to an 800K contract. I told a friend who’s a Devil’s fan that it’ll probably be 100K for each game he played in. He didn’t think Weekes would get THAT much action. He was right.

    Steve – I got my package to renew my season tickets like a month ago, the deadline was the end of July I think… Are you talking about renewing tickets you had last year, or the Rangers contacting you if you’re on the waiting list?

  64. LOOOL Steve Avery. I don’t know why i love it so much when someone gets someone’s first name wrong. I fell on the floor crying my eyes out laughing when the Wings announcer, during the Wings vs Pens series said “Please turn your attention to the ice for captains Nicklas Lidstrom, and Steven Crosby. Lol, Steven Crosby, the guys the biggest name in the NHL and he didn’t know it was Sidney. Or maybe he did it on purpose to throw Steven off, so he can play a bad game.

    Anyway, aboot the jerseys.

    Lucky for me, i know this guy (not personally) who sells Nyr jerseys at the Aquaduct Race Track thingy, or what ever its called, When the Flea Market is open he sells them. He makes them himself, but its not fake, he orders plain jerseys, like CCM, Reebok, Reebok Edge, and orders the numbers, letters and all the stitching things, and can make any jersey you want for a way better price THEN THAN MSG or NYR.com sells it for. I bought my Ortmeyer CCM for $140.00. He got kicked off Ebay, which sucks for anyone outside of Queens, but the Flea is right around the block from me house. He had a sale, Reebok Edge Premier jerseys for only around $140-$160. If any of you go to that Flea Market, ask around for “The Jersey Guy” he’s the one.

    Also, if anyone buys things on Ebay, i have this guy from Canada who sells Reebok Edge Premier Jerseys for $160-$180 which is pretty good. He can also make any player you ask. If anyone wants the link, let me know.

  65. I’m still waiting to hear how far back on the waiting list I am. I waited way too long, late March mind you, but still, WAY TOO LONG.

  66. steve – in that case, I have no idea. probably hear from them soon, if you’re up? They make season ticket holders pay in July, so they know how many they can throw back on the market… Do the waiting list people get numbered or anything?

  67. Jeever,

    They do get numbered. I wonder how long the wait is in time before the request is put in and then met.

  68. Jason,
    You can call MSG and ask where you are on the list, recall there are two lists – full season and partial. My friend just called and they said he was #600 something out 1000 plus on the full season list. The sales guy was pretty frank about him probably not getting tickets this year.

  69. wanna hear the weird part too? this year, on the season ticket renewal form, there was a spot for people to check off if they want additional seats… shouldn’t those go to waiting list first???

  70. steve trac (#175) on

    I got an email in February saying I was #175 out of 850. I’m just waiting for the call I guess!

  71. JJP,

    I called last in June, they said they didn’t know what number I was yet because it was after March but it’d be pretty high. I’m just on the list for partial season tickets and not expecting to get them this year. Next year I’d hope to get them by.

  72. Numbers I’d get; I’m cool with any of Dubi/Cally/Dawes/Girardi/Staal on the back of my jersey, although I’d wait a few years. I’d also love to one day be able to add Anisimov to the list.

  73. Hey Jets fans, have fun with Favre. Hopefully now that he’s no longer with the Packers at all we here in Wisconsin won’t hear about him every damn day.

  74. HockeyManRangers on

    OK I must chime in here,b/c I am too a JETS fan. HOWEVER I am not really excited at all by the signing of Farve. I watched a game early last year and saw how pathetic they looked and really didn’t watch another game all season. I don’t think Brett is the answer, but I suppose he may sell us a few more tickets than we have lately. NY JET LUCK is Pennington kicks butt down in Miami (or wherever) and Farve bombs out. We’ll see.

  75. Derf (The Real One) on

    “I watched the tape from the dallas-detroit series this year…throw me in there and you’ve got a totally different series.” – (Avery)

    YEAH…ok… because Sean Avery (whom the refs hate and penalize for skating the wrong way) racking up penalty minutes… and has never scored more than 18 goals in his career and currently has 2 injured wrists and a possible shoulder issue… when combined with the “STARS” like 60-year old Jere Lehtenen and Mike Modano will take down Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, & Osgood.

