Nedved invited to camp. No, seriously…


I’m on vacation the rest of the week, but the Rangers have confirmed that “Petr Nedved will be invited to training camp”:, saying that there is no commitment on their end to give him a roster spot.

A couple of quick thoughts:

1. Yikes.

2. Are tickets selling that poorly for the Prague games?

3. As long as there really is no commitment to sign him — and we’ll have to see how that part holds up — it probably can’t hurt. Think back to the surreal Dave Scatchard appearance last year at the MSG Training Center. It’s a free look at a guy who might be able to help them. But if it doesn’t, the Rangers can just say no thanks.

Personally, I don’t see where Nedved fits in. But it sounds like he was the one who reached out to the Rangers, and the team is just paying him a courtesy.

More later..

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  1. Naslund + Sundin + Nedved (if they make the team) would = Rangers of 1995 to 2004. How can NJ natives not see that? Is there a babelfish translator for ebonix so I can put this into Mikey’s language?

    Naslund, on his own, I think was a good pick-up. He may or may not flourish here and for 2 years + a change of scenery, I think the risk was worthwhile. These Shanahan, Sundin, Nedved rumors seem like significant backsteps in our development.

    Slats – keep the team as is. They’ll work hard every night and play a fast game. I’m excited with this roster and hope it doesn’t change too much between now and early October.

  2. he’s not making it. hes’ just there as a pre-caution. this happens a lot more than you think. he’ll be given a chance to make it and he probably won’t. even if he does it’ll be for minimal salary.

  3. Nedved, eh? I have always said in sports, when you sign a player you gave up on previously, the future of that team is “bleak’. We are travelling into an Abyss.

  4. As long as Nedved shares his girlfriend with everyone on this blog, I don’t see why not

  5. If Nedved comes back, I’ll look to moving to Detroit and becoming a fan of the winged wheel. Rangers management can’t be THAT stupid, can they??????

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I bet Sather is kicking himself for missing out on Marty Rucinsky!

    I am praying, PRAYING that they don’t sign him. I would rather have Shanny than Nedved.

  7. Speed Ranger on

    I’m surprised he’s not out in Phoenix, getting just one more Gretzky autograph.

  8. On Thursday July 31st 2008 Doodie said “I would rather have Shanny than Nedved”

    I printed the post and framed it; first Shanny compliment ever

  9. That is crazy! I didn’t know he still played! Are they bringing him in to make the youngsters work harder to make the team? I thought they were inviting him for an asst coach position lol. MAYBE bringing Shanny I can understand, but Nedved??? That was definitely out of nowhere!

  10. your boy Malik on

    Last time Nedved was a Ranger, we called him “no goal Nedved”…..YIKES is right! Maybe Lindros is next???

  11. Fruity Cupcake on

    Like Sam says, it’s more of a courtesy. Maybe ole Ned just wants to see if he can even COMPETE with youngsters. If not, maybe he’ll reconsider cashing in in Omsk. And Veronika’s available, fellas. From a celeb divorce log:

    HOW LONG IT LASTED: Two years: After a July 2004 wedding in Prague, the couple split in summer 2006.
    WHAT HAPPENED: It’s hard to say, since Nedved told papers, “I want my personal life personal.” One possible source of tension? The former New York Rangers star made career moves to better support his ex’s modeling career for Sports Illustrated (TWX) and Victoria’s Secret (LTD).
    WHO GOT WHAT: Their lips were zipped.

  12. Cindy Crosby on

    He probably will look better than some of the younger guys in camp, I just hope they don’t fall for it and sign him. We need to move forward here and signing this fool would achieve the opposite

  13. If we sign either of them I doubt we will,but if we do. I’m saying right now, barring injury that he’ll have 30 goals.

  14. Sam why do you say yikes? nedved was reported saying that he knows at best he can get third line minutes, and he may make up for our lack of veterans on this team. I had no problem with nedved on the team, he was just part of the 2nd and 3rd lines of a very bad part of the teams history. Dvorak, nedved, and hlavac was a solid line, and nedved is what the third highest scoring czech of all time? No risk here, if he earns it he earns it. 1 year deal at most…

  15. Sam, thanks to you also, besides Zipay and Dellaphina, for having this place and having access to the team. Where else would we find out about Nedved???

    What’s best is that you don’t charge for this unlike Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin who now charges if you want to get “quality” information. You can get that quality information here, or with Sam W, or with Dellaphina.

    I can understand Dubi charging for his publication, Suggested to him a while back that he provides an on-line version of his publication for the same price as his printed publication. What I didn’t suggest was for him to add what he calls the BB+ forum to only be available to on-line paid customers. Similar to the ESPN inside zone which you have to subscribe to for viewing those articles. Cheap stunt by Dubi in my opinion. A premium blog where everybody agrees with Dubi and Jess. That’s really exciting and you pay for it too.

  16. Does anyone like me?

    I’m gonna go join the Islanders Fansite.

    Waa waa waa….

    BEtween you and the other moron your both idiots.

    Especially you. both of you go join another site

    I agree with Nj on one thing, all you do and are is a little whiner.

  17. Lennynyr…
    Dellapina published the story first, about 8 minutes before Blueshirt Bulletin who had it up 30 minutes before Zipay and 90 minutes before Sam.

  18. Oh no. Why !!!

    I gotta say, im starting to think at this point, Gomer is getting a little pissed with Slats. This is supposed to be his team, partually, now that Jags is gone, and possibly Shanny. But now there looking to bring in Sundin, and now inviting Nedved to camp ?? Nedved !?!?! Of all people !?!?!

    This season is gonna be weird. Hopefully good weird. I just don’t understand the point. Its bad enough that we don’t have room for Korpedo, or any Wolf Packers, with the signings of Voros, and Rismiller, and bringing in Fritsche, on top of that it seems like Slats is trying to bring in Sundin.

    This quote from Sundins agent can be from any team, but tell me this isn’t Slats talking, cause it sure seems like it is…

    ‘There are other teams that have said, ‘We’re that interested in a short-term, one to two year deal. We just want to let you know that if you give us some time, we’ll make room’.” Barry told the Team 1040″

    Slats is gonna “make some room”. I have a feeling he’s really regretting signing Rozi right now, but he wont admit giving Gomer, Dru, and Redden to much.

    Im still very optimistic aboot this season, unlike most fake fans. But still, this season is gonna depend on Hank, more so THEN THAN the last 3 seasons. Maybe im wrong, but seeing Nedved’s name involving Nyr is eating my brains out !!!

  19. I’m am personnally getting quite tired of people whining and crying about Dubi and Jess and BB on every site I go to.

    How about talking about the Rangers and hockey!!!! Jeez!!!!

  20. Get used to it LAV. You don’t see Sam, Steve or John pulling that crap.

    Jason, my point exactly, Blueshirt Bulletin for the most part is redundant. Very rarely do they have an exclusive so who needs them?


    Yup, yup, yup as that little dinosaur said in The Land Before Time.

    Dubi is cheap, Jess is a lackey who hides behind Dubi’s ass, and acts all tough and smart, when he’s nothing more THEN THAN a pathetic lackey.

    LAV is just like the other pathetic brain washed Nyr fans, they think just cause Dubi acts like he knows so much aboot the Rangers, that his opinion is god like. His observations aboot Nyr players are “so much better” THEN THAN Sam’s, and everyone else’s. Thats what he’s basically saying by charging everyone. Its not aboot being cheap, or a free loader, its aboot being smart, which everyone at BB+ clearly isn’t. Ill use my $3.00 to get couple of donuts at Dunkin Donuts while reading this blog for free while the BB+ suckers go read Dubi’s amazing opinion’s aboot Zherdev, loooool give me a break, gimme a break of that drugged kit kat bar thats making all of you pay for that non sense. Jeez louise what are you all hopped up on, everything you can get is here, or on Zipper’s site, or D-Pina. Dubi rarely ever posts things before the 3 of these guys.

    Anyway, i just read what Nedved said, he’d be willing to play on the 4th line. Interesting, but id still prefer Korpedo over Ned.

  22. lennynyr,
    I wasn’t thrilled about it, but it’s not the end of my life either and I greatly appreciate the fact that we have Sam, John and Steve and what they do for us Ranger fans. I live in FLA and these sites are my lifelines to the Rangers. The point I’m trying to make is why should their sites be cluttered up with people whining about BB.


  24. to even consider that pansy Nedved over guys who have given their best for the last 2 years for the rangers is pathetic.

  25. just when it seemed like Sather was starting to get a clue, he regresses back to the bad old days of czech pandering.

  26. Bringing in a low-scoring, no muscle, washed-up, “clubhouse- presence” mentor “as a courtesy?” As a courtesy! As a courtesy! This klutz can’t even drive the team bus.

    What the hell is going on? I guess this means we will be shipping out 10 kids to “take a shot” with the Shanahan’s, Sundin’s and Nedved’s of the world. The youth movement lasted about six weeks, now it’s back to PLAN B, the “make the playoffs and raise tix prices yet again,” redux. All this organization is, is a friggin’ overnight credit reserve bank, not a hockey club. It is nuts to screw around with the player’s and the fans heads like this.

  27. LAV, don’t call one or two posts about BB cluttering up any site. You are exaggerating a bit.

  28. Blue404Seats on

    They are bringing Petr Nedved back to the Rangers for marketing purposes. That way the Double Team Store and Cosby’s can sell ranger purses.

  29. NorthCountryRanger on

    i think you guys are all missing the point…. Chill out this is not the Apocalypse as all of you are suggesting… just a classy rangers organization giving a shot to a player who has played many seasons for us in the past, mostly IMO to save the guy the embarrassment of not even being able to try out… they owe him at least a look and if it’s for free how bad could this really turn out?

  30. My understanding is that Petr was released from his Czech team two weeks ago or more. If that’s correct, it’s simply not possible that he’d make the Rangers who are fine at the Center position as it is.

    Don’t freak out…..just listen to the Hockeybird podcast and have a beer. It’s nearly August, relax….breathe.

