Pre-season schedule set


The Rangers announced their pre-season schedule this morning, featuring what seems like far more travel than usual. Among the highlights: a home-and-home with Ottawa beginning Sept. 20, another trip to Tampa Bay on Sept. 23, and of course, the two exhibition games in Bern Switzerland against European clubs SC Bern on Tuesday, September 30 and Metallurg Magnitogorsk on Wednesday, October 1.

Altogether, there are three games at the Garden, and eight games in 12 days. For at least the games in North America, count on Tom Renney using two different units.

And for the record, don’t count on Wade Redden making that first trip to Ottawa. The Rangers avoided a similar scenario when they didn’t have Brendan Shanahan travel to Detroit last year to play the Wings.

More details below:
The Rangers will kick off the 2008 pre-season with a home-and-home set against the Ottawa Senators, travelling to Ottawa on Saturday, September 20, before returning to Madison Square Garden on Monday, September 22. New York will then head to Tampa Bay to face the Lightning on Tuesday, September 23, in the first of back-to-back road games. The Blueshirts will travel to New Jersey to face their Atlantic Division rivals, the Devils, in the second game of the back-to-back road set on Wednesday, September 24. On Thursday, September 25, the Rangers return to The Garden to host the Lightning, their fourth game in four nights. New York will conclude the home portion of their exhibition campaign versus New Jersey on Saturday, September 27, in an afternoon matchup (2:00 p.m.) before travelling to Bern, Switzerland. The Rangers will wrap up their pre-season schedule with a back-to-back set against European clubs SC Bern on Tuesday, September 30 and Metallurg Magnitogorsk on Wednesday, October 1.

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  1. I really hope Parenteau makes the team… but we have too many forwards… is a salary dump coming?

  2. OMG!! I just got so excited to see something new I almost crapped myself! Oh wait…I did.

    Finally!! I can get some games on my schedule.

    When anyone finds which games will be televised…please don’t keep it to yourself. I wouldn’t expect to see that for a few weeks though.

  3. Sam…new poll suggestion:

    Which of the “new” Rangers do you feel will be most effective?

    – Zherdev
    – Redden
    – Naslund

  4. Sam, could you put a call in and try and find out if the Euro games will be broadcast here? I know we usually don’t get to see road games, but this seems like a different situation.

  5. I can’t wait for the season. I’m gonna be attending the prospects tournament in Traverse City to get me through the stretch up to opening night.

  6. hockeymanrangers on

    Couple of question first of all to Drew where is Traverse City where the prospect camp is going to be??? And anyone else will the actual opening of the season games against Tampa going to be televised???

  7. The October 1st game will be for the Victoria Cup. To the Rangers its an exhibition, but Metallurg Magnitogorsk is taking it as a legit game. Too bad they will be playing all AHL players. haha.

  8. BEER ME!

    Only the home games of pre season are televised, they don’t televise the road games. Maybe they’ll televise the 2 games against the European teams, since its a semi special occasion, but maybe not.


    Verses will televise the first game of the season against Tampa for sure, cause they did it lats year with the Kings vs Ducks. But they didn’t air the second game, but that second game against the Bolts is a regular season game, so MSG will definitely air it, i wouldn’t worry aboot it. Actually MSG might air both games, so we’ll go back to hearing good ol’ Sam mixing up players, and Joe saying something like “He brakes his sh*t, i mean stick”

    Joe Mich, hilarious.

  9. Mills was a basketball guy, he was kinda like Queen Elizabeth for the Rangers; nothing more than a figurehead.

  10. NOONAN

    I don’t know what you’re post means exactly, but there’s 3 home games, and 3 away games, and 2 games against those Euro teams. That seems fair to me.

    Anyway, this is from, like i said before, the 3 home games will be on MSG, and probably the one road game against the Devs you can listen to on the radio. But i remember aired some pre season games for free, thats how there were clips of the Dipietro vs Montoya fight, from that game. Who knows.