    Ok sure Sean…. have fun playing on the better team. We’ll see how much he misses NY when he goes out for post-game drinks with the team and confuses the men & women at the bar & can count their teeth on one hand.. (no offense to anyone who lives in texas lol)

  76. Def on Chere also; there’s a whole bunch of prospects who I’m rooting for to make it, like Hillier, Hagelin, but out of the bunch now, the two who I’m most pulling for are Anisimov and Grachev. Anisimov has shown me a lot; coming over here, learning English, bulking up, toying around with fighting, and the same goes for Grachev. I think AA has the tools and talents to be a VERY special player.

  77. In todays President Cup tournament game, the former NYR captain & now Avangard Omsk winger Jaromir Jagr scored a goal & assist for Avangard Omsk against Moscow’s Spartacus. Spartacus won 3:2.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Derf (The Real One),

    Had you not realized, Dallas lost all their steam the first 3 games against Detroit, mainly because of that long 3 or 4 OT game that clinched the series against the Sharks. You don’t think Avery energy those first games might change something? You don’t think Avery getting in Osgood’s head might do something?

    …Do you even know who Sean Avery is?

  79. Steve Avery will be penalized by the refs who will now enforce the NEW STEVE AVERY RULES in the NHL. He had his glory once in Newark and it was amusing as hell.

  80. Back to the jersey talk, I have a Graves, Messier, Jagr, but they hold nothing to my Manny Malhotra and Todd Harvey jersys…. talk about different ends of the spectrum…

    These new jeresies should come with velcro numbers and name plates…this years roster is totally turned over…

  81. TODD HARVEY!? holy crap…I forgot all about that guy. At least I tried to. lol

    Leetch is my boy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that I own a B’s jersey with the ’22’ also. I actually didn’t even get my rangers one until he was traded. Haven’t gotten the leafs one yet. But I have my Leafs Gartner jersey…bought it at the game I saw him play in up at the old Gardens.

    If I buy a Staal jersey this season, it’ll be the 1st player jersey I buy while the guys still on the rangers…strange.

  82. Beer… I only have you beat by a year or 2. Usually when I buy a jersey, the player’s gone within that span.

    I wanted to buy Nedved, Poti, and Malik jerseys in recent history, but just couldn’t bear to waste the money.

  83. loubega August 8th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    this website blows.. ban me i dare you

    why was this posted…if the site stinks…GO AWAY…
    like Hollwegg…no one will miss you!!

  84. it makes me really upset that Dawes isnt on the roster anymore. He is my favorite prospect and should be a top 6 forward.

  85. As I said earlier don’t worry with the fact that Dawes’s name isn’t on the roster; he’s played in over 50 NHL games now and has graduated. Some intern who knows nothing about hockey and got the job as a favor is probably running the website because it’s August, the true vacation time in the NHL before training camp. Dawes will score 25-30 goals this year for the Rangers, he’s gonna have a breakout year and get some nice PP time.

  86. MikeA …

    I hope your right man !! He definitely was on the roster earlier in the summer though (after he re-signed). Seems like it would take more energy to take him off now??

  87. and that is the website that the Rangers are suing the league to run their own way. looks like they can’t even run their own website properly.

    more Dolan bs

  88. ORR – Avery bleeds green…the color of money green.

    Beer Me! – I was never much of a Tikkanen fan, especially his third stint with the Rangers. And I’m still a bit sore to the fact that we gave up Doug Weight, Sergei Nemchinov and Brian Noonan for the guy in two separate deals. But to compare him with AVERY is doing a disservice to a guy who was at one point dominant in the league. He had three 30-goal seasons and three 20-goal seasons.

    Avery, on the other hand, hasn’t managed ONE 18-goal season. I mean, don’t get me wrong; he’s a good player. But I think Ranger fans really over-estimated his ability and underestimated his fragility. The guy missed almost a third of the season. Its the risk you take being 5’10 and having a giant bulls-eye target on your jersey every time you take to the ice.

    True Fans – And Avery ended up with a ruptured spleen, likely suffered in the fourth game of the Pittsburgh series. I have no doubt he’ll add to the Stars’ team, but think about it this way: Who would you rather have in the playoffs, Hossa or Avery? Because that’s pretty much the main difference between these teams between last years’ playoffs and this season. For Stars fans, I’d be more interested to see what Fabian Brunnstrom does for them.

  89. tdchi – Its great that we live in a free country. Its fair to see it both ways. I looked at the stats before to. One’s retired, one’s 27. Never know. And I don’t even like the guy!