    —-}- Bird

  31. I wouldn’t worry to much aboot Nedved. Slats probably wants to bring him in for some vet presence, or something like that. We only have Dru, Naslund, and Gomer i guess for that. I just don’t understand why Slats chose Nedved, he should have brought Maloney in, the kids love him, but THEN THAN again he would probably bring in a box of donuts, and a 6 pack of beer, so that wouldn’t be good for the youngsters.

    As for Sundin, i don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want him, if he took a nice paycut. He put up 70 + points last year, 30 goals, i wouldn’t mind that on the team. He wouldn’t make this team shitty, thats obvious. If he does sign here, this team will be way more different THEN THAN it already is, with all of the players getting traded to make room. But it would be nice if the lines looked like…

    Naslund – Sundin – Drury
    Zherdev – Gomez – Dubinsky
    Dawes – Fritsche / Anisimov – Callahan
    Voros – Betts – Sjostrom / Rismiller / Orr

    Look on the bright side, if Sundin gets signed, a couple of players get traded to bring him in, and that just means we might be able to squeeze a prospect or two in the lineup.

    Im liking the team, and ill only like it more if Sundin signs. IF not THEN THAN who cares, just hope he signs out west. But seriously, who cares, the majority of this team is in there 20’s, bringing in Sundin isn’t gonna make this team bad, only better, and he can still play at his age, and he isn’t that much like Forsberg, where he is dominant when healthy, but never is healthy.

    Eh, who knows what will happen. I just wanna know what were gonna get in return if we do trade all these players. I just cant wait till this bald swedish SOB makes up his friggin mind. Hopefully he has a hot wife, cause we just lost out on seeing Jags babe gf, and im not sure if Nazzy, and the other new additions have babes wrapped around there arm.

  32. I’m sick to my stomach. The thought of him on the same ice as Staal/Dawes/Cally/Dubi/Girardi/Henrik/etc. makes me sick.

    He’s a nice guy but he was the most overrated Ranger maybe ever. He did nothing. He fanned on his wrist shot 3 times a game, was never clutch, didn’t play defense…I can go on forever.

    He was part of the problem and he played big minutes on very bad teams.

    I don’t even want him in Hartford…keep him away from Anisimov, Korpo, and Bobby Sags!

  33. watching Nedved get pushed around by the Flyers constantly is the most vivid memory of that gutless softie.

  34. The only way Nedved makes the team is if we dumb both Bettsy, and Fritsche. Id prefer Fritsche on the 4th line over Bettsy, but jeez, id actually rather have Bettsy over Ned. He wont get signed though, he just cant, there’s no way Slats will do something this weird. Are you telling me that Slats would rather have Nedved over Straka, if he had to choose between them ?? No way this happens !!!

  35. Any truth to the rumor that the Rangers are inviting Happy Gilmore to this year’s training camp as well?

    Seriously, is Nedved just bad kharma; I would sleep easier knowing that this was some sort of April Fool’s joke.

  36. Zipay said Nedved was the one who phoned Renney and Sather, so it’s nothing to get too worked up about. The heat must be getting to you guys.

  37. a casual observer on

    I am glad they are bringing in Nedved. I see we are down to 6 centers. (7 counting Sundin). :)

  38. Gold Brick – solid points, much agreed.
    And I hate to think this is more than a publicity stunt … Pearn might actually like Nedved for the PP!!! haha. Sad, but scary and might be true.

    Orr, while we have different opinions on Sundin, we do agree on one thing. This team should be hella’ exciting to watch. Young guys who can all skate. They’ll be hungry too because there isn’t any set line yet. The first line’s not even set. Throw in some rookies and the excess 3rd liners they have and this team will work hard, play big, and make games interesting to watch. With the Czech presence diminishing I also think teams like the Flyers & Penguins won’t be able to push the forwards around as easily as they did last year (hell, remember last pre-season … how many fights were there?). How many times did Jagr get raped in the corner and nobody did anything about it [except perhaps Hollweg boarding someone with 90 seconds left in a tie game. haha]?

    This year, I bet they are much more cohesive.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d rather they give Pavel Nedved (soccer player) a shot than Petr Nedved.

    Hell, I’d take Pavel Bure if they can get him a wheelchair or crutches with skates over Petr Nedved.

  40. czechthemout!!!! on

    It figures,just when I was starting to give Sather and Renney the benefit of the doubt,they pull something like this SHIT out of no where. With such a short pre season(6 games) available to kids like Anisimov,Byers,Korpikoski to show what they can do,on to the ice and into the lineup will come an old,soft WAY,WAY past his prime retread to take what little precious ice time there is away from these and other kids.Is it ever a wonder than why Baranka left,why Cherepanov may never come and why Anisimov will be out the door asap? This is once again proof positive that Sather has no plan and is just throwing different shit against the wall hoping something sticks,what an A_______hole!!!!!

    Lennynyr- your point about BB couldn’t be more appropriate on a day like today.All the Renneyaders,Dubi sicofants,lackies and polyana’s are out in force over there,defnding the invite to Nedved.

  41. North Country Ranger…based on your thinking, the Habs will be calling Beliveau in for a tryout! Bad comment, buddy.


    Take it easy mate, he’s better THEN THAN Scatchard, even though the both of them suck. He wont get signed, don’t get so pissy unless he actually gets signed. There’s no harm in having an extra work out buddy. There’s just no possible way Slats will pull a move like this. If he does THEN THAN thats bad, but still, look at what he’s doing, this team is one of the youngest Ranger teams ever, pretty much every single player is in there early or late 20’s. If he bring in a 38 or 39 year old like Sundin, there’s no harm, plus its good for the youngsters to hang around a guy like him. Believe me, Slats is smarter THEN THAN people think, we cant all fault him for Jessiman, and hold it against him. He’s done some good things with this team, he gave up on Nylander right before Nyls had a terrible season full of injuries, he got rid of the crappy 3rd and 4th liners, and held back on signing guys like Souray and Peca, and let the coaching staff play guys like Dubi, Dawes, Staal, Girardi, etc.

    Slats must be doing this just for the hell of it. But i will bet my right nut that this doesn’t happen. If Slats doesn’t sign Sundin, THEN THAN this may be the team we enter the season with, unless Shanny gets re signed.

    Everyone’s getting to paranoid, and worked up aboot this.

    We have zero room for Nedved, i just cant see where you put the guy whether he’s on the wing, or center. Unlike signing Sundin, where you know they’ll be room, cause players would get traded.

    Everyone take a chill pill, have a whine coolie, a beer, a shot of jack, or in my case a big glass of a sweet root beer float, and take it easy, and wait another 2 hours and 5 minutes to watch MSGNY to see nothing Ranger related. THEN THAN the depression can start over.

  43. czech – don’t get ahead of yourself. it is doubtful nedved will make the team. also there are so many games in so few days in the us part of the pre season that the Rangers will in effect use 2 different teams totalling 40 guys. so the youngsters you mentioned will play their 1 out of 2 games.

    orr -which nut did you lose at BB. I’d be careful if I was you if you still want children.

  44. czechthemout!!!! on

    LiJoe-I don’t wan’t this soft way past his prime player anywhere near any of the young vets or the young kids.This guy was the type of player through most of his career who would score either the lone goal in a 4-1 loss or the 6th goal in a 6-1 win.

  45. Czechmouth, I have to agree. Keep him away from any of the young guys. He scored one big goal in his entire career that one against Philly in OT in the playoffs.

    As a top 6 winger for the Rangers, they never had any success with Nedved. He had one decent year with the Rangers but they were bad that year, followed by his typical 20-22 goal garbage, not to mention fanning on 3 of his overrated wrist shots a game.

    Having him at training camp is gonna be weird with all the young guys; it reminds me of the time in comics they had the Punisher meet Archie as in Betty and Veronica Archie (no joke) which was just plain strange.

  46. onecupin67years on

    Nedved is going to Read to the ranger players excerpts from his autobiography ” How not to play hockey like me”
    Prucha better pay attention.

  47. Although the Rangers have signed some vets to fill some holes, haven’t they been really good about holding onto the youths? To me this is better than before. Naslund and Redden got pretty big money because the market was thin, but nodody thinks the team is being built around them like it is with Drury and Gomez.

    Personally, I liked Jagr and Avery and wouldn’t have minded if the Rangers had stuck with them. But whatever, I just hope the moves they made work out for the team.

    There’s no reason to get all ticked about inviting a veteran for a camp tryout because he either isn’t going to make it or he’s going to fill some role. Obviously he’s not going to beat out Gomez, Drury or Dubinsky. But if there’s a place for him or God forbid he’s needed to replace an injured player then fine.

  48. onecupin67years on

    I like everybody, I like New Yorks teams, except the Yankees and I like big, hairy balls.

  49. czech – like i said nedved won’t make the team. its a non event and people are getting too worked up about nothing

  50. Greg L. ( the original ) on

    yo yo yo Orr dont be too sure , I own the rights to that body part and i have it being wagered in another bet for the person other parts and stuff… im gonna make a killing if Sundin sighs.

    BB has pissed off alot of people and i do like to get that magazine from them because i dont get that stuff round here …I for one am a Ranger fan , whos building a Monster hahhhamuhahaaaa

  51. Derf July 31st, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Nedved, eh? I have always said in sports, when you sign a player you gave up on previously, the future of that team is “bleak’. We are travelling into an Abyss.


    That wasn’t me….lol

  52. Come on, he’s not THAT bad. I don’t dislike this. If he sucks, he won’t make the team. If he’s decent, he’ll get a roster spot and end up on a 3rd or 4th line. He probably feels like he has some unfinished business in New York and, if he makes the team, he’ll probably play hard and with more of a chip on his shoulder. No one is going to put up with any nonsense and, if he sucks, he’ll be gone in no time. The sky is not falling – let’s not get too pessimistic.

  53. Now im wishing we would have just signed Shanny already so that the possibility of this could never happen !!! ha

    ORR …

    Im so glad that someone else is complementing Sundin. The guy is pretty much a guaranteed lock for 65-75 points next season (and that would be a bad season by his standards). We should be lucky to sign him. Plus, i think in clearing some payroll to acquire Sundin we could make MORE SPACE for the PROSPECTS. Obviously, we have to cut the over-payed, under-performing players on the team to make room and to me, that only BENEFITS THE PROSPECTS while acquiring a great player like Sundin !! Acquire Sundin, make room for the Prospects … WIN/WIN in my book

  54. Trade Rozsival and Prucha to LA for O’sullivan and Gauthier (finally the tough d-man we need) to clear cap space and help get LA to the cap floor.