    Day Date Opponent Site Time

    Saturday Sept. 20 Ottawa Scotiabank Place 7 p.m.
    Monday Sept. 22 Ottawa Madison Square Garden 7 p.m.
    Tuesday Sept. 23 Tampa Bay St. Pete Times Forum 7 p.m.
    Wednesday Sept. 24 New Jersey Prudential Center 7:30 p.m.
    Thursday Sept. 25 Tampa Bay Madison Square Garden 7 p.m.
    Saturday Sept. 27 New Jersey Madison Square Garden 2 p.m.
    Tuesday Sept. 30 SC Bern Bern, Switzerland 12 p.m.
    Wednesday Oct. 1 Magnitogorsk (Russia) Bern, Switzerland 1:45 p.m.

  11. it means he’s stupid if he does not know that pre-season games are scheduled by the individual teams, NOT the league.

  12. It means that the Rangers play 4 games in 4 days. That is cleared up with a baseball style Split Squad in those 4 and actually all 6 games but I believe that’s what he meant.

  13. If we ever have another live blog, I would suggest folks have something interesting to say, unlike this recent one. If you were dying and had a few days left, come here, “A day here is like an F…ing Eternity”.

  14. Well this day looks like it’s shaping up to be the most uneventful day of hockey of 2008.

    The ONLY thing I thought was the least bit interesting, which doesn’t really apply to us, is that tix for the CBJ go on sale 9/19.

    Thats it. That’s all I got.

  15. Man, you know it’s gonna be an uneventful day when the only comment of the day is about Columbus.

    Speaking of CBJ, I gotta tell you, I’ll miss Tyutin…I am still miffed he is gone and I don’t think Kalinin is much better at all.

    Now Backman is another story.

  16. unreal.

    anyway… has a great interview & video(although in russian) with Jagr’s arrival in Omsk.

  17. whoever you are with the nambla may the world be round for you and your family & friends, if you have any that would even bother with a lowlife like you.

  18. Orr

    I was at that game. The only game I went to all year (being I live in VA) and I was right there on the Montreal blueline watching it all unfold.

    Great game.

  19. BEER ME

    Yeah he tied it up, and i think he gave the puck to Shanny in OT to win it. Dru was awesome against the Habs this year. Hopefully he continues to dominate.

    Filpula just signed for 5 years in Detroit. To bad, id love to have him on a line with Dubi. Speed up the yin yang.

    Cant wait for friday, Sundin better know what he wants to do already.

  20. Sundin isn’t going to be a Rangers, and if I’m wrong the team is entering another post-94 era.

    “Yeah he tied it up, and i think he gave the puck to Shanny in OT to win it. Dru was awesome against the Habs this year. Hopefully he continues to dominate.”
    Ughhh. Reading this made my stomach wrench from the thought of the 5-0 come back and SO win. Perhaps you meant Montreal played us well, Drury scored to make it “5-0” and then missed in the shutout horribly? LOL. Two sides to every coin.

  21. True fan: why even bother rooting for our team then?
    I mean do you really just come here to complain? BEcasue it really seems like thats all you do.
    God your boyfriend must really hate you caseu all your crying does is make you sound like a biatch.

    Try being positive for once in your posts, you know glass half FULL?

    And to say we are headed for a post 94 era is a retarded and idiotic statement. We had no youth, no prospects, and were spending all our cash on expensive downhill players post lockout(messier 2nd time, Lindros, Fluery)?
    Our average age on our team is what 25? 26?
    This is one of the youngest rangers squads in a long time.

    Get your facts straight before you post comparisons to things you THINK are true.

  22. True Fans

    Never the less, Dru played his best against the Habs. Shootouts were never Dru’s thing, Renney failed to realize this because Renney thinks the players who go in the shootout are supposed to be the ones who get paid the most, some idiot fans think that as well. Finally he did the right thing putting Dawes, Dubi, Cally, giving others a shot.

    That game against the Habs was everyones fault, every single person. But still, Dru put up goals in all 4 games, and some assists.

    I wish you never mentioned that, im depressed now. I gotta eat some hot wings to make me happy.

  23. its funny… in one of the videos of Jagr on that russian “sports” website shared by Beer Me! they mentioned that favorite Jagrs dish is… ready? Pasta with sugar lol… i thought it was pretty funny…

    Jagr to KHL is like Beckham to MLS…

  24. ORR, “Are teams bringing back the 3rd jersey this year ??”

    Yes, about 15 teams are having 3rd jerseys this year, but the Rangers, thankfully, are not.