  90. And this is per wikipedia…

    “Tikkanen made his NHL debut with the Edmonton Oilers during the 1985 Stanley Cup finals. He soon became an important part of the Oilers, playing on the team’s first line with Wayne Gretzky and Jari Kurri.”

    20 & 30 goal seasons are commendable. But next to those guys, expected.

  91. Beer Me! – (don’t mind if I do on this rainy day)…I hear you regarding Tikk. But there was a reason he was on first line. And I doubt anyone would argue it was his mouth that got him there. Still, he had very respectable seasons with the Rangers his first time and even on the Canucks and Blues, albeit in abbreviated stints.

    I guess my point with AVERY is that he’s proven NOTHING so far in his career, other than the fact that he has a ceaseless mouth and has long been regarded as a disruption in the locker room. Like I said, I’d love to have him back in NY. But for what he was asking? F-No. I’ll wager a guess that his signing will go down as one of the major disappointments of this FA season.

  92. TDCHI

    No he bleeds blue, thats what he said. Blood doesn’t change 4 different colors over 5 or 6 years. Red, Purple, Blue, now Green ?? No way, if thats the case, THEN THAN Steve Avery has much more of a problem THEN THAN a bad spleen, wrist, or what ever his injuries are.

    This is probably the slowest 3 days of the summer, its depressing. Barely anybody is talking, and the biggest Sundin news ive heard is that he started working out in Sweden. Woopty friggin doo, make up your mind, damn you !!!!

  93. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I was watching the news last night and there was a report on property values. They are on the decline in Texas . . . coincidence?????? lol

  94. I think most of us loved Avery for the last 2 seasons, so to now bash him isn’t exactly fair. But the truth in sports is that most of the players you hate with a passion, you would actually love if they were on your team (see:Brodeur, Kamiserik, Crosby). So it is somewhat sour grapes to be ripping him apart now because had Sather agreed to sign him for what he was looking for there would be a whole lot of Avery chanting in the garden come October, high contract or not. That being said, I thought the guy was invaluable to the team the last 2 seasons and would be an absolute necessity as a third line winger for about 2 mil a year for 3 years. But if expected to help carry an offense at 4mil a year he is a bust. Good decision by Sather.

  95. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I was one for resigning Avery – but when I saw the slides of his photo shoot and he was wearing a Ranger t-shirt over a suit and proceeded to rip the t-shirt off – that turned me right off. To me it showed disrespect to the uniform (even though it was a t-shirt).


    Everyone is going to go from cowboy boots, chaps, spurs, and Stetsons to tight-ass plad shorts and mohawks! lol!!

  97. But I guess what he’s doing is working. He’s not a NY Ranger anymore and we’re still talking about him. Albeit, about his fashion sense opposed to on-ice performance. That says a lot about the guy.

    The most beneficial he could be the the NHL is to be in PHX, Nash, CLB, or anywhere else with an ‘image problem’. I don’t know what kinds of crowds those places draw, but you get what I’m sayin.

  98. that guy who loves the rangers on

    So many people are forgetting that when Avery comes to the Garden he will try to take runs at Lundqvist. We keep thinking about the players o our team trying to kick his ass…what about Joel?

    But on a serious note to the people who are concerned about Dawes not being up on the roster…now Jamtin is and before Korpedo was. I personally just think what they are doing is just showing off the players new numbers. Hell if Jamtin is who i think he should be I want to know his number so when i sit up in the 400’s I want to know who it is being the new agitator.

    The thing with Avery…you all knew that he was like this. That is how he made so much money for never even scoring 20 goals. He is a PITA and keeps everyone on their toes and gets people off his game. OK picture this Prucha’s stats, his first two years, with Avery’s edge. He would be a 5 or 6 million dollar player. We all loved Avery but he wanted a greener pasture and that was something Glen just wasn’t comfortable doing and I for one agree with Glen on the issue.

    Wat we should be discussing is what our lines might look like, who might the Captain be, who should get traded for Chris Neil (had to throw that in there), what should go on with Sundin regarding the Rangers. I know this has been discussed really the whole time but it is better than talking about Avery.

  99. GARDEN

    That wasn’t a big deal to me, it was just a t-shirt. I spilled some chilly on my Hank shirt so i can relate to Aves. But THEN THAN again, it would have been alot cooler if he had the shirt under the suit, superman style. I thought the pic was dumb, and made no sense.