    Then trade Rissmiller (who is pretty much unnecessary because of Orr and Voros) and Betts for Draft picks to clear space and we should be able to fit Sundin, O’sullivan, and Gauthier into our cap situation. Gauthier makes 2.1 million and we would have to sign O’sullivan to 1-1.5 million and Sundin around 5-5.5 million. Fair prices for players that dont seem to have money as their highest priority since Sundin has been sitting on 10 mill a year offer and O’sullivan declined arbitration to get out of LA for any price necessary.

  55. Ted the Nature Lover on

    I think this is a lot of over-reaction over nothing. Why is everyone acting like Nedved was just signed? He’s on a friggin try-out basis – it’s meaningless, unless he actually shocks the world and earns it, in which case we might as well hang on to him.

  56. It has more to do with (rudderless) team philosophy, than where Nedved is, at this stage of what’s left of his career. This is tormented, pathetic, backwards reversal of direction, to an embarrassing degree. Committing to a younger roster in June by culling Jagr, Straka and Avery; then courting old guys like Shanahan, Sundin, and Nedved in August is as lame, indecisive and neurotic as it gets.

  57. Talk about over-reaction….!!!
    INVITED TO CAMP ON A TRY-OUT BASIS AS A COURTESY – he thinks he can make the team and Glen is just being polite to an ex-Ranger. What harm can it do? We’re going to need all the bodies we can get with our pre-season schedule.

    Nothing wrong with courting Sundin either, if it drives the price up for your competitors – i can’t see how we can fit him under the cap anyway.

    The Shanny situation puzzles me though, is Glen waiting for Shanny to get bored and sign somewhere else? or is he trying to make a couple of trades to get some wiggle room under the cap in order to sign him? or has he given him a take it or leave it offer?

  58. Beer Me!
    July 31st, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    North Country Ranger…based on your thinking, the Habs will be calling Beliveau in for a tryout! Bad comment, buddy.


    that comment was not made by me. Again, you’ll never see me posting around that time…at least not in the summer.

  59. UK – you’re right…it’s an overreaction for sure. But I guess that’s what we can expect on 7/31-8/1.

    BTW…I heard on Q104.3(NY) this a.m. That Mr. Hockey tabloid, aka Sean Avery, is dating Calvin Klein’s ex-wife.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Damn beer, you have all the scoop on everything NHL.

    I agree with the guy earlier who said it’s a huge back-step in team philosophy to even have Nedved at camp. The team is NEW and YOUNG. Nedved was a thing of the past that didn’t work. And as far as adding him to the third line, weren’t all of you guys the ones saying we have a glut of 3rd liners already? So what’s another weak czech/canadian citizen going to add? Zilch.

    On the Sundin front, 73-77points is his average. On the anemic Rangers offensive team he’ll lose some of that while also gaining a year in age. I don’t think Sundin hurts the Rangers performance in 08-09, but he does hurt them in 09-beyond. The Rangers aren’t winning a cup this year either, so what’s the point of adding him Sather?

    …oh wait, so more of you will buy the tickets, jerseys, and foam fingers just to see Sundin play. And you’re going to, so Sather already won.

    Last point. No Shanny, please. 2 and Done. Thanks, Shan. Your fight against Brashear was priceless during that 0-7 stretch. You’re a warrior. Go out while you had something left.

  61. haha…it’s an obsession. I can’t lie. Honestly.

    And if you want more, sorry, no link, Kevin Lowe is no longer the GM of the Oilers. That title belongs to Steve Tambellini, formerly of the ‘Nucks org. Lowe is now, solely, the President of hockey operations.

    “I don’t think Sundin hurts the Rangers performance in 08-09, but he does hurt them in 09-beyond.”

    100% agreed there.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Nedved thing. It’s classy for the Rangers to give him a shot. I don’t think he’s a strong candidate to make the club. I also wonder what the policy is on allowing scouts from other teams to come see a player in camp. Again, I think it would be an ‘issue of courtesy’. Sign and trade or something like that. Who knows.

  62. The Nedved issue is no big deal. There is pretty much zero chance he makes the team.

    Ultimately, I think we’ll find out that Nedved had a solid repution with the Rangers organization as person and he thought the idea of playing in the exhibition games in his home country in an NHL uniform would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    He approaches the Rangers about going to camp and playing in these games, management says sure and here we are.

  63. ORR – While I’d love to have Sundin on this roster, no way he plays for either $2 million or $3.6 million, which is the cap space they’d have if PRUCHA was dealt. With Sundin, I think you’re looking at a bare minimum of $5 million, and that’s with a team that can almost guarantee a ride to the final four. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for the Rangers to hit $5 mill, or be serious cup contenders(which Sundin would assuredly make them), but it’s a gigantic, over-the-top long shot. We’re talking 50-1 odds against. The cap space they have, IMO, is probably for SHANAHAN. I could see him taking $1.6 and bonuses for a curtain call next year. Otherwise, your looking a deal that amounts to Sundin and draft picks/prospects for Prucha and Girardi(that would free up $3 million and change for Sundin’s $5 million).

    You can say the team could jettison Fritsche and Sjostrom, Voros, Rissmiller, Kalinin or Mara even, but these are all guys they recently resigned. So it’s unlikely they’re going anywhere. Unfortunately, I think Sundin’s a moot point right now. The other thing I wanted to mention is that you’re lines, while they distribute the size adequately, also take the two of the top three face-off leaders out of the circle. Drury will certainly be a center next year. IMO, it’s one of the big reasons JAGR wasn’t brought back. And Dubinsky I have penciled in at third line, where he probably should have started last year. Fritsche wasn’t impressive at center last year, and I believe the BJs ended up moving him to wing.

    somerset – wishful thinking bud. My dream is that RISSMILLER never throws on a Ranger jersey. But let’s look at this realistically: Why would he sign with a team that’s going to deal him right back to the coast he just moved from? And on Roszival, he signed with the Rangers because they were the only team that was offering him that contract. While it looks like he’s getting overpaid right now, I think it will ultimately look good for the Rangers, as Roszy will be in his prime over that time. By the third year of his contract, a blueliner like him is going to be tough to find for $5 million.

  64. Sather’s offseason gets worse and worse. When does Dixon Ward get his invite to training camp……… good lord. Nedved had been one of the worst players around since the lockout ended.

  65. “it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the Rangers to be serious cup contenders *(which Sundin would assuredly make them)*”
    This is what scares me. Walk away from the light coming out of the square box in your living room! Don’t believe the MSG commercials!!

    And more brilliance…
    “And on Roszival, he signed with the Rangers because they were the only team that was offering him that contract. While it looks like he’s getting overpaid right now, I think it will ultimately look good for the Rangers, as Roszy will be in his prime over that time.”
    So players hit their primes at 32 now? I thought it was between 26-29? Basically, we saw his prime and it’s not getting much better.

    The Rangers might be good, but it’s a long shot. They have to hit the right lines (chemistry) and click on the PP. Hank also has to start hot and stay hot. Alot of if’s. The other comment (and I hate to say it again) is that being a cup contender means you can beat the East AND WEST. Can they beat the top 4 of the West?? Ouch…Det, Dal, SJ, Ana.

  66. tdchi- that trade proposal was a spur-of-the-moment post because i was reading old rumor threads during the first few days of free agency, and the Rangers had interest in O’Sully … agreed on the TOTAL WISHFUL THINKING !!!

    I dont see how everyone thinks we are out of the “Sundin sweepatakes”

    Between us signing Naslund out of left-field and Sather’s all of the sudden Rozsival signing of 4 years/20 million (which he balked at for about a month prior to July 1st), Both very odd signings.

    I think Naslund as well as Lundqvist “sweeeten the deal” for Sundin to sign here, plus Sundin reached out to us prior to July 1st (so he obviously like where the rangers are at). I think Rozsival was an impulse signing that Sather made to lock up the very popular “puck-moving D-man” everyone wants, to only use him for trade bait down the road if the need would arise to shed salary.

    If we trade Rozsival and either Prucha or Rissmiller, we would have enough room for Sundin PLUS open a spot for a defensive prospect this year.

  67. This is what Shanny should do too if in fact he doesn’t have interest in playing anywhere else except NY…. Show up for training camp and just be there…. It will at very least be a good learning experience for the young guys there. The more veteran players there are on the ice, the better…. Don’t expect the rangers signing either Shanny or Nedved, but if they think they HAVE to (please no) then they’re there

  68. …. Nedved might just be there to yell at Prucha in czech as a personal drill instructor…. YOU BETTE PUT ON SOME MUSCLE WEIGHT SON!!! WORK WORK WORK!!!…. I’m sure they want him to be a top six guy or at least contribute more this year to fill in for the losses over the summer…

  69. If this move is a “polite / classy” gesture towards Nedved…where is that same thoughtfulness when it comes to Shanahan? I’d agree with most here that Nedved’s tryout comes with no risk, but I’d also state that it seems entirely inconsistent.

  70. trueblue – I guess the way that I would answer that would be that if a place could be made for shanny, he’d be offered a contract.

    Whereas with Nedved, if so much of a drop of sweat falls off his brow, or one shot misses the net, or one pass goes astray in camp…he’s on the 1st flight back to Euroland.

  71. NorthCountryRanger on

    why is everybody on the Sundin train?…. I thought that signing the “aging Naslund” was a sign of them reverting to their old ways of breaking the bank for ineffective free agent quick fixes… that would be the completion in the journey into that territory. Why sign Sundin when we were supposed to be committing to youth? I don’t think he’ll sign here and hope to god he doesn’t, cus at that point it might be another 7 years we wait to play hockey in may…

  72. NorthCountryRagsFan – awesome point. I agree. Unfortunately, you’re going to be called a whiney piece of crap who’s an Islanders fan! But you know what you’re talking about brotha – keep it real.

    Did Dubi or Jess or Mitch just post here for financial gains? Did that really just happen? I stopped reading that site because all they do is stroke each other’s johnson and present a completely biased views of the Rangers and NHL.