    I can’t stand 3rd jerseys, except when they’re throwbacks.

    But for the Rangers, an original 6 team should’nt have a 3rd jersey since they’re so big on tradition. I hated the Liberty jerseys, and hated the 70’s throwbacks even more.

    If the Rangers are to have a 3rd jersey again next year, or some time down the line, they should go back to the 1994 jerseys, specifically the white ones, or both blue, and white.

    That’s the only 3rd jerseys the Rangers SHOULD have. The old V-neck jerseys without that trendy tie-down neck.

  25. One jersey color combination I have long hoped the Rangers would adopt would be to have a medium blue pants color with the basic white jersey, instead of the garish and cheap looking fire engine red pants color. Also, burgundy-colored pants and lettering with the basic blue uniform would look much classier than the fire engine red pants. Fire engine red, cheap enough looking on its own, always clashes with any shade of blue, anyway.

    When you have a blue shoulder stripe, with blue pants and lettering, with a basic white jersey uniform, you have something appealing and eye-catching.

    Blue pants – yes, fire engine red pants – no!

  26. ORR, another thing I was saying is that, I think it’s ok for an original 6 team to have a 3rd jersey only if it’s a throwback like Buffalo uses or Toronto will be using this year.

    Like the 1994 jersey. That would be an ideal 3rd. I didn’t the 70’s throwback jerseys. Who wants to be reminded of those losing teams, except for the 1979 one?

    Not to mention, those jerseys were ugly, and the Liberty jerseys were eons better than them too, which isn’t saying much.

    I would hope the white jerseys are gonna be the Home jerseys again. But whatever. I don’t know if they are though.

    Reebok still sucks anyway. Long live CCM.

  27. Color jerseys will be worn at home and White will be worn on the road again this year.

    IF the Rangers were to have a 3rd jersey, I’d much rather see them bring back the jerseys they wore for the 75th anniversary in 91-92 than anything else.

  28. Yea Orr – that game was awful, but you reminded me of it first! You S-O-B!!!! LoL. And most definitely, Renney has had well beyond his share of plain DUMB S/O decisions. Repeatedly trying Drew was one, in addition to Avery, Rozsival, Hollweg (maybe last year?), Straka and NOT using Marcel Hossa in the S/O more often (probably the only thing he was good for).

    Speaking of other terrible memories, i was you-tubing that Shanny hilight this morning and saw his concussion occured while wearing the third jersey! Coincidence? I think not!

    JerseyTrash, that rot hole is getting to your brain. Go to “THE ROCK” (aka, the garbage dump) and let it cave in on your trailor trash a$$. In the future, comment when you have something of value to say, not when you want to make a line of homo-phobic comments. I’ve been reading this blog most days for the better of 1-2 years and haven’t seen you make one comment that’s actually post-worthy. “Jeerrzy baby,” the trash has been taken out. Son.

  29. If Sundin joins the Rangers they are beginning down the SAME path as the 95-04 runs. Naslund and Sundin can be added to the list of Kamensky’s, Holik’d, Robitaille’s, Lindros’s, Fleury’s, and god knows what other aging veterans who came here on high hopes, with big pay-checks, but with the gas tank on “E.”

  30. True isn’t afraid to look at his favorite team and see their flaws.

    If you guys are all going into the season expecting a cup and you don’t see some flaws, go over to BlueshirtBulletin and do the back-stroking there.

  31. jason, good call on those. I agree. If there was a 3rd jersey again for the Rangers, it should be the 1991-1992 75th NHL anniversary ones that they wore that season.

  32. A third jersey idea my partner just gave me is a pants-jock see through, lavender and white, with turquoise sequents. Now on for ‘The Show”.

  33. Tony from AZ on

    Third Jersey ? How about the old, old road jersey with just “NEW YORK’ down the front.
    Am I giving away my age ??

  34. Speaking of partners, hey Tony from Freakville, Az. You, me, inky and Beer ought to visit East Side Club at 227 E 56 ST.

  35. Any hockey team with the caricature of a FEMALE on the front of its jersey must be writing down the NAMBLA address, so prevalent here.