    Who knows, maybe he was just trying to let Slats know, if you don’t pay me the dough im taking off my blueshirt, and putting on some assless chaps, and a cowboy hat.

    If i was Bret Hull, id try and convince Shanny to sign with them, and make some room. Shanny still has gas left in the tank, and him and Bret are good buddies, along with Aves. But they would have to make room, which they don’t really have, especially if Brunnstrom is making the team.


    Would you really want Broduer now ?? Or did you mean back then ? And yeah id love to have Sid, and Komiserik, but it wont happen so eh.

  100. that guy who loves the rangers on

    Komisarek yes Cindy no. Crosby is the face child of the NHL yes but i hate the fact that any player gets special treatment. Yeah it has happened since day one but it is annoying. I’d rather Malkin than Crosby personally. Les baggage and just o step down in talent. I can deal with that.

    Neil has been rumored to have been available before. I’d rather him over Ruutu but would still take Ruutu if he became available.

    I wonder where Malik will end up lol.

  101. ” I’d rather Malkin than Crosby personally. Les baggage and just o step down in talent. I can deal with that.”

    I don’t even think malkin is a step down in talent. In my opinion, malkin is a better more talented all around player than crosby. I’d take malkin over crosby any day of the week.

  102. that guy who loves the rangers on

    He only makes 1.6 milion this year and besides he is an UFA after this year. He’ll be trade bait by the time Trade deadline day comes around if he doesn’t sign an extension by then.

  103. So I work in Times Square, and a new billboard series for the Gap just went up above Toys R’ Us, featuring celebrities modeling Gap clothing…. I only recognized two of them… Liv Tyler, and SEAN AVERY…. no joke, Toys R Us on broadway / 7th ave between 44th and 45th


    Please tell me that was a joke. You wouldn’t actually want McCabe would you ?? The guy is Malik with a good shot. He scored on his own team in OT against the Sabs i think. He’s nightmarish, and we already have Rozi, and Wade. Forget aboot him, let him mess up somewhere else.

    Speaking of Malik, i had a terrible dream last night, Nyr was winning 4-3 against Pissburgh, and Dubi turned the puck over, and some Pen shot the puck from the point, and Malik tapped the puck in, and Nyr eventually lost in OT. I swear to god i woke up sweating. I had the same exact dream last year before the season started, against the Lightning i think it was.

  105. “Hope you like women who weigh as much as Malik.”–TIMAY

    Wow! That was seriously wrong!

  106. Chris Neil makes 1.1 million this year and is a UFA next year. I DO think Ruutu, was brought in to replace him and we could probably trade Callahan or Prucha for him. I would trade either for him in a heartbeat.

    What a huge lineup we would have with Neil, Voros, Orr, and Rissmiller (although he would probably be traded if Neil was brought in) !!

    We could finally compete with the bigger Western Conference.

  107. acd – forget McCabe – i’d give a 7th rounder to Toronto to keep him. and you might have heard of this there is a salary cap. the guy is making a ton of money.

  108. I heard rumors the McCabe wants to be traded to N.Y. but McCabe will be traded to the Islanders, not the Rangers.


    Not that i didnt trust you guys, but i was re-leaved to see #10 – Nigel Dawes back on the Rangers roster today. i will sleep a little better tonite !!

  110. Sorry, Rachel

    I am not really in the PC mode on the blog-have to walk on eggshells most of the time–no offense intended there.

  111. There was a time I woulda loved to have McCabe. When healthy he’s a great offensive contributor. He’s well overpaid. That contract is a large part of why JFJ ain’t runnin the show up there anymore.

  112. Sam
    Give us a new post already……
    Updates on Jagr-Cheri show in Omsk…
    Sundin sightings….something!

  113. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    It was announced today that Mike Richter and Brian Leetch are being inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame on October 10, 2008 along with Brett Hull and Cammi Granato (first woman). I’ve been there – pretty awesome place for US Hockey history. We were on a motorcycle ride in Minnesota and went through Evelith. Needless to say we made an ‘unscheduled’ stop to see it. Any hockey fans that happen to be around that area – definitely check it out.

  114. Poopie Gonzalez on

    Love him or hate him…. you have to respect Avery.
    The fact that he even admits he would be dead if his on ice “character” carried over to real life made me smile.

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