  73. Hey have the trollers taken over the whole site including the main story line?

    Nedved yes?
    Shanny no?

    Nedved to instruct Prucha?
    Whats next, I come back to teach Staal the offensive transition game?

  74. Kaspar, the only thing you should be teaching Staal is…. well, I can’t think of anything.

    jk, you da man kaspar!


    That sounds nice, that trade. But the Kings wont trade for an expensive D man who doesn’t deserve that money. They just traded Visnovski for his contract, and Lubor is a little better THEN THAN Rozi in my opinion. Also the only website that said Nyr was interested in Patty O’Sully, was Hockeybuzz, and i don’t believe a thing they say for a sec. But id like to have Gauthier, especially after that hit on Straks. Now that Aves is gone, you can bring him in.

    I think its pretty clear whats going on with Shanny. Slats is waiting for Sundin, he must want Sundin, and if he cant get him, will go for Shanny. If he wanted Shanny THEN THAN he would have signed him already, and i think by October, you have to have all the necessary cap cleared to start the season, which will be done way before then. But as for Mats, he cant sign him now cause he’s still deciding on where to play. Im telling you, which ever gm said “Give us time, we’ll clear cap space” that has to be Nyr. I didn’t think they were in it, but now i know they are, but thats how i feel aboot it. As for Sundin “reaching out” to Nyr, i don’t believe that for a sec, the Habs had the negotiating rights to talk to him, Fletcher said. Either way, Nyr is in this. Rozi could potentially be on his way out, but who knows. It all depends on how much of a pay cut Mats is willing to take. This guy doesn’t care aboot money, if that were the case im sure he would have took that ridiculous Nucks offer.

    And i looove how people are talking aboot “the youth movement”. Lol, cmon, gimme a break. Naslund, Sundin, Rozsival, Drury, Rismiller, Redden, Valliquette are in there 30’s, with Gomer, and Mara on the brink of 30. That’s 4 forwards, with one who might not even play on this team, 2 D men, with 4 others in there 20’s, and prospects like Potter, Sauer, Pock, in there 20’s, and a a 30 year old back up goalie. So we have room for 8 forwards who will be in there 20’s, and 4 D men who will be in there 20’s. On the most normal of worlds, they would call that a youth movement. Also like somerset, and myself mentioned, signing Sundin would only force us to dump some players in order to sign this guy, while being able to make room for a guy like Korpikoski making the team, or Anisimov, PA Parenteau, Moore, Byers, who ever shows they can make the team and play in the NHL, which Korpedo, and Artie would be the best.

    With that reason alone i cant believe people are so against Sundin. You want youth, THEN THAN you sign a 38-39 year old, and you get to add some more YOUTH.


    Girardi wont get traded. I think the whole point of trading Tyutin was because of guys like Girardi, and Staal surprising the coaching staff with how good they played. Slats is smarter THEN THAN that. He knows, just as well as all of us knew, Tyutin wasn’t safe, and he was worth trading.

  76. Beer me!

    They are kidding right?

    if Sam were “The Man” he’d contact Renney ( Sahther doesnt talk to him or anyone) and ask the same question…

    I went away bacause of trollers last week, paid attention to 4 hour babseball games, i come back and its worse!!

    I’ll take trollers over this news anytime…you want a blast from the past sometimes but…a “winning” past not a blast from the days most Ranger fans learned how to tie nooses!!

  77. Get a great priced used car at Wise Motors at 180-20 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica NY, AT (718)262-0044. Best foreign and domestic cars in town!

  78. Kaspar – It’s no joke. But it’s due to the “july/august lull” that the overreaction is what it is.

    Just like Sam said, Scatchard was in camp last year. If I’m correct, he didn’t even make it to the exhibition games. But I don’t remember.

    The trolls are bad. I hope that’s a summertime thing too. Kids are home from school with nothing to do.

  79. Maybe if my Dad didn’t beat me when I was younger, I wouldn’t be such a tool and THEN THAN people may like me.

    What does everyone think ABOOT Dru playing the 4th line and Nedved being captain.

    It might piss of Gomer but he can eat a few nachos with 10 salsa and 10 cheeses. He makes enough money for all of those and can give my poor ass some too.

  80. BEER ME!

    Scatchard was invited to camp, around half way through the season, but they never gave him a shot. Lol, in fact he played some games in Hartford and pulled a groin, go figure.

    BTW Beer

    Was that last post you, i didn’t think you had a teenager in you. By that i mean, you know, you acting like a teenager, not you know, having a teen in you, ugh, just had to make sure you knew what i said. Anyway….

  81. orr…good catch. Not me.

    thanks for the reminder on scatchard. Not that I really wanted to remember! haha

  82. I really would like to meet you two fellas, my name on Rangers Beat as Dude, and Beer, you know me from your “Binky” days..think back big, hung cutie pie (212)753-2222.

  83. Poopie Gonzalez on

    Honestly…. I think everyone needs to put down the Red Bull for one minute and relax. Nedved has NO shot of making this team. This is purely a courtesy to a washed up, 37 year old ex Ranger as others have pointed out.

    He is simply hoping to showcase what he’s got left to other teams. Period.

  84. Whoa Kaspar i didn’t know you were gay. There actually might be an upside to you after all. Id ask for you’re number but im not that into russians, sorry bro.

  85. I honestly don’t feel they’ll sign Nedved… but at the same time, this is Rangers management, and there is no move too stupid for them to make and make us fans regret. Just the idea that its a possibility scares me. I’d rather have Malik back on the team than Petr.

  86. saltpeter nedred on

    all Sather had to say was NO. so it is a big deal that he has once again stabbed the young players in the ranger system in the back.

    Nedved wants to play in prague, and that is a reg season game, so it is a big deal that young forwards will be pushed aside for a washed up player who failed here when he was in his prime.

  87. come out of the closet on

    teenager who posts as others. you might as well come out of the closet. clearly you are confused by your sexual orientation. well you are what you are. so you might as well come out of the closet and get yourself a guy. this way you’ll be content and you’ll stop trolling this board in your confused state.

  88. I agree. Power Surge needs to stop posting as others and just come as he is. I pillow biter, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I never met a gay hockey fan before. I didn’t think they existed since hockey players have so much gear on. They like more skin, and your not gonna see that much skin in hockey. Unless Lindsey Lohan returns to the garden, or Susan Sarandon some how squeaks into the Rangers locker room past security.

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B:

    Please spare me your ‘holier than thou’ attitude…Anyway…If you think 32 is not within a player’s prime, you’ve got problems, dude. Would you have called Mark Messier “over the hill” when he scored 91 points for the Rangers? Or Leetch when he managed a paltry 79 points at the ripe old age of 32? Sure glad they traded Zubov before he tanked at that age and only managed 55 points. Sure there are players that don’t last much past 32. But that is by far not the end of a players’ career. And I’ll take it from your comment that you expect Redden to be an abject failure…

    Anyway…I guess we also have a bit of a difference of opinion when it comes to the word ‘contender.’ See, in my world, the term means ‘could’ and not ‘did’ as you seem to suggest. Were the Pittsburgh Penguins a ‘cup contender’ this year? Would you argue they weren’t? Look, I’m not going to say this team has an easy way to the finals, I’m just saying WITH SUNDIN, they stand a damn good chance of getting there. Absent him, I agree: There’s a good deal of cogs that need to come together to provide success. But as it stands, our defense has improved with the maturing Girardi and Staal, the addition of Redden instead of Tyutin and the subtraction of Malik and Backman. And then you have Lundqvist, who is already one of the best goaltenders in the league. Those factors, I’d argue, make the Rangers a ‘cup contender.’

    Orr said “And i looove how people are talking aboot ‘the youth movement…'”

    …well…I’ve got a stat that will blow your mind: According to, the guys under contract with the Rangers right now make them the SECOND YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. That’s right, second youngest. They’re tied with the Phoenix Coyotes at an average of 27 years old, and just a bit older than the Chicago “We’ve got Toews, Kane AND Skille” Blackhawks, who are at 26.6 years old.

  90. Billynj1

    It was a joke, i thought i posted that it was a joke, but i guess it never went through.

    Sundin is still free as a bird, hopefully flying down NYC trying to avoid lamp poles. If he cant avoid lamp poles THEN THAN he wont be able to avoid Chara.


    Exactly, Nyr is a damn young team. Having Sundin isn’t gonna change that. Its not like were signing Smolinski, Roberts, Recchi, or some old waste of money 38 year old who cant even put up 25 goals. Sundin can still play. Look at Sakic, he’s what 40 ? He can still play and put up 70 points when healthy, but he’s not that healthy, so there’s his problem.

    Hopefully we get a decision from him by the weekend, at least.

  91. Too much silly shit going on here. Will be leaving the site until things improve..ANY comment with my handle you can regard as a troll!! Or one of you morons.

  92. He’d have to have a REALLY good camp to make it, wouldn’t he? And he PROBABLY won’t right? Dah De Dah…Dah De Dah…Dah De Dah…wank…wank…wank…

  93. And screw all you ‘hockey experts’ who think Nedved should be auto-prohibited from having a chance. Some of you probably think Shannahan should be re-signed on the basis of leadership qualities.

  94. I Take alot of meds, so, sorry fellas. Wheres the NAMBLA guy? Gary Glitter is Beer Me’s idol.

  95. LI Joe / ORR... on

    Mark my words, Nedved will beat out Drury for the 1st line center job. He can’t miss. This is the steal of the decade. Brilliant move by Slats.

  96. for what its worth (obviously not much) eklund is reporting that slats is trying to unload some major salary on phoenix or edmonton in order to make room for sundin. its coming from eklund so its more than likely bullshit but who could we even move to pull that off? it’s going to have to be prucha + others but even prucha only frees up 1,600 which is a start but not even close to the number we’d have to free up. I’m assuming sundin would be taking less money than the vancouver offer to play in ny but its at least going to cost 4 or 5 mil to land him. and that also means we wouldn’t be able to take any salary back in return so essentially we’d be giving away players for prospects, picks, or another version of andrew hutchinson.

  97. I dont see how Nedved makes the roster purely because of his age (at age 37)?? I never really had a problem with him (or Fleury) and always felt he got a bad rap because the expectations were so high every year and every year we would miss the playoffs.