  36. Doodie – I have to say that I pretty much agree with your assessment of the team that you have been posting here recently. It definitely seems like a transition year to me, but still with the chance of good things happening. I can’t understand how people can still complain that the team is too old! I’m obviously worried about the glut of 3rd/4th-liners, hoping one or two can step up. It’s amazing that we have no cap space with such a young team, but this is what happens when your GM overpays guys by a million per season, especially Gomez and Drury, who should have been had for less after their NMCs were thrown into the deals.

    True – But the Marek Malik shootout goal was in the third jerseys, so maybe they are good, but Mike Crispino was announcing that game, and maybe there was a full moon, so it was just something odd to go along with those, haha. And they’re talking about the Montreal game on December 30, a win 4-3 for us. I don’t know why you would want to think of our only loss to them!

    Anyway, I like the Liberty jersey, especially since I have one. The color is a nice deep blue and the face of the Liberty is well made. What I don’t want to see is the Rangers wear black; I can’t see it working for them. Maybe the Devils should wear black and red!

    ORR – I see what you’re saying about _MSG, NY_. That show sucks so much that they don’t even use an HD camera in the studio. What are they doing with all of those cameras during the offseason of the teams that play on MSG, besides filming _NYC Sound Tracks_, or whatever that is.

  37. These Sundin to Nyr rumors just cant die. Everyone is convinced its between the Habs, and Nucks. Sundin’s agent says there’s 6 teams that want him. Some guy thinks his agent was hinting at Nyr.

    I wish this guy would make up his mind. Lol, now the agent said Sundin didn’t mean August 1, but somewhere in August. How long do we have to wait. Its like July 1 all over again.

    I don’t care what anyone says, id take Sundin in a heartbeat if he is willing to take a major paycut.

  38. Tony from AZ on

    wE DONT HAVE nambla HERE, SHUCKS, But “Cruising for Goodies” is almost as good.

  39. Tony from AZ
    July 30th, 2008 at 4:35 pm
    Third Jersey ? How about the old, old road jersey with just “NEW YORK’ down the front.
    Am I giving away my age ??

    That was a great jersey. I don’t think it will come back. Different bright colors is what sells now.

  40. So Zip says that the NYR ARE one of the six teams still interested in Sundin. Hey…Sundin and Naslund would be awesome to see together…but HOW? Gomer, Dru, Rozy, Redden & Hank eat up the cap. And from what I have heard, everyone except for Rozy has SOME sort of NMC.

    Sure, you can move Prucha’s 1.6m, but that’s not enough for Sundin. Is it?

  41. TrueFag

    You are a fairweather fan if there ever was one.
    And I wont even start on your homophobic hating mancrush on Drury.

    Pointing out the teams flaws is one thing, but um, THE SEASON HASNT STARTED! They havent touched the ice or even met each other yet as far as the new guys are concerned so how can you possibly cry about anything. Oh yeah I forgot, THATS ALL YOU DO. in the 2 years I’ve seen you coming here. all you do is complain and cry, like the little biatch u are. Being a fan means ROOTING FOR YOUR TEAM.

    Are you so empty that it only makes you feel good spreading negativity around? Guess so.

    And lets talk about writing comments that have some value.

    You compare the current team, whose roster isnt even finalized, to the aging teams of washed up superstars post 94 lockout? talk about zero coonversation value.

    Truefag, you have no come back and no facts to back up your post lockout era statement other than to cry AGAIN.

    Go ahead try.

    Whose the multiple aging superstars we jsut went out and got who are past there prime that the team will be centered around? WHeres the hartford team that has no promising prospects fighting to make the team? Where’s the salary being pissed away on one player? No answer? didnt think so, casue you dont know your facts boy.
    Go back to the Island.
    Eat it SON!

  42. JerzeyTrashBag,
    Ohhh. I’m shaking, another internet tough guy that doesn’t know anything about hockey, only has one come back (calling people gay) and thinks the Rangers will win the cup every year.

    Save this post…
    If the Rangers sign Sundin for BIG money (by moving other players out) or to multiple years – they are destined for failure.

    Go back to your trailor.

  43. true – I think that’s the opposite. NOT that I want him. But I think you add Sundin with only moving minimal players, and you can put the Rangers in the top 5 contenders for the cup this season.

    You don’t add a player like that and become worse. Doesn’t make sense.