    In the 7 seasons Nedved was a Ranger he lead Rangers scoring 2 times and was the second highest scorer on the team once. He was a top five scorer pretty much every season he was here. He scored a decent 351 points in 478 games for us and was unjustly scape-goated.

    Honestly, if he has a better camp then Betts, Anisimov, or any potential Center then i think he should be on the Roster. It is really gonna be based on the salary he is looking to sign for also. I’d take Nedved @ 750,000 over Betts as a forth line center in a heart-beat (if he has a good camp of course).

  98. shesends …

    I think Prucha and Rozsival are gone if Sundin is a “lock” to sign with us. I think we could probably trade Rozsy to Atlanta, LA, or even Philly is rumored to be in the market for a puck-moving d-man (plus they have some decent prospects i wouldnt mind acquiring in a trade).

    I think in a toss up between Rissmiller and Voros, Rissmiller and his 1 million dollar contract would be traded because Voros signed for 3 years, so the Rangers obviously see this guy getting better in the future.

    Clearing Rissmiller and Rozsival would give us 6 million for Sundin and then we could probably get a half decent D-man in a trade with Prucha.

  99. LI Joe / ORR... on

    I would take Nedved over Betts as a 10th line center, too, which is what they should be competing for.


    Kings wont want Rozi and his ridiculous salary after just dumping Visnovski for his, and Philly wants a puck moving D man, and Rozi isn’t a puck moving D man, he just has a good shot, which he passes up on a lot of times. As for Atlanta, i don’t know, they signed Hainsey, so what’s the point of taking on Rozi’s 4 year deal with what he’s making.

    Slats made a stupid move signing Rismiller. I thought it was because he would be replacing Korpedo, or Artie, but thats not the case. Voros is a decent signing cause he’s a spark plug, he’ll provide a little of Avery, Ortmeyer, Hollweg (minus the boardings) and any other typical 4th line physical forward.

    Slats is definitely trying to bring in Mats, even if its coming from that reject from Philly, but still, at this point he’s thinking why did i re sign this guy, why did i sign that guy. Betts is gonna get dumped for probably a 5th round pick, and Pruchs im hoping we can get a decent return out of him. If he gets traded to LA, THEN THAN i think Pruchs will shine there and go back to scoring 20+ goals. i mean LA has a sh*t load of talented young forwards, he’ll just add to that. I think Rozi is close to getting dumped, thats the only way to bring in Sundin.

    Hopefully if it happens, THEN THAN we’ll have room for a prospect to show what they got in camp, and Artie, or Korpedo can get the job.

  101. Greg L. ( the original ) on

    Sundin ….SUNNNNDINNNN where are youuu???? I know your hiding there ! Lets see , Vancouver offered 10 million a season with no Naslund on there no more .

    Montreal is offering Kovalev as the payment to the negotiating rights they purchaced during the season . The chance to bring back the frenchie in Mats because of his rookie days in Quebec.

    The Rangers are offering about 5 million a season plus excentives leaving cash to be deferred to next year on his salary. Having Naslund , Hank and shoey are the key points in the deal .

  102. Someone must have hijacked Orrs moniker becaue that last posting made alot of sense. :)

  103. Robby Bonfire on

    Ruttster, why do you like hairy balls, there better without the hair, this way you don’t get the hair stuck in between you’re teeth. That’s what happens to me. But some spearmint floss will fix it up in a jippy.

  104. Baseball needs spending limits,and lets go to and MLBPA and ask for a fairer sport. Limits in spending, and limits on free agent signings per team.

  105. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As KOlton !!! He Likes Perry Pearn's Ties, He Loves Drinking A Beer With The Guys, He Wants To Take Megan Fox Out For Some Burgers, Shakes, And Fries !!! on


    Its probably that ugly SOB Dubi, or his lackey Jess, or one of the retard brain washed Nyr fans on good ol’ BB+ yipee. It should be called BB- cause there not getting anything more THEN THAN what they already got. Anyway…….Waddya mean fake, ORR is as real as can get, and has been around here for 3 years strong. 3 years of knockouts, trolls, and freaks, and fake fans.

    Im one of the 12 or 13 real Nyr fans here. The rest love saying the team will do bad, THEN THAN love it even more when they actually do bad, and feel so smart that they were right. Pathetic chumps, they need some golf ball knuckles in there face courtesy of the real Orr.

  106. Colton Orr, lmao, My grandmother could take him out..ass wi..Montreals Geoeges Laraque kicks his ass for warm ups.

  107. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As KOlton !!! He Likes Perry Pearn's Ties, He Loves Drinking A Beer With The Guys, He Wants To Take Megan Fox Out For Some Burgers, Shakes, And Fries !!! on


    There last two fights, Lacrackhead won the first one, but i think Orr bloodied him up, and if im correct the last fight against that doofus, Orr bitched him and put him on his knee’s or on Robby Bonfire’s fav position as some would say. Mwahaha.

  108. I hate posting things like this but…….Eklund has us talking a major deal with Edmonton or Phoenix.

    OK. Nothing new there, Sather’s always dealt with Edmonton and Phoenix is his old side-kick Don Maloney but it does fit in with the thinking that Sundin is interested in the Rangers and if his quotes are to be believed then salary is not an issue (whats the league minimum?).

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Cap floor, if I’m not mistaken, is between 40 and 41 million for he upcoming season.

  110. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As KOlton !!! He Likes Perry Pearn's Ties, He Loves Drinking A Beer With The Guys, He Wants To Take Megan Fox Out For Some Burgers, Shakes, And Fries !!! on

    I think Slats is waiting for Sundin’s decision just like every other GM. He isn’t gonna start trading before signing Sundin, if he gets to sign him, he’ll do it, THEN THAN he’ll start moving pieces before camp starts.

    Right now, obviously as it has been, its all Sundin right now, he’s the hold up, he’s not waiting for a certain team to shed salary, he still doesn’t know where he wants to play.

    Unless Slats is just having a hard time moving pieces while getting a worthy return. Teams might wanna take advantage of Slats’ situation he he chooses to sign Mats, and does so. I can see Maloney, or that new GM, or every other gm for that matter, seeing Slats’ situation , and wanting to give garbage for a player like Pruchs, when that GM knows he’s worth more.

    Eh, something to think aboot.

  111. TSN just reported that Sundin will be visiting New York this Tuesday, and there is talk that Sather is trying to free up some cap space via a trade.

  112. Wise Motors at 180-20 Jamaica Avenue, Queens, has the best in foreign and domestic used cars, all makes and models. Call me at (718) 262-0044, and Go Rangers.

  113. Hahaha, i got all of you ! What a bunch of pathetic saps. Sundin is probably in sweden, but gullible Ranger fans like Beer Me!, Doodie, Reject Orr, Spiderpig, Greg L, Kaspar, and the other “real fans” probably ran right to tsn like the idiots they are.

    Samantha, i got a better car for you, call me, and ill give you all the dirty details.

  114. I agree we wont be able to get the same amount of talent back but thats the price you pay when you have to start shedding salary

    I wouldnt mind trading Prucha and Rozsival (combined 6.6 million) to PHX for Carcillo and Z. Michalek (combined salary 2.125 million). So we shed 4.475 million there

    Then I think you trade Betts (.615 mill) and Rissmiller (1 mill) for draft picks and to clear a little more space to bring in Sundin’s 5-6 million salary.

    if it happens …
    Naslund – Sundin – Drury
    Zherdev – Gomez – Dawes
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Carcillo
    Voros – Fritsche – ORR

    Redden – Kalinin
    Staal – Girardi
    Mara – Z. Michalek

  115. Oops …

    3rd Line:
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Sjostrom

    4th Line:
    Carcillo – Fritsche – Orr/Voros

  116. Greg L. ( the original ) on

    Its quite simple text book General Management. Replace an aging Jagr ( his style , age, chemestry problems and lackluster powerplay are gone now) with a young star n the making who has size and finesse . Zheradev on 1st line RW gets high marks with 9 /10 . Replacing jarda aint easy , Zherdev is a step in the right direction . He played so well with a power forward in Rick Nash . Sundin would be more suited for him and Sather is making a pitch . The key to the releasing ( not signing him) of Jagr is having Zherdev at his young age to make that RW spot as dangerous as it always been .

    On the left side Markus Naslund replaces another aging star that just could n’t hit the net last playoffs . Straka is fast and was a good Ranger .Replacing Straka with Naslund is a 10 /10 . Naslund can shoot very well and is also used to playing with a power forward in Todd Bertuzzi .

    Maybe having Sundin center theses 2 guys is not a bad thing . The truth is , with these top 2 excellent replacements get high marks and who ever ..????? fits in that center spot should do just fine . Gomez or Dubinsky can do it …signing Sundin would be a bonus , he could be that piece that gets us over the top.

    Lunqvist , Staal , Girardi , Redden and maybe a Sangunetti are whats going to make the Rangers be a soild team . Brodeur made the devils grat for years , Hank will do the same !!! We don’t need Superstar forwards … just a good system and team game.

    MY beloved football team , The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the Grey Cup champions and starting this year they are 6 – 0 starting the season . Lost our Coach , starting MVP quarterback , top defensive players during the off season and we still havent lost a game!!! Its not the players that make you a winning team ..its PRIDE and TEAM PLAY !!! The Roughriders have also went through 3 quarterbacks and lost 4 starting recievers plus they lost to injury the Playoff MVP yesterday and still won!!! Its all about TEAM PLAY and The Rangers will be no different …. GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  117. I just wanted everyone to know that Orr is the guy hijacking peoples names. If you look back at my post at 3:39pm. you will see that he stole my name to make childish comments( a couple of times). This is probably why he was doesn’t like blueshirt bulletin. They don’t allow him to play games over there. Sam, you REALLY need to stop people like this. Alot of people who know hockey and want to talk hockey don’t come here because of all the childish BS and harassment.


    Aww man ya caught me, just kidding. Mwahaha

    You stupid idiot, its a little obvious your Surge, and if your not THEN THAN i can care less what some dumb newbie like you thinks aboot me, if you think its me, awesome, your just a step closer to becoming a detective like in the movies. But who’s gonna believe you, ive been here for just aboot 3 years, and ive only witnessed the trolling 2 times, this summer, and last summer. If i was doing it, id wanna finish off what i started, and go on all year.

    Fake fans like you think its me, but im pretty sure the actual fans here know its not me.

    So as Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon 1, “Why don’t you go spit” Mick Jagoff.

  119. Mr Weinman, My son loves your site, but lately, we are seeing foul language, racist comments, threats, and sexist comments. Orr, you always seem to be instigating things, if you have nothing better to do, do us a favor, and leave.

  120. Ruttsler, I told you that a week ago, and you laughed in my face, remember. Finally, someone realizes the troll was amongst us all along.

  121. That is actually LI JOE, dumping all over ORR, above, to run the sniff-dogs off the scent. Of course, LI Joe and ORR… are one and the same, for you slow pokes out there who have not picked up on that.

  122. I’m not a “newbie” Orr. I’ve been reading and posting on here since the lockout. I just dont post every 5 minutes under three different names like you.
    Here was my post:ruttster
    August 2nd, 2008 at 3:39 pm
    Someone must have hijacked Orrs moniker becaue that last posting made alot of sense. :)

    Here was the very next post where someone stole my name:ruttster
    August 2nd, 2008 at 3:44 pm
    I like big hairy mens balls!!

    I think everyone here realizes that you are the only one that would take offense to my little joke about you.

    Maybe we can find out from Sam who used my name.
    If it was you would you be man enough to leave the site?


    Lol perfect, go for it. Your to much of a friggin moron to realize that was Surge, if you have been here since the lockout you’d know that. Lol, jeez i know not all Nyr fans are cool, but jeez louise this is ridiculous. I can take a joke like Orr can take a punch. I actually have a life, why would i post at 3:39, wait till 3:44 to reply to myself, THEN THAN reply again 7 minutes later, gimme a break you tool. If i out of nowhere had no life, and wanted to pretend to be someone, i think id pick someone ive seen here before, if i ever decided to do that. Also what do you mean by everyone realizes i take offense to jokes ?? Did you take a poll im not aware of ??


    Is my name changing a problem for you ?? Because unless you have kitty litter in your eyes, the name is ORR, and has always been ORR, and will always be ORR. What comes after it, well that will change from time to time. If you got a problem with that THEN THAN go spit !


    Me and Joe aren’t the same, unless i post on here while not paying attention.

    I think Surge/Bonfire is just a little pissed that someone is posting under his name, and he’s trying to turn everyone against me, since im his rival. Funny thing is i thought Nyr fans were smart, but apparently not, cause most aren’t getting the picture. But i know the die hards who have seen me here before know im true to my word, and believe that im not a troll, but just an ORR. So Ruttster, and all the made up names by Surge to pretend that he has an army behind him sworn against ORR, you can all go to hell, and meet with Darkness !!! (The guy from the 80’s movie “Legend”, starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry)

  124. We just traded Dawes, Colton Orr and a second rounder to Los Angeles for Frolov…ESPN/

  125. Mystery Guest on

    Paranoia reins! – ORR… Beer Me! LI Joe Power Surge – you guys are jumping shadows like a spooked racehorse. Pathetic!


  126. OMG! I just saw at the Rangers web site that the new President of MSG sports, O’Neill, has been employed by the NBA! DAMMIT! This means the Knicks get priority, or, even worse, the NBA conspiracy to infiltrate and internally damage the NHL is now out in the open.

    S.O.B! – Stop hiring NBA guys to run the NHL, and now a premier NHL franchise into the ground!


    If you left out Orr, maybe i would have believed you, just a little bit.

    Why would they want Orr out of every single player on the roster, they have Ivanans. Eh cant blame ya surge, your mom dropped you to many times when you were a munchkin. Which actually was probably only 6 years ago. I give you a lot of respect for learning how to type. Now be a good troll and go to the Islanders blog. Or just go to instead.

  128. DERF

    MSG sucks, they crap all over Nyr. How dare they play a weekly Isles show, aboot there new team, while they do jack sh*t for Nyr. I keep forgetting Nyr signed Redden, and Naslund, cause they haven’t even been introduced yet.

  129. Both Way Ray on

    Colton Orr..the blogger, I want deep intense. manly sex with you. Can we arrange something,..Soon!!

  130. Comments at Blueshirt Bulletin have been shut down permanently because Orr managed to sneak a message by Dubi. Then, Dubi called him childish and said the site was shut down because of him. Well, in my opinion, Dubi was being a child by letting him win. Oh well, why would people pay for amateur sports writing when they can read Sam’s blog for free. Boo Dubi, Go Sam!

  131. Both Way Ray / Surge / Bonfire

    No thanks, go ask Dubi over at BB+, just don’t get fresh with him, or else he’ll get mad at you. He’s sensitive.


    Sorry for making that friggin thief Dubi close down the comments section for good, for any of you posting at the free BB. I guess if i bring a good argument to the table he still cant handle it. Hopefully all of you do the right thing and not give your $20 or $30 to Dubi, his lackey Jess, and the rest of the idiots over at BB+ since you can get it for free over here. Give your money to charity if you wanna give it away so much. That’s all i can say, do the right thing mates !!

    With that, ill say…Go Go New York Rangers !!!

  132. You honestly think you were bringing a good argument over there? Boy, are you delusional. It was more like…”Mummy, Daddy, please pay me more attention. Daddy, please hold me. I’m so lonely Daddy. Listen To Me, Please. Oh, please, Daddy, please”.

    You’re like a woman.

    *douche chills*

  133. Beer Me!
    August 3rd, 2008 at 5:19 pm
    That is actually LI JOE, dumping all over ORR, above, to run the sniff-dogs off the scent. Of course, LI Joe and ORR… are one and the same, for you slow pokes out there who have not picked up on that.

    not me.

    Beer Me!
    August 3rd, 2008 at 10:19 pm
    Free Tibet.
    not me

    Beer Me!
    August 3rd, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    not me.

    Just pay attention to the time these are being posted. you’ll never see posts from me that late in the summer. I have better things to do with my time.

    I will be following most of the regulars here and NOT be posting at least until camp gets closer. Or there is major news. So if you see “Beer Me!”, it’s an imposter. Later guys. Thanks for letting your site go to crap LoHud.

  134. Sam – you have my e-mail address – its been consitently submitted with my comments for some time.
    Drop me an e-mail when you’ve come up with some sort of solution to this problem. Until then, UKRanger signing off…….

  135. Sam,
    I’m a daily reader – seldom poster. I cannot believe the disrespect being shown to you as well as to Ranger fans. My e-mail is included here – please let me know once the site has been cleaned up and the trash removed.

  136. Orr, nice work!! haha. I just read Dubi’s comment (both on the straight page and the comments from his previous article). I don’t knwo what you said, but way to go.

    His site is terrible and now charging for it (and posting other places for financial gains) is despicable. Everyone there wants to just agree with him and say the NHL is 100% against the Rangers, the Refs are ALWAYS against the Rangers, and all the players in Europe (A/C) don’t need to come here if we don’t want them.

    First, maybe Bettman or Campbell dislike the Rangers, but to make the same excuses after every loss is not only tedious for readers, it’s plain dumb. As far as Cherapanov, I’d love to see him come to N. America and Dubi doens’t like that his arse got called out by a Russian. Too bad Dubi, you printed it. Now live with it.

    Maybe DUBI knows alot about Rangers history, but I haven’t seen him offer a good story about the Rangers in more than a year.

  137. Who cares?

    This has gotten out of control and I as well as a others can only hope that we can get back to hockey while having these garbage posts cleaned up sooner rather than later.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Well Sam, your blog had a good run. It allowed for the free exchange of ideas and speech, just as a good journalist would want. But clearly, you need to start moderating it and banning posters.

  139. I just started posting here right around the July 1st signings. You can honestly see a decline in the comments being posted, but i really think its because there has been NO DECENT NEWS TO COMMENT ABOUT !! People get bored and start calling each other names and so forth. I dont condone it, but i understand it (i guess). For the people who actually want to talk hockey: PLEASE HANG IN THERE !! I’m a Rangers fan in Flyerstown and i cant talk about them to anyone else !! ha

    HERE I’LL TRY AND START A NEW THREAD: Hypothetically … Mats Sundin is waiting for the Rangers to clear space, He wants 5.5 million dollars for two years, and you HAVE TO SIGN HIM, Who do you trade and where ??

    I trade Prucha and Rozsival to PHX for Dan Carcillo and Z. Michalek (which gives me about 4.5 million in cap space) Then, i trade Betts and Rissmiller for Draft picks. Im thinking 5th and 4th round picks respectively.

    Anyone else???

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    Anisimov, Fritsche, Korpedo.

    Wing, seriously? We have so many 4th line wings it makes me want to puke.

  141. Sundin will be in New York tomorrow,..according to all the reports!! – I like the proposed trade of Betts, Orr and Rozsival to the Kings for Frolov, as Beer Me reported yesterday, but ONLY if we land Sundin!!

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    The comment at 11:28 was not me. Welcome back Sam, for the most part, we held the fort down rather well.

  143. Be careful what you read and repeat here fella’s. The Terms of Service are apparently meaningless to LoHud.

  144. Michael Rossival is not being traded. Remember that we re-signed him before we signed Redden and Naslun. Clearly, the Rangers consider him a priority.

    I don’t think Sundin is the answer and I wouldnt make that trade and I don’t think Phoenix would either.

  145. Giving Nedved a shot isn’t the worst thing in the world. The only downside? If he sparkles in camp, earns a spot, and tanks during the regular season. Nedved’s wrist shot also could make him an effective winger, particularly with Dubinskys speed.

  146. Anisimov, Fritsche, Korpedo.

    Out of these guys you mention 1 possible option (fritsche). The other two haven’t cracked more than 5 games in the NHL and you suggest giving them starting jobs.

    Sam was right, Blair Betts really is one of the most under-appreciated players on this team. He’s not as easily replaced as many think…and NO, Nedved will not replace him (whoever suggested that earlier in the comments)!

  147. True, there aren’t really any backup jobs in the NHL. Either you’re a ‘starter’ or you’re a healthy scratch. They have to get a shot at some point.