  44. The reason I DONT want that? I don’t want to back-pedal on the long-term build.

  45. Pavel,
    The Rangers also sent camp invites to Martin Rucinsky, Mike Keane, and Brett Hull (i’m pretty sure the Stars weren’t happy about that though).

    Looks like it’s going to be a killer season!! (killer=Rangers death)

    I think this roster is full of enough veteran presence as it is. I don’t think adding Sundin will help, and adding Shanny definitely won’t help. It will likely be a rough/transition year but the Rangers will play more of a team game, develop the youth, and be a faster transitioning and attack team than they were last year. They’ll also be hungrier to win (with Jagr not being the default go-to guy, each player will need to carry more weight). I just don’t see how adding 1 more old guy makes them better.

  46. Beer,

    Detroit, Dallas, SJ, Anaheim, Pittsburgh…Rangers?
    Ummm, I don’t know. Its possible if all the pieces fall into place (chemistry wise).

    I just can’t see a 38 year old Sundin playing first line time and making this team better, not tomorrow, not in the long long-haul. If Dubi plays on our second best offensive line (call it whatever you want, 2b, line 3, etc…) he might have 50-55 points. If Sundin plays on our second line he might have 60-65 points. Was it worth it?

    Will a 38 year old be that useful down the stretch? Look at Shanny. I just don’t see the love-for-Sundin thing. I’m not against trying Drew out on the wing, but I don’t think a 38 year old center should be the one replacing him down the middle.

  47. I just watched video interview with Cherepanov in Russian on about Jagrs arrival… what he said was is this…” I am very excited about jagr joining the club… I have another year left on my contract which I’m planning to fulfill… AND SINCE PLAYER LIKE JAGR IS ON THE TEAM I AM IN NO RUSH TO GO ANYWHERE BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN FROM HIM…” those were exact words!
    Departure of jagr could really bite Slats in his hard a$$… just thought you guys would like to hear about it…

  48. true – I think so. Mats had 78pts in 74 games last year. FAR more porductive, regardless of age, than anyone could expect. I’m sure if you went to an age:points per game ratio, it’d be pretty surprising. Of course this would be a 1yr thing. I don’t know….I don’t think we can get him under the cap, so it’s not worth debating….a long-shot for sure.

    And I CANT friggin believe that Slats may even go through the trouble of inviting Nedved to camp. Go see blueshirtbulletin for info (not you Orr, you’re not allowed! haha)

  49. I didn’t really say that clearly TRUE. Sorry. But I DO think he can be productive over 82+ games. To put it simply. But it would certainly do the same thing that shanny on the team would do…stunt growth.

  50. Truefag

    Did you even read what I wrote?
    WHERES YOUR RESPONSE? Seriously without insults, where is your answer? YOU HAVE NONE!
    And thats exactly my point, you know ZERO to nothing about the Rangers, and hockey, If you did You’d have had a better response than calling me trash. Your so pathetic. Nice comeback.
    And whose the internet tough guy. Your lack of Hockey and Ranger knowledge is so obvious, again go join the Islanders fans , DP needs a new boyfriend.

    ANYWAY, putting mr. knows nothing about hockey aside. Sundin would be productive, but still the cost seems to high. We’d have to move how many players and salaries to get him here. I just dont see Sather making all the moves he has already, to re-arrange the entire roster for one player.
    And NEdved, no thanks, stay in the Czech league. If we need any 37year old+ players to add to the team it will probably be Shanny. At least Nedved knows he donest have a chance in hell.

  51. Mike,
    the honest answer is “NO.”
    I didn’t read your first past, or your last.

    It wasn’t worth my time, I thought i made that clear when I said you havn’t posted anything good in 2 years. Brilliant!!!

  52. Beer,
    What do you think Sundin’s good for in terms of production this year? Toronto scored 23 more goals than the Rangers. The Rangers, at best, are squeezing out 210 goals as a team. So maybe Sundin has 70 points? But I think that’s on the high-end of gu-es(s)timates.

    The only way they’d get him would be offering him $6.5million + or maybe 2 year’s at $5million per. To me, getting an extra 10-15 points out of Sundin (than we would have from giving the time to Drury or Dubinsky) does NOT make this Rangers team a contender. It might move them from 6th in the East to 4th in the East. But it doesn’t put them past any West team. It also handicap’s the purse strings for any deadline deals that might shake out and it hinder’s the skating time and development of Dubinsky.