  148. Dubinsky earned a centering spot, didn’t he? Anisimov and Korpedo haven’t been able to do it yet (not out of camp, not replacing injured centers – although we really haven’t had a problem with injuries down the middle). Perhaps one of them will stepup this year and replace Betts, but I don’t know. I think Betts is very good at his role; 4th line center (matched against other TOP centers), and PK specialist.

  149. True.

    I agree with you on Betts and yes, Dubinsky did deserve a center position last year playing with Jagr but one has to wonder how he will play without any of the 3 wingers (Jagr, Avery, Straka) that he played a majority of his minutes with last year.

    Our one major short coming in the 07 series with the Sabres was our lack of quality center ice men, now we have an abundance, it’s funny how some people treat this problem with more severity than that problem.

  150. Derf (The Real One) on

    Derf August 3rd, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Ruttsler, I told you that a week ago, and you laughed in my face, remember. Finally, someone realizes the troll was amongst us all along.


    Derf August 3rd, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    OMG! I just saw at the Rangers web site that the new President of MSG sports, O’Neill, has been employed by the NBA! DAMMIT! This means the Knicks get priority, or, even worse, the NBA conspiracy to infiltrate and internally damage the NHL is now out in the open.

    S.O.B! – Stop hiring NBA guys to run the NHL, and now a premier NHL franchise into the ground!


    Hey Beer Me! – im having the same problem too. Those posts above were NOT me… not that they said anything bad but its just NOT me…lol

    Whoever is using other people’s names please stop.

    Sam – u guys require email…can u tell whoever uses duplicate posting names to stop?

  151. BLAZE

    Boo hoo, wah wah wah, go back to BB+ you sucker. Your “Ranger God” Dubi is stealing from you. Good, that makes me very happy.


    All i said was that signing Sundin wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, and THEN THAN Dubi got his panties in a bunch, and got all tough so all of his follower Nyr fans would think he’s cool. Lol, pathetic loser he is.

    BEER ME!

    Ohh, i cant tell if its you or not cause the time is all messed up. If i post at 2:00 pm it says 1:00 am, and things like that.


    Like i said, i love that trade. I was hoping we would get Carcillo from the Yotes by giving them Monty, but it didn’t happen. Z.Michalek is a good young D man, with a good shot, i wouldn’t mind having those two. It seems like more THEN THAN enough, actually in a way it seems like to much. But i like it. Fritsche can play 4th line center. Its perfect.


    We just signed Tyutin to a 2 or 3 year deal or something, and that didn’t stop Slats from shedding that salary, along with Sister Christain’s. Don’t rule it out, it can happen, and if Sundin signs, i expect it to happen. I just cant see Slats trading half the team to bring in a guy for 2 years, or just 1, if he brings in Mats, he’ll trade Rozi most likely, and he’ll look to get a D man in return most likely.

    Someone said tha tfat guy on TSN is saying that the Cats are close to trading Bowmeester to the Philly Flowers for Carter. Plus everyone keeps saying Shanny is close to signing with the Pens.

  152. OMG, if Philly gets Bouwmeester….. then again they’ll have no good centers if they trade Carter!

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    Dummy, Richards, Briere and Downie aint bad, and Van Riemsdyk is being groomed for that postiion also.

  154. I said the Sundin scenario was HYPOTHETICAL people !!! I was just trying to get people’s opinions of who on the Rangers would be expendable?

    I like Betts A LOT !! But a chance to bring Sundin in, and the fact that we signed Fritsche AND Anisimov is knocking on the NHL door in the next year or two … Bett’s time is running short.

    If everyone can talk about J.Bo getting traded after he just signed a 1 year deal with Flordia, and Vermette is still involved in trade rumors after signing an extention. WHY CANT ROZY BE INVOLVED IN TRADE RUMORS??

    Sather signed Rozsival for 2 reasons:
    1. to have a killer 1-2 combo with Redden on the 1st line OR
    2. to have trade-bait if the need arised to shed some salary.
    The way that every team was throwing money left and right to sign offensive-defensemen, Sather wasnt just gonna let Rozsival walk away for free.

    I’d be fine with keeping Rozy and not taking Sundin, BUT if Sundin wants to come here for a pay-cut of about 5 million (the price of Rozy), then im packing his bags because he holds the most trade value since he is a decent off-dman.

  155. True fans bleed RW&B …

    We have plenty of 3rd and 4th line players already but, if we got Carcillo and Z. Michalek in my proposed trade my lines would be:

    Naslund – Sundin – Drury
    Zherdev – Gomez – Dawes
    Callahan – Dubi – Sjostrom
    Carcillo – Fritsche – Orr/Voros

    Redden – Kalinin
    Staal – Girardi
    Mara – Z. Michalek

    Reserves (23 man roster): Korpikoski, Pock, Orr/Voros


    Would you really wanna have Kalinen with Redden ? Id switch Giardi with Kalinin, and Kalinin with Michalek.

    But take away Carcillo, and Mich, id put Potter, or Pock, and Korpikoski on that 3rd line.

    But i like those lines the way they are. It would be sweet to get t hose two, but i doubt Maloney wants to give up Carcillo, but we mine as well give him Jessiman.

    And you have a great point with Rozi. The Cats don’t wanna lose J-Bo for crap, i think they know he’s as good as gone, so there gonna have to milk him for what he’s worth. It would be nice to get a decent enough return for Rozi instead of letting him go for nothing.

    On TSN it says Sundin’s agent said he’s still conidering retirement, so it seems were gonna have to go through this BS for another week or two. This is getting annoying, his season ended well before the playoffs started. You’d think he would make a decision already. Its getting annoying now, cause the deadline was supposed ot be August 1, now it seems like we all have to wait till the end of the month.

  157. ORR …

    I think we have a pretty good shot at getting those two players. I think it will be hard for PHX to not want to get their hands on Rozsival since they lost two decent d-men in Ballard and Boynton by trading them for Jokinen. Plus, if we throw in Prucha (which Don Maloney had a hand in recruiting/developing as the Rangers asst G.M.) He will probably wanna take Prucha under his wing again and give him a better chance to succeed in PHX

    Honestly, i think we lose out on this trade, so i dont see why PHX wouldnt be down for it. But like i said before, this is the price you pay if u wanna shed salary !!

    I think Sundin IS worth acquiring because by shedding some NHL-proven players to make room for him, we open spots for prospects to come back into play on this years roster. WIN – WIN scenario

  158. I think Sundin IS worth acquiring because by shedding some NHL-proven players to make room for him, we open spots for prospects to come back into play on this years roster

    Getting rid of “proven” players, for young guys who havn’t been able to make it out of camp + getting a soon to be 38 year old (which would then halt Dubinsky’s development as a center and move Gomez to second line center)…how, exactly, does that make the team better?

    If you want to win NOW – don’t you keep ‘proven’ players? If you want to win in a couple years, don’t you cut dead-weight and give prospects time?

    I don’t have any major issues against getting Sundin, I think he would do OK and he would help us lose another 1st or 2nd round series. But the logic for getting him is all flawed and adding him doesn’t earn the Rangers a cup, so what again is the point?

  159. SOMER

    Yup, your right, Nyr fans expected a good return for trading Cullen, but the only promise to come out of that deal was a draft pick, i don’t know which round, but eh. They would be dumb to not want that deal, but i still see them having a hard time getting rid of Carcillo, especially since his last game of the season, he scored a hat trick, and knocked someone out the game before. I would love to have Carcillo, he is the ultimate replacement for Aves, cause some say he is the next Aves. I wouldn’t mind him playing on a 3rd line with Dubi, and Cally. That’s a hard working line right there.

  160. Why does everyone want Dubi to play on the 2nd line. Leave him where he is, he hasn’t proven a friggin thing yet, he played with a HOF, that’s where most of his points came from. Let him play 3rd line center, so we can have 3 liens that are threats.

    Also, Sundin wouldn’t mind playing 2nd line center, its the same as 1st, he’s gonna get just as much ice time as Gomer, and if were down a goal with under a minute left, obviously he’ll be on the ice.

    He’s not signing with a team expecting to take over, he just wants to be part of a winning team that has a shot at the cup, im pretty sure a guy like Mats will play what ever role the staff would give him if he signed here, just like Dru. Guys like that just wanna do what’s right for there team. 1st line, 2nd line, not a problem. Now Hollweg playing on the 2nd line with Cullen, and Shanny in 06-07, thats a problem.


    to make room for Sundin we would have to get rid of about 4 players in my mind (2 for picks, 2 for players). If we cut over-payed players from last year (Prucha and Rozsival), and some NHL-proven role players (Betts and Rissmiller) dont you see that it opens up spots for Moore, Byers, Pock, Korpi??

    If we do nothing and keep the roster as is: there is no room for Korpi, or any prospects because of all the role players we have.

    Our top six players as of right now are Drury, Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund, Prucha, and Dawes. Then our 3rd and 4th line players are Callahan, Dubinsky, Sjostrom, Betts, Rissmiller, Fritsche, Orr, and Voros.

    Plus, Gomez was the 2nd line center last year and practically had a career year … do you think he would care if he was the 2nd line center again??

    Drury on the other hand, can not afford to be made captain and play on the 3rd line. Having him on the Wing with Sundin as center and Naslund would be an incredible 1st line.

  162. Somer,

    Gomez’s career average is 68 points a year, 70 points seems like average to me!

    I understand you’re point about clearing house (4 players) for Sundin, do you understand my question? If you’re taking away 4 guys who have PROVEN themselves in the NHL (including Prucha, which you call one of our top-6 forwards) how is this team better with Byers, Pock, Korpi, and Sundin??

    The Rangers would be better without Rozsival, in my opinion, no matter what but that’s a moot point. Adding Sundin and removing Prucha and Betts for 2 or 3 rookie’s doesn’t change the team all that much. It earns another 2nd round exit, at best. So what’s the point?! Get it?

  163. True RW&B

    Yeah, i get what your saying, but i think with Sundin and some speedy, young, role players i think it bridges the gap a bit from the “Old Veteran team” of last year and the “Speed, Youth movement” of this year.

    I dont like our roster as is with only 3 guys over the age of 30 (Drury, Naslund, Redden). I believe in our youth enough to want to give them a chance but we need 1 more veteran player be it Sundin or Shanny, or even Murray or Vyborny

    Detroit had 8 players over the age of 35 last year and won the cup !!!! We could use another veteran in the lineup as it stands

  164. somerset – I think there are some overriding problems with the deals you’re proposing. First, I think Gretzky is well aware of the player they have in CARCILLO. I really doubt a haul of Roszival and Prucha would bring him in. Neither player is that valuable right now, IMO. Prucha because of his abysmal season last year and Roszival because he’s now overpaid.

    The other thing is I can’t see them moving Roszival. They resigned him for a reason, and I doubt it was to trade him. I know you brought up Tyutin, but he was signed during the season, long before Sather decided to dismantle the team.

    And if there IS a trade in the works, JARED STAAL better be coming back this way…

    True Fans – I tell you what SUNDIN would bring: Some MUCH NEEDED size to the top two lines. As it stands now, the only “top line” player we have with size is DUBINSKY, who would need to move to the wing to skate with the top-two. Take Dubinsky out of the center(or even Drury for that matter, you lose a lot of faceoff skill.

  165. The only thing worse than these trolls are the rediculous posts about Sundin from people who think they are saying something intelligent. ORR, I like ya, but your posts make little sense. You’re always saying crazy things, making dumb line combos, or fantasizing about moves that will never happen (or fantasizing about your next meal). I guess there’s not much to talk about aside from Sundin right now, so I don’t know what we should talk about instead, but Sundin is *not* coming here before the Rangers go to Prague. If he does, I’ll take you all out to dinner. Just keep stroking yourselves in the absence of new news, I guess.

  166. tdchi …

    I didnt mention tyutin but i did mention Vermette and J. Bouw. Both players recently signed and both names still on the rumor block to be traded.

    I dont care if you recently signed a player or not, if you have a puck-moving d-man that can put up 30-40 points, teams are gonna try and trade you for them. This work out in Sather’s favor instead of not re-signing him and letting him walk for free this summer.

    I just dont see Rozsival as being “untouchable” as far as trade bait is concerned … Pretty much every team wants offensive-defensemen – plain and simple

  167. My comment at 2:51 was done under duress, as I was informed we were about to acquire Sundin. Oops, I did it again!!

  168. Somer – I don’t think Roszival is untouchable from an organizational perspective. I just don’t think there are many teams that would be interested in taking on his contract for what he brings to the table. I think in a couple years, when the league average is $5 million per for a quality defensemen, Rozy will be VERY marketable.

    …Oh…and No to Kalinin on the top pairing. I’ll be content if he stays on third with Mara.

    Spiderpig – you have to realize, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And in the case of Sundin with the Rangers, there’s most assuredly smoke. It’s the one team he negotiated with before FA started last month, it’s a team prone to grabbing the big names and most of all, they NEED a guy of his size in the top lines. Sundin to the Rangers would help him save face with Toronto fans, something that wouldn’t happen if he went to Montreal or Ottawa(the two contenders that have room for his salary.

    I’ll admit, it’s an incredible long shot. But it’s still a shot.


    How do my posts make little sense. Explain. Are my line combo’s dumb cause i have Dubi on 3rd line center while everyone thinks he should play wing ? What moves am i fantasizing aboot ?? Sundin is more THEN THAN a possibility, its not like it cant happen. We have one of the most deranged GM’s in the league, who always manages to surprise everyone with his moves, and never knows whether he made the right move, wrong move, and will never admit to making a bad move. He’s a sensitive guy who dumps players for getting semi greedy, even if they deserve that money. He’s just a crazy GM. Rozi could get traded, its not impossible at all. You never know what’s on Slats’ mind, you just never know. So what exactly doesn’t make sense aboot me posts ???

    Another thing, we should all be thankful we have SOMETHING to talk aboot. There is NOTHING Ranger related to talk aboot, MSGNY is doing NOTHING Ranger related, we haven’t seen the new Rangers in there jerseys, no press conference, we heard Redden, and Naslund talk for one day, for aboot over a minute, we haven’t even heard Zherdev talk aboot the trade, and being a Ranger, for the love of god i don’t even know if the kid speaks english.

    Point being, this Sundin situation is al we have right now, and its nice to be able to talk aboot something other THEN THAN trolls, and the morons over at BB+ cause its not fun to talk aboot them.

    Ill send you some meals on wheels if Sather doesn’t trade Rozi to bring in Sundin. Of course if Mats doesn’t sign with Nyr THEN THAN the deal is off.

  170. It’s the summer. I think things will work themselves out once camp gets going and we have something to talk about. I enjoy the blog and look forward to coming here, but when news is slim unfortunately the lowest common denominator takes over.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

  171. Wow someone is copying me already?? I havent even been posting here for 2 full weeks yet and someone ripped me off for 2 posts today … im honored !!! i wish i had a speech prepared

    these werent me:

    August 4th, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Sundin will be in New York tomorrow,..according to all the reports!! – I like the proposed trade of Betts, Orr and Rozsival to the Kings for Frolov, as Beer Me reported yesterday, but ONLY if we land Sundin!!

    August 4th, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    My comment at 2:51 was done under duress, as I was informed we were about to acquire Sundin. Oops, I did it again!!

  172. VOGS

    Very true. Once the Nyr wins there first game of the season, the trolls will go away. I remember Bonfire in here in the home opener, saying how shitty Nyr was, how they were gonna lose to a pathetic team, THEN THAN Nyr blew them out in the 3rd period, and he left for the whole season, THEN THAN comes back around last month.

    Things will go back to normal soon enough, but Sam should still do that register thing everyone is talking aboot. THEN THAN some idiots on here wouldn’t think im Bonfire, cause if i was, i wouldn’t say something, THEN THAN say someone copied me, that takes to much time to do, and i have a lot of time to spare in the summer, but thats to pointless for me.

  173. After a fight, Colton Orr goes into the locker, all aweaty and hot. Strop, fella, its massage time. Off with everything. Oiled up and naked for the five fingers of glory.

  174. ThisYearsModel on

    This board has become a complete waste of time. Too bad for Sam, who does an excellent job.

  175. This board has become a complete waste of time. Too bad for Sam, who does an excellent job.


    I second that. It used to be the best place on the ‘net to discuss anything Rangers. Now all I can do is get work done all day, and I’m not happy about that.

  176. See, the rest of us are supposed to humor an IMMATURE jerk like ORR…, who needs to update us with tidbits about who he likes here, and who he doesn’t like, as though we give a shit, and as though this is his site to control and monitor.

    The overgrown children of the world have taken over the internet and the planet, and driven the few remaining, sane adults for cover. Some whiny, spoiled-brat morons just refuse to grow up and the proof of that is that they think the world revolves around them and their likes and dislikes.

    Definately looking around for a better hockey site. This one is garbage-time. Thanks jerk, for freeing up my time which is obviously more valuable than yours.

  177. As much as I hate Rozsival and how we completely overpaid by 3m for Redden, it would be a disaster if one of them was trade (although the cap relief would be nice).

    Redden needs a change of scenery and he CAN’T be the most depended-upon d-man… he had his best years with Chara.. not to say Rozsival is as good as Chara but having him with Redden on the team will take the pressure of Redden.

    On the other hand, Rozsival is not a #1 d-man and makes 1m than he probably should.. if Rozsival was made first pair again, it’d be another disaster.. so with Redden and Rozsival both on the team, we can hope they feel more comfortable.

    We must pray that the salary cap goes to 62m next year… lol (Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes will be RFA).

  178. Pasha, I completely agree. I really dislike Rozsival and hate that he was the czech we kept. However, we can only hope he feels more comfortable this year and perhaps has fewer wear-and-tear issues (bad knees) becuase of he’s moved from the 1-A spot.

  179. The board has become a complete waste of time,..too bad for the trolls, who visit and have nothing good going on here. Lavender is a shade, not a color.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    I won’t be posting at all here today. So if you see anything from me, it’s not me. Sam, it seriously has to stop. Either start banning people, or your comments section will be forever lost. I’ll be back if there is any major news, otherwise, I’ll see you guys at the preseason.

    Posts that weren’t me yesterday:

    Doodie Machetto
    August 4th, 2008 at 12:43 pm
    The comment at 11:28 was not me. Welcome back Sam, for the most part, we held the fort down rather well.

    Doodie Machetto
    August 4th, 2008 at 2:18 pm
    Dummy, Richards, Briere and Downie aint bad, and Van Riemsdyk is being groomed for that postiion also.


    Boo friggin Hoo. Stop saying “we” like your talking for every single person here you moron. You hate me so much THEN THAN get the fook out of here, there’s a million other Ranger blogs. Im not gonna stop posting cause a whiny baby like you doesn’t like me, to friggin bad.

    Also im assuming your calling me a spoiled whiny brat cause i don’t wanna pay for BB+. Lol, its called smarts. Enough aboot that damn site, and enough aboot you.

  182. Hockeymanrangers on

    Sam where are you?? We need a new post, and to get rid of some of these trouble makers.

  183. A family emergency is taking me to Boston today, (of all places!0, ….I wont be posting ’till Thursday, so if you see me, It really is’nt! Sam, we need you now!.

  184. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time. Over the past week or so this site has disintegrated due to one or two people’s immaturity and egotism. It shows a total lack of respect for you and your work, a lack of respect for Ranger fans as well as the Rangers themselves.

    Being a Ranger fan, I am appalled at the possibility that this could be someone’s first impression of a Ranger fan. You should be too, considering that this is also a reflection (though indirect it may be) on your journalism.

    I noticed that some of the regulars of this site are starting to drop off as I am sure that they too are quite disgusted with what has been going on here. – the attacks, the unauthorized use of their use of their posting names, etc.

    There needs to be some kind of controls put in place – a monitoring system – sign with passwords, etc.

    This is my only post – so should anything come up after this in my name anywhere, please be advised that it is not me. (It’s a shame that we all have to put this disclaimer on every post we make).


  185. I have no family in Boston. Wasn’t me.

    I’ll be back in the preseason with a new name. If you see “BeerMe!”, you’re being fooled.

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