    The payoff – maybe 1 or 2 more playoff wins – another second round exit, and haulting the growth of future players who actually have potential to become Stanley Cup contending players doesn’t seem worth it.

    Here’s where I think JerseyShity (and others) disagree with me. I’m not looking at this team wondering how they can make the third round. I’m wondering how they can win the cup. I understand the cliche’s (it’s one game/round at a time), but our biggest foe isn’t the Penguins or the East. It’s being able to play with the West and beat the West. The younger, faster guys are/were a step towards that. Shanny and Sundin are a step away from that.

  53. I’d say 70pts would be a decent guess. But I think the only team that’s going to pay him over 6.5 is VAN. I think if he goes to a contender it’ll be much less, and just a chance to win the cup. Just like Hossa did a few weeks ago. He could be the biggest bargain a team ever signs. Or in Van’s case, the worst mistake they could ever make…under a cap.

    I don’t see it working in NY, just becase of the dollars and cents. It would also hinder development of youth. That said, I think the chemistry he and Naslund would have would be friggin SICK, and he’d fit in perfectly in NY.

    Tough decision. I’d move on if I were Slats. I’d also be a huge dickface if I were Slats too.

  54. Hahaha. Nice slats comments.

    Naslund and Sundin might be really nasty, I agree totally.
    But I’m hoping Naslund will also mesh well with the three puck carriers we have (Gomez, Zherdev, Dubinsky).

  55. I could care less if Cheraponov comes to the NHL. If he does, great, but wondering about whether or not a year from now he will be a Ranger? I’ll leave that until next summer.

    Give me talented, hard-working, team-first oriented hockey players and the Rangers will have as good a chance as anyone year in an year out.

  56. Ture, then leave it at that then. Keep posting your garbage opinions tha tarent based in reality, adn I will keep tearing them apart.
    You know zero about Ranger History, if you did, you wouldnt make idiotic comments about Post 94 lockout compared to 08-09 rangers and trying to sound intelligent.

    And i dont think any NYR fan thinks your winning the cup in July, or making the 3rd round for that matter.

    Im just sick of your negative crap ALL THE TIME (and not contructively) we are all here to talk Rangers. Since there is no RANGER GAMES, we talk the roster, which hasnt been set, and your talking about winning a cup?

    go here and read this for some motivation to be positive

  57. Your second post definitely clears up our disagreement! Thanks, sounds great!!!

    BTW: The ebonix you learned in school goes a long way, doesn’t it? I mean, what does ebonix crossed with redneck, trailor-trash, jersey drawl sound like anyway? I’m afraid if I stop and listen to a jersey-shity-ite native I might catch the Hi-5 or leprosy.

  58. fOR THOSE LESS INFORMED, baseballs integrity is at stake when teams can continuously “buy’ pennants. The African American community writes letters to all the time. Getting a salary structure in baseball, and maybe even limits on the amounts of free agents a team can sign is the best way to give baseball back to the fans.

  59. Love the Scotty Bowman signing in Chicago today. The comment above sounds interesting, baseball for many fans doesnt even exist. The sports with the appeal are those with a salary cap of some form,Hockey, Football and Basketball. Hurry, September, We Want Hockey!!

  60. Manny Ramirez on

    In Baseball…How can you even be a fan of Florida or Pittsburgh or Oakland?? They are nothing but minor-league pipelines for the rich teams

    Its time for this


    Then start second division leagfue with the rest

  61. oh wow… i got cloned.. i barely post anything on this forum… and i got the honers of being cloned… BRILLIANT!!

  62. this is the stupidiest schedule I have seen for preseason its a good way to get guys hurt with groin injuries 3 days in training camp stupid stupid stupid Way to go Bettman!!!

  63. Mickey NJ, We were born as NAMBLA Men, trying to make a hitting and doing the best we can…..When its time for weaving,..We hopes you’ll understand, that we was born as NAMBLA MANS.

  64. rickster – nobody is going to play 2 games in a row of the us preseason games, they will have 2 squads including hartford and other guys playing those games

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